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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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for hard. >> -- cars and trucks are smashed completely. >> 42 of the 63 people who died in the earthquake died right here at the cyprus freeway as onof the roadway when it collapsed onto the lower deck. >> more people died in the marina where entire apartment buildings collapsed. at this point, 30 years ago, fires are burning out of control and fire crews were rigging a system to use bay water to douse the flames. regular citizens helped carry fire hoses through the streets. a total of 124 buildings were destroyed or damaged. a woman died when a 76 by 50 foot section of the westbound bray bridge bay bridge crashed. engineers knew right away the spam was not seismically safe but it took until 2013 to
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finally get the new suspensions been built following decades of political infighting and design disputes. >> this used to be a double- decker freeway right here and now it is almost like a park. everything is gone. all the freeway is gone. >> within just this past hour, at abbott square in santa cruz, moments of silence right at 5:00 . santa cruz suffered major damage with the downtown section destroyed. it was only 20 miles from the quakes epicenter. let's flash forward to moay a 4.5 shaker strucklet hill and this morning, another 3.7 struck in san benito county not far from tuesday 4.7 near hollister. aside from the physical danger, earthquakes can also take a huge financial toll. why are so few people willing to protect themselves from
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that? >> we sent kpix 5's john ramos to find out. if there was ever a place where a threat of major earthquake should fill really's here in the bay area. it happened at the turn of the last century and then again 83 years later. each time, people clean up the mess and rebuilt but when it came to paying for that, -- mean >> we are completely on your own to pay the cost of repair. >> reporter: earthquake damages not included in most homeowner insurance policy so the state created the california earthquake authority to offer coverage for those who wanted it but not many do. in a state with more than 39 million people, the earthquake authority only has slightly more than 1 million policyholders. >> why do you think people don't have earthquake insurance? >> because it doesn't ha that o 's accidents. right? >> reporter: have you had a lot of those? >> no i have never had a car accident. >> reporter: people will ensure cars if they never had an
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accident but quake insurance is perceived by many to be a waste of money. and while you think small reminders like this week's quake at pleasant hill would be a motivator, jack says the opposite is true. >> it basically further instills the death -- the belief. this quiz quake happened and nothing bad happened. >> reporter: one turnoff to homeowners is the cost. according to the agency's website, a modest policy for my home in concord would cost more than $3100 per year but the quake authority says the prices are based on a risk the earthquake poses to individuals. >> you're not necessarily going to be killed but they may very well bankruptcy. they are going to take a pretty good hit on eysay quake
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insurance can be beneficial for those who rent in the bay area. the structure, just personal possessions, it may only cost a couple hundred dollars for say $50,000 worth of coverage but james prefers to take his chances with an optimistic view that is uniquely san francisco. >> good like every time i feel an earthquake of the longer, the lower the rents are going to be. >> reporter: it turns out that what most people believe that another earthquake will happen, they don't believe it will happen to them. in the east bay, john ramos, kpix 5. if you want to see what earthquake coverage may cost you, the california earthquake authority has a calculated to lead we have posted a link on our website, a brand-new app aims to people give people valuable seconds to prepare when an earthquake strikes. developed that you see berkeley, the myshake app uses ground and motion sensors to detect quite quakes before humans can discern them. it could be enough to stop bar times, open fire doors and allow people to drop, cover and hold on. it takes a magnitude 4.5 or
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about to to the system. we posted a tutorial on the app and how to set up at . the chronicle is reporting mayor london breed once inmates and staffers out of san francisco's crumbling hall of justice by 2021. it was declared seismically unsafe in the 90s. meanwhile the pressure is on hundreds of san francisco landlords to bring their so- called soft story apartment buildings into seismic compliance. the city red flag nearly 5000 buildings back in 2014. the final deadline came and went in august but the chronicle reports nearly 1/4 of the buildings are still not in compliance. we are implementing changes to our soft story policy and working to get those buildings up to seismic code and people all over the ty investing resources into doing just that. >> so the soft story designation actually means the ground floor cannot support the upper levels
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in a major earthquake. we have a section on our website looking back at the loma prieta earthquake and we have posted video from the immediate aftermath and stories from people who lived through it. you can go to loma prieta. the company that runs the contra costa county refinery where fuel tanks exploded this week said it is working with state regulators in the investigation. nustar energy says vacuum trucks are working to remove firewater from the area. they are checking adjacent tanks and checking for damage. air quality tests have so far come back below detectable levels for potential contaminants but more assessment is needed. nustar energy is looking at a repair plan and does not know when it will resume operations at the site. the bay area housing crisis is playing out city streets.
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we learned today that oakland is seeing a sharp spike in the number of people living out of their cars and rvs. kpix 5's da lin is a lot oak port street near the coliseum, a landing spot of sorts for people who have nowhere else to live. >> reporter: the city created 65 rv parking spots for the homeless. the problem is there are a lot more people living in cars and rvs and they park where they are least likely to get harassed. we are seeing more. our perception of the homeless tents is no longer the case. >> welcome to my home. this is my bedroom right here. i have a shower and toilet over here. this is the galley. >> reporter: how long have you been homeless? >> seven years. >> reporter: james is among dozens of people living in cars and rvs parked on oak port street near the coliseum. >> once you are in this position you find it is like you are in quicksand and you know that you have done better and can do better but
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nonetheless, while you are here, it holds on to you. >> reporter: city officials say vehicle dwellings represent the biggest increase in oakland's homeless population. that number has more than doubled in the last two years. from about 600 to now, 1430 people, about half of them living in cars and vans and the other half in rvs. >> it is home for me and i try to do things like i would around my house. have some pride. >> reporter: why are we seeing more people living in vehicles? oakland says a small percentage come from other cities. the homeless say the cops don't have time to enforce parking policy, too busy responding to violent crimes. a lot of them have jobs but don't have enough to hold down an apartment. >> i would love permanent housing. for now i have to go with this but all i really want is a home to go home to. >> reporter: the city plans to add two more rv parking sites
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in the next few months. critics say that is simply not enough. the other problem? the sites don't allow cars or vans. in oakland, i am da lin, kpix 5. according to recent homeless figures, santa clara county has over 1000 people living in their cars right now. san francisco follows with about 600 then san mateo with over 400 people. berkeley about 126. imagine hearing this all day, every day. some peninsula residents are getting fed up. a new tool by sfo, will it satisfy them? plus a new plan to ride traffic free around the bay area. i'm don ford in san jose. she might not be the first one in the football team but what happened friday made history. the story is coming up. we are just about to turn
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these winds off. the camera at the cliff house has shaken around every once in a while in a 25 mile-per-hour wind. once the sun sets, that ends. we need to talk about the next small chance of rain for the north bay for part of this weekend, coming up in the forecast, next. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets
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e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. online and on air, we are sharing stories from loma prieta today. here is kpix 5 photographer, bob horne. >> with my recollection of the quake, i was at the world series . i had just got done with the live shot with barry bronze on the field. we grabbed all of our equipment, made it to a freight elevator, got in the freight elevator, started to go up and as we had just gotten to the floor we were getting out on, the freight elevator doors opened up and all of a sudden,
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the shaft is banging around into the box in a my, oh good, we have a hydraulic problem so i stepped out as fast as i could and it was still shaking and i realized, not a hydraulic problem. i spent the next 2 to 3 days living, sleeping on the streets, doing live shot and all of a sudden, everything started shaking and i'm going, oh, that was real. it was the weirdest thing. it's like throwing a rock into a pond and watching the ripple except the ripple is coming down the street. cars are moving. the street is just bending right in front of your eyes. >> where were you during the 89 quake? share your stories on social media using #tran02. a live look at sfo airport officials up trying a new
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approach to noise complaints of roaring engines, long a sore spot for neighbors on the peninsula. kpix 5's andria borba has the story. >> ever since flight pass was implemented 5 years ago, neighbors and people in new neighborhoods have been complaining about the noise that all of those extra flights have been bringing. look behind me and you can see all of the planes stacked up here right now. they say here at sfo they have a new way for people to report their complaint and figure out exactly where the noises coming from. san francisco international airport, the seventh busiest airport in the u.s. wi iopr thnoisdranca flights kn exaly how much were all
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those jet engines make. >> this is the first time we are giving residents the same access to the information that our own team uses to track and monitor aircraft noise. >> reporter: the data comes from 29 permanent noise monitors positioned up and down the peninsula. >> here is one landing, another ready to take off. >> our hope is that this allows residents who have those types of concerns to be looking at the same exact information we are looking at. >> reporter: and includes a way to file a noise complaint, something jim harriet of palo alto knows all about. >> it doesn't solve the problem. we have been report recording these for years and very diligently recording thousands and thousands of complaints and they don't do anything. >> reporter: harriet and his neighbors say the constant playing noise has forced them inside and says somebody needs to change it. he doesn't need nor more data. he already knows the planes on how much noise they make. >> it doesn't change anything.
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we know how to change stuff. we totally know how to change it. there's another big one, a 777 flying over us at about 4000 feet. >> that flight app is on the sfo website and has been up for about a month. they say they are taking the complaints and it lets you see exactly where the noise is coming from. live at sfo, i'm andria borba, da lin -- the bay areas traffic problem, the bay area regional express transit network that uses to use plants using a system of buses to speed your commute. it would use dedicated lanes to avoid car traffic and stop at so-called hub stations every few minutes. the planned hopes to create miles of new tunnels and overpasses exclusively for bus use. no word on when the project would be delivered but
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advocates hope to put a funding measure on the 2020 november ballot. the expected price tag would range between 2.5 and $17.5 billion. new at six 8:00, a recent touchdown barriers at a south bay high school. it was a trick play it turns out that as kpix 5 's don ford shows us it is the person throwing the pass who shattered expectations. >> reporter: the silver creek high school says the varsity football team pulled off an historic play. it is razzle-dazzle football not normally seen in high school but it is not the play but rather the who threw the touchdown pass that made history. it was 17-year-old ariel arona. she is the first female to throw a touchdown pass in the history of silver creek. she may be the first in the state. and she is not even the quarterback. >> the ball ended up getting stopped at the running back. >> reporter: not to the quarterback. >> no and the quarterback went down the field and handed it to the wide receiver. >> reporter: he's running down the field? >> yeah. >> >> reporter: that's when the
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running back through the ball to ariel and she through the put touchdown pass, making history. they called the play, "the little mermaid. " >> it went down in history! you know? the boys are excited. they are saying, we i'm saying no, you mean her. >> reporter: despite the attention, ariel remains low- key and even as the only female, it is hard to tell her from the other players during practice. >> i'm on the football team. i should be treated like everybody else. >> reporter: are you going to tackle them? >> yes, i will. >> reporter: will you tackle hard? >> yes. >> reporter: she is a celebrity at the school. >> we just talk about how great it was for her and the school. >> pretty dope that she kind of made history in the school. >> chase your dream, if that's what you want to do. never tell a child they can play something. >> reporter: ariel said she is
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not sure if she will play football after high school. in san jose, don ford, kpix 5. any plans to go to the beach of the next day and a half or if you know somebody who lexus or four fish? keep in mind it will be dangerous on the edge of the water. with will rush up faster than you think they might and there will be more rip current activity and the water is pretty cold. there is a surf advisory. let's put sobet ofthat view temperatures from 63 in the city 274 in land. pretty much right on the mark. it is the wind that you notice today more than anything else. the same winds that were bugging all of us today are part of the reason why the waves are really picking up along the coast. high surf advisory until 9 pm for every stretch of the coastline in yellow from the sonoma county line on top all the way down to santa cruz or monterey if you go south so keep that in mind. as far as the winds we are dealing with, right at the end
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of this, still now, gusts up to 20 to 30 miles per hour, 28 for the city, 22 in redwood city and the north bay, still experiencing winds as well but watch how things change between now and sunset. the brighter the color, the stronger the wind. i will play this past sunset and the colors start to go away and the winds go down to single digits. still a bit breezy tomorrow but not as breezy as today was. tomorrow will feel a lot better. the same pattern that is giving us winds are the high surf advisory is still busy out here in the pacific. we come in from this close-up, the resolution, you can see these clouds. the satellite picks up on that and the forecast model picks up on rain. that line falls apart but the one behind it doesn't. by the time we get into saturday, again, saturday morning, looking at another chance for very light, nothing to write home about, rain in the north bay. from about sunrise until about 1 pm, it will be light showers at best. if we put some totals on this and come in for a closer view,
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ukiah picks up 1/10, santa rosa gets nothing measurable. it will be something to watch saturday morning, not going to impact the weekend and by the second half of saturday, it is done. a few light showers possible. forecast highs for tomorrow, ranging from the mid 60s in the 70s in the cities, mid-70s in land. nothing to write home about. you might want to write home about next week. we will be in the mid-80s. tell somebody in ohio we are going to be in the mid to upper 80s. it's kind of like a return to late summer. even though today feels like fall with the wind, we are going back to sunny and warm for the first half of next week. all right, guys, back over to you. were you in the world series in 1980 nine when the big one 1989 when the big one hit? and who was in this doorway when candlestick shook he was supposed be the starting pitcher that night. kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world.
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the twin pines casino and resort sports report is xt. candlestick park circuit in 1989 and when it ended, aurora came up from the crowd in homes that the giants had finally awoken. alas, it did not happen. the world series was delayed 10 days after the earthquake and the ace went on to sweep the series. don robinson was the giants starting pitcher that night and told me he was the last giant in the clubhouse when the quake hit. >> all of a sudden i felt my could anythingocking back and wallanget inrogers des came dow me. there was me. if anything would have fell they would still be digging me out. >> robinson eventually did
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catch one play resume, giving up 4 runs and 4.2 innings and was the losing pictures. the raiders hope to shake, rattle and roll on green bay sunday, temperatures in the 50s and we will send vern glenn to lambeau field and thank god for that. >> reporter: am i even talking? do i look cold? >> we will be -25 wind chill when i was there in 2013. sunday is the homecoming game for rater angle who grew up in green bay in high school and he joined the raiders as an undrafted free agent. >> i thought we would play here in oakland. >> he played quarterback in high school in green bay. a big game for him.
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trying to get video of him throwing the ball. >> i will have to pull it off sometime. we will see. >> if i have done anything right here coaching the raiders it was the recruiting call to ingle. >> he became the first ever hat trick before the end of the first period. how do you like that? kane led san jose to this third straight win but the performance was overshadowed by a much younger player at the capitals game. >> reporter: you scored two goals out there and guess what? we are going to watch them on the big screen. are you ready? >> yeah! i'm seriously excited. i'm kind of shy but mostly excited. >> reporter: how did it feel to plan the big ice? >> i wanted to have some speed and have fun. hockey, remember, it is not about winning. it's always about fun. that all. oh! >> he has a pet tarantula that ate two crickets on moay. >> that would make you excited.
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>> it would make me excited. >> very excited. >> thank you. we will be right back.
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we are remembering the loma prieta earthquake today. >> we are learning some bay area buildings have been equipped with what many call an engineering marvel. a company created a system that can absorb intense shaking so the structure can write out? that have an epic magnitude and still function. >> which buildings have the technology? a behind-the-scenes look at the original report is tonight on the kpix 5 news at 7:00. >> thanks so much for watching the news at 6:00. the cbs evening news is up next. >> we will be back in about half an hour to show you the rest. have a good night. e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul.
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no on big tobacco. no on prop c. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, major developing stories from the white house. a stunning admission-- for the first time the president's acting chief of staff publicly admits the administration held up ukraine military aid to force an investigation of the democrats. >> i have news for everybody-- get over it. >> o'donnell: also tonight, an unprecedented move. is the president violating the constitution and profiting by holding an international summit at his own private golf resort? syria cease-fire. turkey gets what it wants. kurdish forces have to move out. and cbs news has learned the pentagon says they've still noto ps. 59 babies died in inclined sleepers like this.


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