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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  October 30, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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my family gets to come home. tears of joy after a major development at the kincaid fire and sonoma county. ferocious winds and raging flames in southern california. the battle tonight to save a famous presidential library. twitters unprecedented move. over political ads. it is good to take it off. plus we go into the operating room with nfl legend joe montana. what is behind this high tech surgical procedure? i would be doing this if i didn't believe it was something
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that could help people. some big developments in the kincaid fire zone. we are just hearing from cal fire. a containment has jumped quite a bit. good evening. at the same time firefighters in southern california are battling to save a piece of history. a new wildfire burning at the national reagan library. it is being fueled by extreme winds. just moments ago cal fire gave an update on the situation and sonoma county. the 76,000 acre blaze is now 45% contained. that is up from 30% earlier today. the fire has destroyed 266 structures. half of them homes. i would say there is a lot of optimism we have turned the corner for the better on this fire. i think that caveloevacuation orders and warnings were lifted this afternoon. thousands of people are getting to go home.
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julia on the otional homecoming. opal>> reporter: this welcome home and greeting and windsor says it all. everyone given the all clear to come home. welcome home. cole smith did not know what to expect. his childhood home and others in this windsor neighborhood valiantly saved. but not without a fight. i thought for sure my house was gone. i knew we have great firefighters out here. when something like that happens a real natural disaster there is not a lot people can do. they somehow pulled off a miracle. this was a dark black smoke filled neighborhood. with fire and all these backyards you see behind us. >> reporter: sonoma county fire marshal cindy thmotius to come back here and welcome them home.>> reporter: this is downtown healdsburg. it is normally bustling with traffic and visitors. it has been emptied the last five days. something longtime residents
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say they haven't seen in decades. the mayor of healdsburg said it is time for everyone to come home. time to come home. people are coming in now. it is pretty cool.>> reporter: you get to go home to. yes. my family gets to come home.>> reporter: it has been tough. yes. the empty plaza just doesn't feel right. without the people here. >> reporter: tonight we are getting some a video of a pg&e transformer that was throwing off sparks before a brush fire broke out in contra costa county. you can see a glow up here. that glow in the distance is the exact moment the transformer loop. fire investigators with the ease contra costa fire
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protection district said that is the cause of sunday's fire and bethel island. moments later another brush fire breaks out in oakley. pg&e equipment and again had malfunctioned there. some the fiercest santa ana winds blew through southern california like a blowtorch today. the conditions ignited a number of fires across several counties. randy page tells us the easy fire and simi valley took aim at the reagan presidential library. >> reporter: the wind gust at the reagan library are so strong they will actually knock you over if you are not prepared to brace yourself for the gus. it does give us an excellent vantage point to see this fire. you can see the black smoke. we have seen smoke from this vantage point all day long along with dc-10 air tanker drops. a lot of air attack. as we look closer to the museum the ground in front of us. you can see it is dark and black scorched earth.
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this is what it looks like in the 360 degree around the museum. here is video we took earlier today. the fire made its march appeared to the top of the hill to the reag museum. amazingly the museum escape without any problems. none of the documents nothing here was touch. a lot of people here are grateful including the museum curator randy swan. from a visual standpoint it looked as cataclysmic as almost any other image you have seen. we will remember this day. the library came out of it pretty much unscathed.>> reporter: we take one more look from this vantage point. you can see the fire is still burning. much less smoke than the there was earlier. we are expecting strong winds throughout the night. there will be not much re appear. the fire continues to burn. it still has a way to go. got real close to the reagan library.
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darren peck joining me. it seems like southern california is getting the gusting winds. that we had in northern california. only they are not getting it as strong as our peak event was when we hit 90. checking end on the latest windows. they hit 70 and ventura county. if you look at the map you see the bright area of red showing up. that would be ventura county. that is oxnard. the one right here where you can see all the offshore winds. just rushing over southern california. it is going to get worse before it gets better. i just advance this tomorrow morning. we still have a steady shade of purple on here. that shows is wind gusts getting up in the 50 or 60 miles per hour range. tomorrow it does get better. it never really quite goes away entirely. until we get into friday. then things will start to calm down. as far as their santa ana winds. meanwhile back here at home hours is over.
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we still have some haze. the air quality was good today. the winds are not strong. they are still going offshore here. they are taking the smoke out of here. that was good news. right now 59 concorde. santa rosa also 59. when i checked back we need to talk about how low that number is going to go. 20s for one thing. i'm going to outline why there is a freeze warning in place for parts of sonoma county. i will see you with that in a few minutes. the latest in the pg&e power safety shut off. the utility just wrapped up a press conference. pg&e has given the all clear to every county except kern county. that is expected to come later tonight. utility said the power shutoffs were critical and that winds this past week were even stronger than they were during the wine country wildfires two years ago. we will hold pg&e is the corporation accountable.
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we will make sure their brighter days in the future. i assure you are not allowing any of this to be the new normal. this will not take 10 years to fix. i can promise you that. facing pressure from governor newsome tonight pg&e agreed to offer credit customers impacted by the october 9 shutoffs. residents will receive $100 credit and businesses will get $250. so far no plans a credit customers impacted by the most recent blackouts. bombshell announcement from twitter that could shake up the presidential race. andrea explains from twitter headquarters in san francisco.>> reporter: dueling statements from social media titans about political advertisements on their platforms. who is keeping it and who is not. twitter ceo jack dorsey often maligned for his policies on hate speech harassment and neo- nazis made a surprise move and banned political advertisements on the social platform. we believe political message
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should be earned and not bought. the announcement comes days after facebook founder mark zuckerberg found himself facing tough questions about paid political ads on capitol hill. facebook does not factcheck. what we do is we have feedback the people in our community don't want to see viral hoaxes or. you do know fact checking on any ads is that correct? >> reporter: today zuckerberg fired back saying the reality is that we believe deeply that political speech is important and should be able to be heard. that is what is driving us. political analyst paul henderson said this move is twitter regulating itself. before the government does. it takes twitter outside of the growing conversation demanding higher accountability and social media platforms. so we have pure speech. pure ideas. impure conversations about politics and voting that isn't
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influenced by money and political action committees. or partisan types of directions or even foreign directions. >> reporter: across the street from twitter hq one person applauded dorsey's decision. i think it is good to take it off.>> reporter: the twitter rules regarding political ads will be announced november 15 and take affect a week later. san francisco voters will be able to see both sides of the experiment. after the november 5 election. here in san francisco we will be able to see the difference between what kind of information we receive as users on the social media platforms and what type of information we receive after this election.>> reporter: twitter start drop 2% today after jack dorsey's announcement. those rules will go into effect in late november. twitter's stock. up next a different type of room service. the baby delivery hotel room for a couple forced out by the kincaid fire.
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i think some of the challenges the ncaa faces will trickle down to us. why the new plans to pay college athletes could have an negative impact on certain universities and even high schools. joe montana one of the most private people in the bay area opens up in a big way today. he invites us into the operating room to see a brand- new procedure done to relieve pain.'s
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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he was right there for the birth of a dynasty for the 49ers. those 4 super bowl victories came at a price for joe montana. the former put it back invited us into the operating room to watch him undergo a treatment for chronic pain.>> reporter: i am standing just outside the operating room where joe montana is getting a minor procedure done today. he has been living for years with chronic pain. he is hoping to do something about it with a state of the art procedure. for once joe montana is excited to be back in an operating room. over the years he has undergone more than 25 surgeries on his neck shoulder and knee. the left knee has really been bothering him. today he is having three small
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wires no larger than a strand of angel hair pasta inserted under the skin by the nerves. if this was another major surgical process i probably would have said no. i think this is going to be the answer to my. i'm looking forward to an hour or two from now.>> reporter: stem a wave. he recently signed on as a company spokesperson. each wire carries a computer chip that is a fraction of the size of a grain of rice. a pad has been placed over the pin area and is attached to a controller. control the whole thing with your phone.>> reporter: >> this is sending an electrical pulse to your nerves. to tell your brain to shut off the signal. that is giving you pain.>> reporter: he is on the team of doctors putting in the implant. instead it should help keep patients off addictive painkillers. if we can get patients off of their meds. everyone is saving money and winning. >> reporter: after 2 1/2 hours
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it is over. after the swelling goes down the doctors say it should feel better than winning another super bowl. spent i wouldn't be doing this and moving forward with it if i didn't believe it was something that can help people. as you can imagine it is never a convenient time to get evacuated from your home. the evacuated when you're going into labor. rachel and james page were evacuated from windsor on monday. three days before rachel's due date. as soon as they arrived at the hotel in napa rachel went into labor. they hoped for a home birth and had been working with a midwife. it turns out the midwife actually delivered another baby at another napa hotel during the wine country fires two years ago. we might be having a baby like not at home. this was not our plan. however it happens it happens.
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i have my family. i'm okay. this puts a new perspective on what is important to take when there is a fire. they left the hotel today to stay with family in sacramento. baby penelope is doing just fine. and is getting to meet her two- year-old sister. congratulations to them. the fire image has a lot of people talking. check out the time lapse of an ominous orange glow. the flames from the kincaid fire visible last night from our camera in san francisco. more than 70 miles away. pretty amazing. 24 hours can do. things have really calmed down. they have some good line this morning. they use the weather to their advantage. the fire laid down last night. we are probably going to go to 50% containment before tomorrow morning. the focus in the weather department is going to change. it will seemke a 180.
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when i tell you there is a unty we have left behind the red flag warnings for intense wind and low humidity. the fire concern. now we are talking about a freeze warning. as odd as that transition might seem there is a reasonable connection for why a freeze warning would follow the red flag. i will explain in a second. northbay valleys we can see temperatures dip down to the middle 20s overnight. from 2 am until 9 am that will cover the period. let me show you where this is likely going to be felt the most. this is the high resolution forecast imagery for the northbay. there is a blue bull's-eye right here at down at the bottom of the valley. the lowest elevation. if you look into the hills the green shades show you it is going to be above freezing. warmer temperatures at higher elevations. colder temperatures at the bottom of the valley. that is the opposite of what you would think. the cold air we will have in the valleys cold air is heavier. it syncs to the low spot.
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the bottom of the swimming pool. that happens to be where some of the communities are we live in. santa rosa are the coldest number. you're right on the edge of that pool. the best the pool not far from it. 28 degrees santa rosa. healdsburg 31. 33 ukiah. across the rest of the bay area it is just the northbay. we won't be nearly as cold in the south bay. the difference is the dry air. because dry air is easier to cool down a lot more. that could act as an insulator if you had a little more moisture in the air. the drier the air the colder the temperatures. if we take a look at the map for relative humidity's. we have the shades of green showing you higher levels down here. in the south bay. in the northbay is a lot drier. you can see the offshore flow the nortay moorringing the northbay is more isolated with the interior valleys but don't have the same access to whatever humidity might be over
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the bay. we feel it a lot more here. over the next four mornings between santa rosa in san jose. normally you are hitting the same number. the daytime high. you're both going to 74 tomorrow. with the morning lows it is not going to be equal at all. as far as the rest of the seven day forecast. it will be cold for the next 2 to 3 mornings. and then everything gets better. we stopped freezing. the daytime highs inland low 80s. by the time we get to tuesday of next week. no rain in the seven-day. looking past that for the next 10 days there is in any either. keep your fingers crossed that changes. college athletes are finally getting a chance to cash in. some worry he could have a negative impact on certain schools. the ncaa's new ruling allows athletes to profit from their names. athletes could be allowed to sign shoe deals make money off of jerseys appear video games.
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some worry smaller universities and high schools will suffer. if athletes are drawn to larger programs where they can earn talk top dollar. athletes will be drawn to the big programs. or the big dollar is. the media market is. with more media exposure at the prep level every day could money be coming to high school athletes and some sports? it is already being discussed. the white house official who resigned today. right before he is supposed to testify on capitol hill. the big campaign shakeup kamala harris. why she is reshuffling some of her key resources. the incredible showing of bravery from a hero horse. what that animal did as the flames were closing in. in our series project home we look at 2 housing propositions up for a volts. in less than a week in san francisco. they could free up millions to fight the housing crisis. will they really make a
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juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. we have breaking news in san francisco right now. a little bit of smoke coming up. this is from our camera on top of the sales force tower. a one alarm fire on the building under construction on masonic near oak street. he broke out within the last 10 minutes or so. we don't know exactly what is on fire. we will find out. we will keep an eye on it for you. here is what you missed if
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you just now getting home. house committees have sent deposition notices to three more trump administration officials. in the impeachment inquiry. from a national security his attorney said he will not appear without a subpoena. late word today the trump national security council aide tim morrison is resigning. he is the top rush official on the council. he is scheduled to testify in the impeachment inquiry tomorrow. major shakeup kamala harris is presidential campaign. she is laying off staff at her headquarters in baltimore. she is cutting costs. she is also doubling down on iowa. she was an early front runner but has been sinking in the polls. a horse being called a hero for her brave actions during the easy fire in simi valley. she made a 180 running back into danger to lead to other horses to safety. you can see an adult horse and the younger one following her there. away from the flames.
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coming up next a very important job wait until you see how this cute dog is helping firefighters tonight. in the northbay.
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at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. have been on the front lines of the kincaid fire in sonoma county. that little girl is blossom the therapy dog.
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she is part of the peer support team at the cal fire base camp in santa rosa. she helps provide emotional support to first responders when they get a moment to rest. anytime i see dogs it is nice the bond. to get that connection. that is why i came up and petted her. firefighters were able to spend time with blossom before heading back out for the next 24 hour shift. thank you for watching the news at 7 pm. will be back at 11 pm for more news and weather. head to have a good night.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even are arogressive , but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone.
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