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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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out as a contra costa halloween party. we're live at the scene of the mass shooting. >> looking live in southern california where a new fire is forcing thousands out of their homes. what slowed down efforts while flames grew out of control. >> the new images police hope will help lead to an arrest. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. it is 5:00. we want to check in with mary lee with the weekend forecast. we're looking at a cold start and as we head through the afternoon, plenty of sunshine and a ball day ahead. that will be the case for the weekend as well. and i think we are already for that. here is a live look with our camera. temperatures in the mid-40s for you in san jose. concord in the mid-40s arizona
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well. upper 30s livermore. downtown san francisco at 53. colder santa rosa at 35. temperatures seasonal if not a little above average. 74 concord. 75 for a high in san jose. 70 in san francisco. we will talk about that weekend forecast and if we see any changes rest change in the next days coming up. we are checking on an accident as you work your way out. four cars involved in this wreck. way don't have a lot of details yet. our censors are not showing any major delays right now, but we're getting reports that possibly that right lane is shut down because of this crash. if you're going to travel from here north of here, there is debris in the roadway. westbound 580 one of the slow spots for the supercomputers coming out of tracy and at mat
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pass, a little slow. once you're past that, you're not seeing any delays. extra some i'm westbound. traffic is clear from there. developing news from contra costa, bullets fly at a late- night halloween party. several people this morning are dead. let's get to jackie ward who has the latest. >> reporter: we're in the hills of orinda right now. yes, it is dark but there is a long driveway that goes uphill to where those lights are right now. that is where investigators seem to be focused right now. they confirm there are four fatalities and several injured following a halloween party last night. we do not expect more details to be released until later this morning. the sheriff's office and orinda police departments are piecing together what may have happened at this party. police were called here at 11:45 last night so even hours
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later you can see that this is still a very active situation. way don't have many more details that than but we hope to learn more within the next few hours. we'll in date you with anything we learned. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> 5:03 right now. sonoma county crews are making progress in the kincade fire that has been burning well over a week now and scorched r more than 77,000 acres and destroyed 350 structures including 165 homes. another 1500 homes are still threatened. cal fire says the containment is up to 65% and projecting full containment by thursday of next week. there is a bit of good news for a woman who lost her home to the fair. >> bernadette was in her pjs when she had to evacuate last weak. she regretted not taking two
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valuable belongings, her father's and husband's wedding ring. last night after wo hours of searching, she found her husband's ring and other sentimental items. >> this was my mother's bracelet when she was a baby. this is my whole life here. 58 years and what i have is here on the ground so to have something is better than nothing. >> reporter: more than 1,000 others hit hard by the fire and power outage in the finley senior center. they teamed up to help those folks put food on their tables. a dublin church is joining forces for the food bank to distribute food to evacuation shelters. saint raymond catholic church food drive will operate today from 4 to 6:00 p.m.
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tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. sunday from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. let's go live in southern california where another large fire is now threatening homes. this one broke out last night on south mountain. it is near santa paula and it has grown to 8300 acres right now. 7,000 people are evacuated and 1800 homes are now being threatened right now. the neighborhoods that were evacuated are all west of the fire. that is where the fire has been burning. again, you're taking a live look at this fire burning in ventura county. it is called the maria fire. roads are closed in the area. at least nine schools are closed, as well. take act bought 7,000 people evacuated on top of the thousand in southern california that have been evacuated for fires in the last several days.
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a >> there are more fast moving fires, devastating southern california. you talked about those. they stamped out the last hot spot es yesterday. now residents are coming home and they are getting a first- hand look at the damage. but a few people came back last night ready to fight the fire themselves. >> when it comes to getting the power back on, pancreatic cancer says 1400 customers are without power still. additionally 1200 people in the footprint of the kincade fire remain in the dark. this morning, the biggest number, more than 21,000 customers are without gasser vis. happening today, protestors plan to hold a rally at 10:00 this morning at pg&e hold quarters in san francisco. the sunrise bay area and sacramento are demanding solutions for the climate
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emergency aiming their message at pg&e and newsom. a massive sideshow with hundreds of people that turned the parking lot into a car show. more than 400 cars gathered here for what police are calling an organized event. now officers are cracking down. a security from the store. police say they have started impounding the cars involved. the department says there are numerous court orders to seize vehicles. people in the area say they have had enough. >> might be at night. there are people walking or bicyclists or even homeless right here on the freeway. it could be a dangerous situation. >> there are still a lot of people out there reckless driving everyday and something needs to happen. >> police say this investigation is not yet over and more impound warrants are yet to be served. >> a neighborhood over taken by
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police officers and crime scene tape. this happened before 2:30 yesterday afternoon. following reports of an armed man who apparently was walking near a shopping center. >> heard all the helicopters and i got nervous so i started having a panic attack. investigators say that leaves one officer to open fire and the suggests spec later died at the hospital. the man has yet to be identified. this is the city athird police shooting this year. >> police are on the lookout for a driver in a hit-and-run incident in union city. this is the truck police suspect was involved. it is a gray toyota tacoma. the victim suffered major injuries to his head and leg. he was rushed to the hospital. the incident is under
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investigation. >> >> happening today, the first ever cannabis dispensary will open. the shot at irving and 23rd avenue called barberi coast sunset. you may recognize part of the name. the same owners run mo growns in the mid-march cut area. barberi coast sunset will feature more than 200 products. a >> a former pta treasurer at a school is in trouble with police this morning. laney martha darcy has been arrested after a month's long investigation and more than $80,000 from the pta group was missing. the cash was stolen over a who year period. 5:09. why some leagues are not requiring a helmet for the so called safer alternatives to football. >> ware ending out the
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workweek. i'll have your weekend shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate.
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disclosures at
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we are checking out some video from overnight in orinda
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where four people were shot dead. four people are injured. this was at a halloween party in the hills above orinda. lucille way and nick kerr bach kerr. you can see there were a lot of people in this house at the time. police were called to that area around 10:30 last night. in fact, the orinda police needed help from outside agencies dealing with the mass number of people who were at this party and then the people that were injured. no information on suspects right now. that is what we're waiting for from the contra costa sheriff's department. after somebody opened fire and shot and killed four people, many of them sent to john muir medical center. ware keeping an eye on this developing story all morning long. keep it here. a new report shows how much your fast food joint is contributing to antibiotics resistance. it may develop bacteria that's
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our medicine can't kill. here is how they are stacking up in combating that concern. chipotle and panera were awarded an a for an tay by tick free beef and others received an f. experts say that strengthened bacteria is one on the greatest risks to future health and food security. a 5:14 right now. it has become one of the fastest growing sports in the country. flag football. >> many consider it a safer alternative to tackle but this morning some leagues are now requiring kids to use helmets. the goal is to spare incidents like these from happening. the 8-year-old doesn't recall much about this day, but his mom does. he was rushed bay held to a mary hand hospital with a concussion after colliding head- on with a teammate during the game. >> i grabbed him by the face and held him close and he started to seize and pass out.
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>> he had that look of fear. i didn't have the answers to give who give her: for the first time this season, he is mandating helmets for all players. the helmets these players are using are among several tested by virginia tech. it ranks models to evaluate which reduces concussion risk with five stars being the best. >> when hat head to head impact happens, if we can reduce those by 70% or more, than that elicits the five-star rating. a texas organization called seven on seven s is the first to give soft shelled helmets across the board. >> i saw the skiers wearing the helmets and i thought isn't it too much, but it makes sense now. we know a lot more.
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>> wear those helmets. be safe out there. >> especially when it comes to your kids. >> on the road, be safe, too. absolutely. we have a couple things brewing out there. the good news, it is friday night rest lights so not a lot of cars causing a lot of problems this morning. 580, 680 extra volume mere. a broken down vehicle stuck in lines there so a little sluggish getting on to 680. but it is affecting your drive on 580 trying to get on 680 itself. our drive times about 27 minutes. you'll be dealing with a few brake lights to grant line. past that things are okay. then a little slow at the 586 connect for. northbound 680 we have the right lane blocked for an accident but it is still early. lightly traveled through here. folks are getting by without
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any problems as you make your way on 680. no metering lights yet. no delays coming off the approaches. a wonderful start this friday morning. 580 looking good, as well. an easy ride. pretty much the case for most of our bay area bridges. here is a live look. traffic is moving along just fine as you work your way between 880 and 101. no delays. you can see extra volume on the southbound side, but a pretty clear ride from this point southbound into fremont. thanks. >> love to hear that. we're starting off with cold temperatures especially for the north bay. as we head through the afternoon with the sunshine, we will be warming up to seasonal if not a little above average for this time of year. a beautiful day ahead across the bay area. here is a live look looking
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north at the golden gate. you can see those temperatures. 43 for you in concord. oakland at 49. 38, dropped another degree in livermore. >> close to freezing at 33. >> 36 in napa. 31 so subfreezing temperatures in fairfield to start off the day. valeo at 41. 40 redwood city. 36 for moundview so definitely bundle up and put on that winter coat as you led out the door this morning. there is a freeze warning from the north bay valley until 9:00 a.m. due to these cold temperaturesment we'll see the sun and sunshine for all of us as we head through the afternoon. no big changes as we look to the weekend. in fact, temperatures just a
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little bit warmer. still that pattern of chilly mornings and warm and sunny afternoons. you can see the clouds. taking you hour by hour, you can see all that sunshine on futurecast. for today, again, temperatures just a couple degrees above average for this time of year. taking you to the south bay. sunnyvale at 74. 75 san jose. highs topping out at 74 for concord, pleasant hill. 77 in livermore. upper 60s in berkeley. 71 oakland. 74 daytime highs topping out at 79 in cloverdale. >> a the extended forecast. temperatures a little bit warmer. >> this weekend, daylight saving time ends and we get that extra hour of sleep. we look quiet and calm for the
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week ahead with plenty of sunshine in the seasonal daytime hypes. we tall back. it has been a chilly week in the bay area but some trick-or- treats farther east had to fight through the weather. measurable snow in chicago. the area wouldn't expect this until around mid november. they deployed more than 200 snow vehicles and there were cancellations at the chicago airports but trick-or-treaters were not cared a way of course. north carolina, take a look at this. strong winds and heavy rain took down some trees knocking out power for thousands statewide. time check. 5 5:20. >> a tattoo allergy warning based on the colors you choose. we'll take a live look from our camera looking down at the golden gate bridge. 53degrees to start off this friday morning in san francisco. and coming up at 7:00 on "cbs
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this morning," what is next in the impeachment inquiry after an historic vote n plus get lost in the world's largest corn maze. why pg&e is taking more heat. a woman was barred for life from a cruise line. do you know how out of control you have to bow to get banned from across ch that is for a people already on the no-fly list. and everyone ought to know better by now anyway. this isn't
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kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world. less over to the tax free mattress sale. >> good morning on this friday. 5:24. irr you're hitting the roadways e early, mostly in the green on the eastshore freeway, highway 101. our busiest is the trek 29 minutes to 680 on the westbound side of 580. a few more cars but an easy ride on most of the bridges. >> a new study in the journal of science suggests about of measles infection ks cause many
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to lose more than a third of the anti bodies that they rely on to stay healthy. >> scientists in the uk tracking more than 200,000 men linked between high levels of two hormones and prostate cancer risks. men with high levels of testosterone and in saw lynn like growth hormone were more likely to bow diagnosed with prostate cancer. and the centers for disease control and prevention has updated the number of lung injury cases associated with the use off e-cigarettes or vaping products. at least 37 deaths in 24 states confirmed and the district of columbia. at least 888 con fenned and probable lung injury cases nationwide. >> if you're thinking about getting a tattoo, choose your colors carefully. your choice of ink can trigger a reaction. the colors with the most problems, yellow and red. yellow is associated with sun
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sensitivity. experts say the photo sensitivity typically fades after a few years. a reaction to red is more prevalent. for many the response is mild including redness, swelling or an inch that can be treated top cly but others can experience a more severe reaction. another huge fire has broken out in southern california. thousands of people are evacuated. here is a live look right now. we're going to ventura county next. >> we're waiting for more details from the contra costa sheriff's office about a mass you know when you're at ross
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences
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as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 5:30. four dead overnight as shots ring out at a contra costa county halloween party. we are live on the scene it
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with latest. >> next historic vote into the impeachment inquiry. >> golden state sar says he will be back soon. a look into the recovery of a broken handed steph curry. it is friday, november 1st, 2019. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is fif:30 it roo now, as we get a check to the forecast off to a chilly start. >> happy friday to you. we made it to the end of the work weak. it has been along weak for sure. we are looking at ball weather ahead. through the day plenty of sunshine. it is a cold start so 33 in santa rosa. close to freezing for you. sib freezing in fairfield at 31 right now. 36 in napa. 49 in oakland. 53 for san francisco currently so grab that jacket and coat as you head out the door. temperatures even colder compared to yesterday loot ties
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time. mid- to upper 60s for the coast. mid- to upper 70s inland. >> taking a look at traffic right now. if you plan to take highway 4 it looks good this morning. it is definitely friday lights. 27 minutes from antioch to the eastshore freeway. we do have an accident in effect. it is on 4 eastbound. there is some activity there at least one lane blocked, but very early and it is friday light so not causing a lot of traf tech there. if you're taking the east shore freeway, you're good do go. no delays as you head to the maccarthur maze and brake lights starting. that will happen very soon. thank you. developing news. several people are dead after a halloween party. here is jackie ward who has the lace tess from police in
5:32 am
orinda. jackie. >> reporter: kenny, we're in the hills of orinda right now in a really nice neighborhood. it is dark of course but let's show you where police are focusing their in thes right now. the lights up there are at a house and until you get there, it is a very long steep driveway. we have watched them walking up and down the drive way focusing on the house there. there are four fatalities. several people are injured. we are in the neighborhood of lucille way and nick kerr bach kerr where a halloween party was happening. police were called here around 10:30 last night. people in costumes were holding each other up, many of them were crying and hugging each other. as officers holding large weapons blocked the area off with police tape. several ambulances were also called to the scene. this was just a very disturbing scene that caused a lot of people to get very emotional. of course four people dead. several more injured. and investigators are trying to figure out what led up to that
5:33 am
horrific pension debt that left four people dead here. we will continue to bring you more information as we learn it, but right now we do not expect the connector sheriff's office to release many more details until later this morning. jackie ward, kpix 5. a >> another huge fire burning in southern california. this is video taken overnight from ventura county. it is called the maria fire. it broke out in the evening hours at around 7:00 p.m. on south mountaineer the community of santa paula and burned 8300 acres. it is moving through steep brush or steep terrain and thick brush. similar story to what we have heard for a lot of these fires burning out of control in california right now. this one is moving towards a community so 1800 homes are now threatened and 7,000 people had
5:34 am
to leave their homes because of this fire. those communities are all west of the fire. red flag warnings still in effect. that is the problem. the winds carrying these flames into some of those communities. we're going to keep an eye on that fire burning all morning long. back to you. >> and thank you. drivers near monterey with a dangerous situation. cars speeding down highway 101 are being hit by unknown projectiles and police don't know where they are coming from. this drivers window was blown out. he wasn't the only one. there were as many as nine incidents like this within just 30 minutes on wednesday night. they do not know what is being thrown or who is involved. a live look at chase center where the warriors will play without steph curry for the time being. he is out of action. he has a broken left hand. he says "appreciate all the
5:35 am
love, texts, support all that. be back soon. " his injuries happened wednesday night as they were against the phoenix sun. it was clear right away he was in pain. fans were trying to keep it in perspective. >> it is unfortunate but you know as the past five years, they will figure it out. we have a good organization. >> we have great hopes for the team and we know steve curry will do a great job. his sisters is calling out the fans at chase center. she is upset that thousands left after her brother's injuries with more than a were remaining in the game and the warriors trailing but the league tweeted it is what it isn't chase fans, we have to do better. they brought it wint in 12 and 3/4s of you all. not okay and not oracle.
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that tweet later deleted. fans are being priced out at chase. >> a washington, d.c. where the house of representatives has voted to formalize the impeachment inquiry into president trump. the vote was almost entirely along party lines with two democrats voting no. this pairs the way for public testimony that could be gin it's next few wakes. documents over closed door depositions could be made public as early as next week. >> they will see facts that cause them great concern about the president a buying the power of his office. democratic lawmakers accusing president trump of asking ukraine's president to investigation the biden family. the president has described that as perfect. republicans will have the right to request their own witnesses. although democrats can override those proposals. president trump's lawyers will
5:37 am
get access to evidence and the chance to cross examine witnesses. >> clinic teachers are leaving the picket lines and heading back to class with a new compromise. it is now over. school district officials agreed to millions in funding for the new deal. they also agreed to reduce class sizes and add more nurses and social workers. they will add days to the calendar to make up for time lost during the strike. the contract lasts for five years. >> he wrote it's about mark zuckerberg back in 2010 and now hoe las ap open letter to zucker burke for allowing political ads with false information with free speech rights. on your website is an ad claiming joe biden gave the
5:38 am
attorney general a billion dollars not to investigate his son. every square inch of that is a lie and under your logo. that is not defending free speech mark. that is assaulting truth. >> mark zuckerberg said facebook will continue to allow the posting of all political ads regardless of how closely they adhere to the facts. he made that point in a recent speech at georgetown university and stuck bay it last week while testifying before congress. u.p.s. plans to hire 100,000 seasonal workers. 85 job fairs across the country today. many people will be offered jobs on the spot. they are plainly for package handlers, drivers and drivers helpers. the company said many seasonal workers stay on as permanent employees. here is a big surprise. a new study suggests youngsters are spending more time looking at screens. not really surprised. that story and more in your
5:39 am
friday morning cbs money watch report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning michelle. a recap of stocks. wall street lost ground thursday. the dow dropped 140 points. nasdaq gave back 11. s&p 500 slipped nine points after touching reggie bush highs twice this week. all eyes are on the job market this morning and new dada out just minutes ago showing employers added more workers than expected in october. according to the labor department, it grew by 128,000 jobs last month. that was led by job growth and food and beverage services. the unemployment right picked town 3.6%. a new study found kids are spending more time looking at screens. according to new data 8 to 12- year-olds spent four hours and 44 minutes looking at screens everyday on average. that is compared to teens that average 7 hours 22 minutes per day. the figures do not include time spent for school work. the report found kids are
5:40 am
watching videos mostly on youtube and videogames. >> take that away from them. say no way. >> that is a lot of screen time. i mean that almost a full day of work for teens. >> that is so true. yes. it is good to take it away. the scariest jobs in the u.s. which are on the list? are ours on the list? >> right. speaking of jobs. halloween may be a rat but some clock into fear daily. indeed created the list giving the top slot to ghosts tour guide. no surprise there. a taxi der mist, psychic among the spooky jobs to make the cut. the most surprising one was an auditor. who is scared of who in that job? >> people are more afraid of auditors than anything. by the way, diane, i saw your son's picture on twitter for halloween. a very cute incredible. >> yes.
5:41 am
>> very, very cute. >> thank you. mr.incredible. thank you. i appreciate it. all right. you have a good weekend. thanks so much. >> 5:40. is is that time of year. get ready to set your clocks back and get an extra hour of sleep. we love that. daylight saving time. sunday november 3rd falling back to sand dart time. smart devices will do it automatically but most will have to set clocks back manually an hour. >> a baking an orbit. why it will come with a sweet aroma. >> very cool. all right. it is finally friday. we made it to the end of the workweek. it is a chilly start. we'll talk about how cold it is this morning and what to expect from the weekend at cracker barrel, we're cooking up
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warm feelings of home this season. with country fried turkey, hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, and topped with holiday herbed gravy. our take on a festive favorite is back. and it's only at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. come on home to cracker barrel.
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good friday morning. it is 5 5:44. clear skies. 53 right now. it is a cold start especially for the north bay. north bay valley under a freeze warning. i'll let you know how cold it is where you are and futurecast and what you can expect this afternoon. we're trying to get more
5:45 am
information on whomever was behind a mass shooting at a halloween party in orinda. four people were killed. at lacer four were injured by the gunfire after the police have not said whether or not they know who the suspect is e whether they have anybody in custody in the there are a lot of questions right now. we're hearing this may have been a rented house for the party but, again, that is not yet confirmed. we just know that four people have died and others are recovering as woe speak. jackie ward is there and we're keeping an eye on this all morning. back to you. yes. happening today, it is national family literacy day. there is no time like the present to curl up with the kids with a good book. there is story time at the library in san francisco at 4:00. a picture of a jack-o'-
5:46 am
lantern nebula caught on the space telescope. it was caught just on the edge of the milky way galaxy. dust and gas carved into the shape of a pumpkin by radiation from a star. researchers included the outline and the colt horse. pretty cool. a little closer to home. a breakthrough at the space station. >> the first chocolate chip cookies made in outer space. called zero g kitchen has a special off shen that will be shot into space tomorrow. they could only repeat food. now they can bake. the cookie dough is waiting outside the atmosphere. they feel it will make strays travel a bit more comfortable. the astronauts may have cookies in space. we have donuts because of our producer katlynn. thank you. thank you for the donuts. and it is friday, too. >> even better.
5:47 am
>> not at the we need anymore sugar with halloween. >> there is a whole bowl of candy. >> here in the studios, it is not bad on the roadways. we have some nice conditions overall. we're seeing the metering lights on the bay bridge but we're only backed up beyond the 880 overpass. that is good news for 5:46. traffic pretty light westbound. a few pockets of slowing into berkeley but maybe speeds in the 40 as opposed to going 60 miles per hour there. traffic looking good. no delays on 24 or 880 right now. the bridge not bad. in fact if you're traveling between the east bay and marine county, using the rich man san rafael bridge, moving up to the limit in most directions. no delays on the san mateo bridge. a few more cars hitting the roadway here as they work westbound.
5:48 am
taillights into foster city and over to 101. traffic not bad. only 15 minutes between 880 and 101. nimitz freeway cleared northbound into oakland. southbound looks like traffic not bad. you're clear as you work your way into the coliseum. yoi have a nice ride into fremont on the southbound side. same for the peninsula. we have an accident south 280. it is in the number 2 lane but they are working to get that to the shoulder. very light. not causing a lot of delays there. 101, nice ride so far. south bay checking in problem free. drive time only 37 minutes this morning there. hopefully the weather is going to be good. >> it is. we're looking at beautiful weather across the bay area. along week for sure. nice to be able to say calmer and quieter weather for today and the next several days. >> we're looking east of the
5:49 am
bay bridge. it is a chilly to cold start. definitely bundle up. put on that coat as you led out the door. 33 in concord. oakland at 49. 38 in livermore. 53 san francisco. 43 in san jose. close to freezing right now in santa rosa. a closer look at the north bay. north bay valley is under a freeze warning down to freezing and 33 santa rosa. 35 for napa. your weather headlines. clear skies, cold temperatures especially for the valleys this morning. mild seasonal conditions through our afternoon with sunshine for all of us and no big changes as we look ahead to the weekend. temperatures just a little bit warmer but those chilly mornings and then warm afternoons with sunshine. that will continue over the next several days. >> that ridge of high pressure, the dominant weather feature, it is blocking any storms from coming our way. clouds going up and over that strong ridge of high pressure.
5:50 am
sunshine taking you hour by hour on futurecast and the winds light to calm conditions. great to see that through the day. our sunrise at 7:34. our sunset at 6:11. daytime highs right around where we should be for this time of year. 74 for sunnyvale for a high. 75 in santa clara and san jose. livermore highs of 77. 74 in concord and pleasant hill. 73 for walnut creek. 70 in san francisco. upper 60s in berkeley. and looking at 79 for cloverdale. bay area science festival, a great day tomorrow. 70degrees. i'll be out there. please come boy. it is a free event. just a great way to get kids excited about science. 150 demonstrations and experiments. it should be a really fun event
5:51 am
there. here is the forecast as we're looking at temperatures just a little warmer through the weekend. seasonal through next week. mary, thank you. a treat for crab lovers in california. crab fisheries will get the news if the dungeness crab season will start again. the decision after a break in the fishing season that started months early in in april. they have negotiated a season to support the environment. more good news, a patch of warm water resaided through the weather changes. researchers say the changes were harmful to those dungeness crabs. >> >> this student's note sticking him
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
%c1 god morning. 5:54. good news to report all trains on time for bart right now. no delays. number 1 and 3 off to a great start. don't forget smart train service is free until wednesday, november 6th. your roadways looking good, as well. meet toring lights on and looking good at the golden bay bridge. south 101, clear ride from the san rafael into san francisco.
5:55 am
one student had a really creative idea to get a tech firm's attention. >> post-it notes and it worked. the 19-year-old georgia spoke student says his apartment window is across from the ncr global office and he put up sticky notes saying hire me. the next morning, he was surprised to see notes back saying e-mail. everyone wishes to work at a top ten company. really impossible to be sure. there is stow much competition. i wanted to stand out. >> he won an award they were sponsoring. he is excited for his internship next summer and he hopes his story inspires others being creative going towards your goals. the worst they can say is no. what is the harm in trying? >> and sometimes the hardest thing is to get that foot in the door and he did it. >> good for him. >> all right.
5:56 am
job on the way. >> time now 5:55. in the next half-hour, an update on the kincade fire system burning in sonoma county. a progress report on the firefight. >> we're watching live pictures
5:57 am
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a murder investigation in progress. fire dead at a halloween party. we're live on the scene. california on fire. another day, another blaze. new evacuations under way. >> the pg&e power shutdown. why the utility is feeling more heat as the shut off leads thousands in cold. good morning. it is friday november 1st, 2019. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00. we're kicking off this month of november with some cool
6:00 am
temperatures. mary, what do you have? >> it is a cold start to the day. definitely bundle up as you head out the dar for work and school. i'm happy to report pleasant weather through the afternoon. quiet and calm for sure especially after the week we have had. check out our temperatures. 42 in concord. 49 oakland. good morning to you. livermore, you're at 38 degrees. 53 san francisco. 44 san jose. close to freezing right now in santa rosa. taking you through the afternoon, all of us will see the sunshine. low 70s in san francisco and oakland. mid-70s for daytime highs in san jose and concord. running about 1 to 4 degrees above average for this time over year. i'll let you know what to expect for the weekend coming up. good morning. taking a look at the roadways right now. we're starting to see just some slightly slow speeds northbound out of e


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