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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 1, 2019 12:00pm-12:28pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area stud ta quiet neighborhood, a million-dollar home, shattered by gun fire that leaves four people dead. we are seeing what is going on inside the home rented on air b&b. good afternoon. >> we were overhead as police cars and news vans to send it on the neighborhood. investigators put up prime tape around the home that had been packed with dozens of body goers a few hours earlier. jackie shows us the ch broke ou >> they were called to this neighborhood, they've been focusing their investigation of the driveway ever since. hollowing party dia as
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an air b&b mansion party with more than 100 people at it turn deadly. and instagram video captures the moment shots were fired. the next part of the instagram story shows people with blood on them they said they were stating very close to the dumps. when police arrived, several people weren't cautious buildup mi tparty ok a olenturn >>y i were drivupther a t tes thsts. they were surprised. >> this woman explains what it was like right after shots were fired. >> or literally a couple houses away from the crime scene. we were just inside the house. the kids ran into our yard, hiding. >> three people died on the
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scene. we received four big dems of the shooting. one died shortly after arriving at the hospital. one is in critical condition. one is in serious condition. one was treated and released. this morning, search and rescue crew scoured the neighborhood using a medical detect to type of vice -- device. >> we would have expected that we would some kind of alert or something. we did not know anything until her family, marcus, his family, look up to hear about it. >> the first alert she got was not until 7:00, eight hours after the shooting, telling her to avoid her own street because of police activity. the investigation continues and we hope to learn more details later on today. as jackie mentioned, this was advertised as a hollowing air
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b&b mansion party. any is live at the news desk with more details for partygoers and how the company is responding. >> we are getting some more information on what was going on in side the house before the shots rang out. the closer likely -- a closer video of the video showing the party as it was in full force.
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>> there were only 12 people. >> at the moment the shots rang out. the social media video shows blood on party guests >> they are investigating into who committed the senseless violence. they have taken action to ban the booking guests with our platform.
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our thoughts are with the neighbors and the ones affected the motive is unknown. authorities have not said anything as to whether anyone is under arrest, if they knew the shooter was, even if there was more than one a lot of questions right now. >> thank you. all lanes are open and traffic is flowing once again after shooting on the bay bridge this morning. chp says gunfire erupted just before seven on the eastern going eastward open. an officer saw man in a silver suv shooting at another vehicle. no one was hurt but the victim's vehicle was damaged by the bullets. the video posted to social media shows how bad the traffic was. cars were stalled out for more the backup extent all the way to downtown san francisco. all lanes were reopened about 90 minutes later.
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video of a smoky fire sent to the newsroom. this is on 27th avenue. it went to two limes by the time the fire department got there. no word on damage or any interest injuries. like wildfires are easing in the bay area, the danger is far from over in southern california. a lot of fireworks to thousands of acres just a matter of hours. >> overnight, the fast-moving fire descended upon small cultural communities known for their citrus orchards and avocado farms. hundreds of firefighters raced to respond, battling flames as a threat to preach property lines. aerial footage showed one building ablaze, around 1800 ructurunder threat and roughly 7500 people face
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evacuation orders. >> we've had access issues getting to the edges of the fires. >> they warn that the mountainous terrain meme containing the fire struggle. they assure the community that it will not see a repeat of the catastrophic thomas fire. it engulfed more than 280,000 acres, destroyed 1100 structures, and resulted in two deaths. earlier this week, there were already facing the so-called easy fire, which is down 60%. east of los angeles, they made progress on the hillside fire missing in edina fire? was asleep. >> matthew sam was one of six destroyed by flames. >> everything was blowing, there were things in the back of the house. i spoke to my wife, i said to get the kids and get in the car. >> the good news is, the wind has calmed down significantly. firefighters seem confident this will grow to a maximum of
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12,000 acres and that's because the direction is headed right now, there's only so much room to go before it runs out of vegetation. firefighters are making great strides in continuing to contain the kinkaid fire. so far it is 65% contained. cruise expect to have it fully contained by late next week. at least 352 structures have been destroyed, many of our homes. unlike recent wildfires in the region, no one was killed or wounded. for up-to-date information on the wildfires, visit our website, hear the latest numbers in the pg&e shutdown. the biggest number we've got, 21,000 customers don't have service. about 800 people, wendy areas will help repair crews to come
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out and fix the power lines. is a, was shot and critically wounded while at a church meeting with her family. >> the shooting was representative. i'm disgusted but committed to doing everything we can to find the cowards that engage in this gunbattle trick-or-treating. >> she is in critical condition. please of identified one person of interest but are looking for maers. >> no one is the law. >> he lays out the case of stephen colbert. >> fishermen relate word on the dungeness crab season. this is
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looking at the pier. will let you know how long this will last, coming up.
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this is a libel, capitol hill where democratic lawmakers are plotting their next step in the impeachment proceeding. reporter nicole killian has more on how to move things forward. ai the resolution, calling it a sham. >> matters of substance always went out in the and. the president has nothing to worry about. >> presidents trump legal team
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as part. lexa giv us opportunity to call wikethe witnesses, they will come forward. >> the investigation into his dealings with ukraine continues. democrats say they could release transcripts as close as early as next week. >> the top rush advisor confirmed to lawmakers that military aid to ukraine was held up by president trumps demand for the ally to launch political investigations. however, he also testified that he was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed during the call between president trump and vladimir zielinski. we wanted to hear what he
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. >> present tr that he may read the c his cotion with the president on my television. former national security advisor john bolton has been asked to testify about the president's ukraine policies. >> there still waiting for one more day for dungeness crab season to start according to the department of california fish and wildlife. crab traps are not allowed in ocean waters until tomorrow. a break in the crab season started months earlier in april. industry leaders are working closer with groups to negotiate better environment practices. let's see how wall street is doing as they finish up the week. the dollars finishing up strong, up 250 points. >> is almost time to change the clocks. they spring forward sunday and fallback. daylight savings time ends at 2100 to give us back in extra hour in the middle of the night. research shows some people don't gain an hour of sleep. the clinical review of sleep else is the change in daylight
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throughout the week take some adjusting. the loss of sleep for the week tends to outweigh the our we will get back sunday. >> i'll oofo to that. it's going to be a beautiful weekend ahead. we are kicking it off with plenty of sunshine. a very pleasant afternoon for us across the bay area, here's a live look looking east at the bay bridge. check out the temperatures right now. after closer to the date, we are at 63 degrees in concord. oakland, 60 degrees upper 50s in san francisco. san jose, 66 degrees. the satellite interview, the ridge of high pressure is building ac see the clouds upov rong why we are just today, actually into next
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week. on future gas, this is hour by hour, you can see all the sunshine. it will be a chilly start to the day once again. just to show you on future all. the wind is not an issue just light and calm conditions for the rest of the day. sunset is at ! and 11. sunrise is a 7:35 tomorrow morning. daytime highs are seasonal, if not above-average. 71 degrees in fremont. 75 degrees in san jose. 71 degrees in oakland. 70 degrees in san francisco. beautiful weather, plenty of sunshine, 70 degrees for high. dehe park tomorrow. t say he15e here's the extended forecast, another chilly morning this continues for sunday.
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seasonal temperatures with the sunshine and quite condition, still looking dry for the work week. by the way, again, this sunday the sunrise will be at 6:37 thanks to going back and getting extra hour of sleep. >> is too bad kids don't follow that. >> playing it safe, by some around the country are requiring helmets for flag football. it may come as a surprise... but medicare doesn't pay for everything. and that can leave you looking for help with some out-of-pocket costs. well, here's a way to help bridge the gap... with a medigap insurance plan, like an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medigap plans help pay some of what medicare doesn't,
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step curry is thankful to the well wishes after he broke his hand on wednesday, his sister is calling out fans on social media. >> he posted that he appreciated all the love, text, support, be back soon. they will have to play against the san antonio spurs tonight without him. his sister had some words for
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fair weather fans who left the game when he stated that he did. she said the warriors are what they are and it is what ismiqua >> ball is one he morean growing youth sports in 69 players. >> some leagues are still requiring helmets. nicole killian has more. >> i don't really remember a lot. >> this 8-year-old does not recall much about this day, but his mom does. she watched as he was rushed by helicopter to the hospital with a concussion after colliding head-on with the teammate during a fight for booking. >> i grabbed him by the face, i held him close and i said, can you hear me question mark his eyes rolled back and he started to cease. quick she had a look of fear. i did not have answers to give her. >> the incident prompted the lead commissioner to make a
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change. for the first time this season, he is mandating helmets for all players. >> the first couple weeks was rough. now everybody knows they need a helmet. >> the helmets they are using are among several that were tested by virg as i-ever sa revited the s otball which reduced concussion risk. with five stars the best. the h acceleration is going to occur. if we can reduce this by 70% or rating. exit is having an impact on the field. >> we've had a couple collisions. each kid bounces back up. after i see that, i feel good about my decision. >> he wishes he had a helmet last year. >> it would have just been a little cut and i could've the band-aid on it
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>> he and his mom are glad the team have scored them now. >> the flag football group from texas is the first to enforce statewide helmet rules. adorable twin baby pandas meeting for the first stronger every day. their mom is reportedly an attentive first-time mother, the first to explore the full pending closure together will be sometime near the next year. >> will be right back.
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>> steffy: and that was a blast. >> liam: yeah. >> steffy: how cute were these two? [ laughs ] you. >> liam: every heart in the neighborhood melted. >> steffy: last year, were tng, bunow...m: >> steffy: yeah. >> liam: she went all in. >> steffy: yeah. [ laughs ] >> liam: did you actually-- did you see her? she was like... she was like, put her hands in the bag, and she literally tried to grab every single piece of candy that she could with her stubby little fingers. >> steffy: oh, well, i trained her well. mommy loves that chocolate. >> kelly: [ babbles ] >> steffy: yeah, you know that. you know. [ laughs ] and you, beth, it was so good trick or treating with you. >> liam: yeah. first halloween wore her out. she looks like she's about to crash. >> steffy: oh, this one's gonna crash. >> kelly: [ squeals ] >> steffy: very, very soon. >> liam: oh, clearly. >> steffy: they're ready. they're ready. >> liam: you know what? >> kelly: i know, baby. >> liam: i'm probably not even going home, so, yeah, let's do it.


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