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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  November 2, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a gunman on the loose after killing several people after a halloween party in a peaceful neighborhood. new containment numbers in the kincade fire still burning. san francisco will decide if they want to ban the sale of e cigarettes but the four-legged friends are taken aside. good morning. >> we have new developments in the halloween shooting at a house party in orinda the sheriff says that a fifth victim has now died at the hospital. the other victims have been identified as well.
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they were all in their 20s. the gunman is on the loose and new questions about why it took police so long to respond. we have new information now. >> is she hurt? don't go in there. >> reporter: gunshots, chaos and pandemonium on halloween night. >> i have to go to the hospital.>> reporter: multiple videos show partygoers dancing before gunfire. the shooting happened at a home on lucille way in orinda and more than 100 people throughout the bay area showed up at the party which was advertised on social media. this instagram called it was an airbnb caption party going expletive viral this halloween. >> i see people in the front yard and backyard and that's
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why i called 911. >> about 100 tofthat police were called to the house around 9:19 pm and again 10:25 pm regarding a noise complaint. at 10:48 pm and officer headed to the home to investigate. and the first shooting reports came in two minutes later.>> there is talk about students wanting to go to the rich houses because they have the best time.>> reporter: he had heard about the halloween party but didn't attend it is 4000 square-foot residence on the listing states that parties are not allowed.>> it's a bit more like, narcissistic that it happened here. it is a very safe area usually and i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: this home has been the subject of repeated complaints for large parties which violates city regulations. >> the sheriff's office has not
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listed description of the suspect and say they believe there is no ongoing threat to the orinda community. airbnb said it was horrified and will be supported him supporting law enforcement. this is of the first shooting at an airbnb party. back in july a party in san jose's cambrian park neighborhood got out of hand and it spilled into the streets turning into a sideshow of the night ended with four people shot. weeks later college duma shot to death at another party in sacramento county. nearly 50 people filled that house and fights broke out and a gun was pulled. the search is on for a dangerous suspect in fairfield. he tried to use his car to plow into police officers. it began yesterday afternoon and police tried to pull the man over in connection with the narcotics investigation. rather than stopping he tried to mow them down. when officer opened fire but
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that man got away. they were not hurt. police have found his car but they're looking for him. robert hansen is considered armed and dangerous. he is well known to law enforcement and has an extensive criminal history.>> he has an extensive criminal history that includes firearms, taking hostages, vehicle pursuits and drugs. we would like to very don't contact him. >> beware and don't approach them just call 911. the centers for disease control is warning about, issuing a warning about a multistate outbreak of salmonella linked to ground beef. 10 cases have been reported in six states and two people in california had to be hospitalized. one died. a common supplier of the tainted ground beef has not been identified. the cdc has not advised consumers to stop eating thoroughly cooked ground beef
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or the retailers should stop selling it. on fire watch, crews continue to make steady progress battling the kincade fire in sonoma county. cal fire says the team is 70% with full containment expected by this thursday. the fire has destroyed 360 buildings including 174 homes. it has burned more than 77,000 acres but cal fire says is no longer growing. in southern california the maria fire continues to burn out of control in ventura county. it has burned nearly 10,000 county acres. no containment so far and the wildfires that in several communities, 8000 people have been forced to evacuate. as far as the weather is concerned, things have been calming down and that should help the firefighters in sonoma county battling the kincade fire. look at ocean beach and you can really see everything, what a beautiful clear morning and that is pretty much the case
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all the way through the week. i think th the benefit of that. the current temperatures 47 oakland, 52 san francisco and for some reason the others are not registering but we pretty much will be the coolest in the north a getting close to freezing and not quite there. your breakfast forecast you are waking up on the coast 47 degrees clear beautiful day all the way, no matter where you are. 48 degrees on the bay and the inland areas with the valley frost 36 degrees and sunrise at 7:35 am, the days are shorter and shorter. the high temperatures today warmer site to take a look at the average temperatures between four and eight degrees above that today. that is the story moving through all the way towards the weekend. the future cast take a look at this, the only way you know we are moving forward is watch
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this summer because there is not a whole lot happening. clear and beautiful through the weekend and absolutely gorgeous. the stage is set for public hearings in the impeachment inquiry. president donald trump remains defiant and a rally in mississippi he blasted the probe calling it is intact on democracy itself.>> while we are killing terrorists and creating jobs, the democratic party has gone completely insane. the word impeachment is a dirty word. not a good word. totally phony deal. they know it and everybody knows it and that's why we've never had greater support than we have right now, it is true.>> investigators have conducted more than 70 hours of closed- door depositions. the first transcripts could be released early next week. a dog park will be decided of a rally for two and four legged
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opponents. organizes opposed prop c which the labs in san francisco sponsor. he would roll back up ban on tobacco vaping sales for the rally will highlight the dangers that e-cigarettes waste and liquid nicotine pose to animals. the 10 am rally is at the dog park and the election is this coming tuesday. the number of lung injury cases linked to vaping keeps climbing. here's kenneth craig with more of that story. >> reporter: the cdc has updated the number of lung injury cases associated with the use of e-cigarettes or vaping products. at least 1800 cases nationwide and at least 37 confirmed deaths and a new study finds children who live closer to fast food and convenience stores may have a greater chance of becoming obese.
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researchers looked at more than 1000 children. students living within half a block of fast food or a corner store about 20% were obese and 40% were overweight but the number dropped for every block further away. the american academy of pediatrics is calling for more research when it comes to children using artificial sweeteners. it is estimated at least one in four children consume artificial sweeteners, they recommend manufacturers report sweetener content on product labels instead of listing them with the ingredients. those of the weeks top health stories. this morning some scientists are offering to pay you to get fit. they're offering you to get sick and get money.
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they want a better understanding how the virus works and how to control it. participants will receive a nasal spray with the strain of flu which you may remember as the swine flu. the trial will take about four months with several follow-up visits to the clinic. i will tell you, being sick is manageable and i don't think $3300 will do it for me.>> i'm a german folks i would say $3300, i don't know if the scales tip. make it an even $5000 on maybe.>> do you know many stories begin on the swine flu in 2009 and now they will take it in and do it on purpose? a local marching band goes viral, the performance grabbing everyone's attention. mexico city comes log along to sober the day of the dead. there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad.
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because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. the long-awaited court hearing about the shopping mall was cut short yesterday by a medical emergency. developers want to build a major new project on the side with thousands of square feet of retail, office and housing. opponents say the plan doesn't comply with state law but minutes into the presentation for the opposition the attorney for friends of cupertino had to be taken out of the courtroom on a stretcher. no word on his condition but the hearing will be rescheduled for december. a measure to amend the urban line limit and
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add thousands of new homes is on the ballot. the developer is proposing building more than 2000 new homes outside of the urban limit line. in open space. those opposing the proposal say that farms on that land have been losing farmland. people are leaving california for many states. they analyzed state to state migration estimates from the census. more people leave california than coming in. the difference grew in 2018, the biggest draws are texas, washington, nevada and arizona. santa clara landed on a new list of the safest cities for the financial news site 24 seven wall street placed the city at 35 out of 50. the ranking is based on the fact that had just one homicide last year and low on employment and violent crime rates. here is a look at the oracle ballpark in san francisco where
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the bay areas signs festival will take place. we are a sponsor and the very own meteorologist mary lee is a hose. the festival will feature numerous exhibits including robot races and meet ups. it will happen today from 11 am to 4:30 pm. good times in mexico city where folks celebrated the day of the dead is a tradition in which families remember the dead and celebrate the continuity of life for the annual festival event hopes the dead return from the underworld once a year.>> it makes me happy, i love it it is honoring the people that are dead and they do it in a nice way you'd everyone is happy and a lot of colors.>> locally there are several day of the dead events set for day in san jose east. a 5k and 10k run walk will begin at 8 am at the guadalupe river trail.
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in san mateo a religious service and celebration is set for 10 am at the skyline memorial park and in hayward a blessing of the altar and traditional dances will be part of the event at the chapel of the chimes at 11 am. let's check the local weather now. it is a nice, cool, calm and collected this morning. taking a look towards the golden gate bridge and you have a clear view because there is not a cloud in the sky. it is beautiful and it will be for the next seven days. we are looking at the technical issues but for the most part san francisco 52, 47 oakland and santa rosa in the low 30s at this hour. because the clear skies mean that all the heat can escape overnight so it is chilly. this high-pressure system is really what is dominated the weather pattern at the moment and it will stay here for the next 5 to 7 days. eventually moving out but for the most part as a result of
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this, it is creating the offshore flow although very, very mild we don't have an issue there but instead of having an onshore flow it's why there is no real moisture and this will continue to the remainder of the week. where the cooler, clear start. pretty chilly temperatures inland and the north bay. where warming up in the 70s and we do have this calm week ahead which will be nice compared to last week. i think we will be excited about that. we see some recovery as far as the air quality is concerned, you are good in souyou can't te along but the time is changing which by the way don't forget to change your clocks tonight going into tomorrow. the future cast shows very little as far as precipitation, clouds in the sky or any of that. we are anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees above average today, 72 half moon bay 71 in hayward.
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warmer may be getting closer to the 80s in the inland areas like livermore and pleasanton the cooler closer to the water. around the bay pretty much low 70s, 71 sausalito and 74 san francisco, in the far north bay, the same in the low 80s, 82 in cloverdale. the bay area science festival is happening today oracle arcing mary lee will be there. take a look at your forecast. we will be nice all the way through with the 70s and beautiful california weather with nothing but sunshine for the next seven days. a film being called one of the years best is officially on the big screen but you can't watch it in san francisco, oakland or san jose. we explain why. >> reporter: if the crowd in hollywood is any indication the
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irishman has the makings of a blockbuster.>> you know dinero and joe pesci.>> reporter: moneymaking is limited, there is showing this movie in select theaters in the top 10 united states markets and on for a month and it is only available on netflix after that where they hope to cash in with new subscribers.>> i think any film made by him needs to be seen on the big screen, netflix will never replace that. >> reporter: that was the consensus of most fans but a critic leonard maltin who is more minis than anyone sister and services making movies even with the limited theater run is a sign of the times and a good one.>> at least three year-end major releases that might not have happened at all without the funding. the two popes is their movie and the marriage stories their movie and these are major oscar contenders. along with the irishman.>>
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reporter: he puts the onus on theater owners to not accept the new ways that viewers are consenting of media.>> they are at war with netflix and streaming services so really, you know, they're the ones who are creating the impediment for people in other cities to see this film.>> reporter: the big screen has meant the literal big screen in the theater but nowadays big means reaching millions of viewers in their living rooms instead. >> i appreciate you can watch it in netflix we didn't get a lot of these movies there. and they area high school is getting a lot of views on the internet after performing a rendition of the bay area classic for the performance caught the eyes of dr. jordan peele. now that is the pittsburgh high
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on it. the performance was posted to social media and has been retweeted over 21,000 times. jordan peele retweeted it calling it classic. he famously use the version of the head and his thriller us. the sharks have lost five of the last six trying to slow down the jets and here we go the warriors basketball without steph curry. s? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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visit your local chase branch. the warriors played their first game without steph curry, he had surgery yesterday on his broken hand on the warriors say he will be reevaluated in three months. he broke his left hand in the third quarter on wednesday with the warriors saying the surgery was a success friday in
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los angeles. he will miss at least 45 games. the warriors taking on the spurs at the chase center tonight in the first quarter it was russell he goes behind the back and drains the three. he had his first 30 points game as a warrior. second quarter, the warriors down three and he rebounds and finds damien lee and they go into the half just down two. in the third the spurs broke the will of the young warriors, signs for the three in san ents m a deepthree later and the spurs beat the warriors 127-110 and their winless at chase. peter on the sharks trying to snap a three-game skid as they take on the winnipeg jets. they put this game away for the jets and 3-2 is the final in that. that is your morning sports.
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a big college football at san jose state university, the spartans host boise state. the spartans on the broncos will begin at 7:30 pm at the wildfires caught on camera and how official are getting look at fires just as they start in california. camping 2020 and other hopeful drops out, details on the tightening race amongst the presidential candidates.
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live from thcb bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. your hands up, hands up. hands up. >> some newly released body camera video of a shooting in san mateo. this is maria medina to explain what happened. all right obviously some technical difficulties you will get back to that report and just a moment.
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in san jose police say that a suspect killed by officers suspt police say looks like he was reaching for a gun and that's when officers opened fire. the officer is now on paid leave. fire watch, crews make progress battling the kincade fire in sonoma county. cal fire says containing 70% and they expect full containment by this thursday. the fire has destroyed 360 structures including 170, excuse me, 174 homes it has burned more than 77,000 acres but cal fire says is no longer growing. excuse me. in southern california the maria fire keeps burning out of control in ventura county and began thursday night and has burned more than 9400 acres in
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the center paula area with no containment. 8000 people have been forced to evaluate. the early moments of hek of ras that are part of something called alert wildfire program. >> ermountain peaks in californ a site off highway 87 here in san jose a network of 300 cameras is constantly monitoring for the wildfires. you might have seen these incredible images of the kincade fire like this from kaiser peak. this image is a 24-hour time lapse from the camera called pepper wood east. you can see the wind whipping the flames with the trees blowing in the foreground. they are coming from a new statewide network of cameras. they are coming online quickly since the 2017 tubs fire. >> we are at 10,000 feet. >> reporter: we caught up with dr. graham kent the director of
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the laboratory which launched this network on a small scale at lake tahoe. and oregon. he was talking whil the site of a future california wildfire camera.>> the camera is the great equalizer. in a minute you know what is going on.>> reporter: they are monitored and can be controlled by emergency operation center statewide but the wide views are available to the public. most often cameras are used to quickly zero in and confirm initial reports is what is what happened with the kincade fire. >> you have to know early and weather is evacuation event or like technical airstrike you need to know how to scale up. >> reporter: they are monitoring the maria fire in ventura county and the network cut the start of that fire as well. dr. graham says now that the value of the cameras is apparent the expansion is moving along quickly.>>
6:33 am
everyone is helpful in getting us to put out as many cameras as we can. >> reporter: the next step is working with artificial intelligence the compers n monitor these cameras for fire starts. fire investigators in contra costa county says it commit from pg&e caused three fires last weekend. the county fire protection district confirms the power lines sparked a gs buidown burn down. power lines and a transformer are to blame for a brush fire. let's get a check of the weather in the weather center. things have calmed down as far as the weather is concerned which is great news for us and firefighters and pretty much for everybody because it is beautiful for the next seven days. as far as what you are waking up to the current temperatures are chilly in some places
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especially inland like the north bay in concord or pleasanton about 36 degrees when you wake up and 48 around the bay. on the coast pretty similar at 47 but take a look at the clear start sunny and beautiful for pretty much everybody. that is the story all the way through. the high temperatures today mostly in the 70s for us but we are going to be above average where we ul the average temperatures for this time of year will be anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees warmer than that. eventually this will start to dissipate towards the end of the week but in the wee meantime we have great fall weather. the future cast shows not a lot on this because it's nice and clear where we are dominated by a high pressure system and that is in effect through the weekend and the week. camping 2020 senator kamala
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harris is putting most of her chips in iowa in hopes of saving her campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. she is cutting her field office organizers in new hampshire and closing all but one of the offices there. as maria medina reports that's not the only shakeup in the race.>> reporter: congressmen beto o'rourke is the latest to quit the race for the white house. >> we can see at this point, that we do not have the means to pursue this campaign. successfully. >> reporter: he rose to national prominence in 2018 when he challenged the senate seat of ted cruz. ted cruz won but he made a strong showing in a deeply red state. the news about beto o'rourke came as the democratic candidate gets joined in iowa. elizabeth warren is currently the front runner in iowa. followed closely by vermont senator bernie sanders and then pete buttigieg. warren has been discussing her $20 trillion medicare for all proposal. >> our democracy has been
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hijacked by the rich and the powerful.>> this man started his campaign based on hate and division.>> we need an agenda that speaks to the pain. of so many of our working families.>> this is a moment where we need to fight for this country we love. for the rule of law. for our system of justice. and for our very democracy. >> reporter: the first votes in the 2020 campaign will recast over three months from now the iowa caucuses on february 3. barack obama will be at in the bay area this month for a democratic fundraiser. looking ahead, nine democrats of qualified for the next debate on november 20. only four have met the criteria for the december debate. things are heating up in the district attorney's race, four candidates are competing for
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the top job. district attorney susie loftus are focusing on contrasting their positions on criminal justice. the two other candidates in the race as well. london breed is running for a full term as mayor of san francisco and you will remember she won a special election to serve out the term of the late mayor. it is night time, now time for open enrollment. this is business analyst with some timely advice. >> reporter: it is that time of year when you are confronted by open enrollment nudges from your employer and in some cases from the government. for the 153 million americans who get healthcare through the workplace, annual premiums for coverage has risen by 4% to 5% from last year, workers are paying over $6000 towards the cost of family coverage which
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is a whopping 25% jump since 2014. on top of that the average deductible is $1655 up 36% over the past five years. to help defray some of the increases, shop around. review your current plan and what you spent this past year try to project what your healthcare costs will be in the year ahead. compare plans and determine what they cover. how much they cost including co- pays and deductibles and whether your doctors are in the network. if you are over 65 you know that medicare open enrollment has started. it concludes december 7 and because insurance companies often change what they cover from year-to-year it behooves enrollees to update their coverage. go to the medicare plan finder and pair plans and select what is right for you and don't forget open enrollment for the affordable care act has started now. it runs until december 15. prices on average will edge
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lower for silver plan and those of the most popular mid range options on the exchanges. the costs depend on your states of residence. for more on open enrollment for 2020 go to my july recreational dungeness crab season begins off the california coast. there is a catch, the state department of fish and wildlife is advising people not to consume the internal organ part of the crowd that could contain acid which causes unpleasant side effect. the commercial season is delayed , a week to the 23rd to reduce the risk of whale entanglements. how this weeks jefferson award winners helping students with disabilities with the best foot forward.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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it seems we hear more and more about thieves taking automated teller machines are atm. this is a story of a recent atm highest in vacaville. >> reporter: these two suspects use written on this atm, need cash literally. they broke the glass for the atm was and use some sort of change or wrap around the atm and then they used a stolen car to haul it away.>> and atm
6:43 am
scream they have cash inside. >> reporter: video you only see here, captures the heist happening. we asked a partner at atm champions a company that installs and sells atm across area how two masks thieves were able to break into an atm and get away with cash. he tells us they used shear strength.>> safes can be cracked and drilled into and cut open.>> reporter: video shows the vans pulling up in one of the masks suspects jumps out and starts breaking the glass kicking the window and door in. he wraps the chains around the atm and gives the driver the go ahead. not once but twice the suspect driving the van backs up and eventually pulls the atm outside the store. in seconds, glass and metal fly
6:44 am
everywhere. it was enough force to break open the machine and for these thieves to make off with the container of money. he says to pull this off the thieves were prepared. >> they plan ahead and have the chains ready to go and wrapped up the atm and pulled. like anything if you have a big enough a bulldozer can knock the entire building do ur someby ca with a method of being able to rip any team out of the wall or the floor. >> reporter: police don't know how much money was taken but do believe what you see in this video is a cash box. the store owner didn't want to speak on camera by his loyal customers tell us this business doesn't deserve to be left with this mess.>> to take an atm, that is crazy. people are friendly and they're nice and they're helpful and courteous. so to do something to a business like this, this is our community.>> reporter: police are not looking for the suspects which was reportedly the car was parked in the city of davis and stolen from there.
6:45 am
federal safety regulators are looking into battery fires in tesla sedans. a letter from the national highway tr battery fires not related to collision or impact damage to the battery pack. this comes after two model s vehicles caught fire. tesla sent software update to limit battery charger to 80% of capacity in that prompted a class action lawsuit. the feds want to know if tesla is aware of other battery fires i have not been reported in the news media. we reached out to tesla for response and so far we have not heard back. as we get ready to turn back the clock at 2 am sunday, a new poll finds 70% of people don't want to keep switching back and forth.
6:46 am
40% prefers standard time year- round which means more morning and last evening sunlight. 30% prefer the clock mostly because i can't remember how to do it on my car and so i always have to remember if i'm an hour ahead or right on time. in the meantime let's take a look towards san francisco skyline nice, clear beautiful morning a nice clear beautiful day as well, the current temperatures are pretty chilly in some spots. in fact close to freezing in those inland areas we might have a little bit of valley frost but that will begin to warm up as soon as the sun comes up this morning. all of the changes or i guess maybe lack of changes have to do with this high-pressure system in place that will stay in place for the next several days. we call this a rage blocking
6:47 am
any kind of change in weather patterns. it is creating a very small offshore flow so nothing that could be concerned about. without the onshore flow we are not getting the humidity overnight and that's why we are so dry. also why we have been so sunny and beautiful which we will continue. we have the cooler clear start warming into the afternoon hours were most of us are in the 70s. a calm week ahead which after the last week we had with all the crazy weather we can take a nice breather for a moment. when it comes to the firefight as well which brings me to the air-quality forecast, moderate in most places. the south central a that is good. we will not see that much smoke because there are not very many wind out there. the high temperatures between 4 to 8 degrees above average, mostly in the 70s but we may see some 80s. 80 pacifica, hayward 71. into the 80s in pleasanton, livermore and 75 walnut creek.
6:48 am
a mix of the mid to low 70s right around the bay, 74 san francisco alameda 73 and 80 in santa rosa. we are in the 80s in the north bay. warmest we will see is 82 in cloverdale. clearlake still pretty chilly at 77 relatively chilly. the bay area sc is happening at oracle park 70 total degrees. mary lee will be there. the raiders are playing tomorrow, 70 degrees and sunny this is great tailgating weather and really nice for the game. as far as the seven day forecast we see sunny skies all the way not just for the next five days would take a look at this, nothing but sunshine through to the beginning and end of next week. we are mostly in the upper 70s as the warmest mid 60s along the coast in summer in the sweet spot in the mid-70s around
6:49 am
the bay which is the california weather we all know and love. lori laughlin and her husband have fled not guilty to new charges in the college admission scandal. last monthraprosecutors hit them with bribery charges which could mean an extra five years behind bars. she and her husband argues of pain half $1 million to get the two dollars into the university of california. they say there is a possibility her daughters could still be charged as the government keeps increasing the pressure in the case. a uc santa cruz his face in is facing a federal loss due to. as student died last year. the lawsuit claims the 20-year- old was forced to drink alcohol before he then fell out of a window. he was allegedly being groomed for an officer position of the
6:50 am
frat.>> until they can crackdown on making sure that people can be safe and these fraternities things like this will keep happening. >> reporter: they deny hazing played any role in the students death and says is confident the courts will find it not liable. the uc system is accused of breaking its own rules when it them hiring. there is six allegations filed with the state employment regulators claiming they company has ignored competitive bidding policies and concealed the work being done by employees. it's also accuse the schools of outsourcing thousands of jobs. a spokesperson says employees more than 225,000 workers and sometimes it needs to use temporary employees. we reached out for response to the specific allegations and we have not heard back. a fourth grade teacher in florida's and hot water after she was arrested for showing up
6:51 am
at work drunk. the teacher was also fired after just seven days on the job. arrest record say this woman was loud and belligerent in front of the kids. the sergeant was called in to help campus officers. >> bloodshot watery eyes, slurring of the words. some rocking back and forth. stumbling. >> she faces disorderly conduct charge and possibly more. it takes a village to raise a child. to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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students with disabilities put on performances like superstars. there is one of a handful of special-needs color guards in the nations. >> left foot, face that way. she helps the special-needs color guard put its best feet forward and 25-year-old karina
6:53 am
gets to dance her heart out.>> this is what dreams are, are becae of her. >> reporter: the color guard as part of the road champion blue devils drum and bugle corps. and annette is the daughter of the founders started the special-needs group nine years ago with practices in concord and fremont in a has trained more than 150 students with physical and developmental disabilities.>> when they are performing, it is such a rush. >> reporter: and a confidence builder. >> she wanted to show her abilities and not her disability. >> reporter: the blue devils pays her $100 to do the weekly classes for the classes are free and fun according to 27- year-old christian.>> i feel, it is great. >> reporter: and his 25-year- old brother brendan as werfd ho
6:54 am
the fly?>> yes. >> reporter: their mother says students and families get emotional at their performances.>>casee the pride in their faces because she is filled with that generosity.>> they are the stars they are not the background support system, they are the focus. and most of the kids have not ever been in that position nor have there parents seen them in that position. >> reporter: for giving students a chance to shine in the blue devils special-needs color guard, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to annette. >> you can nominate your local hero for jefferson award online at
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time for a look at this morning's top stories, the sheriff's department says a fifth person has died from the halloween night shooting at a rental home in orinda. 100 people were reportedly at the party when the gunfire began on thursday. the gunmen is at large. investigators are searching for a man accused of using a car to plow into police officers in fairfield. they found the car and it began yesterday afternoon as the police tried to pull the man over. one officer opened fire but the suspect managed to get away. the officers were not
6:57 am
injured. encouraging news for the kincade fire, cal fire says containment is 70% with full containment expected by this coming thursday. the fire has destroyed 360 buildings including 174 homes. it's burned more than 77,000 acres but cal fire says is no longer burning. governor gavin newsom and san jose mayor are taking aim at pg&e, governor gavin newsom says the state will take control of the embattled utility if it comes to that. here is a look at day in the dead festivities in which families remember their debt and celebrate the continuity of life. local events are planned today in san mateo and hayward including a 5k and 10k walk and run. a beautiful day take a look at the seven-day forecast, sunny and 70 pretty much outside for everybody. it is absolutely a gorgeous weekend and a gorgeous week.
6:58 am
take a look with your temperatures remaining nice and mild. this is exactly why we live in california, all the way through the week. we will warm up a little bit going into the beginning of the week and we begin to cool off a little bit there will be changes next week and eventually but for the most part you can just plan your outfits for the next seven days and they're going to be sunny, also all over the weekend.>> so stable mid to upper 70s the whole week. it's what we needed after last week with the crazy wind warnings on the red flag warnings. i will take it and enjoy it.>> it is to call it a morning, thank you for watching kpix 5 news. will back tomorrow morning. enjoy. at cracker barrel, we're cooking up
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warm feelings of home this season. with country fried turkey, hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, and topped with holiday herbed gravy. our take on a festive favorite is back. and it's only at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. come on home to cracker barrel.
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narrator: today on "lucky dog", one small packages. hides a really big challenge. brandon: the dog has no training. she has almost no attention span. narrator: and if every step forward leads to two steps back... brandon: watch the wheels. there you go. there you go. go with it. narrator: ...then this dog might never find her way home. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope.
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