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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 2, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the 7 pm news, weekgh kpix5. life from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 5 pm, new video showing the chaotic moments after gunfire broke out at a halloween party sending people running for cover. airbnb taking action following that deadly shooting, how the company plans to ban party houses. thank you for joining us. i'm jillian goodrich. >> i am brian hackney. the night of the shooting that left five people dead, and it happened at an airbnb rental, 4000 square foot house in orinda . >> we're live outside the home with new video. neighborveeen dropping
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off flowers and cloward cards at the makeshift memorial. they want to show support to the victims, victims and partygoers had no idea how dangerous the party was, we know there were four guns at that halloween party. their surveillance footage shows what happens shortly after gunfire erupted inside an illegal halloween party. one-man pacing back and forth behind the neighbors car while holding a gun in his left hand. people in the background were screaming, a man leader joins him, the man in the orange jacket texas gun in the pants, then both men walk away. we decided to blur their faces for now because we don't know their role in the shooting. the contra cows the sheriff's department declined on the video, they have not made any arrest and have not released suspect information. investigators say they did recover two guns inside the house, we don't know if they
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were used in the shooting. >> it was devastating, my heart goes out to the victims families. >> reporter: neighbors or feel for to show their faces, it was chaotic. the gunfire sent partygoers running through the neighborhood for safety. in this video, you hear more gunshots and people running away. the shooting killed five people, the youngest victim, 19- year-old, oshiana tompkins. dollars are omar taylor, tiyon farley, javan county and ramon hill junior, all in their 20s. >> it is a community, it is important to show that. >> reporter: neighbors say victims are part of the community, they dropped off flowers and large postcards near the crime scene. investigators have obtained new surveillance video at the end, they have seen it, so far they have not commented on it publicly, we don't have a motive on the shooting at this time.
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i'm da lin with airbnb ce company is banning all party houses, he made the announcement in a series of tweets this afternoon. in them, he lays out a three- point plan. first, he said airbnb will expand manual screenings of high-risk reservations. second, the rental company will create a dedicated party house response team and third, airbnb will take immediate action against those who violate their new policies. fremont police see a big uptick in car break-ins, there were a total of 15 burglary reports early this morning, all in the niles district. the same thief or thieves behind a series of similar smash and grab in union city. police remind people not anythi the car. in tents manhunt under way for man police say tried to run
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over officers with his car. it happened in fairfield. the car found last night, there's no sign of 47-year-old, robert hansen. he is considered very dangerous and well known to law enforcement. it all began yesterday afternoon along dahlia drive when they tried to pull over hansen in connection with a narcotics investigation, rather than stop, he allegedly tried to mow them down, one officer opened fire, there's no word on whether or not hansen was hit, no one else was hurt. another scare from mother nature today in a county that has been dealing with a major wildfire. 3.7 earthquake struck near the geysers this morning, centered near the northern perimeter of the kincade fire. no damage has been reported. speaking of the kincade fire, more people allowed back home, the fire has chewed through nearly 78,000 acres, conten%. people in the south bay got together today to donate food, supplies, and other essentials for victims of
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the kincade fire. dozens of volunteers filled up trucks with box loads of goods. >> i can't imagine losing everything, i think it is really important we come together, we are all connected, the big thing i'm showing my boys, it is important to be part of the community and give back when you can. me not in southern california, new video to show the exact moment the maria fire ignited in ventura county. the small flicker of light along the horizon on thursday. firefighters battling the maria fire, manage to get 20 % containment after it burned up 9000 acres. some good news tonight, santa ana winds have weakened. the national weather service said the air down there is very dry. >> we are in the middle of a big fight, we have a weekend to this and the end not in sight. please stay active and engaged, have a plan and be ready to go at a moments notice. >> fire officials say california recovering from a six year drought despite rainy
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years and the dry landscape, and with hot temperatures and historic wind events are major concerns. taking a live look at the white house tonight, public testimony into the impeachment inquiry could start soon. this comes as president trump and the vice president campaign for republican candidates on the ballot next week. cbs reporter, natalie brand has the latest from the white house. >> do-nothing democrats on capitol hill spending all their time on endless investigations and partisan impeachment. >> reporter: vice president mike pence used president trump's words to lash out against democrats and he touted the economy on saturday. as early as next week, transcript a closed-door depositions could be made public and public hearings dissecting president trump's phone call with the president of ukraine's leader by the end of the month. >> we will see the conducts and the conduct of the open hearings are fair and equal the both sides. >> we don't need a vote, you don't need the quid pro quo,
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you just need the could. >> the playing field was uneven. >> the intel committee, the did the minority republicans will not be allowed to call witnesses unless schiff agrees. the house passed a resolution to formalize the process, the president railed against the impeachment inquiry and rallied his face ahead of election season. >> the democrats voted to potentially nullify the votes of 63 million americans. >> reporter: house democrats hope to hear next week from john bolton, the president's former national security advisor. bolton has indicated he would not testify without a subpoena. natalie brand with the cbs news the white house. >> cbs news learned the house intelligence committee subpoenaed john eisenberg, the national security council's top legal advisor, he will testify behind closed doors on monday.
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coming up, santa clara county takes on homelessness. the new controversial plan to help the mentally ill. a braysen smash and grab. how thieves broke into an atm in seconds. cannot get any better than today? the answer is yes. the details of the forecast after this.
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santa clara county leaders propose a new controversial plan to help the mentally ill living on the street and get them into treatment. here is devon feely. >> reporter: are sometimes referred to as the harbor
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homeless, many have spent years on the street, suffer with mental illness or substance abuse or sometimes both. they are paradoxically some of the hardest people to help while also being some of the people in greatest need of help. >> being bipolar, you don't want to listen to nobody. >> reporter: robert spent two years living he streets ering from bipolar disorder and methamphetamine addiction that chewed him up and spit him out. >> it is a bad disability. it cheats people out of live, relations, live does not happen when you are screwed up like that. you don't feel happy, can't be around nobody, it is a sad thing to witness. >> reporter: robert eventually found help in housing. santa clare county supervisors, cindy chavez and dave cortese want to help others in a similar situation. they want to conference a plan for people that are severely mentally ill, dually diagnosed and un-housed. >> part of the problem is, for
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some people, it requires them to be in a locked facility. that is a conversation we all need to have as a community, i think this process will allow that to happen. >> reporter: homeless advocates and mental health advocates have guilt about forcing people into treatment. >> i think the county did that, try to assess, does this person have a treatable mental illness, they are rational enough to come on board, get treatment, that is the key. forcing people will exacerbate, i see met. >> reporter: supervisor chavez said the county can never truly solve the crisis without addressing the needs of the vulnerable and volatile group. >> if we believe, as a society, they don't have a capacity to make decisions for themselves, the real question is ours, which is, do we believe as a society, do we have an obligation to make sure we do our very best to eliminate human suffering? >> reporter: if it is passed by the board of supervisors,
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county staff would have a list of recommendation by december 17 meeting. and co-santa clara county, devon feely with kpix5. surveillance video shows a. determined thieves in vacaville. they used a stolen fan to steal an atm machine from the back of food and liquor last night. one of the suspects smashes the front door and ties a chain around the atm, the chain attached to the van. after two tries, the van pulled the atm outside the store breaking the machine, the thieves took off with a container. >> i can't believe people would do something like that, it is really ludicrous, crazy. >> police are looking for the two suspects. they don't know how much money was inside the atm. california's recreational dungeness crab season is open, it comes with a warning. state health officials are warning they area trappers to gut crabs between pointe bay and pillar point before cooking them. the acid is turning up in the
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internal organs, the potent neurotoxin can cause nausea and dizziness and in extreme cases, short-term memory loss, seizures, and death. the start of commercial crab season will likely be delayed because of the risks of migrating whales. the season supposed to start november 15, that has been tentatively pushed back to november 23, leaving a few days to snag a crab for your thanksgiving table. starting tomorrow, big changes to the weekend ferry service around the bay. service from richmond to san francisco ends tomorrow. the weekend runs started on a trial basis following the high commuter turnout when the weekday service was launched in january. the weekday service from richmond remains the same. a sprawling science fair took over san francisco's oracle park today. the annual and free discovery date included hundreds of hands on experience, experiments that
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is, games and lots of robots, the culmination of the week long bay area science festival. mary lee was there to emcee for the day. organizers sofi the event is geared for families. >> today's event is designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. beyond that, it is a great way for the entire bay area community to connect with the science and technology all around us here in the bay area. >> uc san francisco is the lead organizer of the science fair, the university showcased its latest research. it looks like fun, the first day of falling back will be tomorrow, spring had fallback as the clocks get turned back, we lose an hour of daylight. we lose an hour of daylight anyway in the evening hours, dana in the morning, sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:37 am. as we look at city hall at san francisco, a little hazy at the
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marina, high pressure around a while, that will put a lid on things and reduce visibility. numbers fairlyy five in concord, not bad, oakland 70, livermore 73 and san francisco 69 degrees. that is autumn in the bay area. we are heading into november, we will turn a corner in november where it starts to get chilly and will stay that way for the most part, not always, right through march. enjoy the warm weather while you can if you like that kind of thing. high pressure of the pacific northwest means a slight warm- up tomorrow, the numbers come up a little bit, really you would have to be a human thermometer to be able to detect the difference between tomorrow and today, pretty much encore performance. tomorrow will be chilly, the sun will be up early, sunrise at 6:37 am, temperatures in the 40s as we head out the door tomorrow morning, if you go out early. tonight, the noon is close to
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saturn, at least it looks like it is, saturn to the right of the crescent moon. pluto appears between saturn and the moon tonight, that is for the advanced student. good luck getting a glimpse of pluto, discovered by clyde todd baugh in 1930 in the telescopic eye. the temperature will warm to 80 degrees the next couple days, mild and pleasant ahead, no sign of rain in the 7-day forecast. oakland however, taking on the lines, gametime temperature 71 degrees. overnight lows tonight in the 40s, not as chilly as it has been the last few nights, son up tomorrow morning at 6:37 am. tomorrow the number nearly identical, a degree or two warmer is all we ask. morgan burrell 81 degrees, cupertino 79, redwood city, the national weather service is 78 degrees, 70 at concord and pittsburgh, 80 in fairfield. north bay tomorrow, hazy sunshine, the numbers as one is
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81 in santa rosa, at the beach it is 69 and tomorrow 83. exten forecast, look for numbers not to change much, in the 70s all week long, spots inland. you can see it is all sunny side up from here to eternity, until next weekend, very pleasant week ahead. in terms of drama, we have to go to sports. i have all the bad stuff today, just when you think it can't get worse for the warriors, it does. the raiders, gruden explains the worst part of the road trip coming up next.
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the last time the raiders played at the coliseum, the a's making a push for the preseason, five games later, the silver and black return for a true home game. >> this has been the most ridiculous road trip i've ever been on, i will become a travel agent after this trip. i know a lot about moving around, flying around different hotels and that. >> jon gruden a little salty about the five game road trip. oakland traveled over 24,000 miles, tomorrow will be the first game at the coliseum in 49 days. gruden is not done taking shots at the schedule makers. >> the challenging part of that long road trip was explaining it to my wife and friends. everybody in this league has never done it, i hope they do it to everybody in our division next year, every team should have the opportunity to go on the road for six weeks. somebody had a great idea for us to do, i think everybody
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ought to do it next year. >> for the second time in three weeks to count, cal and stanford teams both have the weekend off. when they return next week, there four weeks to go in the season including the big game coming up on the 23rd. other college football action, washington and utah, my stay for tailgating in seattle, anything it is not raining. 3rd quarter, the huskies up, the pass intercepted, he returns at 39 yards for the pick six, the user trail 31-19 after they fail the convert. same score 4th quarter, tyler hunter goes to the pylon, part of the stretch where the utes scored 20 straight point, they win 33-28 improving to 8-1 on the season. 50/50 split between georgia and florida fans in jacksonville. the eighth-ranked bulldogs up, the three yard touchdown pass gives the dogs 10-0 lead. jumped to the fourth quarter, 16 minus wide open, 52 yard td
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pass to make it a two score game. google docs beat their rival, number 6, florida 24-17. trailing virgina tech with a minute to go, the irish facing fourth and 10, 26 yard game for the first down inside the 10 yard line. 35 seconds left, third and goal, he takes it himself and scores on the seven yard td run to give notre dame the lead. the irish avoid the upset edging the hoagies 21-20. the finish of the day in the ivy league, white clad dartmouth trailing harvard 6-3, he avoids the sack and errors that out. two defenders collide with each other, and he catches it for the game-winner, they win 9-6 to stay unbeaten. it keeps getting worse for the warriors. at this point, you wish an nba
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team could forfeit a game. tonight, draymont green is that with a finger ligament injury. d'angelo russell also expected to not play with the ankle sprain and the team could use that on halloween night. >> oh, man, a lot of kids dress up as warriors players, more so, steph curry and kevin durant, not me. big bars of snickers, they have bars of snickers, like recedes pcs, starburst and twix, you name it, as they get older, we have a place to go to get great candy bars, as i get older and retire, they get more candy and i can eat it, it's great. some homes had a food truck to go with their home.
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it taco truck, it was the enthiskid had california king r size pillowcase. it was filled to the top, most impressive thing i had seen, the kids that i have a lot of candy, do you want some? i was this close to taking some of the candy. you know what, i can't do that, i will feel like a scumbag, it was a great time yesterday. >> he really is a big kid. he will not be out there on the court tonight. >> i wonder if the reporter asked the question, leading into the game tonight, he wanted his halloween diatribe. >> he was talking about his halloween experience at his new home. >> my senses they will not win tonight. >> no. >> you heard it here first. we will be right back. it takes a village to raise a child.
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test run, the should be a quiz question, what is the nation's most popular -- >> answer, organizers of macy's balloon parade gathered in new jersey today for the macy's balloon fest. it is the only time will all of those amazing balloons in the air before the big parade on thanksgiving day. some of the new balloons
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featured this year include astronauts, snoopy, green eggs and ham, spongebob squarepants. >> smokey the bear killed over. >> that is it for us at 5 pm. we will see you back here at 6 pm. in california. firefighters on the front lines of a fast-moving wildfire. homeowners now struggling with devastating news. >> reporter: do you feel betrayed by your insurance company? >> absolutely betrayed. >> ninan: also tonight, a jam-packed political weekend on the campaign trail. how president trump is rallying his base, while a democratic front-runner comes under fire in the battleground state of iowa. a 15-year-old arrested. a chicago teen accused of shooting a little girl on halloween. the new information we're learning tonight. dozens of boeing jets ground after cracks are found in planes. how one major airline is reassuring passengers tonight. and two hollywood stars on their
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fight to put more women inch


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