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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 2, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the death toll of the halloween party now stands at five. 19-year-old oceana hopkins died . she is the youngest victim. >> three others were hurt when gunfire erupted in the upscale home. neighbors have repeatedly complained that large parties and other code violations happen at that address. >> new surveillance video suggests multiple guns were brought inside that night. >> reporter: i want to show you the side of the house, neighbors coming together to show their support for the victims. flowers, notes and candles all to show they care about the victims. in the meantime, we know that the victims and partygoers had no clue they were walking into a very dangerous party. we now know of at least four
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guns at this party. the surveillance footage shows what happened shortly after gunfire erupted inside and illegal halloween party. one man pacing back and forth while holding a gun in his left hand. people in the background were screaming. another man later joins him. the man in the orange jacket text the gun in his pants before tying his shoes. both men walk away. we blurred their faces for now because we don't know their role in the shooting. the sheriff's department declined to comment on the video. they have not made any arrest or release suspect information. investigators did recover two guns inside the house. we don't know if the guns were recovered were used in the shooting. many neighbors are fearful to show their faces. the gunfire sent partygoers running throughout the neighborhood.
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in this video you can hear more gunshots and people running away. >> issue hurt? >> reporter: police say the shooting killed five people. the youngest victim was 19 years old. her name is oshiana tompkins . all the other victims were in their 20s. >> prior to the crackdown with the city, the home was actually advertised saying large parties welcome. >> reporter: a real estate attorney says the owner is in big trouble and will likely face several lawsuits. >> the individual cannot claim ignorance of the risk. he was already warned. why is he renting his house for a one night rental on halloween. it is not prudent. it is not
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smart. >> reporter: i reached out to the homeowner. his family declined to comment for the story. no motive on the shooting. police are still trying to identify the partygoers and to interview them. >> i'm assuming police have the surveillance video. are they saying anything about the men and it? >> reporter: dave obtained the footage yesterday. they have not publicly commented on that. we asked if they wanted to talk about it and they said no. they are still gathering information. airbnb is banning so-called party houses in wake of the shooting. ceo brian chesky laid out the plan in a series of tweets. he says airbnb will expand screenings of what they call high risk reservations. they will make a party response
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team. and take action against those that violate the new policies. brian chesky tweeted that what happened in orinda is horrible. he says we are working to support them and will do better . this is unacceptable. police in fremont are investigating a rash of car break ends tonight. officers took a total of 15 burglary reports this morning. the same thief or thieves might be behind a series of crash and grabs in union city. a bit of a shaker in sonoma county today. not far from where the kincade fire is burning. the quake stuck struck just before 7 a.m. in this case, the epicenter was close to the northern perimeter of the fire. the 77,000 acre fire is 72
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percent containment. of the 372 links that aren't common 175 were homes. four firefighters have been hurt battling the place. over 4500 are still unseen. it could be a while before people who lost everything can begin rebuilding. the health officer has issued an emergency order barring presidents from reentering the burn area and clearing properties. the burnt remains a palms may contain asbestos and heavy metals and dangerous materials. property owners are advised to wear protective gear in the burnt zone. as firefighters here get a handle on the kincade fire, meredith would shows us crews in southern california are bracing for what could be a very long weekend. >> reporter: dry, hot, windy weather. the perfect dangerous mix that could fuel more fires in
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california. >> we are in the middle of a big fight. we are a week into this and the end is not insight. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters are battling 13 fires. the latest blazed, the maria fire has charged over 10,000 acre so far. considerably. the national ed weather service says the air is still very dry with humidity below 10%. peak wind gust and some parts expected to hit 35 miles per hour. >> please stay actively engaged and have a plan and be ready to go. four some of the strongest winds spent massive flames across the state. the threat is not over yet. state fire officials say california still recovering from a six year drought in the dry winds and hot temperatures and winds are major concerns. >> fire season in california is no longer a season.
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it is a year-long operation. we are responding to wildfires around, 365 days. with our enormous cost of living and sky high taxes, it will not surprise you to learn that california are leaving the state. real estate company compass takes estimates from the census and finds more people are leaving california then coming in. the difference grew in 2018. the top states luring people away, texas, washington, nevada and arizona. santa clara made the list of the safest cities to live. it ranked number 35 of the 50 large cities they studied. researchers used statistics like poverty rates and crime to wage their conclusions. county theaters are proposing a plan to help
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mentally ill on the streets. >> some homeless advocates say it could backfire. >> they are sometimes referred to as the hard-core homeless. they suffer from mental illness or struggle with substance abuse or both. they are the hardest people to help and also in the greatest need of help. >> being dipolar you don't want to listen to nobody. >> this man suffers from bipolar disorder and amphetamine addiction. >> life doesn't happen when you are screwed up like that. you can't be around nobody. it's a sad situation. >> robert eventually found help in housing.
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cindy chavez and dave cortese want to help others in the same situation. they want a plan for those who are mentally ill. >> part of the problem is, for some people that will require them to be in a locked facility. that is a conversation we need to have as a community before the process rolls out. >> mental health experts have deep misgivings about forcing people into treatment. >> they need to be rational enough to come on board and get treatment. forcing people will exacerbate it. i have seen that. >> the county can never truly solve the homeless crisis without addressing the need of its vulnerable. >> if we believe as a society
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they don't have the capacity to make decisions for themselves, the question is ours. do we believe as a society we have an obligation to make sure that we do our very best? >> if passed, staff would be directed to come up with a list of recommendations by the december 17th meeting. coming up, our series project home. a pair of housing propositions going to voters next week. they could free up millions to help the housing crisis. a stomach turning warning. why only parts of the delicious dungeon and crabs are good to eat. the low tech method one city is using to take suggestions for a new street name. a beautiful week ahead and the forecast coming up after the break. it takes a village to raise a child.
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to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. california's recreational
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dungeness crab season is open but comes with a warning. bay area trappers are warned to gut any crabs before cooking them if caught between these areas. a potent neurotoxin can cause nausea, dizziness and short-term memory loss in humans. the start of crab season will likely be delayed over concerns about the risks to migrating whales. the season was supposed to start november 15th but that has been tentatively pushed back to november 23rd. that just leaves a few days to stack a crap if you want it for your thanksgiving table. a science fair took over the oracle park today. hundreds of hands-on experiments , games and robots. it is the culmination of the
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bay area science festival. organizers tell us the free event, now in its ninth year, is geared towards entire families. >> it is designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. it is a great way for the bay area community to connect with science and technology that is all around us. >> uc san francisco is the lead organizer of the science fair. it hosted 40 exhibit booths to load showcase its recent research. >> nobody does that like mary lee. sunrise tomorrow, dramatically, nsetat5:08 p.m. :37.
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here is how it looks as we gaze toward city hall. beginning to light up in the twilight glow saturday evening. the numbers just climbed. still in the 70s. san francisco is still 69 degrees. it is a balmy, november evening. tomorrow is calling for things to get warmer, just a nudge. near 80 degree highs around the a. a nice beach day by bay area standards. everything is just status quo. the high is not moving much. the combination of low pressure is giving us a week offshore flow but not dramatic. no gusty winds. not robustly dry. tomorrow is the same as today. tomorrow will be chilly, not as chilly as the past couple of days. not quite as cool at night.
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sunrises 6:37 a.m. if you like taking an early walk , the sun will be out just after 6:30. pluto is between saturn and the moon tonight. you cannot see it with the naked eye. a great opportunity to take your kids out. the star near the moon is the planet saturn. to the right of that is jupiter. we have clear skies tonight for stargazers. 80 degrees. there is no sign of rain the next few days. oakland is taking on the detroit lions tomorrow. it will be sunny and 71 degrees. overnight lows in the 40s with sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:37 a.m. 69 degrees tomorrow for a high in san francisco. no big difference tomorrow.
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plenty of sunshine. if you liked today, you will like tomorrow and the rest of the week. numbers remain in the 70s through next weekend. i suppose the only sour note in all of this is there is no rain on the way. november begins really when things begin to get wet. not that a dry november foretells a dry year but you expect rain to come in. we shall see. that is the bad news and the weather department. i know that juliette goodrich has more for us. if you are heading into san francisco tomorrow, you may want to take public transit. hundreds of runners will be out for the golden gate half marathon. >> reporter: the marathon starts at 6:30. closures and
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effect until 10:30. westbound bay street to laguna street will be closed. >> reporter: the closures will be in and effect until 10:30. just when you think it cannot get worse for the warriors, it does. gruden explains the worst part of the 49 day road trip next. flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop cs an audacious overreach, threateninverturn the ban e products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on
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juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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a huge party and parade in the nation's capital today as the washington nationals celebrated their worst ever world series win against all odds. thtialalaway astros in houston games. a major leak first.
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thousands of fans turned out to help the team celebrate. >> did for them. what was the name of the last nature league baseball team that played in washington? >> capitals? >> i thought it was the senators. >> senators! >> at least it is not a walgreens. shall we talk sports now? the a's are still making a push for the season. the silver and black returned for a true home game. >> this is been the most ridiculous road trip i have ever been on. i could become a travel agent after this trip. a lot of moving around and flying around. >> jon gruden a little salty about the road trip. oakland traveled over 24,000 miles. tomorrow will be the first game in the coliseum and 49 days.
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gruden is not done taking shots at the schedule makers. >> the hardest part of that road trip was explaining it to my wife and friends. i hope they do it to everybody and my division. >> the stanford college team had the week off. next week they have four games to go including the big game on the 23rd. washington and utah. a nice game for tailgating in seattle. the huskies up by eight. jacob beeson pass is intercepted by johnson who returns at 29 yards. 21-19 after a failed two-point conversion. same score in the fourth quarter. a stretch with 20 points scored. they improve 8-1. georgia and florida fans in jacksonville.
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eighth rank bulldogs up three nothing. eight three yard touchdown pass gives dogs a 10-0 leak. a wide open lawrence cagle for a touchdown pass. the bulldogs beat florida, 24- 17. notre dame trails virginia tech with a minute to go. 26 yard gain for a first down inside the 10 yard down. 35 seconds left. now third and goal. a school on a seven yard touchdown run to give notre dame the leak. 21-20. in the ivy league, dartmouth trailing. there are two harvard
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defenders who collide with each other. cop for the game-winner. 9-6 to stay unbeaten. the warriors are playing tonight. all the stars missing, what is going on off the court seems to be more interesting. especially what happened halloween night. >> a lot of kids were dressed up as warrior fans. kevin durant, it was like for candy stores over there. i'm not talking about the tiny candy bars, they have actual bars like receives, door burst and twix. i'm excited to know as the kids get older, they have a place to
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go to get great candy bars. it was great, they did it up over there. some homes even had a food truck! i mean, a taco truck by the way . it was the most crazy thing i had ever seen. kids had king-size pillowcases and they were filled to the top. the kids, i have a lot of candy. it was a great time. a king-size pillowcase is a lot of candy. >> that gets pretty heavy. that was a good neighborhood for sure. the world's greatest thoroughbreds are competing in seven california this weekend. should they be? the debate over horseracing after a string of deaths.
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vice president pentz is a line from his boss. how soon the public could learn what is going on behind closed doors. hundreds of millions of dollars for housing could be up for a vote next week. more politics than progress.
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our top story is the
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impeachment inquiry into president trump. it heats up. the debate is expected to transition from behind closed doors to public testimony. >> natalie brand reports syscon says the president and vice president campaigned for republican candidates on the ballot for next week. >> the candidates on capitol hill are spending time on impeachment. >> pentz lashed out against democrats and touted the economy on saturday. as early as next week's, transcripts on capitol hill could be made public. televised hearing dissecting president trump's phone call could begin in the middle of the month. >> people get to see the transcripts. they will see they are fair and equal on both sides. >> we don't need a quick pro quote.
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>> i've never known and impeachment process to go through the committee. minority republicans are not going to be able to call witnesses. >> in the president's first campaign event since the house passed a resolution, the president railed against the inquiry and rallied against the election season. >> the democrats voted to potentially nullify the votes of 63 million americans. >> democrats hope to hear from john holton, the former national security advisor. he has indicated he would not testify without a subpoena. cbs news has learned the intelligence committee subpoenaed the top legal advisor to testify behind closed doors on monday. a three month sprint for
6:31 pm
the iowa caucus is off to a grueling start. they hope to leave a lasting investing on voters. >> i believe you ought to be able to build a strong economic future whatever zip code you live in in america. we should make an investment to make that happen. >> every person is entitled to healthcare. i know how to get it done. >> i strongly believe justices on the ballot. that includes the fact we have a criminal in the white house and he is basically a walking indictment and a red tie. a new poll finds massachusetts senator elizabeth warren leading the pack. everyone else, like kamala
6:32 pm
harris is trailing. still she keeps her campaign alive. she is closing all but one of her offices in new hampshire. she campaign headquarters in baltimore. important votes are coming up in the bay area next week. one plan may be more about politics than progress. >> reporter: i think there is a crisis in housing and a crisis in educators being able to perform the profession that they love. eileen young is an educator who spends over half of her low income on rent. she hopes people will support two affordable housing
6:33 pm
propositions on the upcoming ballot. if you are wondering what it is like to worry about rent, listen to eileen. >> i think the hardest part is knowing that everything is unstable. >> reporter: you will see how unstable and painful the situation can be. >> i have a great community of people but it is not permanent. >> reporter: if you have not seen the commercials and the signs, propositions letter a and e are being packaged together. it allows a bond for affordable housing. the majority of funding would go to low income families. it would pay to repair public housings. some would go to prevent the loss of existing
6:34 pm
affordable housing. it has overwhelming support from elected officials. they say it won't raise taxes. the highest taxes could be would be less than $100 per year. >> randy shaw with the housing clinic says he expects both a and d will pass. they have little opposition but he is urging voters not to get complacent. he says prop e is all hype. >> they say they will expand affordable housing. it is not true. it will have minimal impact. prop b allows 100% affordable housing and educator housing on publicly zoned land except for parks. $20 million from a wood fund
6:35 pm
housing but shaw says that is not enough. he says public landup by prop e map has been used in political ads. prop e does little to change. he would rather see the city rebuilt the westside where single-family homeowners live. >> for free, san francisco can create tens of thousands of units that will increase affordability. that is what they won't do because of alliances with homeowners. supporters of a and e together recognize the limitations. >> it will allow for more affordable houses in every neighborhood in san francisco. >> reporter: they say it is a step they hope san franciscans will vote for. >> i think it is crucial.
6:36 pm
what more can i give? if i don't have a home to live in, it takes a lot of opportunities away from you. >> randy shaw says he still supports prop e but sees this as a missed opportunity and encourages voters to push for progress. keep sending story ideas. you could see all the reporting on our website. people are finding ways to help those affected by the kincade fire . dozens of volunteers in morgan hill filled up trucks with boxes full of goods. >> i can't imagine losing
6:37 pm
everything and i think it's important to come together. i am showing my boys it is in porton to be part of a community and give back when you can. >> when we get up there we have a drop point. this person will distribute everything exactly where it needs to go. >> people donated pet food and bales of hay for animals affected by fire. leases are burning across the state. once fire crews started gaining control on the kincade fire, they were immediately deployed to the maria fire. new video out of florida shows a car nearly swallowed by a sinkhole. it happened after the driver crashed into a fire hydrant.
6:38 pm
it opened up a massive hole. the driver was able to escape. day two of the breeders' cup. amid growing outrage over horse deaths, great mills says protests are taking place as fans make their way to the track. >> reporter: this year, he traveled from chicago to join his nephew. santa anita, hosting the breeders' cup braces for the 10th time, more than any other racetrack in the country. part fashion show and a lot of races over two days culminating in a $6 million breeders' cup classic. thousands of fans passed by about 50 protesters lamenting the death of 36 horses since december. they want this place an industry shutdown now. >> the sport needs to and. i
6:39 pm
use that term loosely, this is not a sport. it is a violent enterprise. >> reporter: those here at the track insist they have stronger protocols in force than ever before to help the horses that live here. >> i believe they are doing what they can but it is a fact of nature a percentage of animal will get hurt. >> what other sport do we celebrate where animals get killed on the field? >> reporter: what if a horse had to be put down in the breeders' cup classic? would it put a and two horsetrading at santa anita? >> i don't think so. a teenage girl forced to wear a five pound fest full of math mac meth.
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shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. there isilnosign of a fugitive that tried to crash into police officers in fairfield.
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they are looking for robert hansen. when they spotted him in a gold jaguar they say he tried to ram them. an officer fired in response. no word on whether hansen was hit. the jaguar later turned up abandon. he is a felon with an extensive felon. if you see him, do not approach but call police. a woman is accused of turning a teenage girl into a drug mule. the traffic stop that saved the >> rep they were thousands of miles from home running drugs across the country when a missouri highway patrol officer pulled them over. >> there was marijuana so criminal activity occurrin but the deputy knew there was a bigger case and fall. >> reporter: the driver had a 15-year-old girl with her. the teenager had no idea and
6:44 pm
they would not get their stories straight how they knew each other. >> she had been exploited to transport drugs from the east coast to the west coast. >> reporter: the teen was forced to have drugs taped to her rib cage. >> she thinks she will earn money for doing these services. she has no idea what it could lead to. it is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: she is now back home with family in oregon. police continue to look for anyone connected to drug trafficking. lung injury cases associated with e-cigarettes are up to over 1800 cases
6:45 pm
nationwide. 77 confirm deaths in two dozen states and the district of columbia. on tuesday, san francisco voters will decide whether to turn the ban on e- cigarettes sales. scientists are offering to pay you to get sick. they are offering $3300 to people who are willing to be infected with the flu on purpose. researchers want to better understand how the flu virus works and how to control it. you get a nasal spray with a strain. the trial takes four months with several follow-up visits to the clinic. >> would you do that? >> four $3300? drivers may
6:46 pm
soon take a trip down beyonce road >> sourcing a new name for a new street. oxygen is the number one thing you need to stay alive in space. but fresh-baked cookies may be a close second. a cutting edge oven now making its way to the astronauts. not a bad weekend underway. we have a look ahead for the back to work forecast when we return. it takes a village to raise a child. to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope.
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we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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a cargo capsule rocketing toward the space station tonight. the shipment includes lamborghini car parts and an oven for bakingoo currently astronauts can only reheat food. the oven on its way may allow them to do baking in space. lamborghini is sending samples of carbon. they are seeing how it will hold up in medical implants. the capsules should reach the space station on monday. eight test run for massive balloons that will float above new on thanksgiving. organizers of macy's thanksgiving day parade gathered in new jersey or the
6:50 pm
balloon fest. it is the only time all the pollutants will be in the sky before the parade. new balloons feature astronauts snoopy, green eggs and ham and spongebob squarepants. the annual tradition where families remember their lost loved ones is being held. >> i love this. it makes me happy. it is honoring the people who are dead and they do it in a really nice wa is happy. a lot of colors. one of the bay area's biggest celebration gets underway in 10 minutes. the day of the dead procession through the mission district starts at 7 p.m. we turn back time tonight. a new poll finds $.70 77% do
6:51 pm
not want to switch back every year. stopping it requires congressional approval which we don't have right now. so enjoy the extra hour of sleep tomorrow. >> every time i hear that i think of the scherer song if i could turn back time. rising from the ashes, a new city hall all lit up tonight in festive colors. san francisco 73 degrees. san jose is 76. we are all in the mid-70s. it is livermore 68 degrees.
6:52 pm
santa rosa is a warm saturday evening at 72 degrees. that is saying something for november. tomorrow we will be near 80 with plenty of sunshine. the numbers are all pretty much in the 70s right now. not much happening. high pressure off the west coast that will keep us in a sunny and static pattern through the end of the week. the low pressure is giving a offshore push. the headline the past three days is the chili overnight lows and frost warnings. they are gone now as things warm up. temperatures will be in the 40s and remember sunrise is at 6:47 a.m. tonight, you will see the moon out there. the bright star next to it is really saturn. pluto appears to be between saturn and the moon but it is very hard to see. it is very hard to see even
6:53 pm
with a telescope. >> mild pleasant weather ahead and not a drop of rain in the forecast. we can see the oakland raiders tomorrow taking on the detroit lightens. a great day for a ballgame. let's not forget this, we fall back tonight. sunrise tomorrow morning is 6:37 a.m. forecast ties tomorrow, many in the 70s. a lot of sunshine. 77 and santa clara. east bay in the 70s as well. livermore 79 degrees. pleasanton coming in at 80.
6:54 pm
mostly clear with temperatures in the 60s. petaluma 79. extended forecast, all sunny side up from here until next weekend. by and large, it looks like a nice week ahead. that is weather. we will be back with more news after this.
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6:56 pm
what do barack obama, ricci's and beyonci have in common you mark >> they all begin with beep. they are also all in the running to be the name of a new street.
6:57 pm
one-way stretches of the street. >> the load tech effort to crowd source the new name. >> reporter: a few rules. don't be mean, disrespectful or vulgar. in berkeley, a simple millipore simple pride and engagement. chalk, chalkboard, repeat. the city is re-camping this to block stretch that is sometimes called berkeley square or chadwick avenue. it is confusing so the city is renaming it and taking suggestions. >> barack obama. he is top of the list. >> reporter: some ideas are obscene or just plain out
6:58 pm
>> reporter: at the end of the year, a committee will choose the top 10. public works will choogoes to a internet survey. city council will vote on it next year. >> it's a better process to involve more people. it's a name and identity. >> reporter: building community. it is supposed to be inclusive, but most of all fun. in berkeleykpix5. thanks for watching. we will see you back here at 11.
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