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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  November 3, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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this is kpix5 news. a vehicle with san jose uniforms stolen. a warning to any crooks playing dress up. the deadly shooting in orinda. how many guns were in that house that day. >> the impeachment inquiry into president trump es expected to move from closed door to public testimony. this morning we're getting a better idea to when. it is 6:00 a.m. on sunday, november 3rd, 2019. >> i'm emily turner on fire watch this morning. police arrested a man for
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setting series of wildfires yesterday. crews responded to eight small fires near the dry creek pioneer regional park. that is just east of union city. >> officers say this man roman monta vo started those fires and all have been contained. about ten acres of parkland went up in flames. no buildings were damaged. a search for a suspect who stole a stran with dozens of san jose police uniforms. >> more about the carjack case. >> reporter: a police source says a driver for a dry clear rest cleaning service that picks up and cleans and drops off uniforms here at the police department was carjacked yesterday morning. inside the van more than 60 uniforms. >> it would be a disaster if someone got ahold of these uniforms and started committing crimes. >> reporter: san jose police are trying to find who stole a van with nose uniforms of all ranks. the suspect approached the driver of the van and de
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plannednd he gets out here on rebecca way. it is unknown if the thief knew the van belonged to a dry- cleaning company that they use to clean they're union forms. but there were also cleaning slips with names and phone numbers in there. >> now you have to be concerned if you're a police officer and someone refall yatesing against you, because you're in law enforcement. >> reporter: security analyst jeff harp says if the uniforms fell information wrong hands it would be concerning to the community that a crime the suspects should think twice about. >> it will be taken very seriously. if someone is caught with one of these and imposer nateing an officer, it is not good. >> now police or trying to figure out if all the uniforms are accounted for. >> people are extremely dau shus. the reason we're getting this out in the media will height ten the fact people will be more cautious. >> the suspect did not show a
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weapon when he carjacked the victim. so far, there is no description of what he looks like or what he was wearing. newly released security camera video shows multiple guns at that party. five people were killed there. >> reporter: neighbors are showing their support for the victims dropping off flowers and notes, also we now know there were at least fourgins at the halloween party. this shows what happened shortly after gunfire inside an illegal halloween par tinter one man pacing back and furtherth behind a neighbor's car while holding a gun in his left hand. people in the background were screaming. another man later joins him. the man in the orange jacket tucks his gun in his pants before tieing his shoelaces. both men then walk away. we decided to blur their faces
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for now because we don't know their role in the shooting. the sheriff's department declined to comment on the video. they have not made any arrests and have not released any suspect information. investigators say they did recover two guns inside the house. we don't know if those were used it shooting. >> it is unsensible violence. my heart goes out to the victims' families. >> many neighbors are fearful to show their faces. they say the gunfire sent partygoers running throughout the neighborhood. you can hear more gunshots and people running away in this video. a is she hurt? >> gunshots. >> it killed five people. the youngest victim, a 19-year- old. the others are omar taylor, tie yon farley, ja vene county and ramon hill jr. all in their 2 oz. >> police have not released a
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motive for the shooting. kpix 5. towards the owner of that property met when neighbors filed two formal complaints about previous parties at that house. a real estate attorney says the owner will likely face civil lawsuits. >> san francisco based airbnb is banning party houses. he laid out the company's plan in a series of tweets today. first he said airbnb will have high risk reservations and second the rental company will create a dedicated party house response team and then third, he said airbnb will take immediate action for those who violent their new policies. he tweeted "what happened on thursday night was horrible. ir feel for the families and neighbors impacted by this tragedy. we're working to support them. way must do better and we will. this is unacceptable. "
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police are seeing an uptick in car break-ins. officers got reports of 15 burglaries yesterday morning in the niles district. they say the same thief or thieves was probably behind smash and grabs in union city. police are reminding people not to leave valuables inside their cars. >> back to fire watch now. it appears the kincade fire has stopped growing. crews expect to fully contain it's just a few days from now. cal fire says the blaze remains under 78,000 acres and 74% contained. of those destroyed 175 were homes and 11 of them businesses. about 400 structures do remain threatened but the only mandatory's evacuations are east of windsor and evacuees returning to their horses are required to first check in with county workers and to wear
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protective gear and be aware of hazardous chemicals. and one local strike team that helped battle the blaze has moved on to help others. they have been crisscrossing california fighting fires across the state. once they gained control of the kincade fire, they went to the easy fire and then to the nearby maria fire. as for the maria fire it is now 30% contained. after burning through more than 9,000 acres. two viewing chucks are destroyed and all e vague wakes connected to that fire have been lifted. we would still like to ask the general public to stay out of the area, to allow the firefighters to finish up their job so we can repopulate that area. state fire officials say california is still recovering from a six-year drought and the dry landscape above average temperatures in historic wind events are major concerns.
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>> >> many californians have seen the cost of their homeowners insurance skyrocket after the campfire through paradise last year. they gathered and demanded lawmakers deal with what they call an emergency situation. they say people's homes who didn't burn are getting devastating premiums now. >> we need a strong commitment on how they are going to negotiate that. simple as the department of insurance sitting down and asking what is it going to take? how do we get you back in here and how do we structure this >> at least one home has gone into foreclosure because of the rising cost of insurance. the group wants lawmakers to restructure how insurance companies are allowed to say fire risk and give them the authority to take action. here is emily in the weather center. >> when it comes to fire weather at least we're looking good. those off shore winds have calmed down. everything seems to be settling. the high pressure system is
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still in place, but you can sea leaking at our wind speeds currently, they are offshore, but they are mostly calm which is great news. for those of you in the north bay, especially where this fire is burning. our current conditions look at that sunrise getting ready to happen. it is beautiful. those pink clouds out there currently in san francisco. you're at 52 degrees. 45 concord. 37 in santa rosa. those inland areas, that is the chilliest without the clouds to act as a blanket. 46 along the coast. 49 around the bay. those inland areas even cooler, 44 degrees. it will be clare and sunny all day and ball today. your high temperatures are going to be close to or in the 80s depending on where you are. 82 in santa rosa. 77 in concord. 75 fremont as well as moundview. san francisco 72. along the coast pacifica 69 degrees. that is just slightly above average but not by a whole lot.
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looking father average temperatures, and what we can expect today, anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees above average. however, it is going to continue to be this way all the way through the week. taking a look at our futurecast for the next 24 hours, you really have to pay attention and look at the clock. otherwise you can't tell we're moving forward. that is what we can expect as far as changes are concerned. the clouds will get close to the coast but not quite there, because it will be siemny skies and ball weather for the next seven days. devin. washington, d.c., public testimony in the impeachment inquiry could start soon on capitol hill. this comes as the president and vice president campaign for republicans on the ballot this week. on his mind was the battle with house democrats. >> we did absolutely nothing wrong. we had a totally appropriate, i even say perfect conversation
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with the president of ukraine. tell vased impeachment hearings examine president trump's phone call with the leader could begin bate middle of this month. as early as next week closed dar depositions transcripts could be made public. >> people will get to see and the conduct of the open hearings that they har fair and equal to both sides. >> you don't need a quid pro quo. you just need the quid and the quid was there. >> fly hope to hear from john bolton. bolton has indicated he would not testify without a subpoena. cbs news has learned the house intelligence committee subpoenas john eisenberg, the top legal advisor to testify behind closed doors on capitol hill tomorrow. now to campaign 2020, a three month sprint is off to a grueling start. the contenders have been racing between a series of events in the hawk yay state trying to
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leave a lasting impression on voters. they found massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is leading the pack among likely caucusgoers. bernie sanders and pete boudreaux and joe biden are right at her heels though. everyone else including kamala harris way behind. the bay area's newest sports team has tryouts today. they will play next year. with home games at the oakland arena. today's tryouts will be held at oakland technical high school football stadium 9 to 11: 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. >> if i had the opportunity to be able to get the players into the community, they will be coming to the rale community. we'll put it's like that. >> ment panthers will be the
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first football team in their successful run furious ago. there will be highlights in a few minutes. >> some sad news this morning. another horse has died on the racetrack. >> that makes 37 horses to die on the track since september. what is going on? we hear from protesters and fans. >> why california's economy is not what it is cracked up to be.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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yet another horse had to be euthanized at the racetrack in southern california. >> that horse was injured at the breeder's cup. one of the sport marquee events. here is what happened and what it could mean for horsing long term. >> no matter what they do, they keep killing horses. it has to end. >> a 37 horse to die on this track casts a dark cloud over one of the sport's brightest
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days. >> if they are abused then there is a problem. if they are not then it is nature. >> she may have won the $6 million breeder's cup classic but mongolian groom made headlines when the horse went down with a fractured left hind leg on the final race of the day. our cameras captured the moments the horse was loaded in the trailer and carted off. the horse was later put down for good. >> i was crying so hard before. this has to stop. >> heather wilson with the horse racing wrongs has been protesting until her voice has given out since friday. she said the breeders cup is making her case in real time. >> there is no way to make it safer. >> na had a statement. the death is a loss to the entire horse racing coming munn
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ty. our equine and human athlete's safety is the top priority. we have worked closely with them leading up to the world championships for equine safety. >> horses love to run. they love to run. >> the injury on the track is like other major sports like baseball, basketball and football. >> they love what they are doing. i wish we could love our jobs as much as a horse loves their jobs. the last three breeders cup death rest deaths occurred there. still, vets, trainers and park officials say they have strict protocols in place to protect the horses. >> they plan to protest in several parts of california this week to oppose a recently passed bill to convert a lot of independent contract torques into employees. organizers say heavy truck owner operators and small business trucking company
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owners will take part in a standstill. they could bankrupt a lot of truck herbs who invested a lot of money by upgrading their trucks to meet state requirements. a some leaders are proposing a controversial new plan to help the mentally ill living on the streets. it would provide more leeway to get people into treatment by implementing a conservator ship program. this could backfire in a big way say some advocates. >> forcing people will exacerbate. i have seen part of the problem as for some people that will require them to be in a locked facility. that is a conversation we all need to have as a community. i think this process will allow for that to happen. if the plan gets the green light from the board of supervisors county staff would have to come up with a list of recommendations by early next month. >> illegal grow houses are being renovated into safe homes for families in need part of a
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new pilot program for habitat for humanity in the city. this fis home will be lifechanging for the family who moves in, a mother who works full-time and her daughters. >> she said she feels like once they have this home, they will no longer feel like a burden and they will be able to be self relight and it will be a sustainable home for them and a string board for opportunities for her daughters that she want be able to provide without this house. >> as part of the program, there are thousands of dollars in fines that the illegal drug house would normally pay. instead, they will give up the house and the house will get cleaned up and a family can move in. >> can you tell it is daylight saving time? yesterday we were in pitch
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black lives. pitch black. san francisco at 52 degrees. concord pretty chilly, 45, 47 in oakland. those temperatures are going to rise, but as i talked about, fall back. i hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep. i know i did. sunrise at 6:37 this morning. subset tonight at 5:08 p.m. we'll get a little bit more daylight now that that has taken affect. this high pressure system is in place and that parked off our coast. it is kind of blocking any weather pattern sending it up over and to the east of us which is why we're experiencing this beautiful sunny weather, these dry conditions and that is going to continue to persist for the next several days because this is a strong system and it is creating an offshore flow. the good news is it is not very windy so that fire risk is simply much less than it has been. your headlines for today, only hood to tweak it a little from yesterday and the same for
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tomorrow. a cooler start today with the clear skies making it again cooler because the placket of clouds isn't there to keep us warm. then in the 80s or close to it in most places in the afternoon, and a dry week ahead. this is going to be a rinse and repeat for the next seven days. our air quality forecast is moderate in all places except the south cen ral bay. much better than it has been over the last week or so. our temperatures for today will be from say 4 to 7 degrees above average. your highs 70 in pacifica, p 9 kuhn per tino and 75 degrees in union city. a little warmer in the inland areas. 80 in pleasantton. a little caller closer to the watt tenter 75 valeo. a mix of the mid-70s the high 60s along the coast getting warmer the further north you go. we're in the 80s in the far north bay. as far as your seven-day forecast is concerned, take a
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look at how beautiful this is. nothing but sunshine s. sunny skies. 70s for the next seven days. devin. >> coming up in sports, they play back-to-back nights and looking for their first win at chase and they come very, very close. sports is coming up.
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. >> before last night's game, they said they would not play. it was up to the youth movement
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to give the warrior's win at the chase center. none of the starters were even on the team last season. second quarter, rookie eric pascal bullies his way in for the bucket and warriors up 10. 4th quarter. 1. game. cody gives charlotte a 72-71 lead. under four minutes to go. game tied at 80. williams knocks down the deep 3 and hornets go back up by 3. then golden state answer on the next possession. from deep to tie the game up again. bowman scored 16 points and a little over a minute left. terry rozier draws a foul and that gives charlotte the lead for good. gold den state is now 4-0. despite coming in with a four-
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game losing streak, carlson was all smiles before taking on vancouver but he's probably wasn't smiling after the game. >> he scores off the rebound. his second of the night. vancouver wins 5-2. well mc hammer in the house to see if san jose state could upset boise state. spartans leading by 3. josh love threw for over 400 yards. a 16-yard td. san jose state leads by 10. he gets his third touchdown giving boise the lead and they win 51-42. broncos are 14-0 all time against the spartans. that is your morning sports. >> >> coming up, the start of the golden gate bridge half- marathon. >> roads will be closed. we'll show you what areas to avoid. force
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>> california firefighters relentless efforts paying off. a progress report on the kincade fire and other fires in the state coming up.
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fo this is kpix5 news. welcome back to kpix 5 this morning.
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tame now is 6:30. i'm emily turner. >> good morning. i'm devin fehely. it is shut down due to police activity. we'll update as quee learn more about the situation. some other breaking news in phoenix. two officers and several others injured in a shooting early this morning. the suspect was also shot. the conditions of the injured are not known at this time. we will continue to update you as more information becomes available. the golden gate bridge half- marathon is starting right now. this is a live look at the bridge. there will be closures in and around the marina. a the golden golden gate bridge will be affected as well for those runners making their way through there. it will affect your drive on southbound van nes from north point to bay street, westbound bay street to laguna street. now here are the routes
6:31 am
affected for the race. the closures are in effect until around 10:30 this morning. and on the fire watch, firefighters are finally gaining ground on a massive wildfire burning in california. more than a half dozen fires have burned more than 90,000 acres across the state in the last ten days. more than 115 buildings damaged or destroyed. here is more from los angeles. >> reporter: wind whipped flames threatened hundreds of homes as the maria fire spread to more than 9,000 acres threatening the areas tens of millions of dollars of lemon and avocado crop. >> everything was igniting. it looked like a volcano. >> reporter: this shows the moment the maria fire ignited on halloween night. they said it reenergized a high voltage power line minutes before the fire erupted. california has been slammed all weak with high wind events that
6:32 am
helped fuel fires across the state. in northern california officials say the kincade fire that burned more than 77,000 acres and destroyed parts of wine country is now under control. >> we're looking to get back into the daily routine. >> >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of evacuees returned home. they cut power to millions of california residents to prevent downed power lines from sparking fires. >> we have world class firefighters doing world class work every single day and i can't be more proud of them. what we don't have is world class utilities. >> gavin newsom was critical of the move bay pg&e calling for a prestructuring of the already bankrupt utility. well, the latest fires remain under investigation. wind related damage to power lines implicated in a number of
6:33 am
those fires. what can we expect wind wise today? things have calmed down. >> they have thankfully. they are not blowing hard at all. in some areas it is mostly calm. the offshore aspect is because it is in place. warm winds are off the coast towards the pacific. looking at the winds right now. you can see speeds not very fast at all. that is going to continue all the way through the week, but ware not going too see the winds pick up. that is great news, nice and comforting for those of us deal whistleblower it's the kincade fire for the last several days. >> the temperatures are chilly. 37 in santa rosa. 39 livermore. those inland areas are the coolest around the water 52 degrees in san francisco thanks to that moderating aspect of the water. along the coast 46 degrees. inland areas, 44, nice
6:34 am
beautiful sunny breakfast for you once the sun comes up. temperatures will start to rise. we'll get in the 80s. san francisco 72. pa stiff ca, 69. 78degrees in san jose today. our temperatures are going to be on the warmer side anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees above average but for the most part we're not going to be too terribly hot, just a nice more mild fall day. >> devin. the iowa caucuses are three months away from today, but important votes are coming up in the bay area this week. politicians have said a&e will have an impact on affordable housing in san francisco but susan says one plan may be more politics than progress. >> reporter: i think there is a crisis of course in housing and a crisis in educators being able to perform the profession that they love. >> eileen young is an educator in san francisco who spends
6:35 am
more than half of her ex creamily low income on rent. so she is phone banking hoping people will afford two propositions on san francisco's upcoming ballot. if you're wondering what it is like to worry about affording rent, keeping your job and staying in san francisco, sit with eileen. >> i think the lard des part -- for just a few minutes. >> is knowing that everything is unstable. >> y'all see how painful this balance can be. >> the hardest part is i love what i do. i have a great community of people and that is not purpose mention. >> funding for new affordable homes. >> if you haven't seen the commercials and signs around sf, propositions a&e are being packaged together allowing san francisco to have a $600 million bond for affordable housing. the majority would go to
6:36 am
extremely low income families and individuals and pay to repair public housing, construct new senior housing and some for the loss of affordable housing and the smallest for educator housing. it has overwhelming support. they say it won't raise taxes. the el controllers offices says the highest taxes possibly could be less than $101 per year for a home valued at 600,000 dot lars. a >> prop a is a critical measure. >> randy shaw says he expects both prop a&e will pass. they have little opposition but he is urging voters not to get complacent. he said prop e is all hype. it is like a clever game where they are trying to avoid. we're all for prop e. we're going to expand affordable housing. >> prop e would amend the city
6:37 am
planning code to allow 100% of affordable housing on publicly zoned land except for parks. $20million from prop a would fund educator housing but shaw said that is not nearly enough. he points to this map that shows public land some of which could be freed up by prop e. a similar map has been used in the political ads. the green areas are the only areas where building new apartment complexes is legal. prop e does little to change that. shaw said he would rather see them rezone the west side where single-family home owners live. >> for free san francisco can create tens of thousands of awe knits that will increase affordability and that is what the board do because of their alliances with the homeowners. >> sip portion ters of a&e together recognize the limitations it will allow for
6:38 am
more affordable housing in every neighborhood in san francisco. >> they say it is a step. they hope they will vote for. >> what more can i give? but if you don't have a home to live in, i think that takes a lot of opportunities away from you. >> in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. and to be clear, randy shaw says he still supports prop e but he sties this as a missed opportunity and encourages voters to push for more progress. cleanup efforts are under way after a halloween storm
6:39 am
wreaks havoc in vermont. we'll look at the damage coming up.
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there are growing problems for boeing as more planes are being pulled off of service. they have grounded the 737 plane after cracks were found near a wing, the latest with the 737 max planes that killed 346 people. more now from cbs news kris van cleave. cracking in something called a pickle fork is forcing airlines around the world to inspect their 737s that predate the grounded 737 max. a pickle fork helps attaches wings to the body of the plane. an inflate failure could be catastrophic. they pulled three jets out of service. quantities found three cracks in its 737s. >> i understand the cone sent
6:43 am
it is quite a scary word, crack. >> reporter: the faa ordered inspections of older or highly used 737s this month. at least 52 of the more than 6800 word wide have been found with cracked pickle forks. they should last the entire life of the plane. >> quantities will never fly a plane if we do not believe it is safe to do so. their entire reputation, our brand is built on the safety record. >> reporter: sources tell "cbs news," a leading theory is the cracking stems from the manufacturing process where stress is introduced and cracking years and even decades later. at least some of the 737s came off the same line of weeks or months of each other. some of our team members found cracking on airplanes in for medal fix so na immediately reported that and subsequent to
6:44 am
that the regulators were taking actions on inspections. >> no issues or injuries have been associated with the pickle fork. again this does not involve the 737 max. united, american, delta and a la ska are doing inspections and have the no found cracking issues. >> centers for disease control and prevention updated the number of lung injuries due to e-cigarettes. at least 1888 nationwide. at least 37 confirmed deaths in two dozen states in the district of columbia. voters in san francisco in two days will decide whether or not to overturn a local ban on sales of e-cigarettes and similar products. juul reported an end to prop c but before that it supported the ballot measure. they are dealing with the aftermath that pelted the state that knocked out power to
6:45 am
thousands of r people and flooded several roads and even washed out the route 105 bridge. a temporary bridge is expected to be finished by tomorrow. let's get a check of the local weather here with emily. >> beautiful, for the next seven days. the sun is getting ready to rise this morning thanks to falling back. in the meantime looking at our current conditions thanks to the clear skies they are chilly. 45degrees in concord. 37degrees in santa rosa as well as livermore, in the 30s there. 39. warmer closer to the water, 52 degrees there. fall back sunrise, 6:37 this morning. sunset tonight 5:08. the days are getting shorter that we'll have more daylight hours. it is really dominated bay this high pressure system parked off
6:46 am
of our coast. its not going anywhere anytime soon. as a result, you can see it is sending weather up and over our area and over towards the plains. instead we will be parked right there with sunny skies, dry conditions and a little bit warmer temperatures compared to average. today will be the caller, clear start, but by the afternoon close to or into the 80s in some spots and dry all the way through towards the end of the week. as for your air quality, it is finally starting to recover. you're moderate in most places with the exception of the south central bay where the air quality there will be good. our highs today anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees above average. 69degrees there. 75 in moundview. a little cooler in hayward. then getting close to the 80s in those inland areas. 75 in valeo.
6:47 am
a mix of the mid-70s with a couple of 60s around the bay. 69 san francisco. santa rosa getting warmer, 88. then in the 80s mostly for the north bay. it is perfect football weather. you can enjoy beautiful sunny skies. the best tailgate weather in my opinion and it will continue for the next seven days. it will be ball. beautiful. and sunny in the 70s. >> an update on the interstate 580 closure in oakland. >> eastbound 580 is shut down west of 35th avenue because of police activity. expect delays and instead use alternate routes. there is no estimated time of reopening. >> well, what do barack obama and beyonci and then brie cheese have in common? >> bees i guess. they are all in the running to
6:48 am
be the new name of the new street in berkeley. the city's reconfiguration project will have one way stretches. they will build a new two block street to the east. the city is taking suggestions on what that street should be named. the results have been thoughtful, sarcastic, obscene and just out there. >> way want it to speak well of the city. >> bizzarkly. probably not going to make it. >> delhomme road. >> nicole. >> delhomme. >> [ laughter ] >> at the end of the year, a naming advisory committee will choose the top ten. then public works will choose the top five. then the city council will vote on it next year. the wheelchair coveraging team, now one u.s. athlete is
6:49 am
looking for sup tort to compete around the world. a the team is pretty good together. >> reporter: this will prepare u.s.a. for the competition in late november. for a chance to qualify for the world championships next march. >> it is a chess match. you're playing against the other team. they are trying to put a rock there. we're trying to take the out. >> reporter: he brings more than aft letcism to the team. >> you don't see the comments helping people come back up that maybe pushing a person to the next level. that is what he brings to the table. >> a lot of his practicing happens alone. you try to get together as a team once a month for four days to train together. >> he says the game is also pretty mental because in wheelchair curling you have to let go without a knee sweeper.
6:50 am
after saturday's game he is hoping to get the support of his community to continue his dream. >> i'm raising funds to help offset my curling expenses. >> these players say for this camp they are traveling in from other states are paying their own way to come. there is no financial support for transportation or lodging or meals. everybody is looking forward to 2022. and coming up in the next, our scholar california native dedicated to her students, family and hometown.
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures.
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where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. when this week's students rising above scholar went to college, she never left home or even the neighborhood. >> she is serving the children
6:53 am
bay teaching through her commitment to education. >> rest >> reporter: she is working her dream job, student teaching at the elementary in half moon bay, the very same school she attended as a child. >> unbelievable. i didn't think that i would be able to come back and actually student teach at the school i went to. >> the california native's education first showed her as a class volunteer and then as a paid assistant. >> it is about dreamers. >> they inspired her teaching but her family has her heart. >> my parents went into 3rd grade in mexico and then they stoppled going to school for different reasons to go to work or to help at home. >> brenda's parents came to america to give their children the educational opportunities they never had but it was touch. both list their jobs and then
6:54 am
came some devastating news. brenda's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> diabetes and it was like medical condition after medical condition. a her father took any work he would get. >> he has always taught my siblings and i, if we want something we need to work hard. there are obstacles but you have to overcome them to get to where you want to be. >> she is taking a masters and bay ling ual studies. >> her first grade teacher now a colleague. >> it is very exciting and self fulfilling. it feels so good to see her here. >> it is a welcome brenda appreciates. >> i love flat about the whole community. they have welcomed all of us back when ever we want to. >> they are celebrating her brate future. >> it is a goal and dream
6:55 am
fulfilled for all of us because i'm the first of my grandparent's 25 grandchildren to receive a bachelor's degree. >> >> and to learn more about our students rising above and its scholars go to we will be right back. do you have a young athlete at home. choose a snack with cashes before games. take gulls rest ups of water every fifteen minutes. remember, recovery is an all day process. sponsored by stanford children's health. access to excellence.
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>> it is 6:56. >> san jose police are trying to track down a carjacker who stole a dry-cleaner's van with more than 60 police uniforms. it happened on the city's west side. the van contained cleaning slips with names and phone numbers. it was later found abandoned and they are trying to determine what is missing. well it appears the
6:57 am
destructive kincade fire has stopped growing. cal fire says it is under 78,000 acres. they expect to fully contain it bay thursday. >> it could be gin bate middle of this month. transcripts of closed dar depositions on capital hill could be make rest made public as early as this week. >> here is a look at the golden gate bridge half-marathon where the marathon is just beginning. there will be road closures. it is a beautiful day for that half-marathon. take a look. it will be so nice. today is likely the warmers day out of the next seven days. we'll get close to or in the 80s in some areas before things begin to cool off by midweek but not very much. we'll still be in the mid-70s. then in the 60s along the coast. it is that high pressure system keeping in place, dry, slightly warmer conditions but absolutely beautiful conditions, as well.
6:58 am
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