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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 4, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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the former 49ers quarterback was spotted in oakland yesterday afternoon in partnership with his foundation, know your rights the fbi now in on the investigation. >> plus, apple setting unin a camp. huge way to combat the housing kaepernick handout backpacks with supplies and other critical crisis in the bay area. resources. he got a taco truck to hand out the company's 2 1/2 billion dollars pledge. >> and family and are food on his dime. he turned 32 and set off a political firestorm in 2016 refusing to give up in the when lee started kneeling search for the bay area's during the national anthem to friends whose plane vanished. >> let's get to mary lee. protest police brutality and you were hosting the bay area racial in justice. science festival this weekend. he has remained unsigned ever that is exciting. >> it was an amazing time on saturday. so many people came out. since. >> >> 5:378. today the food bank is it was so much fun to see all celebrating. it has officially delivered 1 million pounds of food to the students and getting excited about science. so if you like the weekend like college food pantries. they will celebrate with speakers and a jazz band. the weather over the weekend the food bank serves nearly we'll continue that into a new 1,000 hungry due cents every week and partners with five workweek. here is a live look looking north with r g for parts of th comings throughout the bay
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area. they want to make food coast. other ways clear skies. for concord as well 40s, low accessible for students on campus. >> another big day on wall 5os. for oakland as well as san francisco. colder in santa rosa. taking you through the day. above average temperatures with street. plus supersized trouble for mcdonald. dine din diane king hall has more. that sunshine. san francisco looking at 72 for >> reporter: we begin with two a high. oakland 74. san jose 79. cond chord looking at 80. at new records. anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees above average. friday the dow soars 301 we'll have the rest of the points. the closing high of the s&p 500 workweek and what to expect gained 29 hitting a new record. coming up. good morning. a couple cars got tangled up. it is causing a bit of a snag. china's foreign ministry said they have kept in touch but this is coming off the skyway didn't testify when they would into the fremont area exit. it is as you head off the main meet again. trade negotiators have been lines of the freeway so not trying to pin down the phase blocking any of the roadway there, but it is causing some delays. you can probably see it as you one agreement in a trade deal between the two. come off the skyway of the bay bridge. the next critical date is it is westbound 80 at the november 15th when they would fremont exit. a lot of activity there on scene. kick in. he had a consensual no metering lights yet, but
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slow through there. relationship with an employee. this trouble smother on 84 in he said it forbid managers from having pro atlantic the clearing stages. relationships with subordinate. he acknowledged the relationship and said it was a that accident cleared. we're seeing some slow and go mistake. a >> this is interesting. i'm hearing when it comes to conditions westbound 580 through the altamont pass. holiday debt hangover, >> reporter: we're going to millennials are the most accepting. >> according to credit they will pay for gifts ant other holiday goods. that is not the only ones live where the clean flun and comfortable. 49% of gen xs are going to go repair work continues. you can see the roadway still wet there. crews hard at work. into the red for the holidays people who live in that area are going to be on and off and just over a third say they expect to succumb to credit card debt. water shut off as these repairs >> i am again xer and i continue. wouldn't want to go into debt the water main broke around 9:30 last night. way don't know why or exactly over the holidays. how much water was lost but >> nobody. none of us. don't do it. >> not worth it. diane king hall. we'll keep you posted. agreed. thanks so much. back to you. have a great day. >> new this morning, tech giant apple just pledged $2.5 billion those aprs hurt. >> yes, they do. >> in fact, 5:40. straight ahead this morning,
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for the bay area housing making history playing been ball why he said it was all for crisis. one billion will go towards a good cause but wait until you affordable housing investment fund. another for a first-time home hear how long it took. >> can't wait to hear that. buyer mortgage assistance fund. half a million dollars for land welcome to monday and a new for housing. workweek. we have areas of fog along the bay area housing fund and for coast and through the golden vulnerable populations. tim cook said "affordable gate gap. i'll tell you what to expect housing means stability and dignity, op taunt and pride. when these things fallout of through the afternoon. your workweek foreca announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an reach for, too many, we know epidemic fueled by juul with their kid-friendly the course we're on is flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big unsustainable and apple is to tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette be part of the solution. >> 5:03 right now. protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, after the dead loy halloween party in orinda, still no threatening to overturn the ban on flavored arrests. a memorial is up mourning the products approved by voters. prop c means more loss of five people. jackie ward is there now as kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on families of the victims demand juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. justice this morning. >>orter: kenny, e at paul park, the first thing you i just add a spoonful to my marinades... sea once you come off highway stir frys... ...sauces. 24 in downtown orinda. just whisk it in...
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this is the memorial that has ...brush it on... sauté it. been set up for the favre it adds a "cooked all day taste" ...that doesn't take all day. better than bouillon. don't just make it. people killed halloween night. make it better. friends and family members have been visiting this spot decorating with thundershowers, candles and pictures. five people were killed when gun fair erupted inside a don't just make it. y ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price. halloween party being held at an airbnb in the city. dada! i wish... the father of the 23-year-old get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head. said several people are responsible for his son's death. he blames police for not taking shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? sufficient action when they were called there previously chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences that nate. >> the police was called at as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, 9:00. that party should have been but letting violent criminals off early shut down. endangers everyone. my son would have still been here. airbnb shouldn't have allowed ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. this party to go down. my son has a baby on the way. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. he won't be able to see this disclosures at baby, man. >> reporter: the shooting took place at a party promoted as an airbnb mansion party on social
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media. in response to the shooting, the ceo announced on twitter they are expanding manuel screening of high risk reservations and creating a party house response team. among the outpouring of love and support, something must be done. in our next half-hour, i'll tell you more about a vote happening here in orinda and how short-term rentals will do business here in orinda. jackie, than walk. 5:05. developing this morning, a desperate search under way for two san francisco residents whose small plane vanished off the lost coast. on the sleep numberhe v360 smart bed.le family and friends prayed for can it help keep us asleep? justin and 27-year-old kayla yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, save $1,000 on the new sleep number 360 rodriguez. surveillance video showing the special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. only for a limited time. two friends having dinner about 11 days ago. they took off in his red and white single engine piper arrow. last tracked five miles off the
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coast. helicopters have scattered showers that rugled terrain, but there is no sign of the pair this morning. >> a this morning, video posted good monday morning. it is 5:43. almost 5:44. roo live look looking north. to twitter appears to show a bay area teacher in front of a you can see the fog rolling in class rapping out a lesson in across the golden gate. we'll talk about what to expect black face. through the afternoon with our above average daytime highs. >> millions of people not niv to eat. i'll let you know how long that what will we do? with ai and microsoft tech knowledge of the fire. it is up to you. will last coming up. >> it happened back on >> a mary, thank you. halloween. the person who posted it wrote 5:44 now. the oscars of science and the to the educator saying he is best of hollywood and silicon white. they sent out a joint statement saying "in a school community valley. the breakthrough prize awards whereway welcome learners and families who represent cultures yesterday. it is founded by russian and relidge gence throughout billionaire. it recognizes the top the world, it hurts to know scientists in life sciences, physics and math. this insensitive ty and lack of at $3 million each, the most cultural awareness still hovers generous science prize in the in the background. as an african-american man the world. >> well, some of it ware putting into -- ware generate ag little frust foundation and history of black face reminds me of the cruelty, hatred and fear we have dealt with in the some of that money will be used
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past and still around the world for are really idfied molecules today. the action were inappropriate, unprospectsnal and insensitive. i have asked the superintendent and cells that produce pain cen steaks in producing chili peppers. to have an in immediate >> jeffrey chin, he beat out investigation. >> the kincade fire is now 78% thousands in a video competition winning a $25o,000 scholarship. he want toss attend stanford. >> now the former give nor of contained. progress has all bit stopped california is back on top of with full cone tainment expected bay thursday. flames scorched 78,000 acres. the box office. why do you care what all evacuations have been happens to her? lifted. some school districts are abuse i was her. reopening today including >> the sixth installment of the bennett valley, union, liberty school district, santa rosa city schools and two rock union terminator franchise brought in school districts with more to follow through the week. a local assistance center 29 million don't lars for the will open at the community weekend. dark fate reunites james carmen center there. with. >> this morning one man is they will help fire victims navigate recover ry efforts and provide any information people likely waking up with some need to get back on their feet.
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pretty cramped fingers. he just broke the guinness the center will be open from world record for playing 10:00 a.m. pinball. ryan clancy stood behind this to 7:00 p.m. and open through wednesday after a the twitter feud machine in milwaukee over the between governor gavin newsom weekend forget this, more than and president trump is heating 30 hours. guinness has very specific rules. his fingers have to stay on the up. the president threatening to flip ners at all times except withdraw federal wildfire funding for the state. to eat or drink. he only gets a five minute it wasn'is raising money for th the governor quickly firing back. president trump jabbed at the governor yesterday saying the environmentalist diz. hospital where his son was he said the president was "excused from the conversation. treated for kidney failure a a law professor said it is not few years ago. to blame. >> california was a red state for a good cause. or a purple state, we would not 30 hours for pinball. >> a lodge time. >> yes. >> standing for 30 hours would be seeing these tweets so ware hurt. >> diamond if that is painful or stuck in traffic for 30 playing at a political roulette with the lives of our hours. >> that would not be good. firefighters, the people whose well, that is not the case this homes are at risk. about 57% of california morning. our usual slow go conditions. altamont pass. on the than that safe along the forests are managed by federal nimitz freeway. 880 not bad in both directions.
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departments. 5:08. a look at capihill. tohouse dem southbound starting to fill in a little bit, but that is release transcripts from the typical for a monday morning drive. a few brake lights leaded to impeachment inquiry. democrats have asked nearly a the san mateo bridge. things are a little busy. dozen more people to testify 22 minutes is your drive time. about trump's dealings with speaking of experian, we have a ukraine. a a the whistle blower's secondhand account about his water main break at the experian boulevard and draw phone call with the ukraine's street. expect some closures and in president has been the reason for the inquiry. around that area. altamont pass, delays. westbound 205, stop-and-go the whistle blower gave an conditions. looks like about nag fly now and to grant line. inaccurate report about my you have a bit of a break and phone call. >> he said his client is then tapping the brake lights willing to answer in writing. when you travel near livermore as for the in quarry, public and first street. that is because we have the hearings are scheduled for broken down vehicle at first later nis month. >> san francisco voters are heading to the ballot box tomorrow. street reported as an accident there are a slew of new as well. policies. one of the biggest contests it is not blocking lanes but a ware following, e r busier than usual ride. i'm getting word of an accident reported at that 680-580
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london breed is up against five interchange. once we get more details, we challengers. voters will decide on a few will give you more. eastbound side not seeing any troubles or delays. high profile ballot measures as in the yellow. well. prop c would overturn the ban 38 minutes. not quite in the repped just yet. looks like 80 the east shore on e-cigarettes sales. freeway starting to build up, prop a&e would shore up funding as well. and space for affordable 19 minutes for your drive time housing projects and prop d would have ride-share trip toss there. 37 from 160 to 80. mary. >> all right. pay for upgrades for public well, we're looking at a chilly start to the day. transportation. a people want a district clear skies but tracking areas attorney response since to them of fog along the coast and for parts of the bay across the not the mayor. a.i. p think the city has been golden gate gap. you can see how fo in concord. already taxing us. >> and as for san francisco's city positions, candidates are oakland, 52. aiming foresawzy loft us' seat livermore 45. 55 san francisco. san jose 48. a code 37 degrees in santa after being appointed without a rosa. through the day sunshine for all of us across the bay area. public vote. for the coast, mild and sunny he replaced the late dashis in the upper 60s to low 70s. march. they are both running unopposed for their positions and lodge to the bay, low to mid 70s. time veteran paul mia mat toe will be come the next sheriff.
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inland locations popping out in the upper 70s to low 80s. you are covered for election day. we'll bring all the results and above average temperatures because of the strong ridge of high pressure. that is blocking any weather systems from coming our way. actions live on air and on this ridge will stick around to campaign 2020 now. throughout the entire week and likely into next week, as well. cam la harris qualified for the with the sun and warm debate. she will join joe biden, temperatures as we go through the afternoon and you can see elizabeth warren, bernie that on futurecast, those clear sanders and pete boudreaux. case through the day. the hopefuls will face off on because daylight saving time november 19th. cannabis getting added to the curriculum this morning. ended, we're now on standard where these marijuana studies are blooming. that is coming up. it is a foggy start across time. 6:38 for the sunrise and 5:07 the golden gate bridge this morning. what eye can expect as we head for the sunset tonight. taking you back to the through the afternoon and how south bay, 78 for sunny vail. long this dry quiet weather women last coming up. tr 79 santa clara. shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? 80 for a high in mojgan hill. 78 for cupertino. chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences 82 in concord. fairfield, 80. 70 livermore as well as bless as district attorney, even for murder. santon. 78 for pleasant hill.
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we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early daytime highs in the san francisco topping out at 72. endangers everyone. 72 for berkeley, alameda. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. 76 instantly andrew and el 2 in not authorized by a candidate santa rosa. looking at 83 for a high in or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at cloche rest cloverdale. check out the extended forecast. not a lot of change. if you like the weather over the weekend, you'll like today. for the rest of the week with that sunshine, daytime highs average this time of year and will continue into the weekend. really quickly, i want to thank everyone who came out to our science fess shall. i vote rest hosted the event over the weekend. an amazing event and loved evyone especially hearing front kids that they love science. they kicked off the event with that robot with that ribbon cutting so an awesome event. kenny. >> tank you. 5:50. the indian capital of new delhi
5:13 am
is the most polluted major city in the world today. the thick blanket of toxic smog is causing travel problems. an odd even system on cars through next week. today those with odd numbered plates are banned from roads. vehicles are blamed for 50% of the air pollution there on most days through the year. officials have also closed all schools today and all construction work has come to a halt. >> time check 5:51. >> still to come this morning, keeping up with the big kids. >> he is a normal student. he is like a baby student. he is one of us. >> coming up, the little drummer boy marching into the path of a it's game day live here at bill and julie's house,
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this morning we're getting a look at a billion dollars marijuana bust just made in southern california at the estimated street value of 10 million plants in the small city near bakersfield. the plant the were being grown as legal hemp but they apparently contained illegal levels of thc. so far no word on who was growing them or whether there have been any arrests. meantime new this morning, you can now get your degree in marijuana. >> a growing number of colleges are adding can nis bis to the
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ridge klum and you can get your master's in it, now. brandon coleman works at this dispensary but medical cannabis is personal. he uses it to treat his epilepsy. from weed to joints and edibles, he oversees the inventory but wants to take his career to a new high. a fan favorite venue ever since they got gig speed internet. he is among the 150 students xfinity gives them the ultimate home field advantage, taking part in the first it's their twelfth man, protector- master's program in medical hey, amy? want to grab a seat? cannabis at the university of julie. we're live. it's game on, with gig speed internet from xfinity. maryland. >> there is a significant need start him, sit him, trade him. simple, easy, awesome. check out gig-speed internet, for medical cannabis education. or any of our other amazing speed options. >> she said the two year get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. program is for enough visitations and professionals and covers everything from drug click, call or visit a store today. policy to clinical care and the science behind two compounds found in march. california is a morning 33 states and the district of columbia to have already legalized some form of marijuana and business is
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booming. the number of full-time jobs is going to surpass the 200,000 mark this year. >> much knowledge? >> it is huge. that is why this program is so monumental. >> students will not work with the marijuana plants because it is illegal to do so under federal law. the program meets once assem %fo mess stir. the majority of the work is done online. >> 5:16. let's get a check of your local good monday morning to you. a chilly start with clear traffic. >> it is getting busy on the skies. many locations of the areas of altamont pass. a lot of supercommuters westbound 580. we have a stalled vehicle at fog along the coast. as we head through the livermore so that will slow afternoon enjoy the sunshine. daytime highs average. 72 in an stran for a high. things down. a surface street problem on oakland 74. san jose at 79. 80 for concord. 4 to 8 degrees above average. grant lane. grant lane used as an i'll have your full forecast alternate. they are going to clear that. coming up. roadways right now. no word if any lanes are we're still busy westbound 580. blocked but westbound at 205 stop-and-go conditions on the altamont pass and southbound
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back beyond mountain stone and 680 on to 580. slow to grant line. debris in the roadway is pockets of slowing there. slowing traffic down. 39 minutes 205 to 680 to go that is your drive time to go that 23-mile stretch. if you plan to take the east west through the the pass. shore freeway, no delays or no highway 4 looking good so far this morning. traction highway 4 to the maze. your drive moving up to the a bulk of slowing 23 minutes. then a bit of a backup at the limit and no delays out of the south. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. it is building. bay bridge. >> a little drummer boy is typical monday morning drive. we have slow and go conditions on the upper deck, hopefully in being called a prodigy. >> this is impressive. the clearing stages. >> jeremiah travis from baton we have this trouble spot as you come off the skyway. rouge, louisiana is only five. his mom says she never imagined it looks like it is starting to clear. this is westbound 80 at his tapping would take him so far. he joined the band after he fremont. noticed the rhythm. it was blocking lanes of the he was only two at the time and off-ramp. possibly spectators slowing. 880 looks good in both directions with no delays as you work your way through. watching his cousin play. three years years later, he is speaking of, there is a water main break and work at the now on the field. >> he wanted to play the drums intersection. keep your eyes peeled for that. like mae.
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>> it is going against the a little foggy this morning on other band across the feet i'm the golden gate bridge. >> another vantage point. you can see that fog is like wow. >> last week the saint helena high school band played the covering the golden gate bridge half tame show for the this morning. along the coast and right to pelicans. the golden gate gap, that fog he has a work ethic far beyond his years. >> no doubt. he is definitely with the big is moving in. kids in the when you're in marching band you have to play the rhythm and have the moves daytime highs average. we're starting off chilly. you can see the temperatures too and he has it down. running into the mid-40s in >> he has the rhythm and part core chord as well as for livermore. of the drum line one day. low 5os for oakland and san francisco. lodging at upper 40s in san jose. could pay off, college 37 in santa rosa. we have the fog along the co- apple butter for parts of the scholarships for drummers. >> cute kid. time is 5:56. apple is making a multibillion bay. other locations still waking up dollars pledge for the housing to clear skies. let's show you visibility. that low cloud and fog action crisis. along the coast, to the gap, the de fails from the ceo tim cook. plus people in that is pretty much about it. it's game day live here at bill and julie's house, other locations looking at clear skies. your g the coast of sunshine as and to the golden gate gap.
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we're going to stay dry all week long with that sunshine and warm conditions. it is all because of the strong ridge of high pressure that is going to be in place. dominant weather feature over the next several days. this ridge not moving all too much blocking any weather systems from coming our way. with it above average temperatures throughout the weak. so on futurecast, taking you hour by hour, sunshine for today. our sunrise because we did have daylight saving time end and now wore at standard time, 6:38 for the sunrise and 5:07 for the sunset. above average highs today. if you liked the weekend you'll like the entire weak. we're looking at 77 in palo alto. 79 for a high in san jose. 80 for mojgan him. daytime highs topping out at 80 for concord, fairfield,
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brentwood. pleasant hill at 78 for a high. san francisco 72. also for berkeley. al me ta. low 80s santa rosa. here is the extended forecast from what you can expewick and into the weekend with those above average temperatures. a fan favorite venue ever since back to you. mary, thank you. parts of texas still mopping up they got gig speed internet. weeks after tornadoes tore through the state but now there 's their twelf hey, amy? wa? ultimate home field advantage, may be relief coming for those julie. we're live. it's game on, with gig speed internet from xfinity. who lost everything there. they have issued disaster start him, sit him, trade him. declarations in response to the simple, easy, awesome. check out gig-speed internet, damage. or any of our other amazing speed options. tomorrow dallas county get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. officials will take up a proposal where it would allow click, call or visit a store today. tornadoes properties to bow reappraised. if it passes there is no timeline yet on when the reappraisals would take place. they are expected to come at no cost to homeowners. >> straight ahead this morning,
5:21 am
another bay area county cracking down on e-cigarettes. coming up, the supervisors unique approach to get teens to help. let's head outside. take a look at the conditions on the golden gate bridge. foggy conditions there and 51 degrees in san francisco. >> and coming up at 7:00 on "cbs this morning," going one on one with punk rocker live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds. within the last few hours, apple announced a 2 1/2 billion ouch. i don't even want to think about it. comcast business has a solution. we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system dollars plan to help ease california's housing crunch. where most of that money would that automatically updates, so you always have the latest protection. end up. crews are getting ahead on the kincade fire. phishing. malware. risky sites. it can help block all of that. the new help a available for evacuees starting today. get fast internet and add comcast business securityedge a how governor gavin newsom is for just $29.95 a month. responding when trump said he it's one less thing for us to worry about. comcast business. will cut fire aid to beyond fast. california. it is monday november 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. 6:00 on the dot. call temperatures. >> happy monday to you. if you're strict ling to get out of bed and wake up, i have great news as we're looking the rest at beautiful weather ahead. >> it is a chilly start. definitely a grab that jacket or coat as you head out the door. clear skies for many of us although areas of fog along the coast and the bay through the
5:23 am
golden gate gap this morning. sun with warm temperatures above average for this time of year for all of us across and take a look at the roadways. limited visibility on the golden gate bridge. fog advisory in effect. keep your eyes peeled and the metering lights on at the bay
5:24 am
bridge. a few brake lights. the health watch. a new study mi of pediatrics. kindergarteners not getting vac inflated. personal exemption were limited. research in the uk indicates a simple blood test maybe able to defect breast cancer up to five years before there are any clinical signs of disease. the test screens immune responses sto tumor cell substances and a blood test could provide noninvasive detectiontion. highlights [ñno audioñ].
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the supervisor is proposing a ban on e-cigarettes and with teens to do it. students from san jose's link in will speak. the centers for disease control and prevention says it was 1900 cases of lung disease linked to vaping. it also says e-cigarettes use increased 78% among teens between 2017 and 2018. >> >> we are just getting word of a fire in san francisco. possibly involving homes and a business. what we know coming up next. >> following last week's deadly shooting in orinda, some city leader it's game day live here at bill and julie's house,
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5:27 am
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a fan favorite venue ever since they got gig speed internet. xfinity gives them the ultimate home field advantage, it's their twelfth man, protector- hey, amy? want to grab a seat? julie. we're live. it's game on, with gig speed internet from xfinity. stt him,im, tre him. simpsy, a. check out gig-speed internet, or any of our other amazing speed options. get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 5:30, a contra costa county city cracking down on short term rental rails following a deadly shooting at an airbnb. >> another horse dies at a southern california racetrack. protesters say enough is enough. >> get ready for a new team in oakland. this morning we're hours away from learning who will be the new oakland panthers. >> good morning. it is monday, november 4th, 2019. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. thanks for waking up with us. it is 5:30 right now. we're kicking off this monday with an extra hour of sleep. >> hopefully, you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep and a beautiful weak ahead with the sunshine. a chilly start. we're starting with temperatures in the 30s, 40 and low 5os this morning. bundle up as you head out the door with areas of fog throughout the coast and to the
5:30 am
golden gate gap this morning. temperatures above average for this time of year running 4 to 8 degrees above average. we'll stay dry all week long as the ridge of high pressure builds in and sun and warm conditions over the next seven days. topping out alt 80 in concord and fairfield. 74 oakland and 72 for san francisco. we'll have the rest of the week coming up. how is it looking for traffic? >> as far as accidents not bad, but a bit of fog as you lit the roadways. limited vision bit there. there was a fog advisory in effect issued by chp for the golden gate bridge. you can see it is a bit foggy there. limited visibility as you led across the span. still 15 minutes from the richmond san rafael bridge. bay area bridges, the bay bridge stacked up and backed up as you work your way here.
5:31 am
slow and go speeds 580 westbound. metering lights on. sluggish conditions across the upper deck into san francisco. san mateo bridge, 17 minutes your drive time. 880 to 101. no accidents or troubles along 101 through the peninsula. we have our eye on a couple of developing stories here on the live news desk. there was a water main break overnight and dozens are without water right now. the break happened at 9:30 and repairs are still going on so if you live in that area you may see your water go in and out as they do that. this roadway could be closed through this evening or e the work is going on. the investigation into what prompted that break continues. there is a big fire burning in san francisco right now in the richmond district on uri boulevard. there are a couple of businesses in this building as
5:32 am
well as some homes. we have a crew on the way to that scene. we'll keep you posted within a few minutes. back to you. >> i'm jackie ward live in downtown orinda where a lot of people are facing several emotions base of the shooting. this memorial continues to grow in downtown, and many people are urging city leaders to change the short term rental policy. tomorrow the city council will vote on it to give city time to research a long-term plan. orinda is one of the safest cities it bay area with just one homicide in the past 15 years. a city council member proposes moratoriums saying rental homes being used as party houses is ridiculous. they could ban them all entirely. a we can shut it off quickly, buy us sometime to look at this
5:33 am
more carefully and decide what is appropriate for orinda. >> reporter: in response to the shooting. ceo announced on twitter they are expanding that. the fbi is involved and they found two guns in the home where the shooting happened, but still unclear if those were used in the shooting. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> >> calls to close santa anita park are growing after another horse debt there, 37th to be put down in 11 months. mongolian groom fractured his leg on stat. just outside the race track. protesters held a vigil. they say it isn't just a problem there. it is endemic to the sport. the track made some changes to its policies on cracking down on riding crops or certain drugs but some feel it is just not enough. >> as long as horse racing is still here, horses are going to
5:34 am
be killed. there is no way to make it safer. horses are going to die. >> the race track had 18 racing deaths last year but it may not include deaths during training exercises. the track will open the winter and spring season on days 26th. right now two murder suspects are still on the run. this morning we're learning more about their brazen escape. the 20-year-old jonathan salazar and 21-year-old had been in custody at the county jail since last summer, but they turned up missing during an inmate count yesterday morning. they were both awaiting trial on unrelated murder charges. it is unclear if they worked together on the escape. now the sheriff's office is trying to figure out how they pulled it off. the high security facility is surrounded by a double layer of laser wire. if you see them, call 911 but
5:35 am
do not approach. >> it has been a week and a half since she was seen by family and friends. the last glimpse was on surveillance video of her walking into an auburn alabama store on october 24th. police later found her car in an apartment complex in montgomery, alabama 55 miles away. the front side was damaged. investigators do suspect foul play. there is a $105,000 award leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible. new this morning, an adoption scheme arrest. police say a woman from florida claimed she worked with the department of children and families and allowed a couple to take a two-year-old boy, but filed to adopt the child herself. she claimed near $4,000 in federal benefits but the couple alerted authorities when they became suspicious shus of the fake adoption process. she turned herself and placed a jail on a $2>>ba rethe bay ar
5:36 am
bart worker saved a man who fell on the train tracks. this happened at the coliseum station just after the rareders game ended yesterday. john o'connor said he was working crowd control when he saw a man in his 20s fall onto the track with the train coming towards him. he jumped into action lifted him on the platform. no word if the man was hurt from that fall. happening today, the new oakland panther indoor football league will sign the first players. >> they are set to play next year with home games in the oakland arena. lynch, the brother of panthers co-owner will be on the team. the indoor football team will be the first since the saber cats ended their run for four years ago in a dispute with the arena football league. southwest birthday fortunat
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