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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 4, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PST

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end up. crews are getting ahead on the kincade fire. the new help a available for evacuees starting today. a how governor gavin newsom is responding when trump said he will cut fire aid to california. it is monday november 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. 6:00 on the dot. call temperatures. >> happy monday to you. if you're strict ling to get out of bed and wake up, i have great news as we're looking the rest at beautiful weather ahead. >> it is a chilly start. definitely a grab that jacket or coat as you head out the door. clear skies for many of us although areas of fog along the coast and the bay through the golden gate gap this morning. sun with warm temperatures above average for this time of year for all of us across the bay area. we'll stay dry all week long with that sunshine and roh e
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concord and fairfield, a high of 80 degrees. 7 the livermore and san jose. 74 in oakland. 72 for a high in san francisco. we'll talk about the rest of the workweek coming up. >> good morning. things are starting to get busy out there for your morning drive as you head out of the south bay and altamont pass. that is where we're finding trouble spots this morning. an accident reported here, this is on 17 southbound right at lark avenue. one lane is blocked due to this crash. we're seeing slightly slower speeds as you approach the scene there. dublin interchange, brake lights here. a little slow making it to 580, 680. 580 at grant line. we have troubles there. another at north front. slower speeds because of that. brake lights out of the altamont pass. >> a we have our eye on a fire burning right now in san
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francisco. you can see there on the map where we're talking about. this is new video from the scene this morning. this fire broke out about 5:00 a.m. and you can see some smoke coming from the top of the building there. it is a mixed use building so on the bottom there are several business, a cafe', a barbershop, shoe repair store, and then apartments there on the top. you can see a firefighter there on the roof as they have been driving to contain this fire. way don't know where it started at this point. it looks like the building will be allowed to stand as e ryarlythis morning. there is the barbershop i mentioned so that could be where they are focusing their efforts right now. do hoof another crew on their way there right now. back to you. and thank you. 6:02. apple announced a 2 1/2 billion
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dollars plan to help address the housing crisis in california. tim cook made that among the this morning. he called it an unprecedented commitment to affordable housing and urged other silicon valley companies to contribute. they will contribute to a new investment fund for low and moderate priced housing and reducing the cost. some will go to mortgage assistance for new home buyers. they will t aside $300 million of company land to have new affordable housing. that shooting in orinda. they are mourning the loss of five people. kpix 5's jackie ward is there now as friends and filmily of therwe're at paul
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park. you enter downtown orinda. this is where the memorial has been set up for the five people who were killed on halloween night. friends and family members visiting the spot since the shooting decorating the memorial with flowers, candles and pictures. five people were killed when gunfire erupted at a party at an airbnb in the city. she says several people are responsible for his son's death. he blames police for not taking sufficient action when hay had been called there previously that night. >> the police was called at 9:00. that party should have been shut down. if it would have been, my son would have still been here. p airbnb, you shouldn't have allowed this party to go down. my son loose a baby on the way. he is not going to be able to see his baby, man. the shooting tock place at
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a party policed as an airbnb mansion party on social media. in response to the shooting, airbnb said they are expanding screening on high risk versevations and they will have a party response team. the mood is something must be don't i'll be explaining more about the what the city council will vote on tomorrow in regard to short term rentals here in the city. jackie ward, kpix 5. a community resource center is opening to help people from the kincade fire. state and volunteer organizations will connect residents to the resources and information that they need. that the heels bur community center will open at 10:00 this morning. agencies will help togetherness tis and deal with insurance and dispose of debris. meantime, the fire is now 78% contained this morning.
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progress has all but stopped with full containment by thursday. flames scorched nearly 78,000 acres so far. all evacuation orders from the kincade fire have been lifted. meanwhile sonoma county is keeping some schools closed, because of the fire. they will be closed altoday and wind store unified will stay closed through wednesday. the governor is fighting back after president donald trump threatened to pull federal aid, meant to deal with the wildfire threat in california. he accused governor gavin newsom of doing a terrible job. he tweeted you don't believe in climate change, you're excused from this conversation. this is the second time the president has gone after california for management. experts point out more than half the forester land in
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california is managed by federal agencies. the idea that california has somehow been irresponsible and essentially set a match on our own is not correct. if you want to know who is right, ask the scientists not the politicians. science change has contributed to what we're experiencing now. the fires burning across california have score nd ched more than 100,000 acres in automatic. one more day until voters head to the polls for election day. in san francisco, the mayor is running for a full term after winning a special election to replace the late head lead. she is up against five challenges but expected to win easily. they will decide on a half dozen measures, prop c. e- cigarette maker juul spent thousands of dollars but to
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back away a month ago. a pair of big housing initiatives are on this year's ballot. prop a would allow the city to it will be sure $600 million in bonds for affordable housing projects. they would amend for 100% on publicly zoned land. kpix has you covered. we'll bring you all the results and reactions live on air and online. time is if 6:08. they are trying to find two residents after a small plane vanished off the coast. what friends are saying about the pair. truckers will come to a standstill to protest the new state law. why they say their livelihoods are in jeopardy. we're kicking off a new
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workweek with taabout what to e in the work weak ahead coming up. shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate
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or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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good monday morning. a foggy start to the day a lodge the coast and for parts of the bay, the golden gate bridge camera and soggy conditions this morningn't. be careful out there. i'll tell you what we expect in a few minutes. >> right now oakland police are hunting for a suspect in a carjacking. a white chrysler was reported stolen out of the richmond yesterday morning. it was spotted on the i-580 freeway before it rammed into a toyota suv. both cars stopped and the suspect reportedly fired around before carjacking the suv at gunpoint. no injuries to report from the
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incident. the suspect was last steen heading east. 6:12. a desperate search is under way for two san francisco residents. family and friends gathered to pray for the 43-year-old and 27- year-old. surveillance video shows the two friends having dinner 11 days ago on october 24th. this is the last time they were seen. they took off in his red and white single-engine plane. they were tracked five miles off the coast. they scoured that terrain, but still no sign of the pair this morning. if you knew these people, you knew that if anybody was going to sure strive an ordeal, it would be them so the family is full of faith that they will be back home. he just finished his
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certification to become a more physician. they set up a gofundme page to help with the search. they are celebrating their new oakland campus and a major program to shore up education for oakland students. the new headquarters. they will promote the oakland promise. it seeks to increase the number of oakland public school students who graduate college by 2025. there will also be a cooking demonstration from oakland's chef and it starts at 110 hock rest clock this morning. >> truckdrivers will bring their rigs to a standstill to protest a new law that could leave them bankrupt. they will insure good wages and been fises for uber or lyft drivers, but the law will have up in tendnd consequences and will prevent them from working as independent contractors, taking away the mention built
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they rely on. i get to take my kids to school. i can pike them up from school. i take them to soccer practice, swimming. that is something that a lot of people cannot do. >> i think it is a one size fits all model to fix a problem created by one company. >> truckers want to be granted an exemption from the law before it takes affect on january 1st. >> the golden gate bridge has disappeared. >> it has. it is foggy out there. mary will have more on that, but it will affect your drive especially as your commute is there. careful working your way across the span. we don't see the bulk of the commute intim after 7:00 so re but as far as drive times still 15 minutes from san rafael richmond bridge to san
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francisco. not quite the case for the bay bridge. a troubled spot an hour and a half ago. it did cause a bit of a backup. you're seeing our approaches now. westbound 580 and eastbound. a bit better into san francisco this morning. as far as the drive goes, brake lights into richmond. and into berkeley as well. 31 minutes for drive time. 40 minutes from 205 to 680. a couple things here as well. as you work westbound, that vehicle now clear. westbound 580 at first street. a trouble spot there, as well. you're slow just east of there, as well coming out of crazy. >> tack on a none five minutes and then another 37 to 40 minutes toward thblin tercnge. >>and go conditions.
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because of that, there is a water main break affecting the intersection there. you can see on our golden gate bridge camera how u fog guess it is to start ave the day. watching that fog along the coast and to the golden gate gap this morning. this is looking south with those golden colors in the sky. clear skies as we look south and our sales force many waking up to clear skies this morning. it is a chilly start. grab the jacket or coat as you head out the door. mid-40s in concord. san francisco 51. h8 san jose and a cold 36 degrees right now in santa rosa. your microclimate for case, all of us will see that sunshine. lower 70s for the coast. low to mid 70s and low 80s. above average temperatures for this time of year.
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the reason why the strong ridge of high pressure building in. that will be the dom mention weather feature klute other the entire week. if you like the past weekend, we'll continue with that weather. quiet weather pattern through the week. with that sunshine and warm temperatures. as we go on futurecast, clear skies throughout the day. our sunrise now at 6:38 this morning. sunset at 5:07. daytime highs 4 to 8 degrees. south bay, 78 in sunny val. 80 in mojgan hill. looking at daytime highs at 80. concord as well as brentwood. 7 the livermore. 78 for walnut creek, pleasant little. a high of 72 in san francisco. same for berkeley and 76 for
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san leandro. san rafael at 25. 83 for a high in cloverdale. here is the extended forecast. we'll continue with above average temperatures with that sunshine not just today, but through the work woke and into the weekend. sunshine across the board. if you like mild to warm temperatures, you have got it for the next several days. >> i want to thank everybody who attended the science festival. so much fun and a love meeting all of you. a shout out to the high school and richmond highs robotics team. they kicked off the event with a ribbon cutting and that robot that caught the ribbon but so much for everyone who came out. off some job out there mary. 6:19 right now. a fierce backlash against attorneyer who delivered to give a lesson on black face. how leaders are now responderring. a live look out south from
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announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an epidemic fueled by juul with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big
6:21 am
tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarettehe s froe threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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6:t3. new this morning out of kings county. an off duty police officer is dead after trying to stop a fight between family members at a birthday party over the weekend. police say the suspect ramiro treviño jr. was fighting with his jun jor. officer diaz and ramiro sr. tried to stop it. the gun was turned on himself. they were trying to do the right thing by calming the situation and getting parties
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separated and unfortunately, it just escalated. >> the suspect's girlfriend was not hurt. officer diaz and the suspect were pronounced dead at the scene. the other victim us in critical condition this morning. we are still awaiting an update on the condition of a man rescued from the bar tracks. the man fell off the platform to the coliseum station after the raiders game ended yesterday. a bar worker was working crowd control when he saw the man fall when the train approached. john o'connor lifted the man to safety. he has worked for bart for 20 years. a teacher drumming in black face. >> the incident apparently happened at the school on halloween. the person posted the video on twitter wrote the edge kador is
6:25 am
white. the school and district sent out a joint statement saying in a school community where we welcome learnness and families with religions throughout the world, it hurts to know this still hoverers in the background. the school board president sent out this statement saying "as an african-american man the history of black face reminds me of the cruelty, the hatred and fear my parents and people have dealt with in the past and still experience today around the world. the actions were inappropriate, unprofessional and in sincetive. i asked the superintendent to have an immediate investigation be conducted. 6:25. crews are getting the fight against the fires. we'll have an update on their progress. >> we're live at an apartment fire in san francisco this morning. the bidding ought so housing
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several businesses. the latest from the scene coming up next. >> plus city officials in orinda ar
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call now to get your comcast business 10 minute advantage and take your business beyond. comcast business. beyond fast. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a pair of murder suspects are on the run this morning. their daring escape from the
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jail. >> a live look at capitol hill where a key developments in the impeachmentment could come as soon as today. what house lawmakers have planned. good morning. is is monday, november 13th, 2017. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time is 6 chop 30. here is mary lee. a look at the forecast. >> we have temperatures impeacher 30s, 40s and low 5os. grab the jacket or coat and check out this beautiful live look with our future cam. so our temperatures, concord at 45. oakland 52. 50 in san francisco. san jose at 48. santa rosa, a cold 36 degrees. as we head through the afternoon, above average temperatures with that sunshine. we'll keep that going through the week. in fact, 80 in fairfield and concord. topping out at 74 in oakland and 72 for a high in san
6:31 am
francisco. we'll have the rest of the workweek coming up. let's check the hot spots. >> we have a few of them especially through the altamont pass, 580. a busy area. we'll look at the travel times first. you can see you're in the red as you work your way from 205. 40 minutes drive time. the problem is we are having trouble on the bay they saw delays. now we have a crash as you work along the freeway at carlson. a slow and go ride anyway. brake lights as you work your way into berkeley. south bay, we have reports of a trouble spot on 17. as you work your way south bound, looks like this accident still stuck in one lane causing a bit of a backup. then a vehicle fire.
6:32 am
that roadway is closed at 35 as they get a handle on it. >> >> we're going live to the richmond district in san francisco where firefighters are still trying to put out a fire that started in a large building as you can sea there on the left-hand side of the your screen that has several apartments, the top floors and businesses on the bottom floors. this fire brokeout around 5:00 this morning. so it has been going for about an hour and a half now. firefighters say there is still some fire and smoke trapped in some of the walls and attic of that building. the investigation is to exactly how this started continues but in the meantime, those people had to evacuate at about 5:00 this morning. they were woke ken up and had to get out of their homes. they have no idea when they can go back. back to you. >> i'm jackie ward live
6:33 am
downtown orinda where a lot of people are facing several emotions following last week's tedly shooting and this continues to grow. some people are urging city leaders to change its short term rental policy. tomorrow the city council will vote on a temporary more e tore yum to give the city time to research a long-term plan. orinda is one of the safest cities with only one homicide in the last 15 years. denny proposed this saying allowing rental homes to be used as party houses is ridiculous. the city could ban just houses and allow single bedroom rentals or ban them all entirely. so we can shut if ought quickly, buy us time to look at this more carefully to see what is appropriate for orinda. >> a in response to the shooting, the ceo said they are
6:34 am
expanding manual screening of high risk reservations and creating a party house response team. the suspect or suspects remain out there. the fbi is involved. they found two guns inside the home where the shooting happened, but ware not sure if those guns are related to the shooting. jackie ward, kpix 5. in our fire watch, crews continue to make progress on the kincade fire. it is 78% contained. forward progress has all but stopped with full containment expected by thursday. it scorched nearly 78,000 acres all evacuation orders have been lifted. crews are also getting a handle on the maria fire. it has burned over 9,000 acres. at least check it was 70% contained. cal departments are working together on the blaze. a grant was also scarborough. southern california edison
6:35 am
reenergized it 13 minutes before the fire was reported. taking a live look from capitol hill. house democrats are expected to release transcripts of testimony in the impeachment inquiry. lawmakers have been hearing from witness ps behind closed doors on pretty press' dealing with ukraine. so far four more white house officials have been called to give deposition today. none of them is expected to show up. meanwhile, president trump es ramping up his attacks. the secondhand account about the president's phone call back in july with ukraine's president has been the road map for the impeachment inquiry. house democrats stay there is no reason to question that person because they cooperated details through other testimony. >> >> cam la harris has qualified for the next president tial debate. she climbed 4%wall
6:36 am
street journal poll. december's debate will be hosted by cbs news and politico. she joins front runners joe biden, elizabeth en, bernie sas pat te. her mpaigns jumped following a major reorganization effort. salaries were kit and already sources were diverted to the first primary in iowa. [crowd noise] this morning protesters in hong kong are voicing their anger, they took over a mall after officers in riot gear were sent into break up riots over the weekend. they have gone increasingly giant. >> the indian capital of new delhi, the most polluted city in the world. the thick blanket of toxic smog
6:37 am
is cautioning chaos. odd even system on cars through friday of next week. today, cars will odd numbered plates are banned from the roads. vehicles are blamed for 50% of their air pollution on most days through the year. here tryingto track down pe front jail. 20-year-old and 21-year-old had been in the facility since last during an inmate count yesterday morning. they were both awaiting trial on unrelated murder charges. it is unclear if they worked together on the escape. the sheriff's office is still trying to figure out how they slipped away. the fay silt is surrounded by a double layer of razor wire. during the search we found some of their inmate clothing just outside of the perimeter so we know that they did make it outside of the jail. >> this is not the first time that somebody escaped the county jail and makes you
6:38 am
wonder how is it possible? >> both men are considered dangerous. police say if you see them, call 911 and do not approach them. >> 6:37. california's horse racing industry under the microscope again this morning. the latest at a famed racetrack. plus one university is launching a first of its kind marijuana studies program. we'll have a closer look at the curriculum. >> and wall street opened up about ten minutes
6:39 am
6:40 am
shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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%fo good monday morning. we have that onshore flow that way know and love so much. you can see how foggy it is for parts of the coast and through the golden gate gap. clear skies in other locations. we'll talk about the week ahead coming . wi definitely ctyour
6:42 am
drive this morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge, limited visibility. foggy sports as well reported along highway 1 into daly city. limited visibility there, as well. bay bridge is busy. you're stacked up with the metering lights on. >> 6:42. calls to close after another horse death. a horse put down was the 37th death at the racetrack. he fractured his leg on saturday. just outside the race track protesters held a vigil. they say the problem isn't just there. it is endemic to the sport of horse racing. they made some changes including cracking down on riding crops or certain drugs, but some feel it is just not enough. as long as horse racing is still here, horses are going to be kid. there is no way to make it
6:43 am
safer. horses are going to die. >> they had 18 racing deaths last year but they may not include deaths during practice. they will open on december 26th. a she is proportioning a ban on e-cigarettes and teaming up with teens to do it. two students will speak about their experiences with vaping. the centers for disease control and prevention says 37 deaths and 190 okays of lung disease. it's increased 78% among teens between 2017 and 2018. business is bamming for the marijuana industry and a masters program is adding cannabis to their correct klum. they have an online masters program in all things marijuana. it covers drug policy to the science behind the scenes the
6:44 am
active components in march plar. the two year degree is for novices and professionals. there is a significant need for medical cannabis education. >> how cbd or thc or both are used in the treatment of certain diseases. and to know the drug interactions. students will not work with the marijuana plants because it is illegal to do so under federal law. >> mcdonald's ceo is without a job this morning and under armour is facing a federal criminal investigation. >> joining us now is financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning. two major consumer brands getting the wrong kind of attention this morning. steve easter brock was fired bate company over an employee relation slip. it violated the company's policies. he agreed he has to go. wall street not happy with
6:45 am
that. shares of mcdonald's down 2%. under armour according to the wall street journal is being investigated bate justice department and securities and exchange commission over its a counting practices. this after founder and ceo kevin plank just a week and a half ago stepped down as ceo to become the company's brand image officer. they are diving by 15% in the early going today. overall the stock market looks good. this is the nasdaq and s&p 500. each rising further into record territory after closing at record highs on friday. dow up 150 points. nasdaq gaining 56. s&p 500 is up by 15 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> okay jason, thank you. >> a if:45. the oscars of science. the elite joined for the breakthrough prize awards
6:46 am
yesterday. what comes to mind when you hear sciences? scientists. >> the annual event is found id by the russian billion flare and recognizes the top scientists. at $3 ion each, the most thworl what we do with that? >> that is a good question. well, some of it ware putting into generating a little trust or foundation and we'll use that for a really important thing is education. uc sf identified molecules and cells that produce pain sensation in studying chili peppers. the jr. challenge winner jeffrey chin, beat out thousands winning a $25o,000 scholar slip and he to attend stanford. >> a sprawling science fair
6:47 am
over san francisco at san francisco's or cack el park on saturday. mary lee was the emcee for the day. >> jumbotron. it's included hundreds of hands- on experiments and games and robots. it is the lead organizers of the vines fair. the university hosted 40 exhibit booths to showcase the latest research. if you haven't checked out mary's twitter and instagram, it is there. >> it was such an incredible's vent. i'm a science geek so s.t.e.m. education is a passion of mine so to see so many people out there, thousands out there over the weekend, the kids experiencing and discovering science. i heard so many kids say wow, i didn't think science could be so fun and cool. >> very cool. >> amazing event. >> that is awesome. lots of experiments and tyra banks says it is sexy so there
6:48 am
you go. >> yes. >> let's check the traffic. >> let's do it. we're going to jump over to the eastshore freeway. slow and go conditions. westbound. we have this crash at carlston. trying to clear it over to the shoulder. it is causing a bit of a backup. brake lights coming away from highway 4. brake lights into berkeley. that drive on 80 starting to heat up. it doesn't improve once you hit the bay bridge. metering lights are on. 580 east shore free bearings 880 northbound bogging down a little bit. you can sea delays there. westbound 580 improving slightly. we had a handful of accidents. everything has been cleared. you're still bis sus westbound from 205 connecting on to 580. delays back. a bit of a break. then tapping the brake lights through the livermore valley. a little slow there, as well. clearing an accident northbound 238. looks like it is over to the
6:49 am
shoulder. traffic a little slow out of that area as well. westbound highway 4 from antioch to the eastshore freeway, 34 minutes. 39 minutes highway 4 to the maze on 80. so just a little bit better there. san mateo bridge, things slow coming away. toll plaza, 18 minutes drive. the golden gate bridge it is there. limited visibility as you work your way across. foggy spots to look out for this morning. keep that in mind as you hit the roadways. you do have some slow conditions in the north bay. your drive times 40 minutes. south 101 from highway 12 to 37 but it is foggy. >> that is right especially along the coast and parts of the bay. clear skies and a gorgeous sunrise. looking south.
6:50 am
isn't that a beautiful, spectacular start to the day? now, it is looking north at the golden gate bridge. you can see the fog. the temperatures this morning, chilly start for sure. grab that jacket or coat as you head out to work and school. mid 40s in concord and livermore. oakland and san francisco low 50s. in per 40 in san jose. good morning to you. a cold 36 in santa rosa. we'll also the sun through the afternoon. for the coast in per 60s to low 70s. in the bay low to mid 70s in the locations topping out in the low 80s with the sun. it is because stng ridge of high pressure in control for us. the dominant weather feature through the workweek and weekend as well. expect that sunshine and warming above average daytime highs for today. you can see on futurecast all that sun as we go through our afternoon. sunrise was at 6:38. our sunset now at 5:07.
6:51 am
of course earlier standard time now. looking ahead to the afternoon we'll see temperatures running 4 to 8 degrees above average for this time of year. to the south bay, 79 santa clara and san jose, 80 in mojgan hill. 78 cupertino. 80 for a high in brentwood. 79 livermore and bless santon. pleasant hill at 78. 72 san francisco. 70 for oakland. 82 for a high in santa rosa. topping out at 83 in cloverdale. here is the extended forecast. if you liked the weather from over the weekend, you'll like today and the rest of the week. the high pressure system really blocks any weather systems from coming our way. above average temperatures wirth the sunshine and into the weekend. back to you. mary, thank you. 6:51. apple is making a multibillion
6:52 am
dollar pledge to for the housing crisis. details from city of orinda may be making changes to its short term rental policy following that lor horrific shooting that happened at an airbnb last weak. >> a good morning. ahead on "cbs this morning" we're one year from election day. voters tell us what issues matter most to them. plus john dickerson with what to expect from the candidate as. also take a flight in a plane with newlanding technology. we'll show you how the system is expected to save lives. one on one with iggy pop, the iconic punk rocker and in states into his year and what makes his new album neat. we'll see you at 7:00. taking a look outside as it takes a village to raise a child.
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c1 i'm jackie ward live in downtown orinda where a memorial continues to grow for the victims of last week's shooting at people grieve. the shooting killed five people and the suspects remain at large. the fbi is now involved in the investigation and two guns were found inside the home, but it is unclear if they were used in the shooting. the shooting happened inside this home at a party promoted on social media as an airbnb mansion party. tomorrow the city council will vote on a temporary moratorium on short-term rentals to give the city time to research a long-term plan. orinda is one on the safest cities with only one homicide in the past 15 years. dennis proposed this saying allowing rental homes as party ridiculous. the city could ban them
6:57 am
automatic. airbnb ceo announced on twitter they are going to have high risk atng party house response police have been called and notified about this party three times before showing up. live in orinda, jackie ward, kpix 5. 6:57. a look at the top stories. >> forward progress on kincade fire and all evacuation orders lited. it burned nearly 78,000 able curbs and 78% contained. they are opening today. state and volunteer organizations will help people find food, deal with insurance and get rid of debris. >> the firefighters knocked down a two alarm structure fire this morning. this one broke out around 5:00 on geary boulevard near 18th avenue in the central richmond district. crews say everyone evacuated and no one was hurt. >> hours ago, tech giant apple
6:58 am
pledged $2.5 billion for the bay area housing crisis. the majority of the money will go towards an affordable housing investment fund and first buyer mortgage assistance fund. >> they are looking for two san francisco residents after their small plane vanished. the 43-year-old justin wintry and 27-year-old kayla rodriguez were last seen before takeoff on october 24th. the plane was last spotted on radar about favre miles off that coast. >> a broken water main left dozens without water service this morning. it happened at the corn of experian and drew straight. no immediately reports offish juries but drivers are encouraged to avoid the area. a live look at the golden gate bridge where it is all rest sluggish across the span due to limited visibility so slower speeds through there. drive times about 17 minutes
6:59 am
ago from the richmond san rafael bridge into the city. bay bridge, metering lights are on. busyroid. that vehicle blocking. westbound 580 at kellar. three-car crash reported blocking one lane. well foggy along the coast and you can see the roof camera. blue skies. a chilly start. temperatures in the mid 30s. mid-40s for concord and low 5os for oakland. as we head through the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine. daytime highs above average running about 80. concord this afternoon, 79 stan san. 74 oakland. 72 san francisco. the extended forecast. plenty of sun. we'll stay dry and quiet during the workweek and into the weekend with above average temperatures for the next several days. hope you're off to a good
7:00 am
start on this monday morning. your next local update at good morning to you our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. whistle-blower testimony? the unnamed official who revealed the phone call at the heart of the impeachment inquiry says he'll answer republicans' questions. travelers murder mystery. a missing husband and wife from new hampshire are found in a shallow grave in south texas. why the manhunt for the killers could go international. safety in the sky. first on "cbs this morning," we take a test flight to show a new automatic landing system that could save lives at the touch of a button. and punk rock pioneer. iggy pop has performed his way fo han 50 y tls us how his lust fo


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