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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  November 4, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and now at 5:30, a decision on what to do with the last big chunk of open land on the san jose south side, a long time target for development, but this time the environment has won. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm allen martin. >> reporter: the land was annexed by the city of san jose decades ago and talked about as a potential home for tens of thousands of people as well as campuses for companies like apple and sisco, but now it appears it will be set aside as open space. the coyote valley is a narrow space of south san jose land between the diablo range and santa cruz range.
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now because of an agreement between the city and environmental groups, 937 acres of this lands will likely be purchased and set aside as a permanent open space. >> this agreement is enormous. >> reporter: environmentalist roger castillo says it traps fresh water for san jose beneath the ground and also benefit wildlife that will be able to pass from one mown range to another without significant barriers. >> it is really important to get animals their corridor to move from one peak to another and keep biodiversity. >> reporter: but it's not what long time property owners wanted >> close to 90 years in the
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valley. >> reporter: ken's family has grown cherries in the area for years, and he's afraid the land will stagnate. >> we're just looking for existence, that's all. >> reporter: and he questions why san jose will let go of space for industry and housing. >> i don't know any place in the world where they don't need homes more than in this area. >> reporter: the city council still has to vote to approve the agreement, and they may have to challenge the decision to court opponents say. >> the price of the land hasn't been disclosed, but the funds come from the voter approved measure t. the peninsula open space trust as well as the santa clara open space authority. more people than ever before aging into homelessness. right now more than half the homeless population is over the age of 50. tonight as part of the original series, project home, we sit
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down with the ucsf doctor who studying the aging homeless population for more than 2 decades. her team was awarded $30 million to study housing and homelessness, and she talked to susie steimle about solutions. >> we're willing to spend all these resources for relatively modest improvements but we can't get people housed. really the difference between someone housed and someone not housed is really profound. >> we'll introduce you to a man homeless for the first time in his life after the age of 50. they found most people ending up aging on the street suffered a major life development like housing their spouse. here's a look at our top stories at 5:30. a dramatic rescue on the bart tracks. >> that video everyone is talking about. it's the man rescued by a bart track supervisor milliseconds before that train came through.
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john o' conn humble ro telling reporters today that he didn't realize how close the train was, but he would do it again. a teacher is taking heavy criticism for wearing black face in his high school classroom in milpitas as part of a halloween costume meant to resemble a rapper. the teacher is now on administrative leave. >> and here's where kincade fire victims can get help. a new fire resource center opened to all sonoma county residents regardless of immigration status. it will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. through wednesday. a double murder trial is on hold indefinitely in san mateo county. a 26-year-old is accused of stabbing 2 men to death in june of this year. it was a taxi driver and tow truck driver. he lured his victims to a deserted stretch of skyline boulevard and wood side on 2 successive nights. 2 doctors said he's mentally
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unfit to stand trial. on friday a judge agreed. decide in december which state hospital to send the suspect. it's still possible that after being treated he could eventually stand trial. today california's attorney general announced a spike in arrests related to illegal marijuana grows. during statewide raids this year, 148 people were arrested, 168 weapons seized, and 950,000 plants from 345 raided grow sites, a total of 25 tons of processed marijuana were recovered. all of those figures are up from 2018. >> individuals who poison our waters, damage our public lands, and weaponize the illegal cannabis black market must and will be brought to justice. >> the california ongoing operation is the largest illegal marijuana grow eradication program in the country. 4 suspects were arrested in morocco over the weekend in a
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residential armed robbery. it happened last night on donald drive. they were arrested on suspicion of stealing more than 10 pounds of marijuana. the suspects were armed with baseball bats. at least 1 reportedly spotted with a gun. none of the people inside the home was injured. the city of oakland officially welcoming an important new neighbor. blue shield of california cut the ribbon on its new headquarters in the heart of downtown. they announced they were moving across the bay in 2017, leasing 27,000 square feet of office space. the mayor was there to welcome them. >> it's so incredible to be on this journey, to see blue shield across the bay. you have to admit the weather is awesome here, isn't it? look at this day, come on! your new beautiful home here in oakland, california. >> blue shield also used the occasion to announce a $1 million donation to oakland promise. the city's program to increase
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the number of public school students who graduate college. tomorrow voters around the country and certainly parts of the bay area will go to the polls. the san francisco mayor london breed expected to face an easy re-election running for a full term. she's up against 5 challengers. she won a special election in june of 2018 to replace the late mayor ed lee. san francisco voters will also decide on a half dozen ballot measures including prop c that would overturn the city's current ban on e-cigarette sales. the e-cigarette maker juul initially spent millions of dollars to overturn the ban, then backed away from support of prop c about a month ago. voters in brentwood will decide on a decision to amend the city's urban limit line and potentially add thousands of new homes. measure l would authorize an 815-acre development project in what's currently open space.
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opponents say farms have the most to lose, but supporters point to the desperate need for housing in the bay area. kpix 5 has you covered for election day. tomorrow we'll bring you all the results and action live on the air and on i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. a south carolina aid for tom steyer's presidential campaign has been accused of stealing volunteer data from kamala harris' campaign. the democratic national committee said they quickly caught the attempt friday by dwayne sims to export harris' data. now the campaign says it does not have possession of that data and it was his campaign that noedparty officials. now party initials are denying that tonight and they say they
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have sent a cease and desist letter to his campaign. sims claims he destroyed the stolen data he has been placed on administrative leave over the weekend while steyer's campaign conducts an internal investigation, and we have no comment from kamala harris' campaign. i'm ken bastida at the live desk, back to you. coming up, a woman survives a crazy accident, impaled by a metal bar on the highway. officers trying to figure out how exactly this happened. >> and astronauts get to try something never done before. baking in zero gravity. >> coming up new at 6:00, a bay area tech giant announcing a generation donation to help the growing housing crisis, but some question just how philanthropic is it really. about making choices.
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weight loss, hair loss, and changes in certain blood tests. if you've progressed on hormone therapy, and have a pik3ca mutation... ...ask your doctor about piqray. a freak accident like something straight out of a movie. a metal bar flew into a car on highway 99 near sacramento and impaled a woman in the leg. here's more on the puzzle officers are trying to piece together. >> this is some crazy stuff i've seen. >> reporter: a truck driver can probably tell you a thousand different stories from the countless miles they've driven throughout the years, but highway patrol say it's looking for a specific driver to tell his story. chp wants to know what caused the metal bar to end up in the middle of highway 99, bounce up, pierce a car, and impale a woman in her leg.
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they're trying to determine if it came off the truck, or was already in the e kickt up. but what's a truck driver's responsibility in the situation? officer mark harris says it's the truck driver's responsibility to make sure their truck is secured top to bottom. >> a big rig driver is responsible for checking the load when he leaves. if it's a pickup truck hauling something, it's your responsibility to make sure the cargo is secure. >> reporter: some truck drivers saying it's a responsibility they don't take lightly. >> if something is loose, pull over. that's everybody's life. you want to go home and everybody else wants to go home too. >> every time i get in my seat, it's like my first day. i respect it. i'm not scared of it like i used to be, but i respect it. >> ryan hill reporting. the woman we're told is now in stable condition. critical test today for boeing's sner caule. >> 3, 2, 1, 0
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>> lift off. >> boeing was testing a catastrophic failure at 4,000 feet and the ability to bring that capsule and crew inside back to earth safely. even though one of the chuted failed to deploy, the test was considered a success. it will some day supply nasa with vehicles to transport astronauts to and from the international space station. and the crew of the international space station received a special delivery today. a one of a kind oven that can bake fresh cookies in space for the first time. the space oven is the brain child of zero g kitchen. they teamed up with double tree by hilton to bake the hotel chains iconic cookies in space. the special oven has holders to keep the dough from floating off the cookie sheet. it's a first step at making long space trips more gamrd ly year w when people ar
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solar system, they'll have a better way to bake food in transit. >> and some pre-baked cookies were also sent so if the baked cookies don't turn out well, they'll still get a chocolate chip cookie fix. easy bake oven for astronauts. today president trump welcomed the nationals to the white house, celebrating their first ever world series win beating the houston astros in 7 games. the players walked out to baby shark played by the marine core band. that's never happened before. ryan zimmerman praised them and also took a swing at the
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impeachment inquiry. >> america just fell in love with nats baseball. that's all they wanted to talk about. that and impeachment. i like nats baseball much more. >> and kurt suzuki put on a make america great again hat that resulted in that hug, ooh, awkward, from the president. looks good on you though. darren! oh darren. >> should we switch to atmospheric topics now? >> no hats. >> i want to take a minute and enjoy something. this is the first 5:00 newscast experience a sunset on standard time, right? because we turned the clocks back. the sunset at 5:08 means now you have all the real pretty colors on the horizon. last week we would have had to wait until 6:00. now we get it earlier. the sun has already gone down. thatmarine layer thho
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for a lot of us we felt it. the relative humidity, moisture in the air starting to improve. that's a good thing for many of us living with really dry air the last week and a half. now we're getting some improvement. but we need to talk about the temperatures. concord at 81 today. there's the spread across the bay area. it was 71 in san francisco. that's only like 3 degrees above average. but concord hitting 81, for an inland location, let's talk about the next few days. looking at the average, even show i just showed the on shore surge and low clouds, that's only for the bay, only right there. but if you're inland you didn't notice much of a change today. and watch what happens over at least the next 5, we'll stay well above average. 69 would be the average. we'll be pretty much 10 degrees above that mark for the next 5 days and longer.
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let's do another comparison. if 69 is the average for concord, let's come into the bay. oakland, the average is 66. look where we'll be the next 5 days. staying well above it. at least the humidity levels have come back up. but the temperatures are not necessarily coming down. just to show you, even in san francisco where the average is 66, we'll be in the 70s for the next 5 days. let's get everybody in here for the daytime highs tomorrow. 83 in the warm spot, morgan hill, that's you. fremont, your temperature comes up to 75. concord, there's the 80. and 82 in livermore, 78 vallejo. let's get over towards the west, and we'll see the numbers noticeably cooler near the water. alameda 72, sausalito 71, and santa rosa at 79, and 83 in cloverdale. so as long as we still have this ridiculously exaggerated
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pattern, and when you bring in the colors on the clouds, you can trace the outline and the atmosphere is forcing any weather different or interesting to go back the other way and up into alaska, and then down into the midwest. if you have any friends or family back in the midwest, they're experiencing temperatures just as far below average as we experience them above average. we're kind of locked in a pattern right now. and looking at the rest of the seven-day forecast it doesn't change. and this takes us out to the full 7, and if you missed the early part of the newscast, i showed you the long range outlook, and that showed a high rate of confidence that we'll stay below average for precipitation, so it's an interesting start to november. we'll see how i plays out. now back to you. thanks darren. coming up, an airline slashing prices on flights to hawaii. why you'll want to keep an eye on the surf.
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f0 when this week's students rising above went to school, things were different. >> now she's teaching students rough commitment to education. >> reporter: brenda acosta is
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working her dream job, student teaching at the very same school she attended as a child. >> unbelievable. i didn't think i would be able to come back and actually student teach at the school that i went to school at. >> reporter: the california native's dedication to education showed early on, first as a class room volunteer, and then as a paid assistant. >> it's about dreamers and immigration. >> reporter: community concerns inspire brenda's teaching, but it's her family who has her heart. >> my parents went up to third grade in mexico and then stopped going to school for different reasons. to go to work or help at home. >> reporter: brenda's parents came to america to give their children the educational opportunities they never had. but it was tough. both lost their jobs, then came devastating news. brenda's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> she had diabetes and it was just like medical problems. >> reporter: her father took any work he could get. >> reporter: he's always taught
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my siblings and i if we want something we have to work hard, and there will be obstacles, and you can overcome them, but you have to work. >> reporter: she took his advice, pursuing a masters in education at uc santa cruz and bilingual studies. her first grade teacher is now a colleague. >> it's very fulfilling and feels so good to see her here. >> reporter: it's a welcome that brenda appreciates. >> the whole community welcome us back. it's great. >> reporter: and with her mom in remission and her father back to work, the whole family is celebrating brenda's bright future. >> it's a goal and dream fulfilled for all of us because i'm the first of my grandparent's 25 grand children to receive a bachelor's degree. >> a lot to be proud of. to learn more about students rising above and its scholars, go to our website.
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new at 6:00, most homes in the north bay were untouched by the kincade fire, but there's an invisible damage that's much more far reaching. and a concerning spike with kids getting hit by cars in the east bay. and an adorable puppy back in his east bay humane society, but the mystery remains on why it was taken in the first place. it takes a village to raise a child.
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might be the most unusual air fare sale ever. alaska airlines basing its discounts on the size of the waves in hawaii. the promotion started today. 30-foot swells could mean 30 percent savings. 10 percent swells, still 10 percent savings. they're using data from surf line to set the rates. i don't know what beach though. the return of popyey's kitchen sandwich meant the
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return of long lines around the nation. it appears the demand for the sandwich hasn't wavered since they ran out a couple months back. it's now back for good. they started hiring more workers last week just to keep up with demand. guess people are hungry. that's it for the news at 5:00. kpix 5 news at 6:00 starts now with ken bastida and veronica de la cruz. now at 6:00, one of the world's most valuable companies spending billions to help solve one of the bay area's biggest problems. why critics say apple's housing help is not enough. >> a manhunt underway for 2 murder suspects on the loose. the hollywood movie that might have inspired their escape. >> and an overlooked challenge r kincade fire victims returning home. the damage you can't see, but can definitely smell. the news begins now. a bay area company spending big
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bucks to help with the housing crisis. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm ken bastida. apple announced they'll spend $2.5 billion with 1 billion each going toward affordable housing and mortgage assistance and another half million to land development. here's more from north san jose where one of the projects go go up. >> reporter: yes, this announcement was light on the specific details. the company only saying 40 acres somewhere here in north san jose would be available for affordable housing developments. critics say it's about time and not enough. the company didn't say exactly which properties in north san jose could be used, but this 16-acre chunk could be a good candidate. the governor


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