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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 5, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PST

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impeachment inquiry, who told lawmakers she felt threatened by president tomorrow. good morning everybody is tuesday november 5, i am michelle griego. >> we are seeing taken temperatures, the numbers do not lie and mary lee has been all. >> we are looking at above average temperatures throughout the afternoon and tracking a strong onshore flow we love no one love so well, a typical seabreeze bringing fog this morning, along the coast and parts of the bay, the foggy start of the day, even at the oakland airport with visibility down a quarter-mile, is also chilly with temperatures in the 30s, 40s, 50s grab a jacket" as you head out the door, clearing for most of us mp above average stay dry through the week with warmer weather expected for the weekend, today, temperatures appear to yesterday, 78 for a high concorde with 76 and is a,
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70 oakland and 68 for san francisco. we talk about e timing th cl today future cast just if you miss. it looks like the golden gate in the bay bridge have a live look at the golden gate bridge, very foggy other, limited visibility with advisory for the golden gate we are seeing reports a crash north of here is you had to the robin williams, six cars involved in the accident possibly with one lane blocked. because of the crash on the southbound side of the 101 heading to the gate, here's a look at the bay bridge, foxing overhead once you get onto the upper deck heading into san francisco, advisory is issued there as well, coming up the east shore freeway on of hercules as you work your way through drive times starting to build 21 minutes highway 4 for the maison east shore freeway,
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the westbound 583 also your drive times 101 minutes. just over an hour and a half for the 680, the crash westbound still blocking two lanes with damage done. happening today, the campaign 2019, bay area voters casting their ballots in san francisco, police officer association under attack for support of one of the four candidates for the city district attorney position. jackie ward is live in san francisco city hall with more. >> reporter: city supervisors and police units are accusing the deal way of sending hundreds of thousands of dollars on misleading ads and lies that will mislead the public, here is one of the ads under so much scrutiny. the police officer association spent about $400,000 on tv ads
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alone against candidate jason routine. the public defenders office says they are soft on gang members and drunk drivers. the supervisor says spoke in would spend money on their membership on this type of behavior. li on membership this is purchasing democracy >> the police union also sent out mailers across the city saying that chesa boudin is putting families at risk. they say it would benefit rival candidates, we reached out to them that they have not gone back to us for,. they are vying to fill the seat left by george guest on.
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kpix5 has you covered for election day, we will bring you all of the results and reactions live on air and on we are at the live news desk, i am anne ma wewatching f a mi border yesterday on the way to a wedding. we have news this morning there is still one child missing. this is according to a top facility official. a religious group was traveling to the wedding, one of three vehicles they were traveling between norma and only were caught up in detecting two from groups appeared to be drug cartel. president trump tweeted about this is becoming a political of course. to wage war on the drugs and wipe them off the face of the
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earth, great new president. pressure for mexico to take control of drug cartels. three women, six children killed, one child still missing, back to you. spoke to you for the update. happening today, the police chief explains what happened the night people were killed and airbnb, city officials consider a temporary ban on short-term rentals. another question this morning, why did it take police so long to respond to the original noise complaint at 9:19 that night? officer did not end up heading to the scene for another hour and a half at 10:48 just minutes before the gunshots ring out. >> this escalated. >> we now have answers, the contra costa county sheriff says there was a violent home invasion on martino road that's nearby lafayette, the marinda police chief says his officers
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higher priority calls and complaints. an air quailty advisory in effect the bay area today thanks to a new fire sending smoke into the air. officals say air quality readings may fluctuate but should not exceed federal health standards. is coming from the ranch fire burning since noon sunday in a remote area southwest of red bluff. you cannot see the fire, but you can see the thick black smoke. the ranch fire has grown to more than 1300 acres and it is 50% contained this moin on what spard the blaze. d e re return houses un smoke damage is also hard to deal with. just about everybody who lives close to the fire was affected. even it was just the smell. for some it is a smell is not just going away. george sierra at his home half mile away, it is not he can
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live there now. >> i'm disappointed slightly but not enough to where we are comfortable inside, it's more than five mins before we get headaches. >> experts say is not a good idea to tough it out, smoke damage is not always an easy fix but is usually covered by homeowners insurance. a quick update on the kincade fire now 82% contained this morning. the fire burned more than 77,000 acre so far, 374 buildings destroyed and that includes 174 homes. house lawmakers expected to release more transcripts and testimony in the impeachment great. the house committee from two other depositions yesterday. to the ukraine marie yovanovitch told lawmakers she felt threatened by president tranalso testified
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she was warned by ukraine officials to watch her back in regard to the presence personal lawyer rudy giuliani. yovanovitch was recalled in may after giuliani was complaining she kept investigation about joe biden and his son hunter. >> it was orchestrated by this channel successful removing aqs investor. with her reputation. >> i heard very bad things for a long period time. >> pulse investigators also released a transcript of michael achilles testimony, the former sor tapompeo told lawmakers he resigned in part because the state department failed to defend yovanovitch. we are learning more about the two inmates who broke out of the monterey county jail, how they managed to slip out of the facility undetected.
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we are getting a firsthand look at a major effort to crack down on illegal marijuana operations across california. details on the progress so far. it takes a village to raise a child.
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to build a bridge. to throw a bas to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand
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dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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it is a morning to you. i want to show you this beautiful view pink color in the sky coming in at 6:30 9 am. you can see the fog rolling in and the bay bridge again just a classic the with the onshore flow. we take you hour by hour with skies clearing, coming up. on their perspective of the
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fog over the bay bridge, you can see it is hovering over the top of the toll plaza there, metering lights runs we are saying if you break, limited visibility with advisory for the bay bridge as well as the golden gate bridge. this is coming up just as. new numbers now in the california crackdown on the canvas black. 150 people under arrest with hundreds of illegal marijuana farmers is this year. more than 25 tons of pot have been confiscated and footage from the department of justice shows is dropping by helicopter to take weapons and bundle plans to be destroyed. another problem? pesticides use in a growing process. >> it hurts the families who takes water from the tap because it is polluted by illegal pesticides on these sites. hurts the farmers who rely on having healthy soil and safe water. >> the attorney general says more plants are confiscated
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this year. last year. san mateo county a man charged with double murder may never stand trial. the 26-year-old is accused of stabbing two men in june on a deserted stretch of skylight boulevard. judge no ruled him mentally unfit to stand trial, you will be sent to a state hospital instead. newly released photos show how two monterey county jail inmates escaped this past weekend i also revealed the jail vulnerabilities. this is a 22 by eight inch hole they cut in a bathroom ceiling patient with nine other inmates. the corner they chose cannot be seen by correctional officers. once through the hole, the pair climbed through piping and ductwork until they reached a hatch that let them outside of the facility. >> hatch open due to an area covered by construction the
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barbed wire at the particular area of the jail was removed because of construction, officers realize the men were missing early sunday morning and both escapees were in jail for separate gang related murders. they demand an exemption for a new law. they are upset about a reclassification of hundreds of thousands of california workers as employees rather than independent contractors. multiple broker say this bill could put them out of business, driver say the broker will not take them on as employees and under the new law that would work independently and set their own schedules. >> collateral damage, all of these people around here, we are all owner operated,ve rabill includes exceptions
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for some of the workers like real estate agents and attorneys new law goes into effect jen refers. six, 15, another check on traffic. the fog his role den >> oh yes. it has taken over business this morning. i have been picking up on the bridge looking pretty good, foggy spots but not an issue for the golden gate or the san mateo bridge looking foggy. a live look at the golden gate, you can see it, because it and already busy ride, a crash coming from the area heading to the robin williams tunnel. we see no word yet if any lanes are blocked just a heads up if you work your way through. with limited visibility they issued an advisory for the golden gate bridge. look at this, it is really slow, usually i can see the
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freeway behind the area but it is blanketed by fog. of trust advisory here as well, the san mateo bridge is getting foggy here also. careful as you work your way through from 880 towards the one-to-one you have limited ability 880 leading up into hayward, the drive times not improving that much to a five to the 680, 126 minutes handful of crashes to the ultimate pass is pretty typical but it is really backing traffic up there. we are looking at thicker fog this morning with a thicker marine layer, stronger onshore
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flow. you can see the fog blinking the region there across the golden gate bridge. dense fog this morning along the coast and for parts of the a 46 for you in concorde oakland 51, 45 livermore 47 san jose, 37 is a. we have been dry a long period of time here it looks like we stay dry as we head through the week and effect into next week. for the water here >> san francisco as well as san jose we definitely need the rain this week or next week.
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the ridge of high pressure control. we will have clearing for most of us cloud coverage around as we head to the afternoon. stronger onshore flow, we see low clouds and fog along the coast and for parts of the bay, temperatures a little bit cooler for wednesday, as you look ahead to the end of the week with a ridge of high pressure building in and strengthening, or temperatures saturday and sunday. sunrise 6:39, sunset 5:06. taking out to the south bay, 76 and santa clara and san jose, 79 morgan hill, looking at highs topping out easant hl, fa coorderm
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60s san francioa 70 fosan leandro, 79 petaluma and looking at highs topping out at 83 for cloverdale. here is the extended forecast and what you can expect, a touch cooler for wednesday and there we go with the ridge building and strengthening with temperatures warming up for the work week and especially into the weekend
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk r a trlis. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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unceepidemicle-fdlycigarettes.'n flaved e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san audacious overreach,orts n threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. 6:23 right now. a colorado man facing deck is in prison after undercover agents stopped a bomb plot at a synagogue. the 27-year-old richard holzer called himself a skinhead and
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believed he was fighting a racial holy war. the fbi arrested him friday. he initially came to the attention of the agency after posting online rants about jewish people and other minorities. >> he talked about the holocaust and saying choose mac should die and talked about his desire to start a holy war. >> take somebody front side of the community to deselect this >> when holder met up with several agency told him they would assist in the attack. he was caring a not see armband a knife and a mess. a bay area teacher performing in blackface in front of his students on administrative leave while the school district says it should probably lose a job. at the hi say the teacher as he discussed a plan to dress up like an
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african-american rapper for halloween. they say he never mentioned he plans to where blackface. video of the incident through widespread outrage in the community with voluntary meeting yesterday to discuss what happened. developing this morning officials investigating attack a group of american women and children mexico and the last hour mexican officials confirmed three women and six children are dead. this year's about confirmed the identity of the victims just yet. an arizona woman says she fears the worst for relatives, a large group of her family members left for a wedding in chihuahua, mexico in three suvs, later on, the bombshell was found a few miles from the family ranch. four children were found dead inside with the rest of the family missing. >> we just can't believe this is actually happening. to her family. it seems like a bad dream.
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>> next officials say the area is remote which is slowing down the investigation. the u.s. ambassador to mexico meanwhile confirmed he is closely monitoring the situation. it is 6:25, police and san mateo county issuing a warning on a rash of car burglaries, rvllidey hope will help.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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involving alameda students demanding action, the response from the city. car with a california wildfire. time now 6:30 to let's check in with mary lee . looking like a good day but it is foggy this morning. >> it is. first of all want to show you a live look of the fog rolling in. temperatures chilly to start of the day, mid-40s in concorde, livermore, oakland, good morning to upper 40s in san francisco, san jose 30s santa rosa. a cold start. definitely put on a jacket or coat as you head out the door with foggy conditions along the coast and for parts of the bay we see clearing for most of the
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so-called, really sticks around along the coast once again. as we head through the afternoon we will see above average temperatures this time of year, maybe a touch cooler compared to yesterday, we stay dry through the week warmer temperatures as we look ahead to the weekend. today in the afternoon looking at 68 san francisco, 70 oakland, 76 san jose and 78 concorde. highs running 2-8 degrees above average, we talk about the rest of the week coming up and i show you future cast but let's check in with dion and how super commuters are doing? >> a rough one this morning at the altamont pass, the westbound 580 still blocking two lanes, that is what is causing hefty drive times, up to two hours, now about a minute and 40, 140 limits, just about an hour and a half, the westbound five area the 205 the 680, for the we are saying trouble spots on the altamont pass road. back beyond another accident on the westbound 305.
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that is a busy on this, definitely pack your patience, 33 drive time here is your qa through with reports of a new crash westbound possibly blocking lanes, active hercules it will be stop and go with brake lights work your way into richmond and berkeley, taking a look at a trouble spot on the 680 southbound, right as you work your way through treat boulevard, right shoulder problem causing a bit of a back to you. stop and go from the to 42, trying to connect to the 24, this is the bright side, traffic clearing in both directions, let's check the foggy bay area bridges coming up in just a few minutes. a federal judge this morning ordering pg&e to explain what role equipment played in the devastating kincade fire. the judge oversees probation for a federal pipeline safety violation. coming from the several pipeline disaster. he wants to know whether it is fo a high- broken
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voltage line could have sparked the blaze. pg&e has until the 29th two respond. in our fire watch, pg&e just gave californians an extra two months to file claims or damage suffered in 37 wildfires including the camp fire last year, this week marks one year since the camp fire swept through the town of paradise, many of those who live through that nightmare attended the worldwide premiere of inside the megafire. a new documentary looking at the rising massive wildfires not just in california but also around the world >> is not just climate change. there's a whole big picture here. has a lot to do with how we manage fourth and put out fires aggressively for 100 years and has a lot to do with people moving into the force. >> the camp fire was the deadliest in california. police now say a stolen car chase park a destructive wildfire and pa
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yee and a misdemeanor for discarding bring material he end up popping his tires in a the rails, the fire burned three homes before it was contained. at the live news desk we are going live to washington dc where the trial for roger stone is about to begin. early this morning he is a longtime friend and confidant advisor of president trump, here's new video coming into the federal courthouse this morning about a half-hour, the question is whether stone line to the committee investigating russian interference in the 2016 election. also was accused of obstructing proceedings and tampered with a witness. he pleaded not guilty to all seven charges but the trial is expe mbshel, maybe no
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information he did not know about this entire case, we follow up on n francisco city hall where the polls will open for election day and less than a half-hour. the mayor expected to be reelected running for a full term today, she is up against five challengers, she won the special election back in june 2018 to replace the late mayor. san francisco voters will also decide on a half-dozen ballot measures including prop c which overturns the city current ban on e-cigarettes sales, the cigarette maker joe initially spent millions of dollars to overturn the ban then backed away from its support. voters in brentwood to sign a measure for thousands of new homes, and would authorize the 815 acre development project on the city western border in what is currently open space upon however say farms have the most
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desperate need for housing in the bay area. presidential candidate tom steyer leaving the campaign after being accused of stealing data from the campaign of kamala harris. the newspaper reports a staffer in south carolina downloaded thousands of volunteer contact, the worker told party officials the information has since been destroyethe harris campaign. his campaign manager told the paper he apologized to the south carolina democratic party and the dmc. tom steyer and the campaign keeps his apologies to kamala harris and her campaign. >> a string of car break-ins caught on home surveillance. happen overnight sunday near the laurelwood shopping center in san mateo. the suspect was seen peering into parts with a flashlight, locked doors lead to broken windows and witnesses:please
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make all the commotion. authorities say in wellington sunglasses, cash and credit cards were all missing. >> nice community, i wouldn't think that would be happening but, it's happening everywhere. so i am used to not leaving anything inside of my car. >> please urging people to hide or take valuables with them when they park their cars, they are encouraging more homeowners to invest in personal surveillance cameras. except in a area shelter now being blamed on a volunteer, berkeley humane says the six month old pitbull mix named ribbon was taken sunday morning, calls went out to police and social media then somebody returns the into a neighboring shelter and identified her. shelter did not hear from the volunteer who will be fired. alameda demanding action with an alarming number of students getting hit by cars already. seven kids hits near schools and classes resume back in august.
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thankfully all of them survived, parents and administrators are begging for safety improvements. city leaders are calling it what happened and point out it is part of a larger problem. >> stepping up enforcement and really looking to see how we can implement changes. >> is not in alameda problem, we are saying pedestrians and bicyclists hit record numbers, we are back to the same level we were in 1990. >> city leaders say they are planning to adopt a vision zero policy much like san francisco as they try to reduce the number of crashes. the time now is 6:38, the homelessness crisis in one area of the bay is hit particularly hard, why it is more difficult for some. we're hearing from the b.a.r.t. worker credited with saving a life of a passenger who found the path of an oncoming train. about 10 minutes ago a look at the big board, the tao is up and coming up we get an update
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so san jose, livermore, concorde, to clear skies for you, foggy conditions along the coast into parts of the babe down to a mile visibility at half moon bay. dense fog at the airport. futurecast and we see the sky clearing for the rest of the week coming up. the original series project home more people than ever aging into homelessness. more than half of the hamas population is over the age of 50. at a time when most are collecting pensions, treasures collecting cans. 57 he said he is homeless for the first time in his life, part of a growing population of people becoming homeless for the first time over the age of
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things up, did not know about being homeless, right? it's like i just dropped out. >> doctor nuc fs says research found most homeless over 50 let conventional lives as opposed to those who became chronically homes before age 50. more likely to have childhood mental health issues and problems with sentence abuse. for the newly much later in life, it is affordable housing issue,. keep sending stories and ideas to project home and and see all of our original reporting on wednesday. here is the view from a plane over the capital, a cloud of toxic smog expected to hangover new delhi at least a week. the air quality is more than three times the hazardous level right now. the r llis equivalent to sming 33 cigareta day,
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30 flights diverted from the airport because of poor visibility. highest controlled fires in an effort to curb pollution. united states notified the united nations with the intent to withdraw the climate agreement. imposes an unfair burden. starts to count on a year-long process, the secretary of state mike pompeo says they offer a realistic pragmatic model in discussions. corp. at a loss to prevent new york state criminal investigators from getting president trump's tax returns and attorney as a probe including payments made to purchase the silence oftwn o affairs with the president for the 2006 election. lawyers promising to appeal the ruling. a rocky start four stock prices since the couple went
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public a few months ago. joining us now sobrooks wiormorning. >> are lost continues to pile up in the third quarter, the san francisco firm lostactually what the market expected but it was still the third biggest loss and are history, revenue was up about 33% to $2.5 billion, the market continues to worry about are as it faces big growth challenges across the rest of the world and be a very rocky day tomorrow as well four stock when a lockup period expires and capital market says 90% of stock will then be eligible to be traded, right now stock is down over 7% on results, trade deals lifting stocks, all three major averages closed with record highs monday the financial time so the trump administration me drop tariffs on hundred
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trillion dollars in chinese imports as a means of getting china with a phase i trained. slits in the market is doing. up another points the s&p now turning down by a fraction. back to on by radar seconds away from getting hit by a are tran01 and employ spring into action. a credit platform at the coliseum station after the riders and sunday then a man steps over the safety strip and falls onto the track, the train coming through very quickly, track supervisor john o'connor did not miss a beat. >> i saw him go down right here. spot just grabbing and pulling as hard as i could. >> a witness posted this video on twitter of the two men hugging and has now gone viral.
6:47 am
think it is he was standing right there because you see in the video nobody else sprang into action. it was just him. >> with just seconds. but just amazing. i get chills every time i see them. ready for some traffic? a slowing because we have foggy conditions and accidents reported in some of those areas on the 101 southbound towards the golden gate bridge, trouble spots in the clearing status, six cars involved in a crash, everything now to the right shoulder but look at that, a line of red coming away from what looks like sausalito all the way to the robin williams road, a foggy area, pay attention as against the golden gate bridge, 46 minutes as your drive time as i had to the golden gate, live look at the golden gate with limited visibility heading to san francisco, fog advisory in effect for the golden gate bridge. san mateo bridge, blanketed by fog as well this morning, a slow ride because the your
6:48 am
drive times about 22 minutes with the 880 towards the 101, the good news is there is no crash on the 80 heading to the cemetery bridge or on the span. bay bridge also your back to because the morning drive, meter lights are on backed up into the westbound 580 as well as the east shore freeway also, an earlier trouble spot was not 80 as you work your way clearing out of lanes you will see brake lights began as you work your way into berkeley, drive times 30 minutes from hercules, the busiest drive times continue to be the altamont pass, but you will find to the 680 a crash on the westbound 580, locking two lanes still in the clearing stages, basically a parking went on to two miles per hour connecting the two a, ultimate pass has a crash at the intersection.
6:49 am
it gives you a ride as well, the 680 cleared into one creek, from the 242, how long will the fog stick around? coming up. i'm tracking the fog this morning, a stronger onshore flow, for parts of the bay later in the ci bythe afternoon we will see skies clearing promotions. the camera looking north rolling in their across the golden gate bridge. the tower camera looking south, you can see clear skies with those golden colors in the sky with sunrise this morning, temperatures definitely on the chilly side once again, grab a jacket account as we head out the door for work in school concorde looking at 46 degrees right now, 51 oakland, 45 lemoore, 49 san francisco, san jose coming in 47 and 30 a cold start in santa rosa once again.
6:50 am
ridge of high pressure in control blocking weather systems from coming our way and we are looking at dry conditnot jutoday but through the work week and into the weekend. taking hour by hour on futurecast, you can see most of thhanging nd and the coast u as you head for the day once again been morning, clouds with areas of fog on the coast and parts of the bay, temperatures a little bit cooler wednesday. if you are and concorde, high of 70 degrees, above average by a degrees there. warming up the rest of the work week into the weekend. san jose good morning to you, 76 for high this afternoon, 74 tomorrow and warming up as we head through first a, friday and saturday. 70 four high in the afternoon, temperatures writer and 68 four
6:51 am
tomorrow. 70s in oakland friday and sunday. specific locations again to -8 degrees above average the south bay we go, 76 and sunnyvale in santa clara, seven in for a high in morgan hill. highs topping out at 84 pleasant hill and fairfield, 81 in any market as well as 84 high in livermore and looking at 68 in san francisco also work week, 70 alameda, 74 high in san leandro at about 84 santa rosa, daytime highs topping out at 82 four the winter, thinks it forecast what you expect with a stronger onshore flow, looking at temperatures a little cooler for wednesday, there we go with a warm up as we head through thursday, friday and especially by the weekend, just in time for the weekend, temperatures are the warmest with the extended forecast. 6:51 now, new wildfires can
6:52 am
cause air-quality issues apart in the bay area today, we will have a details on the ranch fire. the officer association attacking a candidate for the district attorney position, we explain, next. good morning ahead on cbs this morning, americans ambush new mexico, we hear from family members who say nine were killed by a cartel were not the intended target. america's top election security officials and what is being done to prevent outside interference in 2020 . also jenny slate is the voice finding free agents and inspiration through hard truth and whimsical comments, we will see you at 7:00. was taking another look out side, this is from the mount vaca camera looking right at
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
6:56 am
i am jackie ward in san francisco. the police officer association accused of threatening lives and misleading voters when it comes to the distri attorney race, here is an ad coming under a lot of criticism this morning. >> in a gang member commits a violent crime. >> the police officer association says about $400,000 was spent on tv ads alone. against chesa boudin. they say he is soft on gang members and drunk drivers. chesa boudin has four people running against him. they also sent out mailers across the city saying chesa boudin is putting families at risk. supporters say it benefits rival candidates. we reached out to the campaign office but they have not gotten back to us with a comment. all four candidates running and trying to get a seat left
6:57 am
empty. jackie ward, time for a look at this morning top stories. other races monitoring this morning, the san francisco mayoral race, the mayor is expected to face and his election as she runs for a full term, she is up against five challengers winning a special election in 2018 to replace the late mayor and lee. two more testimonies in the impeachment inquiry expected to be released today, two released yesterday. and associates rudy giuliani also ready to work with congress. we all know police got a n they shut up, the first call about noise came around 9:15, shots were fired around 10:35, officers say they were tied up in a home invasion incidents just up the road. a federal judge is ordering pg&e to explain what role the equipment played in the
6:58 am
devastating kincade fire, judge wants to know whether it is possible that a broken piece of pg&e equipment found in a high- voltage line could have sparked the blaze. an air quailty advisory in effect for the bay area today thanks to the ranch fire sending smoke into the air, it broke out sunday southwest of red locket it is 13% contained. a fog advisory in effect for some of the bay area bridges, the golden gate bridge with limited visibility, and earlier crash at the robin williams tunnel with brake lights there. san mateo bridge touch and go as well with limited visibility across the span and brake lights with metering lights at the papers, no crashes backed up with limited visibility with foggy conditions across the span, still a tough ride with drive times at 104 minutes. we saw activity of the westbound 580 two to an earlier
6:59 am
accident and the short freeway 36 minutes on the highway four to the main. what a mess. tracking fog along the coast and parts of the bay, good morning to the east bay, here's a live ok our a r moof us, cell the sunshine with high of 78 degrees, 76 san jose, 70 oakland and 68 san francisco. 80 degrees for a high santa rosa, daytime highs above average for this time of year, a little cooler compared to yesterday. we are looking at foggy starts across parts of the beta morning, temperatures just a little bit cooler for wednesday but warming up the rest of the work week, especially into the weekend. >> thank you. it is election day, we are keeping an eye on all the races this morning, your next local update is at 10:26. a live look at city hall, the polls open just a few seconds, we
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gonihe w w to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. breaking overnight, nine u.s. citizens including six children are reported dead and an some were headed to a wedding. what family members say happened. protecting your vote. only on "cbs this morning," america's top election security official takes us inside the massive effort to stop foreign interference. donald trump jr. is in studio 57 today. the president's oldest son talks about impeachment, his father, and why he feels democrats want to silence others. and clean slate. actress and comedian jenny slate talks with us about her new very personal project first on "cbs


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