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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  November 5, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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the captioning sponsored by cbs >> the president's son donald trump jr. author of a new book. it comes out today. it's called "triggered: how the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us." ♪ ♪ >> don jr.'s book "triggered" has just been released, and audible has the exclusive audio book as read by don jr. himself. >> "triggered": copyrighted 2019. my dad is president. chapter one: i am born. then some other stuff happened. then my dad was president. >> how come my journal's dead? >> eric! get out of my room! i'm recording! >> each passage brought to life. >> my father, donald j. trump, a tweeter-in-chief. >> hey, don, i got my head stuck in my shirt armhole! >> i told you, the bigger hole
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is for your head! >> then what are these other holes for? >> you'll feel as if you're in the room with don jr. >> the leftest social-crats want to destroy my family, but they'll never destroy my love for my dad. >> this is horrible. >> dad, you didn't even read it! >> so visit audible and download "triggered" today. >> how come i don't get to talk a book? >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight: oops-a-perjury. plus, stephen welcomes elizabeth banks and senator amy klobuchar. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause )
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>> stephen: hey, everybody! how are you! thank you! thank you! welcome, my friends. welcome, my friends, one and all, to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. you know-- ( cheers and applause ) i don't want to get out over my skis here, but i'm beginning to think this donald trump fella might get impeached, and i'll tell you why. because the democrats keep releasing these transcripts, and the evidence is pretty damning in that it's exactly what we already knew. and i'll tell you all about it in the latest "don and the giant impeach." >> my phone call was perfecto. >> stephen: today, the leader of the impeachment inquiry, adam schiff, dropped two more juicy transcripts. and they came with hot bonus
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tracks: brand new additional testimony from one of the officials at the center of the ukraine scheme, ambassador to the e.u., and jade kegel egg, gordon sondland. ( laughter ) sondland's original testimony was pretty good for trump. in fact, the president triumphantly tweeted, "the ambassador to the european union has already testified. he said there was no quid pro quo." ( laughter ) okay. there it is. ( applause ) no quid pro quo. that was two weeks ago. well, today, sondland amended his testimony-- much the same way that sherman amended atlanta-- and it turns out, yes, quid pro quo. now, why did sondland decide to revise his statements to congress? according to him, incriminating testimony from other witnesses, like bill taylor, "refreshed my
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recollection about certain conversations." ( as sondland ) "huh, you know what, that testimony really refreshed the old noodle. it made me remember one important detail: that i don't want to go to jail for perjury. i just-- bing!" specifically, sondland now recalls that he told a top ukrainian official that the country likely would not receive american military aid that had been appropriated by congress unless it publicly committed to the investigations president trump wanted. that is game, set, match. all she wrote. the fat lady has sung. other sports metaphors i really don't understand-- goodbye, mr. spaulding.
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take the rock to the rim. it's over now, so drink that big black cow and get outta here! ( cheers and applause ) thank you. sondland clearly knew that the arrangement was wrong. in response to a question about pushing the ukrainians to investigate biden, he said, "i believe i testified that it would be improper to do that." a congressperson followed up, "and illegal, right?" and sondland said, "i'm not a lawyer, but i assume so." well, let's check with "the late show's" legal analyst, max bialystok? can we assume that's illegal? >> assume away! >> stephen: now, we also got testimony from former special envoy to ukraine and paris tour guide spending way too much time talking to your wife, kurt volker. we already knew that the trump administration tried to insist that the ukrainian president make a public anti-biden
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message, but now we know kurt volker texted to a top ukrainian official the script they wanted zelensky to read to announce the burisma-biden/2016 election investigations. they sent over a damn script! ( clears throat ) ( as zelensky ) "ahem. according to this paper, i am not reading off of, 'we are going to investigate sleepy joe biden and son of sleepy joe for bigly corruption and why "the apprentice" went so downhill when arnold schwarzenegger took over. ( laughter ) military aid now, please, please for..." ( applause ) there was a weird moment-- as opposed to all the perfectly normal moments we're having lately-- a weird moment where sondland described a dinner party in brussels.
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sondland says, "the president of poland was there. jay leno was there. mr. kushner was there." the questioner asks, "did zelensky, as a comedian, get along well with jay leno?" and sondland answers, "he was honored to meet him. apparently, jay leno was his hero." anndd... i'm just being told that nbc has announced that jay leno is the new president of ukraine. sorry, conan. better luck next time! that's not all the bad stuff. there's also the testimony of former ambassador to ukraine and bad-ass librarian, marie yovanovitch. ukrainian officials warned her that rudy giuliani and his ukrainian cronies wanted to replace her as ambassador because they felt yovanovitch was hindering their push for investigations into biden and his son. and yovanovitch testified that she was warned to "watch my back." yeah, everyone around trump has to watch their back. sadly, no one warned kurt suzuki.
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( laughter ) now, yovanovitch-- >> jon: come on, kurt, you gotta watch that. >> stephen: when you're a star, they let you do it. yovanovitch also testified that she received calls from senior state department staff in the middle of the night telling her she'd "need to come home on the next plane," because they were concerned for her safety. but she later learned the real reason: they were worried she would be fired by tweet. oh, there's nothing worse than being fired by tweet, except maybe getting divorced by snap chat. kind of cute, kind of cute. last night, trump held a rally in kentucky to support kentucky governor and guy trying to get you to invest in his c.b.d. energy drink, matt bevin. bevin is up for reelection today, and he needs all the help he can get. h was the least-popular governor in the united states. kentucky hasn't had a leader
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this unpopular since governor jonathan forehead-vestigal twin von horse fondler. ( laughter ) at the rally-- at the rally, trump leaned in to bevin's unpopularity. >> now, he is difficult, i have to say. you know, maybe it'll cost him the election, but it's okay. look, he is such a pain. bit isn't that really what you want in a governor? ( applause ) that's what you want. he is such a pain in the ass, but that's what you want. ( applause ) >> stephen: you know things you don't like? don't you love them? but, hmmm, a pain in the ass that trump still wants you to vote for. could he be talking about himself? yes. well, check out his new campaign ad campaign.
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>> president trump is changing washington. creating six million new jobs. obliterating isis. he's no mr. nice guy, but sometimes it takes a donald trump to change washington. >> stephen: "and sometimes, when the lifeguard wants everyone out of the pool, he takes a dump right in the deep end. ( laughter ) he's no mr. hygiene, but sometimes it takes a pool pooper to get the job done. vote 'deep end turd 2020. keep on swimming.'" but-- deep end turd. come on in. the water's brown. ( laughter ) but reminding you how much you don't like him is just half of trump's reelection strategy. the other half is making the democrats seem even worse. >> the radical democrats are going totally insane. ( booing ) they want to obliterate the rule of law, drive out faith from the public square.
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silence you online, confiscate your guns. indoctrinate your children. destroy anne who holds traditional american values. erase our traditions, our culture, our history, and and our heroes. they want to subjugate you and break you to their will. >> stephen (as trump): "they want to bake a bald eagle into an apple pie and replace football with rap music. these radical democrats want to castrate truck nuts and make your dog a muslim. and on the fourth of july, they're gonna force all of mount rushmore to gay marry each other. ( cheers and applause ) no, no. it's going to happen. that's they want. abe's into it. " trump also went off on the media, complaining that they didn't give him enough credit for the raid that killed isis leader, abu bakr al-baghdadi.
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>> they can take what we did two weeks ago with the number-one terrorist in the world, and they make it look as bad as possible. in fact, i love dogs, but they gave the dog full credit. they didn't give me any. >> stephen: the only one who gave that dog any credit was you! you're the one who actually tweeted a photoshop of you awarding the dog a medal! listen, look-- if you really wanted the credit, maybe you should have tweeted this photo: ( cheers and applause ) thank you, conan. conan, right? at one point, trump congratulated a nominee for kentucky attorney general and got a little distracted by his own words. >> thank you, daniel. a star. a star is born. ( applause ) "a star is born"-- you ever see that movie?" a star is born. >> stephen (as trump):
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"i love 'a star is born.' ( to tune of "shallow" ) ♪ i'm off the deep end just read the transcript ♪ my favorite beef is ground i know they're hidin' dirt on joe biden we're close to impeachment now ♪ ( cheers and applause ) it's the final shot of the movie. the final shot of the movie. >> audience: stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: as you could see in that footage, many trump supporters were wearing t-shirts last night that said "read the transcript." we did read the transcript! that's where we learned about trump pressuring ukraine! this is like if jeffrey dahmer
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got arrested while wearing a t-shirt that said, "check the fridge." we've got a great show for you tonight. elizabeth banks is here. but when we return, "meanwhile!" join us. oh, come on. flo: don't worry. you're covered. (dramatic music) and you're saving money, because you bundled home and auto. sarah, get in the house. we're all here for you. all: all day, all night. (dramatic music) great job speaking calmly and clearly everyone. that's how you put a customer at ease. hey, did anyone else hear weird voices while they were in the corn? no. no. me either. whispering voice: jamie. what?
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! jon batiste and stay human, everybody. there you go! there you go! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: good evening, my friend. good evening. jon, we've got-- i can't believe-- >> jon: wow! >> stephen: i'm very surprised, i have never spoken
11:54 pm
to her before. we have the lovely and talented elizabeth banks here tonight. jon, i have to say i really like the look tonight. >> jon: yeah. >> stephen: tell me the inspiration. >> jon: well, i washed my hair and it's cold in here. ( laughter ) so -- >> stephen: sure, yeah. >> jon: yeah >> stephen: folks, you know, i spend a lot of time over there meditatively folding the day's big stories into the flawless origami swan that is my monologue. but sometimes, i like to gather the crumpled up failed attempts, slivers of paper trimming and discarded magazine pages, then cut and paste them into the unhinged ransom letter of news that is my segment: >> meanwhile! ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: boom! "meanwhile," just when you least expect it! meanwhile, steve easterbrook has been fired as c.e.o. of mcdonald's after he engaged in a consensual relationship with an employee.
11:55 pm
you know, sometimes you need to look at the uneven power dynamic, acknowledge that this is a workplace, and just say to yourself ( mccdonald's jingle ) ♪ ba-da-ba-ba-ba please stop me from lovin' it ♪ speaking of mcdonald's, they are bringing back their retro happy meal toys. it's good news. but, sadly, that doesn't include the controversial mcbestos. ( laughter ) meanwhile, in space news, cookie dough and an oven are headed to the international space station, which nasa says is important for science, because "crew members may experience psychological and physiological benefits." it's all outlined in their groundbreaking new report, "humans like cookies." ( laughter ) ( applause ) meanwhile-- cookies. cookies. meanwhile, there's some news oul
11:56 pm
cover in my longrunning "meanwhile" sub-segment, "flight attention." ( bell rings ) meanwhile, delta airlines has come under fire for censoring a non-nude lesbian sex scene in olivia wilde's movie booksmart, and removing the words "vagina" and "genitals" and "for showing a version of the elton john biopic 'rocketman' without any references to elton john being gay." that version of rocketman is john wick. ( laughter ) ( applause ) meanwhile, the internet continues to innovate ways to make each other feel bad, and the latest sensation is to dismiss older people by saying, "ok boomer," as in baby boomers. it's a pretty good diss.
11:57 pm
still not as good as the boomer diss for millennials: "hey, we've permanently destroyed the housing market." well, one new york radio host is getting dunked on by the internet after this tweet went viral for its grade-a casual racism: "boomer is the n-word of ageism. being hip and flip does not make bigotry ok, nor is a derisive epithet acceptable because it is new." okay beamer. clearly-- ( cheers and applause ) technically i'm a boomer. clearly, this fella needs to play the hot new game "is this the new n-word?" no, it's not. thank you for playing. ( cheers and applause ) mean-finally, last night at the cowboys-giants game at metlife stadium, a cat ran onto the field and went viral for this run: >> he's at the 30, the 25, the
11:58 pm
20! he's at the 15! go! go! don't stop now! keep on going! go, go! touchdown! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: and, that cat is now a better football team than the jets. we'll be right back with elizabeth banks. you've tried so many moisturizers...
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matched by no one.
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back to the show! there you go! oh, ladies and gentlemen, folks, you know my first guest from
12:03 am
"pitch perfect," "the hunger games," and "30 rock." her latest film is "charlie's angels" >> i'm kind of getting this, you know, you guys are, like, lady spies. and i just need you to explain who this guy is and why was he shooting at you? >> oh, you. he was shooting at you. >> me? >> your file says you are a systems engineer on the calisto project. >> you know about calisto? >> we know about a lot of things. that you graduated from the top of your class at mitt. you think yellow is one of your colors when in fact it is no one's. you could be dating a lot more if you played up those cheek bones on your online profile pictures. what we don't know is why someone wants you dead. >> stephen: please welcome elizabeth banks! ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> hi!
12:04 am
hi! wow! >> stephen: hello. >> wooo! >> stephen: it's lovely to meet you. >> it's nice to meet puupon i have never been here. this is beautiful, and you're all beautiful. ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: that is all of show business in one sentence. >> it is. >> stephen: and are you beautiful as well. >> onk you. >> stephen: it's a pleasure to have you here. pretty much everybody here knows you as an actress and a veryed . but you do it all, baby. you produce, you direct, you t like, be behind the scenes? >> i came to it graduallyys in . >> stephen: anything i'd know? >> i directed-- what didirect? i directed some stoppard plays back in the day. >> stephen: sure. >> i even met tom once. >> stephen: get out. >> he's my mick jagger. >> stephen: rosenstern? >> yes, they're dead, by the way. this is the do,iest conversation
12:05 am
i have ever had on a talk show and i love it. >> stephen: it gets damn dorky, girl. it gets dorky-kong. >> i came to it gradually. i really found that i was a little disillusioned as an actress. and i got some great advice from fellow actresses who sort of warned me about the industry. and i really just looked around and felt like the system was kind of rigged against me a little bit. and i wanted to get in there and dig around in the system. >> stephen: was there a particular, like, movie you did, and you went, "okay, this is inspiring me to actually get behind the camera or direct?" >> wouldn't say-- it was more about the movies that weren't happening, right, or the sthars weren't getting told. and i do remember i was playing an elf in fred clause. >> stephen: santa claus' brother. >> it's a classic story. >> very classic. i was working with john michael higgins who became my costar in
12:06 am
"pitch perfect." and i was stuffing, like, fake boobs on every morning at 5:00 a.m. and going to set way bunch of russian little people that they had hired to play the elves. and i just looked around and thought, maybe i have more to offer? i don't know. ( laughter ) maybe. >> stephen: you don't know. >> i don't know. >> stephen: well, a lot-- >> i couldn't-- it felt like it could get better than that, maybe. >> stephen: i don't know. sounds pretty good. >> i mean, it was very fun. by the way, the north pole sets was one of the greatest set i ever worked on. >> stephen: sure. >> yeah... >> stephen: and every year families gather around together-- >> they gather around, it's a real classic, yeah, holiday film. >> stephen: obviously, this is a reboot of a classic in and of itself. >> a continuation. >> stephen: okay, a continuation, okay, of the "charlie's angels" universe. >> that's right. >> stephen: the cosmology and time continuum. >> yeah. >> stephen: why did you angels"?
12:07 am
why was that the thing-- why do that in 2019? >> 2019, you know, these are trying times. i don't know if you've notice gld yeah, sure. i read the papers. >> i-- i wanted to make a movie that celebrated women at work. when i watched the original of original show, i thought those are professional women. that's a job that ladies get to do! you know. and they, like, looked incredible. >> stephen: that was-- that was-- that was your version of "bring your daughter to work?" "we could be like super-sexy spies." >> yes! truly! i was like why aren't we all super-sexy spies all the time. >> stephen: wow. >> i was very inspired. >> stephen: so who was your favorite. i'll tell you mine. i'll say mine. one, two, three-- >> kate jackson. >> stephen: kate jackson. honest to god. kate jackson. >> she was incredible. >> stephen: that's it right there. >> and actually kirsten stewart's character is sort oarr from the
12:08 am
'ss." i felt like the d.n.a. of "charlie's angels" is about sisterhood, camaraderie, working together, believing women, supporting women. but, also, it's super entertaining for everybody. that's what i wanted to do. i wanted to work on an action movie and i wanted people to get really expietd wanted to celebrate ladies teaming up. >> stephen: here are your new angels. kirsten stewart, ella balinska, and naomi scott. i assumed you were an angel when i found out about the exprct found out you are in it. you are not bosley, you are a bosley. >> i am a former angel, and bosley -- >> stephen: in the reality of it you go from an angel and move on to being a bosley. >> i got promoted. i felt one of the messages in merchant should be when you turn 40 we don't kick you out. >> stephen: they make you the boss. >> because it's "charlie's angels."
12:09 am
( applause ). >> stephen: you're an archangel now. >> yeah. the history of it, throughout the tv shows and theevy angel hn character, their own identity. but bosley was always someone else. it was played in the two films by two different actors, played on the tv show by two different actors. and i don't know, i felt we should make that special. there are multiple bosley s. >> stephen: and they're damn fine bosleys, too. patrick stewart, elizabeth banks. of course, this guy from "gardens of the galaxy" if nowhere else. and of course the legendary, the man himself, sir patrick stewart. what was it like to direct patrick stewart? >> oh it was a delight. un, he-- i think it's important to remember his famous role as poop emoji in the emoji movie. >> stephen: that's true. >> that to me is really, like, the highlight of his career.
12:10 am
and what it says about him is that he does not take anything too seriously, right? like, he is game for anything. and this is a movie where all c, and we're having a lot of fun, and i just knew he would come and bring that energy to the set. the poop emoji energy that i was looking for. >> stephen: that's what we're all looking for at a certain level. >> he's from the theater. i started in theater. we had a lot in common. >> stephen: sure. >> and i couldn't be more respectful of his entire career. >> stephen: his ubra. >> his ubra. >> i didn't want to say it. >> stephen: this is a safe ubraspace. >> i get it now. i'm learning as we go. >> stephen: i'm a little obsessed with the musical "jesus christ superstar." i'm totally not right for the part but i always wanted to play judas. >>
12:11 am
my mind i clearer now ♪ who did you play? when was? >> i played pontius pilot if "jesus christ superstar." >> stephen: that's also off choice. >> mary magdelin, is probably where your mind went. i broke my leg sliding into base-- i was sporty. >> stephen: in college. >> no high school, eighth grade going into high school. i sang in the choir for a while. and i got plucked out of my softball team and thrown into the musical "jesus christ superstar" because i would wear a robe over my walking cast at the time. that's why i was only allowed to play pontiusilot. >> stephen: do you still have a song that comes back. >> "pilot's dream." ♪ i dreamed i met a gal
12:12 am
the hunted, hunted kind ♪ i asked him to say what had happened ♪ how it all began see we have to harmonize ♪ he barely said a word. as if he hadn't heard ♪ yes! >> stephen: ♪ and then the room >> only you. >> stephen: so fun. >> you got me to sing. >> stephen: we can dork out, baby. "charlie's angels" is in theaters next friday. elizabeth banks, everybody! we'll be right back with senator and presidential candidate amy klobuchar. you are exactly where you need to be. glade. limited edition fragrances. sc johnson. disney's frozen 2 in theaters november 22nd. [ "turn around, look at me" ♪ there is someone
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back. ladies and gentlemen, my next guest is a three-term senator from minnesota who's currently running for president. please welcome senator amy klobuchar! ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> stephen: senator. >> thank you. >> stephen: welcome back. >> thank you.
12:18 am
it's great to be back. >> stephen: nice to see you again. >> thanks. >> stephen: i've been watching these debates. >> really? >> stephen: it's part of the job. and we talk about them here on the show. i'm looking forward to two weeks from tomorrow is the next deba debate. >> in atlanta. >> stephen: in atlanta. hot-lanta. the last couple of debates have been very good for you. you've done a lot of fund-raising afterwards. your poll numbers have gone up. who do you have yourself locked and loded for next time. because you took it to warren last time. who do you have your sights on this time? >> first i took it to her on policy. i have a lot of respect for her. i think it's important that we make clear there's no monop plea on good ideas. i have bold ideas, too, just different ideas. i'm not going to reveal what i will do next time.rar s. >> stephen: ave a suggestion for you-- use it, don't use it. when you get a good zinger in,
12:19 am
have this graphic come on. when you hit somebody go, "you've been klobu-charred. >> look at the flames. >> stephen: that should animate probably. >> i really actually think that's all i'll need. >> stephen: just make me an ambassador or something. >> okay, that will be good. where would you like,licaten stein? >> stephen: paris, what are we talking about. do you get along with the other candidates backstage. >> yes. actually, there's all kinds of stuff that goes on back there. >> stephen: such as? ( laughter ) like what? >> well, actually, a lot of us are friends. corrie and kamala and i served together on judiciary. bernie and elizabeth were on leadership. and it's pretty funny. so i actually brought comfortable shoes for the last debates because i thought i would get sore feet standin the hours. and i hid them under a chair. and at a break for only three minutes, i ran out, i'm like, hiewlian, move over, i have to get my shoes."
12:20 am
i wrote notes to cory during the last debate, funny notes. >> stephen: you're passing notes while the other people are talking? >> yes. well, we were kind of down there in the corner. that was in houston. so i actually -- >> stephen: is it one of these things... >> no. >> stephen: are you bored? yes, no, pick one. >> fididn't get call on i would go... so what happened was when yang. in his opening said, "hey, maybe i'll give $1,000 away to random people out of my campaign account." i wrote a note-- this is true-- in big black letters and cory came over to read it, and it said, "booker, potential campaign violation. do not do that." >> stephen: now, you are a senator. it looks like there is-- likely that the house wot toch bas upon what certain-- the nr ofngssmen whair in favf t point. soe going to have to sit as a jury. 100 senators, you're one of them, have to sit as a jury.
12:21 am
we should sherrod brown on last night. we talked about. you're not allowed a phone. you're not allowed to talk. you have to stay there the whole time. >> yeah. >> stephen: you can't talk to each other. can y'all do that? you can-- >> yes! i mean we have -- >> stephen: pay attention in this internet age, you young whippersnapper senators. >> we have a constitutional duty to do that, and i cannot think of anything more important right now that we have to do. and whether we're supposed to be campaigning or not, none of that matters. upon the founding fathers set this up. and madison said we should have these impeachment provisions and these were his words because he was afraid that our president would betray our powers to a foreign. >> stephen: set up an instrument in case that thing happened. since you can't have your phone, you know the president's going to be watching the impeachment trial. you won't know what he's tweeting.
12:22 am
>> i. >> stephen: how will you know what the right thing to do is? >> this weekend, he did 75 tweets. i don't know if you know this. >> stephen: i've heard. >> while we found out farm bankruptcies went up 25%, that farmer prices are going through the roof. i think he should be doing a little less tweeting and a little more governing. ( applause ). >> stephen: it's not his strong suit. >> no, i know. >> stephen: it's not his strong suits. >> it is actually one of the reasons when i think about what he has done and divided people every single day. that's why i'm running, because i think that we are so much bigger than this. and i don't want to be the president for half of america. i want to be the president for all of america. and when you look at what he's done-- why we're in the impeachment proceed ago he continues to put his business interests, his partisan interests, his political interests in front of our country, and that's just wrong. >> stephen: we have to take a little bit of a break, but when we come back, we'll have more with senator amy klobuchar. she's running for president of the united states, everybody.
12:23 am
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we're here with presidential candidate for the democratic nomination, amy klobuchar. you've called medicare for all a pipe dream and said, "i am not for free four-year college." where are you swinging for the fences? because those are big progressive ideas. and i'm sure you want people to have health insurance. but what are your big progressive ideas? what's going to excite people with your ambition. >> okay, well, let's start with this, and that is reversing the devastating effects of climate change right now. and being-- taking this on in a big way. ( applause ). >> stephen: in what way? specifically what would do you? >> i would get us back into the international climate change agreement on day one. on day two, bring back the clean power rules. on day three, the gas mileage standards, and day four, sweeping legislation to reverse greenhouse gases. we can do this. immigration reform. getting immigration reform done in one year. gun safety. we've already seen a change in the house of representatives. we've seen those bills. they're sitting on mitch
12:31 am
mcconnell's desk, and he needs to go. when we can get this done. >> stephen: when you say "immigration reform"-- ( applause ) that's a fairly vague term, "immigration reform." >> i don't think it is. it's a path to citizenship. >> stephen: that's what i want to know. what's included. >> people who follow the law and want to work here and stay here. the last bill we passed was over a 10-year period. and instead of talking about-- all he does it talk about the border. we should be focusing on the fact that immigrants don't diminish america. they are america. ( applause ) when it comes to health care-- when it comes to health care, taking on the pharmaceutical industry, bringing down premiums with something that barack obama wanted to do from the beginning, which is a nonprofit public option. so to bring down, then competes with the other private insurance companies. and then when it comes to college, yeah, i would double the pell grants-- which is not loans, for families making up to
12:32 am
$100,000 a year. free one- and two-year degrees, because that's the fastest rising degrees. and, no, i wouldn't pay for rich kids to go to college. sorry. yeah, i just eye don't think >> stephen: l rit wt. i already went! >> i don't think that's the answer. these are different ideas. that's all there is. they are still progressive ideas, and i've got the track record of getting them done. i have passed over 100 bills since i got to the senate. >> stephen: now, you actually said recently that you thought-- or last year you said you think that al franken, your friend, former senator from minnesota, has a third act. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: in him. >> yes. >> stephen: he recently appeared at politi-con. what do you think he has to offer still? do you think it's time for al to come back? >> i think he can come back energy ways besides running for office. and he's never talked to me about running for office, and he made his own decision to step down from the senate. but there are other ways to serve. he recently helped a tribal scho
12:33 am
the school was so decrepit. it was literally falling apart. and he helped lead the effort to get the federal money to build that school, and he's raised the money for books for that school. there are ways to serve after you leave office and that's what he's doing now. >> stephen: there's a cartoon over on showtime called "our cartoon president" and this part season you were one of the stars of the show. and i don't know whether you've seen it, but we have a little example of your cartoon character. not you, obviously. senator. >> lift your balls off the ground, and shove off back to scranton before i cram you into the luggage rack of an amtrak and send you there! and not the acell ajoe! the northeast regional! what! come at >>phno accure>>hat would be-- ( applause ) they would probably put that up on facebook, but not other
12:34 am
places. so-- but it was very funny. and the-- i will say that the accents is kind of that fargo accent that we like. so, and that we need to win the ticket in the heartland, and win pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan. we can do it. i can do it. we're going to build-- we are going to build a blue wall around those states and make donald trump pay for it. that is our plan. >> stephen: senator, thank you so much for being here. good luck in two weeks. >> thank you. >> stephen: senator amy klobuchar, everybody. we'll be right bac
12:35 am
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late show." tune in tomorrow when my guests will be helen mirren, ian mckellen, and the kids from "masterchef junior." now stick around for james corden. good night! he's got hillary and chelsea clinton. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ are you ready y'all >> reggie: ladies and gentlemen,


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