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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 6, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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who took the lead overnight. >> a plan to preserve a spot is expected to win approval today. details on the dial. >> a live look at capitol hill where a key witness in the impeachment inquiry is now changing higgs story. what he now says he remembers. good morning. it is wednesday, november 6th, 2019. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00 right now. thanks for waking up with us. a check of the forecast and our air quality. >> that is right. good morning michelle and kenny. we're looking at moderate air quality today. an air quality advisory and once again due to smoke from the ranch fire burning. air quality conditions this morning. looking at moderate for most of us, but san jose unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups. definitely hazy skies. we're going to see clearing for most of us except for the
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coast. seasonal daytime highs mid-70s concord. mid 60s for oakland as well as for san francisco. let's check the roadways with gianna franco and traffic alert. >> across the freeway, ware tracking the trouble spots. there is a traffic alert westbound 80 as you work your way to tennessee in vallejo. a moat note accident. two are taken away. a pretty decent back up. down to 8 miles per hour. a very slow ride through there. back to 37 at this point and building. we'll try to get alternates. 29 might be a good bet, surface streets better as you go through there. bay bridge meet tering lights on. a broken down vehicle not far from where the meet tering lights are. they pushed that to the shoulder. not causing anymore delays than usual as you rk
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the bay bridge. delays anyway into the maze. eastbound, getting report the of an accident over in the center divide. kenny. >> the race for san francisco's new district attorney is too close to call. both are still being counted in a razor thin election this morning. under rank choice voting, second and third turn suzy loftus into the lead overnight by a margin of only 240 votes. kpix 5 jackie ward is there with the late ters. jackie. >> reporter: kenny, it is neck in neck this morning as you just explained and that's why we're keeping a close eye on the numbers. the mayor appointed her to be acting district attorney. chi sa boudin is a public defender and has more than 2,000 ravo loftuss hoontoad
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by only 240 votes. way spoke to boudin around 11:30 last night. >> we're at a couple thousand votes and that will be enough to make a difference. that is what it looks like and what we're hearing from live in the greatest city on earth. with more than 69% of the vote, she will keep her title and have a four year term. she says she has cleaned up homeless tent cities but needs time to work on it. we will be continuing to monitor those numbers as they come in this morning neck in neck with that district attorney's race.
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jackie ward, kpix 5. >> too close to call on prop d. attacks on uber and lyft rides to fund public transit costs. they need 66% to pass and there is a razor thin margin right now. prop c was soundly defeated. more than 80% of vote first were against overturn ling the ban on e-cigarettes sales within city limits. it will take affect next year. the plan to set a sade $600 million for affordable housing projects and a measure to allow for more of those projects on city land. i'm at the live news desk. we have a couple breaking news stories. a 17-year-old girl was slot and killed and a 17-year-old boy injured. this is new video you're looking at right now. the shots rang out about 7:00 p.m. and by the time police got there,ment victim had someone drive them to the hospital.
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that is where the girl died and the boy is still right now recover from his injuries. he is expected to live. as far as a suspect, police are not saying much except the shooter was a man. >> a also want to keep you posted on the search for a couple inmates who escaped from jailer lower this week. they at least one escaped again last night. this is where they were spotted or one was spotted at the motel 6 in marina. also inmon ter rhea county. jonathan salazar was spotted there by a hotel employee. s.w.a.t. teams and other deputies all surrounded the motel and evacuated it, as well. it lasted for more than eight hours. when they got into the room where they thought he was, he was no longer there. he got away as well.
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now, he and his former cell mate santos von esca, sorry about that pronunciation, they both escaped together, but authorities believe they are no longer working together so they have somehow separated and the search for them continues. >> are you ready to vote? all ritz. all in favor? >> an update from orinda, they supported taking up an emergency order banning short term rentals. that vote won't happen for another two weeks. it began with a moment of say lense in honor of the five gunned down on halloween night. there was mixed reaction on whether the city needs stricter short term housing regulations in the wake of the recent violence. the next meeting is scheduled for the 19th. city council has up to two years to 50s fen its existing policy. a suspected arsonist is on
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the loose. police say there have been more than a dozen fires late at night or early it morning. if you have any information, call the police in concord or the tip line. >> smoke is drifting from the 2,000-acre ranch fire that has burned near red bluff inn. for the this time since the start of the kincade fire, a couple of sonoma county school districts will open today. they head back to class this morning. meanwhile, containment is now up to 84% and full containment could come as early as tomorrow. sa ferry west will open today after being closed for more mean a week due to the kincade fair. none of the park's 900 animals were harmed or evacuated. the park helped firefighters and police officers take a
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break bay in straighting them to interact with the animals. happening today in a matter of hours, the decision on the last open stretch of land on san jose's south side. develop mers deal could create an open corridor for animals to travel but farmers in the area are saying people are being pushed out. [ no audio. ] >> it has to do with the ability for humans. we're not looking for the last dollar in the world. we're just looking for existence that is all. >> a san jose mayor will hold a news conference at 11:30. city officials will meet at 2:00 this afternoon. a more beg asked to testify in
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the house impeachment inquiry as a key witness is changing his story. it was from the ambassador to the european union. he told lawmakers he believed the administration demanded a quid quo pro. that contradicts his previous templets he said he told a ukrainian official the money would for the come unless they announced a company employing the son of joe biden. >> it is very clear exactly what the president was doing at that point. >> i don't care what anybody else says about the phone call. the phone call i made up my own mind is fine. >> >> white house officials insisting the president has done nothing wrong. meanwhile house democrats called 11 witnesses to test fay including rick perry and former national security advisor john
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bolton. not clear whether they will appear on capitol hill. time now is 6:09. another black yay for the dmv this morning. the problem that allowed outside agencies to access driver information. a plus, i can help brighter the holidays for families in need this thanksgiving. all right. well, it is a cloudy morning across much of the bay area. looking at temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. a gorgeous view with our future cam. you can see that low cloudcover and above that those ball colors in the sky. i'll have the full forecast coming up. >> >> i'll you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. good wednesday morning. we're taking you out to our treasure island camera. you can sea the bay bridge, downtown san francisco. a great start to the day with the clouds. low clouds just covering the very tops of our buildings downtown. we'll talk about what you can
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expect as we head through the day. i'll show you futurecast and when most of us will see the clearing. a a craws a raved on scene of this injury accident along 80 in vallejo. a traffic alert in
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this error, protect this information and reaffirm our serious commitment to protect the privacy rights of all holders. >> they will have nary first chance to sell their shares in the company. they launched it last may but a billion stairs have been locked up until now. a third of those are under water meaning they are worth less than the purchase value. uber or lyft will stage protests outside the homes of several company executives. they say executives and investors are getting rich while drivers are not earning a wage. they are asking for help to brighten the holidays for families in married. sacred heart community service in san jose watoll this empty freezer with turkeys. the goal is to dis because 7900 food boxes for thanksgiving. the program has been running
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for more than half a century. >> it is $100. it's insurance families can meet the costs like rent and other utilities while still being able to have their holiday tradition. sacred heart is asking for donated turkeys. you can donate online and they will baste the birds for you. they need volunteers throughout the holiday season. >> you don't need a lot to give. a little bit goes a long way. >> let's check in. a a traffic alert. pretty significant delays westbound 80. eastshore freeway. motorcycle crash tangled up with another vehicle there. two cars off to the side. a motorcycle and that car. it is westbound 80 as you work your way into vo lay hoe. look at the backup. they have issued a special traffic advisory there until
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they can clear everything out of the left two lanes. that is well beyond 37. it will take you an extra 20 minutes on top of your normal travel time to head through that area because of the delays there and with the two lanes taken away. if you're traveling out of fairfield, you can use 680 or stick with surface streets and get back on 780 toward the east shore freeway to avoid those delays. once you're passed that you will see brake lights. we're seeing a backup into the maze now. westbound 580 starting to bog down, as well as you head out of oakland into emoryville. if you're heading to san francisco, so far, so good on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it is not foggy today. 580 eastbound right at harold street not far from 35th. an accident. there is debris in the roadway so they are running traffic breaks through there. southbound 880 at whipple, the
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number 3 lane is blocked due to the crash, southbound 880 along the nimitz free way. it is trying to access 880. there is an accident in this backup as well. a busy raid as you work your way into union city. well, i know it is a gray start to the day, but we're going to take you above the low cloud deck on our future cam looking north. a stunning view with the golden colors in the sky. just beautiful this morning above the low clouds out there. we're looking at 47 in concord. oakland 52. lever more 46. 52 san francisco. san jose coming in apartment 53. mid-40s for santa rosa. the satellite and radar stru, high pressure in control. it will be the dominant weather tea chair through the week and into next week. that strong ridge will mean dry and quiet conditions. hour by hour on futurecast, you can see after starting off the day with cloudy , re ing to that clearing.
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mostly sunny to partly sunny through the afternoon. 4:00p.m. you can see the clouds staying along the coast once again. it is going to be a not cool day along the coast. tomorrow morning maybe less with that cloudcover due to less of that marine influence and that ridge of high pressure strengthening even more for your thursday. so tomorrow the start of a warming trend for us. while we're going to sea seasonal temperatures today, check out the highs especially up across the northern great plains and upper midwest. minneapolis, 32 for a high today. 22 in mine not and billings. tomorrow that arctic blast, arctic air is going to spill even farther south tomorrow into parts of oklahoma and northern texas. for us, start of a warming trend. the opposite weather story for us here in the bay area tomorrow with sunny s, warm temperatures and warming up to the low to mid 80s inland. tomorrow we'll start a warming
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trend through the workweek and into the weekend. sunrise today 6:40. sunset at 5:05. daytime highs around where we should be for this time of year. 71 in sunnyvale. mojgan hill 79. mid-70s in concord. pleasant hill upper 70s. daytime highs in the mid 60s san francisco, berkeley, alameda and for oakland and mid- 70s in ped lew ma. low 80s for cloverdale. here is the extended forecast. temperatures a little warmer thursday. that contain news friday into the weekend and into next week. kenny. thank yuk. 6:20 right now. mexican authorities announcing a suspect is in custody in
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6:23 right now. developing this morning, a suspect is in custody in connection with the horrific attack that left three women and six children dead in mexico. they did not reveal how the person was linked but a cartel may be responsible. >> the attack happened on monday about an hour south of the arizona border in sonora mexico. three vehicles carrying the extended family were ambushed. the victims were all members of a breakaway group of the mormon church. maria miller, her eight-month old twins, ten years rest-year- old son and ten-year-old daughter. >> the way they were killed, just, god how? unspeakable. ten miles down the road, the gunman opened fire on two
6:25 am
other vehicles that were following miller's car. donna lankford and her three and 11-year-old children were all killed. the family lad recently be threatened by car tells over where they could travel. >> happening today, a man accused of sexual abuse is coming forward and announcing a lawsuit against the dao seas. he claims religious ordered covered it up for years. under new law under gavin newsom a cause sers can come forward up to their 40th birthday. that starts january 1st. >> a foiled plot to bomb a synagogue. he has ties to california and they wreck know him. the rabbi said that a ventura county dough tech tive warned him about him about a year ago. investigators found his hate speech on social media and a video of him urinating on the front door of the jewish center that the rabbi was over saying.
6:26 am
detectives were monitoring him, but he moved away before they could question him. now the rabbi says that he is shocked to here he is in the news. >> we never smelled anything or noticed anything. way only new because the police toad us it happened. it is very iron nick and creepy. he was caught after he met with undercover fbi agents posing as an white supremacist. they got him to accept pipe bombs and dynamite. calls are called for action against pg&e. what dozens of mayors want to happen in the wake of recent can my side be firm?
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%fo live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. we are following breaking news. a teen-age girl killed in a double shooting in the east bay. what police are revealing so far. >> and today bart is unveiling the latest event on a high profile problem. what to exec p. it is wednesday, november 6th, 2019. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. let's check in with mary lee with a look at the forecast. hey there. >> good morning to you. happy wednesday. ware halfway through the workweek. it is a gray start to the day.
6:31 am
treasure island camera, the low clouds as we kickoff your wednesday. temperatures running in the 40th and in the 50s. 47 in concord. san francisco 50. san jose at 53. santa rosa in the mid-40s. through the day the clouds stick around all day along the coast. cool, breezy, low 60s for the bay. mid ofs with that clearing breezy conditions and our inland locations with mostly sunny skies and mild. mid- to upper 70s. seasonal temperatures today. warming up as we head through the week. i'll talk about that coming up. >> a.i. finally got good news to report. westbound 80 through vallejo around tennessee. left lanes were blocked. all lanes are open. getting better. it will take some time for traffic to recover. still slight delays from 37 as you work your way to the crash at tennessee but anything over to the shoulder with slight
6:32 am
spectator slowing through there. meet tering lights are on. delays out of the maze westbound 580. also no crashes here. you're clear across the upper deck in san francisco. southbound 880 at whipping road blocking the number 3 lane and pretty busy ride on the nimitz freeway southbound. that is a 51 minute drive. sluggish conditions as you led through there. it will make it difficult through the san mateo bridge this morning. once on the bridge itself, traffic is typical 19 minutes from 880 to the area towards 101. we're getting first reports of a trouble spot on 101. i'll have that in meaning next report. >> i'm anne makovec. were following the latest after a murder in antioch last night. a 17-year-old girl has died after a shooting. a 17-year-old boy with her was
6:33 am
injured. he is expected to survive. but at this point, no suspects description from police in this case. the shots rang out around 7:00 p.m. at morrow and la jolla drives in antioch. by the time thepolice got there, the people who were shot had driven themselves to the hospital and that is where the girl died. no suspects description exits for women were seen running from that seen. back to you. >> and in just a couple hours, bart will show off its latest tactic to crack down on fare e vayders and unveiling the first gate designed to make sure people exiting the elevator on the platform are paying their fare. >> this morning votes are still being counted. the race for san francisco's
6:34 am
new district attorney underranked choice voting, send and third place votes put suzy loftus into the lead. jackie ward absolute the overnight reaction from both sides and campaigns refusing to admit defeat. jackie. >> reporter: that incredibly slim margin is exactly why there has not been a winter declared gret. neither candidate is claiming victory or defeat this morning. the battle between saucy loftus and chese boudin continues. we're keeping an eye on it. loftus is a former police commissioner president who the mayor appointed. loftus is holding onto the lead by only about 240 votes. we spoke to chesa boudin around 11:30. >> i'm declaring victory in the broad sense. we have sent a powerful message. whether the outcome changes in terms of ranked choice voting
6:35 am
or not, we won in the sense we built the movement. about two hours ago, we got this statement from loftus' campaign saying in part there's is a lot that can change so we're not in a position to call the race for anyone regardless of the outcome. this election, there is a lot to be grateful for. we live in the greatest city on earth. the mayoral race with more than 69% london breed will keep her title and have the opportunity to serve a full four year term. she cleanup and recovery up homeless tent cities but she needs tame to continue work on the overall homelessness issue. ware monitoring the numbers being updated this morning with this election. we'll bring the latest all morning long. in san jose, jackie ward. >> another race needs a chores count. valley brown was appointed to her position when the
6:36 am
supervisor seat was vacant when the play your took office. her officer is dean preston. he opened a lead of over 200 votes after the most recent ballot es were counted. >> california leaders are increasingly fed up with pg&e. governor gavin newsom met with the ceo yesterday along with shareholders, creditors and wildfire victims. he expressed his frustration over pg&e's recent blackout and pressed them to meet their deadline to wrap up bankruptcy proceedings. they sent a letter to the public i till tis commission urging regulators to explore public ownership of pg&e sooner rather than later. >> the idea that this valuable resource, this basic human need of power, electricity, is in service to the people who rely on it everyday, not to folks in
6:37 am
wall street that need to turn profits. >> a spokesperson said "pg&e's facility is a are not for sale and changing the structure of the company would not create a safer operation. >> this morning, some firefighters that came to california to help in the recent's emergency, said someone stole their gary gear on the way home. they spent more than a week and a half fighting the kincade fire. they stopped and someone took more than $1,500 worth of critical gary gear from their truck. >> you want to do your job and save lives. i had all my medical equipment in it. on the way home today if we come across a car accident, i my skills but i don't have a lot to help anybody anymore. >> they had to take themselves off the board because they
6:38 am
don't latch the proper equipment to keep themselves safe. >> a city council approved an ordinance to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products and on retailers within one thousand feet of schools and san mateo county is taking a stand against the e-cigarettes industry. they approved an ordinance banning the sale and dis because of e-cigarettes. it is one way cities are frying to address the young people vaping. it is expected to take affect in days. and in san francisco, vote first have decided to uphold a citywide ban on e-cigarettes. prop c which would have overturned the ban was rejected during yesterday's election. a >> 6:38 right now. millions of americans went to the polls. a handful of races were being watched as a precursor for the 2020 election. democrat andy beshear claimed
6:39 am
victory last night, but matt bevin has not yet con saided. the governor tried to tie himself to president trump who came to lexington on monday night to help with the campaign. in virginia, democrats rode a wave of support to put the state house and senate, the 6:39. an estated inmate. a marathon standoff at a hotel. a new smartphone
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good wednesday morning. i wouldn't to talk about the air quality. we have an air quality advisory
6:43 am
due to smoke from the wildfire and the ranch fire. moderate air quality for the forecast and current a q i readings. moderate for moat of us, but unhealthy quality for sensitive groups this morning for san jose. i'll have the full forecast coming up. this morning the manhunt intensifies for an escaped murder suspect that got away for the second time. someone saw him inmon ter rhea county yesterday. they surrounded the building around noontime and standoff for more than eight hours. he must have escaped by the time the call was made and the police arrived. >> the person that called and interviews. >> how do you feel that he is not in that room? >> it is disappointing. we have been here for hours and people are waiting and ware
6:44 am
doing everything we can to locate this person along with the other gentleman. >> they feel they are no longer working together. they face separate gang related murder charges. gayle king joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: here we are in new york live and in color. hey michelle. ahead, a heavily armed suspect detained after nine americans killed in northern mexico. the three women and six children, think about that for a second, may have been targeted by a drug cartel. plus, we're going to take a look why mental health care is not always covered by insurance and what to do if you find yourself with a shockingly high bill like that lady did. the spirit of the song, you know the move, too, michelle. baby shark helped the nationals win the series, he is responsible for that song be coming the team's anthem.
6:45 am
he changed the culture. he joins us installed yo 57 for an interview you'll see only on "cbs this morning." we'll see you at 7:00. i wonder if he still likes the song because it is everywhere. >> i'm sure he does but it is -- i'm thinking he does ta. >> that will be in my med all day long. thank you, gail. >> because of that we couldn't watch the world sarry race because my son wanted to keep rewinding that part. >> that what he wanted. >> thanks nationals. >> thanks. >> 6:45 right now. hp being a potential m and a target this morning and worker productive ty is slipping. >> jason brooks, good morning. >> good morning. the merger sharks are swimming in the bay area.
6:46 am
multiple reports say xerox wants to buy hp. this would merge two iconic tech names in the printing business. xerox focusing on business size printers and copiers. now there would be some challenges in funding the deal as hp has a $27 billion market cap and three times bigger than xerox but a major bank is willing to help xerox fund that deal. as a result hp stock is surging higher by 12% this morning in the early going. worker productivity in the u.s. fell in the third quarter. the government says it was down by .3 of a percent, the first de klein
6:47 am
breaks, thank you. a bay area holiday favorite. [ no audio. ] >> other efficient wildlife department wants to give them one more weak to migrate before crab traps set. for fishermen, that time is money. it it is set to start on november 23rd five days before thanksgiving. >> a dumpster dive gone wrong for a bear. whoa! [ laughter ] >> whoa is right. that is a big bear and that bear is known to have a record of getting into trouble, has a rap sheet and a nickname t- shirt because of the white fur on his chest. little by little deputies worked to get the dumpster open without getting too close even using a stick at one point. then while one deputy
6:48 am
distracted t-shirt, the other flipped over that dumpster. jumped out of the way. finally the huge bear trying to get out plopped right onto the ground. look at that. that is a big boy. and then just ran off. this confrontation wasn't the first they had with t-shirt. big surprise. look at that. >> that is a huge bear. >> big one. >> yes. i think his name should change to something else than t-shirt. >> [ laughter ] he is just hungry. he is looking for some food. >> yes. >> no bears on the roadway here. just a lot of brake lights. 101. reports of a crash near grand. looks like it is not turning out to be ta much of a problem through south city. southbound side. no major delays through there. if you're headed to the airport southbound out of san
6:49 am
francisco, traffic okay. northbound 101 okay. portion of 101. nis is in the south bay. look at all these accidents. one is around oakland. one around the express way. a couple are blocking lanes. this is northbound 101 at the connector. you'll see brake lights there. once you get into moundview, things get a little bit better, but then brake lights u through the bridge. faking a look at traffic here. south of there ware seeing a brake lights. so you're going to see a busy ride through mojgan hill with speeds down. 280 looking a little bit better. 680 to 85 a longer trem mate be a better choice. san mateo bridge, a little slow. 22 minutes from 880 to 101.
6:50 am
let's check your forecast. mary. >> good morning. we're half way through the workweek. a great start to the day with low clouds in many choice rest locations. taking you above the low cloud deck, that is a gorgeous view. this is our future cam looking north. you can see mount diablo above the low clouds this morning and jours that sunshine above the clouds. through the day we're going to have clearing for most of us through the afternoon. temperatures running in the 40 and 50s to start off the day. concord you're at 47. livermore 46. san francisco at 50. san jose at 53. cinnamon ta rosa at 46. it has been a dry start to the water year. started october 1st. just one cent of average for santa rosa, san jose, san francisco. 0% for oakland. comparing that to last year, 49% last year. 3% san jose. 5% for oakland.
6:51 am
it has been a dry start to our water year. it was a dry start last year but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be a dry water year, because last year by mid february,way were near normal for that rainfall amounts. after that of course we lad two river events and record rainfall for the rest of the winter and then into the spring. that got us out off or drought for the bay area as well as for the entire state. we hadn't seen drought free conditions since 2011 so even though it is dry right now, that doesn't necessarily mean well see below average rain amounts through the rest of the year. we need the rain. it does not look like it will come anytime soon. the ridge of high pressure in control for us. that means dry and quiet conditions through the week and into next week with the longer rain weather models. hour boy hour, stopping at 4:00 p.m. it is a cloudy start now, but
6:52 am
we're looking at clearing for most of us. although cloudy and cool, along the coast for today, for tomorrow as that ridge strengthens, we're going to see less in terms of cloudcover for today morning. temperatures on the rise starting tomorrow through the workweek into the weekend. daytime highs for today looking at 71 in palo alto. 71 sunnyvale. daytime highs in the mid-70s from concord, pleasant hills, oakland, mid 60s and looking at low 80s for cloverdale. the extended forecast tomorrow with above average temperatures. and into the weekend and next week. >> sounds good. thank you. undergoing surgery. a new app is trying to change it along hospital staff to send text, photos and video
6:53 am
updates when a loved one is in surgery. it is called ease. more than 60 hospitals are now using this app and many patients are choosing it to send live updates to loved ones around the world giving some peace of mind. >> for some patients they come into the operating room and they are not sure if they are going to walk out. their families think that, too. when they get that communication, they are doing well. >> the app has several tea charles in place to make sure sensitive met cal information is protected. >> time is 6:53. after a discussion that stretched deep into the night, they agreed to new rules in the wake of last week's mass shooting. details on their decision. >> a and we are closely it takes a village to raise a child.
6:54 am
to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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i'm jackie ward live in san
6:57 am
francisco where it is neck in neck in the race for the next city district attorney. this is a close call. it is too close to call. the winner this morning. here are the latest numbers between suzy loftus and chese boudin. second and third place votes pushed suzy loftus into the lead overnight by a razor thin margin of 240 votes. loftus is the former police commission president whom the mayor appointed as acting district a tone and boudin is a defender. we hope to get the results later today. jackie ward, kpix 5. a a top stories. >> a 1 p- year-old girl is dead after a shooting at an interception sex. officers showed up while two 17- year-olds with gunshot wounds turned up at the hospital.
6:58 am
the girl died there. the boy is expected to survive. police say there is a suspect, but that man is not in custody. >> a in mexico, a suspect is now in custody with connection with the horrific attack on an american family that rest that left three women and six children dead. they did not reveal how that person was linked but the drug cartel may be responsible. the city council unanimously supports taking up an emergency or nance for short- term rentals but that final vote won't happen for another two weeks. they have up to two years to impose a permanent ordinance. we have a couple new accidents along 680. the first one is through alamo on 680 on that southbound side. look for a crash on the right shoulder. south of there we have a trouble spot south 680 also on
6:59 am
stone valley road, it's number 3 lane from the left blocked. that crash, still lanes blocked. another accident as you head into fremont. drive times 49 minutes. experian down to 237. >> a well, it is a cloudy start to the day, but i want to show you the sunrise on our cam. isen that a ball site? we'll see the clearing for most of us. seasonal daytime highs mid 70s concord. low 70s san jose. mid-60s for san francisco and oakland. >> a warming trend for us thursday, friday and into the weekend with plenty of sunshine. and our warm up continues into next week so dry, quiet conditions over the next several days. >> we like quiet for sure. >> i know. it is great. >> if you love that song baby shark or if your kids do, tune in, because cbs this morning
7:00 am
has a lot more of it coming up. >> my good morning to you, our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. mexico ambush suspect. a heavily armed person is detained, possibly connected to the nine americans murdered in mexico. why sources tell us the family may have been targeted by the cartel. breaking overnight, democrats declare victory in the kentucky governors race and win control of virginia's legislature. why suburban voters may be sending a message to republicans. death row doubt. a convicted killer faces execution in two weeks, but new evidence may show he's innocent. how celebrities are joining the fight to spare his life. and gerardo para in studio 57 only on "cbs this morning." he talks about


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