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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 6, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now, at 7. the bay area community asking the utility why can't you keep the lights on? one reason? no gas for the generators. >> pg&e is refunding customers for the time they lost power. do you guys plan to do the same? a car losing control on a freeway, a man on the shoulder just inches from death. he will make sure we get sam to find every single listing, every single host. the deadly east bay house party that is forcing worldwide changes for airbnb rentals. >> it was like fireworks, firecrackers, like that. done a gunman on the run tonight after a deadly shooting involving two teenagers in contra costa county. it is all over.
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the district attorneys race and, when we might get a final election results. kpix 5 news at 7 starts now with a look at treasure island, the lights are on now, but that was not the case, last night or earlier today. the evening i'm ken bastida. >> i veronica de la cruz, andrea barber asked the utility agency, why can't they keep the lights on? what did they say? >> reporter: well, they say it's because of old infrastructure passed down from the navy that they don't actually own. a fix is coming for people who live and work here it is not coming soon enough. >> supposed be back two hours ago. >> reporter: 11 power outages in a single year are wearing the patients thinner than the thin near the 50-year-old power lies that are supposed to keep the lights on.? our office is supposed to have generators. all this morning we're working
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off the generators but now the power is out and, going back to civilization. >> reporter: those who call ti home, the grocery bill cost of spoiled food is adding up >> it is sitting in the refrigerator going bad because there is no electricity. >> reporter: at merce restaurant, the troubles are the same. >> it is obviously with the power goes down our fridges go down and we don't have any hot running water. try to keep everything cool, try to keep a cap on the loss of product. >> reporter: the power lines were passed down from the u.s. navy are now in control at the treasure island development authority. powered by the sf puc. >> all we can do is prepare and try to repair this work as fast as possible. we sent crews out there, diagnose the problems. unfortunately, that is just the nature of what it is like out there. >> it is a reality that will hit the bottom line of business is like merce.
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>> it is a problem for the bottom line, we rely on electric and water. without the gas on the island it is really important we get the power issue sorted. >> reporter: we asked the sf puc if they planned to offer rebates to the customers for all of these outages that have been adding up here on the island over the years. not just this year alone. the spokesperson, the press secretary said they would look into it. ken, veronica? >> we appreciate it. check out this dramatic crash on highway 101 in south san francisco, a car nearly hits a man on the shoulder, it all starts with the car hit the center median and flew across all of those lanes before slamming into another car. the man was there, fixing his car on the side of the road. he was obviously just inches from serious injury, maybe even death, but thankfully he was able to walk away. the exit accident happened on monday, no idea what made that driverless control. >> airbnb making drastic changes tonight. it's all in response to the
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deadly shooting to a rental home in orinda last week. emily turner joins us with the ceos plan to keep renter safe, what will be new? >> reporter: tonight, airbnb says it will spend the next year verifying all 7 million of its listings. five people were killed last thursday when gunfire erupted and then on authorized at an unauthorized telling party in orinda, whoever opened fire is still on the loose more than 100 people gathered at the airbnb after the renter posted ads for the party on social media. now, airbnb says it's goal is to improve user trust and safety. san francisco based time- sharing company will look into the accuracy of rental house photos, the addresses and the details about each unit. >> we will make sure that 100% of host, and 100% of listings will be reviewed at the end of next year, with the intention of having 100% of the things
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being verified. it will be, essentially, a combination of the company and the community. we will use technology, we will use guests, we will get a confidence score but make sure that we can stand behind every single listing. >> reporter: airbnb's goal is to have everything verified by december 15th, 2020. >> every single listing is accurate, the information is accurate, the photos are what you say they are the act the addresses are accurate, they meet minimum basie basic safety protocol and the host is who they say they are. we know what their identity is. >> reporter: meanwhile, the orinda city council supports a short-term bad rental ban in the city, they are expected to vote on the ordinance in a couple of weeks. >> i don't how they will do that, 7 million listings is like a complete audit of your company.
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how do you do that in one year? >> reporter: they said they would use not only customers but they will use pictures and technology. it'll be interesting to see. they do have more than a year. >> big house cleaning. emily thank you. two dangerous enemies who escaped from jail are back behind bars tonight, the feds captured the murder suspects under the miles went to the mexican border after getting a tip that they were in tijuana. this is a new video of jonathan salazar and santos fonseca being escorted back into the facility they escaped from the jail sunday after cutting a hole in the ceiling of a bathroom. >> just because they are back in custody does not mean we will stop doing our job to investigate the crimes. we will find out everything about how do they get from, but he wants to know how they got from salinas to mexico. two in antioch a tragic shooting took the life of a 17- year-old girl and left another teenager wounded. it happened near la jolla drive. juliette goodrich is on the search for the killer. >> reporter: it happened in a very quiet antioch neighborhood. the 17-year-old girl was with a
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17-year-old boy. after the shooting, the pair drove themselves to the hospital, and that is where she was pronounced dead. a bullet hole shattered the front windshield of a car that the teens were in. they were shot around seven p.m. and is quite neighborhood cul- de-sac at the end of la jolla drive. with the shooter still at large, one neighbor asked we can steal her identity. >> i heard that it was like fireworks, like firecrackers, pop, pop, pop . like that. then i heard it was gunshots. >> reporter: she said cops started banging on her front door to warn her that the shooter had taken off on foot hopping over backyard fences. >> i lecture about a year, it is a quiet area. >> reporter: police say the teens drove themselves to a nearby hospital where the young girl was pronounced dead. the boy suffered nonlife threatening injuries. james mcgee said he heard about the commotion, but could not believe it was in his neighborhood. >> kind of shocked, you know? usually pretty quiet here.
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nice neighborhood. >> reporter: one thing that stands out, warning signs that say the area is under video surveillance. surveillance that police are likely relying on to solve this tragic shooting. antioch police are hoping anyone with information will come forward, immediately. in antioch, juliette goodrich, kpix 5 news. tens of thousands of ballots still need to be counted in the san francisco district attorney's race. but, one candidate has widened her lead this evening. take a look at the latest results, suzy loftus is about 2200 votes ahead of chesa boudin. wilson walker is a following the neck and neck race. >> reporter: yet another lesson in every vote counts, suzy loftus now with a 2% lead over chesa boudin for district attorney of san francisco. still a lot of vote left account. >> with the ballots come through in the mail. 13-14,000. >> reporter: nearly 70,000
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votes left to be counted but the 16,000 votes counted today pushed suzy loftus into a 2% lead at san francisco district attorney's race this after three rounds of ranked choice voting. now, the candidates who received the most first choice votes -- >> people are hungry for change people are hungry for a more humane effective approach to criminal justice that does more than just punish people in a revolving door. >> reporter: loftus declined to speak on camera today waiting for more detailed results. with the votes cast, the respective campaign headquarters sat deserted as the counting dragged on across town. >> there might be some final processing, but i think the bigger numbers will be done by the next week. >> reporter: the district attorney's office does not answer to the mayor's office for mayor london breed would certainly like an ally in that office, that is why she jumped at the chance to endorse suzy loftus last year long before we ever knew what was going to happen to george gascon, in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix
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5. coming up next, the fbi calls them twitter employees turn to spies. the country they are accused of working for. one bay area city is about to get its tallest tower, ever. the famous developer behind the new plans. >> were dismantled the entire lighthouse lamp turn, including the lands. >> $5 million and 1 million a year later, one of the bay area's most beloved landmarks is finally about to reopen. plus, a teacher and contra costa county using a new hit song to teach students what their classroom should be like. >> will we get the room and or the role in like a song, he gets is focused and ready. a beautiful shot right now from looking back towards the salesforce tower.
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some places in the bay area are going to be 10 degrees above average tomorrow. while, others were barely even notice it is a degree or two off the mark i will explain, coming up.
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no secret that teachers with limited resources have to get creative. >> wait until you see what one teacher in contra costa county came up with.
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john ramose shows that the unique lesson that has gone viral. >> reporter: people can say that los madonna's elementary is not a high-performing school but it is amazing what a little imagination can do. in this second grade class, everything is a performance. the classroom rules are recited in a chant with plenty of theatrics. but, each year she rewrites the lyrics to a popular song for a daily morning pick me up. and, this year it came from singer/hate singer/rapper hit from lizzo, the truth hurts, >> when the sun came up, the kids proper version they were really digging it, they said this is the song we are going to do it too. >> reporter: but they do not just sing the song they performed it on camera and a video on facebook is going viral. >> [ music ] >> reporter: the leader the lyrics that she and the class
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wrote talk about rules but also about the way students should treat each other. >> will we get the rules in like a song, then he gets is focused, it gets us ready. >> reporter: because it is a shared effort it has brought everyone closer together. >> and makes us feel happy in the morning. it makes us feel like a family. >> reporter: the teachers energy lights up the room and her use of music has made fans not just on the internet but of the students themselves. >> i like to go to school because i think teachers just do normal things. >> she is not normal. >> yeah, she's not normal. >> is a funding not normal sometimes? >> epic >> reporter: in pittsburgh, kpix 5. >> so cute! after more than 13 months of renovations the historic lighthouse at the national seashore is set to open this
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week. >> the 150-year-old structure underwent nearly $6 million facelift. more than 1000 individual crystal glass prisms were carefully cleaned, and then reassembled. the surrounding buildings were also restored, including preservation of the early 1900s foghorn. >> we dismantled the entire lighthouse lantern, including the lands. >> you to the land the part? after how many years? >> the lens has been in there since 1870. we had an amazing amount of specialist. >> one major feature still remains, the stairs leading down to the lighthouse equal a 30 story building drop. the lighthouse opens to the public this friday, mark your calendar. tonight, one sonoma county winery is in the middle of a remarkable rebound. >> paradise ridge was estimated by the north bay wildfires in 2017. now, the winery getting help from farm animals, insects, and girl scouts. they finished the long
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rebuilding process. >> after a fire, when it bounces back, you will have a really, nice, healthy ecosystem. >> we want people to see resilience and strength. and, sustainability. >> you can see our original report, paradise ridge rebound, that is tonight, or tomorrow night right here on the the new kpix5 news at 7. i know what you are going to do this weekend? you're going to head down to the lighthouse. >> is going to paradise ridge. >> he can probably do both because will have the weather for it. >> best part about living in this part of the country. you have two varying options like that. let's start out by showing you what it looks like now over the city. still this early in the newscast, those low clouds barely obscuring the skyline with just the top of the salesforce tower. and, weather it is the western span of the bay bridge or the eastern span over there, then of course you can see some of
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the east bay off there in the distance. how do we do today? pick out your part of the bay. inland 77 today for livermore. that is coming in about 12 or so degrees above average. noticeably warm for you. but, if you take a look near the water san francisco at 60. that is about seven degrees below average and we can thank this onshore surge from the marine layer for bringing us back to a scenario where we get those really widely varying temperatures. if you look at california from the space today on high- resolution satellite this is just before sunset. look at what is going on off the coast, low clouds be much for miles edges as you get to the land, the warm temperature that radiates off the land surface keeps the clouds away. classic be right there. as we come in for a closer view, you can actually see a little bit coming down towards the point, there's a lighthouse, we were just showing. but, i want to see the clouds, that helps to deepen the marineland, drivers or even more, watch what goes into the gap. were going to wake up to low
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gray skies. and in the bay. just like today, it doesn't last long. just kinda gives you that summer morning feel for you wake up to low gray and by 9 a.m. it is out of here and then we will warm up, for many of us to summerlike temperatures. let me show you the impact on morning lows, but more so on the daytime highs. but these are the lows, obviously. they are pretty comfortable. there are no 30s on here even. call the santa rosa at 40, at this point were getting into the upper 20s when the air was so dry that the cold was really able to set in. now we reversed and got back to more of a typical scenario. there are tomorrow's daytime highs, same story, 70 a concord, 10 degrees above average. that classic setup, where it is not equal. if you don't have plans yet, maybe this saturday, the walk to end alzheimer's, this is happening on the embarcadero.
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it is peer 27. the walk will start at 10 a.m., register at 8 a.m. if you're an early riser and you have plenty of friends out there taking a walk for a good cause. and, we love to have you out. kpix will have a pretty good representation. in the seven day forecast, staying warm, that is it, no rain, temperature stay in the mid 80s and low to mid 70s for much of the bay. there you go. see you later. >> sounds good. up next, wait until you see tesla's cool new cyber track. >> plus, something new for the south bay. the historic building project now underway. also tonight the two former twitter employees charged with spying for saudi arabia. >> straight out of hollywood, we will show you what one famous singer is selling. >> tonight at 11 in our original series, project home, san francisco could change the law and make it harder for large landlords to raise the rent to help a off their debt. some smaller rental companies,
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they are fighting the proposed change. that's really what we are missing. is the nuance and the regional. both sides say the decision could force them out of san francisco. susie steimle has a story tonight, at 11. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here. i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. opening november 14th in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd. i am veronica de la cruz, here is what you missed if you're just now getting home. x can officials cleared a heavily armored manned arrested near where an a people -- agent
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and survived including a seven month old baby, the victims belonged to a breakaway group, was associated with a mormon church. they have been targeted of the cartels over the past for their apparent wealth and resources. two public hearings in the impeachment inquiry are set to begin next wednesday. first up, acting u.s. ambassador to the ukraine, bill taylor and deputy assistant secretary of state george kent. then on friday, former ambassador to the ukraine marie yamada much. two twitter employees have been charged in a bombshell indictment. he claims the saudi government recruited them to spy on thousands of their critics. the employees were allegedly rewarded with a designer watch and tens of thousands. bart unveiled its first ever elevator gate at san francisco's montgomery station. it is meant to deter fare cheats who often use elevators to bypass ticket machines.
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they are planning to unveil its latest creation. check it out, here are the renderings for the electric cyber truck. ceo elon musk says it is supposed to look like something out of a futuristic "blade runner" movie. he is unveiling the final design on the 21st. really cool, what do you think? >> no? you pass? >> thanks veronica. coming up next, this wasn't your everyday yard sale. superstar singer in that l.a.
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that decided he had way too much stuff. at hertz, we know that a change of scenery
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shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. we hear about garage sales all the time but not ones that take place at the home of the grammy-winning singers. >> high end yard sale at chris brown's home wraps up about 30 minutes ago. he posted about it on social media. yesterday. today fans wasted no time, some drove hours, lining up
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overnight to be among the first to get inside. >> chris brown dresses pretty well, has a lot of fly stuff. if he is letting go of most of his wardrobe for 50, 60, 70% off, it is like why not? >> they had some stuff that would go for like 500 for like $150. >> there you go. shoppers had to be extra patient though. to snag some of his designer gear because security only led 20 people at a time shop under those massive tents. >> you missed it, i am so sorry. >> i know! >> i know you are bummed. it would've been a deal. thank you for watching the news at 7. >> see you back in a little bit. i love:00. at 11:00. than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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