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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 7, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PST

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the owner tells us her story. our original series, project tone, and the question tonight, should landlords be allowed to raise the rent to pay for their debt? good evening, i am ken bastida. >> airbnb changing the business worldwide.'s house that killed five people the bay area. >> angela and i cannot is live in orinda to break it all down for us, andrea? >> reporter: this memorial is a
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reminder of five young lives lost in orinda. now the shooting is prompting airbnb to make some critical changes. this halloween party was never supposed to take place. and airbnb rental turned into a party house. now, the rental platform is taking action to weed out abusive renters in posts. >> we think this is a critical step for our industry because i think ultimately, the internet really can only function on the premise of trust. >> reporter: air because of by december up next your, it will review each of the 7 million listings to make sure renters are getting exactly what is listed. the company will also scrutinize what they called high risk reservations. >> reporter: ultimately, technology has its limits. at least technology today. so you have to put a lot more humans behind it and review. >> reporter: airbnb host like peter quan welcomed the changes. >> it's a big relief, yeah. >> reporter: quan has been hasitive experice
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overall, he eshefaces. >> it's not going to be perfect. there's going to be people that fall through the cracks. >> reporter: many orinda residents agree. >> i think what happened is extremely rare and unfortunate event. i think even if you do verify these things, it's still going to find a way to happen. >> reporter: marken labeler says her because response does not provide a true solution to the problem, associated with short-term rentals. >> what airbnb needs to do for their, you know, image is keep trying to do something. but it is more of a pr stent then doing anything about it. >> reporter: the city of orinda has placed an immensely be banned on rentals for 45 days. >> the cities courts of the, with ordinances to allow or disallow companies to come in and use their communities as motels. >> reporter: the company is also creating a rapid response hotline team to quickly address complaints of suspicious activity. the former east power police chief is helping to create that line licit to launch later this
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year. andrea nakano, kpix five. this is what we were watching, the kincaid fire erupting in the north bay. today, cal fire says it's 100% contained after burning almost 78,000 acres and tricking the biggest evacuation in sonoma county's history. some bakery bandits in duluth and san jose. they were in and out in less than 10 seconds. maria medina with the surveillance video you will only see on kpix 5. >> reporter: last night, a man who only want to be known as jason was working on his laptop inside this paris baguette off the road when he says it was taken right out of his hands, and he was not the only victim. >> i did not realize what they were doing until they gradually laptop and run away real fast. >> reporter: it took less than 10 seconds for these two take
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the laptops worth thousands of dollars. the surveillance video, you will see only on kpix 5, this is the view from outside the paris baguette, as the suspects walk in, two of them wear hoods, another covers their faith. the for suspect walks in, grabs the first laptop in reach within four seconds , and another says they grabbed jason's laptop. both victims do not just sit there. they run after them. what was going through your mind when you ran out? >> the moment i was running, i was thinking maybe what if they have weapons? >> reporter: but take a look to what happened to the other victim. a suspect throws her down to the ground jason keeps running. you take them all the way to their car, and you were able to get a partial license plate. >> reporter: i think that is a full license plate. >> reporter: in the surveillance video, vehicle is seen at the top, parked steps from the entrance of the door. jason says he memorized the oregon license plate before he took off. he believes the suspect hit the
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store behind him, taking advantage of the windows to go about. do you think they will do it again? >> reporter: of course. >> reporter: the suspect was driving a dodge caravan after a license plate and we are waiting on robbery detectives to conferment and release the number. 24 twitter plays are accused of being saudi spies. emily turner has the details that read like an espionage thriller. >> reporter: prosecutors accused the former employees of spying on at least 6,000 different twitter accounts. some of whom were known to be saudi critics, and they were paid, they say, in cash at least one luxury watch. u.s. citizen i cannot abele lama was taken into custody. another, a saudi citizen, fled the country. according to the washington post, one of the accounts accessed belongs to a dissident who later became close to jamal khashoggi.
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the post columnist and saudi dissident killed by saudi agents last year. tonight, twitter tells cbs news it's cooperating with the fbi. in the newsroom, i'm emily turner. two inmates behind bars and under tighter security at the monterey county jail tonight after being on the run for several days. the doors were closed on four days of freedom, as santos fonseca, and jonathan salazar were ushered back into the salinas jail in handcuffs. the feds captured the murder suspects hundreds of miles away near the mexican border after getting a tip that they were in tijuana. the escape from jail in salinas on sunday after cutting a hole in the ceiling of the bathroom. >> just because they are back in custody me doesn't mean we are going to stop doing our job to investigate. we will find out what we can about how did they get from salinas to mexico. >> it does not appear anyone
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was with them at the time of arrest, but it's unclear if they had help escaping. in more the 24 hours since the polls close, and san francisco's nailbiting race still up in the air. >> let's take a look at the numbers. interim district attorney suzy loftus leads chesa boudin by votes. >> reporter: the video we're about to show you required us to bleep out some curse words and blurt out some rude finger gestures, all directed at the union for san francisco police officers. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it happened at last night's election party for chesa boudin. sandra fewer took the podium. the crowd began to raise middle fingers and chant middle fingers at the police union, the san francisco poa. several other progressive supervises past and present are
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also seen in the video, although it's not clear the degree which they participated in the chanting. the poa funded attack ads against boudin . >> i wasn't in the room and that chanting was happening. i was not involved in that chanting. neither was my campaign team. but it speaks to the frustrations voters have and many elected officials have with the poa. >> ms. fewer's attack was repugnant. >> reporter: as president, tony montoya says the provide remarks make it difficult for police officers who already have a dangerous job. >> she's an elected official for the city and county of san francisco. unbecoming of an elected official. >> reporter: what do san franciscans think? >> i don't think much about it. good for the supervisors. >> reporter: language does not bother you? oh no, it does not. >> it's similar to what the president up. >> reporter: sandra fewer evoked president trump in an issue she issue.
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she said i would like to issue an apology to the 2,000 officers of the san francisco police department. i am sorry for any offense that my comments may have caused. but fewer made it clear she is no apologies for the union leadership and, quote, the most recent example of the organizations tone deaf and poisonous rhetoric attempting to influence city elections. there is simply no room for this type of trumpian and bullying and fear mongering and san francisco politics. we reached out to susie latkes, the other day camming it, and her camp and said she had no comment. >> we will have the latest election results on the kpix 5 morning news. that starts tomorrow morning at 4:30. impeachment hearings begin a week from today. several will appear next wednesday. friday, the former ambassador to ukraine. >> those open here is will be an opportunity for the american people to evaluate the witnesses by themselves.
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>> well campaigning in louisiana tonight, the president slammed the whistleblower in democrats, calling the impeachment inquiry an illegal act. >> these people are bad people, and it is so bad what they do to our country, they ripped the guts out of our country, and it's a shame, and they should not be allowed to do it. >> the white house plans to have an impeachment specific communication team in place before the public hearing begins. coming up, our original series "project home," a rent for decision that could force either landlords or tenants to move out of san francisco. one misstep nearly cost him his life. we hear from a man in this incredible safe. >> when i fell, i see the train coming. i only had a matter of seconds to get out, and i heard everybody saying the train coming, the train, train, train! and a horse is a horse, of course, of course, until it rides
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now, our original series, project him. >> landlords trying to -- >> talking to property owners and tenants on opposite sides of the issue, and both say a decision could force them to leave san francisco. >> reporter: he's one of several small property owners pleading with the rent for to allow him to pass on some of his debt to tenants to stay in business. >> we are relying on it.
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>> reporter: been used the expression, and elderly tenant in his building is not being charged. >> you are a nice guy. you know , we have a good relationship either >> reporter: that's exactly who this phrase was written for. it is meant to protect small mom-and-pop's landlords who reasonably rely on being able to pass on their debt to their tenants to stay in business, but as we've consistently show you the series, it's often large corporate landlords who are passing on their debt to fixed income tenants and pushing them out of the city. and that is exactly why the board of supervisors wants to change this law. >> i don't know where to go. >> reporter: as it stands right now, tenant like red cunnington have to apply for what is called a hardship exemption if there landlords passes along any debts. the board of supervisors wants to split that enforced landlords to disclose their
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finances and prove they need to pass the debt on. 114 cases have come before the rent for this past year. most have already been passed on . 24 with withdrawn voluntarily by veritas. the city's largest corporate landlord. 40 are still pending. nine are from another large corporate landlord, grip and timber. small landlords say the board needs to trust them to do the right thing. >> that's really what we are missing. >> reporter: $0.10 that's the problem. large corporate landlord have broken their trust, so the question is who should bear the burden of proving they can't pay? so they have now won back your trust? >> no, not at all. >> you don't feel secure, and
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you don't know what you're going to do, and you don't know where you're going to go, and you don't have any answers, and there's just nothing there for you. it's a pretty helpless feeling. >> reporter: many tenants at that meeting like greg who you saw there say they don't qualify for hardship exemptions because they make just over the limit, and we had multiple tenants say they can pay these increases for now, but if it continues for several years they will have to move. >> you point out the low income tenants can apply for these hardships so they can get some funding. how was that working because they are working for these people? >> reporter: a lot of tenants don't like this about what they want to see that change. it's hard for them to come in, get four months for a meeting, and they are wondering they should pay during all that time. it's very stressful. once i get the meeting, they up to disclose all their finances, and they don't love doing that either. >> that is tough. susie, thank you. >> keep sending us your stories, ideas to "project home" on you can check out the reporting for this online and also on
1:54 am now, president a candidate kamala harris wants to keep kids in school until 6:00 pm. she introduced the book of the family-friendly schools act. the goal is to keep kids and cool until their parents are done with work. that bill includes five your grandson for about $5 million to pay for the extra teacher hours. the man at the center of a heart stopping close call at the coliseum b.a.r.t. station is speaking a. >> he fell inches on oncoming b.a.r.t. train, only to be saved in the nick of time. tonight, reporter shirin rajaee asked him about his brush with death. >> i remember looking at the train. >> reporter: once dips that almost caused rochon jackson his life. >> when i fell, i see the train coming. i only had a couple of seconds to get out, and i heard
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everybody say the train coming, train, train, train. >> reporter: the train inches away. take another look. this art surveillance video shows a credit art platform after a raiders game. rochon said he had been drinking and was distracted on the phone when he accidentally stepped over the yellow safety start and falls. >> when i first jumped, i missed my landing. i tried to get up for my second jump from like an inability to grab the air, really. >> i was grabbing and pulling as hard as i could. up like that angel that jumped into action? john o'connor. >> he sitting about right there, so i took a step back, took a deep breath, and then he put his hand out to helping up, that is when i gave him a hug. >> i gave him the biggest hug and tell him how grateful i am. >> reporter: this video by a passenger posted on twitter of the two men hugging is a moment
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that has since gone viral. >> one second can be here, and one second can be got. it is that fast. >> reporter: for rayshawn, he still an awful transpired, not grasping how he could be alive, but one thing he is sure of. >> he's my hero. he saved my life, man. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. >> reporter: pretty remarkable, and rayshawn tells me he's doing okay. here the part employee connected today by phone . obviously upon they will share a very long time. rayshawn tells me he will be staying away from trains at least for now. in cordova, shirin rajaee, kpix 5. >> so lucky, unbelievable. we showed you a photo that made a lot of people do a as own d white pony riding a b.a.r.t. trade. >> only on 5 tonight, we tracked down the owner, to find out exactly what that pony was doing there. >> i did not do it for recognition either. i did it for training. >> turns out this pony is named
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sweets, her trainer, vanessa gilliam specializes in muscle therapy, as she is training this pony, a rescue pony, as a support animal. apparently, that involves bringing sweets all sorts of places, including a board a lurching b.a.r.t. train. >> i've taken her to restaurants with outdoor patios. we took her to escalate to see how that went . 70 want to be active and they struggle, we can give them a better life and more mobility and more independence. >> but the recent bar trip did not totally go off without a hitch. suites had a few accidents after clomping on board the station, but her trainer came prepared to clean up the mess. last week, the pony went to the movies. her trainer took a screening of "the lion king." the horse sat there and watched the movie. wow.
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tonight, if russell westbrook is a new sheriff in town, does that make james harden deputy? >> what is your message specifically who has the assignment of james harden going forward? >> the warriors have proven they can score too. 34 points on monday, 19 tonight. everybody in the yellow jersey had a hard time with the beard. 20 of the 36 in the second quarter. houston up 20 in the third.
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harden sees a moment pass. he had 18. rockets win 129-112. the warriors unable to-6. opening their season at home against montana. stanford has one senior on the roster, which means the junior oscar da silva will be one of the leaders. 21 points tonight. cardinal wins. nfl tomorrow will be the raiders' final game against the chargers at the coliseum, which means the end of a black and gold shenanigans for the players. >> it's my first experience playing in oakland. i don't know why we are getting off the bus, but we are getting out there, but it was still funny nonetheless. >> top five is coming up, and possibly
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the world has turned quick for the warriors. give me the top five. rockets versus who are you guys? at number four, the organ football team travels with a pop-up outhouse, and it has the click of a button and has the logo on it. you gotta go, you gotta go. number three, how often do you see a 350 degrees duncan again? chicago beat atlanta tonight. the worst half-court shot of all-time. nearly hit a fan in the upper level, and this would've won $1000. i don't think so. stirring gak evan weaver leads
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the nation in tackles, but now no one is safe from berkeley. >> you with a red shirt, take it off! not today, junior. not today! >> i'm going to get hit in the studio. weather. >> i'm going to go back to that picture that i tried to show earlier where you are seeing all the low clouds of scaring the top of the trans american permit. that's it there. for much of the scene a good part of the bay, around the immediate opening in the golden gate, look at the temperatures. we are all right around 50. santa rosa at 48 is the only place not sitting at 50 at this point. a few low clouds in sonoma county meaning we will keep int rosa. everywhere else tells really nice. 49 in oakland. is not going to be too terribly
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cold. for the afternoon tomorrow, repeat of today. the temperatures are almost identical. visiting about the temperatures as if you are over here, you're pretty much average. if you are over here, you are inland, some of those numbers or 10 degrees above average. concord six they would be the average season-high for us right now. we will hit 76 in san jose. that comes in
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ert" is next. show with stephen
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>> i'm going to be there bright and early tomorrow morning. >> all (mellow music)
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