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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 7, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> reporter: sometimes you have to get lost to find the fun. mark strassmann, spring grove, illinois. >> that's the "overnight news" for this thursday. om the cbs broadcast center in new york, i' don dahler. it's thursday, november 7th, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." impeachment inquiry goes public. televised hearings are less than a week away as we learn more about who will testify. suspected of spying. two former twitter employees allegedly gathered information for saudi arabia. what they were specifically looking for. and miraculous survival. new video of the baby that lived through the massacre in mexico as conflicting information emerges in the investigation. emerges in the investigation. ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning from the studio
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57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. it's good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the first public hearings are set to begin next week in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine, bill taylor, will be the first to testify. documents reveal he testified behind closed doors that there was a quid pro quo. laura podesta is in new york. laura, we're also learning new details about the white house's strategy to defend the president. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: the white house maintains the impeachment inquiry is a, quote, sham, but cbs news has learned the administration is beefing up its communications team to help the white house fight back. this as three u.s. diplomats prepare to answer questions about president trump's dealings with ukraine next week. president trump attacked democrats while campaigning in louisiana last night. >> in washington with these do-nothing, somewhat evil, and in in cases very evil people.
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>> reporter: democrats announced public hearings will begin next week in the impeachment inquiry. >> the most important facts are largely not contested. >> reporter: democrats hope the televised testimony will help their argument. >> the degree to which the president enlisted the whole departments of government in the elicit aim of trying to get ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent. >> reporter: ambassador bill taylor, the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, and deputy assistant secretary of state george kent will appear wednesday. former ambassador to ukraine, maria yovanovitch, is scheduled next friday. taylor told lawmakers during a closed door deposition his clear understanding was that money for military aid would not come until the president of ukraine committed to pursue the investigation into president trump's preliminary rivals. >> i trust president zelensky and president trump. >> reporter: republicans say there was no quid pro quo.
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>> it's actually getting easier to defend the president from a standpoint there is no linkage between aid -- >> reporter: taylor testified that some cabinet members tried to set up a white house meeting to discuss the hold, but there were scheduling conflicts. and president trump's interest in buying greenland at the time was taking up energy at the national security council. former national security adviser john bolton is expected to ignore lawmakers' requests to testify in the impeachment inquiry today. president trump's acting white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney, is also not expected to speak tomorrow. anne-marie? >> laura podesta in new york. thank you. the trial of roger stone, a longtime associate of president trump, resumes today in washington. stone is accused of lying to lawmakers about his attempts to communicate with the anti-secrecy website wikileaks. he was indicted in january as part of robert mueller's russia investigation. stone is also accused of tampering with witnesses and obstructing the house investigation into whether the
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trump campaign coordinated with russia to tip the 2016 election. prosecutors say that they plan to call several high-profile witnesses including steve bannon who once served as white house chief strategist in the trump administration. federal authorities have charged two former twitter employees with spying for saudi arabia. one man, a u.s. citizen, has been arrested. another, a saudi citizen, fled the country. prosecutors say that the two men spied on roughly 6,000 twitter accounts, some of whom were known saudi critics. they were allegedly paid by saudi arabia in cash, and at least one luxury watch. it's believed to be the first time the kingdom has been accused of spying in the u.s. twitter told cbs news it cooperated with the fbi. there are conflicting details about the violent ambush that killed nine americans in mexico. new images show family members gathered at the scene of monday's massacre.
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family members insist their loved ones were intentionally targeted by a drug cartel. manuel bojorquez traveled to cartel territory and reports near the site of the attack. >> reporter: this is the moment a 7-month-old girl was found alive inside a bullet-riddled suv. "we found a baby alive," says a relative. the girl's mother, christina langford-johnson, hid her daughter in the back seat and was gunned down moments later. johnson was one of nine american women and children killed in the attack. they were all members of the lebaron family. a breakaway group of the mormon church who settled in mexico. shocked family members were escorted to the site of monday's ambush, accompanied by the mexican army. max lebaron believes his family members were targeted. >> they are just trying to terrorize the communities, the people who are here. they're trying to just run us out of our farms. >> reporter: mexican officials disputed that in a news
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conference. they believe the family drove into an area where there had been a shoot-out between rival cartel gangs earlier that day and were mistakenly attacked by one of the cartels. family member leah statin said some of the family had run-ins with known gangs. >> it's been getting scarier the last few months. >> reporter: the community's ranches are spread out throughout this rugged and vast terrain where the police presence is sporadic. and the cartels are free to roam. >> without the u.s. help militarily, there's no way they're ever going to fix this problem. >> reporter: five children were wounded and were flown to an arizona hospital. [ crying ] we have seen truckloads of mexican national guard troops making their way through small towns like this one. they are here to escort the lebaron family as they travel in caravans to attend the funerals.
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the important question is, though, what will happen once those security forces are gone. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, mexico. a man wanted in connection with the murders of a new hampshire couple in texas is under arrest. 33-year-old adam curtis williams was found in mexico yesterday and flown back to texas. he was arrested on an auto theft charge. a surveillance photo showed williams and a woman crossing the border into mexico in a truck belonging to james and michelle butler. their bodies were found last month buried in shallow graves on a south texas beach. two murder suspects who escaped from a california jail have been captured. they were arrested by u.s. customs and border protection early yesterday morning. investigators got a tip the two were in tijuana, mexico. the men were arrested as they tried to walk back into the u.s. authorities say it's unclear just how the men made it to mexico and why they decided to
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return to the u.s. they broke free from jail sunday by apparently cutting a hole in a bathroom ceiling. coming up on the "morning news," the suspect in an acid attack in milwaukee has been charged with a hate crime. and chilling testimony. a woman testifies about cleaning a bloody crime scene in the kelsey berreth murder case. this is the "cbs morning news." . the ups and downs of frequent mood swings can plunge you into deep, depressive lows. (crying) take you to uncontrollable highs. (muffled arguing) or, make you feel both at once. overwhelmed by bipolar i symptoms? ask about vraylar. some medications only treat the lows or the highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i. full-spectrum relief of all symptoms. with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes
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take a look at that dramatic video out of southern greece. an apparent tornado swept through a balsamic dressing factory sending the roof and wall panels flying through the air. the whole thing tock a few seconds. you can see there were near misses involving cars in the parking lot. about 60 workers were in the building at the time, and nobody was hurt. back at home, a man is charged in an acid attack, and dramatic testimony in the kelsey berreth murder case. those are some of the headlines
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on the "morning newsstand." the "denver post" reports the mistress of a colorado man accused of killing his fiancee, kelsey berreth, took the stand in his murder trial. yesterday, krystal lee testified that patrick frazee told her he he beat berreth to death with a bat. he told her that berreth's last words were, "please stop." lee said after the murder, frazee told her that she had a mess toclean up. she said when she entered berreth's home, she saw blood everywhere. she said they took the container that held berreth's body and burned it. berreth's body has not been found. cbs milwaukee affiliate wdjt reports a 61-year-old man accused of throwing acid on a hispanic man's face will be charged with a hate crime. clifton blackwell made his first court appearance yesterday. he also faces a charge of first-degree reckless injury. blackwell is accused of throwing acid at a man last week. surveillance video recorded the
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attack in milwaukee. he says that blackwell confronted him about parking too close to a bus stop and called him illegal. he says that he called blackwell a racist, and that's when he threw acid on him. >> there's a lot of good people here. just for one guy, you know, just never happy to be honest but thankful. >> he's an american citizen. he suffered second-degree burns. "usa today" says kansas city voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to drop martin luther king jr.'s name from a street. a ten-mile boulevard named for dr. king will be changed back to its original name, the paseo. it was completed in 1899 and inspired by a major thoroughfare in mexico city. tuesday's vote came less than a year after the city council approved the name change. a group called save the paseo says the name change has nothing to do with race but about historic preservation. the "washington post" reports former attorney general
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jeff sessions plans to announce that he's running for his old alabama senate seat as early as today. sessions was forced out as president trump's first attorney general last year over his decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation. sessions held the senate seat for two decades. he will face several opponents in the alabama republican primary, including roy moore who lost a special election two years ago to democrat doug jones. and reports marines will be able to use umbrellas instead of just holding them up for presidents. the policy prohibiting male marines from holding umbrellas for themselves made headlines in 2013 when president barack obama spoke in the rain outside of the white house. marines held umbrellas for mr. obama and the president of turkey while they stood in the rain. until now, only female marines have been allowed to use umbrellas in service in dress uniforms. still ahead, chicken recall. millions of pounds of fresh and frozen chicken products may be
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♪ an unusual police chase caught on video in indiana. officers were in hot pursuit of a horse after it broke through a fence inbentson township and then made its way all the way to goshen last month. that's nearly a 15-mile trek. it took about a half hour for officers to corral the horse with a dog leash. the horse is okay and was returned to its owner. on the cbs "money watch" now, a major chicken recall, and where you can board your flight early if you are a starbucks fan. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. we begin with a new chapter in the trade war tit for tat. according to bloomberg, china and the u.s. have agreed to proportionally roll back tariffs on each other's goods in phases. that news this morning. notable companies reporting earnings today include disney, discovery, and ralph lauren.
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stocks closed mixed yesterday. the dow was little changed, the s&p 500 added two points while the nasdaq fell 24. more than two million pounds of fresh and frozen chicken products are being recalled due to possible metal contamination. the products include simmons prepared foods ready-to-cook items which include whole chicken, wings, and breast meat. the meat was shipped to alabama, arizona, arkansas, california, georgia, minnesota, oklahoma, and pennsylvania. the items were produced between october 21st and november 4th of this year. meanwhile, california's attorney general is investigating facebook's privacy practices. the probe began as a response to the cambridge analytica scandal in 2018. officials say the investigation into facebook's practices related to privacy disclosures and third-party access to user data. earlier this year the federal trade commission reached a $5 billion settlement with facebook over privacy matters. air bnb says it will spend the next year verifying all seven million of its listings as
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it works to improve user trust. the move follows a deadly halloween party in california. the company says starting next month, it will also rebook guests or refund their money if they check into a property that doesn't match what they saw on line. airbnb's ceo says the company is also launching a 24-hour hotline for guests, neighbors, and others to report problems. and 'tis the season. a major airline is offering priority boarding for starbucks lovers. alaska airlines will allow passengers holding the holiday-themed cups access to a so-called espresso lane. some passengers will find starbucks treats on their seats. holiday cupholders won't be first in line. that's still reserved for first-class passengers and elite members of its frequent flyer program. the promotion begins today and ends sunday. anne-marie? >> first class and elite get to go ahead because they probably paid a lot more money. i wonder if this is an acknowledgment of how much starbucks lovers pay for their coffee. >> right.
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and how much -- exactly, i know. you remember it used to be joked to be called four bucks, now it's five or six bucks. >> you know, you deserve a break for that. >> yeah. >> diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you so much. >> you got it. still to come, the return of actor james dean. how filmmakers plan to bring back the late actor for an upcoming movie. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the psoriasis. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of active psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. get real relief, with cosentyx.
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i'm truly amazed at the effect thathank you, bob!ple.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ ♪ ♪ jimmy dean jimmy dean is making a comeback. the late james dean has been cast in a new movie about the vietnam war. the actor who died in 1955 will
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be digitally edited to co-star in the independent film "finding jack." the directors will use old footage and photos of dean, and he will be voiced by another actor. the directors say the icon is still relevant, and they say many fans would like to see him back on the screen. a family heirloom can now be called a ring of fire. the diamond wedding ring actually survived not one but two california wildfires 58 years apart. firefighters found it in a small box outside of a home destroyed by the getty fire last week. when they saw what was inside, they immediately tracked down the owner, patty shale. turns out the ring belonged to her mom who lived in a home that was destroyed by the bel air fire in 1961. shale said getting the ring back was like getting a message of hope from her mother. the white house is getting ready for christmas. [ cheers ] this tree from the carson national forest in new mexico is
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on its way to the u.s. capital for the holidays. the 60-foot blue spruce will be featured on the west lawn of the white house. coming up only on "cbs this morning," oprah winfrey joins us to exclusively reveal her new book club pick. in one week... a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's derm-proven retinol works so fast, it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. making wrinkles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® pair with retinol oil for 2x the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® [boy gasps] for real cold and flu protection with lysol, you can help protect them from a real cold. lysol disinfectant spray kills the #1 cause of the cold and clorox wipes don't.
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lysol. what it takes to protect.
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visit our top stories this morning -- the first public hearings are set to begin next week in the president trump. acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine, bill taylor, will be the first to testify. documents reveal he testified behind closed doors that there was a quid pro quo involving u.s. aid to ukraine. federal authorities have charged two former twitter employees with spying for saudi arabia. prosecutors say the two men spied on roughly 6,000 twitter accounts. they were allegedly paid by saudi arabia in cash. it's believed to be the first time the kingdom is accused of spying in the u.s. and there are conflicting
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details about the ambush that killed nine americans in mexico. family members insist their loved ones were intentionally targeted while the mexican government believes they were caught in a cartel crossfire. video has been released of the moment a 7-month-old baby girl was found alive inside the suv that was shot on monday. britain's queen elizabeth is making a change. she's always been known as an animal lover, and now she's decided she is no longer going to be wearing them. here's sidney palm in london. >> reporter: queen elizabeth is known for her stylish fashion choices. but she's decided to ditch fur from her wardrobe. >> it's the right thing to do. she should have done it earlier, and it's a good thing. i hope more people get inspired by it. >> i think they've always been fairly progress. it's a fairly progressive stance. >> reporter: the senior dresser to the queen revealed the clothing change in her book. she says any new outfits made for her majesty will not contain real fur. fur has been part of the queen's
4:27 am
wardrobe for decades. animal rights groups have criticized the royals for doing it. >> she feels i think it's in tune with public mood, but more importantly it's in tune with what she feels like doing now. >> reporter: palace aides say the queen won't get rid of her existing outfits, so she'll still wear fur from time to time. like during the state opening of parliament when her majesty dons a ceremonial robe which is made with fur. animal rights groups are applauding the faux fur decision with peta posting on twitter they're raising a glass of gin and dubernet, the queen's favorite drink. do you think she felt pressure to stop wearing fur? >> no. i think if the queen felt pressure from any animal groups groups she would have made the decision a lot longer ago. >> reporter: when the weather gets to chilly, the 93-year-old monarch will wear fake fur to stay warm. cindy palm, cbs news, london. coming up only on "cbs this morning," oprah winfrey joins us in studio 57 to exclusively
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reveal her book club pick. and in "a more perfect union," we'll meet a paramedic in minnesota who helps children with a magic touch. and only on "cbs this morning," four u.s. senators, two republicans and two democrats, explain why they're working together to find solutions to the climate crisis. that's the "cbs this morning" for this thursday, thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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