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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 7, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 4:30, looking live at the golden gate bridge where you can see all of that fog making it a little tricky for the commute on this thursday morning. good morning. it is november 7th, 2019. i'm michelle griego. >> and thanks for waking up with us. ware off to a chilly start. just how chilly, mary will tell you. she has all the details. >> good morning michelle and kenny. it is a fog di start to the day, chilly as well. treasure island camera. you can't even make out the tower out there on our bay bridge because of the fog. you can see temperatures in the 40 and in the 50s this morning. areas of dense fog along the coast and for parts of the bay down to a quarter mile for concord, hayward as well as napa and santa rosa. in the afternoon clearing for
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most of us except for the coast with daytimes high seasonal. 78 in concord. looking at 76 for a high san jose. 60s oakland and mid-60s for san francisco. >> that fog is definitely going to affect your drive this morning. especially on the bay area bridges. we have a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. here is a live look. limited visibility as you work across the span. this morning y'all sea foggy spots as well. definitely be careful as you work your way into san francisco this morning. drive times 15 minutes from the richmond san rafael bridge into san francisco. fog here, as well. you can make those taillights out. they ash working their way westbound into foster city. no delays but foggy there and a bit of fog here on the bay bridge as well. we're seeing traffic. fast track movers moving along with out troubles.
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we have some new information on a shooting we told you about yesterday. a 16-year-old boy was just arrested in this fatal shooting that killed a 17-year-old girl and injured a 17-year-old boy. police say this all happened during an illegal drug transaction at about 7:00 on tuesday. the suspect was taken down in coakley and is now in custody. police are not revealing a lot about this person because of his age. >> airbnb is changing the way they do business worldwide after five people died in that halloween party shooting. they said they will conduct a comprehensive review of all the 7 million listings and they said they intend to scrutinize high risk reservations but it is not clear what the criteria is for high risk. >> we think this is a critical step for our industry because ultimately, the internet really can only function on a premise
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of trust. >> whatever system is not going to be perfect. it will be people that fall through the cracks. >> the city of remember rin da passed a temporary ban for 45 days. airbnb is lawn. ing a rapid response hotline for customers to call in for emergencies. >> the kincade fire is finally knocked down. this morning cal fair said the north bay fire is 100% contained after burning more than 120 square miles. that is almost three times the size of san francisco. this fire triggered the biggest evacuation in sonoma county history. 4:34 right now. it has been more than 24 hours since the polls closed and san francisco's nail by the bitting da race is still in the air.
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>> interim district attorney suzy loftus leads by 2200 votes. san francisco's supervisor took the poe de yum. the crowd began to raise middle fingers and expressing their anger with the police officers association. bleep. bleep. supervisor can be seen here participating in the chance. several other super vie source are in the video but it is unclear how much they were involved. the police officers union funded ads against boudin and for susan loftus. >> i think it speaks to the real frustration that many voters and many elected officials have with the p.o. a. sf p.o. a president says that inciting anger makes it harder for police to do an already dangerous job. >> she is an elected official. whether she got caught up in
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the moment or not, that is unbecoming of an elected official. >> in the aftermath she said this saying i would like to issue an apology to the 2,000 officers of the san francisco department. she different have any apologies for the pa. she said that san francisco politics has no room for bullying from the police officers union. right now some bakery bandits are on the loose in san jose. they were in and out in less than ten seconds. the surveillance video that y'all only sti on kpix 5 shows the thieves quickly snatched two apple laptops. it happened tuesday night. the first suspect walks in and grabs the first laptop in reach in four seconds. the other grabs another laptop from a victim who ran after the thieves. >> what was going through your mind when you were going after them? >> i was running and thinking maybe they have weapons.
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>> reporter: do you think they will do it again. >> of course. >> another victim was thrown to the ground. they took off in a dodge caravan. two former twitter employees are accused of spying on 6,000 twitter account some of which were known as saudi critics. one taken into custody tuesday. the other fled the country. they were allegedly paid by saudi arabia in cash and one accounts access belonged to a dissident who became close to khashoggi. >> twitter told us they are cooperating with the fbi. facebook has been dragging its feet to fulfill subpoena requests florida ta on the
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cambridge an lit tick scandal and user privacy. he wants san francisco superior court to force the company to comply. facebook said "we have cooperated extensively with the fate of california's investigation. today we have provided thousands dogs they found his car parked just a couple miles from hood mount park. they will be reaching out to neighboring counties to help in this search. now an update. two inmates are back behind bars and under g after being on run for days.
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after four days of freedom, they were ushered back into the jail yesterday in handcuffs. the feds captured them hundreds of miles away near the mexican border after getting a tip they were in tee a wanna. they escaped after cutting a hole in the ceiling of a bathroom. >> just because they are back in custody doesn't mean we will stop investigating the crimes. we'll find out how they went to mexico. >> it does not appear anyone was with them at the time of their arrest and it is unclear if they had help escaping. a live look at capitol hill where the first public hearings of the impeachment inquiry are now scheduled. next week three u.s. diplomats will answer questions about president trump's dealings with ukraine. >> reporter: president trump attacked democrats while campaigning in the louisiana last night. >> in washington, with these do nothing somewhat evil and in
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some cases very evil people. >> reporter: in washington house democrat as nounced public hearings will begin next week in the impeachment inquiry. >> the most important facts are largely not contested. >> reporter: democrats hope the tele advised testimony will help their argument. >> the degree to which the president had whole departments of government in the ill lition sit aim of trying to get ukraine to dig up dirt on a political opponent. >> reporter: ambassador bill taylor, the top diplomat in ukraine and george kent will appear wednesday. former ambassador to ukraine is scheduled next friday. taylor told lawmakers during a closed dar deposition he is clear understanding was that money for military aid would not come until the president of ukraine committed to pursue the investigation into president trump's political rival. >> republicans say there was no
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quid pro quo. >> it is getting easier to defend the president from a standpoint there is no linkage between a. >> taylor testified some cabinet members tried to set up a white house meeting to discuss the hold but there were scheduling conflicts and president trump's interest in buying greenland at the time was taking up energy at the security council. a >> former national security advisor john bolton is expected to ignore requests to testify in the impeachment inquiry today. president trump's acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is also not expected to speak tomorrow. a brush with death on the bart tracks. now he is telling his story. >> i seen him turning and i only had seconds to get him out. >> coming up what this man is calling the hero who saved him and how he is doing this morning. >> let's take a live look outside looking west.
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this morning now is your chance to see the rise and fall of the berlin wall. diane king hall has more in the money watch report. >> reporter: wall street was mostly flat on wednesday. the dow fell a fraction of a
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point. the nasdaq lost 24. while the s&p 500 s&p 500 added 2. earnings from the house care sector offset some. cbs health led with a bump behind strong earnings and humana jumped 3% higher than expected sales. >> the rise and fall of the berlin wall. aboriginal experience using virtual reality transfers people to 1961 to see the sudden construction of the wall. and for 30 minutes the project shows notable events in the wall's history ending with its toppling 30 years ago this week. for more, head to at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. ottoman at the center of a close call is now speaking out. rayshawn jackson fell just inches from an oncoming train at the bart station only to be
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saved in the nick of tame. you can see we showed you the surveillance video of him falling onto the fraction. ray shon said he had been drinking and distractnd on the phone when he stepped over the safety strip and fell. i missed my step. i seen the train coming and only had a matter of seconds to get out and people were saying train coming. train, train. an angel grabbed me from the air really. >> the bart supervisor john o'connor jumped action. he is still shaken up but doing okay today. >> i love that hug afterwards. >> he has a lot to be grateful for. >> look at this weather behind us. >> dense fog in many locations as we start off the day. let's show you the tower camera. you can see that blanket of fog
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out there. temperatures are running in the 40s and in the 50s the concord 46. oakland at 51. livermore 43. 50 right now in downtown san francisco. 52 san jose. 45 for santa rosa. let's check the visibility. ware down to 2 miles at half moon bay, a mile in oakland. quarter mile and dense fog in hayward as well as concord. a quarter mile for napa and santa rosa. be careful with the thick fog this morning. >> we'll stay high and dry and it is steering the storm track well to our north so we're looking at quiet conditions and dry over the next several days. in fact, as we head through next weekas well. that weather pattern really in place for us. hour by hour on futurecast we'll see the skies clearing for most of us with the cloudcover hanging around along
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the coast once again the for tomorrow as the ridge strengthens even more and moves closer to us, temperatures even warmer. so while we are locked in seasonal to above average temperatures, with dry conditions, check out the rest of the country. they are dealing with bitterly cold temperatures. these are highs. minneapolis, the high of just 27. minot 26. 31 in chicago for a high temperature. this cold air spilling even farther south into northern texas. so while we are dealing with just seasonal to above average, they are dealing with just really cold temperatures for much of the country with that arctic air moving
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at 67 in berkeley and alameda. [ no audio. ] the warmup through the end of the workweek and into the weekend. in fact, into next week. but now, let's check in with gianna. dense fog along the coast for parts of the bay and also right across the golden gate bridge. >> it will make it tough for commuters this morning especially across there. golden gate bridge and san mateo bridge. limited visibility as you hit the roadways. very, very foggy out there this morning. you'll see a little of that on that 101 drive into the city. your drive times still pretty good. 15 minutes to go from the richmond san rafael bridge. not a lot of cars on the roadway. that is the good news, but you have that to plan for once you hit the roads this morning. slightly better there. the taillights a little more
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than what we did in our last report but y'all see foggy spots across the span here. right now a 13 minute drive between 880 over to 101 so that 7-mile stretch and moving at the limit. 101 both directions not seeing any troubles or delays right now. a bit foggy at the bay bridge as well. upper deg, no delays. you're seeing the cash lanes stacking up significantly, a little more than usual. we'll look into that. fast track movers working okay. they will turn the metering lates there soon. westbound 580, 205 to 680, 30 minutes drive. we have reports of an accident near grant mine. looks like it is to the right shoulder but any crashes in this area tend to slow things down significantly as you head out of tracy into the livermore valley there. highway 4, a crash just in. lanes are blocked there.
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a new sports comedy is coming to cbs. move over peter pan, wendy is taking over the story. >> here is your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: michael key will have a new series on cbs. >> game on will feature genous williams and rob gronkowski as team captains and go over the eh top in sports related trivia. 54 years after his death, james dean is in a movie. he died at 24 in a car accident. a los angeles based production company will use cgi to cars him in the movie finding jack, about the abandonment of over 10,000 k-9 units at the end of the vietnam war. stay a little longer. >> tell her i love her. >>
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nancy pelosi heading there to celebrate the tunnel tops. >> airbnb making big changes to its policies following a deadly house party shooting. this morning, the question is it enough to keep people safe? >> a teen-ager arrested in the shooting of another teenager. what police say led to this killing. >> good morning. it is thursday, november 7th, 2019. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get over to mary lee. cooler temperatures and fog. >> oh, you. foggy condition as cross most of the bay area this morning with dense fog in spots. please be careful of the roadways. treasure island camera. you can't even make out the top of the towers there on the bay bridge because of that fog. temperatures in the 40 and in the 50s to start off the day. so as we head through the afternoon, we're looking at clearing for most of us except for the coast. seasonal if not a little above average for this time of year. 78 for a high in concor


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