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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 7, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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how the supervisor at the center is now responding. >> a hearing today for pg&e's requests to hike rates. >> it is november 7th, 2019. >> i'm michelle griego. >> kenny choi. let's get a check of the thursday morning forecast. pretty foggy mary. >> yes. not just for the coast but most of the bay area dealing with that fog. in fact, check out our san jose camera. it is a foggy start for you as well in the south bay. 52degrees. visibilityn a mile in san jose right now. concord, you're at 44 as well as livermore. 52 oakland. 49 san francisco. we will have clearing through the afternoon for most of us except for the coast with seasonal temperatures if not just a little bit above average for this time of year. 78 for a high in concord.
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looking at 76 in sajose. 68 oak 66 san sco. a warmup is on the way. i'll show you that in a moment, but it is foggy out there. >> yes. when you hit the roadways, limited visibility and parts of the bay area the bridges especially the golden gate bridge. we're seeing a lot of fog across the goal goal this morning. right now i want to take you where there is a serious accident. a head-on collision. now, it is a fatal car crash. this is just adjacent to 680. a lot of folks use that to avoid delays on 680 which is busy southbound. northbound is blocked. not sure about the southbound lanes but avoid that area. it is close to 680. you can probably exit there, but that area is highly congested because of that. northbound is where the traffic accident happened about an hour ago. avoid that if you can this morning. good news to report if the you
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plan to take 37, you're good to go. it was blocking a lane due to thingsar> changing the way they do business after five died in that halloween party shooting. they will conduct a review of all of the 7 million listings. the company says it intends to scrutinize high risk reservations but it is not clear what the criteria is for high risk. >> this is a critical step in our industry because ultimately, the internet can only function on the premise of trust. >> it is not going to be perfect. it will be people that fall through the cracks. >> the city of orinda passed a temporary ban for 45 days. air airbnb is launching a rapid response hotline for customers to call in emergencies.
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i'm anne makovec. we have new information of the shooting that happened the other day overnight on tuesday when a 16-year-old boy has now been arrested. he shot a 17- year-old girl according to police and injured a 17-year-old boy. this happened at about 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. police now say that this happened talk an lyle gal drug transaction. they are not releasing much information about the teenager they arrested right now obviously. pg&e's plan to increase rates. if approved the average monthly bill will increase by $8.73. gas bills would increase by $1 el 4. effective january 2020. pg&e says the money will go for
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wildfire safety measures. the kincade fire is fully contained morning. thfire hcorched almost 78,000 acres since it started on october 23, an area nearly three times the size of san francisco. 374 structures were destroyed. 174 of them were homes. tomorrow marks one year since the start of the deadliest wildfire in history. 85 people were killed when the campfire ripped through the county. the town of paradise was nearly wiped out and many people are doing what they can to get by. a a the refrigerator is a prone pain. it needs a battery and propane to run. i was looking forward to traveling and take a trip to alaska and other places but all of a sudden, it changed. i mean, now this is it. cal fire investigators determined that the campfire was caused by pg&e transmission lines in that area.
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>> still no winner in the race for a district attorney two days after election day. interim district attorney suzy loftus has a lead over boudin by about 2200 votes. bleep. bleep. and city supervisor sandra fewer tack to the microphone. the crowd raised their middle fingers and chanted pro fan tis at the police union. several other current and former supervisors all seen in the video. the p.o. a funded the a fact ads against loftus. remarks make it more difficult for police officers who already have dangerous jobs. it is the sign of a larger
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issue. >> ms. fewer's unhinged attack on the police officer association was repoignant. it is frustration that many have with the p.o. a. supervisor fewer >> guest: sured a statement apologizing to the 2,000 offers of the ssd d but made it clear she was not apologizing to the union's leadership. 6:06 this mornings as we take alive lack from capitol hill where the impeachment inquiry will move into a crucial phase next week, three u.s. diplomats will answer questions about trump's dealings with ukraine. bill taylor in ukraine and deputy assistants secretary of state george kent will appear on wednesday. lawmakers also released a transcript of taylor's closed door deposition yesterday. he told them his "clear understanding is that ukraine would not receive military aid
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until that country's president would pursue an investigation into trump's rivals. many are jumping to the president's defense. >> the president enlisted whole departments of government in the illicit aim of troying to get ukraine to up dirt on a political opponent. >> they released a transcript from european union ambassador. he revased his recollections to say there was a quid pro quo with the ukrainian president. >> former national security advisor john ball ton will testify in the impeachment inquiry today. happening today, instead of a groundbreaking it is a ground making on top of san francisco's presidio tunnel. nan will be there kirk off a two year project to bring more green space to the area. jackie ward is live with the
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features the project has to offer. jackie. >> reporter: michelle, even wilt all that is happening in washington, nancy pelosi will be here. coming back to her hometown because this is a big deal here. people are getting ready to get september up for what is happening later on this morning. they are starting the two year construction period for the next phase of a massive project. >> by 2021 the presidio will offer a 14-acre space for visitors to enjoy 360 degrees views that were not possible before. scenic overlooks of the bridge, garden and food and a lot more for people who explore. before evening getting to this part, a prior phase had to beaudoin. that started at the beginning of 2018. caltrans had to create a hillside that slopes down. then the trust took over and put in four more feet of dirt
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and the events that kick it off will happen at 9:00 this morning. live in the presidio, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> >> facebook is under fire again. why they have filed a haw suit in connection with the sweeping privacy probe. plus las vegas is moving forward to address a huge spike in homelessness. objects from the homeless advocates. ware taking you above the fog. just a gorgeous view with our future cam looking east of mount de ab blow high above welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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good thursday morning to you. it is a foggy start to the day across the bay area.
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this is a treasure island camera and hard to make it out. that is the bay bridge covered in fog this morning. in some spots dense fog down to a quarter mile. the visibility out there, as well as your full forecast coming up. california's attorney general is suing facebook. his office has been looking into alleged privacy violations in the cambridge analytica scandal when data was stent to a third party political research firm. facebook has been dragging its feet to fulfill subpoena requests for documents and he said the company has not attempted to lack for requested e-mails from mark zuckerberg and cheryl sand burke. facebook said we have cooperated extensively with the state of california's investigation. to date we have provided thousands of pages of written responses and hundreds of
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thousands of documents. 6:13. new this morning, a tense public debate with tight new restrictions. las vegas city council made it a misdemeanor to sleep in public, downtown areas, as well. 500feet between food and processing areas are also banned. a necessary step that some think it is too harsh. >> this is the first step. we wanted to do something. we have waited 20 years. >> this just adds one more law that can be used by police and prosecutors to criminalize people who are stuck on the street. >> if the local homeless shelters are full, people won't be cited for having to sleep out doors. they will enforce this new rule in february. a >> well a lot of people have been talking a but a photo taken of a brown and white pony in a bart train. >> way got ahold of the owner.
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>> i didn't do it for recognition either. i did it for training. >> the pony is named sweets. her trainer vanessa specializes in muscle therapy and training the rescue pony as a support an malg. apparently that involves bringing sweets all sorts of places. this week that included a bart train, but the trip didn't totally go off without a hitch. sweets had a few accidents after boarding at the rock ridge station. she came prepared to clean it up. ivory one is happy she came with those bags ready. >> what abelian mall. >> she is. >> i know, right. >> make anyone smile. >> definitely. >> not a lot of smiling on the roadways unfortunately. we have a lot going on here. foggy spots will affect your drive. i checked in and they issued a fog advisory for the venetia bridge, bay bridge, golden gate
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serious accident we're monitoring in sunol. this is a heavily traveled area and they shut down that intersection because of a fatal traffic accident. it was reported about 5:15 this morning as a head-on collision. a few more cars on the roadway because of that. try to avoid that area. drive times are 28 minutes south 680 from 580 and an area down to 237. that is a slow ride. 880. an ad vase ry in effect here. foggy throughout the 880 corridor. you're going to see slow and go speeds there bauers of that. san mateo bridge. give yourself extra time. looking at 14 to 16 minutes ago between 880 and 1 >> 1, maybe a little more than
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that. look at the golden gate bridge. heavy fog. north of where our live shot here is, and it has been tough for our computers out and about this morning. how long is it going to stick around and where are the heavier areas? >> north bay, dense fog, a quarter mile. this morning. we're going to see as we head through later in the morning and into the afternoon, that fog burning off and lifting for us, but in the meantime, we're in it for sure. you can see the foggy conditions there in the east bay. here is a live look with the cam. this is looking east. above the fog is not a pretty view with mount de ab blow and the golden colors in the sky and the sun about to rise. temperatures in the mid-40s. livermore low 5os. oakland, san francisco at 49
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and 52 for san jose. it is pretty widespread and extensive this morning due to that onshore flow. down to a mile there. a mile right now for oakland. 2 1/2 for hayward. looking at dense fog for santa rosa as well as for napa this morning. please be careful on the roadways. your air quality forecast, moderate p due to smoke from the ranch fire. current air quality readings. unhealthy air for sensitive groups for oakland as well as san jose this morning. a a if you have breathing problems you might want to limit your outdoor exposure. as we go through the day, the ridge of high pressure sticks around for us. not
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[ no audio. ] taking you to the south bay. 74 sunny vail. 82 for a high in mojgan hill. looking at high temperatures around 78 in concord. 78 as well for pleasant hill. low 80s fairfield, pittsburgh, antioch and livermore. low 80s for cloverdale.
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here is the extended forecast and what to expect again. temperatures warming up fry dane into the weekend and a pleasant looking forecast on monday for veterans day. it is 6:19. we're hearing from the bart passenger who narrowly escaped an oncoming train. what he said to the man who may have saved his life. >> a live look. looking nort
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marking one year since a deadly
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mass shooting at a country bar. they were killed in thousand oaks. when the 28-year-old opened fire and then killed himself. it is bringing survivors, victims' families and the community together. it was an emotional scene as people gathered outside the bar last night. >> this is the first time i have been back to the location to know that other families are facing today without their children or families without him, it is a very sad reminder of how fragile life is. a permanent memorial will open today at the park in thousand oaks. two escaped inmates are spending their first morning back behind bars after several days on the run. now authorities are trying to figure out whether they had
6:25 am
help. they were ushered back into the jail in handcuffs yesterday. the feds captured the murder suspects near the mexican border after getting a phipp they were in tijuana. they escaped from the facility on sunday after cutting a hole in the ceiling of a booth room. you have all seen the viral video. >> now the man at the center of the heart stopping fall at a bart station is speaking out. >> i remember looking up at the train when it waltz coming and i mist my step. >> bart surveillance captured rayshawn jackson falling on to the tracks at the coliseum bart station on sunday. jackson said he had been drinking and was distractnd on the phone when he accidentally stepped over the yellow safety strip and fell. john o'connor jumped into action. he may ened elf a hero, he will like one at the raiders' game today. he was right there and i
6:26 am
took a step back. i took a deep breath and then he put his handout and ajust helped him up. that is when i vea hug. it was like you almost didn't make it. >> i just gave him the biggest hug and told him how grateful. he is my e hero. he saved my life. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. >> he is a hero. he says that anyone would have done that, but when you look at the video, it was seconds. maybe one send. >> split second and he did not hesitate at all. he definitely is a hero. and he is lucky to be alive today. >> surveillance video shows thieves targeting customers at county bakery there. we'll hear from one of the victims. >> and serving you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. and a first of its kind case of tech company employees accused of spying foresaw di arabia. how prosecutors say they did it. >> a food truck business found a more permanent spot. how it all came together for today's grand opening >> good morning. it is thursday, november 7th, 2019. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. let's check in with mary because we're looking at lots of fog.
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>> we're kicking off our thursday with widespread fog. pretty extensive this morning thanks to the strong onshore flow. you can see on our roof camera how foggy it is. hard-of-hearing to make out the towers of the bay bridge this morning due to the fog. temperatures running in the 40 and low 5os. let's take you through the day. we're going to have clearing eventually for most of us except for the coast. daytime highs seasonal if not above average for this time of year. 78 for a high in concord. mid-70s san jose. in per 60s oakland. warm up is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check in with gianna. >> if you hit the roadways, foggy spots and advisories for the bridge as well as the golden gate bridge. we have seen fog on the bay bridge as mary showed you. meet teringing lights are on there, as well. a trouble spot along 680
6:32 am
southbound. we're seeing heavier than usual delays. no accidents or incidents but a few people are taking 680 because of the accident adjacent there. they have shut down that intersection in both directions because of a fatal traffic accident that happened at about 5:15 this morning. drive times 36 minutes to go from 580 to 237. very slow and go conditions as you head through there. so try to avoid that if you can. we'll look at the bay area bridges in a few minutes. >> a 16-year-old boy is under arrest on suspicion of shooting and killing a 17- year-old girl and injuring another teenager. the two teens were in a car tuesday night when it happened. police say shots rang out during an illegal drug traction stacks. they drove themselves to a hot. the girl died there and the 17- year-old boy survived. the suspect was arrested in
6:33 am
oakley. the death marks the tenth homicide of the year. >> some bakery bandits on the loose right now in san jose. they were in and out in ten seconds. this shows the thieves quickly snatching two apple laptops. happened at the store on tuesday night. the first suspect walks in, grabs the first laptop in reach. then within four seconds, he ran after one. a the moment i was running i was thinking maybe they have a weapon. >> do you think they will do it again? >> of course. >> another victim who tried to catch the sus specs was thrown on the ground by one of them. they took off in a dodge caravan. a >> they are still trying to find a hiker missing since saturday. john clifford was last seen at hoot rest hood mountain regional park east of santa rosa. his friends said they hiked
6:34 am
along his favorite trails asked using motorca couple miles from the hood mountain park. they will out to neighbors counties to bolster the search. 6:34 right now. they are accused of being saudi spies. prosecutors accused them of spying on 6,000 twitter account. one man a u.s. citizen was taken into custody tuesday. the other is a saudi citizen and he held the company. they were allegedly paid by saudi arabia in cash and one luxury watch. one belonged to a dissident who became close to khashoggi who was killed by saudi agents last year. twitter told us that they are cooperating with the fbi. >> ahead ral report is raising questions about uber's self driving technology. that woman was hit and killed by a self-drivingye she tried
6:35 am
cross in tempe, arizona. now the n.t.s.b. says the s scrub that hit her was not designed to recognize pedestrians outside of a crosswalk. in the seconds before impact, the car's software perceived her as a vehicle, bicycle and unknown object and prompted uber to stop its self-driving test. we have to make sure there are not reasonable safety risks. this is an unreasonable safety risk. >> uber has resumed testing in pennsylvania but not in arizona. the company says it is now upgraded its situation to handle situations like jaywalking. we have new video in of vice president mike pence head together new hampshire this morning. he will be filling out the paperwork to get his boss' name on the republican primary ballot in that state.
6:36 am
president trump lost the state's vote in the 2016 election so pence is heading there and he will pay the $1,000 fee and making sure that president trump is on the ballot at the secretary of state's office. now, some states are cancelling their gop primary because president trump doesn't have a lot of competition obviously but in that state of new hampshire, there are 3 other candidates on the bol lot and all former republican give florida chemical. ballots are still beak rest being counted in stan fran. still too close to call. prop d would add a surcharge. it drops for shared rides. right now it has exactly 2/3rds majority it needs to pass. in the districts five race for supervisor, incumbent valley brown has taken the lead. and she now leads dan preston
6:37 am
bay just 88 votes. you can get updated election results on all the races and ballot measures on voters in sonoma and marin counties will a chance to decide whether funding worth it. the vote in march will tell the sonoma marin area transit board how well, it has been serving commuters. the law would authorize a quarter of a cent sales tax to keep their doors open. the rest it is the main source of the agency's funding. >> a grand opening for a bay area food truck business that is bucking the trend. >> for the first time ever, the city of san francisco saw more restaurants closed than open, but he is taking the plunge. >> jackie ward shows us all the work that went into the first brick and mortar location. >> over thyears, this has become a common site
6:38 am
in san francisco. lines of people eagerly awaiting to get a hot meal. >> going into the food truck was a little less risky. way were doing something nobody had heard of which is filipino mexican food. >> the success gives them confidence to open a more permanent fixture. >> we're sensitive about finding a brand to fit us. not until we found this spot did we feel right about it. it took them five years to find this spot that was the blue fig. he wanted to make sure his local root es were highlighted here which is evidence in this mural painted by a local partiers. >> emotion lally wanted to do something in san francisco. the city has changed a lot. we wanted to put something here
6:39 am
and claim that for ourselves, as well and our families and give it back to our families. >> fan favorites only occasionally featured in the trucks are now prominently displaynd on the menu. >> instead of having to eat your burrito on the curb, you can enjoy the outdoor space here. as it puts together the final touches, he said he is feeling all the emotions. >> compared to like laughing a kid, right, so you don't know what it is going to be, we're excited, we're nervoused but for the most part we're pumped. the restaurant is open starting today in the mission. >> the place lits the spot every time. >> it is six food trucks. >> we're hungry now. time now is 6:39. after more 0 than a year and a multimillion dollars renovation, it is about to
6:40 am
weigh open. >> plus the start up is taking farm-to-school in a new way. details on the welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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now our original series project home. sundland lords be required to tell? small property owners says to pass on this debt is what keeps them in business. the count september known as reasonable reliance is meant to protect mom and pop landlords that rely on passing on their debts to stay in business but it is large corporate landlords passing on debt and pushing tenants out of san francisco. a.i. don't know where i'm going to go, because i have been my whole adult life in san francisco. >> as of now tenants have to a
6:44 am
play for a hardship exemption if they cannot pay a rent increase. they want to flip that and force landlords to dis close finances to prove they need to pass on the debt. way heard multiple tenants say they could pay the increases for now, but if it continues for years, they will have to move. keep sending your stories and ideas to project and you can see our special reports on >> another massive bay area tech company is going to ban political ads this morning. here is jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning. twitter really got the ball rolling on this one. it decided to ban political ads. now the wall street journal says google is considering if it should change. it could involve banning political ads. this would involve all of google platforms including youtube and google executives
6:45 am
have been meeting over this. they will share findings with employees this weak. while twitter banned political ads, facebook is not doing that and ceo mark zuckerberg defended facebook's decision to do so. >> and we're looking at some good news for the job market this morning. the labor department said jobless claims fell to the lowest level in a month continuing good news for the job market. the stock market with lots of good news. record highs for all three main averages due to increasing hopes that a trade deal will be reached. china says both u.s. and china will roll back tariffs and lead to a phase one agreement. the dow is up 190 points. nasdaq gaining 60. s&p 500 is up by 17 points. pg&e shares down 2% after reporting a 1 1/2 billion dollars loss in the third quarter. >> thank you.
6:46 am
this morning, a high-tech farmers are growing a mushroom indoors in urban settings. >> a company called small hold exotic mushrooms go from blue to pink to yellow. they can produce up to 100 pounds a weak. the entrepreneuers maintain the farm through an app to regulate temperature, humidity and air flow. mushrooms go this awesome void. you can put one in the sinter of a plate and be a main dish just like a steak or serve it as a side. >> we'relism ting the energy use on trucking food all over the country and we're providing a high quality product while doing it. >> the co-founders plan to expand eventually to other types of produce. >> very colorful, fancy and high-tech. >> 6:46. here is a check of traffic. all the fog. >> it has been troublesome this morning. things are looking a little
6:47 am
soupy out there. dense fog across the golden gate bridge. an ad vase ry in effect the golden gate bridge and va knee asian martinez bridge. be careful especially those two. fog advisory in affect along 101 north of there as you travel through. we're still seeing speeds moving at an okaying pace. 58 it's the average speed. 22 minutes. that is your drive time. south 101 from 37 to the golden gate bridge into san francisco. taking a look at traffic along 880, a traffic advisory hayward into fremont. you can see traffic is slow. a crash reposts,at whipple definitely affecting your drive. that u is blocked. you'll see delays because of that. better drive times for the san mateo bridge, now 20 minutes there. a bit of fog there, as well. no advisory for the bay bridge but you're seeing fog here
6:48 am
also. i can't make out 80 in the background. usually i can see the delays around this time on that westbound side, but you're backed up. 24 ware seeing foggy spots there, as well. mary. >> it is foggy across the bay area. widespread and pretty extensive this morning thanks to the strong onshore flow. when you can see on our cam how foggy it isn't this is san bruno mountain above the fog and that is radio peak. you can see those radio towers there, an elevation of 1300 feet. peeking above the fog this morning. let's show you temperatures out there. 44 in concord. and for livermore, low 50s oakland. good morning to you. san francisco 49. san jose foggy as well and at 52. let's show you the visibility out there. san jose, down to 1 mile.
6:49 am
one mile for oakland. 3/4s of a mile at hayward. and dense fog this morning across the north bay. down to a quarter mile in santa rosa as well as for napa. be careful on the roadways this morning. this dominant weather feature for us. that will be the case through the rest of the week into next week. you can really sti that storm track just well to our north with that ridge of high pressure blocking weather systems from coming our way. dry, quiet conditions over the ners surge days. as we take you hour by hour on futurecast, we are going to see the skies clear eventually later this morning especially bay this afternoon. foremost of us although the cloudcover real little hugging and staying along the coast for today, for tomorrow with that ridge of high pressure temperatures even warmer, above arm for this time of year. a little bit less in terms of the marine instance. you can see clouds along the
6:50 am
coast and that fog not as extensive for tomorrow morning. with our weather pattern really locked in place with that sun as we head through the afternoon, seasonal temperatures to above average through the rest of the week, the rest of the country lacking rest at that. it is cold. these ahigh temperatures. minneapolis the high of 27. r chicago subfreezing through the afternoon at 31. that cold arctic air spilling further south to dallas and north texas. we are looking at temperatures that are seasonal. 76 san jose for a high today. 66 in san francisco. 68 oakland. 80 for windsor. there is that extended forecast warming up friday especially into the weekend looking great for veterans day. 6:50 right now. a look at what is comingening up later on "cbs this morning."
6:51 am
tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning kenny. ahead on cbs, historic impeachment hearings set to begin next week. we'll tell you what to expect with fighting the public relations battle. >> a possible breakthrough for those with ptsd. why doctors are optimistic about a drug injection treatment. >> also on cbs this morning, oprah winfrey will join us here revealing her new book club selection. pretty good book. i wish i could tell you but i can't. >> special guest on 57th street is the oprah winfrey. looking forward to those stories at the top of the hour. thank you. 6:51. after more than 13 months of renovations, the lighthouse at the seashore opens tomorrow. other 150-year-old structure underwent a nearly 6 minology dollars facelift.
6:52 am
more than 1,000 individual crystal glass prisms were cleaned and reassembled and the buildings were restored including the early 1900s foghorn. >> we justice man tell the lantern including the lens. we had amount of ns apart after8 specialists who had to work on this project. >> one major feature remains, the stairs leading down to the lighthouse is like a 30 story building. san francisco based airbnb is making sweeping changes. the plan to prevent future tragedies. >> the pro sid yo is getting a makeover. the newest phase of the big construction project is happening today. what they hope the end result will look like next. force >> and let's take a live look just because we're super hungry...
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happening today in the presidio. a lot going on right now. they are setting up to start their new phase of a big construction project even speaker of the house nancy pelosi will be here. she will be here to sep rest celebrate the start of a two year construction period for thirst next phase of the massive project. cheng out the ren dierks of what they hope to be the final results bay 2021. in the will be able to offer a new 14-acre space for its visitors to enjoy. tunnel tops will features scenic overlooks of the bridge, gardens and gateway plaza with food and services along with more for people to explore and enjoy. before evening getting to this part, a prior phase had to be
6:57 am
completed. that started at the beginning of 2018. they had to create a hillside to slope down. then they added four more feet of dirt and thousands of plants to make this place even greener than it isn't everything kicks off here at 9:00 this morning. live in san jose, jackie ward. a >> it is 6:57. >> weeping changes in store for airbnb. new policies coming to keep customers safe after the orinda halloween party shooting. they plan to complete a total review of all of the 7 million property lists resting and wants to crack down on rentals for party houses and hotlines to call if there is suspicious activity. they have a ban on short term housing rentals. >> they are accused of spying on six thousand twitter accounts, some known as saudi critics. they are now cooperating with
6:58 am
the fbi. impeachment hearings are set for next week. key figurs who have given depositions will testify. na include the acting ambassador to the ukraine, the former ambassador and deputy assistance sec of state. >> the 16-year-old boy has been arrested for shooting and killing a girl and shots rang out during an illegal drug transaction. this death marks the tenth homicide this year. >> the kincade fire which forced a rest the largest evacuation in sonoma county history is now fully contained and scorched 78,000 acres. 374 structures were destroyed. 174 of them were homes. the bay bridge metering lights on. approaches seeing delays westbound 580. and into emmyville.
6:59 am
this has been foggy. moving okay near the tunnel but, again slower speeds and a slowdown with limited visibility. southbound 880 a heavy ride down to 237. a 43 minute drive time with a crash clearing. and speaking of that fog, it is pretty widespread and extensive this morning. here is the cam and abovement fog you can see beautiful mount de ab blow. we're going to have clearing eventually for most of us except for the coast. daytime highs seasonal if not above average for this time of year. 78 concord. 76 san jose. 66 san francisco. we warm up starting tomorrow. that will continue through the weekend and into next week so we're looking at a beautiful veterans day on monday with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. >> all right. looking forward to that. coming up on cbs this morning, a special guest. gianna franco you're a huge fan of oprah. we all are.
7:00 am
>> we're going to sea her in february. >> yes, we viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. going public. the house democrats get ready for public testimony next week. what you need to know about the historic hearing. sweeping blast sweeping down from the arctic. how it could bring record cold temperatures by next week. ptsd breakthrough. a treatment used on veterans could now help relieve the suffering of millions of americans who have post-traumatic stress disorder. and oprah as in winfrey will be at our table today. she reveals a new selection for her book club. the author will


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