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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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problem for the white house. morning everybody, it is friday, november 8, i am shall create up your perspective are waking up with this, the time right now is a 6:00, we are off to a foggy start this friday, let's check in with mary. the weekend is also here. >> my goodness. so thankful for that, yes, finally friday, we made it to the end of the and we are looking at foggy conditions, you can see just how foggy it is with the roof camera, you cannot see it but that is the tower out there, centers in the 40s and 50s, definitely grab a jacket" as we head out the door, we are checking visibility down to two miles for half the day. mylan recorder san jose across the south bay, records mile at hayward mile oakland a half mile for santa rosa in napa this morning. we are
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85 seconds at 11:08 a.m. one second for each person who died. one building left standing in paradise has become a symbol of the resilience of the town. the only place you can find a hot dish in town. the owners, husband-and-wife are determined to stay open and support the community. >> >> the best thai food in the county. >> we are not just giving up. the community is still here. the owners are working around the unsafe water supply so they teamed up with other businesses and purchased a water tank to store 2000 gallons of water every month. we are getting new information in from iran right now. 5.9 magnitude earthquake injuring 330 people a lot came and people were frantically
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trying to escape for some of these buildings as you can see a lot of destruction, 30 homes right now, northwest iran, about 250 miles from the capital . they're still dealing with aftershocks, about 40 since the earthquake hit about 12 hours ago. back to you. a pair of high-profile races in san francisco are too close to call three days after election day. the district attorney is leading by just 879 votes. two thirds of a percentage point. there are still about 38,000 votes left to be counted. a battle for district 5 supervisor. dean preston reclaimed a narrow lead over the incompetent in the latest round counting. the president's acting chief of staff is called to testify in the impeachment inquiry this morning. the house intelligence committee subpoenaed mick mulvaney to testify, if he does
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not show up he and president trump could be accused of obstruction of justice. in the subpoena democrats say they believe mulvaney has substantial first-hand knowledge of what happened between the white house and the ukrainian government during a press briefing back in october, mulvaney appeared to admit the trump administration engaged in quid pro quo. >> get over. there's going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> mulvaney submitted a statement saying that is not what he meant. meanwhile the house democrats release testimony from the state department definitely., testified the president want to the ukrainian president to publicly say three words, investigation, biden and clinton. it was the same time the u.s. was withholding military aid from the ukraine. spectre and people have the president's call me could see there was no quid pro quo. >> we have not had a single witness provide testimony that
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would suggest this is anything but defense dollars. >> he will testify publicly in the impeachment inquiry next week and bill taylor ting ambassador to the ukraine. one city in santa clara county is taking a new approach to addressing the housing crisis. how city leaders want to prevent an influx of workers without a place to live. we introduce you to young bay area scientists who just took on a nation wide prize. >> they are amazing. we have fog once again, this is the roof cam, the full forecast including the weekend is coming up. if you're headed the roadways heading into
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. good friday morning to come it is a foggy start with
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widespread fog, we are taking you high above the fog, you can see a beautiful view looking at mount diablo, we have the weekend forecast, coming up. was sent to san francisco right now, a traffic alert as you work your way northbound 101, motorcycle accident with no major injuries reported, this is live, you see a lot of activity on the scene, the left lane is blocked, delays are building right into the hospital curve on cedar shabbos, we will see this clear outline, the 280 adjacent to that if you want tuesday to 82 headed to san francisco, probably is the best bet right now, traffic on the north 101 right at vermont we are seeing the skyway heading to the bay bridge, definitely heavy impact, use the 280 as an alternate. wrapper, and responding to the viral video of a bay area teacher who dressed up as him in blackface. it happened in high school a halloween. the teacher was apparently imitating the rapper as part of
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the lesson, he has since been placed on leave. he was stopped by cameras. >> it is important teachers, the people who are educating our children are well educated themselves on things with history and culture, emotional history and emotional intelligence, is important. >> he says he also is open to meeting with the teachers, the rapper happened to be in the bay area at a press conference in san jose. the company the recently took over sears and kmart is now planning to close 96 stores including three in irvine california. the kmart on clayton road in concorde, the sears on talley road in san jose and the sears on magaly road in tracy. closures across the country are expected to begin in february of next year. after the shutdown only 182 sears and kmart stores will remain open. the city of mountain view sending a clear message no new office buildings without an equal amount of new housing.
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city council just took a dramatic step by improving the redevelopment plan requiring any new office instruction. should be matched with an equal number of new homes, it is considered a gutsy move by the city as they try to solve the area job and housing imbalance. >> it sort of is a global experiment trying to figure out everything. >> they are planning for 2 million square feet of new office space at about 5000 housing units. kpix5 is dedicated to bringing you stories in the bay area involving housing market, send your stories and ideas to us at the cbs website. three bay area innovators to wards in a nationwide stem competition for middle school student. they applied science, technology and engineering for the rising stars program, it challenges students to design functional programs to make an impact on the world around the.
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>> a huge advocate for stem is mary, very lucky to work with those a scientist. >> i love it. i'm a big science keep and a huge step advocates. it was amazing to see these brilliant amazing young scientist. so alexis mcavoy of hillsboro with the top prize in the category. here's what they have to say about the winning project. >> my project was analyzing different musical instruments, different brands of the same instrument in different vocal tones using signal analysis. the next step would be of local vocal visualization tool. >> my project is finding a safer plant-based alternative to chemicals for contaminated drinking water. >> reporter: how about you? >> the accessibility of filtration of industrial wastewater is extremely important so i designed a low-
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cost eco-friendly efficient activated carbon from coconut shells, walnut shells and asked to remove heavy metal from industrial wastewater. >> amazing. for viewers i know a lot of countries need fresh drinking water. do you think a science technology where we can make a positive impact for the world? but definitely, more research, i feel science can really be the way to find more low cost effective alternatives to chemicals in our water so more people can be drinking safe water and will prevent a lot of the problems we have now. >> aren't they just incredible? congratulations to all three. i love the fact they are girls as well. >> 30 finalists around the country each awarded cash for a stem summer camp experience the final schools also have grants
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to benefit science programs. gr >> amazing, i know, congratulations. the beyonci son who runs the world? girls? >> yes. >> impressive. >> i wouldn't be surprised if they were leading a biotech firm in the silicon valley. >> they are future leaders for sure. all right let's get a check on the roads i was looking out there? >> if you work your way through san francisco we have a traffic alert, motorcycle accident on the northbound 101 if you had to vermont here is a live look at the snapshot a few moments ago what is going on you can see a lot of activity and delays as you head through, the backup right now to hospital curve, we are seeing delays in there, the left lane is taken away until further notice, you can see on the map, the 280, traveling adjacent to the 101, that is the 280 extension, if you work your way into san
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francisco you might have the 280, in the meantime, clearing a crash on no delays on the 101 dealing with a backup, that is building. for hospital curve at this point that is where the crashes. another crash on the and 29th this is causing some delays as well, loading up the morning drive, pockets into hayward on the southbound side, slowing to fremont as well, we have a crash clearing on the northbound 880 and still a bit of trouble south admission boulevard, the right lane is blocked with an accident there, also a lot of fog this morning, foggy conditions, hearing lights at the bay bridge, it is slow and you are backed up into the maze, there is a fog advisory for the san mateo bridge, that slows you down just a bit as you hits the roadways, the drive time about 40 minutes between the 880 and the 101 and we are dealing with on the part of the golden gate bridge as well. i am curious how long will the stick around? also this appears to be more
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widespread with parts of the 80 in the 680 affected, not just the bridges. >> the widespread fog will be the case all morning long and it will be similar to yesterday. it will take a long time for the fog to finally burn off, eventually it will for most of us, except for the coast, we have fog sticking around quite some time. here is a live look, you can see the blanket above the fog, this is radio peak, that is the elevation of 1300 feet at san bruno mountain, beautiful colors in the sky above the fog, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, the chilly start of the day, checking visibility, many locations are waking up to the fog, even the south bay once again for you in san jose, unknown 3/4, three quarters of a mile in hayward, a mile and a half sfo, a mile from oakland and a half mile crusty northbay.
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chilly temperatures, seasonal daytime highs with a mild weekend ahead as we look to the weekend and monday strong ridge of high pressure, a blocking high continues to be the case across the region steering the jet stream in the storm track 12 to the north. quiet conditions, dry throughout the day. at 4:00 you see skies clearing for most, get it will take some time. but the clouds will hang around along the coast all day today, if you look to tomorrow, similar low clouds with areas of look clouds sunshine saturday, maybe warmer 70 continue with the warm up as we head through sunday and monday. sunrise 6:42 in the sunset
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formats after 5:00. mid 70s from concorde, san jose, low 70s remote and 60s the daytime high san francisco as well as oakland, tomorrow morning, i will be on here as well, hopefully you can too the walk to end alzheimer's at the embarcadero, a chilly foggy start for that walk, 53 degrees at 10:00 a.m. is a kicks off, you go with the extended forecast as we are looking at temperatures warming up as we head through the weekend, little bit more sun sunday and monday for veterans day looking great monday as we honor veterans, back to you. it is a 6:20, california man arrives home to find a woman's body inside, things are just getting more bizarre this morning. the new development straight ahead.
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relatives say they're frustrated by the lack of answers the working with the investigation the matter is the mexico responsibility. a protester in hong kong has died after suffering injuries earlier in the week, the 22-year-old fell from a parking garage after police fired tear gas at
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antigovernment protesters, the person that died was a local graduate of the science and technology school, the first death
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one northbay county could impose a new tax aimed at wildfire prevention, how the money would hopefully prevent future disasters. the san francisco-based juul the day, you can see the bay bridge this morning temperatures 40s and 50s, grab a jacket and coat, chilly start, let's check visibility
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down to mileage recorders for you in san jose, looking at a quarter mile in livermore, dense fog there, mylan oakland, three quarters of a mile and hayward, eventually some clearing for most of us, for the coast stays:cloudy in the upper 50s this afternoon. for the bay colton mild temperatures, mid-60s with some clearing and inland locations, some of the response in the upper 70s near seasonal. i will let you know what you expect through the day on future cast coming up. good news on the trouble spot, the 101 freeway heading to san francisco, all lanes are now open, this is a pretty serious motorcycle accident, a minister with everything off of the freeway, the north what it looks like traffic is still pretty slow. it will take some time for things to recover, i'm getting word there's an accident any
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blocks lane. all the way to the 280, the northbound 280 is probably your best bet heading into san francisco this morning. let's across the bay a look at traffic on the 8s 80 northbound, right next 29th avenue, big red crashed possibly blocking slow speeds as you head through. the 880 with fog, a live look investors are hoping for a bounce back following another brutal day, shares fell by 30% after the utility announced a $1.6 billion change. the total welfare cause for 2019 alone could top $6 billion. today marks one year since the start of the camp fire
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which killed 85 people in. the fire burned more than two weeks and destroyed more than 10,000 homes devastated the town of paradise. that is when evacuees are in the process of rebuilding. others do not want to go back and are reselling elsewhere.:names emily who was 94 years old says escaping paradise was a horrific ordeal. from her mobile home she could see everything burning but her phone was not working. she got in her car and left. she said there was heavy traffic as the camp fire bird even closer. >> on the sides of the road, one place where we had to go by, the dublin fire, it was bad. >> we were really proud of her, she drove out of their with fire on both sides of the car at the age of 93. >> she lost all of her belongings and now lives at a retirement home in rosedale.
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eight fire prevention package on the table in rent, if approved anti-microphone where we are not hearing from the chief of staff of any. is testifying the house intelligence committee. they will be influence in foreign policy. it was a he's not going to
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show. he could be facing charges of obstruction of justice. the original test was posted about a half hour ago. back to you. thank you. the nations largest seller of e- cigarettes is the sales of fla another setback for juul already under scrutiny from u.s. regulators, lawmakers and health officials. juul announced the end of the u.s. division of meant vaping pods after a new study show jewel is the top brand of people that use e-cigarettes and many prefer the meant mint flavor. they said the following statement.
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health officials say vaping has reached epidemic levels. one in four high school students report using e- cigarettes in the previous month despite federal law that it sales to those under the age of 18. juul already stopped selling some of the more popular flavors in stores and online, the company will only sell menthol and tobacco flavors. the feds weighing in against a reillvieor east san jose, santa clara county supervisors voted last year to stop accepting federal grants for the airports, a clear for the housing. now the faa says it strongly opposes the idea and wants the board to reconsider, county officials say they have not made a final decision but the faa cannot blocking closure after the grants expire. investigators looking into why the plane slammed into a san bernardino county home and this morning more than one family is thankful they survived. here's a look at the aftermath, bedroom toward wide open and
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scorched by flames. the pilot took off from los angeles county before landing on the home. he and his two-year-old son were inside of the home at the time of the crash and was a near miss for a neighbors house as well. >> we already seeing flames at the time? michael yes. i saw them coming around the corner of the hallway. it has never been a factor in my life. >> the pilots try to slow the plane with a parachute before the crash but it was just too late. two homes are now impacted. happening today the hero the rest of the aid of gunshot victims during the mall shooting in san bruno will be awarded a prestigious medal of honor. the u.s. army soldier metal recognizes outstanding acts of heroism. the shooting happened in july after an argument between a young gang erupted in gunfire.
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the gun sergeants were working at the u.s. army recruiting office when the shots rang out. they found the injured 16-year- old pleading for help while another found a 12-year-old shot in the leg, they say army training kicked in to help save lives that day. in ventura county, celebration of life for victims of e rdshooting sand oaks last year. a crowd line danced to have a piece of him on it, it's a humbling experience. >> earlier in the day thousand oaks unveiled the borderline healing garden. for each of those that will die
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in 248 paving stones who survive. michael bloomberg close to entering the presidential race earlier this year bloomberg said he would not be 77-year- old billionaire they cannot defeat president trump. six, 39, a huge mural featuring a well-known climate activist is taking shape a bay area building, we hear from the artist about his message. inmates giving rescued dogs a new lease on life. details on the program jail officials are calling a win- win. about ten minutes ago the
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it is a foggy start to the day, widespread fog, pretty extensive this morning. with that fog, trapping particulates at the surface, we have moderate air quality for the bay area, we are looking at moderate air right now for many locations and santa rosa, napa, vallejo and vacaville, healthy air quality for sensitive groups this morning for places like san francisco, oakland, san jose, concord, livermore, san leandro, gianna? a live look here, limited visibility as you commute south and northbound for the waldo area, southbound into san
6:44 am
francisco is about a 22 minute ride from the 37 down into the city. the good news is, and is friday light and in some spots, the south bailey 49 minutes from southgate to the sfo. rescued dogs with a new lease on life in prison. they are being cared for and trained by inmates, rescue from kill shelters around the state some just hours for being euthanized. the event happened and vacaville where they will be trained in the jail for adoption or for service work. also help morale in the presence. >> it makes us feel like kids again. it is great, great feeling. a lot of inmates have not touched an animal since they were incarcerated. that could be 20 or 30 years. >> there's plans to expand the program with even more dogs
6:45 am
there's a senior shakeup in a san francisco bay retailer. joining us now is jason brooks, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a surprise coming from gap, the tech stepping down from the position he was with the company 14 years. gap has been struggling as of late and also delivers bad news for investors with third- quarter earnings down, same- store sales all down in the third quarter. wall street analysts say the move in weak sales could jeopardize gap in the plan to
6:46 am
as the market takes a bit of a breather, without losing five points and the nasdaq up four points, it sets a new record, the s&p is down by one point. shares streaming higher by 70%, gopro up by 6%. michelle and kenny, back to you. thank you. happening today, historic a bay area landmark reopening to the public, the lighthouse soon will be shining again after almost 150 years of service, renovations took more than 13 months and $5.7 billion. the biggest refurbishing of the lighthouses since it was constructed. the visitor center opens at 10:00 this morning and the house tour started to open the second. >> you can see anybody other is a lot of fog, this morning a lot of fog makingttle tricky on the roads.
6:47 am
>> it is, or having a hard time seeing the free with, hands up if you're the door early, you'll want to give yourself a few extra minutes, especially the bay area bridges, some fog advisories but not affecting as much but the golden gate bridge as well as the venetian prince, we have a couple hotspots out there as you work your way along the 880 this morning, looks like north bounders seeing slow conditions, we have a trouble spot here near 20 avenue, hopefully in the clearing stages involving a big rig, we are seeing a bit of a backup, this is one of the foggy spots, here's a live look at the 880, you can barely see it, is getting fog year and fog year, the dense fog there as you travel for the northbound side on the freeway we are seeing slow speeds, this is the area where you can hardly make out off to the right side, taking a look at traffic into san francisco, a much better story here. our sensors were showing a lot of red here, alerts northbound on the central freeway, that now was cleared near maricopa, here's a look at traffic, so far not too
6:48 am
bad, but they said northbound 101 is you into mountain view, if you're traveling through fremont, looks like they're clearing a crash southbound, that's good news there, looks like traffic is busy on the 17th we are dealing with foggy spots this morning. a thought advisory in the bay area. and also noticing fog advisories on more widespread areas affecting the east shore freeway the drive on the 685 80, how long does that stick around? >> it sticks around for quite some time. eventually we will see skies clear it will take a while for sure. we have widespread fog and with a separate layer in place we are actually noticing foggy conditions in places we did not see yesterday morning so i show you this just a moment. here's a live look in a blanket of fog. we are taking above the fog, a very pretty sight. 40s and 50s, chilly start, 46 concord, oakland coming in at
6:49 am
52, 43 livermore, 51 san francisco. san jose 53 and 47 santa rosa. let's check the visibility this morning, down to a mile and three quarters in san jose, livermore dense fog for you, quarter-mile, please be safe if you are driving in the area, occurs in a mile at hayward, about sfo down to a mile at the open airport, we saw the east bay and how foggy it was with the live traffic camera in oakland, have a nap as well as santa rosa. the weather headlines are widespread morning fog, chilly temperatures, some clearing eventually as we enter the afternoon except for the coast, the seasonal daytime high looking at a mild weekend ahea warming up as we look to the end of the weekend and into monday for veterans day. high pressure and control, strong and blocking the high, and jet stream and storm- tracker well to the north, i conditions of the next several days.
6:50 am
as we go hour by hour futurecast, you can see we are going to see these guys clearing for most of us except for the coast, is going to take some time. tomorrow morning low clouds and areas of clouds start the day in sunshine senate, more sun sunday into monday. temperatures in the afternoon, 76 concord, 72 fremont and madisonville, san jose coming and 74, mid 60s for san francisco as well is open. tomorrow morning we have walked to end alzheimer's, a great event for very good cause, tomorrow morning, teachers will be on the chilly side once again the low 50s and conditions likely, is hard to believe we already have the holiday ice rink open, the embarcadero, you're hangover this weekend, sunshine with temperatures in the upper 60s, there you go the extent forecast. temperatures warming up, and for veterans day monday. michelle?
6:51 am
gayle king joins us from new york, it is friday and i'm excited about that. but i can't friday ea. it's always good to see. >> it's time for many americans to pick up the heavy coats, have to worry too much. record-breaking cold this weekend. how the best deals are for the holidays. and anthony talks to singers patty smith about their new book. they were friends close to 50 years. i think anthony right be up to. we see you in about eight minutes and counting from now. >> we are coming down. have a great weekend.
6:52 am
>> you too. the newest addition to the san francisco skyline. mural designed to draw attention to climate change. the work in progress only sign of the native sons building near union square, an internationally renowned artist is painting the mural of greta thunberg a 16-year-old girl from sweden who inspired young people in the world to take to the streets and demand action on climate change. >> want people to realize they have to do this. internet has time for the cause.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. we are live at the memorial still set up more than a week after the deadly halloween shooting that happened here, pictures of the 22-year-old ramona hill junior one of the five killed, his family is filing a lawsuit against airbnb and said they should have done more to vent the person the house. they say airbnb a lot of dangerous condition and they can feel a false sense of security. that large of a halloween party
6:57 am
fueled by drugs and alcohol should have been supervised. airbnb said they will pay the funeral expenses for the victims and for counseling for their families. lawyer for the family told us it is too little too late. airbnb announced earlier there launching new safety measures including high risk listings and a rapid response team to complaints. this is the third child the health family lost to gun violence in 2012. jackie ward, kpix5 . time for a look at this morning top stories. today marks exactly one year since the camp fire broke up becoming the deadliest wildfire in california history. the fire killed 85 people and destroyed more than 10,000 homes in butte county, leveling the town of paradise. today, local officials are asking people to pause for 85 seconds at 11:08 a.m., one second for each person who died, investigators say pg&e
6:58 am
transmission lines started the fire. a cash cow, the second cisco company juul is halting flavored sales, new research shows that flavors are favored among teenagers. >> the chief of staff a no-show for subpoena testimony of the impeachment inquiry. was scheduled to start an hour ago. he and president trump maybe accused of obstruction of justice. mayor michael bloomberg close to answering the 2020 presidential race. spokesperson says he is worried the current democratic candidates may not be able to defeat president trump. happening today, the lighthouse will reopen to the public, it took more than year and almost $6 million to refurbish. the visitor center opens at 10:00 this morning and tore arted 2:30 this afternoon. take a look at the
6:59 am
roadways, the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights remain on elizabeth on the other, the sure freeway into emeryville, the westbound 580 actually doing okay this morning. the 880, we can barely make it out there with an earlier accident this morning, fog advisories for the bay area bridges. widespread thick fog, you can see on a roof camera just how foggy it is in the financial district in san francisco, that is the case for many locations, it will take a wild for these guys to clear but it will happen for most of us except for the coast, 76 brian concord, 74 san jose, mid 60s san francisco as well as open. same story tomorrow, just a little bit warmer for saturday, we continue with the warm-up sunday and into monday for veterans day. really nice looking forecast in honor of veterans on monday. >> so nice. every year my dad says hug a veteran. >> don't you love it? but that is a good idea. thank you are watching
7:00 am
everybody, remember your next update is at 7:26. cbs this morning is coming up next, have a wonderful day and a fantas . good morning to you our friends in the west, i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. many facing freezing temperatures as far south as mississippi. bloomberg, 2020. why new york's billionaire former republican mayor is taking steps to run for president as a democrat. teen murder charges. two ohio teens face trial as adults after a log fell on to a photographer and killed her. photos have the power. musician patti smith and photographer lynn goldsmith celebrate nearly a half century of friendship and artistic partnership. >> can't wait to see that. it's friday, november 8th, 2019. here's today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> every number on the board is


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