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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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victory as san francisco district attorney. what he plan to tackle first. a south bay highway shut down for hours after police shoot an kill a man. what san jose officers say sparked the deadly gunfire. and a new raging wild fire in southern california dangerously close to two major movie studios. we have a look at what fire crews are up against tonight. but first, we are learning more about a deadly officer involved shooting. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. the deadly officer-involved shooting brought traffic to a standstill on highway 85 down in the s. lius e man ot d killed was on a warrant. >> kpix5's andrea nakano is near the scene with the latest yocan see, s. cars on the northbound lane of highway 85 are moving.
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but traffic is still not back to normal on the southbound lanes of highway 85. they are shut down from saratoga avenue and have been shut down almost eight hours now. san jose police said it started with a traffic stop. this is the scene of the officer involved shooting. it happened just after 3:00 in the afternoon. in the southbound lane of highway 85 near the winchester boulevard exit. according to san jose police, officers pulled a car over, then the adult male passenger pulled out a handgun. that's when an officer fired, striking a man at least once. he was pronounced dead at the scene add investigators collected evidence, southbound 85 was closed fromtoga avenue to winchester boulevard creating a traffic nightmare. >> it took us an hour to get three miles. >> i have been waiting an hour- and-a-half to get through.
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>> reporter: the san jose police department said both the homicide unit and the santa clara district attorney's office are investigating this case. the officer who fired the shot has been placed on routine administrative leave. the driver in the car was not hurt during the shooting and the officers were not hurt as well. in the south bay, andrea nakano, kpix5. >> this is the fourth fatal officer involved shooting for the pd this year. and now, chase boudin took the lead over susie loftus. loftus conceded the race. betty yu on how they are tonigh at el rio. there was a huge crowd here to greet him here two hours ago. and there is still a sizable crowd inside and outside the bar. he was the most progressive
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candidate on the ballot and his campaign was largely focused on reform over. incarceration. his agenda as san francisco da is clear. >> there's a lot of distrust between san francisco communities and law enforcement and my first job is to roll up my sleeves an work with everybody. and make sure we can rebuild the trust. >> reporter: the bar was bursting with supporters and big smiles. >> i'm in heaven. we got our city back. >> we will be focused on dealing with the root causes of crime and not gust locking people up. >> reporter: that was the premise of his campaign, diverting people away aljustice the former public defender has vowed to hold police more accountable in cases of brutality.
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just weeks before the election, major breed had appointed loftus as interim da. loftus said i didn't win the race but we won the support of many in san francisco who demand our city work together to build safety. boudin learnedover his win on a plane. he was visiting his father in a new york prison. his parents were both incarcerated for their role in an arm robbery that left three people dead. >> we talked about it. he was supportive and concerned for our and r ouwell being. in the midst of the tremendous responsibility we have taken onto work to serve all of san francisco. >> reporter: after celebrating bboudin says his first personal order of business is to marry his fiance.
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he will enjoy his honeymoon before getting to work in san francisco. betty yu, kpix5. >> the police officer association had this to say about his victory. unfortunately, the election results mean that san francisco residents will have to suffer through another four years of the george gascon style policies that plagued our city and decimated public safety. and, tensions were on display at boudin's election party tuesday night. the crowd was angry about the police officer association and its attempt to sway voters against the candidate. the union funded political ads and sent out mailers against boudin in and in favor of loftus. a man suspected of shooting two homeless men with arrows faces two counts of attempted homicide. it happened early this morning in a marshy area along the bay trail south of central avenue. two men and a woman were
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camping there when the arrows started flying. the woman wasn't hurt, but both men were hit. they are in stable condition tonight. the suspect was last seen in white fleece and a blue backpack and riding a purple bike. if you have information, police want to hear from you. a construction worker is in the hospital after falling 40 feet from a platform in san francisco. it happened at 11th street and market close to the civic center. the worker is listed in serious condition at a trauma center. they don't know exactly how the accident happened. tonight, firefighters have stopped the forward progress of a brush fire in the hollywood hills. it up plumes of gray smoke near the warner brothers movie studio. >> reporter: an air fight above the hollywood hills. a reminder, this urban oasis
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has brushland. and as ash rains down on nearby streets, worried tenants at the eva apartment pack up. >> we were headed out and found people had lots of backpacks. they came from london two days ago. >> reporter: this is what it looked like from the eva apartment complex just after the fire started. off camera, the woman first to call 911 tells us there were no power lines around. and that the fire started burning in the middle of brush. soon, trees were on so much smo giant plume slowed traffic on nearby highways. >> this is the closest to home. a pretty big wall of smoke. >> reporter: helicopters beat back flames and on the ground,
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firefighters with hoses. they held it at 34 acres. >> this is more of a nuisance fire than a huge threat. there is really minimal impact but we want to keep our eye on that. >> there are no mandatory evacuation orders, but warner brothers decided to clear out everyone from its lot as a precaution. tonight, we are getting our first look at the bay area man accused of being drunk while driving the wrong way down a highway in sacramento. it happened thursday on highway 50 as chp chopper captured the man speeding past other drivers. he lost control of the car using a pit maneuver. he stopped and was taken into custody. the driver mauricio santiago lopez. the passenger was also taken into custody. a superviscera calling the fed to step in and curb crime
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in his district. some people near federal plaza say conditions are so bad in the evening and overnight hours they feel like prisoners in their own home. supervisor matt haney described the widespread homelessness and rampant drug use as a public health and safety crisis. >> the federal government who owns this property was not doing anything to maintain it at 5:00 p.m. no security, no cleaning, no maintenance at all. it was really adding to and fueling the challenge we had here. >> at nighttime, not that many police are out. usually on call. that is where everybody started gathering to do their business. ll ratargetg federal crime ins the tenderloin. we did see more police in the area along with crs hope it is improvements are a permanent change and not just a
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pr move. president trump once again attacking the impeachment inquiry against him. televised hearings set to begin wednesday with several current and former administration officials. tot today, the president left the white house to attend a college football game in alabama. >> the stock market hit an all time high. the country is doing well. the witch hunt continues. >> mr. trump also said he is willing to release the transcript of an april phone call he had with the president of ukraine. that call came before their july phone conversation which sparked the impeachment inquiry. today in san francisco, house speaker nancy pelosi talked about the importance of the upcoming hearings. >> we want them to know the truth. that's what the proceedings this week will bring forward in a clear way. but this is a sad time. we don't want to think our president could be in such violation of our national
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security. the integrity of our elections or his oath of office to the constitution. but, the facts show that possibly he has. >> investigators are trying to determine if president trump abused his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son hunter. scientists may have discovered the vaping ingredient that is sending so many e-cigarette smokers to the emergency room. plus, part of the bay area facing an emergency room shortage. plus, becoming a pro gamer? the bay area college helping students make big bucks. been dry lately. we will see if any rain is on the way as we look live toward
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the federal government is taking action to fight the vaping crisis. president trump wants to raise the age to purchase e- cigarettes from 18 to 21. >> the move comes amid new findings that recent vaping related illnesses and deaths could be linked to n et leaspeople hail2,000 have gotten sick. after months of investigating, the centers for disease control and prevention says there's a
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breakthrough. after collecting 29 samples of lung fluids from patients with a vaping related illness, they found a common toxin of concern. vitamin e acetate. >> you can take vitamin e and take it as a pill, as a supplement. that is way different than inhaling it directly into your lungs which is causing the burns to your lungs. >> reporter: vitamin e acetate is often used as a thickener in vaping fluid. especially on the black market. cbs news got an undercover look at these products sold lifo i have strawberry bubble gum. >> reporter: and took them to a local lab for testing. >> what's the worst thing you have found? >> i would say, in the underground market we are seeing a slew of pesticide. >> reporter: the study found thc, the active ingredient in cannabis in 23 of the 29 samples. thousands of people have been
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sickened by vape use. >> i wish i never would have done it. >> reporter: zane martin is one of them. hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma after vaping only a couple of months. more tests need to be done and there are more causes of the illness. this all comes as san francisco based juul announced it will stop selling mint flavors in the u.s. western couldn't contra they workegether today get a so >> we need a hospital with an about today. >> what are you willing to do? are you willing to be bold?
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>> today's event included testimony from first responders about driving patients across contra costa county. uc berkeley is helping students go pro in i e sports. you don't have to be a game tore make money in gaming. the e sports industry is booming and not just for fortnite players and software designers. there are high paying jobs in administrative and support roles. uc irvine was one of the first schools in the country to build a specialized e sports program in 2016. portions of a popular south bay hiking area are off limits until further notice. that's because of a spike in in mountain lion sightings. no word on when they might reopen. well, it is a beautiful night around the bay area.
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we have fog and low clouds. but, before all of that rolled in, the sun sank slowly into the west. as we enter the second full week of standard time. it was a lovely shot and the fog billows in over the coast range. very pretty. down in san jose, some low clouds coming in over the santa cruz mountains. actually down santa clara valley as well. as a result, some fog around close to the shoreline in south san francisco. highway 1. generally just haze for many of us tonight. san francisco, 63. oakland, 68. 67 in san jose. these are all the highs. the current readings as we look tobabridge, concord has 52. the numbers in santa rosa have dropped to 49. this is all as per usual. tomorrow, the numbers will be a little bit warmer.
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inland will be 80 degrees. sunny and warm. mild around the bay, a beautiful sunday for much of the locations. lining the shoreline. numbers in the low 70s . and along the coast, we'll have fog and clouds. here's what's happening high atop the west coast. it's sunny inland. low pressure continues to spin off the south land and the high pressure is out there in the eastern pacific. there's not enough oomph in the systems to overreach the high. they will get some rain up in seattle. but, rain just doesn't reach down here to the bay area. tomorrow morning as the sunday begins, the numbers will be near 50 degrees around the bay. and some patchy fog. sun is up at 6:44 a.m. you won't see it for a couple of hours until the low clouds burn off. so, the fog and the clouds return tonight. temperatures will warm to near 80 degrees inland tomorrow. as far as the computer models can see, there is not rain in
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sight. a lot of ice skating opportunities. thinking of something fun to do for the weekend, the embarcadero and union square. veteran's day parade a day early at fisherman's wharf is tomorrow. sfo looking pretty good. fog, clouds, a high of 64 in chicago. bundle up. 41 degrees is the high under cloudy skies. 48 for san rafael. 48 concord tonight. tomorrow, the numbers look nice. a little warmer than average with concord all the way up to 77 degrees. 75 in san jose. down on the south bay. the numbers in the mid 70s . in the east bay. they are also in the mid 70s. in the north bay, mostly in the mid 70s and warmer than that. clear lake and ukiah. exteornd. beach in the 6 0z. the excitement is in sports. ladies and gentlemen, the emmy
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college football up top. big 10. it is the pac-12 that the bus around here. closes the business. cal, one win shy of obtaining bowl eligible status. quarterback, deveon monster. why? he was healthy. and he put on a show against
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washington state. a second quarter roll-out hit kevin ryanwall. three touchdown passes. accounted for a fourth under three minutes to play. a 13-yard scamper. cal's record now 5-4. they host usc next weekend. they have gone bananas in colorado. a close game, but they win the big one. here is stanford playing catchup. kj costello. and, he's gone. 79 yards. 13-10. stanford, colorado battled back. evan price for the win. 38-yard field goal. a dramatic 16, 13 colorado victory is snapped above five game losing streak is the cardinal record falling to 4-5.
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give the statue to the winnerment spartans in white. second quarter. john packer crashed through. a 20-14 lead. but the spartans couldened close. hawaii tough at home. the potus. there's 45. first lady in attendance. alabama hosting lsu. lsu by five. and clyde edwards there. walked in for the touchdown. lsu at alabama. a winner by 46-41. now, the two-fer saturday night n'd here. that's just one segment. ahead, the warriors. they are wounded and no other team in the nba sheds a
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basketball first college game ever at chase center tonight. the women broke the ice dropped
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by stanford. to the association. warriors, well, the teams are getting the shots in now. tonight, oklahoma city's turn. the dubs again let loose. deangelo russell the featured performer. shot to end the third period as he scores 32 tonight. but not enough. game tied at 88-88. the thunder never looked back. late fourth quarter, danilo galinari time. the warriors lost 114-108. stanford men at home. cal state fullerton. it was all stanford all night. davis scored 15. excuse me while i dunk it. stanford won it 70-54. and, hi kids.
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welcome to chase center. they applied the pressure at both ends. charles minlan scored 16. they beat the tigers 82-72. sharks fans, boy. they were fit to be tied. hosting the nashville predators. third period. mark edwards blasting. banged the back of the net to tie it up. this one went to seven shoot- outs. and he what are you searching for, mark?
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thanks for watching. our next local newscast is tomorrow morning from 6:00 to
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