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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. and now at 5:00, a violent attack in san francisco's china town. three victims in their 60s assaulted and now the search is on for suspects. thank you for joining us. >> new disturbing video of an attempted robbery. an assault in san francisco's china town. you see a group of suspects charge a group and attack three people knocking them to the ground. this took place around 9:00 last night. police say the suspects were trying to rob the group and in a dark-colored suv. took >> i have every confidence they upon apprehend someone or the 3
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or 4 suspects in this case and they will be made to face the consequences. >> two of the victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the other treated at the scene and released. police say they're investigating another incident on jackson street that may be related. the chairman and c.e.o. of oakland based kaiser permanente has unexpectedly died. bernard tyson passed away in his sleep. he was 60 years old. he served as c.e.o. since 2013 and assumed the role of chairman in 2014. he was the company's first black c.e.o. was and the championship for accessible healthcare, and work place diversity. gavin newsom -- paving the way for countless professionals of color to pursue leadership
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roles in healthcare in corporate america. mayor london breed added: a civic leader who cared deeply about the issues affecting our community, especially homelessness. the kaiser board has named gregory adams as interim chairman and c.e.o. effective immediately. it's been decided this weekend progressive candidate chesa boudin was officially declared the winner. devin fehely on why a high level support of the other candidate in the race may have backfired. >> reporter: her hand picked candidate for district attorney faltered at the polls. the poll and the limits of a di everything she could to cat pult suzy loftus into the district attorney's office. she even appointed to into the
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job on an interim basis. but it just wasn't enough. >> she didn't necessarily do loftus any favors by appointing her in that way. >> reporter: melissa king says the mayor's strategy may have backfired. likely inspired more resentment than loyalty. >> the people who voted in this election who took that effort and came out are people who already knew who they wanted to support. they weren't people who were looking to the mayor to tell them who to support. they had their minds made up. >> reporter: chesa boudin says it was his message that won the day. >> people are hungry for change. >> reporter: mayor breed has promised to put politics aside and work with the new da whose very election demonstrates the limits of what a mayor, even a popular one, can accomplish. >> we have a long history of
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mayors in san francisco not having coattails. gavin newsom's candidates often lost. and so it's not unique to london breed that her sort of slate of candidates didn't win. >> reporter: the mayor has vowed to work closely with the district attorney elect, but his relationship and the rift in the police officer's association will likely take much longer to heal. devin fehely, kpix 5. we are expected to know more this week about a police shooting that killed a man in san jose. police telling us the man was wanted to outstanding warrant and was armed. it all unfolded yesterday on highway 85 near winchester boulevard. authorities pulled a vehicle over and that is when the passenger in the car pulled out a gun. an officer opened fire killing the suspect. he has not been identified. san jose police are expected to release new information on tuesday. tonight, the coast guard has suspended their search for a man whoa went missing after his fishing boat cap sized it.
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happened yesterday 30 miles northwest of bodega bay. crews arrived on scene and were able to rescue three people out of the water. the crew was notified of a 4th person that was still missing. the missing man was reportedly wearing a life jacket. a new campaign office for senator elizabeth warren just opened up in oakland. it's the presidential candidate's first office in california. volunteers knot to work right away at the opening running a canvass launch and training supporters who want to get involved in the campaign. rebecca cap lan has endorsed warren's candidacy. >> i am incredibly honored to stand with so many amazing people who have endorsed elizabeth warren for president and to know that it's in our hands to take the actions to make the phone calls, to go door to door, to talk to people
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in our lives. >> she committed to saying in her first hundred days, she's going to hold a people's assembly so we're writing bills with her. because i have seen her take people's stories, like the story you just heard, and turn them into a policy. this is what we've seen from her. this is why we endorsed her. >> the latest polling averages show warren with a slight lead over joe biden in california. the california primary is scheduled for march third. impeachment inquiry hearings into president trump this week. ahead of that, republicans and democrats are rangling over the list of witnesses. weijia jiang is at the trump tower in new york. >> reporter: democrats say ey t let the whistleblower or joe biden's son testify in the impeachment inquiry in. a letter, intelligence committee chairman warned he will not approve their request to hear from the whistleblower, a demand president trump has made multiple times.
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one of the president's closest allies says that would make the case a non-starter if it reaches the republican controlled senate. >> if they don't call the whistleblower in the house, this thing is dead on arrival in the senate. >> reporter: the key factor is the president's motive on his phone call. >> if it can be demonstrated that the president asked for and had the requisite state of mind -- that the president asked for an investigation of a political rival, that's over the line. but if he asked for an investigation of possible corruption by someone who happens to be a political rival, that's not over the line. >> reporter: democrats promise the hearings will be fair and they say an inquiry into president trump's actions is justified. >> this is a very strong case of bribery. >> evidence of an extortion scheme using taxpayer dollars to ask a foreign government to
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investigate a president's opponent. >> reporter: weijia jiang, cbs news, new york. the hearings kickoff wednesday with testimony from two key witnesses and we will bring that to you live on kpix 5. also on tuesday, the supreme court will hear the case on deferred action for childhood arrivals. more than 1 in 4 d.a.c.a. recipients is from california. late last week, javier becerra discussed -- >> here in california, we stand up for every californian. and we make the fight for them. this fight for the -- some 700,000 dreamers is not just a fight for them, it's for our communities as well. >> demonstrations in support of d.a.c.a. are happening across the country. in san jose, a rally dubbed "no
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dreams deferred" is scheduled tuesday at hill view park. you probably haven't heard much about the veterans killed in world war ii who were honored at this ceremony today. that's okay, because staying silent was part of their job. we'll have that story coming up. >> plus the show in the sky you won't want to miss tomorrow. >> but you don't want to look directly at it. this however is open for viewing. a beautiful sunset on this sunday evening. we'll have more news and the forecast when we come back.
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fog is rolling in tonight. street is back open this evening after a hazmat scare in
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san mateo. officials shut down a block of b street after neighbors reported a strong ammonia smell. the source of the smell was a fluid leaked from an unmaintained freezer. they opened the street a short time later. >> let everybody go back inside. we just evacuated the one unit and sheltered in place all the a justicent properties. >> no one was injured. someone has defaced a mural of delores muerta. she is 89 and has worked for decades advancing the rights of women in the u.s. similar nd graffiti also turned up on the likeness of nelson man dela nearby. warriors from world war ii who don't usually get a lot of
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fanfare. john is in vallejo with the inspiring stories of the military heroes. >> reporter: the submarine service is known for remaining silent, but at this service today, voices were raised to remember those who have been lost. when the japanese bombed pearl harbor, wiping out most of america's pacific fleet, they made one big mistake. they left the submarine base intact, making the underwater fleet that much more important. >> they were it for a year or so. they were the only thing left defensively. >> reporter: built and later repaired. they accounted for more than half the japanese warships sunk and essentially crippled the island nation's economy. but no one really talked beuse you know, it depends on stealth. >> reporter: today a bell was rung for each of the 52 submarines lost during the war.
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one of them was the uss wahoo under the command of skipper dudley warton. >> still is one of the legends in the submarine force. they were the first boat that made headlines for sinking ships. >> reporter: but the wahoo was eventually sunk, no one knew where, until 2006 when its remains were recovered. >> i've just become very emotionally attached to those 575 men who are somewhere in the bottom of the sea known only to god. except for the uss wahoo. >> reporter: and they'd like this simple sermon tow speak up for those who are said to be on eternal patrol. >> i'd like the people who live here to know. most of them don't absolutely have a clue of what was done
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here. >> reporter: this is the 13th year this ceremony has honored the people lost in submarines. john ramos, kpix 5. we are just hours away from a rare celestial event. it's when mercury passes right across the sun. it is expected to make its journey to the west coast when the sun goes up. science center in oakland is hosting a sunrise viewing center tomorrow, but you can't see it without a telescope and eye protection. that would be fun. i hope the weather cooperates. >> tell? >> it might. chab ot can be right in the middle of the clouds. and never make an attempt to look at the sun with the naked ye. the planet across sun looks li
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. we have a ts can see zy again today with high pressure over the west coast and a lovely crane in the foreground as we look out over the bay bridge. san francisco is 53 and santa rosa still pleasant at 66 degrees. tomorrow it will be warmer than today. and today, the numbers warmed up about 2 to 5 degrees in the bay area. we'll add another degree or two to bring the warmest numbers inland to 80 degrees. mid-70s. doesn't get much better. still clouds and fog at the shoreline tonight. already do. wind will be a bit of a factor. that will serve to limit the marine layer tomorrow. livermore's already got easterly winds and it's all because we have high pressure, bumps a bit inland, down to the surface and takes warmer air, heats it up, take it's to the shoreline.
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you can see the off-shore flow coming out the golden gate tomorrow. fewer low clouds and monday will warm up a little bit. as for what's next, high pressure is strengthening out in the pacific for the next few days, so the temperatures warm up. warmest day of the ll be tomorrow. as we head out, it will be chilly, numbers around the upper 40s. and again, chabot observatory, sunrise tomorrow, that will be fun to get out there. patchy fog and winds will pick up tonight. temperatures warm to near 80 degrees inland tomorrow and how dry we are. there is no rain in sight. and november, well, usually starts to add some drops to the rain bucket, but not yet. mostly sunny at sfo tomorrow if you're heading out. and in new york, it will be okay. in chicago, it will be snowing. snow in chicago and 33 degrees. all right, tonight, san rafael gets down to 49. santa rosa 47. sunrise tomorrow morning at
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quarter to 7:00. the forecast highs tomorrow will be in the 70s, well above average. veteran's day finds sunnyvale at 78. cam bell at 80 degrees and 79 at san jose. at travis air force base, 81 degrees. pittsburgh 77, antioch 77 and livermore all the way to 80 degrees. fog and clouds in sinceon beach and then sunshine. in santa rosa 82. petaluma tomorrow hits 80 degrees. and clear lake looking pretty good. here's how it looks in the extended forecast. the numbers are going to be the warmest of the week tomorrow before subsiding into the 70s and picking up a few more low clouds employ we'll pick up clouds, but we won't be picking up rain. it won't be exciting. no, ladies and gentlemen, for excitement, we have just the
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it takes a village to raise to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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giants president is reportedly getting close to wrapping up the team's managerial search. today the club filled its other vacancy as scott harris was named general manager. harris spent the last 7 years with the cubs and most recently an assistant general manager. prior to chicago, he was the coordinator of major league operations. he will meet with the media tomorrow morning. nfl, the raiders took care of business thursday night against the chargers to put themselves in the playoff mix. today, they got help in nashville. patrick mahomes back after missing the last two games. 1:27to go. chiefs up 5. punter wasn't ready for the snap. threw it away, gets called for intentional grounding, giving tennessee an extra 10 yards. and they cashed in on the
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blunder. throws to humphrey for the go ahead score with 23 seconds left. would it be enough time for that man? mahomes took one play to give kansas city a chance. a strike to robinson, mahomes throwing for 446 yards and three touchdowns. but it came down to this, the kicking came. the titans stunned the chiefs, 35-32. they are 5 and 5 and in the playoff mix, kansas city falls to 6 and 4. the raiders are a half game back and tied in the loss column for the division lead. two games play again in kansas city in three weeks. the raiders will face the bengals next sunday at the coliseum. jackson added to his highlight reel. threthree touchdowns before
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sitting out the 4th quarter. how do you like it? baltimore blew out cincinnati for their 5th straight win. they are 7 and 2. brian making his first start since he was with the 49ers in 2017. filling in for the injured brisset and it did not go well. he threw three interceptions, but the colts lost at home to the dolphins, 16-12. the raiders are now tied with the steelers and colts for the second wild card spot and again right in the mix for the afc west title. possibly the biggest game levi m.49t r thnsthe his 7 and 2 seahawks. and the biggest reason seattle is on ell
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wilson. he is in the running for mvp. because of his ability to keep plays alive, but 49 defenders have differing opinions on his greatness. >> i mean, that makes russell a special player. a guy like him, we know what he's going to do and sometimes we still can't stop it. but for us, we -- throughout this week, we'll be preparing for it. so i mean -- you know what you get in russell. >> it's just backyard football. it's no crazy, oh, man, you gotta run this route and then run to this spot. it's just guys running and hoping they're open. drew brees and the saints laid an egg at home against the falcons. kept new orleans out of the end zone. the falcons go in as a double digit underdog and beat the
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saints. snap new orleans' 6-game winning streak. rogers hoping the packers' defense could hang on. christian mccaffrey up the middle. he stopped just shy of the goal line. the play was reviewed, the refs confirmed it. a few snowflakes short. the packers hold on. they are 8 and 2. the 49ers have the two-game cushion for the top record in the nfc. they still have seattle twice, green bay and new orleans remaining on their schedule. >> but anybody can beat new orleans. >> obviously now that atlanta crushed them. double digit underdogs. that was shocking. we'll be right back. about making choices.
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well, bat man's i conic car is getting competition. a chicago man built his very own version of a bat mobile from scratch. >> a project that's taken 4 years, cut and built from a gm body in his garage. it's got a boeing jet engine in the back. it even picks itself up and spins around. he doesn't plan to drive the car much. instead, he wants to take it to charity fundraising events. okay, who are the two guys who played the original bat man and robin in the 60s? >> adam -- >> west. >> west!
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and i don't remember robin. >> i don't know. >> burt ward. who played ginger? jano: millions get a polar plunge. a bitter blast of cold, snow and ice is set to sweep across much of the nation. hundreds of records could fall. >> i mean it is going to be brutal. >> quijano: also tonight the impeachment intensifies, open open and televised hearings begin this week as house democrats try to make their misconduct case against president trump. mormon families flee their homes after the massacre in mexico, heading to safety in america. >> it's not worth living in fear. >> quijano: caught on camera-- a texas teacher faces criminal charges. what prompted this violent attack. and, crowd-stitching. a special community comes together to finish one chicago woman's labor of love. >> reporter: that is beautiful.


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