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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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his name is gabe kapler. he was one of three finalists for the job. it was one month after he was fired as the manager of the phillies. the 44-year-old had an underwhelming stent. he received a three year contract with the giants. he was looking for someone who could build relationships with the players, coaches, front office and thins. he also has a relationship that dates back to their time with the los angeles dodgers.
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dennis o'donnell weighs in on why he's getting a lot of scrutiny. >> he was contacted by a 17- year-old girl claiming he was sexually assaulted, by one of those players. he never contacted police. the question is, why did he not contact police? >> he will replace bruce bochy, who retired at the end of the season following 13 years and three championships with the giants. >> a great hire, young but driven, a clubhouse guy that the team could get behind. i'm excited to see what he can do with the giants. >> i've been becoming a fan. a fog or a father figure, a laid-back guy.
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hopefully they will adjust. >> the giants are coming off three consecutive losing streaks . he said i look forward to helping returned the giants to a winning tradition. >> another top story, could this be the return of colin kapernick? he will have a chance to prove that he has what ittakes. we have details on the shot. >> it was at this field, almost three years ago, this saturday, the free agent gets a private
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workout in front of nfl teams. all 32 are invited. >> five days per week, for three years. >> in this video, colin kapernick tweeted it just a few years ago.'s message is loud and clear. he still interested in playing for the nfl. >> it would have to be a very brave owner willing to break rigs and just say i need a backup quarterback. >> several teams inquired about his readiness. he said i've been in shape and ready for this for three years and i can't wait to see the head coach and gm. he opted out of a contract and accused the lead of colluding to prevent him from playing. protesting police brutality and racial
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injustice. there are mixed feelings about his possible return. >> i don't wish him gone. i just hope the nfl stands up for what they believe in. >> for ray, his prediction is that colin kapernick will not be employed by the nfl anytime soon. >> he will be good enough to play in the league, but he probably won't get a chance. a wild confrontation, where one man rammed his car into
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another guy. you may find it hard to watch. [ screaming ] >> oh my god! [ censored ] . >> they were arguing about stolen marijuana. the woman who shot this said she still can't believe it. >> it was mind-boggling. i've never seen anything like that in real life. it's not something that you see in real life, it was like something you see any movie. concerns tonight about a noncredit uptick in crime, police suspected - - busted cell phone thieves, but they are still looking for a pair of attackers who attacked an
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elderly man. the three suspects were driving a gray cheap jeep cherokee. we asked what will happen when these guys are caught. >> what do you say to people in the community that are's that are concerned that they won't spend a lot of time in jail? >> i have your back. chinatown is a critical part of cultural and economic fiber here, and i want to make sure i take care of everyone in our state. >> the swearing in date has not been set. >> a burst of gunfire killed five people at a halloween party according to call logs obtained by the news. a car was stolen in a home invasion on lafayette.
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the shooting followed at 10:49. that contradicts official students from officers on the way to the house when the shooting erupted. no comment from police tonight, but the sheriff department provides mutual aid and is standing by the original timeline.'s new tonight, five people were wounded in a shooting and have filed a lawsuit complaining of negligent security that gave the government easy access. the shooter got inside festival grounds by cutting through a fence, to avoid medical - - to avoid metal detectors. the victims say they want to say send a message to people nationwide to improve security. the gilroy garlic festival association had this to say, the lawsuit is not unexpected. we must remain focused on our
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mission. fundraising fundraising for the entire community, and the 150 charities that rely on us. we are several hours away from the first public impeachment hearing against president trump. the president is expected to watch some of this on tv. and the white house will be set up to react in real time. andre turner tells us what else to expect. >> like a typical hearing, committee lawyers will ask their questions first before lawmakers get their chance. >> this was a day for last- minute strategy sessions. near the top us diplomat will testify about the highly irregular but a regular policy and how the ukrainians would get desperate after the sudden
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freezing of military aid. the secretary of state described what he was told, in order to unfreeze the eight, president trump wanted nothing less than the ukrainian president to go to a megaphone and promise an investigation into joe biden. >> truth to power. >> republicans issued this memo defending the president, who they say withheld the aid not to get dirt on the bidens, but because of ukraine's history of prison for pervasive corruption. >> they pursue outrageous coach hoaxes and witchhunts. >> what they are doing now is unfair to the presidency as an institution. >> a new cbs poll shows they
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are very divided on their views about impeachment, 43% say the president should be impeached, 40% say he should not and 17% think it is too soon to say. the former ukrainian ambassador is set to testify on friday and more witness hearings will be announced later this week. in the newsroom, i am emily turner. >> cbs news will be there to give you complete coverage of the hearings tomorrow morning here on kpi x five. and we will also be streaming on our website. during the hearing, mike pence will be 3000 miles away raising money here in california, stopping in orange county, monterey county, and the bay area. on thursday he will be discussing returning astronauts returning to the moon. and hillary clinton says she is under enormous pressure from many people, to run for
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president again. her response, never say nowhere never say never. michael bloomberg has put his name on the ballot, another step toward officially announcing a presidential bid. and today, the largest union of registered nurses says it is endorsing bernie sanders for president, he will be here friday for the official endorsement. known for his role in kung fu, now he is facing eviction, this local celebrity is getting the boot. the great debates in berkeley over the fate of these traffic circle trees. will they live another day? [ music ] >> it is finished, the celebration
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new at 11:00, an actor and entertainer is facing eviction tonight, from the apartment he and his wife have lived in for decades. we have the details of the final showdown, tomorrow. >> he is retired these days and spends most of his time at the corner cafi. the gentleman you are about to meet was once a local star. a character in north beach who could soon be forced out. >> he has no time for biggers. >> sam had a short turn on the tv show kung fu as david carey dean's art teacher. he later traveled to thailand to be in a film with jim kelly.
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and vancouver for a sydney movie. he has been a server and a singer. he has spent most of his 86 years in san francisco, but that could soon change. he is getting evicted from the small apartment in north beach where he has lived since 1965. >> it so they can raise the rent. >> his wife says the landlady told him they had to leave in 2016, - - >> they say it is to get out of the rental business. >> i spoke to scott friedman by phone tonight. he says janice and her husband plan to move into the property, and also plan to move their elderly parents in next door, as well as other family members.
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they've offered more money but the renters are fighting it in court and it is costing them tens of thousands of dollars. the judges decided the case in favor of the property owners. they will be making one more appeal in court tomorrow afternoon and they worry they could be thrown out for good. sam will have to leave his home of more than 50 years. >> my husband will no longer be living in this city. it is just not the same anymore. >> they sent e-mails around to neighbors. they are trying to stay in the city as long as they can. coming up tonight, tomorrow night on project home, how well prepared our shelters to deal with people experiencing homelessness and mental health issues at the same time? they
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were waitlisted for 18 months, but when her son had an outburst, they were back out on the streets that same day. tonya has not seen her son sense. >> have to make sure he takes his medication. it is an issue. i don't want him caught up in a mental health hospital or wandering around homeless. >> keep sending us your ideas and see all of susie's reporting on our website. >> and an update on a story we told you about earlier this week as berkeley city leaders look at a plan to remove a tree from a traffic circle as there are concerns it could obstruct driver view. >> juul vape company is about to
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cut even more jobs than previously planned. the e-cigarette maker says it is slashing 650 jobs. that's 15% of the workforce. previously they said they were cutting 500 jobs. the company says it will also cut $1 billion in spending. a new addition to the san francisco skyline was unveiled tonight. the crowd and the san francisco symphony on hand for the giant mural, near the corner of mason and post. >> we are going to help people to pay attention to our message. by doing that, we are going to amplify what she's got to say.
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>> the united nation conference is in madrid. >> we have one day where the temperatures will actually come down to average for this time of year. we get well above it, tomorrow, temperatures will be about 7 degrees above average. san francisco, you will only be 1 degree off the mark, getting to 65 tomorrow, 64 will be the average, 76 for concord, 73 in santa rosa, 78, 79 today, it was kind of the peak, cooling down more tomorrow, bottoming out on thursday, then that is it. we will warm right back up in time for next weekend. fremont will go to the 70s. livermore is 74. san rafael will hit 71 tomorrow for the daytime high. the skies look kind of weird over the past few days with plenty of low clouds up the coast at high clouds streaming in above it.
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clouds, hazy conditions, that is not going to change tomorrow. by thursday that counterclockwise spin is an area of low pressure, the first one that is actually able to get into northern california and change things up. there is a small chance of rain, not a lot. that's noon, some light showers off the coast, and let me show you why you shouldn't count on much from that. i will play this for the cumulative rainfall totals. 207-inch of rain for pacifica. this cools us down for at least a day, look at thursday. that sticks out, the clouds, the daytime high temperatures in the upper 60s in the. you've been sitting at 80 for quite a while, that is the average daytime high of 68 and of course it does not last long. sunny and 80 again for the weekend if
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you like that kind of thing. mary will be tracking the forecast and gianna will have you covered. >> the 49ers
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getting people talking, the skipper got a three year deal, the manager was fired last month after going two days under 500, he worked with the dodgers, he will meet the press tomorrow. >> san jose looking sharp against edmonton, opening the scoring, vendor cane scores off the rebound. jumpshot deflected, san jose scoring three times in the first nine minutes, and they win their third straight game, six oh three. it was an 11 oh two run to push over time in ot, during the wide open three to give the
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bears the lead. in the 40 - - the 49ers are a mass unit, ronald blair is out for the rest of the season. joe just returned from a broken leg, dislocated his finger, he might need surgery. kyle shanahan hopes to have sanders back on sund is your business still settling for slow internet?
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more bad news for the warriors. damien rees lost his hand, i can't end the show on that. if you've never seen a shooting star, how about this one? the kick return or tried to leap over a defender and instead he launched through the air. he is okay, he is okay.
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and it looked like a clown show at the circus. watch, oh, my gosh. supermen can leap tall buildings but carter does not need superman's cape. huskies beat mount st. mary's. and williams with the breakaway dunk. this is notspectacular. evansville came in, the game with the 25-point underdogs, 67 took 64. i said top ranked wildcat and walter mccurdy is in kentucky, and alumni.
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