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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 13, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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fo live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 4:30, looking live from our sales force tower camera as we're looking at or rack el park. the giants naming a new manager. we'll have that in a bit. it is wednesday, november 13th, 2019. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. 4:31. here is mary. guess we're going to see a dip in the temperatures again. >> yes. today the start of a cooldown for us. more clouds, as well so some changes for today. here is a live look with our sue tro cam. we're starting off with temperatures in the 40s and in the 50s. 49 in concord. if you're heading out the door, obamacare at 52. t 50 san francisco. 52 in san jose. mid-40s for santa rosa. even though temperatures will be cooler compared to yesterday, still looking at above average temperatures for
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this time of year. mid-60s san francisco. upper 60s in oakland for daytime highs. san jose at 73 later on today as well as for concord. highs running about 7 degrees above average for this time of year. now, let's check in with giannulli for a look . a live look. careful if you hit the roadways. off to a good start as far as drive times go. only 14 minutes south 101 from the san rafael bridge into san francisco. here is alive look at the bay bridge. no metering lights yet. cars stacking up in the cash lanes and coming off the 880 overpass there. just a heads up if you're not a fast track user, a few brake lights getting through the toll plaza there. >> you're at the limit both directions from 880 to 101.
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and looking good. here is a live look at oakland. those directions off to a great start. >> i'm anne makovec live at the news desk. they are fighting firefighter and a helicopter dropping water. the pilot survived this crash. he is in his 70s. he is expected to survive. it is difficult for some of these aircrafts in the fires because of the turbulent, and created by the fires. more than 80 fires are burning around greens land in australia and entire communities are evacuated. the hot, dry, windy weather they have been experiencing is expected to ramp up again this weekend. back to you. >> a live look at capital hill. the first impeachment inquiry
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hearing starts today. ambassador william taylor and george kent. cbs news has more on what we can expect. >> reporter: president trump returned to the white house tuesday night on the eve of the first public hearing in congress' impeachment inquiry. >> democrats in washington would rather pursue outrageous hoaxes and delusional witch hunts that are going nowhere. don't worry about it. >> reporter: democrats are investigating whether the trump administration pressured ukraine to open investigations using military aid as leverage. the nationally televised hearing will be conducted by the house intelligence committee. >> i think you're going to see the cream of our diplomatic corps speak to power. >> william taylor is one of two testifying today. taylor is expected to tell lawmakers that he learned the white house set conditions for nearly half a billion dollars in aid that had been
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temporarily withheld. taylor will be joined bay by george kent. he learned the white house would not release the funds until ukraine had said they would vin gate joe biden. >> republicans say the impeachment inquiry has been unfair from the start and today will try to take aim at the process and substance of the investigation. they are relying on people like bill taylor as a star witness who is going to tell us something that is third or fourth hand information. >> the white house says president trump plans to watch at least part of the proceedings on television and cbs news learned his team will have a rapid response during the testimony. natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill. >> a new poll says americans are davided on whether to impeach the president over his dealings with ukraine. natalie brand with have a live
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report from capitol hill in the next half-hour. there will be a special report when it begins in just about two hours. you can watch live here on friday on kpix 5 and streaming on >> during today, mike pence will be 3,000 miles away raising money here in california and he will blake stops. tomorrow he will tour nasa aim center to talk about returning astronauts to the moon. hillary clinton telling the bbc she is under e enormous pressure from many people to run for president again. her response, never say never. and former new york city mayor, michael bloomberg filed paperwork to get on the primary ballot, and this is before announcing a presidential bid. >> >> the largest union of remember tered nurses is endorsing senator bernie sanders for president. he will be in oakland on friday
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for the official endorsement. here is a look. the home baseball team's new manager will be formally introduced today. the giants have hired former philadelphia phillies manager gabe cap her. the phillies fired him after this past season. he compiled a 161 and 163 record over two years and giants president of baseball operations said he was looking for someone who can build relationships with the players, coaches, front office and the fans, but he could be under scrutiny for an incident in a previous job in the dodgers organization. in 2015 he was working with minor league players and contacted by a 17-year-old girl saying she was sexually assaulted by one of the players. he never contacted police, so he comes to the gains with a strong baseball track record. the question is why did he not contact police? another question.
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how will he pleasure up to bruce bow cly? >> well, i was becoming a fan of his. he seemed like a father figure and laid back guy and seemed to respect the team. it will be hard to have a stepdad for the players i think but hopefully they will adjust. >> the giants had losing records in each of the last three seasons. dennis o'donnell will have more on this in about 15 minutes. former san francisco 49ers quarterback r kaepernick we'll have a private workout on saturday. the workout is set to include field work and interviews. he took to twitter to confirm this opportunity saying "i have been in shape and ready for this for three years. can't wait to see the head coaches and g.m.s on saturday." even though he will be ready to go, fans were on the fence.
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and my children have actually thrown out his jerseys. i don't wish him harm. i just hope that the nfl stands up for what they believe in. >> hey, i support him. he should be awarded the opportunity. >> all teams are invited but they only have a few days to decide whether to send their scouts. his last game was at levi stadium. now to some crazy video of a wild confrontation when one guy rams his car into another guy. you may find this hard to watch. >> bleep. bleep. >> oh, my god! bleep. >> in the video you can hear the men arguing about some stolen marijuana. the women who shot it said she still can't believe it.
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>> i was like mind boggled i have never seen anything like that in real life. it's like blew my mind. it is something you see in movies not something in real life. we reached out to police but have not gotten a response. >> an uptick in crime. police suspected two cell phone thieves over the weekend, but they are still looking for attackers that a facted elderly men on saturday. the three were driving a gray jeep cherokee. >> what do you say to people who are concerned that once these suspects are arrested, they won't spend a lot of time in jail? >> first of all, i have your back. i'm here to protect you. i'm standing with you. chinatown is a critical part of
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san francisco's cultural and economic and civic fiber and i intend to make sure everyone in china town is safe. so far his swearing in date is not set. >> >> we have learned no orinda police officers were in orinda when a burst of gunfire killed five people at a halloween party. that is according to call logs obtained by the news. the officers on patrol had been dispatch evidence to oakland at 8:48:00 p.m. to help recover a car stolen and home invasion in lafayette. while they were there, two calls came out about allowed party. the shooting followed at 10:49 and two minutes later they were sent back to orinda and arrived at 11:01. flat contradicts that the officers were already on the way to the house when the shooting erupted. they are standing by the
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original timeline. >> finally finished, straight ahead. (singing.) coming up, a closer look of the celebration of the site of san francisco's late ters mural. looking live outside. we are looking at the bay bridge. it is 50 degrees in san
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ancisco. nike's partnership with amazon is coming to an end. the biggest milk producer is going into bankruptcy. diane king hall has more. >> reporter: stocks largely marked time on tuesday as investors await a trade deal with choo na. when the closing bell rang the dow was unchanged from the previous close. more than 5 1/2 years since that happened. the nasdaq was up more than 21 points and the s&p 500 gained 4. in a statement dean foods said its business has declined because con sooners drink less milk than they once did. in 1975 the average american consumed about 40 dal loons a year. by 2018 it dropped.
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it is selling out to the dairy farmers of america. nike's partnership with amazon is ending after two years. in 2017 the sporting goods giant began offering through the e-commerce giant. nike and the new ceo have decided to end the pilot project saying they will try to connect directly with customers. that is your cbs money watch report. for more go to cbs money at the money exchange, i'm diane king hall. >> a new edition to the san francisco skyline near san francisco's union square. [applause] big crowd and the san francisco symphony showed up for the unveiling of a giant
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mural near mason and post. tune berg leaves the u.s. by boat today to the climate change conference in ma did. >> 4:45 after bit of a change here in our weather. >> yes. cooling it down a little bit for today. still average for this time of year. we're going to continue to cooldown as we head into tomorrow with temperatures where we should be for this time of year. here is a live look looking east. mostly cloudy for many of us as we kickoff our wednesday. the fog along the coast, i'll show you this in a moment. 49 for you in concord. 52 oakland. 48 livermore, 50 downtown san francisco. 52 san jose and mid-40s for santa rosa. along the coast down to a half mile at half moon bay. low clouds, areas of fog. foggy across the golden gate
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bridge. looking at the fog this morning, along the coast, parts of the bay, caller but still above average. more clouds for our afternoon here as we're tracking a weather system to the north ushering in cooler air as well as the clouds and mainly cloudy for thursday. we could see morning drizzle possible by tomorrow morning. here is the satellite and radar view and that ridge of high pressure giving way. it is going to weaken and break down so temperatures will be cooler, more clouds, as well, and on futurecast through the afternoon, you can see the clouds for today. we'll go mostly cloudy through the afternoon. then for tomorrow, check it out. some drizzle possible as we start off the day tomorrow and then looking at mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow, as well. temperatures even cooler for your thursday. if we do see the morning drizzle tomorrow, just looking
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at a few hundredths of an inch possible with that rainfall maybe with flat drizzle a few sprinkles for tomorrow morning. as we look across the rest of the country, right now, current wind values looking at 3 degrees. that is how it feels in detroit. 1 below in clinic. 13 omaha. 10 for minneapolis. 5 for st. louis. we are doing much better than that at least thinking about everyone across the rest of the country. we're looking at temperatures through the afternoon, again, above average 73 in concord and for san jose upper 60s oakland. mid-60s san francisco. there we go cooling it down for tomorrow with cloudy case. warming right back up as we look to the weekend. the roadways right now, not a bad start to your wednesday morning drive. we're halfway through the workweek there. our photographer out and about this morning. he is cruising along the lower deck of the bay bridge going
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into oakland, the non-commute direction. traffic moving nicely there, even on the westbound side. moving okay. no foggy spots along the bay bridge this morning. the toll plaza. no metering lights yet. slow in the cash lanes. a live look at the golden gate bridge and mary mentioned the fog. you might roll up on that. there are pockets of fog. at the golden gate bridge, south 101, heading into the tunnel, towards the bridge, you might see foggy spots there, as well, but no major delays southbound 101 from 37 into san francisco. we have a minor accident to report. 101 as you work your way near whip el. they are just clearing it out, so no delays there. traffic light along the
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peninsula. our busy spots there. 580 eastbound keep your eyes peeled for debris in the roadway. >> thank you. there was a motown family reunion to celebrate 60 years of the record lake and comedian ricky gervais' return to the hosting of the golden globe awards. (singing.) >> reporter: legendary names in music, the red carpet to celebrate 60 years of motown. the label introduced and helped launched the careers in some of the biggest selling music stars. barry gordie and smokey robinson were honored at the event. guests included michael jackson's children. a new trailer for the upcoming sonic the hedgehog live action movie shows a different version of the character after fans criticized the original design.
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the hedgehog opens in theaters february 14th. ricky gervais returns to host for a record 5th time. in a statement the comedian said the ceremony will mark his last as host. the golden globes are the official kickoff to the award season. the 77th annual will be sunday january 5th. that is your eye on entertainment. cbs news, los angeles. the sharks are finding their fight and the 49 earth lost more than a game on monday night. the injury report coming up. >> and let's head outside. taking a live look at downtown
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good wednesday morning. we're starting off with mostly cloudy skies. areas of fog especially along the coast. temperatures this morning running in the 40s and in the 50s. definitely grab that jacket. 49 in concord. 52 oakland. 50 san francisco. 52 san jose. mid-40s in santa rosa. we'll talk about what you can expect taking you through the day today and tomorrow and the chance for some drizzle tomorrow morning. we're looking at a lot of fog across the golden gate bridge. no delays. lightly traveled right now. ch your drive times right now slow through the altamonte pass. the giants new skipper got a three-year deal. he was the manager in philly the last couple of years and fired last month after going
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two games under .500. you understand he will "meet the press" later today. >> he enters the tank last night. san jose looking sharp against edmonton. he opens with scoring and then cane scores off the rebound. 2 - 0 sharks. then san jose scored three times in the first 9 minutes and they earn 6-3 the final there. mark fox and cal used in that 11 run to have over time. the bears get the lead. they win 79-75. also last night stanford blew long beach out. 49ers after monday night's loss to seattle. ronald blair tore his acl. he is gone for the year.
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he returned from a broken leg and dislocated his finger. he might need surgery. he has bruised ribs. they hope to have sanders and george back this sunday. >> more bad news. lee broke his hand in monday night's loss to utah. he will be out at least two weeks. i cannot end the show on that. top five. if you have never seen a shooting star, they tried to lean over the defender, instead launched through the air. folks, here is perfectly feign. >> he is looking like a clown show out of the circus. look at those drib bling skills. four seconds left. look at that shot. philadelphia lost by 1 point. superman can leap tall buildings but the dude is a
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freshman. huskies beat mount saint mary's but he is firing from west. umass beat northeastern thanks to that man. we have a shocker. williams with a breakaway dunk and evansville who came into the game as a 25 point underdog sank the wildcats 67-64. yes, asaid top ranked. walter mccarty played for kentucky in the 1990s. a little pay back there for a lum nus. that is the latest. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. 4:57. >> straight ahead in the next half-hour, another e u.s. p meeting after one led to arrest and chaos. the parents that took to protest. >> plus the san francisco giants have a new manager that they are introducing us to later this afternoon but we
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now at 5:00, taking a live look at capital hill where the first publish impeachment hearings will be under way in just two hours. this morning we're live with a preview of the plus, the giants make their pick. this morning. team's new manager and why fans are so divided. >> and new developments into the timeline of when police were called to the deadly airbnb house party on halloween. the new report claiming it just doesn't add up. >> it is wednesday, november 13th, 2019. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's send it to mary lee to talk about cooler temperatures today. >> that is right. temperatures a little cooler today, but still above average. we'll continue to cool it down for tomorrow. you'll notice more clouds for today. that ridge of high pressure slowly breaking down a


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