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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 13, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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now at 5:00, taking a live look at capital hill where the first publish impeachment hearings will be under way in just two hours. this morning we're live with a preview of the plus, the giants make their pick. this morning. team's new manager and why fans are so divided. >> and new developments into the timeline of when police were called to the deadly airbnb house party on halloween. the new report claiming it just doesn't add up. >> it is wednesday, november 13th, 2019. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's send it to mary lee to talk about cooler temperatures today. >> that is right. temperatures a little cooler today, but still above average. we'll continue to cool it down for tomorrow. you'll notice more clouds for today. that ridge of high pressure slowly breaking down a little
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bit. our san jose cam remarks mostly cloudy skies in san jose. 52 right now in south bay. san jose. 50 in concord. livermore at 49. 50 san francisco. mid-40s for santa rosa. through the afternoon, we are looking at temperatures again cooler compared to yesterday, 73 in concord. 73 stan san. 69 oakland. 65 for san francisco. still looking at mild to warm temperatures, very pleasant conditions. we'll tell you what you can expect for tomorrow and the chance for drizzle. >> we're seeing the usual traffic patterns. altamont pass and brakes lights out of tracy. 31 minutes from 205 to the dublin interchange. looks like traffic is starting to load up there. first reports of a crash. chicago highway. bate looks, it is starting to back up a bit.
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prenot daudt yo) force [ no audio. ] a closer look at the delays. [ no audio. ] i'm anne makovec. we have new video coming in from hong kong this morning. violent clashes continue. a lot focused right now around the chinese university of hong kong, the protesters there have bows and arrows and they have been using firebombs with some of those weapons. they prepare to be -- they appear to be preparing for war with the police which has been ramping up over the last three days. police have been using tear gas and a water canyon. protesters using firebombs and
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bricks. they want amnesty for most arrested and independent investigation into police conduct, but hong kong leader says that the government of hong kong is not going to yield to those demands. we'll keep an eye on it. looking live in san francisco where today the giants will formally announce. jackie ward is live at the baseball stadium with more on the new skipper. jackie. >> reporter: gabe kapler, the former phillies manager will be the new giants' manager. he comes with some controversy. he was fired from philadelphia after just two seasons with them. he only had a record of 497. the giants signed him to a three year contract. he is a former outfielder who played and won a world series
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in 22004. kapler worked under the giants president of baseball operations now. we heard reaction to the news from fans. >> well, i was becoming a fan of bochy since i moved here. it seemed like he was a father figure, laid back guy and had the respect of the team, so it will be lard to have a stepdad for the players i think but hopefully, they will adjust. >> it is a great hire. he is young but he is driven. seems like a clubhouse guy that the team would really get behind. >> reporter: kapler comes with some baggage though. they reported that he got an e- mail from a 17-year-old girl telling him she was sexually assaulted by a minor leaguer with the dodgers at a party in 2015. kapler never told police. instead, he tried to arrange a dinner with the girl and the players at the party. he spoke several times to the
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grandmother. he wishes kapler handled the matter differently. he will be introduced to the rest of us here in the media today an not. kenny and michelle, back to you. meanwhile, a former 49ers kaepernick want to foe how he is doing. there will be a private try out on saturday with field work and interviews. he conferred this opportunity saying i have been in shape and ready for this for three years. can't wait to see the head coaches and gns on saturday. even though kaepernick will be ready to go, fans were on the fence. >> my children have thrown out his jersey. i don't wish him harm. i just hope the nfl stands unfor what they believe in. >> hey, i support him. i think he should be awarded the opportunity. >> all are invited but they only have a few days today side to send their scouts.
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he hasn't played since 2016. his last game was at levi stadium. >> the first public impeachment hearing against president trump is just two hours away. questioning starts with two year diplomats, bill taylor and george kent. natalie brand has more on what we can expect. good morning natalie. >> reporter: good morning to you michelle. we already have a pretty good idea what these two witnesses are expected to say since they already testified behind closed doors and the transcripts have been released, but house democrats want the american public to hear from these witnesses in their own words. as you mentioned today's public hearing first public hearing of the inquiry features bill taylor and george kent, a deputy assistant sex sarry
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assistant secretary of state. i think you're going to see the cream of our diplomatic corps speak truth to power. >> they think he will tell us something, but it is third or fourth hand information. >> reporter: now house republicans say this impeachment inquiry has been flawed and unfair from the start and during today's hearing they are expected to take aim at the process and also the substance of the investigation. we're also hearing that the white house is planning what they call an aggressive rapid response strategy during this hearing which is expected to last a few hours. all right. live on capitol hill, natalie grand. 5:07 right now. cbs news will have a special
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report when the testimony begins. hearing continues on friday. you can watch live here and streaming on happening today, more than 100 west sonoma county teachers are going on strike. these strings attached have teachers saying no deal. the district includes the communities and teachers warranted a 12% raise over three years with no changes to health benefits. the district came close and offered the same total amount, but raises after the first year would depend on new taxes that may or may not pass. the picket line starts this morning at 7:00 and runs through the school day past 2:00. oakland schools are see a protest for difference reasons. paints and students are protesting what they call a policy of closing and privatizing public schools.
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protesters tried to push through barriers before being struck by police batons. it starts this afternoon at 4:30. no torin da police officers were in orinda when a burst of gunfire killed five people at a halloween party. that is according to call logs obtained. the two officers on patrol had been dispatched to oakland to help recover a car stolen in a home invasion in lafayette. while they were there, two calls came in about allowed party at a hours the shooting followed at 10:49. two minutes later the police were called and they arrived at:op 1. no comment yet from police but the share's department is standing by the original timeline. developing this morning,
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we're learning more about a lawsuit. five people wounded claiming negligent security gave the gunman easy access. investigators say the shooter got inside festival grounds by cutting through a fence. the victims want to send a message to improve security. they said "the lawsuit is not unexpected as a nonprofit organization we must remain focused on our mission. fundraising for the entire community of gilroy and charities that rely on us. >> >> a san francisco had had shattered glass all over the store front there. they are proposing measures like metal gates and cash less
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storms steam like a good idea to de tear thieves. the owners say they will be wearing napkin capes to draw attention to the problem. >> time now is 5:11. >> he is known for his role in kung fu but now facing eviction. the local celebrity getting the boot. it is a foggy start to the day along the coast and right through the goal gen gate gap. cooler, cloudier today. a chance for drizzle this week coming up. just north of that go
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here is a live look at the san francisco airport where today an international terminal departure's call will be named after ed lee. he died unexpectedly in 2017. >> a television actor being
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evicted in a home since 1965 is headed to court. 86-year-old sam he oh na was on the martial arts series called kung fu. the owner of the apartment wants to evict him and and his wife. >> you're playing low rent and trying to get rid of low rent people to get rid of the rent. >> they were going to move in. we latchn't seen that. >> an attorney for the land lady said lee and her husband plan to move in and move their elderly parents and other relatives into neighboring units. >> how well prepared are shelters to deal with homelessness and mental-health
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issues? they were weight lifted until a shelter took them in, but when her son had an outburst, they were out the same day. >> i haven't been there to make sure he takes his medication. that is an issue. i don't want him to get caught up in the mental health hospitals or jails from wandering around homeless. >> >> tonight at 11:00, why the shelter said their hands were tied. keep sending your ideas and see all the reporting on our website. >> berkeley's traffic circle trees will stay put. leaders scrapped a plan to remove some mature trees from traffic circle the. r they were going to be cut down over concerns they could obstruct a drivers view. a task force found the feds recommend trees in traffic circles to makity more visible. let's see what is going on,
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on this wednesday morning. >> it is wednesday morning. >> i was thinking. good morning on this wednesday. yes, halfway through the workweek. you're hitting the roadways. not a lot going on. good news if you're headed to work or school on an early start. taking a look at traffic. a lot of green, so that is good news if you're work your way around the bay. i want to zoom in here on 101. we had late running road work. looking at my censors, looks like they cleared things out of the way. everything back in the green, so you're moving up to speed above 45 miles per hour through there. if you're headed from there to the golden gate bridge, you'll have limited visibility. a fog advisory in effect but no snags into san francisco. taking a look at traffic on highway 4, we're getting this crash here. three cars involved. the good news, it is not blocking lanes. looks like it is reported to the right shoulder but slow and go speeds through there.
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it is just before port chicago highway before where that i con is. stop and go -- not out of the ordinary here. once you're passed all that mess, you're good to go toward the dublin interchange. >> westbound those headlights to 680 shouldn't be a problem. pretty good as you head through there. 35 minutes from 205 to 680 for your drive there. eastshore freeway in the green with no delays there. chris blaney is headed southbound through new work along the nimitz freeway and so far, so good as far as your drive times go. i almost forgot my jacket but i went back to grab it. >> a another chilly start in the 40s and 50s and areas of fog along the coast and for parts of the bay. you can see that fog rolling
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in. liking north covering the golden gate bridge this morning. check out the temperatures. 50 in concord. oakland and san jose at 52. 50 in san francisco. mid-40s for santa rosa. visibility just dropped. half moon bay down to 0 for the visibility now. dense fog along the coast as well as right through the golden gate bridge gap and parts of the bay. otherwise mostly cloudy skies for many of us. >> parts of the bay, cooler. but still above average for this time of year. mostly cloudy skies as we head through our day today. cloudy and cooler for your thursday and morning drizzle possible tomorrow. that ridge of high pressure giving way and starting to break down on the weekend a bit. we're tracking a weather system to our north.
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that is ushering in that onshore flow. clouds and cooler temperatures. atway go through hour by hour, 4:00 p.m., we're looking at a cloudy afternoon. there were go with tomorrow with a few showers, sprinkles, drizzle for tomorrow morning. way east through tomorrow afternoon looking at mostly cloudy skies. so if we pick up anything for tomorrow, maybe some drizzle. just looking at a few hundredths of an inch. we could see that for tomorrow morning at this time. our daytime highs, we're looking at temperatures above average from 72 in sunnyvale. mild condition. 73 in concord and pleasant hill. topping out in the mid-60s for san francisco, berkeley and low 70s there. much cooler for tomorrow, but right around where we should be
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for this time of year. warming up friday and especially into the weekend will a little more sunshine. time is 5:20. another dangerous term for vaping. the double lung transplant and a doctor's warning to parents. let's head outside as we take alive lack at the golden gate bridge. 58degrees in san francisco. all that fog in this shot. it is 5:21. on 7:00, the latest on cap tell hill with what to expect with historic public impeachment hearings begin. plus montgomery, ab ash, the first african-american mayor shares his goals and tracking the cold in parts of the u.s. wild turkeys have been terrorizing residents in a 55 and up community in new jersey. that seems excessive.
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when i terrorize owned people, in the only takes
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welcome back. 5:24. stop and go conditions at the bay bridge. metering lights are on and a
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backup beyond the 880 overpass. we're following a crash westbound 4. three-car crash. good news, no injuries. bad news, there are delays at least from summerville past railroad. michelle. >> thank you. a teen-ager athlete given almost no chance to survive lung damage from vaping now has a second chance after a rare and dangerous operation. in detroit they performed a double lung transplant. it took six hours. he has never seen lungs in worse conditions. more than 2,000 americans with vaping injuries and 39 died. >> parents have to talk about this with their kids. is is so common in schools and amongst teenagers at this point. >> doctors say the 17-year-old has started walking again and is slowly regaining strength.
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just last week the centers for disease control and prevention played a potential breakthrough. they found the same chemical in almost 30 cases of vaping related lung damage. >> we're going live to capitol hill. about an hour and a half away from the impeachment inquiry being televised. what to watch out for today coming up. and no one will ever truly be able to replace san
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this is kpix5 news. now at 5:30, as we look live on capitol hill we're in just 90 minutes the first public impeachment hearings begin. today a breakdown of what to expect. >> plus a pivotal court hearing.
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why they are asking the judge to throw out the evidence. >> an alarming new report shedding light on hate crimes. the new numbers on the fbi on a recent spike in san francisco. good morning. it is wednesday, november 13th, 2019. i'm michelle griego. >> and thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. it is 5:30 on the dot. let's get a check of the wednesday forecast. >> we're starting off with foggy conditions along the coast. parts of the bay. you can see flat on our golden gate bridge camera. running in the 50s and 40s. cloudy skies as we go through the day with cooler daytime highs compared to yesterday. but still looking at above average temperatures for this time of year. taking you through the day, a mild day. 73 in concord as well as for san jose. upper ofs in oakland. mid-60s for san francisco. a little bit of a change today.
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we'll talk about the chance for drizzle this week. if you're making your way to the bay bridge, metering lights are on and we're seeing the backup building. lots of brake lights into san francisco. just to the foot of the maze. slower speeds coming off 580 and 80 this morning. as far as delays, looks good but foggy it specialty on the golden gate bridge. limited visibility as you work your way into the city. just north of there, stop and go conditions from earlier road work in the clearing stages. no delays there. an easy ride between 880 and 101. you're at the limit on the san rafael bridge. >> a a live look in san francisco where later today the giants will formally introduce bruce bochy's replacement, a controversial choice though. >> jackie ward has more.
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jackie. >> reporter: gabe kapler is the new manager of the san francisco giants. he was fired with the phillies after two seasons with the team. they had a 497 record under him each signed with a three year contract. he has a connection. he worked under the giant's now president of operations. sports director dennis o'donnell explains the con troversial that kapler is swirled up in. >> >> in 2015, gabe kapler was working with minor lead players. he was contacted by a female that said she was sexually assaulted by one of those players. he never contacted the police. he comes with a strong baseball record, but the question is why did he not contact police?
5:33 am
he said he wishes kapler handled that differently. he is a also a former outfielder that won a word series wirth the red sox in 2004. they will formally make nis announcement apartment noon today. >> what about the fans? i'm sure that is a tough role to fill e especially because everyone loves bruce bochy. >> i know. he will never be e truly replaced. the fans have mixed reviews. this controversy isn't sitting well with them. he has a good record as a former outfielder and not terrible for the manager of the phillies so they are cautiously optimistic. >> big shoes to fill. thank you. i'm anne makovec. all eyes on capitol hill this
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morning. here is a live look right now where the first televised hearings in the house impeach. inquiry are set to begin in less than an lauer and a half. for over a month now democrats have been investigating whether he used the poiser of his office to try to pressure ukraine into investigationing some of his political rivals or at least announcing they will be. today we're going to hear from for career diplomats in the state department, george kent and bill taylor. boast have testified but again this is going to 0 be out front and center for everybody to hear. republicans have been kris sizing the process and president trump has been active on twitter and from fox and
5:35 am
friends, his favorite program. >> the supreme court heard. daca is an executive order. president trump says it is illegal. >> california attorney general along with university of chemical president filed two of nine lawsuits challenging the president's efforts to end the daca program. well, yesterday, the four literal had not provided the proper national to end daca. most seemed to want to avoid a ruling that would cause problems. explanations for administrationtive decision. it is not expected on those until next june. a man suspected of killing a university of iowa student who grew up in oakland.
5:36 am
her body was found last year. today's hearing involves evidence that he wants thrown out. he claims they didn't read him all his legal rights during an interrogation. that he will stand trial for first- degree murder in february. san francisco reporting an increase in hate crimes. reports of hate crimes jumped from 43 incidents last year to 68 this year, the bigger increase was based on race or ethnicity. smaller increases . there were concerns about an uptick in crime in chinatown. we learned police busted two suspected cell phone thieves there over the weekend, but
5:37 am
they are still looking got a tacker curse. the three suspects are driving a gray jeep cherokee. we asked incoming what will happen when they are caught. >> what do you say to people in the community who are concerned that once the suspects are arrested they won't spend a lot of time in jail? >> first of all i have your back. i'll here to protect you. i'm standing with you. chinatown is a part of the civic fiber and i will do everything i can to make sure people are safe. it extends wage and benefit protections to many independent contractors by requiring them to be reclassified as employees. they say no company is going to want to hire them under those conditions. the law is set to take affect
5:38 am
in january. public safety power during a special meeting of the california public i till tis commission. at issue is whether the utilities prioritize safety and come played with regulations and requirements. the meeting is set for 10:00 a.m. at the cp's auditorium in san francisco. meanwhile a big bankruptcy has been bumped to next week unless the company can convince the judge. if pg&e doesn't make changes, they are trying to turn it into a customer owned cooperative. facebook is offering a new way do pay. diane king hall has that and
5:39 am
much more in the money watch report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ken ney. wall street. blue clips off to not move the needle yesterday. the dow was unchanged. nasdaq gained 21. s&p 500 added four. facebook launched a new payment system and will be across facebook, networks and apps. you can send money, shop and wilt compete with cash up and ven mow. debt they are sucking up 44% of household cost and 43% for household costs. 41% say dieting out is a top barrier and r many say they can
5:40 am
skip the pricy latte'. >> i had my coffee at home. my wife not so much. >> [ laughter ] >> yes. >> i will keep reminding her. >> every now and then i have a myth. we have a coffee maker right here. >> disney plus is getting a- after its launch. what happened? >> so the minor comes after having technical issues on launch day. some could not log in and the mobile app was down. disney says the de bland for disney plus exceeded expectations. diane king hall and always good to see you. straight ahead, a small space making a big difference. coming up, the new initiative with homelessness. >> it is a foggy start.
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happening today, word kindness day. they started it back in 1998.
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28 countries now mark november 13th with acts of kindness and wearing cardigans for this day las spread on social media. why? the spirit of mr. rogers. >> >> here is an act of kindness getting a lot of attention this morning. >> a new initiative is using mt lockers. they have changed his life. the a sparing filmmaker has been sleeping on the street for five years. since then he saved up to buy film equipment but more of his possession as presenting another challenge. >> clothes on my back. a hard drive in my nap sack. >> there was no way to store your stuff. >> a charity called street storage. the first place of its kind has a free and secure place for those who don't have a home to store their things for short term or long term.
5:45 am
having a place to keep your belongings can open new doors. >> the interviewer for whatever job mike mcdonald or a high level job, they have a level playing field. >> they are using lockers. some places in the u.s. there are facilities similar to that in california. >> a cat is accused of freeing himself and other cats from a shelter. surveillance video from a houston shelter shows the clever feline jump ing up and pulling a handle down on a door. the video hit the internet inspiring a lot of people wanting to adopt the mischievous cat. they have him with a human family. follow me. i'm out of here.
5:46 am
>> party. [ laughter ] >> so cute. i love the picture of him contemplating looking at the handle. i can do this. >> good job. >> how about the roads. what is going on out there. >> a couple hot spots. 5:46. you might see brake lights at the bay bridge and you have that to deal with. back into the maze. once past that brake light as gen. first reports of a crash on the upper deck of the bay bridge around treasure island. looking at the censors. there are slow and go speeds because of that and block at least one lane there. chp is now on scene. busy at the toll plaza. brake lights into san francisco. highway 4 stop-and-go conditions. the good news, that crash long gone, but the damage is done. you have brake lights pretty much from summers still and tappingment brake lights again. a bit better past 242. wince you get to the eastshore
5:47 am
freeway, no delays until you get to the maze. then brake lights at the bay bridge. dublin interchange. lots of brake lights here, but mostly east of here. you're going to see brake lights there trying to connect into the it's ma pass area. busy as you work your way through there at 15 miles per hour in some spots. a trouble spot westbound 580. look out for some debris in the roadway. hopefully they will clear that out pretty quickly. our mobile 5 just checking out traffic along 880 near the bridge. starting to see a few brake lights there this morning. how is the forecast? >> well, today we're looking at cloudier conditions. also caller as well. the change for us. here is a live look with the cam with the moonshining as well as a little bit of fog. looking kind of eerie this morning, but a cool site for
5:48 am
sure. now, let's show our sales force tower camera as we're looking at that fog rolling in along the coast as well as parts of the bay. temperatures in the 40 and 50s. 50 right now in concord. livermore at 49. 50 in san francisco. 52 for you in san jose. good morning to you santa rosa, at 44. so the visibility especially along the coast dense fog. if your commute takes you up the peninsula and you can see half moon bay a quarter mile. that is where i'm note titioning the thickest fog and flew the golden gate gap and parts of the bay. otherwise mostly cloudy skies this morning. my rest through the day we will be cooler compared to yesterday, but right around where we should be po at least for tomorrow with more clouds and cooler temperatures. today low 60s for the bay.
5:49 am
mid-60s. for our inland locations mid- 70s. mild conditions with those clouds. here is that ridge of high pressure. it will give way a little bit and weaken and break down and then stronger onshore flow. the clouds are hanging around for us. this is 4:00 p.m. on futurecast. there is a chance to see a little drizzle. could pick up few hundredth of an inch of rain with that drizzle possible for tomorrow morning. cloudy skies for your thursday and cooler conditions for tomorrow. nothing compared to what the rest of the country is dealing with. current windchill values, what they are feeling out there, chicago, 0 right now. feels more like 7 in detroit. 6degrees in st. louis. 13 for pittsburgh. we have a lot to be thankful here in the bay area. and sunset at 4:59. daytime highs above average. we're looking at 73 santa
5:50 am
clara, and concord mid-60s. san francisco, 78. here is the extended forecast. cooler and cloudier for tomorrow. warming unby the weekend. >> more on that cold weather and major cold snap. it sent records from texas to new england this morning. in the lone-star state several sections of a highway had to be closed so crews could treat the highway. power lines snapped and temperatures dipped more than 30 degrees in 24 hours. i'm freezing. i can't be on my hands. >> it is cold. it came avocado nowhere. came out nowhere. speaking of severe weather. severe flood in venice, italy. that guy is swimming in saint
5:51 am
marks square right now. more than 85% of it is flooded right now. boats are running aground on sidewalks. the worst flooding the city has seen since 1966. we got word that one person has died but don't know the cause of that quite yet. the mayor of the city claiming this is climate change. >> 5:paraphernalia 1. serving up burgers and smiles. coming up, the special position created for this special little boy. >> here is a live look outside at the richmond san rafael it's time for the veterans day sale
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good wednesday morning to you. it is a foggy start along the coast. right through the golden gate bridge gap and you can see the fog as we look north on our sales force tower camera blanketing and coveraging the golden gate this morning. we'll talk about what 0 to expect and when there is a chance for drizzle coming up. >> >> a brake lights on the bay bridge looking live at the back. there is a crash. they issued a traffic advisory here. this is westbound past treasure island. more around mid span. two cars involved. injuries reported. middle lanes are blocked. traffic really slow near the
5:55 am
tower into the tunnel. metering lights will cycle down a bit so extra busy conditions. you're barked up well into the maze. traffic spilling over on the freeway. a young boy las some big dreams but he doesn't want to be a pro gamer or even a youtubeer. >> his special abilities let him be what he really lovers. >> there you go. >> first grade der erik johnson got to be a wendy's manager for a day. he even got to hand out food and keep the restaurant clean. she is a big advocate for workplace equality. he is on the spectrum but she wants to see him accepted into the workplace for who he is. >> google. if they can do it, anyone can
5:56 am
do it. manager of that wendy's store says accommodating people with conditions like autism takes resources, but the stores would have more hours available. we're hours away from the first impeachment inquiry. i have a preview. >> violence continues in hong kong. the latest from overnight as college students prepare for what appears to be war with police. plus, the san francisco giants have chosen their new manager. we'll tell you who the van gogh.
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this is kpix5 news. an historic day getting under way at capitol hill where congress will hold the first publish impeachment hearings in
6:00 am
more than two decades. >> the dispute over marijuana ends with a disturbing attack in contra costa county. we'll hear from a witness about the confrontation. >> google has scrutiny over getting health records of millions of americans. what investigators are looking into. >> it is wednesday, november 13th, 2019. >> it is 6:00. feeling a little cool this morning and a lot of fog out there mary. >> yes. onshore flow we're tracking. breaking down a little fit a little bit for us. mostly cloudy skies. foggy along the coast once again and for parts of the bay. your weather headlines. if you're heading out the door, 40s and 50s. grab the jackets. through the afternoon, cool to mild temperatures with mostly cloudy skies. clouds hanging around all day today. even though we will be cooler, above average. tomorrow a


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