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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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at large. we asked our security analyst why so tightlipped? >> they are not going to tip their hand, they will not go out and give a big press release of who they are looking at because until they have that person in custody. until they have eyes on that person. it is very easy for the person to slip through the cracks. >> reporter: lafayette airbnb host brittany maclean us says a month prior to the shooting he had a rowdy group of party renters throw a party. >> they rented saying they were having a reunion and it ended up being an out-of-control party. >> reporter: reported to police and airbnb when the renters got physical with him and he called authorities again after the orinda shooting. >> i said i want to talk to somebody because nobody has called me back and this happened four weeks ago with me. and, still, nothing happened from the contra costa sheriff's department. >> reporter: ramon hill senior
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son was one of the victims at the orinda house party. he is hired a lawyer. the lawyer today telling me the family has not been contacted, they have not been updated. it is only adding to the grief they are experiencing after all of this. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the owners of that home at 114 lou seal way lucille way had a history of allowing airbnb renters to throw big parties on the property, according to records obtained by the mercury news, as recently as last february michael wang and his wife are charging $800 for large parties, plus $350 cleaning fee. at one point they have posted on airbnb that renters could throw parties at the house with as many as 30 guests. a historic day on capitol hill as the democratic led house held its first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. for weeks u.s. lawmakers have heard more than 100 hours of closed-door testimony. today the public at a chance to watch two diplomats take the
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stand. nicole kelly in his life for us on capitol hill with what we have heard so far. >> reporter: veronica, these hearings ran for just under six hours. testimony really centered around the top diplomat in ukraine who offer new evidence about a possible quid pro quo. two career double cats testify to the president's actions with ukraine as the impeachment inquiry played out before the cameras. >> i'm not here to take one side or advocate for any particular advocate. >> reporter: bill taylor the top u.s. to be met in ukraine said it was his understanding that president trump froze military assistance to pressure the new leader to launch vertically motivated investigations. taylor revealed new information about a phone call that his staffer overheard between president trump and ambassador to the eu gordon's online. >> following the call with president trump a member of my staff asked the ambassador what president trump thought about the ukraine. he responded that president trump cares more about the investigations of biden. >> reporter: democrats led by house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff said the
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goal of the inquiry is to see if president trump's actions amounted to an abuse of power. >> is this what should americans expect from the president? if this is not impeachable conduct, what is? >> reporter: but republicans called the here hearing a theatrical performance by democrats. >> this is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign. >> reporter: they challenge taylor's testimony sank ukraine never felt pressured. >> your understanding was obviously wrong. it didn't happen. president zelensky did not announce he was going to investigate the bidens. >> reporter: during the hearing president trump mounted a vigorous defense from the white house and dismissed the proceedings. >> this is a sham and should not be allowed. >> reporter: the other witness, diplomatic diplomat george kent testified about rudy giuliani. >> a came clear to me that his efforts to do political
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investigations without affecting u.s. engagement with ukraine. >> reporter: accused giuliani of spreading lies about the former u.s. ambassador to the ukraine to get her removed from her post. she is scheduled to testify friday. president trump said he did not watch today's hearings and, it appears he is not alone. joe biden told reporters a short time ago he didn't watch them either. life tonight from capitol hill, nicole killian, kpix 5. as nicole said, president trump think he is too busy to watch the impeachment hearing and here is why. he was hosting turkish president at the white house. the two leaders had a united front to despite tensions last month after president trump pulled most u.s. military out of syria. small groups remained to guard oil fields. while turkish and russian forces currently patrolled the safety zone along the syrian turkish border. president trump says the cease- fire continues to hold any returns to business on trade.
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>> we think we can be doing $100 billion with turkey and right now are doing about 20 billion. >> reporter: but there have also been lawmaker concerns over turkey's purchase of russians as 400 weapons. because they are not compatible with the fighter jet programs used by nato allies. >> we hope that turkey changes the path it is on and does not employ the as/400. >> he's acted in a way, that is injurious to our country and the american people. >> hundreds of demonstrators rallied at the white house in opposition to the turkish leader. i am ken bastida at the life news desk. while the impeachment hearings were going on in our nations capital the vice president, mike pence, and his wife are touching down in monterey, they were hit the ground just before 4:00 this afternoon. they are taking about they took about 10 minutes to shake some
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hands and snap some pictures with military personnel who showed up, some supporters of the president and vice president. he is here for a trump fundraiser. he will not be on the monterey peninsula for long however. our cameras will be on the ground for the vice president touches down here in the bay area, that is coming up in just a few hours. he will be in town to visit the nasa ames research center down in mountain view. he supposed to speak to about 200 nasa employees about the role that ames will play in returning to the moon by 2024. at the live news desk i am ken bastida. how about a live look at or local park in san francisco, it's official the dot giants have a new manager, gabe kapler replacing bruce bochy, but the introduction overshadowed by questions about his past. john ramose has more on the giant 's new pick. >> it is not easy replacing
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bruce bochy, but you know it's really going to be tough when the first words out of everyone's mouth is an apology. gabe kapler had barely donned his ceremonial giants jersey and hat when president of baseball operations addressed the clouds hanging over his new manager. that he had mishandled allegations of domestic and sexual battery leveled at several minor league players when they both worked for the dodgers. >> i don't think we did enough in that regard. i've had to reflect on that and i am truly sorry that i did not do more. >> reporter: the complaint is that he try to handle things himself, without seeking experienced help in the matter. >> i'm sorry that i didn't make all the right moves. everything that i did, i acted from a place of goodness and from my heart. and wanting to do the right thing but i was naove. i was in over my skis and trying to do things on my own when, it was very clear that i need to counsel. and, i need counsel from people who, like i've met in this community of the last two
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weeks. >> the situation is difficult enough with bruce bochy leaving and the giant suffering another losing season. they are making a big bet that kapler, whose only managing experience ended in failure can help rebuild the team. but, fans say it would help if the manager becomes a lightning rod for controversy. >> is nice to come to the ballpark and expect to see a certain thing and, not have the polarization. >> i think that you can get by it. in a city like this i think it's a lot harder. >> reporter: right or wrong much will be forgiven if he can make the team win. >> if he doesn't win they will hold this over him, they will make sure to use that to get him out here to get somebody else but if he wins they will forgive him. >> reporter: it is a new era for giants baseball but also a new era when it comes to violence against women and the giants are gambling the gabe kapler can be successful on both of those fronts. at oracle park, kpix 5.
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we want to hear your thoughts this evening were asking whether or not you think the giants made a good move when they hired gabe kapler. you can weigh in on our facebook, twitter, instagram pages we will share some of your comments a bit later. the vaping crisis hits home what you were hearing about the first bay area death tie. a clue on the kidnapping and murder of a south bay tech executive. the video investigators want you to take a good look at. venice underwater, the trust mecca hit by the worst flooding in decades. the threat to landmarks in the historic city. it is quite the grade a out there. as much as 15 degrees cooler. and, now there is a small chance of drizzle. by tomorrow morning i will explain all of this, and how long it lasts, coming right up. it takes a village to raise a child.
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a woman in her 40s has died from a vaping related illness in marin county. the health department says the
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woman started vaping six months ago suffered a severe lung injury. it is the fourth vaping related death in california since july. in all, the cdc has reported 40 deaths nationally. there have been more than 2000 suspected cases of lung damage associated with e cigarettes. coming up all new at 6 we ask e- cigarette users if these recent deaths are changing their habits when it comes to vaping. new at 5, antioch police have made a second arrest in a shooting that left a 17-year- old girl dead. it happened last tuesday near la jolla drive. police said the victim and her boyfriend were in the car when they were shot at. they said that it was a drug deal gone bad. police arrested a 16-year-old yesterday who was not the one who pulled the trigger, but played an active role on the crime. the alleged shooter was taken into custody last week. the award has jumped up to $130,000 as santa cruz county authorities try to solve a kidnapping and murder case.
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50-year-old, a tech executive, was found dead october 1st. sheriff's investigators is that he was abducted from his home at pleasure point. he was last seen leaving in a bmw suv, the car and his body were later found on san jose road. deputies have now released surveillance video of three suspects walking out of an alley near the victim's home. investors want neighbors to take a close look at them, including their clothes, and mannerisms, to see if they recognize anyone. we have put this video on our website, you can take a closer look on a former southern california insurance executive will spend six months in prison for his role in the college admission scheme. toby mcfarland had pleaded guilty for paying $450,000 to get his son and daughter into usc as fake athletes. prosecutors recommended a year in prison, but today a boston judge went with half that
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sentence. plus, a $150,000 fine and community service. mcfarland will report to prison january 2nd he's requesting a low security facility in southern california. also today, west hollywood test administrator igor four leader guilty to one counter is piercy to commit racketeering. he netted almost $200,000 between 2017 and this year. for running a corrupt testing site for students. he will be sentenced in february. san francisco is about to get a new transit director to try to shore up the troubled sfmta. today mayor london breed introduced jeffrey tumlin, will be tasked with fixing several problems including recurring safety and mechanical issues and an ongoing shortage of operators. he helped to bring a data driven approaches to oakland transit agency and now works for san francisco firm that advises cities around the world on transit. >> the remains a rather large gap between san francisco's potential and its current reality. i am deeply excited to do the
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hard work to close that gap. we have the tools, and all the resources that we need. >> tumlin is likely to take over mid-december and he will replace the current provider who resigned underneath pressure this year. and lee was honored today, the airport named the international departures hall after him. lee's family and mayor london breed were all there for the ceremony. one of the first things travelers will notice is a sign in the lobby with the mayor's name. the airport will also install a plaque depicting the late mayor by the end of next year. >> the promises of our city have been fulfilled, and the conditions have changed. significantly. and, it is because of his leadership and his work, and his love and care for people. >> the dedication was adopted in june to honor lee for his contributions to the city of
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san francisco, and the airport. a state of disaster has been declared in venice, italy were at least two people have died due to flooding. the highest water levels in more than 50 years have swamped one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. in fact, st. mark's square like a lake with more than three feet of water filling the historic sites. water also flooded st. mark's basilica including the cathedrals crept the water reached over six feet at its peak working people to wear rubber boots and used raised walkways. >> not so fashionable in venice when you are sopping around in the rain but still a beautiful experience. >> in the italian lagoon city known for its gondola rides, the small boats now beached. high tide stretched trashed hotels, flooded stores, 85% of venice is now underwater and the mayor is blaming climate change. this fall certainly bone dry here but caltrans is not taking any chances. they are warning residents that bad weather may force the closure of highway one and big
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sur impacting mud creek. both areas still settling after massive landslide repairs isolated them for months. if the forecast calls for heavy rain, people will be given 48 hours notice to prepare. caltrans will make the final decision to close it within 24 hours. we are joined now and may see some rain in the forecast? >> just a little. is made. >> it is not the rain that will impact if we look at the big sur. you already noticed the exchange having today, let me show you. no doubt you looked out and went well the weather changed on us today. i have got to show you the clouds from a couple of different cameras. this is the big picture, this is the camera that sits on top of mount backup. it is right where the bay area ends, bay area that way, central valley is over there. in fact there is mount diablo in the distance. i wanted to show you this camera so you can see what we are all under.
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that is the deck of clouds that has not only the bay area but all of northern california covered. when we come back closer to home and look at san jose, that is what it looks like here. if we go to the golden gate bridge now we have a separate layer of clouds and is still pulling in some of the marine layer. if you're near the bay you have two different layers that you are looking at. bottom line it's a very cloudy day and it impacted the temperatures in a big way. look at the current numbers out there right now, it's only in the mid 60s in concord, santa rosa 54 degrees right now. if we look at the difference from 24 hours ago to now it is 21 degrees cooler in santa rosa right now than it was yesterday and at this time. that is quite the change. if you take a look across the rest of the bay area everybody experiences, particularly in the bay oakland is 15 degrees cooler. half moon bay two degrees warmer. the overnight lows, not a beat change, these are pretty much
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right where we have with what we have been doing. if you look at tomorrow's daytime highs now you see something that has to stand out, all the numbers are almost identical, very little spread from 62 in san francisco to 66 in concord. we had been looking at 80s and went for much of the last week or more. honestly. it is an equal spread tomorrow. that is a typical november temperature map. this is what it should look like for the middle of november and we are pretty much going to get one day like this tomorrow. go along with the cooldown and the clouds, here is the smidge of rain we were talking about a second ago. look at the timestamp that says wednesday night at 11. it'll bring in the chance of rain gets here overnight. at 7 a.m. and maybe a few light showers down on the peninsula, out on the coast. not widespread and certainly not heavy and, by the time we have gotten into the afternoon, it is done and we are looking at leftover clouds. we will probably keep some leftover clouds going that is friday afternoon. still have some clouds but, it'll clear out by the evening and then we are done. if you want to look at how much rain we are getting out of this? two hundredths of an inch, in
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other words you're going to be at the right place at the right time to notice this, it will have an impact on the morning commute. but, i've got to start somewhere. at least we will get a sprinkle, that is a lot more than what we have been looking at for a while. in the seven day forecast, thursday is the down day temperature wise, friday we rebound on saturday and sunday we are off to the races once again. daytime highs back in the low 80s inland. and right into the low 70s for much of the bay. will stated going into early next week and then bring the temperatures back down with it going into the middle part of next week no other chances for rain at this point. see you then. a permanent place in california history, a new crop of legends lining in the hall of fame. >> people sexiest new man alive is just as surprised as anyone how is poking fun at the choice with a blast from the past.
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an acclaimed poet, two legendary athletes and eight groundbreaking drag performer now have something in common. they are being inducted into the california hall of fame. they are among 10 ru paul,people chosen for the 13th class. the star-studded lineup includes, skateboarder tony hawk, and brandi chastain. as well as late activist of my angelo and comedian george lopez. not to mention celebrity chef
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wolfgang puck. the induction ceremony will happen next month, the go beenselecting entities since 2006. people magazine just named singer john legend the 20 19th sexiest man alive. >> people are confused by that choice, including john himself the four-year-old has won an emmy, 10 grammys, an oscar and a tony. he is married, has two children with chrissy teagan. the legend follows a 2018 sexiest man. edris alba. he tweeted an old photo of himself side by side with him writing "1995 john would be very perplexed. 2019 john is about as equally perplexed but thank you people finding me sexy, i'll take it" >> is sexy, he's a good dad and that is enough. coming up at 5:30, millions lost power and now pg&e is being held accountable. lots of wine. >> just a weird thing
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altogether. still mad or little bit confused by the power shutoffs? they are not the subject of a state investigation, what the cpuc will be looking at over the next two months. >> fred up fed up with trash on the streets, two bay area counties are teaming up the big cash boost to fight illegal dumping. the family of a bay area veteran it waited decades for closure, the emotional homecoming. you have to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, tile or stone. holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor, and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here. i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. opening november 14th in milpitas, off the 880 freeway on north mccarthy blvd.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. now at at 5:30 state regulators are investigating power agency shutoffs, the blackouts impacted hundreds of thousands of customers across northern california. that evening, and veronica de la cruz. >> i am allen martin. wilson walker on what you ladies will be looking for. >> reporter: marin county, just one of the places that went dark on october 9th pick an outage that lasted three days. well, those power shutoffs of
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october now the subject of an official state investigation. >> the commission opens this investigation. we must also hold them accountable for their conduct. >> reporter: they want to know if the shutoffs properly balanced the need to provide reliable service with safety and more properly planned and executed, they could result in penalties the commission has already asked pg&e why they should not be sanctioned for communications failures during the outages. >> online, couldn't find anything. number one get through. >> reporter: >> we were sent back into the dark ages we lost our like electricity, cell phones, cannot make a call out or text out. >> reporter: the mayor of nevada city was one of the elected officials at today's hearing. >> want to make sure there is a phase going on for our local people on the ground >> reporter: lake county supervisor was another, and while they applauded him his
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vote to launch this investigation. >> commissioner randall. >> reporter: they say the real need is something in the way of a long-term solution. >> want to make sure that just because the lights are on now, we know there is a problem you have to work on a solution. >> reporter: in a statement, pg&e welcomes any feedback on how to improve safety or the power shut off process. the results of this investigation are due by the second week of january. in sausalito, wilson walker, kpix 5. a new bill is looking to crack down on pg&e bonuses. senator kamala harris introduced the legislation that would ban utilities and that are going through bankruptcy, like pg&e, from paying their executives bonuses. in june pg&e announced plans to give his top executives $11 million in bonuses but a bankruptcy judge with that money on hold. here's released a statement saying "my common sense bill will make sure executives of bankrupt utility companies won't


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