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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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cough, fever, and shortness of breath. she eventually stopped breathing on her own. >> eventually, over a period of hours her condition worsened and she eventually passed, this is clearly the case of vaping associated illness. >> reporter: results from an autopsy are pending. >> nowadays you cannot trust her because of black market, you don't know what they are putting in there. >> reporter: joseph, a tobacco smoker his wish to vaping says there's two potential problems. people are smoking concocted liquids that they get off the streets and dangers for mass- market vaping products. he developed a lung tumor not long after he switched to vaping. >> i haven't died yet, thank god. i hope i don't, but, at least i know that vaping did some damage and it is permanent. >> i wore a long sleeve shirt and a vaped a couple times. >> reporter: charlie lockwood got hooked on vaping from his friends but has now become an outspoken advocate against it. he's developing an app that will help other young people get off of vaping.
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he says that young people will just stop because other people are telling them it is dangerous. >> all these conclusive studies are coming out to teenagers that is just blah, blah, blah, especially when something as necessary as vaping is because, if feels like hunger or thirst, you would give up food just because the internet was telling you too. >> reporter: late this afternoon the marin county sheriff sent out a press release identifying the victim as 45-year-old amanda, margo conti. the sheriff said that she is listed as a person who lived in vacaville but frequented a marin county to visit relatives. the autopsy, as you mentioned is pending due out in a couple of weeks. reporting live in san jose len ramirez, kpix 5. pg&e's power safety shutoffs at the center of a new investigation. today state regulators are voted unanimously to see whether they violated any laws by cutting off power to thousands of customers. >> the commission opens this
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investigation. we must also hold them accountable for their conduct. >> pays for yourself sent back into the dark ages we lost our electricity, cell phones, cannot get code red, cannot make a call out or text out. >> the findings could result in penalties they have artie asked pg&e why it should be sanctioned for medication failures during the outages. we got a look today at the cleanup efforts going on in sonoma county. county inspectors working in the kincaid burns out specifically. one of their inspection sites was a calistoga ranch that has been in the same family for several generations. don ford has the story. >> reporter: now that the fire is out, county of sonoma has inspected many of the damaged areas looking for hazardous materials. one of the first to be inspected is the oak rage angus ranch, not far from where the kincaid fire started. the ranch owner remembers that night. >> was 400 acres and a matter
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of two hours it was gone. >> reporter: the fire swept across his land, the wind was like nothing else he'd ever seen before. >> in a matter of minutes a firestorm, literally. they claimed it was 92 miles an hour but we were standing outside, things as big as you have going by. >> reporter: the flames traveled over 600 head of cattle. >> they could actually run through the fire. you could tell some of them their hair was singed. some were burned but, remarkably not many died. >> reporter: three generations lived on this ranch, but everything was burnt to the ground, the county arrived and started inspecting for hazardous waste. >> before debris can be removed we want to make sure there's no household hazardous waste. >> the looking for old propane tanks, even asbestos asbestos floor tiles all marked for special handling and then there is this, geiger counters looking for radiation, background radiation check is one of the items that must be
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confirmed. none was detected here. the county believed all the inspections across the county will be completed in three weeks, the doctor remains positive. >> it is a way of life and will take more than this to kill us. >> reporter: in sonoma county, don ford. san francisco is getting a new transit director after a trouble plagued year for muni. mayor london breed introduced tumlin. be tasked with dealing with several problems. and an ongoing shortage of operators. tumlin currently works at a firm that advises cities around the world on transit. >> the remains a rather large gap between san francisco's potential, and its current reality. i am deeply excited to do the hard work to close that gap. we have the tools, and all of the resources that we need.
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>> tumlin is likely to take over in mid-december and the replaced ed reiskin who resigned at of pressure earlier this year. san francisco giant introduced their new manager, gabe kapler will replace bruce bochy. if you could do that. but some are questioning his past. andria borba is live outside oracle park today. >> reporter: the announcement of his hiring was made last night. there was an outcry on social media. today, the giants had to answer questions, along with kapler, about his past actions. the main topic of conversation i gabe kapler's introductory news conference as the new san francisco giants manager wasn't balls and strikes but about his handling of sexual assault allegations while with the dodgers. along with president of baseball operations. >> it was interesting that they both sort of held hands and jumped off the cliff together. >> reporter: ray, a longtime bay area sports writer says if the giants can let her win a
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world series in a year or two the controversy will likely be forgotten. >> even including the baggage, it makes this an interesting hire and an interesting development for our franchise and a franchise that has had issues with violence with women before. >> reporter: here is what kapler said about the issue. two these are problems in major league baseball clubhouses. and, for mention i know he speaking for himself but, i certainly have not done enough and, the industry hasn't done enough. >> reporter: michael goldberg and an associate professor of sports management at usf shows that despite the outcry on social media, the giants bottom line is likely to be unhurt. >> i don't see that having a massive impact on ticket sales or season tickets or any of the commercial side of the business. >> reporter: he says the question is not how the news conference was handled today, the dust >> is what they do about it, what happens when one of their guys gets involved in something
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like this? what sort of structure will they have created so that they don't make the same mistakes that they both admit they made in los angeles? >> reporter: for their part, there was no cover up in los angeles. live in san francisco outside oracle park, andria borba, kpix 5. san jose state is launching an experiment that has never been done before. people who are struggling with housing can say at an airbnb for free. >> we've got to be optimistic and we've got to find a multitude of solutions. plus, a bay area city doing what no other city has done in the state. starting a public bank. and, a popular drink story getting hit by burglars, again. the owners not taking their frustration to social media. the clouds finally just broke in front of our camera on top of the salesforce tower and we can, once again, look out on the east bay but boy it has
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been a cloudy day so far. that does boat for a very small chance for a sprinkle or two in the next 12 hours. i want to show you that, coming up in the forecast, next. about making choices.
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if you've progressed on hormone therapy, and have a pik3ca mutation... ...ask your doctor about piqray. to house students who would otherwise be homeless working with airbnb. the mayor seven it comes to enlisting the help of these tech companies to help solve society's problems, it is not always about asking for a check. >> reporter: chris lane, senior vp of airbnb remembers the moment back in july when he got a text from you know who. >> i got this text from the mayor saying call me ask with
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an exclamation point. the mayor said i had the city pick >> reporter: the idea was simple let students were homeless or just need a place to sleep for a little while stay at an airbnb for free to search for something more long- term. san jose will be the first in the country to try it. >> what makes you confident that this will work? >> we don't know if this will work, that's part of the nature of family forward in silicon valley. we will try it and test it out. if we find out there are hiccups we will pivot and tweak it. >> reporter: one year ago san jose was also the first to launch airbnb's open homes program, which was later rolled out nationwide. it is were victims of natural disasters stay at an airbnb for free. >> the data that we have seen, in addition to our regular hosts, to be another cohort of folks that want to dissipate because they want to find a way. >> reporter: students will come to the bill walton center in downtown san jose and work with a counselor. hosts will be paid with money from a $220,000 state grant.
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san jose state has seen a sharp uptick in student homelessness. a csu survey found last year we found 40% of students had some housing trouble. here at the food pantry, grad student nicole says that she hopes the program does not get abused. >> i'm glad it is out there as a resource i just hope it is constructed and scaffolded any way that really hopes put students on their feet and not actually just expect them to always have something that is going to be free. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> san francisco city officials trying to launch the first public bank, supporters held a rally for the new legislation. the goal is to stop the use of private tanks. earlier this year governor newsom signed a law allowing cities to apply for state approval to launch public banks. it'll take years before the bank in san francisco will actually be launched. san francisco is now the first county in the nation to provide free diapers as a supplementary benefit for
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families receiving cal fresh food assistance. the diaper bank will help provide a free monthly supply. cofounder of san francisco boba shop has had enough, after the third break in this year. he posted pictures on instagram showing shattered glass all over the storefront. this is in the mission district. he says nothing was taken but he is proposing measures like metal gates and, cctv systems to ward off future break-ins. he also says cashless stores seem like a potential solution to deter thieves. part of the process "we are turning into gotham with the jokers taking over the city." darren peck joins us with a look at the forecast. pretty foggy day today? >> i know that's why i want to take advantage of the opportunity right now to show you the view from the top of the salesforce tower. you can actually see something. it was great and gray over much of the afternoon that they live
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look looking down at the bay bridge. i put the numbers in front of that, you no doubt noticed a change today. not only did it look different, with all the clouds, the temperatures came way down. let's do a comparison here. the column over here shows you how much cooler today's day and high was. san francisco was a 12 degree drop. when you look at this you can see a pattern. it was the bay that really changed the most today. if you are inland, you still got a cool down. but you do not go down as much is those locations that were right on the front lines of the return of a healthy onshore flow. the marine layer came in, cooler air came in, do not get out of the 50s all day. it was gray there was a weak storm sitting right up the coast, and while this does mean a cool down, it also means a very small, don't get your hopes up too high, chance for some light sprinkles out of this and the overnight hours and tomorrow. it would come for a close-up look will switch from the water vapor to the futurecast.
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we are looking at 11:00 tonight haven't seen much of anything yet but as we get into the early morning hours of tomorrow maybe a few light showers along the coast and the peninsula. this isn't the kind of rainmaker that would impact the morning commute. so, don't expect that tomorrow but don't be surprised if you walk outside tomorrow and maybe of a drop or two in the windshield. we could even see some light rain as early as the overnight hours tonight as the marine layer deepens, to be able to wring out a few showers. there are your rainfall totals on this, see, i told you don't get too excited. by the middle of the day it is done just leftover clouds for thursday. we will keep the leftover clouds going into friday. more on that coming up in the seven day forecast. first, these are the temperatures the clouds will keep us relatively warm overnight and then look at the daytime highs tomorrow. that is with the middle of november should have looked like. notice has there's not a big spread, 66 concord. those are pretty much on the mark for average. none of this 20 degree temperature spreads and 80s in
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the inland. for tomorrow, we get a taste of normal, and if you like that, if that is your thing, enjoy it. it doesn't last. but, get to the weekend we are right back up to sunny and 80. how nice. but into the middle of next week. dennis, over to you. the giants play defense while introducing their new manager. another 49er is out this week and more, why the curtain will be dark on the joe show, next. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> norah o'donnell here with a preview. tonight on the cbs evening news our series profiles in service takes flight with a military pioneer blazing a trail for women. that, and more tonight on the cbs evening news.
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the gabe kapler era got off to a rocky start. not only did the giants new skipper come with baggage he's replacing a legend. >> it's going to be impossible for me to fill bruce bochy's shoes. >> he does he was at the first, second or even third choice for most giants fans. >> so far, i have not been a popular higher. >> most of the hour-long press conference involved an incident in 2015 with it when kapler was in the dodgers front office. >> i think we both come to realize that there were things we could've done better. >> kapler failed to report an assault and an alleged sexual real salt assault on a 17-year- old girl involving two of the team's minor league players, instead, he tried to intervene by setting up a dinner with the victim and the players. >> i'm sorry that i didn't make all the right moves. everything i did, i acted from
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a place of goodness in my heart and wanting to do the right thing but i was naove. i was in over my skis. >> he's also hoping for a second chance as a manager. he was fired by the phillies last month after only two seasons. >> i'm very confident and excited that it is going to be the start of a tremendous partnership and, he is going to lead us into the future in a way that our fans in our organization can be really proud of. joe daily had surgery on his finger, he will miss at least the next two games, the 49ers say that george kittle is unlikely to play sunday against arizona. who has got a crab pot? >> and, who has got a bottle of wine, white wine of course, to go with this haul? our catch of the day goes to clive andrews he's even called the sports department because he was so excited to share this catch. now, you can see why. along with his buddy. >> what is the limit on crab there? >> i think it is 50 a person.
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gotta be two pounds each but, i think this is deadliest catch live on kpix 5. >> [ laughter ] >> those crustaceans have their own crab feed. >> you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures to the catch of the day to >> when is it? did you get the date for that are the invitations? >> clive, excuse me. >> [ laughter ] >> we want to go to your crab feed. will be right back. in it takes a village to raise a child.
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well, another luxury development is going up in the bay area right now. >> it is not the zip code you might expect, 266 bayfront units are being built on yerba buena island that connects both spans of the bridge. you can see now for sweeping views of the san francisco skyline and top notch
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amenities. a developer behind the swanky homes hopes to begin selling them by next year. no word on the price range. the chronicle reports the project will have 14 below market rate units. i think this the future of the island. >> probably. tonight at 11 in our series, project home, are homeless shelters repaired to deal with mental health issues as well? her son had an outburst and she hasn't seen him sense. >> i haven't been there to make sure he takes his medication. that is an issue, i don't want them to get caught up in the mental health hospitals. from wandering around homeless. >> tonight at 11 why the shelter says their hands were tied. thank you for watching the news at 6, the cbs evening news is coming up next. will be back here on it the kpix5 news at 7 , see you then.
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♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight, a bombshell revelation as historic public hearings begin in the impeachment inquiry, a top diplomat tying the president directly to a pressure campaign against ukraine. >> mr. sondland responded that president trump cares more about the investigation of biden. >> o'donnell: tonight the president is firing back, calling the hearings a witch hunt and denying he ever made that call. >> i know nothing about that, first time i've heard it. >> o'donnell: also tonight, he died a hero. a firefighter's last act, saving two members of his crew in a burning house. the c.d.c. has a new warning about dangerous superbugs. could infections that resist antibiotics set back medicine by 100 years? more records are broken as an arctic blast chills much of the coy.


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