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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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breaking news, air force 2 just landing in the bay area moments ago. vice president mike pence, and his wife, deplaning at moffett field some miles away from the impeachment hearing. were looking at life pictures. on his agenda? plans for the 2024 moon landing. the vice president is expected to speak with 200 nasa workers and how they will make that lunar landing a reality. earlier, he attended a trump fundraiser in carmel where he we heard he was greeted by protesters. much more on his visit coming up tonight at 11. i'm sorry i did not make all the right moves. >> has first day on the job, the giants new manager is already apologizing. what happened in his past that has fans concerned. >> everything i did, i acted
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from a place of goodness, but i was naove. this just in, a statute indicated to joe montana wait until you hear what happened. >> unfortunately, over a period of hours her condition worsened and she eventually passed. >> the vaping epidemic becoming worse in the bay area, what we know about the woman who died. radio silence from police, anger over a shooting in an east bay house. are you surprised by that? the kpix5 news at 7 starts right now with the new manager of the san francisco giants already making waves in his first day on the job. good evening i am ken bastida. >> i am veronica de la cruz. andria borba on gabe kapler's not so grand entrance. >> reporter: it was not your typical meet the manager news
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conference. there were conversations about features of madison bumgarner or brandon phelps but rather what he had done in his past, along with the president of baseball operations. introducing the new san francisco giants manager, gabe kapler, to the world wasn't about touted accomplishments, and said it was a mea culpa over how he and the giants president of baseball operations handled sexual assault allegations in 2015 while with the dodgers. >> i think they prepped really hard. they knew what was coming. >> reporter: it is said that kapler is an interesting higher especially after last year's incident of larry baer getting caught on camera knocking over his wife. >> this is a turning moment in the history of the franchise at least in his role of people interested in social justice. >> reporter: here is what
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kapler said about the issue of violence against women. >> these are problems in major league baseball clubhouses. farr mentioned that you know i think he is speaking for himself but i certainly have not done enough. and the industry hasn't. >> reporter: michael goldman an associate professor of sports management at usf says research indicates despite the outcry on social media last night, the giants bottom line is likely to be unhurt. >> i do not see that having an impact on the commercial side of the business. >> reporter: the controversies will largely be forgotten if the giants win a world series. but the question is not how the news conference was handled today. >> it is what they do about it. >> reporter: now, for their part, both the president and gabe kapler were not involved in the cover-up of the allegations in los angeles. back to you. >> we appreciate it, thank you. in our team coverage with
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the sports director dennis o'donnell, this guy has the toughest job in baseball. everybody loved bruce bochy. continues to loved bruce bochy. he has got to try to fill those shoes. that is impossible and he knows it. >> i would say dave roberts has a tougher job. but, i understand your point. he lasted only two seasons with the phillies. do not go over well in the city of brotherly love. he was let go after the disappointing fourth place finish in 2019. he knows he's got to win over the giants fan base. >> i would probably use it as an opportunity to roll up my sleeves a little bit more, digging a little bit more to find out what the issues are. to find out why i have had some of those issues, and why so far, i have not been a popular higher. hire. >> the president knew the firestorm this would create, he
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is gambling that the acumen is worth the risk. >> using the signal something more coming? big changes for the giants? like some of the older players, veterans gone. we will see a new team? >> a lot of veterans still have long contracts. one thing proves over and over in sports, winning cures a lot. if he wins, gabe kapler wins it's all good. >> thanks. new at 7 were getting a look at a suspect arrested for defacing the joe montana statue police say jorge alberto lopez was caught ripping the facemask off the statue honoring the hall of famer. it happened at the end of monday's crushing loss ending the teams unbeaten streak. he's now facing felony vandalism charges. the crews have already begun repairs on the statue and expect were to be completed
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prior to sunday's home game. the bay area has reported its first death linked directly to vaping. len ramirez reports that this woman died in marin county just hours after being rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: this is a growing problem in the bay area where vaping appears to be as popular as ever despite mounting evidence that it is dangerous and sometimes fatal. vaping is a common and popular thing to do and it's now also deadly according to marin county's public health officer. >> until we have a better sense of what is causing this it is not safe to vaping. >> reporter: is talking about the death last friday of an otherwise healthy 45-year-old marin county woman who took a vaping six months ago. she came to the hospital with a cough, fever and shortness of breath and eventually stopped breathing on her own. >> unfortunately, over a period of hours her condition worsened and she eventually passed. this is the case.
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>> results in the autopsy are now pending. >> reporter: joseph, a tobacco smoker his switch to a vaping said there are two potential problems. people are smoking concocted liquids they see off the streets and the inherent dangers from mass-market vaping products. he developed a lung tumor not long after he switched to vaping. >> you know, at least i know that vaping did some damage. >> reporter: the marin county sheriff identified the victim is 45-year-old amanda margo of of vacaville. the exact cause of death will be listed in her autopsy which is due out in a couple of weeks. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. i am juliette goodrich and still silence two weeks later, victim's family members are wondering why they are not getting any kind of an update.
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>> reporter: this neighbor lives right next door to the rented party house and called police again when shots rang out. almost 2 weeks later? >> did they ever come by to ask you questions about what you saw? particular suspects? >> no. >> reporter: are you surprised by that? >> yes. >> reporter: the surveillance video we obtained it from a neighbor shows two people holding guns. even so, investigators are not releasing any updates and the shooter or shooters are still at large. we asked jeff harp why so tightlipped? >> they are not going to tape tip their hand, the not going to give a press release of who they are looking at because until they have that person in custody, and so they have eyes on that person, it is very easy for the person to slip through the cracks. >> reporter: la fayette airbnb host britney mickleyville's says a month prior to the shooting, he had a rowdy group
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of brothers throw a party. >> i'm going to talk to somebody because nobody has called me back and this happened four weeks ago with me. so, nothing happened from the contra costa sheriff's department. >> reporter: remote held senior son hired a lawyer. that lawyer telling me today that the family has not even been contacted by police. just adds more to the grief they are already experiencing big in orinda, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. another note on that party, the owners of that house, apparently they had a history of allowing airbnb renters to throw big parties. according to records, obtained by the mercury news, last february the owners were charging $800 for large parties at the house. plus, $350 cleaning free fee. at one point they posted on airbnb that parties at this house could hold as many as 30 guests. pg&e's power safety shutoffs at the center of a state investigation. they voted unanimously to see
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whether the utility company violated any laws. the findings could result in penalties. >> basically were sent back into the dark ages, we lost our electricity, cell phones cannot get code red, cannot make a call out or a text out. >> in the statement pg&e says they will come anyways to improve safety and the shut off features, the results of the investigation on expected to be given in january. still to come, explosive moments during the first public impeachment hearings in washington. >> a bay area university partnering with airbnb with a first of its kind program that can really catch on. >> what makes you confident this will work? >> we do not know, that is part of the nature of the family forward. i am deeply excited to do the hard work to close that
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gap. bay area transit agency getting a new director tonight after a year full of controversial project delays. two new development around the murder of a bay area tech exact exec including this a brand-new surveillance of video. you cannot help but notice that the weather turned it today. i will show you what average daytime highs look like. because, we are going to do that tomorrow and it has been a while. forecast on that, coming right up. another live look at moffett field. air force 2 on the tarmac. vice president mike pence landed a few moments ago. he just got into his car to head out and is making his way to monterey county. we will have much more on his visit coming up tonight at 11.
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tonight, we are learning san francisco is getting a new transit director. >> this comes following a tumultuous year from uni. jeffrey trinity was introduced
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today and will be tasked with fixing a number of issues including safety and mechanical issues and an ongoing shortage of operators. trinity will likely take over in mid-december and replaces the ed reiskin who resigned under pressure earlier this year. >> remains a rather large gap between several discuss potential, and its current reality. i am deeply excited to do the hard work to close that gap. we have the tools and all of the resources we need. also tonight, a fruit of its kind program launching a san jose state helping the house homeless students it an partnership between airbnb and the university. they will offer temporary free housing to students who have been sleeping in their cars or elsewhere, last year roughly 1% of students had experienced some form of homelessness. >> i'm glad it is out there as
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a resource, i just hope it is constructed and scaffolded in a way that really hopes or helps to put students on their feet. >> how you know this will work? >> we do not know if this will work. that is a part of the nature of family forward. coming up tomorrow 7, we were on hand as hundreds of surgeons volunteered to give some of the high tech devices a try as they wired up to perform an operation. >> there are surgeons better than others but we don't have really any way of checking that. >> getting there is much easier. >> watch our original report, wired for better surgery tomorrow night right here on the kpix 5 news at 7. >> wired for better weather but it cannot get much better than this, this is pretty good. >> we do have some rain in the forecast. >> how much? >> about that much. >> can pretty much nailed it. the thing about tomorrow is it is finally, temperature -wise, going to feel like it should
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have. what we've had going on for most of november so far has been well above average. so, we started to change today. the numbers on the call and the column in blue show you how much cooler the daytime highs were today. from yesterday. so, you see a pattern. san francisco and san jose really dropped more on the locations, right in the bay really felt this more than if you were inland. we got a strong onshore surge, pulling in more of the marine layer but it wasn't just the marine layer. we pulled in a lot of high clouds, san francisco do not get out of the 50s all day. we look at the satellite, you can see all the clouds overtaking much of california. you don't really see much organization, even when i switch this over to water vapor which is does a really good job of circulating where those are, were starting to lose the organization, there's a little bit here, another one down here. this is not have a whole lot of organization to it but it still
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has a chance to bring us a few light showers by the time he gets into tomorrow morning. we will play this forward, i'll stop right there at 7 a.m. tomorrow. maybe a few showers along the coast. probably more so down the peninsula but really anywhere near the coast, maybe a sprinkle, about that much rain. and barely will be enough to measure and, it is done by the time we get into the afternoon in fact that gets us to friday. by friday, if you looked over clouds. if we look at the rainfall totals, maybe 100th of an inch percent fail not that that is exactly where it will rain how much you are going to get. this gives you a good idea of why, there's not really a whole lot here. do not be surprised tomorrow morning if the car maybe has a few drops of rain know that it will not be the kind of rain that should impact the commute in any meaningful kind of way. warm anything we pull in the blanket of clouds was to mustang in the 50s and for tomorrow here is what is interesting. these numbers are right on the mark pretty much for normal for
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mid-november. the thing that stands out here is how similar they all are. whether it was mid 60s for redwood city or mid 60s and conquered we are not looking at that 20 ll e sunny and warm and hazy. it took a real system to get in here and do it. even at that even with a weather system coming and it's not like were dipping below average, which is going back down to average and not staying there long we will warm right back up going into the weekend which means daytime highs at 80, plenty of sunshine if you are inland and the low 70s for the bay as well, so it'll be like nothing ever happened. and by the middle of next week will cool down again. back over to you.! that's a pretty good weather. still to come the fiery first day of the president's public impeachment hearings. what investigators in santa cruz county are doing to get new clues about a murdered tech executive. the story behind the jailbreak cat. but he kept doing inside it's shelter that landed him in
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solitary confinement. tonight at 11, in our series project home, are homeless shelters prepared to deal with mental health issues as well? one mother got kicked out of a shelter after her son had an outburst. she has not seen him since >> i haven't been there to make sure he takes his medication so, that is an issue, i don't want him to get caught up in the mental health hospitals are jails. from wandering around homeless. tonight, at 11, why the shelter says their hands were tied. e: too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive.
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i am veronica de la cruz here is what you missed if you just now getting home. day one of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry and testimony from the top american diplomat is making waves. bill taylor told lawmakers a member of his staff overheard a call between president trump and the eu ambassador. claims the president asked about the biden investigations. >> following the call with president trump, a member of my staff as with president trump thought about ukraine. he responded that president trump cares more about the investigations with biden. >> analyst say this is perhaps the clearest link yet between president trump and an order to investigate the biden's. republican jim jordan tried to dismiss taylor's testimony as
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hearsay. >> he did listen in on the president trump's call? >> i did not pick >> you never spoke with chief of staff mulvaney? >> that is correct. >> and you are their star witness? >> reporter: new video tonight and a big jump in reward money in a kidnapping and murder case and santa cruz county. this tech executive was found that october 1st, the 50-year- old was adopted earlier that day abducted earlier that day., his body, and his body and his bmw layer found, on the road, deputies released the surveillance video of it three suspects near the victim's home. they also upped the reward money to $150,000. and the story is going viral tonight. they are calling this guy the jailbreak cat. i barely figured out how to open a door at a shelter in houston and start letting out all the other cats.'s another cat has been put in solitary confinement and, as you can see, he is deftly not too happy to be doing time. >> thanks veronica. coming up next, if you were
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some people say they are planning to boycott giftgiving this holiday season. >> 53% of adults and feel pressure to overspend this time of the year. 38 million say they are not going to buy gifts at all. another 24% say they will regift or make gifts to cut costs. that is called a grinch folks. thank you for watching at 7.
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