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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 14, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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in new york city, i'm errol barnett. it's thursday, november 14th, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." revealing testimony. impeachment witnesses shed new light on the scope of president trump's pressure campaign against ukraine. the key takeaways. two miles away from the hearings, president trump played host to turkish president erdogan at the white house. why some of the president's allies raised concerns involving russia during that meeting. and duval patrick for president? the former massachusetts governor is reportedly considering joining the crowded democratic field. democratic field. ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. good to be with you.
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i'm anne-marie green. we begin with extraordinary testimony in the impeachment inquiry. the first public hearings detail president trump's alleged effort to pressure ukraine to investigate joe biden. yesterday two career diplomats, bill taylor and george kent, testified on capitol hill. taylor said a member of his staff overheard a july phone call between president trump and u.s. ambassador to the eu, gordon sondland. after the call sondland told the staffer the president cared more about the investigations of the bidens than ukraine. president trump denies any knowledge of the call and said the impeachment hearings were a sham. natalie brand is on capitol hill. natalie, what else did we learn from yesterday's hearing? >> reporter: good morning. house democrats say that new revelation adds to the evidence that instructions were coming from the top, and we've also learned that staffer taylor mentioned yesterday is expected to testify behind closed doors
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on friday. the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, bill taylor, revealed a new detail in his testimony. he says a member of his staff, david holmes, overheard a phone call between president trump and eu ambassador gordon sondland. taylor told lawmakers the president asked the ambassador about the investigations. >> following the call with president trump, the member of my staff asked ambassador sondland what president trump thought about ukraine. mr. sondland responded that president trump cares more about the investigations of biden -- >> reporter: president trump denied having the conversation and dismissed it as hearsay. >> all thirdhand information. can't be direct because i never said it. >> reporter: a line reiterated by republicans on the intelligence committee. >> you didn't listen in on president's call, president zelensky's call? >> i did not. >> you never talked with chief of staff mulvaney? >> i never did. >> you never met the president? >> correct. >> you're the star witness. >> reporter: the first public
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hearings of the impeachment inquiry follows more than 100 hours of closed door testimony from more than a dozen witnesses. a number of officials refuse to appear, ordered by the white house not to comply. >> i'd be glad to haveve the person who started it all testify. president trump is welcome to take a seat right there. >> reporter: while house democrats say wednesday's hearing helped build their case that the administration withheld u.s. military aid to try and pressure ukraine to open up politically motivated investigations, republicans argue the aid was released and there was no quid pro quo. and that hearing lasted more than five hours, and it's just one of several scheduled through next week. next up on friday, former ambassador to ukraine marie yovanovitch and eight more witnesses scheduled to publicly testify including eu ambassador gordon sondland. anne-marie? >> natalie brand on capitol hill. thank you so much.
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president trump says he was too busy to watch the impeachment hearings in part because he host turkish president erdogan at the white house. yesterday was the first time the two leaders have met since president trump's troop withdrawal that led to an invasion of kurdish forces. >> reporter: president trump welcomed turkish president erdogan to the white house as the first impeachment hearing proceed the two weeks away on capitol hill. >> i hear it's a joke. i haven't watched. >> reporter: the leaders touted their relationship despite tensions last month after president trump pulled the u.s. military out of syria. the president's troop withdrawal led to a turkish invasion against kurdish forces. the same forces that were u.s. allies in the fight against isis. a small group of u.s. troops remain to guard oil fields while turkish and russian forces patrol a 20-mile safety zone along the border. >> today the cease-fire continues to hold. i want to thank the president for his partnership and cooperation as we work to build a more stable and peaceful and
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prosperous middle east. >> reporter: the leaders emphasize a strong relationship during the visit with president trump, touting a return to business as usual with items such as trade. >> we think we can be doing $100 billion with turkey. right now we're doing about $20 billion. >> reporter: there have been concerns over turkey's purchase of russian s-400 weapons. those weapons judge incompatible with the f-35 fighter jet program used by allies. some senators raised the concerns during a meet with the president and turkish leader. >> we very much hope turkey changes the path it's on and does not employ the s-400. >> reporter: other lawmakers criticized the white house for not rescinding the invitation for the visit. >> he's acted in a way that is u demonstrators rallied neither the white house in opposition to the turkish lead. schuyler henry, cbs news, the white house. president trump suffered a
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setback in a fight to keep his tax returns private. a federal appeals court rejected mr. trump's appeal of a ruling involving his financial records. the house oversight committee subpoenaed records from the president's accounting firm earlier this year hoping to shed light on his business interests and assets. mr. trump sued the house panel claiming the subpoena was politically motivated and an overreach of power. mr. trump's lawyer says that he'll appeal wednesday's ruling at the u.s. supreme court. and now to campaign 2020. former massachusetts governor duval patrick is expected to announce that he is making a bid for the democratic presidential nomination. patrick is one of the nation's first black governors. he's also been a political contributor for cbs news. in light of his decision, cbs news will be discontinuing that relationship. ahead, you can hear more from duval patrick when he sits down for an interview on "cbs this morning." police in los angeles are investigating the deaths of nine students at the university of southern california since the
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fall semester began just two months ago. hundreds of students gathered on campus last night to discuss mental health issues and the recent deaths. police are looking into whether drug overdoses played a role. the university s sent a letter students tuesday warning about the dangerous of drug use, particularly opioids. >> i think they're trying to push the responsibility off and like not being held accountable for like student deaths. >> yeah. >> the school says three of the students died by suicide. this morning, a firefighter in massachusetts is being remembered as a hero. the 39-year-old husband and father of three died yesterday as he rushed to save the lives of two others from a house fire. meg oliver reports. >> reporter: as the early morning fire devoured this worcester home, a distress call came from the top floor. >> there's a lot of debris. we're trying to find our way up. >> can you get to a window, jay?
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>> reporter: lieutenant jason minard and his two-man crew were trapped as they searched for a possible baby. >> lieutenant minard heroically and selflessly saved his crew. >> reporter: the nine-year department vet helped one firefighter get to some stairs. the other he led to a window. the 39-year-old couldn't save himself. in an emotional tribute, his fellow firemen lined the streets as the hearse carrying his body passed. it's something they've now done nine times. the worst in 1999 when six firefighters died in a warehouse fire, leaving this small community in mourning once again. meg oliver, cbs news. well, coming up on the "morning news," a parent in the college admissions scandal gets the longest prison sentence so far. and two tales. why an abandoned dog is being called a unicorn puppy. this is the "cbs morning news."
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woman 4 vo: go to to see proof in action. one of the world's most popular tourist destinations is experiencing the worst flooding in more than 50 years. on tuesday the water in venice, italy, reached more than six feet in places. tourist waded through historic streets. st. mark's basilica sustained serious damage. one man went swimming in st. mark's square. the mayor blames climate change and says that the flooding has caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage throughout the city. a unicorn puppy has become an internet sensation, and there's a new development in the molly tibbetts case. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the cbs des moines affiliate kcci reports a judge will decide if a suspect's confession in the murder of university of iowa student molly tibbetts will stand.rneychstbe rivera say the confession was
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coerced and say officers did not read rivera all his legal rights during the interrogation. one officer testified yesterday that she failed to read a portion of the miranda rights during last year's interrogation, but that it was an honest mistake. after several hours of questioning, rivera led police to a cornfield where they found tibbetts' body. "usa today" reports a federal judge gave a former california real estate and insurance executive the longest prison sentence so far in the college admissions scandal. he also called him a thief. 56-year-old toby mcfarland was sentenced to six months in prison. he paid $450,000 to get his son and daughter admitted to the university of southern california as fake athletic recruits. mcfarland had pleaded guilty. the same judge will preside over actress lori loughlin's trial. she pleaded not guilty. the "louisville courier
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journal" said matt bev in promotes news conference for voting and the election. bevin did not show up at the news conference. the "journal" says his supporters did not appear to provide any solid evidence of voter fraud. unofficial results show bevin lost the election to democratic state attorney general andy beshear by almost 5,200 votes. bevin has refused to concede and asked for a recanvass of the vote that's to be completed today. he says he wants the election thoroughly investigated. >> it falls to the board of elections, and it falls to the attorney general's office and to some degree to the secretary of state's office. i think that's where some people have concern is that it seems those who have the responsibility are a litte bit conflicted and seem to be very non-transparent at this point in time. >> bevin acknowledges the recanvass is highly unlikely to change the result of the election. and affiliate kmov reports a
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unicorn pup with a tail on its head was rescued in missouri. the abandoned ten week-old pubby -- pubby was found last friday in the cold. it has a tail-like appendage growing from its forehead. a group that cares for special-needs animals is looking after the dog. the veterinarian says the tail does not have to be removed. >> why remove it and give him an undue surgery and why take away his specialty? he makes everybody smile. >> the rescue group has been flooded with requests to adopt the dog. his photo has been shared thousands of times on social media. still to come, costco customers, beware. a $75 coupon floating around social media is not what you think. social media is not what you think. help. i didn't have to get you a lift. and i didn't have to call your wife to meet you at the doctor. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. we discussed how having one blood clot puts you at risk
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artisan bakery and cafe. the store is set to open to the public tomorrow. on the cbs "money watch" now, bew a fake stco coupon, and why facebook took down billions of accounts. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. well, today investors will get a weekly snapshot of the labor market with initial jobless claims due. men while, notable companies reporting earnings include the biggest retailer, walmart, chip maker nvidia, and aurora cannabis and canopy growth. stocks closed mixed yesterday. the dow rose 92 for a new record. the s&p 500 added 2, and the nasdaq fell 4. wework's troubles are mounting. reported a net loss of $1.25 billion in the quarter while the number of desks it offers customers rose to 115,000. the company says expenses far outpaced revenue growth. wework said it opened 93 new
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site and expanded a number of cities in which it operates. it's been struggling to find its way as following a failed ipo effort. disney says its new streaming service, disney-plus, has surpassed ten million signups. it debuted tuesday with technical difficulties. but that has not stopped customers from signing up. disney-plus is offering a seven-day free trial. the signups may not represent customers who will continue to pay. verizon is also offering its customers a free year of disney-plus which could also boost subscribers, its subscribers. facebook still has a fake account problem. the company has removed more than three billion fake accounts. nearly all of the fake accounts were caught before they had a chance to become active users. facebook estimates about 5% of its nearly 2.4 billion user accounts are fake. and costco has issued a warning to customers about a scam being shared on social media.
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it was girls night out at the cma awards in nashville last night. more than a dozen of the biggest female country music singers opened the show with a powerhouse performance. they included the show's host s reba mcentire, carrie underwood, and dolly parton. as for the winners, maren morris won album of the year, luke combs won male vocalist of the year and song of the year for "beautiful crazy," and legend garth brooks was named entertainer of the year. therapy dogs help lighten the mood on capitol hill as historic impeachment hearings were underway. the pups made their way into the rayburn buildi yom mohs a.nedul very good timing. coming up only on "cbs this morning," gayle king talks with superstar celine dion as she takes us backstage for the first u.s. stop on her new tour. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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our top stories this morning -- the first public testimony in the impeachment inquiry. yesterday career diplomats bill taylor and george kent testified on capitol hill. democrats say the testimony revealed the president's drive to pressure ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son. republicans maintained the inquiry's baseless, and mr. trump did nothing wrong. and president trump hosted turkish president erdogan at the white house yesterday. it was the first time the two leaders had met since president trump's troop withdrawal in syria. that led to a turkish invasion against u.s.-backed kurdish forces. president trump says he and erdogan are very good friends. a troubling new report from the cdc finds 48,000 people die
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each year from antibiotic-resistant infections. we have the latest findings. i feel enormous loss -- >> reporter: christian willis still struggles with how his mother peggy died. nine years ago she was prescribed antibiotics for a root canal. days later she died from cdiff, an infection that can occur after using antibiotics. >> i don't think you can absorb that kind of loss all at once. >> reporter: cdiff is one of the cdc's top five urgent antibiotic-resistance threats. 18 germs in total are listed in the new report which finds antibiotic resistance leads to more than three million infections and 48,000 deaths each year. >> ultimately we all want to avoid getting an infection in the first place. but if we get sick we want to make sure there's an effective treatment for us. >> reporter: overuse of antibiotics leads to drug resistance. the cdc says hospitals have made
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significant progress in preventing infections, but more work is needed. >> we need to improve infection control, we need to improve sanitation. we need to improve the way we use antibiotics wherever they're used, and we need new drugs. >> reporter: this doctor runs a program at montifiore health care system that monitors antibiotic use. she says patients should always ask questions about prescriptions. >> are there any alternatives to the condition i have, or are antibiotics absolutely the answer? if so, well, what is the shortest, most effective duration that i can take those antibiotics? >> reporter: christian started a foundation in his mother's honor to raise awareness. >> had we known the risk of cdiff, had even her dentist been aware different decisions could have been made. >> reporter: he hopes sharing his stories will help other families. cbs news, brooklyn, new york. coming up only on "cbs this morning," gayle king talks with superstar celine dion as she takes us backstage for the first
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u.s. stop on her new tour. plus, in our series "a more perfect union," we'll show you how double dutch is bringing women together across the country. and we'll take you to venice where officials are demanding better protections for the historic city amid some of the worst flooding in decades. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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