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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 14, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> we begin with some breaking news. a school shooting in california since the public comes to the hospital. the student is now in custody. he opened fire at his own high school classmates. taking a live look at the school in santa clarita where the gunfire erupted this morning, minutes ago the sheriff said a 16-year-old girl died and 214-year-old boys are now in critical condition. the suspect shot himself in the head and students fled for safety. >> reporter: students filed out of saugus high school with their hands in the air after gunshots rang out. >> we barricaded all of the doors. >> reporter: this senior was in his first period class when it
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started. >> i wasn't expecting this today. i never got to say goodbye to my parents this morning. truck the sheriff's department confirmed multiple injuries. >> five victims have been shot. >> reporter: at least two patients are in critical condition at least one was removed on a stretcher with others being treated at the school courtyard. >> was really scary to have everybody panic. >> reporter: the l.a. county sheriff tweeted to avoid the area shortly after police swarmed a nearby home, believing that the shooter might be inside. witnesses were shocked at what they saw. >> i was coming out and i saw kids running up the street. >> reporter: parents rushed to meet their children and what
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had been considered a safe severed suburb. >> we have just learned that a second victim has died. we will bring you any updates on the school shooting as we get them. in mayor and city a police investigation is connected to the deadly orinda halloween party shooting. no arrests have been made and the contract county sheriff said details will be released later on and we will keep you updated on air and online at . i am anne makovec and vice president mike pence is in mountain view to tour the nasa ames research center facility in here is video from our own glenn ramirez who is running behind and he is about to start
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speaking to some nasa ames research center employees at the end of his two-day trip to california last night vice president mike pence and his wife arrived on air force 2 to a crowd of supporwhwere ti. he took pictures and shook hands and sign autographs paper for that, he was in monterey county and a couple of fundraisers including a trump victory dinner. this stop in mountain view is at the end of his trip and he is about one hour behind right now. he is going to be speaking to about 200 employees coming up about 45 minutes from now about
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sending another team to space. >> thank you so much, anne. the associated press reports a second u.s. embassies staffer in d a call between president trump and gordon sondland discussing the need for investigations. sondland told another staffer that the president cared more about investigating the bidens then ukraine. house speaker nancy pelosi says that the testimony amounted to a description of bribery. >> it is to withhold military assistance and return for a public statement of a fake investigation. >> the only thing i said that sondland said was that he did speak to me for a brief moment and i said no it >> po: ll idpro otomorrow it is
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going to be the ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch . there is a battle in the san francisco north beach neighborhood this afternoon to restrant that just got served an eviction notice and jackie ward is live or local leaders are steamed about this. >> reporter: one person leading the fight to keep this place open is the supervisor aaron. this is what is left of the investigation. there were so many people in support of caffe sapore and regular customers and people who live in the neighborhood as well as state senator scott weiner is showing their love for this place through signs that there are sick of seeing
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small businesses close and they do not want caffe sapore to be the latest victim. the supervisor said he is doing what he can to work something out. he has even knocked on the door of the landlord twice that is not been able to speak directly to her. >> we have spoken with her representatives. >> reporter: the owner tells me that he has been paying his rent on time for the past 23 years and that is nearly $7000 a month. all he wants is an answer from the landlord as to why she wants him out of here. for 23 years this is how the start of the day sounds. through the years he has grown quite a following. >> the food is always really good. the people come for a smile in the morning.
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>> there is a lot of kids from the neighborhood. we grew up together. >> reporter: everyone in is a regular. scott sits here every morning. >> for 20 years now. >> my girlfriend lives up the block. >> it is sad to see all of the empty buildings and shops that are closing down. you wonder why because often times they are empty. >> it is really hurting me. he said he is touched by all of the support but he wants answers from his landlord. >> all we have done is serve the community. i will let you know what she is
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going to do with this place. >> reporter: we have also reached out to the landlord several times for comment but she has not gotten back to us. jackie ward , kpix 5 . to deadly collisions in northern california and the first one involved a smart train in the north bay and happened at 4:00 pm yesterday when motorcyclists went around the crossing arms and hit one of the back cars of the tree and was killed and five hours later it was in monterey county and they say it smashed into a sewage tanker killing the driver in guerneville. it also spilled sewage waste and diesel from that train and was traveling from l.a. to seattle. health officials in marin say played a role in the
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death of a 45-year-old woman and it was amanda from vacaville was visiting family when she developed a fever and shortness of breath. she was taken to the hospital where she eventually stopped breathing. >> over a period of hours her condition worsened and she eventually passed. this is a case of vaping associated illness. >> it is believed to be the first vaping-related death in the area. they say it will still be weeks before the cause of death is found. one bay area mother was kicked out of the shelter and they say that their hands were tied. she say that she and her son were kicked out of a homeless shelter early last month. the ceo of the company says his workers felt threatened by her son and that incidents like this happen about once a month.
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tanya says that shoulders needs to be better equipped to handle mental illness. >> i would rather be outside with my son and underwear he is pure when you sit down and try to figure out how to help these people? rather than sending them into the street? >> it can take up to six months to be offered a place in a homeless shelter and she said she was offered permanent housing but had to turn it down because of money issues. we want to hear your home ideas. you can send them to us and see all of our original reporting on our website . coming up, a man is suing b.a.r.t. and what his attorney says he was wrongly targeted. lasik surgery is under scrutiny and why some believe the potential for complications is too large. i am tracking onshore flow
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a prominent civil rights attorney says that he is filing a lawsuit for a man stopped by b.a.r.t. police for eating on a platform at the pleasant hill center station. the attorney said his client steve foster was the victim of racial profiling and selectable enforcement. the state law bans eating food but b.a.r.t. offices rarely enforce the rule . an expert who wants lasik eye surgery is campaigning to get off of the market with 20 million procedures performed and according to an fda patient survey more than 95% of patients were satisfied with their vision after surgery but the website of the fda has source stories of serious
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complications and reports of relentless pain, dizziness and say lasik and in my life and this procedure needs to stop. >> essentially we ignored the data on visual distortion that persisted. >> this is a retired fda advisor who voted to approve lasik and says his own analysis shows competition rates between 10% and 30%. in 2011 he petitioned the fda to issue a voluntary recall and three of later the agency denied the request and tells cbs news it has not found any new safety concerns associated with lasik devices. a 7:00 kpix 5 is on hand as hundreds of surgeons volunteered to give high-tech devices a try to perform . >> there are surgeons that are better than others, but we really do not have any way of checking that. >> getting there is much easier when you have data.
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>> you can watch our original report tonight on kpix 5 news at 7:00 . the next version of the mustang and ford says it will be an electric suv with a promotional video here. ford will the entire unveil the entire carson tonight and customers can put down a deposit and the orders will begin next year. they plan to continue to keep building the mustang coupe along with the new crossover suv . it is time for a check of our weather forecast with mary . >> we have clouds hanging around for today. that is what is keeping us on the cool side. you can see with the salesforce tower camera this is looking self with the gray skies. temperatures are running in the 50s and low 60s with concord at 64 and 60 ioakland. it is 58 right now in san francisco and mid-sixties in san jose.
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tracking the strong onshore flow looking at the winds out of the southwest and even breezy conditions with at 16. san ramon is 12 and 16 in fairfield. we have the system just offshore bringing in those clouds and the deep marine layer for us. as we go through the day, you can see the cloudy conditions that will continue for tonight. we will catch some clearing with high pressure building back in. it is especially warmer for the weekend. sunset is that 4:49 and daytime highs even though they are cooler compared to yesterday and the coolest day of actuar san jose. it is 62 in san francisco.
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tomorrow downtown ice opens in san jose. it is mild in the upper 60s if you're heading out . it is looking great and even warmer for the weekend. here is the extended forecast with temperatures warming up a little bit for your friday with clearing the weekend has high pressure strengthening just in time for saturday and sunday. we will warm back up above average with upper 70s saturday and about 80 degrees on sunday. >> it sounds perfect for the weekend. thank ch, mary. this drama "evil" has just been renewed for a second season. a psychologist joins a priest in training to investigate the backlog of unexplained mysteries think that includes supposed in miracles, demo
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i spoke with an actress who says that is not all that scary. >> i think our show has a very s from, and we are going deeper into that. >> you can watch "evil" right here on kpix 5 .>>helping them full creative potential. a teenager is empowering special needs students who just a reminder if you have a consumer problem you can always email us at , or you can call our hotline and that is at 888-5-helps-u.
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welcome back. this is a live look at nasa ames research center in mountain view where vice president mike pence is scheduled to speak and he is here in the area for this trip and there are other events going on as well. when he speaks, we will have much more coming up on the kpix 5 news at 5:00 later this afternoon. a south bay teenager noticed people were telling her special-nen so she spring into action and this is our jeffersons award week winter. >> repor
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week at a program that sponsors special-needs students. >> they have misconceptions about their abilities for themselves. they are not sure of what their own talents are. >> reporter: she started her art program last year after volunteering for two years. >> he really wanted to showcase their true potential through these art lessons. >> reporter: she says her 12- year-old son has gained friends and self-confidence thanks to her. >> he feels that i can do it. that is huge. >> reporter: she also organized a prom for the students. >> i felt like a princess that day and i wanted them all to feel the same at a prom that they could attend.
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>> reporter: she helped 50 students decorate and design a dance last spring which included a fashion show. participants had never been before and cannot wait to plan next year. >> she brings joy and a smile to me. >> she is a friend to all. >> she is treating everyone equally and treating everyone like they are a special individual. >> i want to make sure that they know that they all have the capability. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to her. sharon chinfive . >> you n nominate your local hero at . we will be right back.
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coming up tonight at 5:00, we will have the latest on the shooting in southern california. two teenagers dead and the suspect injured after shooting himself in the head. the chaotic scene as parents reunite with students with much more coming up tonight at 5:00. that will do it for us. toke sure to join us here
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>> ridge: tell us where they go. sequins isn't too much in here, is it? >> model: mm-mm. >> ridge: this is comfortable? need it a little tighter here. yeah. >> steffy: good morning, adam. sawyer. hey, dad. >> ridge: hey. >> steffy: wow. i like that. >> ridge: yeah, i was just thinking that. >> steffy: if you don't say so yourself. >> ridge: no, this is not one of mine, this is your brother's. >> steffy: thomas has been putting a lot of energy into his work, i can see it. >> model: yeah, it shows. >> ridge: yes, it does. >> steffy: do i hear some, uh,


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