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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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at its most impressive, that would've been it, between about 12:00 and 3:00, at least as far as the majority of the bay is concerned. if you look at rainfall totals? san jose, livermore, concord zero. oakland, is about 100th of an inch of rain another places we got a little more than that. san francisco officially zero but, the official gauge in downtown shows 300th of an inch of rain and that is a good reflection of a city mist can do. the rain was better at the coast and in the mountains we must get a 10th of an inch in half moon bay. i'll be back with more on this because there a chance for another ban of light drizzle later tonight, more on that coming up in a bit. two weeks after the halloween party shooting that killed five in the red oak investigator's have had five arrests over the bay area. >>eporte contra cost, departmen other agencies conduct lease rates throughout the bay area after 7:00 this morning from antioch down to san mateo all
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the way to this apartment complex behind me here in marin city. now, investigators release the names of those suspects late this afternoon, they say four of the five men are facing murder and conspiracy charges and are being held without bail. the fifth man is charged with being an accessory. basically for helping those murder suspects now, this is cell phone footage shot by a neighbor, it shows the rate in the 200 block of drake avenue in marin city. swat officers went into that apartment with their guns drawn to search for a suspect. a man tells me officers were looking for his nephew. in >> her son don't even live here. he might use the address but he doesn't live here. he had no reason to become breaking into my sister's house because they heard what dsneporter: contra costa county sheriff's investigators
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say up to five people killed at that illegal or render party on halloween night, two of the victims were armed, they had a gun. now, they have not released a motives and that halloween shooting and, it is unclear if investigators are looking for additional suspects. life, in marin city. i am da lin, kpix 5. new video tonight, how an explosive fire could have wiped out a vallejo neighborhood. don ford on firefighters who rushed to save a home crackly in the flames path. this new home surveillance video shows how close the october 27 glenn cole fire came to burning down an entire neighborhood. firefighters say this was in the direct path of the fastest moving fire ever recorded in vallejo. >> i have a hose, people were out here trying to hose, that isn't going to do it. >> one neighbor, who do not
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work on cameras at the flames are arching over the tops of the houses up. notice the smoke smoke moving right to left pushing the flames away from the houses when, suddenly, the wind shifts and the fire explodes right towards the house. amber's in the heat scorched the house for vallejo firefighters fought back. >> those guys were here, immediately. we have over one or two houses that took flames in the backyard, they were there in a able to get them out before they were into the house. >> reporter: the fire burned 150 acres but, at the end of the day not a single home was lost. neighbor say even after the fire was out of the fire department continued to patrol throughout the night, and the next day. >> i feel blessed and i think everybody else does too. >> reporter: in vallejo, don ford, kpix 5. some state lawmakers are calling to revoke the badges of so-called criminal cops. those are officers that committed crimes and other serious misconduct. the bay area news group, along with other news agencies found
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in their investigation that more than 88 law enforcement officers in the state have been convicted of a crime. california is one of only five states that doesn't take away an officers license to work in law enforcement for misconduct. vice president mike pence in the bay area to help relaunch america's space plans as len ramirez reports from mountain view. his focus is on the nasa ames research center. >> reporter: vice president mike pence signal strong support for america's return to space. and even towards the sum of the facilities and the technology that will return americans back to the moon. >> we are about to make even more history, and it'll pass right through nasa, and all of your incredible. >> before a crowd of cheering employees. >> reporter: the vice president said america's newest space efforts will shoot for the moon and mars. he pledged president trump support and budget priorities to make it possible.
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>> we are sending american astronauts on american rockets from american soil. back into space. >> reporter: mr. penza spent the day touring buildings and meeting the scientists who make up the artemis mission is to put a man and woman on the surface of the moon by 2024. he watched as scientists ran test at the complex is a specialized high-energy wind tunnel that subjects space craft heat shields to temperatures as high as 14,000 degrees. this simulates reentry into earth's atmosphere, or even entry into the atmospheres of other planets, like mars. >> this is the place that we can verify that our heat shields are going to work. >> reporter: one a former spatial astronauts and going back into space won't be easy but, >> we've a lot more capability. >> we are going back to >> reporter: pens says america will be the way but then work with private sector businesses decide landing the first humans on the moon since 1972, artemis will also help set up a
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permanent moon base that will support future missions to mars. in mountain view, len ramirez, kpix 5. and san francisco the battle over the embarcadero is now in the hands of a judge. wilson walker was in the area today and breaks it all down. >> reporter: this is a fight against san francisco city hall that just happens to be being waived in a courthouse, and the plaintiffs in this case are feeling very confident. >> the judge previously ruled we were likely to win on merit. not surprised that he is still leaning in that direction, apparently. >> reporter: that is the attorney who is presenting the neighbors to stop this the construction, but today's hearing that started at 1:30 did not even include the words navigation center. in close to 3:30 this was a deep dive into port of san francisco land-use roles. >> please refer to them both by
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bill number if that is the way you want to call it and, by year, so i can make sure i'm on the right tab and looking at the right statute. >> reporter: them judge must decide if the port and the city got proper approval from the state lands commission for leasing seawall lot at 330. shelter opponents think that body should have to approve this plan. >> we don't think the state lands commission is going to agree with the city on this. >> reporter: the judge agrees with them? >> what ought to happen is the project approval get set aside, the project gets stopped. the city had to go back to square one, going with the state land commission. >> take the matter under submission. i will issue a ruling as soon as i'm able, thank you very much. >> reporter: what happens to construction of the project gets kicked over to the state? no one seemed to have a solid answer for that tonight. the judge has 90 days to make his ruling. it is expected sooner than that. wilson walker, kpix 5 .
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a bold move from city council members taking steps to decriminalize mushrooms, yes, those mushrooms. >> they are causing me some concern but i do understand the need to move forward for some people. i have tremendous optimism that we are going to get to a great deal. the legal battle over the oakland coliseum is over for now. why city officials suddenly dropped the lawsuit. and, why a hotline to help seniors hail a rideshare is now facing some pressure from california regulators. there are those who will say that you're:
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santa cruz could join a growing number of cities that are decriminalizing magic mushrooms. >> kiet do on why the move is getting widespread support.
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>> reporter: santa cruz is on track to become the third city in the nation to decriminalize mushrooms. at this point, it looks like it is not a question of if, but when it will happen. >> decriminalize the possession, cultivation, and use. >> reporter: the council heard from everyone from military veterans to researchers who touted the benefits of psychedelic plants. >> i have suffered from ptsd, the reason i am still here today is because i got to try this two years ago. >> reporter: at the time i was planning to end my life a few months later but this experience showed me how grateful i should be and how beautiful life truly is. >> there's also some fascinating research coming about how it could increase neural plasticity and neurogenesis in the brain. >> reporter: the grass rights group decriminalize plans is helping to organize a community effort. wb are in the midst of a national trend. >> reporter: there was some opposition, but not much. >> i think it was a clown show and i did not see a lot of expertise. >> all those in favor please
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say aye, any opposed, that passes unanimously. >> reporter: council voted to advance the item to the public committee. the mayor says she will reserve judgment until after the committee findings. >> given what i have seen, it seems to me that it has been informed by our law enforcement and will likely be adopted. >> the police chief says decriminalization means they will officially make it their lowest priority and, officers will not proactively go after mushroom users. >> that doesn't mean we will deal with it. if we do run into somebody, whether it is under the influence or a traffic stop, or a search warrant about somebody needs their help with, will take the necessary enforcement actions. >> did you ever think in your four decade long career that we would be here at this point. >> reporter: things change and it'll be for the better. in santa cruz, kiet do. oakland is one step closer to getting a new stadium built. the city announcing it is
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dropping its lawsuit over the sale of the coliseum complex. now, that single move opens the door for the franchise to buy the coliseum property. today, mayor libby schaaf says the city is excited to enter a new phase of negotiations with the team. >> this is a great sign for a's fans and oakland acres. we know that we want to move forward to a great future for east oakland. revitalization with great community benefits. >> the oakland's president said he plans to develop the coliseum site with affordable housing, businesses and restaurants. he says that will help a team finance a waterfront ballpark california regulators are challenging san francisco startup to help people request uber and lyft rides. go go grandparent summons rides on a client's behalf through a hotline.
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regulators find the company $10,000 in february, saying he needs to apply for a permit just like uber and lyft. they argue the company has no direct relationship with drivers and riders are covered by uber and lyft's insurance. >> finally starting to look like november. yes it did, we got a couple of days like that. by the weekend that this is like it never happened. let me show you what it looks like today from today's vantage point. you can see the clouds parting as we got into the late afternoon. we did not get any measurable rain in san jose. there wasn't anything measurable. i should you on the top of the newscaster. we did have a 10th of an inch of rain. and about a 10th of an inch of rain. as far as high def doppler, there's not a whole lot to be seen and as if we switch from looking at the radar to the satellite, you can see there is a break back here in the clouds.
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if you look back here, there is another weak little system. if you watch that, there is a subtle little rotation. 20 of clouds and a little bit of a spin. if we switch from looking at the satellite put this into futurecast, look at what it picks up on. there's a line of weak showers, i dedicate that rain that we will notice will probably happen again overnight is we will see the marine layer deepened up so much that it'll probably be able to ring out a few light sprinkles. the overnight hours into tomorrow. it gets pushed back out to sea as we get into saturday. it'll be sunny and warm because high-pressure is moving everything out of here. as we look at tomorrow morning if there is a chance for rain of the coast it stays cloudy.
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even though we have tomorrow morning, will probably start out a bit misty mac and places, there is your forecast again for totals. were only looking at 100 inch of rain. it'll be that big of a deal, we can't rule it out. the femur sponsor, daytime highs a little bit warmer, especially thanks to the fact that we will see more blue sky for the second half of the day tomorrow, and in the seven day forecast look at the weekend. we are right back where we were. sunny and 80 for saturday, sunday and monday for that matter. by the early to middle part of next week we will increase the clouds and bring the temperatures back down again closer to average. that is where things stand for now, back over to you. a little bit of a roller coaster but we will take it. cbs evening news is coming up next. >> norah o'donnell is here with a preview. tonight on the cbs evening news, our profiles and service, the amazing woman who helped loved ones connect serving it
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new manager gabe kapler got a lot to live up to when it comes to managing a bullpen. today, kapler lost to the all- star closer. three years or 13 million per year. the giants offered almost 18 million, but for only next year. smith ultimately chose the long- term deal and his home state. 34 of the 77 wins the giants get a draft pick from atlanta as consolation, what is it the ricky bobby says? you're not first or last? one of the american league mvp award, but mike trout wanted to start career mvp, how good is that? only barry bonds has more and
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bonds has seven. the slugger cody bellinger wanted in the national league. nfl the injuries are piling up tight and george kittle did not practice today, which was not good news for his availability on sunday against the cardinals. same can be said for matt breida and emmanuel sanders. joe montana appears to be on the mend, at least his statue is, fully recovered from the guy who yanked the facemask off after the game on monday. santa clara police arrested the guy on felony charges and, they said don't do the crime if you can't do the time. >> it is ridiculous, it is one of the more classless acts that you will see regardless of who your team is up. who you cheer for, you don't vandalize and deface statues of legends. these guys are legendary, they put the work in. that statute did not do anything to you. hope they caught the culprits and, they get there just to do.
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>> sort of a historical game on sunday for the double-digit favorites just over 30 times in the last 15 years. the bengals come to town looking for their first win of the season. they are the only winless team left of the league. and vegas has installed the raiders. a ready for this? 10 point favorite. of course nobody in alameda will acknowledge this mismatch. >> we have a lot of respect. have you heard of evansville? they just went into lexington and be the number one team. this is pro sport, this is national football league. i don't really care about anybody's record. it doesn't matter what the spread is or who is picked to win. david picked it lose every game since i have been here. >> colin kaepernick is still planning to work out for nfl teams on saturday, which, many of them said is a pr stunt by
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the league. there are reportedly 11 teams committed to attend the workout, the raiders and 49ers are not among them. i hope it is legit. i could see him as a backup in seattle or arizona. offense that fit his style. >> pajama city for sure. things to dennis, will be right back.
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strictly the oakland zoo caring for a pretty specific fox, >> meet the six-year-old fox named the summer. as you said she was a part of the international trade, but her owners ended up giving her to the oakland zoo when they could not care for her. >> zoo officials will care for summer and they can find a more suitable home. the fox is native to northern africa and southwest asia. >> her ears! look at the ears! thank you for watching the news at 6, the cbs evening news is up next. will be right back on the kpix5 news at 7 . we will have
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all the latest for you, see you then.
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♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight: new details on the deadly school shooting in southern california. >> everyone was screaming. people were falling down. it was absolutely terrifying. >> o'donnell: police arrived to a chaotic scene. students in shock. >> enough is enough. we are dying here. >> o'donnell: what we've learned from the witnesses and survivors. also breaking, marine manhunt, a city on edge. schools and stores closed as police search for a suspect considered armed and dangerous. the democrats sharpen the charge in the impeachment inquiry. now the speaker of the house is calling it bribery. >>heribe is to grant or withhold military assistance. >> o'donnell: state of emergency. we're in venice, italy, now facing its worst flooding in half a century. millions in damage at a nearly


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