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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 18, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PST

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pg&e warning it could shut off the power to more than a quarter of 1 million customers again this week as the weather increases fire danger i am kenny choi. michelle is on assignment. last 30 minutes pg&e widen its scope for the upcoming potential power shut off. more than 22 counties may now be affected this time around. it could affect homes and businesses in napa, solano, contra costa, and alameda county. inactive it is that pg&e headquarters where they are keeping an eye on conditions. >> reporter: it is about the windy and dry weather if pg&e decides to shut off power would happen wednesday morning at the people effect would start to getting notices today.
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>> we know it impacts them greatly when they do not have power and this is something we are considering doing for safety. >> reporter: that is after the pg&e agreement has been blamed for causing several deadly wildfires in california over the past two years. the policy this fire season shut down the lines before they had the chance to start a catastrophe. >> reporter: have a learned anything from the prior power safety shutoffs that may make it easier. >> we added more resources to the call centers. we shored up our website and we also enhanced our notification systems. >> reporter: pg&e does not think the part will be out for more than 48 hours and the most updated information will be available on the website. anne makovec,wer sa discussed a california state capital. the ceos expected to justify between the legislative oversight hearing. lawmakers working e ago i on ou
12:02 pm we are tracking the dry and gusty offshore wind. a low pressure system jobbing from the pacific northwest bringing the much-needed rain we can see the gusty additions especially in the higher elevations which means which means a high fire danger. here is the futurecast and the temperatures are cooling down tomorrow and the wind will pick up late on tuesday. because of that, a fire weather watch will been in effect for mac a.m. wednesday at tulsa a.m. on thursday for the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo rain northerly and northeasterly wind 20 to 30 with peak gusts near 60 miles per hour and it means increasing fire danger. on the futurecast, the wind gusts. the wind will start to pick up and we will see the peak wind gusts. the strongest wind coming up in
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the full forecast. basement help them pick told bay area cases the tip of the iceberg livermore resident gregory wien facing charges for two violent sexual assault back in 1997. one was a livermore and the other one in union city. after reopening the case, police conduct surveillance on him and tested the dna on a discarded spoon revealing that he was a match with dna for both crime scenes. police say he could be linked to three more violent sexual assault evident livermore between 1995 and 1997. start developing news out of oklahoma were three people were killed outside of a walmart parking lot. this happened in duncan. about 80 my notes miles south of acoma city. please say two of the victims were inside of the vehicle one melissa became flying out. the victims have been identified as two men and a woman. a handgun was recovered at the
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scene. police trying to track down two suspect that a football watch 30 shooting. for killed and there including william woman and children. address intercity suspects entered the backyard and started shooting. >> it is very likely it was targeted. we just do not know why. because somebody picked the house and came up and shot several times on the back inside of it. it looks like there was a target. we do not know what the reason was.>> relearned the victims are asian males over 25 years old. part of the hmong community. some people at the party had been involved in an earlier disturbance, but it is not clear if that led to the shooting. taking a live look in washington dc were we are entering the second link of public impeachment hearings rick democrats inviting president trump to defend himself. nikole killion has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi allowing a new
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witness to testify in the impeachment at thepr come before the committee and speak the truth he wants. >> you do not expect him to do that. >> you don't expect them to do it. >> he could and writing. >> reporter: president trump responded even though i don't like didn't do anything wrong adult like giving credibility, i like the idea and will in order to get focused congress focused again, strongly considered. >> you should not tweet. he succumbed to the committee and to testify under oath, and he should allow those around him to come to the committee and testify under oath. >> reporter: republican to the impeachment panel want to hear from wisconsin senator ron johnson who attended the inauguration of ukrainian president latimer zelinski. intelligence committee ranking member, devin nunes and congressman jim jordan sent a letter to the senator saying we reluctantly write a request to any first-hand information about president trump actions to the ukraine between april and september 2019. >> i will lay out
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socket is my perspective. they're not going to call me. >> reporter: president trump and senator jonathan are like unlikely to testify in open hearings with several others will appear this week. truck eight more witnesses scheduled including three on tuesday listen to the troop july 25 phone: whether trump asked his counterpart open political investigations. nikole killion, cbs news, capitol hill. >> the first of two witnesses are lieutenant colonel alexander goodman and jennifer williams. a foreign service aide to vice president mike pence both listened in on the residence july 25 phone call with the ukraine resident and both said they were concerned by the you request for political investigations. cbs news will bring complete coverage of the testimony in the impeachment inquiry. norah o'donnell anchor the special reports from washington dc tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday. violence exploding on a hong kong university campus.
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hundreds of protesters barricaded and trapped inside surrounded by riot police laying siege on the campus. this is the culmination of a daylong standup it officers firing off teargas, water cannons, arresting dozens of people. protesters armed with makeshift catapults, slingshots and molotov cocktails. at one point, protesters force a police vehicle to turn back after hitting it with a flurry of explosive fire. something with bow and arrows piercing at least one officer in the leg. california suing the nations biggest e-cigarette maker, juul. the state alleges the seventh is go bejeweled after the pretty targeted teenagers with the early marketing campaigns. >> we further allege that juul failed to warn consumers of the exposure to chemicals, linked to cancer, birth defects, and other health harms. further, we alleged juul failed to properly verify the age of customers to prevent the unlawful sale of the addictive
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product, to underage individuals. >>uul faces multiple state and federal investigations, but the company disputes the conversations that it marketed to teens. juul point o and removed most flavors from the market. the largest housing solutions program in the bay area supposed to help the homeless find permanent housing. the bay area community service a bit most an 80% success rate in oakland and and 82 percent success rate in berkeley. participants say the numbers are inflated. internet product home, month- long investigation shows people are being primly housed in garages and halfway houses. in other cases they are being asked to room with strangers $350 a month and all of this is taxpayer-funded. >> i think it is horrible. it is not right. what is going on? there are billions of dollars donated to get us off the street. to give us a permanent housing.
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so what is going on. >> their opening navigation centers in fremont and hayward. when the contract because of these opposing success rate in oakland and berkeley. tonight we take a look at the numbers. susie steinman was the full report at bay area tech pionee rejects an offer for a potential takeover from xerox. why hp says no deal for now. you know him from cbs sunday morning. morocco joining us in the studio live to talk about the new book honoring the lives of some of the famous and obscure.
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hewlett packard inc. the not ready to lose its independence. the tech appellant has rejected from xerox. the hp board of directors of the xerox acquisition offer significantly undervalued of the company xerox offered to buy it for $33.5 million. $22 per share. hopefully if a murder has not been completely squashed, the board says it is opening to continuing discussions. let's see how wall street is doing with 50 minutes to go before the closing bell. minute cbs sunday morning correspondent baraka asking a key question about life and death in his new book. who gets to be remembered and why. the book published by simon & schuster. it is called great lives worth living. >> thank you for being here and congratulations on the book. may the new york times
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bestseller list of this. what that means my name is legally changed to new york times best-selling author wrote this book looks at so many lives that so many can learn from. what do you want readers to take away.>> i want people who i do not think the proper sendoff to be given a second look. great founding father who wrote common things to somebody like some tammy davis tuner aim an amazing entertainer and answers to be remembered. willie brown talked to me about him. they were good friends, or farrah fawcett with the misfortune of dying, not only to young, but on the same there a whe section of the book of amos of people who died at the same day. select the process of narrowing down the list must've been quite difficult. how did you figure it out?
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like maybe it is turning 50, but i learned to trust my gut and if i feel a personal connection to somebody, i will go with that. i have learned if i am really interested something and executed while the audience will come along for it. they're the kind of people i wanted to talk about. ellie carter is one of them. the log younger president of jimmy carter. i talked to the former president about his daughter. people of a certain age remember being a cartoon, but was obviously a fully flushed out a human being and a complicated guy. >> it seems like you had a fun process coming up with the book and the ideas and people that are in the book. thomas paine, you looked at him and you also had a bit of a musical score that you worked on. >> there was a podcast there is a little bit of an overlap. there is a podcast episode about thomas paine happens to be on the site for legendary
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manhattan piano bar. we went there with an originally written musical bite two great moderate composers and sang him onto the right way. >> is giving love. >> client finally. hamilton cannot get all of the love. no pain, no gain of independence. >> nicely done. >> reporter: mo rocca thank you for joining us. take you congratulations of the book. truck you can see him at 7:30 tonight at the city goldstein theater on hayes street. you can buy the ticket information at city mo rocca joined us. congratulations. officially a new york times bestseller. >> thank you. >> reporter: let's decided to marry with a check of the weather.ofthe sacepower with the sune and temperatures warming up.
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well above ave this ansan frcisco. std s in 73 in livermore. santa rosa and 71 for san jose. for today, one more day of warm weather with the ridge of high pressure in control and then some changes as early as tomorrow. we could let down, we are also looking at increasing wind as we go through late tuesday, and especially by wednesday which is why the fire weather watch will be in effect for all of the higher elevations. the north bay mountains, east bay and diablo range. 4 and was a little 7 and wednesday. let's time and the future cast. the wind gusts. we see a pickup late tuesday night and especially heading through wednesday. we see the strongest wind. the peak wind gusts likely by wednesday nightwatching that closely, eelion at 10 fe. critical fat conditions. finally wend si daytime
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highs looking at the warm temperatures. 77 in concord. 75 for a high in san jose. 72 in oakland. 70 in san francisco. holding it down for all of us. for tomorrow, across the bay, and looking at a special and higher elevation with the wind picking up the dry and gusty offshore wind. by tuesday night and into wednesday, the peak wind gusts looks to be wednesday night to, into the overnight hours. we quiet it down, thankfully so friendly and into the weekend. >> thank you for the update. little plastic army men are officially getting female reinforcements. in september e ceo of bmc toys announced they were army that is after a little girl wrote the company a letter asking for them. on thursday they launched a kick starter campaign. and within xt
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year. is more states legalize cannabis a new type of writing is putting. some companies hiring bud tenders to serve cannabis products to their guests. it is not offer consumption. the plant is showing up in wedding bouquets and used into court. at the cannabis wedding expo doubles can visit more than 30 bruce, to chocolate fountains infused with cbd two marijuana drinks, perfect for a wedding toast. the expo founder said he loved to see a bud bar to be the norm at events. select the parents who go to a wedding and see a cannabis bar, and maybe taken back a, but that the experience in the it isn't bad. suck most of the clients do not want a canvas themed wedding. they wanted available for the guests in a safe and moderated way. >> one company says jua, which the couple must bite
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google about to launch a new gaming service. the tech giant will avail stadia in 14 countries tomorrow. it is a cloud-based service for streaming and playing games, without the need for a hard copy or special console. google will be competing with the daunting list of industry rivals. microsoft is currently testing the project x cloud and amazon river to be working on something very similar. it is the end of an era. 11 years in 1700 shows a later, dunning and marie osmond have performed the last of the las vegas residency at the flingo hotel it was certainly an emotional night.>> ♪ me tomorrow be a perfect day. musical musical. >> the brother and sister do the final performance with the hit song, me tomorrow be the
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perfect today, both breaking down in tears right here in front of a sold-out crowd saturday night. piercing this video of the final moments on stage ahead of his afternoons episode with the talk. the do it would be appearing to talk about this emotional show. >> ♪. maybe find love and laughter along the way. >> may god keep you in his tender care. musical musical. >> you can watch the full interview with donnie and marie on the talk at 1:00 here on kpix 5. we will be right back. it may come as a surprise... but medicare doesn't pay for everything. and that can leave you looking for help with some out-of-pocket costs. well, here's a way to help bridge the gap... with a medigap insurance plan, like an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medigap plans help pay some of what medicare doesn't, like co-insurance and copays,
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