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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 18, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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wednesday. the impact zone includes the north bay, alameda county, contra costa county where we find kpix 5's andria borba. >> reporter: well, ken, veronica, it's deva vu for the areas here as they prepare once again to potentially lose power as a preventative measure to pg&e's lines sparking fires. with the hills bone dry, no rain in sight, and high winds forecasted again, pacific gas and electric is once again pulling the plug for at least 264,000 customers in yet another public safety power shut off. >> don't know what we can do about it, but i hope we can do something to change it. >> reporter: nancy case and her husband lost power in the last shut off. they bought a generator, but use it sparingly. >> being like the pioneers for a few days. >> reporter: she was stocking up at the safeway in mill valle
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for supplies in the last shut off. one of the few spots in marin county with power. pg&e says they understand the frustration when the weather is calm and there's still no power. >> our lines run hundreds of miles, so even though you're not experiencing extreme weather in your area, farther up the line there could be more extreme weather and we have to deenergize the entire law. >> reporter: some customers are looking at their third power shut off of the year, there was frustration. >> i'm tired of this crap. >> reporter: and surprisingly some sympathy for the utility giant. >> they're in a no win situation. 'rifthey do, if they don't. i feel sorry for them. i think they're doing everything they can. i feel for the shareholders. >> reporter: if there's one upside to the constant psps
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events here in the bay area, i spoke with contra costa county fire, they say they're prepared. they know what to do and where engines need to go and firefighters need to go in case the power does in fact go off again here. live in contra costa county, andria borba, kpix 5. all right, at this point it's wednesday morning when the worst of the winds will come through, but first let me give you the headlines. here's the red flag warning. you've gotten used to looking at these, but read the fine print. right underneath where it says red flag warning on the top, don't look in the blue box on the bottom just yet. look here. it says 4:00 a.m. wednesday through 7:00 a.m. on thursday. basically right through the day on wednesday and very early on thursday morning. that's going to be the concerning time to get through, and then i want you to read this line. peak gusts near 60. and then look at the areas in red on the map behind me. i'll bring you now to what will probably be the peak point in the winds. this is wednesday morning. this should look familiar. we're focused on the north bay
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because that's where the worst of it will be, and we're highlighting the mountains. all the purple lines, those are the ridges, the northeast trending mountain ridges that are going to be headed right for the winds, or at least the winds headed right for them. so while we hit 60 miles per hour gusts in the mountain, it will be a 20 miles per hour gust where we all live. this is familiar. it's not the worst of the wind events that came through, but it's still bad enough that we have to take this one seriously. i'll be back with more on the rest of the forecast coming up. now back to you. >> thank you. kpix 5 as your survival guide during the planned power shut offs. find useful resources online at so pg&e may be bankrupt, but tonight it's upping its offer to northern california wildfire victims. it's proposing another $6.6 billion to settle claims in an attempt to match the offer from a rival group trying to seize control of the troubled utility. the increase raises their
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total pay out cap to 25.5 billion giving it a better chance of emerging from bankruptcy intact. also tonight, a major break in a decades old cold case. police in one east bay say say it was all thanks to new technology and a spoon. kpix 5 is live at livermore's police station to explain how it all came together. >> reporter: ken, it almost sounds like something out of a tv show, but this is real life. detectives were able to find a suspect using a dna match to a distant relative. they then followed the suspect 24 hours a day until he threw away a plastic spoon used to eat ice cream. that was enough for them to get a dna sample. >> every victim deserves justice and in this case it's real rewarding because it's so old. >> reporter: police spent more than 20 years trying to figure out who violently raped 2 women. one as she walked home from
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union city bart in may 1997, the other at livermore high school the same year. police identified gregory vien as the suspect using a genetic testing service. it came back with a match to a distant relative, and looking at the family tree, they immediately zeroed in on him. >> he was around livermore during the time and had connections to all the locations. >> reporter: detectives made a dna match from a plastic spoon they say the suspect threw away after eating ice cream. officers then arrested him at his livermore home, the same one they say he's lived in since the assaults more than 20 years ago. >> now we've got 2 victims who can at least have a little bit of solace that the person who did it to them is behind bars. >> reporter: livermore police believe this suspect could also be connected to 3 other unsolved rapes from between 1995 and 1997.
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that's because of the similarities in the attacks. now he's actually scheduled to enter a plea on wednesday at his next court appearance. right now he's being held without bail in the alameda county jail. live at the livermore police department, kpix 5. california is suing juul, the e-cigarette maker accusing them of targeting young people and failing to warn them about the risks of vaping. the e-cigarette industry has been under fire since hospitals began taking note of vaping-related lung injuries this summer. in california 4 patients have died from vaping related causes. the number of african american people involved in traffic stops by oakland police dropped nearly in half since 2016. the police chief says it's real progress in the fight against racial profiling, but
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as john ramos reports, many in the community say it's just a numbers game. >> reporter: for decades, many in oakland's african american community have complained about racial profiling because of a huge disparity in the number of black drivers pulled over in traffic stops compared to white drivers. oakland's police chief acknowledged today that overenforcement used to be the mind set. >> that was what defined good policing. if i could just stop a lot of people out there i'm going to come across the bad person with the gun. >> reporter: but that approach has driven a sharp divide between the police and black community, so since 2017, opd says it has quietly changed its approach, lessening the number of stops for technical violations like bad taillights or traffic violations that pose no real changer. the chief says it has had a dramatic effect. >> in the african american community, we dropped 61 percent in our footprint in 2018 we had another 55 percent
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drop. >> reporter: but critics say the numbers do nothing to explain the disparity between races. while the number of african american traffic stops has dropped from about 20,000 to less than 11,000, the number of white stops last year was only 895. pamela price is an attorney for a watchdog group called the coalition for police accountability. >> they need to bring down the percentage of black people being arrested. they need to change the manner in which they address black people when they approach them. >> reporter: the chief says she wants a new policing culture for the city and wants to new approach to be as much a change of heart as it is a change in tactics. but after decades of mistrust, michael anderson gives the effort only about a c plus. >> now the grade can go up. let's see if they implement that and actually stop harassing us. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 and
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cbsn bay area. >> reporter: cattle ranchers and mountain lions are trying to learn to coexist. >> plus thousands of people are converging into san francisco this week. what you need to know to avoid the traffic mass during dream force. >> and a bay area company making meat out of thin air. >> and don't forget we're streaming now on cbsn bay area. find us on, the cbs news app, or your favorite platform.
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a fight on the peninsula over mountain lions that share land with livestock amee at's b considered and why some people object. >> reporter: it's a conflict that's frankly as old as the
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west. cattle ranchers versus mountain lions. cattle have been grazing on this land here for nearly 2 centuries as mountain lions have been here all along. now ranchers are concerned that some lions are repeat offenders attacking the cattle. the district is proposing a 3 strikes plan. considering entering permits to shoot the problem lions. >> the 3 strikes is being considered as part of the first draft of the policy as one of many different high schools and there will be a long public process. >> reporter: the environmental group center for the environmental diversity disagrees withth proposed lethal force. >> these lands were set aside for conservation purpose, so it doesn't really make sense to kill lions for the sake of livestock. >> reporter: there are now approximately 80 mountain lions tagged with tracking collars, and there have been
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22 documented livestock killed by mountain lines since 2013 while the lions have also taken 348 deer. the public comment period is expected to last well into the next year before any decisions are made. don ford, kpix 5. expect thousands of people to flood into san francisco this week. the megaconference dream force starts tomorrow. the sold out event runs through friday, and more than 170,000 attendees are expected to be there. so beware of the traffic congestion in the area from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. howard street will be closed from 3rd and 4th street. the closures will be in effect until sunday. many of us have heard of plant-based meat. now there's a berkeley company that plans to sell what they call air-based meat. air protein uses what's known
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as microbe fermentation where they feed molecules in the air to microorganisms and convert the carbon dioxide into protein. stay with me. it's similar to brewing beer and comes out as a flavorless powder that can be made into foods. they plan to roll out the technology next year. >> we got you ken. today is a big day at kpix. and we want to take a moment to tell you about the launch of our new 24/7 streaming news service. >> cbsn bay area will provide updated local news on demand. emily turner anchored our first live stream today. what else will we see on cbsn bay area? >> so much. there's a lot of exciting content. it's whenever and wherever you want it and of course it's free. our focus is on local stories. we live stream our kpix and kbcw newscasts but we also
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have 3 additional hours of unique content that's produced especially for the streaming platform. we go live with that at if bet we update the stories live and in real time. we'll also stream breaking news and press conferences when and as they happen. lots of exciting stuff. if you want an update check it out with us. check it out on our cbs news app or your favorite mobile device platforms. all right, sounds great. we'll see you. thanks emily. let's get you over to darren peck who's watching the weather, and we expect some wind tomorrow. >> yes, but more noticeably by wednesday morning, and if you enjoyed the low 80s for inland highs today, this is probably the last time we're going to do that. take a look at that list right there. it probably seems like it's nothing big, like it's not out
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of the ordinaries , and in terms of the november you've been living through, it's not. but it's about 12 degrees above erand it's likely that today was the last time we do this until spring of next year. let's look at how tomorrow dayt and these are actually normal. this is where we should be. only 68 in concord instead of 80. only 70 in santa rosa instead of 81. 67 is the average. bottom line, noticeable cool down tomorrow. and yes we get noticeably breezy, but not until wednesday that the wind pick up in the mountains. this is the storm, very impressive. a tightly wound area of low pressure. by wednesday that circulation is down here. in order to get there, i had had to go around the inside.
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that's what we call an inside slider. the storms that come directly from the pacific give us the good rains and snow. the ones that come in north and then come east are not good because they tend to give us the winds. in fact look what we find ourselves dealing with by wednesday. the offshore winds, and as the system passes east it pulls the north winds down with it. that was the scenario i showed you at the top of the newscast when we talked about the red flag warning that goes mainly through the heart of wednesday. wednesday morning specifically going to be the issue. and looking at the storm again, it has the rain and snow but falls apart as it passes us except in the mountains. little snow in the sierra wednesday morning. if we're lucky we could get a sprinkle tomorrow, but don't hold your breath. if anything happens it will be along the coast or north bay. so i don't have any rain in the seven-day forecast, but we certainly have another wind
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event coming, and that's the one that takes place from wednesday morning through very early on thursday. 60 miles per hour gusts coming to the north bay hills. much more on that at 7:00. back over to you. another key injury for the 49ers might slow down their pass rush, and john grugen does yet another victory lap in the black hole. and are the raiders playoff bound?
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bad news first. 49ers defensive end ford is expected to miss a couple of weeks with a hamstring injury. now the good news. san francisco dug out of a 16-point whole yesterday. they're 9 and 1. >> let's go niners! come on! >> yeah, come on! jimmy g threw a of interceptions in the second half, but he redeemed himself with a game-winning touchdown to wilson jr. in the final minute. he joined montana and young as the only quarterbacks in franchise history to throw for over 400 yards and 4
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touchdowns in the same game. >> any time you're in the same sentence with those 2 names it's always on honor, but i have a long way to go to catch up to those 2. they did great things around here. >> and have to be even better sunday night because you know the opposing quarterback will be ready to face the 49ers. >> reporter: how disappointed are you that you won't be a 49er? >> not as disappointed that the 49ers will be they didn't draft me. >> that won't be my last play of that sound bite this week. the 49ers ers start their toughest stretch of the season. green bay, baltimore, and then the saints. the raiders can take over first place in the afc west if kansas city loses tonight to the charger, and oakland is in the playoff picture thanks to its impressive rookie class. >> i think they're starting to
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see how good our head coach and gm are at finding talent. yesterday max crosby stole the show. mad max and the raiders defense allowed a season low 10 points. >> i honestly didn't think i'd get 4. i never did that before. it was cool. >> finally someone will count the sacks and write a nice story about him. but he's been near the quarterback, hitting the quarterback, batting balls down from the quarterback, and today he got to the quarterback. and this colts fan clearly no stranger to rocking out on the air guitar. but that was nothing compared to the touchdown celebration from indy's offensive line. >> careful, careful. >> in terms of john gruden, i've been talking and complimenting max crosby forever. >> mad max. >> all right, dennis, thanks. we'll be right back. there are those who will say that you're:
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call today for a free guide. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight, a verdict in the dramatic trial of a colorado man accused of killing his fiancée on thanksgiving. also breaking, the president says he will strongly consider providing testimony in the impeachment inquiry as democrats announce a surprise witness will appear publicly before congress. violence in hong kong reaches the boiling point. riot police have hundreds of university students surrounded. the prince has a new problem. an interview meant for damage control only causes more damage. what the royal family is saying tonight. >> you were staying at the house of a convicted sex offender. >> it was a convenient place to stay. >> o'donnell: was it pay to play? cbs news investigates whether a top diplomatic job was put up for .


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