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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 19, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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now, at noon, types of thousands of people making their way francisco for the dream force conference. good afternoon. >> cbs news will have a special report at the impeachment hearings any more. right now streaming on cbsn bay area is kicking protests are part of the activity today. dozens of i am grant rights activists are calling sales force to cut ties with customs and border protection. the software is being used for the recruiting efforts. >> sales force has a social justice bottom line. we are saying to drop the contract with u.s. border patrol.
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>> this blimp about 3,000 feet above the maconi center, they jumped off and landed fire jump street. during the convention there will be several keynote speakers including former president obama. >> we inspire the company to be the change we want people in these companies to be. we want to have sustainable development goals. as it with the partnership with the un. >> more than 170,000 people are pecked to attend the event. >> reporter: traffic near the masconi is expected to get there tonight. howard street will be closed from third and 4th street. the sold out event runs through friday. and there's the safety power shutoffs. power will be cut off tomorrow
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and at 1:00. this includes lafayette, and richmond. 2 more bay area counties were added to the list last night. san mateo and portions of santa sonoma county. 300,000 customers could be cut off when the winds pick up tomorrow in an effort to improve communication. the you'll tilt traded employees to stay on hand in the emergency operation centers. >> we have your survival guide for the power shut i don't have. we'll have tips for getting prepared and other useful resources on >> you can see a windy, a live look for the salesforce tower camera. it's shaking in the wind this afternoon. right now with the cold front pushing through we're look at -d
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at sfo, those westerly winds, redwood city we're at 20 miles per hour winds right now. this is sustained, looking at of the north, northeast. that's an offshore wind component. a red flag warning from 4:00 a.m. the mountain and diablo range. we're talking fire weather conditions as we go through tomorrow into thursday. wail talk more about this high fire danger coming up. new at noon, gathering a better picture of how much debris was removed from the deadly camp fire. now, one year since it broke out in butte county. >> 59 trips to the moon. that's pretty phenomenal, right? >> 4 golden gate bridges worth of debris. it puts it in the context of how complicated this effort
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was. >> in nine months, crews cleared 11,000 properties of debris throughout butte county. they're moving on to face two of the projects which includes identifying hazardous trees and getting them out of the way so the process can be made. several firearms were seized, the three-month long investigation targeted a gang that's been terrorizing stockton streets. >> we need your help. there's no reason to have weapons like this in the hands if people who don't have license to carry weapons lawfully. you know who the young men are, there are young women, but mostly young men, you know who they are who are original on the vernal to become the next members of that gang. >> the department of justice and others are expected to see the gang crackdown in stockton. the five suspects accused of shooting up a halloween party have not been charged and
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at last check four of the five suspects arrested are out of jail. the contra costa county d.a. did not provide an explanation for not filing charges. authorities arrested the five suspects last week in a series of raids in antioch and san mateo in connection with a shooting of five people in an air b and b. >> a lot of efforts should have gone in to prepare for the arrest warrants going into marin city. the effort it made to take those arrests. >> as of last night, we are told 28-year-old lebron wallace is the only one behind bars. what's arrested on suspicion of murder and conspiracy. there have been two more druggings on campus. 6 students have reported being victims of a date rape drugs.
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this comes from female students on two different days. one student was drugged at a party on friday. another student slipped something into her drink and coffee on saturday. the department of public safety did not have evidence to confirm the most recent reports. they are asking anyone with more information to come forward. >> and the parents of a cornell university freshman are offering a $10,000 reward to solve the mystery surrounding their son's death. and the 18-year-old's body was found days after following a fraternity party last month. >> these are the last photos she took with her son before he attended a fraternity party. >> saw him having a happy weekend for us, and just seeing the excitement that he shared with me, particularly, because i saw him the night before. >> the cornell university freshman failed to meet him the
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following day. his body was found at the bottom of a gorge. >> my gut fooling is he was with others. >> your message to anyone who saw him that night is what? >> please, have the courage to come forward and let us know what happened that night. >> police say there are is in foul play expected. they said the party was an unregistered fraternity sponsored event where alcohol was served and that the events follow a pattern of misconduct in the greek letter system. >> antonio would be here tonight if they had not had this unauthorized dirty rush parrot. >> they've suspend the fraternity. they offered the deepest condolences and the members continue to work with police. >> we need to know, we need to take actions and to prevent
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these tragic senseless things from happening. tsialas is one of four campus deaths nationwide that has led to suspensions or crackdown in the last 30 days. there's an hour to go before the closin under fire accused of putting the homeless in worse situations than before. 24 woman said her rent was 1500 a month paid for by public money and bay area community services, an inspector came out and saw no access to a restroom, black mold, nails sticking out of the walls and a rat infestation. the garage was ordered to be shut down june it's horrible.
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that is not right. that's not right. i mean what is going on. there's billions and billions of dollars donated to clean us off the street and give us permanent housing. so, what's going on. they're promising to meet a success rate and through the next year. it's something people on the street say is highly unlikely and if not impossible. and they sent the brief statement that they take any allegation seriously and they post the statements online. keep sending your stories to project home to and see the reporting on our website a big journey for a beloved giant panda, what it took to get the animal ready to a nonstop night it china. >> more and more people are working from home. they find working remotely benefits employees and the employer.
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we have made great stride, there is some fernando valley tilts dos and don't. do consider your aim if you have no known fertility issues try to concede for 12 months. try for 6 months before seeing a fertility specialist. >> sponsored
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the ntsb has a recommendation for boeing. redesign the engine covers on some 737 jets, this would better withstand the impact of engine failures. it will have details on the investigation of the southwest deadly accident. a fan blade punctured a window and suck a passenger out of the plane. the passenger died, it happened last year. the dallas to new york.
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the plane maker ordered another of orders from the dubai show. boeing dealt with the sun express to deal boeing 737 max jet that was the first firm pl thousands of accounts have been stolen. according to multiple reports, they've been put up for sale on the dark web for as little as $3. it takes privacy and security seriously. a growing number of people can go to work without leaving the house. and this is how much you can benefit employees and companies. >> reporter: smith's work commute is to the living room. he's a chief strategy officer who works from home one or two weeks at home. >> i can focus and.
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>> some employees work at home every day. many major companies don't require employees to come to the office and linked in estimates since 2016 there's been a 78% increase in job postings that mention work flexibility. >> the phenomenon of the studying is what i call work from any war. >> rod is part of a research team that found remote work allows for a more flexible schedule, those employees are more productive than the in office colleagues. they save money without having to commute and live in more a fordable areas, i want to work for cool companies in silicon valley and now, you don't have to live where they are where it's expensive. >> i'm 25% more productive. >> he wouldn't want to do it every day. >> i enjoy seeing my colleagues
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and co-workers and that camaraderie that comes from an office. >> that's the only downside and he sees remote work as a win for the employee and the employer. cancer is the most common cause of death in dogs. >> but now a major veterinary hospital in our on backyard is it in the bud. meet max, he's a pine here in a groundbreaking vaccine study. it may benefit dogs and dog's best friend, humans. >> cancer affects everyone whether they have two or four legs. >> watch tonight at 7:00 for our original report on the new dog cancer vaccine. let's check in with mary with a look at our forecast for today. >> okay. >> okay. good afternoon. we are looking at breezy and windy conditions, a cold front is push thug with the onshore
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flow. we're looking at offshore winds that will kick in behind that front. temperatures are much cooler. you'll notice that as we step outside. our salesforce tower camera is looking south. you can see clouds and sun. temperatures are running in the 50s and 60s. concord you're at 66. oakland 62 and livermore 61. san jose in the mid-60s and upper 60s for santa rosa. so, a 24 temperature change, we're cooler compared to yesterday at this time. this is 12 degrees cooler in livermore and also for santa rosa and novato. 9 degrees cooler at half moon bay. we had the cold front push through and kicked off the wind for ups this. will drop south than will bring offshore winds. we're watching critical fire weather conditions. for the rest of today, there is the chance to see an isolated shower or sprinkle. we're going to see increasing
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clouds for this evening and tonight the sky will be clear as we head through your wednesday with the northerly to northeasterly winds. on futurecast wind gusts you can see windy conditions along the coast tonight. watch as we head through late tonight into tomorrow morning, so the winds will pick up for the north bay mountains as you can see the red and purple colors indicating the gusty winds up at the higher elevation, wednesday evening, another burst of strong winds. gusts up to # 0 miles per hour for the mountain peeks. a red flag warning is in effect. it's indicating the high fire danger and this is for the north bay especially with those strong winds, low relative humidity values and very dry for that soil moisture. our sun sets at 4:55 and sunrise 4:55, there we go with the extended forecast. we'll see quieter way by thursday. it's an end of the work week
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with temperatures near average this time of the year. >> sounds good. thank you. the national zoo in washington, d.c., beibei is on wait to china today. zoo keepers have worked for weeks to prepare him for this journey. they made sure he would be an acclimated by staying in the crate and getting used to the closed door and he's four-year old. a bay area student speaks out about mental health struggles. >> e-mail us if you have a consumer watch question. e-mail us or call the number on your screen. we'll be right back. period is here. nrollment the time to choose your medicare coverage... begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so call unitedhealthcare and take advantage of a wide range of plans with a variety of benefits... including an aarp medicare advantage plan
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one in five americans will experience a men that will health crisis this year. >> this woman decided to speak out to help others. >> reporter: it's senior celebration night at the high and this woman is playing for the hockey team.
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>> my little sister is growing up. >> off the field, the teens had some tough times, and the close family member has a condition, and learned about at five years old. >> i understand, they're ignoring me, now, i understand he needed a lot of care and support and love. >> as her family began to heal, they also felt the stigma so often associated with mental health. >> i thought it was me and my family. that we were alone if this area. >> she excelled at school achieving a 4.0 average. it was a ap psychology that changed her life. students were asked to fill out a questionnaire about mental health care and families. every kid in class had a story to tell. >> i was relieved i wasn't the only one but i was angry that no one ever spoke out about how normal it is and how we're not alone. >> her courage to speak out
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about her family members' journey inspires her classmates and teachers. >> i see her working with people, and helping people. i see her helping to make the world a better place. >> she's going to study nursing and her mother couldn't be more proud. and she has this advice for anyone who has a loved one struggling with mental health care. >> stay informed so know the si and how to help to the best of ngyojustlet them help themselves and let them heal first, if you or someone you know needs mental health care. there's a national number of mental illness that has a hot line you can call. >> scholars, go to our website, kpix/sra, we'll be right back. look, this isn't my first rodeo...
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and let me, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. this is a cbs news special report. i'm in washington, welcome back. the hearings are about to resume with two key witnesses,
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kurt volker. he's the special envoy to the ukraine. that will be interesting to hear from him. and tim morrison, a russia expert at the national security council. and this man volker is key to this dealings because of his keys to the government and rudy giuliani and ambassador sondland. he's one of the so-called try amigos who are accused of this irregular diplomatic channel. we'll hear him say today he's uncomfortable being lumped in that three amigthere are two in he's not part of it. >> let's listen to chairman sciff. there is a quorum present. we'll proceed today in the same
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fashion as our other hearings. i'll make an opening statement and the ranking member will have an opportunity to make his opening statement. we'll turn to our witnesses for opening statements and then to questions. with that i now recognize myself to give an opening statement and the impeachment into president trump the 45th president of the united states. this afternoon we'll hear from two witnesses requested by the minority, ambassador volker and the special ukraine relations and tim morrison. i appreciate the minority's request for these witnesses and david hale from whom we'll hear from tomorrow. as we've heard from other witnesses, when joe biden was considering to enter the race for the presidency in 2020. the president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani began a campaign to weaken vice president joe
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biden's candidacy by investigating him and his son. they called march rye yo-yo, and the ambassador was known to push anticorruption effort and they cancelled vice president mike can the president zelensky and the ambassador kurt volker. they returned and encouraged first interactions withment new ukrainian administration. hopes that trump would agree to an the ukrainian president was diminished when trump pushed back. according to volker, he didn't believe it and he said i hear he has terrible people around him. he said he believe that ukraine
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tried to take him down. he told the three amigos. talk to rudy. they did. one of the interactions took place on the july 25th phone call between trump and zelensky and president trump had breakfast rudy giuliani at the trump hotel. july 22nd days before trump would talk to zelensky, he had a telephone conversation with juliana and the top advisor so that he could be introduced to yermak, and the same day the call volker sent a text message to yermak, investigate and get to bottom of what happena
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to washington. good luck! later that day, donald trump will have the now, infamous phone call with zelensky which responds to be ukraine's administration for the u.s. defense support and to buy more javelin antitank missiles. i would like to you do us a favor. the favor was two investigations they had been pushing for into the bidens in 2016. when asked about what it reflected. he testified in president of the united states should ask a foreign leader should be asked to help interfere on a us election. >> tim morrison took over as the nsc direct for for european affairs. he had been briefed by the predecessor fi ah ona hill.
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vindman and miss williams from whom we heard this morning, like them, morrison emerged from the call, troubled. i was concerned about what he heard on the july 25th he went to see the nsc legal advisor soon after it ended. his fear was the president had broken the law potentially. he said that his concern was that the call could be damaging if it were leaked. soon after this discussion with lawyers at the nsc, the call record was hidden away on a secure server used to have highly classified intelligence where it remained until the call record was released ambassador volker worked with sondland and ukraine than president than president on statement that would satisfy guiliani. when yermak sent over a draft failed to


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