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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 21, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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now at 4:30 and streaming on cbs and bay area looking live from our exclusive tower camera and we're looking east. it is thursday. good morning. it is november 21st, 2019. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. 4:31 right now. let's see how thursday is shave shaping up. >> quieter weather for sure for today and definitely a chilly start. check out santa rosa. you're down to 36 degrees. definitely bundle up as you head out the door. concord at 47. 57 in oakland and san francisco. 43 in livermore and san jose at 46. a live look with clear skies at the bay bridge with the treasure island camera. through the day we'll see the sun a mild afternoon. san francisco looking at a high of 63 also for oakland. mid-60s for san jose and
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concord. daytime highs seasonal for this time of year. maybe a degree to two degrees average. taking a look at traffic at the bay bridge. we're seeing a few cars stacking up, but that is typical for this time of the morning. if you're headed out the door early, looking good here out of the east bay at least from emoryville oakland to san francisco. clear into the city. the dream course convention is still under way. howard street remains closed between 3rd and 4th streets until november 24th. use mass transit if you're headed into san francisco. >> traffic 880, okay during the hay ward portion. right now san mateo bridge lightly traveled. easy to go from 880 to 101 but a trouble spot involving a big rig. katie has more on that.
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>> reporter: we have been following this is "daily blast live." we are talking about what you're talking about. real, honest, entertaining, live. dbl this this morning. that is northbound big rig accident. same for the his steer yen on- ramp to southbound 800 also closed due to a sedan versus a semi truck accident. apparently the fuel tank of the semi-truck is leaking cool. they are going to try to get that cleaned up, but we do not have an estimated time for reopening and no word on any injuries yet. at the live news deck i'm katie nielsen back to you. >> a man fatally stabbed a passenger and will make his first appearance in the courtroom. he stabbed the victim on tuesday on a train at the south hayward bart station. they say the victim 49-year-old oliver williams of oakland intervened to stop him from stealing shoes from a sleeping
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passenger. they said they don't have enough staff to have a police officer on board every train. >> we're doing everything we can to get a fully staffed police department. >> we have 35 officers on duty at anyone point entail throughout the entire 48 stations. >> bart says starting on monday there will be mandatory over time for the police department so more officers can patrol the trains. that will last at least until january 3. brim was arrested after trying to steal a car from a deal ler ship on nearby tennyson road. thousands of customers in the north bay are in the dark but this time not only are they facing high fire danger, they are dealing with cooler temperatures. temperatures in sonoma county dipped into the 30s overnight. roughly 15,000 residents there dealt with the blackouts. intersections normally lit up
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now not. >> the household in santa rosa left christmas lights up trying to make the most of a difficult situation. >> we just do the best we can. we can't run the business because we rely on internet so we want the power to come back on. >> be coming the new nor marm and until things change we have to lean into these things. pg&e will turn the power back on this morning for all customers in sonoma county. schools will start at 10:00 hoping the power will be back on bay then. during the power shot offs and resources go to 4:35 right now as you take a live look at capitol hill. a major development into the impeachment inquiry. the ambassador to the european union suggesting there was a quid pro quo. >> two more testify today. skyler henry is there with
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more. >> reporter: everyone was in the loop. gordon sondland's lengthy testimony on wednesday was perhaps the most damning to date of the was there a quid pro quo? the answer is yes. >> reporter: he said he learned through rudy giuliani that president trump expected ukraine to publicly announce investigations into the bidens and 2016 election, in return a coveted white house meeting. >> we knew these investigations were important to the president. he presumed u.s. military aid being held up at the time was also part of the deal even though it was never mention today him by the president. republicans were quick to jump on that point. >> the aid was my own personal guess based on your analogy 2 plus 2 equals 4. >> they get the call, they get the meeting, they get the money. it is not 2+2, it is 3.
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after his testimony, laura cooper revealed the ukrainians were aware the military aid was held up on july 25th, the same day mr. trump brought up the investigations with ukraine's president. >> a member of my staff got a question from a u.s. embassy contact asking what was going on with ukraine's security assistance. >> staffer david holmes who overhead a phone call between sondland and the president testifies today along with former white house advisor. say ler henrik cbs news, capitol hill. >> >> he claimed mike pence and mike pompeo were aware of attempts to pressure ukraine. both denied their involvement. stay with us to hear more on the impeachment inquiry. cbs news will bring con plates coverage of this week's hearings. a special report starts in about 90 minutes. your local news will continue
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on cbsn bay area which you can access on multiple devices and platforms. to download our cbs news app or go to to watch. 4:38 right now. several people have been taken into custody following outrage on the berkeley campus. >> protesters. late last night a woman was dragged out of the event by police. she shouts at coulter accusing the right winning author of being a racist and a nazi. hundreds were met by a strong police presence and barricades. several have been arrested. the chaos ignited the debate over what free speech means on the campus that sparked the movement in the 1960s. a we need political discuss anywhere and the best place is on campus. >> one is to shut down ann
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coulter and have her end her event. she was scheduled to speak at cal two years ago, but her sponsors cancelled because security provided by the city and university was inadequate. ten presidential candidates locked horns last night. it came 75 days before the iowa caucuses coming up in february. how to improve the healthcare system among the topics. >> let's get as much help as we can as fast as we can >> the fact is right now the vast majority of democrats do not support medicare for all. another big issue, who is the candidate with the best chance of beating the incumbent. >> if you think a woman can't beat donald trump, nancy pelosi does it everyday. >> running to repair for to prepare to launch the era that
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must come after trump. the next democratic debate is scheduled for december 19th in los angeles. >> back here in the bay area, road rage takes a violent turn after bay area mother making a plea for justice. shri climbs she was assaulted in front of her child and the man who did it is getting off easy. this video was taken a few days ago. she had just dropped off her daughter at laurel creek elementary school in obamacare. oakland. she says the man approached her window and started banging on it. she got out of the car and claims the man started slapping her so she maced him. >> my biggest fear was he was going to punch me while my daughter was in the back seat. >> i want limb to be accountable for him attacking me. it is hard to believe that you can go around attacking people and you don't get any consequences. >> a police took a report but
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as of this morning, no charges have been filed. now to some crazy video to show you of a harrowing ride- share in los angeles. t mz obtained this video. the victim, a british model said her lyft driver got angry at her playing music. he pushed her down and knocked her over. good samaritans rushed over to help and the driver is banned from lyft and facing battery charges this morning. straight ahead, the bay area commercial fishing season delayed by the fishermen themselves. why it has to do with a sea creature no one is trying to catch. the city of san francisco and the
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twitter is testing out a new feature only available to a few lucky users. diane king hall has that story and more in today's money watch report. >> reporter: wall street laos ground on wednesday. the dow dropped 112 points. s&p 500 fell 11. stocks took a dive after rim rest reuters reported one of the china trade mago into next year. beijing is asking for extensive roll backs of tariffs. the u.s. will tariffs on daises 15th of cli knees imports. >> google is restricting
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political ads. beginning in january, u.s. political ads won't be targeted to users based on political affiliation but they can still use categories such as gender, age and postal code. it is not an edit button but twitter is testing a feature that should make some users happy. some people will be able to schedule their tweets to post at a specific time in the future. it is only available to a few lucky ausers right now, but has always been available on the tweet deck. that is your money watch report. for more, head to at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. >> crabbing season might be delayed until at least december 15th because a huge pod of whales. they don't want the whales to get tangled up in their crab
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pots. itis currently 275 per pound, 75 cents less than last year. a the price is lower eight year >> a double-edge sword, the whales and the price. at this point in time we just want to go fishing. the final decision -- the decision is not final yet. fish and wildlife will consider recommendations submitted by tomorrow afternoon. >> you two both love crabs. >> i can't wait. >> yes. >> i am already thinking of breakfast for sure. >> crab in december. >> donuts, you name it. i can have it. >> we're starting off the day with chilly temperatures this morning. especially in the north bay, check out santa rosa down to 36 degrees. bundle up this morning as you
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head out the door. we're looking at temperatures in the mid-40s in concord, san jose, livermore, mid 50s right now for oakland and for downtown san francisco. here is a live look looking at the tower under clear skies. other locations this morning, 43 for you in san ra tell. 42 fairfield. looking at temperatures at 44 as we start off our day in fremont. 40 in mounds view. 43 for redwood city. taking you flew the afternoon we're going to see plenty of sunshine. quiet, calm conditions and temperatures seasonal for this time of year. upper 50s along the coast. low to mid 60s and our inland locations just in the mid- to upper if 60s. so mild conditions as we go through the day. this low pressure system moving a way from us. it did bring that much-needed rain to southern california breaking their dry streak. we because have used the rain,
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but we are looking at that chance to see some rain for next week. i'll show you this in just a moment. in the meantime high pressure will build in for us here in the bay area. hour by hour and you can see 3:00 p.m. sunny to mostly sunny skies. then for tomorrow we're looking at very similar conditions to end out the workweek. thankfully quieter calmer conditions and calm to light conditions through the day. fast forwarding to the day before thanksgiving and tracking this strong cold low pressure system that could bring us our first real chance xt week as we okahead hopefully, that will be the case. way definitely need has betime. well, we're looking at temperatures for today around 63 in san francisco and oakland. 65 in concord and san jose. 66 for santa rosa with that
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sun. that extended forecast, again similar for tomorrow. maybe a few more clouds, but we'll continue with plenty of sunshine with temperatures seasonal through the weekend into monday, tuesday, and temperatures a little cooler with more clouds in there with that rain chance for next wednesday. let's get a look at the roadways. we have given you trouble spot reports. a crash. along 280, 101 right around southbound 101 at bayshore boulevard. a crash there. chp headed out to the scene. bate look of it as our censors are showing some slower speeds as you approach the accident. down to 34 miles per hour we'll keep our eye on that one this morning. over to 280 and this trouble spot on john daly boulevard looks like it may be affect the ramp, not the main lines of southbound 280 but a crash reported with a vehicle and
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pedestrian. there is activity on scene. try to avoid that ramp. the that is blocked. south 280 to john daly boulevard. over to the east bay, surface streets, not affecting the main lines but it is closed there in both directs for an earlier accident involving a big rig. there is a fuel spill so that is causing the delays there in those surface streets around there. take a look at traffic through the altmonte pass. if you're a signs commuter this is typical. 580. not quite to grant line, but it is building westbound into the altamont pass. once you are past there into the livermore valley toward the dublin interchange, moving pretty well 205 to 680. harrison ford has a new best friend in his next movie. a baby on the way. you never know what is coming. >> 20th century fox has the new trailer for the adaptation of
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the jack london classic, the call of the wild. harrison ford. buck the dog was uprooted and taken to the yukon in the 1890s. mandy moore is hitting the road. the actress and singer announced her first north american tour in more than a decade. it kicks off march 20th and including stops in chicago and san francisco. more recently released two singles from her upcoming album that drops next year. >> the two year journey of the saga continues on netflix with a chris mass prince, the royal baby. amber and richard prepare for the birth of their child, but first must protect it from an ancient curse. >> can you bring me some bagels? >> the christmas prince, the royal baby on december 5th. that is your eye on
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entertainment. according to our views worse adult supervision to sea the warrior highlights this morning. you might need a quick bathroom break first. >> flush it down the toilet. literally just move on. >> and stay with us. in just about 15 minutes we will be live the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to mateo, my favorite chair. grace, you get the beach house... just don't leave the lights on, okay? to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride.
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good morning. h:53. if you are heading out the dar, if you take 101-a trouble spot at bayshore. a couple cars and delays. speeds down to about 33 miles t also along the peninsula, 280,
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john daly boulevard that is blocked for a crash involving a vehicle and a pedestrian. a lot of activity there on scene. >> >> not even a healthy steph curry and thompson could have stopped him. the hottest player just got hotter at the warriors' expense. he has heel soreness golden state with just 8 players last night. he drives in for the duck. no defense there, but dallas led 22-7 p. he had 22 in the first quarter. a 33. dallas need. luca with the defender in his face, still hit. he had 33 in the first half and i would be snailing too. mavs led at the break. the warriors tried to double team him and he threw up an assist. he had 11. he didn't play the 4th quarter and finished with 35 points triple-double. warriors may put that guy into stop him.
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122-94. it was so bad that even the reporters didn't get steve's humor after the game. tough to lose by 48 points but you know a break here or there and it's only would have been 42, so that is how we have to look at it. nobody caught the sar casm there? >> i did. >> trying to be funny. >> randy getting a little hydration sensation. st. mary's took on fresno state in sacramento. plenty of good seats available. crazy pass. the slam. the gaels won 68-58. they are 4-1. raiders defense siv end max crosby named the defensive players of the weak bit another max starts the top five. warriors could have used his. max had 30. three missed only one shot. sign that kid to a contract or
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at least give him a shoe deal. how about b.j. johnson, g league's lakewood magic. the steal. 360 dunk. he has only played in six nba games. charlottes miles bridges, higher than spa coly but lost. a >> five seconds left. gulf coast, coast-to-coast. buzzer beating winner. eagles won 72-70. how do you like it? 76ers and fiov made his rst career 3 ball. he was 0 for 17 in his career coming into last night. sixers beat new york 109-94. 0 for 17. now he is 1 for 18. remember him? he was better than ben simmons. that is the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell.
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see yeah tonight. >> 4:56. >> straight ahead, barack obama making bay area appearances. his key note speech at san francisco's biggest convection convention coming up. bart promises to make their stations safer. don't forget ware screaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find us at cracker barrel, we're cooking up warm feelings of home this season. with country fried turkey,
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and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 5:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area as we take a live look outside. two more witnesses testifying following explosive treme in the impeachment inquiry. this morning we're live with a preview of day five. >> the question for bart. can the g.m. give riders their sense of safety back. another crime hits the transit
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agency. >> braving the cold without power this morning. the new concerns for the north bay. it is thursday, november 21st, 2019. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get to mary lee to talk about the forecast. a bit chilly. >> it is for sure especially for the north bay. check out santa rosa. you're down to 38 degrees as we start off the day. definitely bundle up this morning. it is very cold. one of the coldest mornings we have seen in a bit here. concord you're at 48. oakland 56. livermore 42. 57 inn san francisco. 45 for san jose. under those skies. with that dry air, and clear skies, temperatures dropping this morning. this after nan with sunshine, we'll see mild, seasonal temperatures mid-60s in concord and san jose. 63 oakland as well as for san francisco. we will talk about our friday and into the weekend and wh


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