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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 21, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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safety back. another crime hits the transit agency. >> braving the cold without power this morning. the new concerns for the north bay. it is thursday, november 21st, 2019. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get to mary lee to talk about the forecast. a bit chilly. >> it is for sure especially for the north bay. check out santa rosa. you're down to 38 degrees as we start off the day. definitely bundle up this morning. it is very cold. one of the coldest mornings we have seen in a bit here. concord you're at 48. oakland 56. livermore 42. 57 inn san francisco. 45 for san jose. under those skies. with that dry air, and clear skies, temperatures dropping this morning. this after nan with sunshine, we'll see mild, seasonal temperatures mid-60s in concord and san jose. 63 oakland as well as for san francisco. we will talk about our friday and into the weekend and when we could see our first big
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chance of rain coming up. thanks. i'm getting first report of a new accident on the upper deck of the bay bridge. three cars involved around trish sure island. traffic starting to stack up at the bay bridge toll plaza. no word yet if it is blocking any lanes. may cause delays into the city. right now you're backed up beyond that 880 overpass. they may have just put the metering lights on this morning. this is 101 and 17th street. just south we have a crash southbound 101. they are running a traffic break. two cars involved in this accident. it is blocking at least those two left lanes there. just updated that so a slow raid through there. try 280 in the meantime if you're headed southbound. southbound 280 john daly boulevard ramp is blocked for a serious accident involving a vehicle and pedestrian. main lane rest lines are open
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in both directions. >> a man stabbed a good samaritan to death. jackie ward is live at the south hayward bart station with more. jackie. >> reporter: kenny, in just a few hours, bart's board members will talk about how they can make this station and all their stations safer. all week long we have been asking about this very topic about the additional security they have promised following tuesday's death. we didn't see any here yesterday morning. we don't see any this morning. on tuesday, there were no officers on the train or at the station where oliver williams was left today after being stabbed with his own knife. we're doing everything we can to get a fully staffed police department. >> we have 35 officers on duty at anyone point in time throughout the entire 48 stations. >> reporter: the g.m. tried to reassure thpuic
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about the safety bay highlighting the hiring of 54 officers this year. williams died after trying to stop this man, germain, from stealing a pair of shoes from a sleeping passenger. he was arrested after trying to carjack a deal salean. they will meet at 9:00 and brim will be arraigned in dublin at 2:00 this afternoon. jackie ward, kpix 5. i'm katie nielsen at the live news desk. we're following a breaking story where the southbound 680 on-ramp is currently shut down at his steer yen because of a big rig versus a sedan crash. this happened a little after 3:00 this morning around 3:30. right now caltran is on the way because that crash caused a hole in the fuel tank of that big rig. it is now leaking fuel so this
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is his spear yen on-ramp. northbound is also closed to post office road. several people have been taken into custody following outrage on the u.s. berkeley campus. it went down during protests. anne coulter. late last night a woman was dragged out by police. she shouted at coulter accusing the right winning author and pro voc couture of being a racest and nazi. hundreds were met bay strong police presence outside and barricades. several arrests have been made. >> >> taking a live look at capitol hill where we're following a major development in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. the president's handpicked ambassador to the eu says there was a quid pro quo. two more will test fay today.
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here is more. good morning. >> reporter: hey chelle good morning. safe to call yesterday a bombshell of a day given the testimony. the apple bas dar to the european union gordon sondland says that he learned through rudy giuliani that he learned into the bay dense and in return there was going to be a coveted white house meeting. he resumed u.s. military aid being held up at the time was also part of the deal. even though it was never mentioned to him by the president. now after that, the republicans were quick to jump on that point and after some testimony, laura cooper revealed the ukrainians were the mill -- were military aid was held up on july 25 n, the same day trump brought up the political investigations in the phone call with ukraine's president. >> was there a quid pro quo?
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the answer is yes. rudy giuliani was expressing the de saoirse of the united states and we knew these investigations were important tort president. >> a member of my staff got a question from a ukraine embassy contact asking what was going on with ukraine's security assistance. >> reporter: david holmes overhead a july 2 ifth phone call between sondland and the president testifies today and russia advisor theo na hill who said they had been avoiding her the entire time so set to be a pretty event full day again on capitol hill. >> how they responded to sondland's claim? >> reporter: well several officials were named including vice president mike pence, mike
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pompeo and mick mulvaney. all denied any claims to be involved in all of this. way heard from the president yesterday who call it out with notes saying he and ambassador sondland had and he wanted no quid pro quo. lee had no ties to ukraine. so again, it is set to be pretty event full here today. >> we will be watching. say ler henry on capitol hill, thank you. cbs news will bring complete coverage of the impeachment hearings which starts in about 50 minutes. local news will continue on cbsn bay area which you can access on multiple devices and platforms. download the cbs news app or go to to watch. happ obama will deliver the key note speech today at san francisco's convention center. he will head to silicon valley for a fundraising event at a
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home. the fundraiserrer for the democratic national committee will be his first political event for the 2020 campaign season. it goes from 10,000 to $355,000. thousands of pg&e customers it north bay are in the dark. this time around not only are they facing high fire danger, they are dealing with caller temperatures. >> temperatures in sonoma county dipped into the 30s overnight. rauchly 15,000 residents there dealt with the blackouts they turned into four way stops. all you can see is darkness. >> we do the best we can. we can't run the business because we rye rest relay on the internet so we want the power to come back on. a be coming the new normal. until things change we have to lean into these things. pg&e is expected to turn the power back on some tame
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this morning for all customers in sonoma county. schools in the area are tentatively planning to start at 10:00 this morning hoping the power will be back on bay then. >> the pg&e shut downs are prompting a lawmaker to help protect medical equipment and cell phone towers. state senator plans to introduce this in january. one bill would require mobile phone companies to pro individual at least 72 hours of battery backup power on the towers. others will provide a backup battery pack for all customers' lives that would be a problem. you can check out our survival guide at 5:09. >> straight ahead this morning, our original series project home coming up. the act being taken because of our reporting to help californians in the fire zone. the winds in the north bay now have eased significantly so thankful about flat. but now it is cold.
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so e especially in the north bay dealing with temperatures down to the 30s this morning. a chilly start for sure. we'll talk about your full forecast coming up. >> the metering lates were
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5:12. original series project home. the state insurance commissioner is taking action after our report. we reveal thousands of homeowners in high risk fire areas are losing their insurance coverage. >> the insurance commissioners wants to change the law and force their hand. it is not a good situation. that is for sure. >> annabelle hall has been with aaa insurance for more than a decade but at the end of october at the same day the kincade fire started, they dropped who took her i didn't think aaa would do that. i have been with them for a long time. my mother is with them. i never thought they would do this, but they did. >> it is a growing trend across california. 350,000 people have lost home insurance. orinda is the new hot spot. nonrenewals are doubled the bay area average. annabelle worries the ripple effectgoing to have.
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a [ no audio. ] after the tub fire in 2017 and parra days in 2018, insurance companies paid out $25 billion. aaa told annabelle they won't with her because she is on a little, wads and a small road which is why she was there. >> this doesn't make any sense. like i mean like i said, it is like not insuring a car because they can get into an automobile accident. >> maybe we need to change some laws. >> that is what state insurance commissioner intends to do. >> we have to sound the alarm now. >> this past week, his office announced changes to the fair plan which is intend today be california's insurer of last resort. bay april 2020 the fair pl
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will be forcing increased coverage limits. monty fee cwhicotto now. >> the expectation that in the near future the fair plan will be a comprehensive plan that can make people whole? >> yes. >> in january, he will ask the legislature to start targeting insurance companies that are issuing these nonrenewals. on less yeah force them to come to the table, they are for the going to. >> he wants these companies to work with fair customers and do things to harden their homes like cut down trees, insure the property is accessible. >> we're proposing, allow us to mandate insurance companies for half done the right thing. >> are you worried the ripple effect is already happening and affecting the housing market? >> absolutely. this is already, all we have to
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do is go visit thtown thisis via imenl afct arhaving ha tbuilding and selling their hopes. and people cannot afford 200 or 100% increase in their policy. >> that is what annabelle worries abut. for now she found another provider so she is covered for the next year. she can't help to worry about the future though and if fire in other communities put the value of her nest egg at risk. a if we can't sell our house, terrible. >> we should point out the fair plan is not publicly funded and its president said this mandate could have up in tendnd consequences like raising rats for consumers. they have 30 days to prevent a new operating plan to the com commissioner.
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>> keep sending your stores ris and ideas to project and you can see all the reporting on our website. >> the bay bridge, they flipped the metering lights on earlier than tip clay what they see. we do have a minor fender bender as you pass the toll plaza. i was looking at our caltran cameras and they are off to the side. it is not block any lanes now, but when anything happens on the bay bridge, things get slow quick lift your back up well beyond the 880 overpass. your drive times are inching up a bit. 12, 15 minutes to go from maze into the city right now. taking a look at traffic along 101 southbound as you work your way through bayshore, this accident here cleared out of lanes. still blocking at least the two left lanes. traffic coming in hot so 14
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minutes your drive time 101 from 80 to 380. we'll keep our eye on that and activity clearing on the john daly on-ramp for an earlier injury accidents. altamont pass, 205 connecting to 580 stop and go conditions there. the good news, once you're past that, the usual stuff headed to the dublin interchange with a 30 minute drive time. all in the green there right now. i want to show you a look at some video here as you head into the san lorenzo area. a car tangled up here. lanes are still blocked at his steer yen and it will affect your drive times. >> a well, the good news, the winds have definitely eased es fishily in the north bay mountains but now we're dealing with the cold temperatures for the north bay. what we call radiation shul
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cooling. temperatures can really plummet. you don't have the cloudcover to insulate us. santa rosa down to 38 degrees right now. one of the colder spots. 48 in concord. mid-50s oakland and san francisco. milder for you. low 40s in livermore. clear skies across the bay area. other locations as we start off the day, san rafael at 42. 49 in napa right now. looking at 41 in fairfield. 42 in livermore. 40 in mounds view. really specifically for the north bay, and locations that had their power shut off and now dealing with the cold temperatures. looking at 42 for pad da lew ma. we'rur seasonal for this time of year. for the coast upper 50s. for the bay low to mid 60s. call to mind temperatures there
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mid- to upper 60s. right around where we should be for this time of year. this low pressure system is uth it ended their dry streak and kicked up the winds for us in the bay area. a ridge of pressure will be building in and we'll see quiet weather through the next seven days. hour by hour mostly sunny skies. through tomorrow, very similar with our weather. another cold start. that afternoon sunshine. but on futurecast thankfully we're looking at calm to light conditions with our winds. fastforwarding to the day before thanksgiving next wednesday. there is a good chance we could see some rain with the strong upper-level system. for today temperatures right around where we should be for this tame of year. 65 santa clara as well as san jose. mojgan hill 67. mid-60s for concord, pleasant
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hill, livermore. 63 san francisco as well as for oakland, berkeley. 68 for cloverdale. plenty of sun, seasonal temperatures for the weekend and then that rain chance for next wednesday. >> thank you. time is 5:21. >> still to come this morning, dozens of schools shut down following a nasty virus. coming up, the hundreds of students and staff now sick. >> and let's head outside. you're looking live from our tower camera taking a look at
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%fo welcome back. 5:2h. canadian researchers are reporting what may be the first case of lung damage from vaping products. they described the case of a 17- year-old healthy boy whose vaping related injury is r t other causes, they said e-cigarettes liquids are the cause. >> they found a bone fractures. they looked at 3 million and
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it was higher for those with the skin condition is. >> according to a new survey one in three cancer patients have experienced side effects from treatments that they wish they had known more about. radiation therapy patients wanted more information. chemotherapy patients want more on gi symptoms and nerve damage >> a school district in colorado has closed dozens of campuses after an outbreak of highly contagious viruses. all 46 schools will be closed today and tomorrow as two viruses continue to sicken hundreds of students after staff. they're believe one of the illness is is norovirus and affects 22,000 students. they won't return until days 2nd because the schools are closed for the entire week of thanksgiving. and don't forget we're
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live from the cbs bay area studios, ws well, the impeachment hearing another day today and we are streaming on cbsn bay area as well. this is a live look at capitol hill. this morning, a look at the two witness wrapping up day day five. >> the new lawsuit against bay area sheriff and a private prison company filed by inmates. >> uber wanting to do much more than pick you up this morning. why they want to listen in during your ride. >> good morning. it is thursday, november 21st, 2019. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. good morning. cool conditions mary. >> that is right. it is a chilly starts specialty for the north bay and some spots down to the 30s. here is a live look with our san jose camera taking you to
5:30 am
the south bay first. san jose at 45 degrees. 48in ncd. oakldowntown san francisco. a cold 38 degrees right now for santa rosa. pinpointing the north bay, especially sonoma county, unfortunately, you have the power out and dealing with these cold temperatures. 38degrees there to start off the day. 42 in panda loma. all of us will see the sunshine. mild temperatures. seasonal for this time of year. topping out in the mid-60s in concord, san jose. 63 for san francisco as well as for oakland. upper 50s in pacifica. we'll talk about friday into the weekend as well as our next rain chance coming up but i want to know rest let you know what to expect. the survival guide and useful resources on good information. let's look father roadways. bay bridge toll plaza you're
5:31 am
stacked up. lots of company. that morning drive in full swing. backed up into the maze. we had a minor fender bender. that caused this backup early on this morning. slow and go coming off 580. that eastshore freeway starting to bog down a little bit. golden gate bridge doing okay. southbound 101 no delays heading into san francisco. san mateo bridge a stalled vehicle. looks like they cleared that out pretty quickly, because only a 14 to 15 minute drive time to go from 880 the nimitz freeway to 101. 101 lacking okay in that portion and out of san mateo but bayshore, still in the clearing stages. we're seeing brake lights westbound 580 into the altmonte pass. i'm jackie ward live at the bart station where a man was stabbed to death on tuesday. today, his alleged killer faces a judge for the very first time. also happening today, bart board members will talk about
5:32 am
security at all of their stations. we have been reassured that they will in fact be increasing security but they have to try and get the public's trust back right now. the fact that their passengers don't feel safe on their trains right now following tuesday's death. bart reassured us wi provide additional security at all their stations. the g.m. reminded the public about highlighting the hiring of 54 officers this year. >> 54. that is a record. that is more than any two years combined. >> notice an increased presence? >> no, i haven't. no. i haven't seen any police today or yesterday. >> police say oliver williams died after trying to stop this man from stealing a pair of shoes from a bart passenger. when he stepped in, he stabbed williams with williams own knife. he tried to carjack a car deal
5:33 am
ler ship salesman th here this week because the night side crew was here last night. a woman ran out of that area screaming saying she had been robbed. there were no bart police officers in sight. today the board members will meet in oakland at 9:00 this morning and then brim will be a rained in court in dublin at 2:00 this afternoon. . new this morning, a lawsuit accuses al me ta county and a private prison company of using slave labor in the jail. an illegal contact means they are not being paid. that is in violation of the 13th amendment and the prisoners' rates. the city of palo alto lost $500,000 in a settlement in a police misconduct case. ide s mobile ho with his claim
5:34 am
but agreed to pay damages and issue a public apology from one of the officers involved in the incident. >> >> i am katie nielsen at the live news desk. a live look in capitol hill. impeachment inquiries into president trump continue. a major development as the president's handpicked ambassador to the european union suggesting there was a quid pro quo. two more officials will testify in what could be the last round of public hearings in the investigation. cbs news will bring you complete coverage of those hearings, a special report starts here on kpix 5 in about 30 minutes. then local news will continue on cbsn bay area. >> back to you. then again local news will continue on cbsn bay area and just download the cbs news app or go to to
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the >> 5:34 right now. ten democratic candidates gathered for their party's fifth presidential debate came less than 11 weeks before the caucuses in iowa. among the topics last night, climate change. >> i'm the only one that will say climate is the number one pray or fi and it is the extra sensual threat to humanity of the the best solutions to the nation's healthcare problems and inquiry into president trump. >> there are very few issues we can talk about on this de bate stage that i have not worked on. i think that will be important to win this election. people know who was with them in a fate. >> the next democratic debate is scheduled for december 19th in los angeles. another day, another massive expansion by a tech company in the bay area.
5:36 am
this morning we're learning facebook really likes fremont. fremont's district to be act where they are planning a 9 million square foot complex. thousands of employees would work there, but some neighbors worry the plant will impact traffic and housing in the city. >> the commute already is insane. >> i was talking to one of my colleagues today and i told her traffic is going to be tripled. >> fremont's mayor is working with facebook to create a plan that adds housing and improves public transportation options. >> uber doesn't want to just pick yeah up, but listen in on your rides. the ride sharing giant is going to test the new audio recording feature in latin america next month for customers that opt in. this come ifs after assault scandals and growing safety concerns, but implementing the plan in the u.s. will be
5:37 am
challenging. states have different laws for voice recordings and privacy. uber is not commenting yet. >> a ride share attack caught on camera in los angeles. the victim a british mother el says her lyft driver got angry at her for playing music and he threw her out of the car pushing her down and knocking her over. good samaritans rushed into help. the driver was banned from if the and now facing battery changers. some students say a wide sup prem mi cyst manifesto was send to their cell phones. >> they say it was likely a hoax and was written by one that did a deadly shooting in new zealand back in is not jus manifesto concerning them. in the last weeks a low, 12 racist and anti sem mitt tick things happened near or on the campus. student protesters called on
5:38 am
the administration to take action. i can't promise. i cannot promise on be half of the whole board of trustees tonight. [crowd noise] students also called for the resignation. the chance lor said he met privately with some student protesters and hopes they can come to an agreement today. >> students sane ing up for city college of san francisco might have fewer programs to choose from this spring. the san francisco chronicle reports the college slashed 289 classes to close a new $13 million budget deficit. more than 200 of those courses count towards credit. hundreds were cut last summer and string. you have less than six weeks to take actions that might save you money. cbs news business analyst with some smart moves to boost your bottom line. jill, what can we do to help us
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with taxes next year? >> reporter: you want to check to sea whether you put enough money away to pay those takes. go to there is a neat withholding estimator tool. see if you're on track before it is too late. you may need to increase or decrease your holding. contact your company's payroll department to do so. if you're counting on tax refund toss pay up holiday debt, you might as well adjust your withholding right now. then you don't have to go into debt at all. if you're self-employed or have some gig income, you should be making quarterly tax. now is the time to figure out what is due so you can address it. >> >> good advice and simple steps there. jill, your end is important for retirees. what do they need to know? >> if you're over 70 and a half, you must be gin withdrawing a specific amount of money from your retearment
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assets because they haven't been taxed yet and uncle sam wants to get paid. the penalty for not taking this digs because is huge. 50% on the shortfall. that means if you were supposed to pull 5 grand out of the account, the penalty for not doing it is $2,500. so now i got your attention. if you have multiple >> r.a.s you on the have to take one r and d based on your age and the total value of the amounts but if you have a 401k, you have to take the r and d from each of those a counts individually. go to jill on jill in new york city, always good to sea you. thank you. facing growing competition from apple and google which offer ways to pay online, paypal is trying to get ahead of the curve acquiring honey in a $4 billion deal, a shopping plant form that offers online
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discounts and rewards. it still needs regulatory approves but should close early next year. 5:41. >> from food to cocktails and plant based straws, how diners are nibbling away some of their climate guilt. the winds have relaxed significantly across the north bay mountains. now dealing with cold temperatures. i'll have your full forecast and what to expect when you head out the dar coming up. traffic is starting to fill in. plus you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. good thursday morning to you. is is 5:44. here is a live look with our treasure island camera at downtown san francisco where it is 56 degrees under clear skies. other locations eggs specialty the north bay temperatures in the 30s this morning. i'll have your full forecast and what to expect in our next big chance for rain w way re up. to tackle climate change part of the 0 food print initiative and helps restaurants reduce their carbon footprint bay how food is prepared and how it is run. how many deliveries are made everyday to choosing venders committed to renewable farming. it is about 60% of our total waste. >> way want to not just get a
5:45 am
great product but one making a difference. recent data shows nearly 100 restaurants across the world are participating in the 0 food print initiative. cbs news survey shows nearly half of children in grades 4 through 12 reported being bullied in school at least once in the past month. >> one school district is using virtual reality. check it out. >> jack, what are you doing here? leave. no one likes yeah. >> this stinks. >> this video was played by an 8th grader in new jersey. though virtual reality and the students show what it feels like to be excluded from activities like basketball. >> i felt the same way so many times. a yes. >> it is just middle school, it is a part of it. >> the technology is now part of the school's curriculum. to open up to as many young
5:46 am
people and add dults as we can the various and long range impacts of being mean spirited just to satisfy yourself. and that in the end, your satisfaction is fleeting and those people are suffering. >> a last month's survey shows nearly 1 third of students admitted to bullying others in the same time frame. pretty cool technology. gives you a different perspective. i love that an 8th grader created it. >> that is amazing. i love they will know how it feels and that is the big thing having that compassion and empathy. >> with more awareness about this. hopefully, they will be kinder to each other. >> the goal, right. always. we can only hope. a drivers need to be kind der to each other too. a we have trouble spots on the freeways and surface streets this morning. san lorenzo, a big rig
5:47 am
accident. this has been there quite sometime. it happened overnight. a big rig tangled up with another vehicle. lanes are still blocked. there is a fuel spill so that is taking time for lanes to clear and to mop up that mess. i know from the latest crews are just arriving on scene to clear everything out of lanes so hopefully that will happen shortly. accessing 880 from his steer yen on-ramp might be a bit troublesome. that is blocked until they clear that. keep that in mind as you head out to 880 this morning. the main lines of the freeways loading up, as well. traffic getting busy southbound 880 into hayward. east and westbound getting busy as well. heading north of there take a look at the nimitz freeway in oakland, traffic moving a little better here. traffic slowing on the north side as you work your way past the coliseum. drive times on the 580 slow.
5:48 am
34 there. in the green on the eastshore freeway. highway 4 and 101. good news there from pittsburg into bay pointe in that area. closer look at traffic here along 580. it has extended. we're seeing delays. it is at least slow to grant line. once you're past that, things are looking better into the livermore valley. you have slowing there. this is 101 out of san francisco. we had a trouble spot here. u'reing okay in o thate 280 thbay,no crashes but bad news, we're seeing brake lights northbound 101 from that 280-680 connector tor and pockets as you rk nd101 to there. metering lights are on. busy out of the maze.
5:49 am
>> happy thursday to you. almost to the end of the work woke. we are looking at the winds much calmer thankfully so especially in the north bay. now dealing with cold temperatures. here is a live look look north of the golden gate bridge under clear skies. santa rosa down to 38 degrees, one of the coldest spots this morning. definitely bundle up. 48 in concord. 56 in oakland. 42 in livermore. mid-50s in san francisco. and mid 40s right now for santa rosa. other temperatures, those current conditions, looking at 42 in san rafael. 49 in napa. 41 right now in fairfield. 44 in fremont and mounds view. you're starting off the day with h0 and 43 for redwood city. through the day plenty of sun and cool to mild temperatures as we head through the day. seasonal for this tame of the year. for the coast, upper 50s. for the bay low to mid 60s.
5:50 am
lindh cases topping out warmer spots mid- to upper 60s. again, right around where we should be for this time of year. this low pressure system that brought the rain to the southern california area broke their dry streak. they needed that rain. they got it. for us we could have used it, but we saw the gusty offshore winds. that low moves out. high pressure moves in for us. those chilly mornings and sunny afternoons for the next several days. hour by hour, you can see sunny to mostly sunny joyce for tomorrow. similar, a thoughts cold start. then mild and seasonal temperatures as we head through the afternoon. friday into the weekend. the good news, you can see futurecast wind gusts, calm to light conditions with our winds. we'll fastforward all the way to next wednesday. the day before thanksgiving and that is when we could have a good chance to sea some rain. it is much needed for sure.
5:51 am
hopefully, we can get that rain for next wednesday. that is our next chance to see any precipitation. it has been a long time for sure. we need it. our sunrise at 6:56. our sunsets at time of year. looking at 64 in palo alto. 65 for santa clara and san jose. topping out at just 65 for concord, valeo. 63 for livermore. 63 in san francisco berkeley, oakland. 65 san rafael. looking at 68 for cloverdale. by the way tomorrow evening we have the holiday building lighting ceremony and temperatures it upper 50s if you're heading out there. don't forget your jacket. i'll be out there. our kpix 5 morning team ll defi and experience that. it should be a very awesome night. again, we're looking at very
5:52 am
seasonal temperatures throug the rain chance next wednesday. >> sounds good. mary. new images showing the sky an eerie shade of orange. dust fires in southeastern australia. more than 100,000 homes were left in the dark after tree branches knocked down power lines. some residents say this is the town's worst storm in 40 years. tame check 5:52. >> straight ahead this morning, take a live look at capitol hill where the countdown is on in today's public impeachment hearings. we're minutes away fr how do i use better than bouillon? i just add a spoonful to my marinades... stir frys... ...sauces. just whisk it in... ...brush it on...
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good thursday morning we're starting off with clear skies and chilly temperatures specialty for the north bay. santa rosa 38. 4 el in concord. oakland 56 as well as downtown san francisco. 42 livermore and san jose in the mid 40s. other locations with current conditions as we start off the day. 42 for you in san rafael. 49 in napa. sonoma county unfortunately base of the power offs and you can see how cold it is looking alt 38 right now in hills berg. hopefully, you can bundle up this morning. through the afternoon with that sunshine upper 50s along the coast. low to mid 60s for the bay. mid- to upper 60s inland so
5:56 am
seasonal, mild temperatures going through our afternoon. 65 for a high in concord. also for san jose. 63 oakland. 63 for san francisco. there is that extended forecast. cold mornings and then sunny, mild afternoons through friday ks weekend and the start of next week. our next big rain chance next wednesday. >> jumping over the roadways. lots of traffic headed to the bay bridge. a handful of trouble spots. a new crash reported a couple cars tangled up before the toll plaza but pretty much a parking lot anyway heading into san francisco. it improves as you move past the metering lights. good news if you're headed into the city. richmond san rafael bridge a ten minute drive time there. ann's sy ride here. a few more cars hit the roadway around the toll plaza area. san mateo bridge, 19 minutes driver time to go between the
5:57 am
nimitz free way to 101 in foster city. northbound looking good in san mateo. 880 not bad here. we're seeing okay conditions northbound. southbound definitely starting to bog down as you work your way into hayward. that may slow traffic down there. westbound 80 eastshore freeway, 20 minutes to the maze. westbound 580 to 680, 36 minute driver tame. >> thank you. it is 5:57 as we take a live look inside the capitol building where any minute now we will be gin this weak's final round of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry. this comes after yesterday's revealing testimony. he said that there was a quid pro quo with ukraine. >> now two more testify today.
5:58 am
we have a full cbs special report beginning in just a few minutes and we'll also stream it on your local news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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>> announcer: this is a cbs news special report. the impeachment hearings. i'm norah o'donnell in washington. a bombshell week on capitol hill continues today with new testimony on whether as democrats assert from the traoeupd to bribe ukraine to gain advantage over his political opponenents. we are looking at the house intelligence committee as they are preparing for what are essentially closing arguments, the last two public witnesses of the week. now, those proceedings will get under way in just a few minutes. of course we will have them to you on -- for you live. who are we going to hear from today? first, we will hear from


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