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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  November 21, 2019 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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the late show is up next with senator kamala harris and the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> when president zelensky's team did not receive a confirmed date for a white house visit, they made alternative plans president zelensky's first overseas trip to be to bless also instead. ambassador sondland host add dinner in president zelensky's honor following the reception which included president zelensky, jared kushner and comedian jay leno, among others. >> the "late show" has acquired the audio from that dinner. >> president zelensky! jay leno! excited to be having dinner with you here in brussels. i hope they're serving more than sprouts. i own over 150 cars. i have a 94 mclaren costs more
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than the total dppped of belgium. can you imagine how many waffles you could buy with that? >> i want to tell you that we -- what do you think about this impeachment? have you heard about this in the newspapers? i just don't get it, impeachment! when the president gets in deep trouble, isn't it more of an impicklement? >> i'm sorry -- that's jared kushner! looks like an orthodox swinderman. what's the deal with this burisma stuff? like what a jewish kid does when he turns 13. burisma. so, you're from the ukraine? you crane, i crane, we all crane for ukraine. wow, tough crowd. anyway, point is, the thing wasn't my fault. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. tonight all breaks loose and stephen makes a new "lord of the
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rings" trilogy. tonight stephen welcomes kamala harris and lady antebellum, jon batiste and "stay human." live on tape at the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hello! please have a seat, everybody. thank you so much. welcome one and all to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. and you can feel the excitement. everybody is so excited about day five of the live impeachment hearings. ( cheers and applause ) yeah. the witnesses have been compelling, they've corroborated what the whistleblower said, but the people on the tv say this whole thing has one problem --
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>> the issue keeps on being kind of complicated for people to follow. >> has this gotten too confusing for the american people? >> there are too many names, and too many of you tell me you're too confused. >> i know that sometimes it's not easy to follow all of these names in this particular saga. >> stephen: are you seriously claiming that it's not easy for americans to follow sagas with a lot of characters? have you heard of "game of thrones?" for pete's sake! it was pretty popular! ( cheers and applause ) and these hearings are a lot like "game of thrones:" the g.o.p. is full of white walkers. lindsey graham has clearly had his balls cut off, and at least one character has indicated he wants to sleep with a family member. >> jon: oh, my goodness! what? >> stephen: i'm not naming names. >> jon: what? ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: that joke was
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based on a true story. ( laughter ) that's why for one night only, we're rechristening our coverage of the impeachment hearings: "game of phones! a song of lies and liars." (bird caw) >> stephen: now, despite what the brain trust there claim, this is a very simple story. trump released the transcript of his "perfect phone call" back in september, in which the president of ukraine said he wants more military aid, then trump immediately replied, "i would like you to do us a favor, though," and then asked zelensky to investigate clinton's server and joe biden. not rocket surgery. but to help everyone remember, we've written this catchy jingle. ♪ there's just one thing that you need to know ♪ trump said -- "do us a favor, though" ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: everybody! ♪ there's just one thing that you need to know ♪ trump said -- "do us a favor, though" ♪
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: nice jingle. >> stephen:. ♪ by mean. ( laughter ) >> stephen: now, today's testimony was also easy for you to understand and hard for trump to swallow. first up, diplomatic aide and 1960s sears roebuck mannequin, david holmes. holmes was stationed in ukraine, and leading up to the swearing in of the new ukrainian president, he said there was a slight problem -- >> at one point, during a preliminary meeting of the inaugural delegation, someone wondered why mr. giuliani was so active in the meeting, with respect to ukraine. my reaction was that ambassador sondland stated, every time rudy gets involved, "he goes and f's everything up." ( laughter ) >> jon: oh, wow. >> stephen: yes. >> jon: uh-huh. ( piano riff )
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>> stephen: which, this being cbs, i'm going to say, means rudy "funs" everything up. he is one dumb mother-funner. ( laughter ) holmes is best known for overhearing trump's phone call with gordon sondland in a ukrainian restaurant-- but trump says that's impossible. "i have been watching people making phone calls my entire life. my hearing is, and has been, great. never have i been watching a person making a call, which was not on speakerphone, and been able to hear or understand a conversation." really? really? ( cheers and applause ) really? maybe because you've been watching phone calls. try listening to them. (as trump) "no matter how wide i opened my eyes, i couldn't hear a thing. i might need glasses."
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( laughter ) the other witness today was former white house advisor and role that's going to finally win laurie metcalf an oscar, fiona hill. dr. hill grew up in england and came into the hearing with a reputation for not suffering fools lightly. once, when she was 11, a boy in her class set one of her pigtails on fire while she was taking a test. she put the fire out with her hands, and finished the test. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: that's fierce! >> stephen: that is tough! you don't mess with that. she is a terror in pigtails. forget pippi longstocking, she's pippi ass-kicking. ( cheers and applause ) the first butts she booted this morning were republicans who insist on floating bizarre conspiracy theories about the 2016 election. >> based on questions and statements i have heard, some of
11:43 pm
you on this committee appear to believe that russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country, and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the russian security services themselves. these fictions are harmful, even if they are deployed for purely domestic political purposes. >> stephen: (as dumb republican) "are you sure? because this article in 'russia today' says that you're an illuminati lizard person and i'm very smart." handsome man. ( cheers and applause ) hill had a stark warning for americans. >> the russian government's goal is to weaken our country. >> stephen: sorry, russia. you already got beat to the punch by legal weed and netflix. ( laughter ) hill confirmed previous reports that nobody likes rudy giuliani. >> ambassador bolton had looked
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pained, basically indicated with body language that there was nothing much we could do about it, and he then, in the course of that discussion said that rudy giuliani was a hand grenade that was going to blow everyone up. ( laughter ) >> stephen: i don't know about hand grenade. rudy seems more like a molotov cocktail-- used by russians and full of alcohol. ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) these are quality people. >> jon: yes, great. >> stephen: hill explained that she attended a meeting with ambassador bolton, rick perry, and ambassador sondland on july 10, where sondland brought up the conditions for zelensky to get a meeting with trump. after the meeting, bolton was so freaked out that he told hill to go immediately to n.s.c. lawyer john eisenberg. >> "you tell eisenberg," ambassador bolton told me, "that i am not part of this whatever
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drug deal that mulvaney and sondland are cooking up." >> stephen: yes, sondland and mulvaney were cooking up a drug deal. it's all in the new drama, "breaking bald." ( laughter ) a prestige drama. ( applause ) then dr. hill told the committee exactly how she felt about gordon sondland promoting the president's political agenda in ukraine. >> it struck me when, yesterday, when you put up on the screen ambassador sondland's emails and who was on emails, and he said these are the people that need to know, that he was absolutely right. because he was being involved in a domestic political errand, and we were being involved in national security foreign policy. i said to him, "ambassador sondland, gordon, i fear this is all going to blow up." and here we are. >> stephen: (as hill) "and now that it has. i've prepared a brief statement. 'in your face, in your face, i was right, so suck it, you
11:46 pm
-- ( cheers and applause ) -- so suck it, you witless wanker'." ( laughter ) >> stephen: sorry, had a little frog in my throat. ( cheers and applause ) i like her a lot. yesterday, during the impeachment hearings, trump traveled to austin, texas, where he toured an apple manufacturing plant. oh, that must have been confusing for him. (as trump) "ah, guys, there's a name for an apple plant. it's called a tree." ( laughter ) while touring the factory, a reporter asked trump how he felt about gordon sondland's testimony: >> what did you make of ambassador sondland's testimony this morning? >> well, i think it was fantastic. i think they have to end it now. he said there was no quid pro quo.
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>> stephen: no. no, he didn't. sondland said this -- >> was there a "quid pro quo?" the answer is yes. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: he said yes. it was clearly yes. yes. >> stephen: well, you can understand trump's confusion. there are at least 19 women who say he can't hear the difference between yes and no. ( audience reacts ) ( piano riff ) ( applause ) after his visit, trump proudly tweeted, "today i opened a major apple manufacturing plant in texas." wow, that would be quite an accomplishment, if that plant hadn't been operating since 2013. >> jon: oh, man. >> stephen: no surprise, though. no surprise. >> jon: that's 44. that's 44. >> stephen: it's right up there -- it's right there in trump's reelection slogan, "promises made, promises kept-- by obama, six years ago."
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( cheers and applause ) we've got a great show for you tonight. senator kamala harris is here. but when we come back, new zealand week continues. when peter jackson and i premier my new "lord of the rings" trilogy. don't miss this. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) emerge restored, replenished, fortified. emerge everyday with emergen-c. packed with b vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good every day? emerge and see. friends & family sale take an extra 25% off! save on family outerwear... men's izod sweaters - 50% off plus an extra 25% off... and cuddl duds throws - just $18.74. plus - snap a free picture with santa this sunday!... find new gifts at every turn - at kohl's.
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: eaived! welcome back to the show! jon batiste and "stay human"! ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: hey, yeah! >> stephen: jon, we all
11:53 pm
watched the debate last night and one a lot of people say kamala harris did very well. she's our fest tonight. we're going to talk about it. >> jon: got to get in there. >> stephen: fisticuffs out there. but till then, folks, all this week, i have been sharing with you my incredible trip to new zealand. it's such a beautiful and magical country that i'm not surprised it was used as the locations for middle earth in the "lord of the rings" and "the hobbit" trilogies. as you may know, writer and director peter jackson actually cast me in "the hobbit: the desolation of smaug." i had the very important role of "laketown spy." ( laughter ) so when i was back in new zealand, i sat down with my close personal friend, peter jackson, and talked with him about the next logical step in the "lord of the rings" movie franchise. jim? >> stephen: peter jackson invited me to his top secret warehouse, where he keeps all the original priceless miniature sets used in "lord of the rings."
11:54 pm
peter, thanks for having us down to your studio here in wellington. >> it's fantastic. >> stephen: now, as everyone knows, i appeared in "the hobbit: the desolation of smaug." >> yeah, yeah. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: now, you have decades of experience-- directing. how would you describe my six-second appearance on screen? >> well, i have to profound. you took it very seriously. you took it more seriously than i thought you would. >> stephen: i think i took it more seriously than you did. >> i think you took it more seriously than any actor in the film. >> stephen: what was your favorite moment? what was your favorite moment from my performance? was it when my eye patch-- >> when the eye patch fell, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> stephen: --fell that time? yeah, yeah. >> that was-- that was-- that's a skill. >> stephen: thank you. >> people just say lines, and they can-- they can walk around, but just to do that with one little flick, that's like-- that's an actor using their costume in-- in an emotional way. >> stephen: their instrument. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: you know, being back here gives me an idea.
11:55 pm
and hear me out before you say, yes, yes, absolutely yes. what if we spun off my character, laketown spy, into his own series of trilogies? what about this for a back story? my character is actually aragorn's slightly hotter twin brother, darrylgorn, the true heir to the throne of gondor. and i think it's kind of believable because a lot of people go-- you know, when i'm walking on the streets in new york, they go, "are you viggo mortensen?" and i go, "no, i'm not." and they go-- they go, "stop messing with me." i go, "i promise you, i'm not viggo mortensen." in what ways do i remind you of viggo? as a professional, as a director. you've directed both of us. >> i remind-- well-- very-- very little, in fact, which is good. because you're original. you're-- you're one-off, you-- you're not-- you're nothing like viggo. >> stephen: what i want to ask you is, obviously, i-- i hear the yes, but, would you want to direct this movie?
11:56 pm
>> well, look-- no. >> stephen: okay. ( laughter ) let's put that on hold for a second. okay, let's put the no aside. and put it in a little box called yes. and then close the lid and lock it and leave it right there, okay? so you don't know what the answer is right now. it says like, it says yes on the box. we don't know what the answer is, because we know, it's rattling around trying to get out. >> there's a no inside it, but. >> stephen: there's a no inside the yes box, but right now we can't tell that because we've locked in-- >> no, okay. >> stephen: you're known for your cameos. well, you're-- you're the-- carrot man in bree. in "the two towers," you throw a rock or a spear out at the uruk-hai coming up to helm's deep. in "the return of the king," you got shot with an arrow on one of the black ships, the corsairs of umbar. what if i could offer you a gratuitous cameo? >> wow. i-- yeah, okay, well, i-- i might have a little bit of some time-- as long as we can shoot fast. >> stephen: great, because we already made the trailer. jim?
11:57 pm
>> stephen: i cannot tell you from whence i came or what my errand may be. know only this, i am called the laketown spy. mayhapth you recognize my visage from "the desolation of smaug." nothing? you know who smaug is, right? dragon. big guy. hard to miss. breathes fire. like dragons do. and he desolated everything. i was in that. it was kind of a big deal. >> first there was "the lord of the rings" trilogy. then, "the lord of the rings" extended cut. then, "the hobbit" trilogy. then, "the hobbit" extended cut. and now, after 1,179 minutes, the real saga finally begins.
11:58 pm
>> stephen: legends hold that aragorn had an even-more-ruggedly handsome identical twin. and who might that be? guys? come on, it's me! i am... darrylgorn. >> from the mind of the creator of "lord of the rings"'s biggest fan. >> stephen: he says "that's not a tree, that's an ent." and i said, "no wonder all this syrup tastes funny... come on! i was sexually pleasuring a
11:59 pm
tree. okay." (arrow hits door) oh, a text for me! oh, no biggie, just a message from bestie, gandalf, asking me to save middle earth... again. >> an epic journey. >> hurry! >> stephen: hey, guys, i really got a feeling that the adventure is down hill. oh, yeah, i hear the black riders. i'm going to go give them one for-- >> gar hon al cen egor na hon dol lyst? >> hon thia al be aragorn. >> stephen: uh, guys, i speak elvish. i know what you guys were saying. something about aragorn. pretty sure. >> the greatest lover. >> i have made my choice. >> stephen: but you're engaged to my brother. there is no hope for us. >> there is still hope.
12:00 am
>> stephen: you must stay with him... and just imagine it's me. >> (cries) >> stephen: shhhhh. don't cry. don't cry, my love. okay, maybe just a quickie-- but don't tell him. >> the greatest warrior. >> stephen: forged in the depths of time, it is known by its ancient name: "swordy mcswordface." we held an online contest. it was a big mistake. >> the greatest wizard. >> stephen: hold it in your mind, wormtongue. hold it. but do not tell me. is this your card? >> the greatest comedian. >> stephen: then i said: "boromir? i hardly know her." >> (weird slow laugh) >> stephen: you like that one? have you heard the one about the guy who milks the ent?
12:01 am
>> the greatest fan. >> stephen: and i know everybody thinks that sauron defeated aragorn when aragorn looked through the palantir. but here's what actually happened-- aragorn confronts sauron using the palantir of orthanc so sauron thinks that aragorn has defeated saruman and taken the palantir for his own as the heir of elendil. but by implication, he's taken the ruling ring, okay? so, what does sauron do? he attacks minas tirreth before he's ready, man. he got totally played by aragorn. i mean, aragorn's all up in sauron's head. or giant, you know, flaming eyeball. whatever it is. anyway, i attack with a longsword. 10 points damage. your initiative. >> the film everyone is talking about. >> "a gripping mystery... as to why this was made." variety. >> "there's no movie i won't blurb." says peter travers, rolling stone.
12:02 am
>> "cease and desist." j.r.r. tolkien's estate. >> a legendary cast, starring stephen colbert. >> stephen: frodo, you dropped your ring! i don't really see what the big deal is. it's not being corrupted by absolute evil... whoop! there it goes! oh, yeah, oh! i, darrylgorn the great, will create a dominion that will rule for all... i'm just kidding, you guys, i'm just joking with you guys. it doesn't actually work that fast. whoop! now it's kicking in! >> and introducing sir peter jackson as his loyal servant, gratuitous of cameo. >> let us journey on towards the land known as hogwarts, where we shall be sorted by the magic hat! >> stephen: okay, that's "harry potter." >> quidditch? that's middle earth. the grey wizard, dumbledore? >> stephen: have you never read these books?
12:03 am
>> there are books? >> and, reprising his role as gandalf, ian mckellen-- >> absolutely not! >> and academy award nominee, viggo mortensen makes his triumphant return as aragorn. i said, reprising his role as aragorn, academy award nominee, viggo mortensen. >> stephen, stop. stop sending these camera guys after me all over the world. >> stephen: so, you're not doing it? >> no, i can't do it. i already told you, and if you keep asking me i'm going to have to sic my lawyers on you. >> okay... then, returning as frodo baggins, elijah wood! >> yeah, (bleep) it, i'm in. ( cheers and applause ) >> a film 20 years in the making schmg >> concentrate, young padawan. use the force. >> stephen: come on, man, that is "star wars!"
12:04 am
can you believe how expensive this shot looks? >> stephen colbert presents peter jackson's "the lord of the rings" series' "the hobbit: the desolation of smaug's" "the laketown spy" is darrylgorn, in "darrylgorn rising: the rise of darrylgorn." the prequel to part one-- chapter one. >> stephen: am i invisible? because i can see me. should i be able to see me if i'm invisible? and there's nobody here. oh, here comes the evil! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> stephen: thank you to peter jackson! tomorrow night, i explore the natural beauty of new zealand and have the adventure of a lifetime! we'll be right back with kamala harris.
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yes for less. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: oh, hi! ladies and gentlemen, my first guest is a senator who served as california's attorney general and is currently running for president. please welcome senator kamala harris! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: thank you for being here!
12:10 am
now, i want to talk about last night's debate. >> okay. >> stephen: but before we do that, there is news that just broke that "the washington post" is reporting that lindsey graham is launching a probe of the bidens, burisma and ukraine. first question, what the hell? >> yeah. >> stephen: you're on judiciary with him. >> yeah. >> stephen: what do you make of this? >> i make of it, it's the same thing that they have been doing, which is to create a big distraction from the facts and the evidence and, frankly, you know, my perspective is leave joe alone, just leave him alone. ( cheers and applause ) leave him alone because this has been -- you know, we know this from every day of the -- thank god, open to the public hearings we have beenwe have been witnes. the burisma, the biden probe is a bunch of u.s. >> stephen: even like volcker said, there is nothing to this. joe biden, you can't impugn his
12:11 am
character to this, there is nothing to it. >> but it also speaks to the fact that they know they have to create this big distraction because there's a lot there that the american people is focusing on that tell us about the fact that we have a criminal living in the white house. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: your words, not mine, ma'am. ( laughter ) i'm still giving him a chance. >> i have no words. >> stephen: you said leave joe alone. >> yeah. >> stephen: you did not leave him alone last night at the at the bait -- at the debate. there was a bit of a viral moment last night. everyone's talking about this moment with vice president biden. >> they know me. they know who i am. three former chairs of the black caucus, the only black -- african-american come ever elected to the united states senate, the whole range of people.
12:12 am
>> no -- that's not true. i said the first frearc african-american woman, the first. so my point is -- >> stephen: when he said that, did it register at first what he said? >> yes, actually. i mean, look, there are only -- okay, and this is a statement of a much bigger issue -- in the 200-plus history of the united states senate, i am only the second black woman to serve in what is called the most deliberative body and one of the most respected political bodies in the world, and, so, it's an important fact. >> stephen: sure, yeah. easily checkable. >> and i wanted to point it out. >> stephen: yes, you did. yes. >> stephen: now, this week, biden spoke against marijuana legalization. he says not to criminalize but he says he thinks marijuana is might be a gateway drug and doesn't want to support
12:13 am
legalization. you didn't always support legalization. what changed for you? did your advisories mary jane help at all? ( laughter ) >> you remember that rick james song, mary jane? >> stephen: i'm afraid i don't. >> okay. no, it's very basic. we've got to not just decriminalize, we need to legalize marijuana. it is -- the whole war on drugs was a complete failure, and we have criminalized whole populations of people. i mean, you want to talk about gateway, that approach is the gateway to america's problem of mass incarceration. ( cheers and applause ) that's the gateway issue. so not only do i intend to legalize marijuana, but i will also tell you, stephen, that part of the big issue is we've got whole populations of, in particular,block and brown men and -- black and brown men and women who have been incarcerated and designated felons for life who now should be coming out, we
12:14 am
should be releasing them, we should be expunging their records, i will do all that -- >> stephen: restoring their voting rights. >> absolutely, restoring their rights. ( applause ) but, in addition, this has become one of the most -- the most profitable, newest industries in our country is basically selling weed. so now all of these people who have been criminalized, right, should be first in line to get those jobs, to get the certify cats to run those businesses and, under my administration, i'll make sure that happens because it's the same thing, right? they were selling weed. these guys are selling weed. >> stephen: on the job training. ( applause ) >> right? >> stephen: you laid off most of your staff in new hampshire. why give up in the live free or die state? are we living free or dying right now? >> the cold, hard reality of running for president is that it is really expensive, an you've
12:15 am
got to raise a lot of money, and you have to make hard decisions. there are four primary states -- iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada -- and iowa is the first state, and i need to do well there. so we had to make a difficult decision about with limited resources where we were going to put them. i mean, if anybody wants to see me on that debate, this is going to be a shameless plug -- >> stephen: do it. -- if anybody wants to see me on the debate going toe to toe with donald trump like i did others, go to kamala and help. we need to get to iowa! >> stephen: we'll be back. i'll ask the senator who she thinks the impeachment inquiry should call as a next witness. stick around. shishito.
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back. we're back with senator kamala harris. there were five senators in that debate last night. >> yeah. >> stephen: there is possibly going to be an impeachment trial. >> yes. >> stephen: one impeachment happens, goes to trial in the senate, for people out there. the rules are, you have to be silent for it, you can't have a phone. >> so they say. >> stephen: so they say? are you going to smuggle one in. >> i've seen it happen. >> stephen: people taking a phone when they're not supposed
12:21 am
to? >> there are rules in the senate about what is protocol on the floor but those rules are sometimes compromised. >> stephen: well, do you think that 100 united states senators can sit there like good little boys and girls and listen to this trial and be fair about it? ,. >> listen, among the things at stake now is truly the integrity of our democracy and i don't have a lot of hope, frankly, that my republican colleagues in the senate are going to have the courage to stand up for what they know is wrong. stephen, it's wrong. it's wrong. this is not right what's been going on with this administration. all the president's men -- i mean, if we are witnessing a criminal enterprise involving the president, the vice president, the secretary of state, the chief of staff, this is no laughing matter, this is no joke, and it is compromising our democracy. so i would hope that my colleagues who have sworn to protect our country and our democracy would do the right
12:22 am
thing. i don't know if they will, but i do believe the american people, regardless of who you voted for in the last election, that we know this is not right, and will step up. >> stephen: i think you're right that they know it's not right. it's a matter of do they think they will pay a price for not caring. as a prosecutor, as a prosecutor -- how many years were you a prosecutor? >> oh, at least 15 years. >> stephen: as a prosecutor of 15 years, when you look at the impeachment inquiry. >> yeah. >> stephen: who's been the most compelling witness so far and who, as a prosecutor, would you want to call next? >> i think that today's hearing, in particular, fiona hill was remarkable, and i'll tell you why, because not only was she very clear and very precise in her presentation and testimony and, therefore, leaves us with no question about her credibility, but, also, she is the example of who the vast majority of the career people are who serve in our government,
12:23 am
and in particular those who serve in positions that are about our national security, such as members of the american intelligence community, dedicated people, who are literally dedicated to preserving all that we hold dear about our country. so i found her to be incredible and very persuasive. again, all the president's men. bring them all forward. pompeo -- >> stephen: john bolton. pence. >> stephen: oooh -- yes! >> stephen: oooh -- yes! ( applause ) yeah, yeah. enough of that because here's the thing, you can't hide behind, you know, the president on this, but you can't prance around talking about being vice president with all of the benefits that come with that and not take the responsibility. ( applause ) ( piano riff ) that comes with that position. >> stephen: senator thank you so much for being here.
12:24 am
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>> stephen: now performing the title track from our album "ocean," ladies and gentlemen, antonin scalia. lady antebellum! ♪ ♪ ♪ how can someone stand so damn close ♪ and feel like they're worlds away? ♪ i can see your sad story eyes ♪ so how do you have no words to say? ♪ all i want is to fall in deeper ♪ than i've ever been why won't you let me? ♪ i can handle your heart, so help me ♪ here you are, next to me so much beauty at my feet ♪ all i wanna do is swim
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but the waves keep crashin' in ♪ no, i'm not afraid to drown take me out, take me down ♪ i'm so tired of the shore let me in, baby ♪ you're an ocean beautiful and blue i wanna swim in you ♪ like a lighthouse i've been shinin' bright ♪ through the dark for the both of us ♪ and "i've done it outta love" is not enough ♪ but god, how i wish it was and i don't wanna find out ♪ how much lonely i can take before you lose me
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>> stephen: well, that's it for "the late show," everybody. tune in tomorrow when my guests will be daniel craig and lena waithe. plus, i have the adventure of a lifetime in new zealand. now stick around for james corden. good night! captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ are you ready y'all to have some fun ♪ feel the love tonight don't you worry ♪ where it is you come from


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