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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  November 23, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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evacuations anywhere your skin, we know what left people scribbling. we are following arrest in south san jose. a man is found with explosive devices in his home. the question this morning. is he tied to the bumper at his school this week? too craving crap for the holidays? don't get your hopes up, another delay for the commercial crab season. good morning. good news for all of us, there is now rain in the forecast, finally. that is really exciting. for now it is going to be clear as you can see, you have no problem with visibility taking a beautiful live look at the golden gate bridge. credit temperatures slightly cooler than they were yesterday. 44 in concorde, 50 in san francisco, 37 in santa rosa. these temperatures will likely dip before they then climb and we are going to be a little bit warmer than yesterday.
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for your breakfast forecast, sunny and clear for pretty much everybody. we will be in the mid 40s and in some spots, inland areas especially the valleys, you might be in the high 30s with the potential for a warning but not quite yet, that comes as a cold front is headed in our direction. 70 in santa rosa, 68 in concord, 71 in livermore, san jose 69. along the coast 61 degrees in pacifica. really a mix of 60s and 70s, no matter where you are. as for our temperatures compared to yesterday, we are anywhere from not at all to four degrees cooler than yesterday as we wake up this morning. that will change because of the clear skies, and the high pressure system starting to building. we will actually end up at or just slightly above season-high temperatures for the day. mix of 60s and 70s it again. i will talk about the rain chance in just a little bit.
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developing uses money, the california highway patrol investigating a school bus that was hit by a projectile in monterey county last night. the bus was on its way to san jose. a high school football team from carmel was on board and mark sears tells us the game went on, despite the scare. >> reporter: the playoff game between the padres of carmel high school and the brandon bruins it started late because the chp says one of the two school buses carrying the carmel team was hit by some kind of projectile about 4:45 this afternoon on northbound 101 near pruned ale in monterey county. another vehicle, a mercedes, also had his windows shattered just a few minutes earlier. bill these son is the quarterback for the carmel squad. >> which is passed by the bus waving pom-poms and 15 minutes later, we get the text from our son that the bus had been hit by a projectile. >> reporter: the carmel district sent another bus and the student pulled in to brandon high tonight with parents and supporters to welcome them. the bus was hit in one of its
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emergency exit windows was shattered. one student suffered glass cuts but is okay and made the trip with the team. >> it was a scary moment for everyone. they heard a loud bang, and glass flying around. they didn't know what had happened. it was and all of a sudden type thing. >> we are excited to get up here and have a good game. >> i am mark sayre, kpix5. the chp has been investigating reports of various projectiles being thrown or shot at vehicles on 101 in the prudential area for about a year. at this point, they don't have any suspects and they have not made any arrest. we have new details now about a man suspected of fatally stabbing a passenger on a part train. he has been arrested just 12 hours earlier. according to the san francisco chronicle, jermaine grimm was arrested by san leandro police
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at 1:00 on tuesday morning. he is accused of assaulting a paramedic or an emergency medical technician for that. later that day, a hospital in san leandro reported him as a missing at-risk patient. and, just a short time later, investigators say brim stabbed a good samaritan who intervened to prevent brim from stealing a sleeping passengers shoes. oliver tyrone williams of oakland died, but another passenger to try to save him. 22-year-old sophia humphrey is a nursing student from fremont. she is in a wheelchair. humphrey says she tries to help williams whose neck was bleeding from several stamp stab wounds. >> i spoke to him, try to keep him talking. asked him about being a raiders fan because he was wearing raiders care. i couldn't hear what he was saying. >> williams died on the train. primas in custody and faces several charges, including murder. police in salt lake city say a suspicious package found
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at the utah jazz basketball arena turned out to be harmless. investigators say the box simply contained standard tools like wrenches. the box was found last night after the jazz be to the warriors. most fans had artie left the building. and people remained including both teams were ordered to evacuate. a man is in jail this morning after a bomb was found at a high school in south san jose. police arrested 36-year-old andrew white early yesterday following a standoff. is currently being held for outstanding warrants. a search of his house appear to be improvised explosive devices according to police. the arrest capped off a traumatic week for neighbors and high school students with the planting of a bomb on school grounds, a lockdown, and two shelters in place. it is just stressful. it is like a lot going well on all at once. >> the chopper was low, a lot of noise. flash bangs heard as well. it is pretty bizarre, we don't get that ever around here. so the first time you get a little scare. >> the bond was found on the
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school's campus tuesday morning. by thursday, police were zeroing in on white nearby home. but, investigators have yet to establish a direct link between white and the bomb at the school. there have now been two more arrests in the hollowing massacre in custer county. but, still no murder charges. so, what is going on? that is what we asked the das office. >> reporter: the contract costa county sheriff's office announced the arrest of donica doan's and frederick johnson, both 29. the district attorney's office confirms they were wanted in connection with the shooting, but it is still unclear what role they played a that halloween night. >> ultimately he was arrested yesterday for the gun possession. >> reporter: according to the contract costa county sheriff's office -- in possession of a firearm. these two are not part of the arrest made a week ago. >> you have five people
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arrested, those arrest charges were never filed what is going on in this case? >> well, these cases are incredibly time-consuming and complex. we want this to be a successful prosecution and we have a very high standard want to file cases. >> reporter: the san francisco division of the atf released these pictures from yesterday's arrest, a switch warrant in martinez and vallejo. the guns seized has also been linked to shootings in the bay area. tony brass says this appears to be a case where the da and investigators are not on the same page. >> it was assumed that the sheriffs department and the district attorney office could not agree about what was -- the sheriffs department given the effort they went to to make the rest thought that they had a case. >> reporter: breath says the recent arrest show all agencies involved are making progress. >> that suspect is at least
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going to be obligated to come to court, probably in custody for the time being. that gives us time to develop more information. >> reporter: jones is expected to make a court appearance on monday.'s prior conviction is a second-degree robbery charge and santa clara county in 2010. a live look at san francisco. this morning, the epa firing a new round at the city and their ongoing fight over water pollution. the trouble at agencies set another letter, raising doubt that the agency could demonstrate compliance with the terms of its wastewater discharge permits. it also urged the city to enter into an enforceable agreement with the epa. back in september, the epa accused to san francisco of improperly disposing waste into the ocean and the bay. president trump said needles from the homeless are going through storm drains into the water. the sf pc says the city is in full compliance. new this morning, the start of the commercial dudgeon is crab season is postponed until
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december 15th off the coast of northern california. california's department of fish and wildlife says it is to decrease the chances of whales getting installed by the fishing lines. the agency cites an unusually high concentration of whales, both off aplin bay, recreational crab fishing is still allowed. but state health experts warned people not to eat the internal organs or the guts of the crap because of the possible presence of malik acid. an urgent warning this morning from centers for disease control. if you don't know where your romaine lettuce is from, don't eat it. public health officials investigating an e. coli outbreak linked to salinas valley. food poisoning has sickened 40 people, 28 have been hospitalized so far, and at least five with kidney failure. salinas valley produces 60% of the nations romaine lettuce. it was also ground zero for a major outbreak last year that cost the industry $160 million. >> is an industry, there is much more that we need to learn
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and much more that we need to do, much more that we need to focus on to make sure that our number one holton that is producing safe food for the consumer. >> the cdc says throw away any romaine lettuce with salinas -- any ready-made salad mix that contains romaine. restaurant owners are also being told -- this morning, one of the most popular bakeries in san francisco is closed for repairs. the chronicle reports that 14 as we all know has been closed by the department of public health because of a rodent infestation. the original location is an older building and has some issues they need to address. well, the holiday travel rush is on right now. >> we will show you how many people will be traveling for the thanksgiving holiday and what they could face at sfo.
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here's a live look at the san francisco airport, which is named one of the worst in the nation for thanksgiving travel by a travel website. smarter puts san francisco at the third worst, behind only chicago's o'hare and atlanta's hartsfield jackson airports. the website says san francisco had 870 disrupted flights during last year's holiday season. and in addition, six out of fra airport. smarter travel to bay area travels, use oakland international or minetta
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international. nationwide, the transportation security administration expects a record- breaking 26.8 million passengers will be passing through airport security over a 10 day stretch. >> i think traveling at any time causes amounts of stress. but, this time, especially for the holidays, i totally get that. >> the tsa recommends passengers arrive at their airports two hours prior to scheduled departure for domestic flights, and three hours prior for international flights. tesla is hoping to bounce back after the botched unveiling of its new cyber truck. >> well, maybe that was a little bit too hard, it didn't go through. that was a plus side. >> the cyber truck armored glass is supposed to be unbreakable, but it failed both times it was put to the test. elon musk joked that there is room for improvement. tesla has struggled with
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profitability. now, the company hoping to make its mark in the lucrative truck market. pricing for the cyber truck will start at just below 40,000 dollars but it won't be available until 2022. let's get a check at the local weather in the weather center with emily. there is a chance of rain which i think is on everybody's mind, and not just a chance. we have got it in our forecast, think is. taking a live look out toward the skyline, you can see it is nice and clear, the rain nowhere in sight yet. several days we have got to get through before we get there. in the meantime, current temperatures cool as a result of the clear skies. santa rosa dipping down to 37 degrees, 44 in san jose, 40 in livermore and 44 in concorde, ormiston san francisco at 50 degrees currently. your satellite and radar shows this high-pressure system. that is really what is in control, you can see it is a big high pressure system, that is going to start to build in over the next several days. however, this low-pressure system off the coast of alaska,
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that is going to slowly start to drop down and bring with it the rain that we so very much need. but, before we get there, we do have the chance of some fire danger on monday because of an offshore wind. this is monday futurecast for these winds. you can see it kind of has a offshore flow. at this point because of low humidity and the offshore winds. they will be very gusty topping out at 40 miles an hour, that is why we are going to keep a close eye on this before we really get any closer to it. you can see it is moving more in an offshore pattern. and, the rain is behind that. take a look at our chances. really tuesday in the evening and afternoon hours going into early wednesday morning, that is one we are going to see the biggest chance of rain. but, it is finally going to be the soaking that we really need. three things to remember, the chilly start with warmer daytime highs today. before the windy fire danger weather on monday.
6:18 am
then, we have rain with the cold front coming through, and that is happening tuesday evening all the way through until thursday, that is when we are really going to start to see things kind of started to peter out. looking at our seven-day forecast, we are clear and beautiful pretty much all the way through the rest of the weekend before we have the offshore wind fire chance on monday, and then tuesday think goodness, the chance of rain all the way through toward the end of the week, and going into the beginning of the weekend. those are just showers? are looking at happier rain? >> we are looking at heavier rain tuesday night going into wednesday is really what we need to kind of put the lid on it for fire season. but, we will see it start to peter out going into the holiday weekend, the big question is holiday travel been affected? >> a new film, a beautiful day in the neighborhood portrays mr. rogers and his children's show, this policy years of screenwriting in a man who grew up --
6:19 am
>> it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. >> reporter: mr. rogers, known as america's dad. >> i have a 2-year-old who would listen to a word i said. in a moment of desperation i put an episode of mr. rogers neighborhood on and she was listening to fred rogers in a profound way, a way she has never listen to me. >> no harpster began writing a biopic about the beloved fred rogers. now a decade later, it is coming to life on the big screen. >> we sat in the movie theater and people watched it. and that is unbelievable. >> the rice to hollywood success began right here at salinas high school, when he tried out for the baseball team and did not make it, and a friend consents convinced him to give theater a shot. he was called in for his very first acting role. >> the drama teacher said noah, i know you know every word,
6:20 am
you've been mouthing them the entire time we've been rehearsing. we are going on. >> that he graduated from salinas high, and study theater in college. now, that has led to a flourishing career as an actor, rider, producer, and director. a beautiful day in the neighborhood maybe his most well-known project yet which included landing tom hanks as his star, even though the oscar- winner originally turned down the role.'s back we grew up with tom hanks playing our dad or our uncle or our brother. and i think the same is true with fred, that everyone comes to the table with something. and somehow, these two, tom hanks and fred rogers are spiritually connected. >> there's no way for the elementary kid from simple visio to see the future but he has always stayed true to some key values along the way. >> you benefit from listening, and sharing your work with people, and the ability to get better. if you feel like you know everything, you're not going to learn anything. >> >> reporter: a message mr.
6:21 am
rogers would certainly agree with. >> that was true andre reporting. harpster re--- cowrote the screenplay which opened on friday. a morning everybody, how about a two for saturday morning. not just one sports segment, will combine the two into one. stick around, i will navigate you through friday night, the warriors. you have to admit, they played really really hard. >> -- it takes a village to raise a child. to build a bridge.
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good morning everybody, how are the pancakes doing? bacon, toast? i am getting hungry. before i get something to eat, let me tell you about friday night in the warriors. you are not backing down from anybody. there is -- checking that lineup with the utah game. loose ball, glenn robinson the third, give me that to the rack. bent down by 20, down three
6:24 am
here, off the inbound, alex burch went on strong, but not strong enough. warriors fought hard, lost final 113-109. how about mark botts? he is one of the program for the cal ning with the texas longhorns and couldn't stop the lob. jericho sims came down with it hard, texas handed the bears the sexson straits, bears now, 4-to-4, the season. >> a, yesterday, the cal band visited the kpix5 newsroom. game day saturday in just a few hours, cal at stanford, trying to take him the ask for the first time in 10 years. the menu may have a handed it linebacker evan weaver. cornell head coach had this to say about that.
6:25 am
>> first of all, we hope weaver misses the bus. that is the first thing. you just hope he misses the bus, and the coaching staff gets mad at him. and maybe sits in for half or three quarters, he's the best linebacker we have seen all year, he is outstanding. >> we have the top five plays that is supposed to be part of the second segment, but we are doing it right now. top five, i see hockey people, i see the pittsburgh penguins versus white clad new jersey. look at the stick work, how did he do it? in 20 the game final 4-1, acres, thunder, when lebron james gets a head full of stain, get out of his way. letters 18 130-137. two number three, back to hockey, ottawa senators tried to score no, not this time. two great saves but the senators did win 4-1. number two, colorado state, wyoming,
6:26 am
batchelder play. -- won the game final at 17 to seven. got to love that one. number one, clippers and rockets, and the incredible james harden, defenders all over him., he is still hit. lepers one of the game final of 122 to 119, and that should get you in the mood for the rest of the day. the big game going, lots of other football stuff to get to. i will join you from the raiders before i jumped on a plane to head to new york as i take to the jets. on sunday. see you later. president trump, tackling the issue of underage vaping. coming up, one lawmakers plan to stop the epidemic.
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leiva, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back, it is just about 6:30, thank you so much for joining us. we are going to start out with your weather, which i have fantastic news for those of us who have been waiting for rain, we will not have to wait a whole lot longer, we are taking live look toward the east where it is just getting done for the sun to come up. that means temperatures with that the clear skies are actually pretty chilly. concord 44, 48 in oakland. 50 in san francisco, but dipping down to 37 degrees in santa rosa this morning. the temperatures are going to climb. your breakfast forecast today
6:30 am
for most of us, nice, clear and sunny for pretty much everybody., we are going to be in the mid to per 40s with that the breakfast forecast except for and inland areas especially the valleys, there is a slight chance of frost. 39 degrees there, the sun will be coming up here at 6:58, the days are getting shorter and shorter. high temperatures for today are going to be not too terribly warm, but certainly warmer than yesterday. 70 and morgan hill, 64 in union city, as well as hayward and fremont. warmer in the inland areas, 71 in livermore, 70 in brentwood. posterior to the water, just a little bit cooler, 67 degrees vallejo there, and it makes it pretty much the mid-60s right smack dab in the middle, anywhere around the bay, a little bit warmer further north, 70 in santa rosa, the chance of rain is coming on tuesday, but we have fire weather between between then and now which i will talk about in a little bit.
6:31 am
tragedy in san joaquin ve others injured after the van they were riding in went into a canal. the crash happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. chp says a van carrying 10 teenagers ages 13 to 17 from bear creek high school was traveling down west eight mile road toward a marina and for unknown reasons, the van went into a canal. >> they lost control, overturned it into a white slew right here. several documents were ejected out, there was a san joaquin deputy kennett the area who saw it, so we got response from fire medics immediately. >> the chp says some of the teens try to help get everyone to safety, but one male was pronounced dead at the scene, and the female pronounced dead at the hospital. the other teens were taken to three different area hospitals, some suffering from hypothermia
6:32 am
from being in the water. this new surveillance video might provide a critical clue in finding the driver of the deadly hit and run in san jose. florence gouveia was riding his bicycle when he was killed just before dawn thursday on old bayshore road. friends and say the 71-year-old was just a block and a half from work. >> it breaks my heart. to die alone is probably the worst thing you could ever have. but, my heart, i hope that it was instant for him, i hope he didn't have to go through all of that. >> police offering and will reward for information leading to an arrest. and, the search for another hit and run suspect widened in southern california. new video surfaced of someone covering up the damaged tesla that was involved. >> reporter: it was a cover-up that was caught on camera the lapd says a woman in a hootie through a car cover over this white tesla at the center of a hit and run investigation. >> we are confident we have our
6:33 am
vehicle. >> reporter: detective moses castille is talking about this vehicle. amon with a shopping cart crossing the street one headlights approached him on lake street. we have chosen to not show the impact. >> it appears that at one point, the pedestrian actually went back into the pathway of the car. we don't know why. >> reporter: about an hour after the collision, and of the security camera captured the tesla being ditched two miles away near the corner of saint andrews place and west washington boulevard. detectives say a second car, which is dark in color, showed up to draw the suspect away. if you do that, you are actually validating the crime, you are aiding and abetting after the commission of a felony crime being committed. you could be in some serious trouble for that as well. >> reporter: detective castille says the tesla front end damage was a rental, he has been working with the company to figure out who was at the wheel. as for the victim, he has
6:34 am
identified as 34-year-old emilio perez, who was homeless. >> a human being is a human being, we all matter, we all have value, we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. new this morning, livermore police have issued an advisory to car owners about an increase in catalytic converter thefts. these are primarily toyota previous is, the city's police department have large 25 thefts since july including 10 this month. on the incident have been overnight. livermore follows the lead of albany, which announced the increase in test last week. >> president trump hosted a meeting at the white house to discuss underage vaping. yesterday's gathering came as his administration continues just how to respond to a rising number of vaping related illnesses, as well as deaths. industry representatives, health experts, and acting antitobacco activists were on
6:35 am
hand. the president made comments in september that raised the prospect of a widespread ban on flavored e-cigarettes. the national association of convenience stores says such a ban would harm its members businesses. >> the convenience stores, they sell a lot of products. they're not going to go out of business because they don't have put flavors. >> senator mitt romney of utah recently introduced a bill that would ban east flavored e- cigarettes and taxi industry. meanwhile juul is considering selling the office tower about just five months ago. juul paid more than $400 million for it. it was planning to move in employees next year. but, now that it is facing legal action over its advertising and other practices, it is cutting spending and laying off hundreds of workers. >> in this morning's healthwatch report, preschoolers and moody teenagers. here is mark lieberman. >> a recent nationwide survey
6:36 am
underscores how difficult it can be for parents to recognize depression in their teenagers. according to researchers in michigan, 40% of mothers and fathers struggle to differentiate the disorder from normal mood swings. 30% also say the children are good at hiding their feelings from them. a new study suggests a link between medical radiation from ct scans, and certain types of cancer. doctors in taiwan examine the case histories of thousands of patients. those who had ct scans were more likely to develop thyroid cancer and leukemia. the risk appeared highest for women under 45. the centers for disease control says too many young children are in need of vision tests the cdc reports less than two thirds of preschool age kids have had their eyes checked. the agency says hispanic children are the least likely to have under again and i exam. those are some of the week's top health stories. you're at 6:36, to campaign
6:37 am
20 20. one potential democratic candidate is betting big on the golden state. wilson walker explains how michael bloomberg hopes to gain an edge in california when he is up for grabs on super tuesday. >> reports of an ad by as large as $100 million, much of it will be aimed here in california. michael bloomberg, about to step into the race via your television. >> i think what he is seeing in his calling is that democrats now believe the most important thing is to find a candidate who can beat donald trump, and they're coming to the conclusion that you need a moderate. >> reporter: marcia kramer says a bloomberg run is in the works that will land super on super tuesday in the state of california, an unconventional plan to say the least. what might he be thinking? >> one rational for advertising
6:38 am
to california is that it is so expensive to advertise here that very few candidates can afford to do it, seriously. >> reporter: eric scheffler is a professor of political science. >> that theory is that biden really falters, warren and sanders kind of limit one another and there's a fear of a candidate seen as too liberal. he fits the bill. >> kleberg runs into another problem is democrats already have some problems in that regard. >> i think pete buttigieg has a good sense of the center. i also really like cory booker. >> janice kelly, a former new yorker says she respects bluebirds rector work >> i don't see what he is bringing it doesn't already exist among the other candidates. >> bloomberg's plan for fixing that brings us back to all that money he is going to spend on advertising. >> i think the evidence on advertising is it is an entry ticket, but it is not clear that just doing that is going to get you ed to kind of stand out
6:39 am
and emerge as the alternative. we are just weeks away from the end of the year. coming up, we have tips that could help prevent tax headaches and say be someone he. so had, raising awareness about mental health problems. how bay area woman is getting teens the help they need. ♪
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6:44 am in new york, i am jill's le center. >> the san francisco skyline is looking a little bit different as the bay area gets into the holiday spirit. the embarcadero center buildings were left last night during a holiday ceremony. the holiday lights will be on display through the first week of january. in a festive celebration in san ramon last night, hundreds of families turned out for the annual tree lighting ceremony at bishop ranch. center also made an appearance to greet young children. and other holiday tradition in san francisco, puppies and kittens on display at the macy's holiday window in union square. all of these cute pets are up for adoption through the spca. let's get a check of our local weather. rain in the forecast. i know, thank goodness. i think we are thinking our lucky stars at this point because it has been a while, we are overdue and very much needed. is going to be a couple of
6:45 am
days. nice and clear today, tomorrow, monday, not until tuesday when we see the changes. in the meantime, taking a live look at the treasure island camera, we can see the embarcadero towers all lit up, sunrise at the bottom of the hour. current temperatures pretty chilly, 44 in concord, 40 in livermore and still in the 30s, 37 in santa rosa, warmest in san francisco. now, temperatures are going to get cooler before they get warmer, but that will change by the end of the day. the weather for now is going to be quiet. that is because this high- pressure system is in play. it is huge, look at that. is, pretty much, is going to start to build in over the next several days bringing with it an offshore flow on monday. then on tuesday, this low- pressure system is really the power player in the gulf of alaska, it is going to dip down bringing with it the rain we very much need wednesday and
6:46 am
all the way potentially through the holiday. but like i said, we first have to deal with the high pressure system and the winds. looking forward to monday. number one, we have not had rain, number two, the humidity will be really low because will be sunny and dry all the way till then. then the high pressure system is going to bring the offshore winds coming off the sierra. that is going to bring the potential for fire danger. we are going to keep a close eye on that. in the meantime on the backend of that, tuesday afternoon or evening is when we are really going to start to see the rain moving in from the north to the south of the traditional winter pattern. going into early wednesday morning as it starts to peter outbreak this will be the biggest travel day of the year. so you might want to give yourself extra time or leave a little bit early if you are traveling for thanks giving. we might see some scattered showers here or there on thursday as a result as it finally starts to move through, bringing with it cooler temperatures. today, the clear chilly start with warmer daytime highs in the afternoon, thanks to the clear skies. offshore winds returning on monday with the threat of fire danger. we will keep close eye on that. and rain, all capitals with an
6:47 am
exclamation point moving through tuesday night and will stick around with showers all the way through the holiday bringing cooler temperatures. there is a winter storm watch as a result of that, above 2500 feet, possible heavy snow. it will cause weather and travel delays. however, if you're going to be spending the holiday in the sierra, lucky for you because it is going to be a great ski season. quality moderate with everywhere except south-central bay let's pop ahead to our seven-day forecast where you can see the changes ahead. sunny and clear all the way through until tuesday when the rain really begins to move in on the backside of it, we have much cooler temperatures dipping down even into the upper 50s in the inland areas. it has been 23 years since two boxer court was shot to death in las vegas. since then, someone has confessed to the murder. but, he is to every man. nicole comstock has more the controversy. >> reporter: he was a legend in
6:48 am
life and death. and 23 years after tupac sakura was murdered in a drive-by shooting in las vegas, the people he impacted are still searching for justice. >> fans are incessant. celexa was retired lapd -- his murder has been solved, it has not been prosecuted. >> there is probable cause to arrest him. >> reporter: he says it boils down to duane davis. back in 2009, he was questioning -- in regard to biggie smalls. he says -- said confessed instead to the murder of two boxer court. the confession was recorded. >> he leaned over and it was a little pop. >> in the recording, he claimed he did not have a good enough aim, so he handed his nephew orlando anderson the gun. orlando used it to kill tupac.
6:49 am
anderson was later killed and another crime.'s initial statements were protected by what is known as a proper session where a person can give up information about a crime without the confession being held against them in court. what is not protected under law are the repeated public confessions he has since made. in interviews, and in a new book he is selling on amazon. >> he is boasting about it, and making money off of it, and taunting law enforcement. >> reporter: the las vegas metropolitan police department say the case is an open investigation. the responsible thing for them to do is make an arrest. >> i don't know why, after all these months, that hasn't been done. this morning, some oakland parents are taking legal action against the school district. they claim they were the victims of police brutality when they protested a school closure last month at an oakland unified school meeting. one woman says she was thrown to the ground by an officer, tearing ligaments in her leg and damaging a bone. the district said they cannot comment because the pending lawsuit. it is definitely a boost in
6:50 am
morale for the people of paradise, that is the town devastated by wildfire just a year ago. >> rob malcolm reports on the remarkable football season that the town's main high school is having. >> reporter: for the fans and players, this light under the lights was everything. >> it is unreal. to see them play with the heart that they are playing with this fantastic. >> reporter: it has been weeks since the death anniversary of the devastating campfire. the bobcats rose from the ashes to an undefeated season. this was more than a game. >> pride, hope, perseverance, strength, everything. >> if you look at this dance, the whole town of paradise is here, it is the whole only >>any could it, here rything.
6:51 am
e.>> out ashes that sparked the fire in the hearts of paradise, the magical season continues.
6:52 am
one in four americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness in their life according to the national institute of mental health. >> this week's jefferson award winner is helping raise awareness toward mental health problems. >> reporter: more than 300 teenagers gather in san francisco to open up about a topic many find it difficult to discuss at home. just ask tiffany. >> and didn't know how to manage the stress of going to a competitive high school, of screwing up, and anxiety issues. >> reporter: she found the support through bring change to mind. the nine-year-old san francisco- based nonprofit cofounded by glenn close, pamela harringtons
6:53 am
has had works to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. >> people can now, with empathy and understanding see that mental illness is an illness. it needs to be treated. >> she is helping teenagers talk about mental illness and provide support in 260 high school clubs nationwide they are paid for through annual star-studded fundraisers in san francisco and new york with guidance from the nonprofit, the student led clubs have served 10,000 students in 18 states. many students want to continue to bring change after high school. six club alumni say they may pursue careers in mental health fields, like kennedy who battled anxiety and depression. >> after i tried to commit suicide, i ended up in the hospital, i dropped out of school. i didn't even think that i was going to college.
6:54 am
she is so thankful for the support from her high school club, she now leads the group on her campus. other students lives has changed too. they are grateful for pamela's leadership. >> we are all in this together, if someone is struggling, you have got to ask for help. >> opening doors to mental health education and healing, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to pamela harrington. pamela harrington also helped establish the jet foundation to prevent suicide amongst college students. she told a rest cancer research foundation. you can nominate your local hero for the jefferson award online at we will be right back.
6:55 am
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liz 6:56. time for a look at this morning's top stories. san jose police have arrested a man who made connected to an explosive device bounded this week at oak grove high school. the suspect was arrested yesterday at his home near oak grove near a long standoff. police say they found explosives at the home, but so far, investigators have not definitively linked him to the bomb at oak grove. police in select cities he is suspicious package found at the utah jazz basketball arena turned out to be harmless. investigators say the box simply contained standard tools like wrenches. the box was found last night after the jazz beat the warriors. the state of the commercial -- the start of the commercial johnson is crab season is postponed until december 15th off the coast of northern
6:57 am
california. california's department of fish and wildlife says it wants to decrease the chance of wills being installed by fishing lines. recreational crabbing is still allowed. president trump hosted a meeting to discuss underage vaping. his administration considers how to respond as a rising number of vaping related illnesses and deaths. travel website is named the san francisco airport as one of the worst in the nation for thanksgiving travel. sorter puts san francisco at third worst, based on factors that include 870 disrupted flights during last year's holiday season. the website suggests bay area passengers instead use oakland international, or minetta international in san jose. as for holiday travel, it is going to be a soggy day on wednesday, the biggest travel day of the year that is when we finally have rain returning to
6:58 am
our forecast. that is going to be happening tuesday night into wednesday morning with scattered showers all the way through the thanksgiving holiday on and off. we do have sunny, clear weather, warm until monday when we dip down just a little bit. we do have the threat of fire danger with low humidity, as well as try fuels and offshore flow, take a look at that, the rain starts hopefully to put a cap on fire season and also bringing the cooler, fault feeling temperatures. >> we definitely need the rain. it is time for us to call it a morning. thank you so much for watching kpix5. >> we will be tomorrow right here at 6:00. how do i use better than bouillon?
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