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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  November 25, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, big changes could be coming to a federal program that provides food assistance to college students. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm allen martin. len ramirez explains that many students who now get food assistance might be cut off if they don't meet a new set of requirements. >> reporter: the changes to the
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programs known as snap or cal fresh here in california could have a greater impact here in the bay area because of the high cost of living often leaves little else for food. tuition and rent takes a toll on college students' finance and often times food is whatever a student can get. >> i was just in a dorm and they were eating peanut butter for a meal. >> reporter: megan gets federal assistance with snap, but proposed rule changes would mean single adults would have to take on at least 20 hours of work and prove they have a job to be eligible. second harvest food bank says thousands of students and other adults without children could go hungry. >> people who are hungry are no better able to find work or to better themselves through
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education by having these vital nutrition supports removed. >> reporter: the world change is designed to end abuse of the system, but students worry they'd have to sacrifice their grades to work to stay in the program. >> your work schedule, will it fit with your class schedule? >> reporter: many students will drop out of the program and it will push them to use free food services like campus food pantries, and that free food most likely comes through second harvest which distributes to over 300 partner agencies and is already facing shortages. >> the need would really increase by a staggering amount. >> reporter: the u.s. department of agriculture is expected to make a final decision on the rule changes by early 2020. in san jose, kpix 5. >> according to one state report, about 25 percent of cal state students are eligible for the snap program, but only 5 percent have signed up. homeless and pregnant, 2 words that shouldn't go together, but often do.
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it's a hidden portion of the homeless population. in our project home series, we introduced you to a woman 5 months pregnant and sleeping in a tent. >> it's the whole situation, i don't know what to do or who to talk to. i just feel like i'm really alone and there's not that much resources out here for women. >> the homeless prenatal program in san francisco helped 789 pregnant women deliver babies this year. 296 were living on the street. watch our full report, project home, tonight at 11:00. here's the top stories at 5:30. >> new video of a shooting in union city that left an 11-year-old and 14-year-old boy dead, and a neighbor's security camera captured the flashes of gunfire. the gunman did get away. >> tonight cal fire is working
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to contain a grass fire in placer county. the foothill fire was fueled by the dry and windy conditions. it's now 30 percent contained. >> and it's the busiest travel time of the year. bay area airports crowded again today, but you can still snag a bargain for a last minute trip in december. the cheapest times to fly are the week after thanksgiving and the week after new year's. san francisco's pit stop pilot program will continue. it was launched back in august to provide 24 hour staffing and access for 3 public restrooms. the mayor says after monitoring a selected site that's clear, there's an overnight need. she wants to keep them open at 3 locations and add 7 more locations. a small group gathered at the tenderloin pit stop to rally in favor of keeping the program going.
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supporters say for some people access to bathrooms is worth far more than the expense to the city. >> if you're living on the streets and struggling to at least have a place to go with basic hygiene, that will help someone feel a little more dignified and ready to face the world. >> dwp workers are also seeing fewer requests for steam cleaning in the streets where they're located. senator kamala harris is out with a new plan to increase access to mental health services. the presidential candidate wants to provide services to quote all americans who need it whenever they need it wherever they need it. she wants to double the available beds and make a push among vulnerable operations. mental health operators would also get a pay increase. this is part of a larger medicare for all plan. a dispute between president
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trump and top military leadship took a dramatic turn over the weekend and ended with the firing of the navy's top official. >> reporter: defense secretary mark esper says president trump gave him a direct order to allow a navy seal accused of war crimes to re tire without losing his elite status and the pin that symbolizes it. that news comes the day after esper fired navy secretary richard spencer for going behind his back to the white house to resolve the case. >> i asked for secretary spencer's resignation because of a loss of trust and confidence. >> reporter: president trump had come to gallagher's defense after he was demoted for posing with the corpse of an isis fighter, and at the white house monday he reaffirmed that support. >> he was a great fighter. one of the ultimate fighters. tough guy. these are not weak people, these are tough people, and
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we'll protect our war fighters. >> reporter: the navy secretary had publicly called for gallagher to face disciplinary hearings. he said he'd follow the president's order, but his resignation letter implied disagreement on principle saying i cannot in good conscious obey an order that i believe violates the sacred honor i took. the firing capped a day where gallagher appeared on fox news and criticized his superior officers. >> this is all about ego and retaliation, nothing about good order or discipline. >> reporter: now be allowed to retire at the end of the month in his current rank as a navy seal. >> president trump says nominate the u.s. ambassador to norway to take over as navy secretary. the u.s. supreme court denied the appeal of a convicted killer whose case
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became famous on the hit podcast serial. adnan gained notoriety among millions after the serial podcast shined a light on his case. his attorneys argued that he deserves a new trial since his first lawyer failed to investigate an alibi witness. priceless jewels stolen from one of the world's oldest museums. the dramatic heist that played out like a scene from ocean's 11. how the thieves pulled it off. >> and a little boy unable to breathe or speak on his own. the life changing surgery giving him a voice. new at 6:00, bay area scientists do something that's never been done before. put a heart monitor on a blue whale while it was swimming in the ocean, and what they found out was astonishing.
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i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. taking you up to soda springs, yeah, looks pretty good right now, looks looks could be deceiving though. in 24 hours this will all change. a lot of people on the way to the mountains this weekend, and there's a winter storm warning for the peak thanksgiving travel time from 1:00 tomorrow afternoon until 7:00 p.m. thursday. that could change. expect snow covered roads, limited visibility, likely chain controls up on the mountain passes and slow going. pack your patients, take care,
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darren will have more coming up in weather. i'm ken bastida, back to you. thanks for the update, ken. a gang of jewel thieves on the run after pulling off a multimillion dollar heist at one of the world's oldest museums. police in germany hope the surveillance video helps them catch the burglars. early this morning they broke into the green vault, a historic museum in the city of dresden. the thieves made off with priceless jewelry worth over a billion dollars. they're so well known though they'd be impossible to sell on the open market. detectives continue to look for evidence in what police are calling the largest heart heist in post-war history. despite a rocky roll out, pre-orders on tesla's new cyber truck have climbed to over 200,000.
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future owners unphased by this. the armored glass shattering not once, but twice during last week's demonstration. to show off its toughness. the futuristic truck is made with the same steel used to build spacex rockets, able to withstand a sledge hammer blow. musk said the sledge hammer cracked the base of the glass, and that's why it didn't work with the steel ball. should have done steel ball on window and sledge hammer the door. tesla's stock was up 3 points before the bell, but down slightly in ho trading. and workers accuse mcdonald's of withholding overtime pay and denying timely breaks. now mcdonald's will pay out $26 million to about 38,000 people here in california represented in the class
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action lawsuit. they'll also train employees in california about their rights as part of the settlement. thousands of south bay families are getting a helping hand this thanksgiving. today sacred heart community service in san jose started its thanksgiving food distribution program. over the next 3 days they'll hand out over 4400 holiday food boxes each with about $100 worth of a temperatures like canned goods, fresh produce, pasta. families will also pick out a turkey, ham, or chicken. >> it's just a little drop in the bucket for a lot of families that are dealing with much higher, you know, expenses this time of year than even a year ago. >> the help is crucial for many many spend 80 percent of their inus rent.>>e little boy just received a life changing surgery. >> since birth he was unable to
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make any noise or breathe on his own. now he's finally getting the chance to see his first words. >> reporter: when he was born in may of 2018, his parents could see his crying face, but couldn't hear his cries. the baby was in distress and unable to breathe, so doctors performed an emergency tracheotomy. his parents recall what the doctors told them. >> they essentially told us he wasn't going to leave the hospital, and we'd have to turn the ventilator off. that's where things were the day after he was borned. >> reporter: rio was soon transferred to children's hospital los angeles where they discovered his vocal chords were 90 percent fused together and there was just a tiny hole he could breathe through that critically narrowed his airway. his case was severe, and he needed surgery to speak and
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breathe without a tube. >> we actually separated the vocal chords fused in the membrane and found the area under that was also very narrow, so we had to rebuild that area using a piece of rio's own cartilage. >> reporter: during the 6 hour surgery, the doctor reconstructed rio's airway and creates enough space for him to breathe through. 3 months later, patrick and holly heard their baby's voice for the first time. >> he realized he was doing that and i think it was really exciting. >> reporter: they first heard their son's voice at 9 months old. not long after that, another milestone. the trach that allowed him to breathe his entire life was removed. his first words? dada. >> i was overwhelmed with emotions because i was so happy. this is what we had looked forward to, this is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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>> reporter: rio just passed the one year anniversary of his surgery and is making huge strides. his parents are thankful for every breath he takes and for those who made it possible. >> high five! >> that is just amazing. since his surgery last year, rio's parents say he continues to make incredible strides each and every day. calling all home cooks. airbnb looking for 100 of the best amateur chefs to win a culinary experience in italy.
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well, they're not santa's reindeer. or maybe they are? thousands of the animals blocked cars from getting by. there's the group. in northern russia. the video sped up. one driver was stuck waiting for about 20 minutes as the animals took their sweet time. that's why we had to speed it up. darren peck is standing be with the local forecast. maybe some snow in the sierra, right? >> i'll start out talking at that very thing. >> i thought you were going to talk about the reindeer. >> no, there's no doubt though about how much snow is coming on this one. i don't want anyone to get caught off guard because it will seemingly come out of nowhere. let's start with the map of the sierra and watch this all start to build in here over the next few hours. look at the time stamp up there. i've advanced this all the way
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to tomorrow. that's tuesday at 5:00 p.m. between now and then nothing will happen in the mountains. but i'm going to hit play and we'll advance this from tuesday 5:00, right about the time it starts raining here, which we went into a lot of detail about at the top of the newscast. when it starts raining here, it will start snowing in the sierra. i've only taken it ahead to wednesday at 9:00 a.m., and look at how much snow we've gotten at donner pass. close to 2 feet of snow on the roadway, so this will be a significant travel issue on what's the biggest travel period of the whole year. and it's not that it's just going to snow heavily, it's great news for the ski resorts by the way, if you can get there, it's that it's going to snow much lower than that. i want to give you a comparison on this. if we talk about traveling in the sierra, chances are you're going over i-80, over donner pass that's 7,000 feet in elevation. okay, we just saw the forecast.
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about 2 feet of snow on i-80 at donner pass in that period. but the important element about this is how low the show is going to get. it's not just going to snow at donner pass. it's going to snow throughout the day on wednesday as low as 2500 feet meaning for a long section of that drive up i-80 you need to be prepared. you don't want to be the people that are not prepared because those are the people that usually cause the slow downs. so be prepared for that drive to take awhile. and look at the time frame. 1:00 on tuesday through 1:00 on thursday, and 1 to 3 feet of snow, 2 feet at the higher elevations of the sierra. and because the snow will get relatively low, these are the local hills in the south bay. it's not going to be big
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accumulations, but the snow will be low enough that we could get a dusting of snow on some of our local peaks. you can see the white splotches on there giving us reason to believe it might be just a cool visual to look at even if it's nothing too terribly significant. since i outlined the rain coming our way for tomorrow and wednesday in the last forecast, i just want to take a forecast to show you the next storm right there. that says saturday november 30th go into sunday december 1st. there's another one coming, so we have another storm on the way. in the meantime here's the daytime highs. for tuesday, mid- but the real story is how cold the morns lows will get. we'll see temperatures dipping down into the mid-20s in the north bay and low to mid-30s for much of the rest of the bay
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area. so it's one thing to look at the seven-day forecast with daytime highs in the mid-50s and think it's going to be chilly, i'll have my winter jacket, but morning lows will be frigid for us. and it's like flipping a switch. we're going from summer to winter. we really didn't get a fall this year. we really are going from one right into the next. more coming up in the 6 :00 hour, back to you. all right, thank you. coming up new at 6:00, another company packing up and leaving the bay area. it joins a wave of older corporate titans fleeing san francisco. and the bay area's first rain and snow of the season expected to arrival in time for the thanksgiving travel period. the rush to prepare before wet weather hits. and an update on a seal pup found in a parking garage. scientists are questioning how it ended up in the bay area.
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if you're plans for the holiday include preparing the feast for your family, airbnb wants to hear from you. the company is launching a global search for the 100 top home cooks and treating them to a trip to italy. they'll travel to the university of gastronomic science for a week of workshops and tastings. we're told applications for the contest are open until december 23rdrd. kpix 5 news at 6:00 starts now with ken bastida and veronica de la cruz. now at 6:00, so long sun. the scramble to complete road work as the first storm of the season brings rain here and snow in the sierra. >> plus, it's straight out of a wild west movie. a store owner in oakland whips out his gun when robbers try to make off with his rare coins. >> and devastating fire tears through one of the oldest churches west of the mississippi, and federal authorities join the investigation into what happened. our top story on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area,
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rain tracking towards the bay area right now. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm ken bastida. fire crews welcoming this first rain of the season, but for others there's work to be done before the wet weather moves in. kpix 5's andrea nakano is joining us with the preparations underway for the thanksgiving week storm. >> reporter: yeah, as it typically does, the north bay gets hit with the rain first, and the nevado fire protection difference is bracing itself for the increase in traffic accidents that normally come with the first rain. others are just trying to get some work done to beat mother may nature. chase and company will be working through the night. >> they're making us do a lot of work before the rain comes. >> reporter: because once the storm rolls in, the green paint for the bike lines won't stick to the


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