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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 25, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now at 7:00. >> reporter: an oakland businessman got robbed today, but he didn't just let them get away. he chased them down and got into a shoot out. >> i wanted my stuff back. >> and so long sun, hello rain. what to expect from the first major storm of the season headed our way right now. >> it was shocking to see that much. >> and shocking footage from alameda county, the moments 2 young boys were killed in a barrage of fire. >> and a bay area congregation devastated tonight. a fire nearly destroys the oldest church of christ west of the mississippi. >> we're not taking it lightly. right now on the kpix 5
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news at 7:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a robbery turned shoot out like a scene from a wild west movie. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. we talked to the store owner in oakland in whipped out his gun when the bad guys showed up. >> reporter: charlie says he wasn't thinking when he buzzed in 2 men wearing masks and let them into his coin shop at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> they came in, they had their guns pulled out when they walked in. they were ready to go and ordered me to get down on the floor, face down. >> reporter: charlie says his safe was open, and the crooks filled the bags with about a thousand pounds of rare coins. they ran out of the store and up the hill. then something inside charlie snapped. >> after they were gone, i kind of realized what just happened and grabbed my gun and went after them. i saw one of the guys still on the street around the corner up there, and i told him hey, stop. i had my gun and pointed it at
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him, he turned and shot at me, so i shot at him twice. >> reporter: then the second crook pulled up in the car. >> he shot at me, i shot at the car, and i'm told that he hit the window, you know, next to me, and he hit somebody. >> reporter: the crooks dropped the coins and took off. charlie, he was uninjured, could not carry that bag, so he dragged it back to the store and called police. officer watson says it's too early if charlie will face charges, but has a message to any citizen who decided to take matters into their own hands. >> if you're a victim of a crime, to think about our community, our neighborhood, our children, our residents around us. >> reporter: claudia hartley lives next door to the man shot and said he was hit in the leg and will be okay. would you say it's careless and irresponsible to go after bad guys like that? >> i wouldn't do it myself, but i couldn't second guess charlie. >> reporter: if you could go back in time and do anything
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different, what would that be? >> take monday off. well, winter is coming. the first storm of the season is headed our way right now. the storm is expected to hit the north bay first. in nevado a crew is working overnight to finish some bike lines, and the fire danger might subside, but road accidents could spike. >> we're ready for all risks, whatever comes at us. whatever comes after this, we appreciate, but getting the first rain really helps us. and meteorologist darren peck is joining us now. we're overdue, should have had had rain weeks ago. >> one way of thinking of this storm is it will end fire season, so that's real positive news. and the detail of the storm is exactly like we left it off last week. late news through thursday, i haven't had to change it at all, that's still the timing. and number 2 is the one i want
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you to look at the most. the heaviest rain is coming tuesday night. and yes, there will be enough snow in the sierra at low enough elevation, it's going to make wednesday travel in the mountains a pain. in fact more than that. high definition doppler going on now, and we don't see anything yet, so let's switch and go out to the pacific. there's our storm. can you see it? nothing there yet. there's a little dent in the clouds. this thing hasn't even developed yet. but watch how fast it will come together. put it into the futurecast and then bring us forward to tomorrow afternoon, that says noon, and look at the organization on that storm. now let's play it forward. glad we were just showing preparations in the north bay, because the north bay will be hit with this first. watch this organized line of rain right there at 4:00 p.m. this is the line i want to track with you as it moves across the entire bay area. north bay, you get it at 4:00. everyone is going to get it. timing that will be the most important part of tuesday
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evening. i'll see you with more in the complete forecast, now back to you. thanks darren. and with the storm approaching, kpix has you covered. take us with you. you can find updated weather forecasts from darren and mary by watching cbsn bay area. we also have extra coverage on air and at we just got some video in of a small vegetation small. this is the hills above santa barbara. where it's not raining, the fire danger still there. this has forced some i evacuations and closed parts of highway 104. no word on containment. and a security camera at a home catches a shocking double murder in a school parking lateral. lot. the question is what were 2 young boys doing this. >> reporter: so far the police don't have any suspects or made any arrests in this case. they also don't have a motive.
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i was actually able to talk with a neighbor earlier today who had the whole incident caught on surveillance camera. in this video you see 2 cars in the parking lot at 12:5 a.m. early saturday morning. as one starts to drive away, the flashes begin. gunfire, more than 20 shots in all. >> it was shocking to see like it was that much. >> reporter: mckenzie norman's home security camera captured the entire thing and also showed what happened next. the shooter gets back into the car and drives away. the entire exchange lasted only 40 seconds. >> just knowing that it was right across from my house and you could actually see it in the footage made me really in shock and nervous now. >> reporter: police say both boys in the mini van, an 11-year-old and 14-year-old were killed. >> but we don't know if the 11-year-old or 14-year-old were driving it. >> reporter: detectives believe one of the boys drove the van to the school parking lot.
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what they don't know is why. >> we don't know what they were doing out there at 1:30 in the morning. we haven't ruled out that this is gang related, but we haven't verified it yet either. >> reporter: union city police say they have a copy of the surveillance video and are doing their best to identify the shooter or shooters as well as the get away vehicle. >> extremely heinous. i've never personally in my 30 years seen something like this. >> reporter: according to the new haven unified school district, the 11-year-old was a student within the district but didn't attend the elementary school where he was shot and killed. the 14-year-old was a former student in the district. they said there will be counselors available at all district schools next monday when classes resume after the thanksgiving break. in union city, kpix 5. a historic church in the north bay heavily damaged after going up in flames earlier this morning. the forestville fire department responded to calls just after
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6:00 a.m. at the 140-year-old church of christ. when they got there, they found the chapel engulfed in flames. crews were able to contain the fire, but not much of the church remains. investigators say arson is not suspected, but it will take time to determine the exact cause. >> reporter: there are investigators here, including the federal government. why are the feds here? >> it's a federal mandate they're called into any church fires. being a church fire we're not taking anything lightly. we're taking it seriously. >> we're protesting because there's a bunch of empty homes and a bunch of homeless people. nearly two dozen people face charges after that homeless encampment protest this morning. early today all the tents had been removed. the city said it was in
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negotiations with protesters yesterday and notified them their belongings would be removed by a certain hour and offered beds and services. still ahead, a wild scene at a california chick-fil-a turns deadly. >> the dangerous weapon the suspect was holding as he charged towards officers. >> they tried to hit him with rubber bullets, but it didn't work. >> i heard like 10 shots. >> and the holiday rush is on. when you can get your hands on some last minute december travel deals. >> between the thanksgiving rush and then the holiday and school vacations, there's a little bit of a break there. >> i feel like we could have held them to 0 points, and we didn't do that. >> and last night's impressive win still has members of the red hot 49ers wanting more. and the prediction by aaron rodgers after his team took a beating. 7, 8
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>> reporter: holiday travel is typically pricy and will cost you time, money, and headaches. but if you're looking for a deal and willing to wait, there's some surprising options out thereto. >> we drove down from thanksgiving. it usually took us about 6 hours. it took us 12 hours. >> reporter: if you're planning to jump in the car and drive somewhere for thanksgiving, or take a flight, it's going to cost you in time, or money, or headaches or all 3. >> the thanksgiving break is the most popular and busiest time to travel all yearlong. >> reporter: you can expect to pay a premium price if you go to a popular price at a popular
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time. it's supply and demand. but if you can wait a deal or two, you might be surprised. >> between the holiday rush and school vacations, there's a little break. >> reporter: nancy is the owner of travel with me. a quick search of fares on the tuesday before thanksgiving to jfk found tickets at nearly $2,000. but wait 2 weeks and it's only 300. good deals if your schedule is flexible enough to take advantage. there's another slow period after christmas and and the new year. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. the 49ers passed a very tough last night. >> yeah, yeah. the dennis here now. >> block your calendar folks, february 2nd, that's the date of the super bowl. now if there's another nfc
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team -- >> oh, no. >> listen to my script! the niners destroyed green bay last night, but the packers quarterback offered this prediction on leaving the field. the defense sacked him 5 times in a dominating 37 to 8 win, and san francisco thinks their upcoming opponents should worry more about the niners being on the schedule than the other way around. >> we don't get scared about who's the next opponent or this time is supposed to be the top team in the league, it's just another team. we know how good we are. >> nobody has to play us. we just kind of play everybody. we're just a punching bag that people come punch on. >> like i said, february 2nd. now the big game this sunday. >> yep. >> baltimore and the 49ers. baltimore is the best team in
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the afc, so we could be looking at a super bowl preview. >> we listened to your script, dennis. >> that's not giving the patriots much respect, but we'll see how that works out. all right, darren, we'll listen to your script now. the weather script. >> and it's going to look like february 2nd in the sierra over the next couple of days. but let's track this storm. look how beautifully organized that storm is, poised to finally bring winter here. we noticed some lighter showers, moderate showers in the early afternoon that have picked up, but it's really once we get towards the 4:00 hour tomorrow in the afternoon where we start to see the real organized rain right there. that's the line i keep pointing out. that's the cold front of this storm where we'll find the best
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organized rain. you could even get pop up thunderstorms. so we'll track that. 4:00 in the afternoon, it's in the north bay. 5:00 still there, and as we've gotten towards 6:00, you've got a really well organized line going right through the middle of the bay area. notice what happens behind it? things have quieted down a bit. you can actually see how clearly outlined that front is moving through. if you're under that red band, that's where the excitement is. don't expect it to be timed exactly this way. it could be off by an hour or two, but in the late afternoon tomorrow, right through the commute home on tuesday before we get ready for the big wednesday travel, we'll have some real good rain marching across the bay area. by the time we get to 7:00, it's not south bay. and then by the time we've gotten to 9:00 or 10:00, it's gone. just from the first line that will march across the bay area,
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the totals are pretty good. a half inch to inch. now i'll let wednesday play through. it looks very different. we don't have that organized line. but we still have scattered showers. when it comes like that, some could come in the form of an isolated thunderstorm on two. just the general idea wednesday afternoon into thursday, scattered showers remain. but tuesday night is the main event. and as far as snow in the sierra is concerned, we could pick up 2 feet of snow. donner pass sits at 7,057 feet. look how low the snow is going to get. for us. those are pretty low snow levels for any storm that comes into the sierra, even in the middle of the winter, yet alone the first one of the season. it's going to be rough travel in the sierra for anyone in
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that time frame. cold here too with overnight lows in the 30s, daytime highs in the 50s, and the seven-day forecast, the daytime highs don't really tell you how cold it's going to get because it's the morning lows that will be frigid. and even though this system is done by friday, the next one arrives saturday and sunday. we'll talk about that as it gets closer. all right, thank you. a machete wielding suspect causing mayhem. >> first robbing a store and then carjacking a vehicle before running into place. >> he got a machete ! >> a man captured the crime spree from his window. the suspect was seen taking a car from someone in the chick-fil-a drive thru. then he takes off running after police corner him. >> they were trying to get him
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with rubber bullet, but it didn't work. >> i heard 10 shots. >> he never let the machete go. didn't say a word. >> the man died on the way to the hospital. still ahead, one of the oldest museums in the world hit by a movie style break in. what the thieves walked away with that's worth a billion dollars. >> plus elon musk's explanation for this rocky roll out. what he says happened moments before that caused that window to shatter. >> and who a federal judge is now ordering to testify in president trump impeachment inquiry. created thousands of jobs after building a busit he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it.
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after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dream that defines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes and the middle class get their fair share. everyone without health insurance can get it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead. and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. leader. problem solver. mike bloomberg for president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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i'm veronica de la cruz and here's what you missed if you're just now getting home. late today a former federal judge ordered don mcgahn to appear before congress as part of the impeachment inquiry. he was a star witness in robert mueller's russia investigation. also new internal white house e-mails obtained by the washington post appear to show an effort in early august to justify president trump's decision to withhold money to help ukraine after the
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july 25th call with the ukrainian president. and a jewel police in germany are searching for jewel thieves that broke into the green vault which is a historic museum in the city of dresden making off with priceless 18th century jewelry worth up to a billion dollars. >> oops. elon musk explaining what happened as they were showing off the cyber truck. musk claims the impact from a previous test caused the glass to shatter. despite that rocky roll out, preorders have climbed to 200,000. >> you'll see it coming for sure. thanks veronica. up next, a four legged military
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member honored at the white house. wait until you hear what he did to help take down an isis leader.
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president trump honored a military dog named conan today. he helped take out the leader of isis. >> conan is a tough cookie. nobody is going to mess with conan. >> conan chased the isis leader into a dead end tunnel where he detonated a suicide vest and died. it was one of 50 missions that he has under his collar. thanks for watching the news at 7:00. we continue streaming on cbsn bay area. >> and we'll be back at 11:00 with more.
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