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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 26, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now at 7:00. a power outage in the storm that is causing big problems right now. it's inside one busy area airport. >> i mean, we've been waiting for it. it's been pretty dry. >> not anymore. the rain is here, and it's coming down hard in some spots. a look at our high def doppler that is all it up right now. what to expect in the next few hours a travel conditions in the sierra tonight treacherous to say the least. bumper-to-bumper. caltrans telling people do not go up there until thanksgiving. >> right now, kpix 5 is streaming on that evening, i am a veronica de la cruz. >> we have breaking it tonight. two bay area at ports pick up
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after work at getting word at oakland and asked that the power is out inside the terminal. the lights went off within the past 20 minutes or so. generators are apparently starting to cycle on, bringing that power back here can we do have a crew on the way. we will bring you more information as we get it. stirr let let's get a live look at sfo. expect delays of 90 minutes or more if you are flying out tonight to go to the faa but a ground delay into effect because of the bad weather, and that is cutting the number of arrivals and have. the biggest impact will be flights along the west coast. checking some bay area bridges. they have all been pretty busy this evening. looking at high def doppler, we are seeing soaking rain coming down in some areas stirr is this going to be the worst of it? >> this is the worst of it. i think you would be hard- pressed to find a rater image that looks more like a bull's- eye of heavy organized rain
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right over the bay area. so we are right in the thick of this. this is right in line with the forecast, and i'm going to take that heavy band of rain which stretches right across the middle of the bay area. we're going to switch from high def doppler, and i will put this into futurecast because that is going to show us how the rest of the evening is going to progress. this started in the north bay at 4:00. we are at 7:00. we are going to watch its way down to the south bay, so even though we have not noticed the rain pickup in the attends way be seen across the rest of the bay area and san jose, you are about to notice that pickup between now and the next 30 minutes as the heavier bands of rain worked their way down to what you. and then we're not done. we're just going to be done with this first phase of the system. as we get into tomorrow, it will be scattered showers that stay with us on- again, off-again, hitting be showers all throughout all day wednesday.
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very different thing today where we have this organized line of heavy rain much across the bay area, and everybody got it and it was impreza. tomorrow, some of you might not get anything, but many of you will probably feel a few stray shower that the develop across the bay area. i will be back with this forecast in more detail coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with andria borba. kpix andria borba is live in the caldecott condo with more on that vehicle >> reporter: the storm has gotten stronger every hour we've been outside. it was light at 5:00 on have your at six, and this at 7:00 tonight out here now the caldecott tunnel in contra costa county. the commute home has been wet, slick, and it's been dangerous on this tuesday before thanksgiving. after 160 days of, rain has returned.
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>> it's about time. i mean, we've been waiting for it. it's been pretty dry. >> reporter: as gray storm clouds moved across, fingers were crossed pickup >> i'm really excited. i think we need the rain. of course, i don't like the rain, so i'm glad i got my shopping done, and i'm ready to go home and read my book. >> reporter: windshield wipers were flying off the shelves and walnut creek. 40 sets all gone before noon, and for drivers wondering if they can put off new blades, here is this piece of advice bigger >> though rubber, no matter who you get it from, is not as good as it was even five years ago, said to get good wiper blades and get good clearing of the window, you need to replace them every year. >> reporter: despite that hassle, drivers were rushing to get new blades and chains for the holiday weekend, thankful for a final reprieve from the 2019 fire season, as we approach thanksgiving. >> desperately need the rain for sure. i'm very happy. >> reporter: exactly how strong is this bum cyclone in contra
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costa county right? our live truck weighs about 3,500 pounds. the wind has moved it side to side. that is on its axles. in contra costa council, andria borba, kpix 5. a look at from the donner pass area. this is the storm that that resort has been waiting for after a long dry spell. workers say an opening date could comes in. a live look out at i-80 and soda springs. treacherous conditions right now. the national weather service advising drivers don't risk it. chain controls in place from altar to the nevada state line. reporter anna giles is in gold run where some drivers are waiting it out. >> reporter: we are in the gold run area where we have seen steady snowfall for hours now. i spoke to a shop owner out here who said it started around 2:00 pm. we just pulled off of i-80 here because the traffic is backed up. it is at a standstill, bumper- to-bumper peer could people are not moving for miles and miles,
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a lot of them are deciding to pull off here. i've seen dozens of cars come in throughout the last hour. this is a restaurant called the hitching post, and we talked to the owner here who says he's been happy to accommodate everyone who just needs to get off the highway and take a break. >> when this freeway shutdown, we expect a flow of people to come in because they are stuck up here, and we hope we can do what we can for them and, you know, they will be happy here go they get fed, and they get to sit around, stay warm. >> reporter: that restaurant owner saying he's been preparing for this all day, and we have been speaking with first responders who say because of this weather, they are really recommending that people try and delay travel right now. as i mentioned earlier, we're in gold run off of i-80, and the traffic is at a complete standstill on the highway. >> anna, thank you so much. we have more weather coverage in just a few minutes. you can see updated forecasts all week by checking out cbsn
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in the area, and you can watch at meanwhile in santa barbara tonight, let's flip the coin. can you believe this? they would love to have some of this rain and snow. it is expected. it is coming to help douse the cave fire which has burned nearly 4,300 acres in sent thousands of people flee for their lives. >> very little visibility , and we have a lot of fire blowing through. >> one woman kept her cool, joked a little bit, kept driving, got out last night. she captured it on her car's dash cam. the fire exploded inside, pushed by winds gusting 55 miles an hour. >> we've had winds moving up slope, downslope, across the slope. >> so far, firefighters have been able to protect all of the homes in the area. we are learning a you when it worker with bay area that
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was killed in a terrorist attack in afghanistan. he graduated from saratoga high in 2002. he's been overseas for most of the last decade. >> i want to confirm with a heavy heart that the united states citizen was killed in a terrorist attack on a u.n. vehicle in kabul on november 24. >> five tick others were injured in the attack. no one has claimed responsibility. the dramatic rescue by superstar climber. >> wait till you hear what happened on the side of el kapp in yosemite. some of the biggest names on the 49ers suited up for a cause more important than football. so you think you've had in your valuables inside your car where the crooks can find it, but guess what? your bluetooth is to train you. >> that's kind of creepy. and if you think the weather is getting bad here, holiday travel nightmare in boulder a few hundred miles away. we are streaming updated weather coverage all week on
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cbsn bay area, the cbs news app, or your favorite platform.
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visit your local chase branch. a top professional rock climber recovering after a scary fall near yosemite's el capitan. she shared her battle wounds on instagram writing she is, quote, banged up but going to be thankfully okay because she's a five-time national u.s. champion in sport climbing. she wants free client el capitan in just six days. she also thanked the climbers who helped her sunday. one of them happens to be alex thomas, the first person to free solo el capitan. he the subject of the 2018 documentary "free solo." a tool created to make your
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life easier is also making it easier for car burglars to a valuable. kpix 5's kiet do shows you how to protect yourself. >> reporter: perhaps the part of the urban legend that crooks are using bluetooth scanner apps to see if you've hidden valuables inside your car. well, we spent the morning testing it out, cruising the parking lot of a fitness gym, and yes, it's true. i'm getting a strong signal for this tile in this car, so you have a tile in your car. >> i do. >> reporter: ellora muna keeps her tile buried inside a gym bag deep in her wallet, but it was so strong i found it on the bluetooth signal from across the parking lot. 100%. >> wow. >> reporter: what do you think? >> that is kind of creepy. >> autoworkers are going to find a way to get your things. >> reporter: sandra avila is the police crime prevention specialist and says don't people realize some devices are constantly broadcasting a single. a quick scan of the iphone
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store there are a bunch of free, easy-to-use bluetooth scanners on the marking up you go >> there are some people, auto burglars who could detect that signal and target your car for that. >> reporter: when using the bluetooth scanner, it is hard not to look shady. sj pd says if you see someone behaving like this, don't just shrug it off. >> if they are walking around, on a bicycle, a scooter, that a suspicious vehicle >> reporter: if you cannot take the device with you, power of the bluetooth and completely shut it down before hiding it inside your car. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. denver is where the real airport nightmare is playing out . today, about 500 flights were canceled because of all that snow. take a look at that. last night, more than 1,000 people actually spent the night at denver international. >> we're literally down to our last $20 , so we're leaning in on our faith at the moment to kind of see a through. >> several roads and highways in colorado are also closed tonight or are dealing with huge delays from crashes. okay, darren is alongside now.
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as predicted, people knew what was coming. we talked about it for a better part of the week, and now it is here as promised. >> we started pinpointing five days ago, ken, that would be tuesday night when we saw the best of the rain come through, but an update i want to share with you guys peer get that is new since we were on the air earlier. we've had enough rain now come to the middle of the bay area. the national weather service has actually issued a flood advisory. that is the low-grade watch vehicle just because we had so much rain, that it's quite possible right to the heart of the bay where you see that big band of heavy rain. look at that organized band of yellow, orange, and red which extends right to the bay area. the flood advisory covers the areas that have been impacted so far by the heavy rain, and i will likely continue to impact over the next few hours. let's come in and watch the detail on this. we will start down here on the peninsula. from half moon bay extending all the way toward san mateo,
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that is a very well organized , intense rain which has hung up right now at this location. we can follow it across the bay right over to oakland international airport. that is where you've got the red return right there. we had a 50 an mile an hour got out there within the last hour, as that big heavy band of rain come through, you get the strongest wind right with it, and we could follow that line all the way over to the far east bay. get over towards contra costa county, and we are looking at heavy rain out there as will. what happens next? we can switch from live radar, put into futurecast. you can see how that line is very well depicted here to 8:00. as to what the south bay, and by the time we got in into the late it:00 our comments made it far enough south it is down in san jose. we started watching that line at 4:00 when he was moving to santa rosa, and it is now marched its way across the entire bay, and by the time we get to 10:00, that phase of the
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storm will be over, meaning the widespread, continuous heavy downpour that comes in a get everybody at the same time will come to an end. but we're not completely done with the storm yet because on the backside of that front, we're going to continue to see this all day wednesday. isolated showers that stay with us. see the timestamp up there? took us all the way through the day on thursday and potentially into thursday with a few left over showers, but by thursday for the most part, this is going to be winding down. really, the bulk of the rain, the highlight of this whole event is what we're living be right now from 4:00 to 10:00, as this heavy line marches on the northbay data the south bay. look at the rainfall totals, and that just cover tonight. i've only taken us to midnight. we'll add a little more to the totals which is three quarters of an inch to an inch. we will add a little more on top of that for our wednesday and thursday, but really the bulk of the work is being done this evening. by the way, this is why it is not a good idea to travel to in the sierra tonight because it is advised you do not go. it's going to be very difficult travel up there. we will pick up close to two feet of snow at donner pass,
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and that winter storms morning stays in effect until 7:00 pm thursday. it's not going to stop snowing up there in a while, and the storm responsible for this is pretty fascinating to watch. if you are with me last night, this goes back to monday night at 10:00. there was no store for me to even point out, and what what happened overnight. you've got this really impressive storm that seemingly develops out of nowhere in less than 24 hours. that is very impressive, so if you hear the term getting thrown around out there, whether you are on social media or you hear it from a friend about a bomb cyclone, that sounds a lot more dramatic than it actually is. you saw it. the little definition of that is a cyclone which dropped 24 millibars in 24 hours. in other words, what is a. the low pressure that develops out of nowhere. those can be impressive storms, but for us this will be manageable. it will just be an issue over the next the hours for the possibility of minor flooding right to the central bay over the next few hours. minor intersections. next storm get your saturday and sunday. more rain on the way. i will see you with more later. why democrats in washington are claiming a victory tonight in the impeachment inquiry. >> why some trump
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administration officials who were told the white house not to testify may now be forced to head to chapel hill. the presidential candidate in san francisco today laying out his vision for countrywide affordable housing plans. some star members of the red-hot 49ers taking some time off the field to give back in a major way. and original report. in oakland dr. in prison on child porn charges. now, former patient are coming forward with stories of sexual abuse that they believe went on for years and checked. do you think you're the only one he did the two? >> of course not. i'm sure there's hundreds of not thousands of other women he's done this to. >> watchtower investigation tonight on the kpix 5 news at 11:00. we'll be right back. created thousands of jobs aftert he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes
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reminder right here, we are straining right now on cbsn bay area. find us on, the cbs news app, or your favorite platform. we are continuing to follow breaking news. passengers reporting a power outage at oakland airport. the lights went off within the past 40 minutes or so. some passengers have been
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twitting that the security lines are stopped, lines are wrapped around the baggage claim with no movement of any kind, and we are hearing that generators may be starting to cycle on and bring some power back. we do have a crew on the way for you. a live look outside of capitol hill, where democrats are claiming victory tonight. a federal judge ruled that president trump advisors cannot claim immunity to prevent themselves from complying with congressional subpoenas. the could force trump administration officials who ignored congressional subpoenas to testify in the impeachment inquiry. the justice department plans to appeal. the area billionaire and presidential candidate tom steyer was in san francisco today where he pitched a $625 billion investment to increase the stock of affordable housing. >> you are asking about and equity. housing at the center of it in the country because it determines so many other things in your life. the 49ers kicked off the as
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the players and families spending the day at martha's kitchen and san jose, where they served thanksgiving dinner 2/300 people in need. they traded their helmets for these festive turkey hats you see there, hoping to serve up some smiles. >> the fact we have guys who want to show up and participate in something that means so much to so many people, and i'm just glad we're going to be able to interact with everybody who comes to those doors and have a fun conversation with them. >> you've got all the niners coming here to help people that really don't have what they should have. >> right. >> food is delicious, but the conversation with everybody is better than that. >> that is awesome. the team also provided toiletries and 2019 game day giveaways to everyone who showed up. ken? we'll be right back.
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i just felt powerless. i did not think i had any choice. >> he preys on people. >> why complaints were ignored for years prickle >> the problem with that is they still continue to treat. >> tonight at 11:00 on kpix five news. expect more.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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we will have updated forecasts and weather coverage throughout the storm on cbsn bay area. find us on, the cbs news app, also on your favorite platform. take a look at that rate are too. i want you guys to spot something with me. do you see that will organize the line, like a ropey line extending? that is the cold front, and you follow that into the bay area. that is where you're going to find the heaviest rain is strongest when. it will drag its way across the south bay between now and 10:00 that is where the heaviest action is going to be for the rest of this evening. we will be on cbsn bay area . thanks for watching at 7:00. the news continues on cbsn bay area. >> see you at 11:00.
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