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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 29, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PST

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look at the bay bridge and beyond. good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to cbs good morning. gayle king, anthony mason and tony dokoupil are off. president trump on an unannounced visit to afghanistan declares he's re-opened talks to end america's longest holiday storm threat. bad weather moves from the west to the middle part of the country and now threatens s big trouble in the northeast by the end of the holiday weekend. start shopping. millions of americans get up early to find black friday bargains. why more of us than ever are shopping online. >> and rising from the ashes. paradise, california's high school football team plays for a championship tomorrow, one year after a devastating wildfire destroyed their town. it is friday, november 29th, 2019.
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here's today your world in 90 seconds. president trump back to the u.s. after a secret thanksgiving day visit to afghanistan. >> the president says peace talks with the taliban are back on. we'll see if they make a deal. if they do, they do. if they don't, they don't. that's fine. three, two, one. >> the black friday shopping frenzy is under way. >> whew whew, last one. ten animals were killed in a barn fire at an african safari wildlife park in ohio. >> our animals we care for every day and our team is just devastated. a fire still burning at a texas chemical plant. >> 50,000 people remain under a mandatory evacuation after two massive explosions. i think there's been very significant progress. >> the cdc reminding all of us to get vaccinated after nine new england patriots have been
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sidelined by a bad case of the flu. power went out during the lions/bears halftime show. ♪ ♪ it's something >> all that. >> the bulldog dropped his hammer on 2,000 other dogs. >> oh my goodness, wow. >> the very special and unexpected reunion nearly four decades in the making. >> elliot. >> you came back. >> and all that matters. >> i don't want to tell any of the other guests, but you're definitely my favorite guests today. >> gusty winds couldn't stop the big balloons at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> on "cbs this morning." i never got my turkey. it's the first time in thanksgiving that i've never had any turkey. surprise guest at a thanksgiving meal in afghanistan. >> i just want to say that we thank god for your help and all of the things that you've done. you are very special people and you don't even know how much the people of our country love and respect you. and they do.
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>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> that was really well said. and the troops looked like they really appreciated it. >> they did. >> quite a surprise to pull off too. >> quite a surprise. welcome to "cbs this morning." and speaking of president trump, he is renewing a promise to end the 18-year war in afghanistan by reopening peace talks with the taliban. this morning, air force one landed at west palm beach, florida, after the president's surprise trip to afghanistan where he made that announcement. during his visit, mr. trump served thanksgiving dinner to u.s. troops and met with the afghan president. mr. trump also confirmed plans to bring thousands more troops home. >> you know, the president made his first ever trip to afghanistan in the middle of a pretty tense period with military leaders in washington. weija jiang is in south florida where we thought the president might spend thanksgiving. how'd the trip play out? >> reporter: good morning, david. he is back this morning after a whirlwind top secret trip that,
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as you mentioned, marked his first visit ever to that combat zone. he spent about 3 1/2 hours on the ground before flying through the night. the president says the taliban wants a ceasefire, adding fresh optimism that america's longest war could come to an end. the trip was so closely guarded that even afghani leadership didn't know about it until air force one was about to land. president trump surprised u.s. troops at the airfield in afghanistan with a thanksgiving visit serving turkey to troops. >> we love 'em. we love 'em. we say happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: the president also met with president ghani before they restarted peace talks with the taliban which once harbored al qaeda. mr. trump was set to meet with leaders in september but called off a meeting in camp david declaring discussions dead after an attack in kabul that killed an american soldier. >> it's not a good thing they
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did with killing a soldier. they want to make a deal. we'll see what happens. if they make it fine, if they don't, that's fine. >> reporter: he told reporters that he plans to reduce the number of troops in afghanistan to 8,600, down from about 12,000 currently serving in the country. though he did not offer specifics. >> we'll be down in a number that's very -- it's a good number and we're going stay until such time as we have a deal or we have total victory. >> reporter: the visit happened just days after he clashed with his own military leaders back home. president trump fired his navy secretary richard spencer on sunday after spencer refused to cancel a military review board for navy s.e.a.l. edward gallagher who was convicted of posing for a photo with a dead isis fighter. the president restored gallagher's rank, a move spencer criticized in an interview with cbs news on monday. >> well, what i do stand for as secretary of the navy? good order and discipline of the united states navy. that's a prime tenant.
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this, in fact, erodes that. >> reporter: president trump did not say how far along those discussions are with the taliban or how long they've been going on. but the president is eager to fulfill a campaign promise to untangle the u.s. from foreign conflicts like we recently saw in syria even though military experts warn withdrawing troops prematurely could make the u.s. less safe. michelle. >> a difficult task indeed. thank you, weija. a powerful storm is wreaking havoc on millions of americans heading home from the thanksgiving holiday. blizzard-like conditions hammered parts of minnesota with as much as 9 inches of snow. drivers were warned to stay off the roads as the storm moved through. in southern california, heavy rainfall left many neighborhoods under water. streets were flooded and cars were stranded. farther north, a rare bomb cyclone brought wind gusts of up to 100 miles per hour to the
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california/oregon border. cbs news climate and weather a oric sto. egout is we're going to zoom in under the clouds. look at that intense and focused moisture feed, tropical moisture feeding north into the mountains producing flooding. all that water running down the hills. and then on the other side in the higher elevation it is snow. lower elevations getting snow. and a lot of snow. look how colorful the map is. you never want to see a map this colorful. lots of winter weather advisories and blizzard warnings in effect. look at all that flooding rain with that focused jet stream, streaming all that moisture in and lots of powder for the skiers in the west. if you chose this week to ski, lucky you. this turns into a blizzard for rapid city and fargo with severe weather possible on friday. it
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w york city, maybe a few inches in new york city, and boston as we head into monday and again on tuesday. >> all right. please keep it above new york. >> i'll see what i can do. millions of shoppers are making a beeline across the country. more than 164 million americans are expected to look for bargains during the five-day stretch that runs from thanksgiving day through cyber mont. big retailers are feeling more pressure than ever for record-breaking online rivals. nikki battiste is at a best buy store in new jersey. what do shoppers seem to have their eyes on this early? >> reporter: well, jericka, good morning. as hard as it is to resist online shopping, there are 200 people that just rushed
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through the doors atsome black it comes down to just good old holiday tradition. there's no need to wait until friday for these bargain hunters as doors opened on thanksgiving day, shoppers had one thing in mind, save big. >> 50 bucks. >> last one. >> i bought tv, air fryer, ipad mini. so i'm really happy to get this good deal. >> reporter: and if this year's crowds at macy's in new york city are any measure. >> it's like 6:00 a.m. i formed the lines and everybody's civilized we can all get what we want. >> reporter: black friday deals no joke to savvy shoppers. >> first i cook all night long, then i shop until i drop. >> reporter: toys "r" us made a comeback this year as it reopened its first store in new jersey. >> brings back nostalgia from my childhood. >> reporter: black friday has
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been synonymous with scenes like these. but this year? >> what does black friday 2019 look like? >> it's going to be a little bit less frantic than last year. >> reporter: "wall street journal" retail reporter says more people are opting to shop from their cozy couch. for the first time, the majority of u.s. consumers, 54%, say they will do most of their holiday shopping online. only about 36% plan to shop on black friday this year. down from 51% in 2016. >> what's your advice to shoppers debating wether or not to get off the couch and go out and shop on black friday? >> make a list. stick to your list if you see something good you've been tracking the price on, then it's a good time to put trigger and buy it. >> reporter: another hot ticket item here is laptops. sometimes selling for just about $200.
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the big question this year is who's going to win the sales war, black friday or cyber monday? cyber monday sales could hit $9.5 billion, up from 20% from last year. >> thank you nikki battiste. jill schlesinger is here for a look at the business of black friday. jill, i know people are going spend, by hear you talk about a potential recession, maybe. so why people spending? >> you know, the economy's slowed down from last year to this year. we're growing at about 2%. but the really key point is that employment is pretty good. in fact, we see a lot more people who have jobs this year. the unemployment rate is near a 50-year low, 3.6%. and that boosts confidence. and as a result, i think that people are feeling like, hey, you know what? i got a little bit of a wage increase, inflation's pretty low, i've got more money, i'm going to spend this year. >> your case study is macy's in terms of luring people into the stores. they're having somewhat of a bump in the road. >> it's really interesting,
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because we always hear about the brick and mortar retailers that are having a hard time. but they're being smart in that they're trying to lure us in with the thing they have an advantage over. you're able to go in and see and touch and feel somet, tr on. but, the cost of bringing people into your store has actually started to rise. and as a result, companies like macy's or kohl's or jc penney or gap, they are under quite a bit of pressure, at least their stock prices this year. >> what are they doing to try to bring those people in? because you see the pop-up stores and hotels using these models to try to get people to buy their product. >> it's called experiential marketing. they are trying to bring you in with an experience. they're going to say we are going to have a wine and cheese tasting or be creative and say you want to try a parka and those boots on? we're going to have a cold room you can try them non that room. >> that's crazy. >> and they're also being really smart to combine online with brick and mortar.
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order online, pick it up at the store and there you can try it on. >> what about this notion that we've been hearing that brick and mortar is dead or in the process of dying? >> okay, so what you will hear throughout this week towcy gits, 14%, 15% from a year ago. actual sales total, it's a much lower growth rate. so cyber is growing at a much more rapid rate. however, brick and mortar still accounts for most shopping in this country. about 90% in brick and mortar. that includes -- >> 90? >> well that includes car dealerships, so we have to put that in there. it's important to realize brick and mortar is not dead. this is called multichannel experience for retail and i really want to tell people check your prices outonline, then go to the store. >> we have breaking news from london where police are investigating an incident a short time ago. several people were hurt in a
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stabbing in the london bridge area in the heart of brfiveed o district where a terror attack two years ago killed eight >> reporter: good morning. police here in london said they were called just before 2:00 p.m. local time to a stabbing near london bridge in central london. that's just over an hour ago now. they say they have detained one man and several people were injured. the reuters news agency is reporting that the police have said that a man was shot and we've seen video from the scene appearing to show a police officer shooting a man on the ground. however, there's no official confirmation of that detail at this stage. the attack on london bridge back in june 2017 was isis inspired. we don't know the motivations behind today's violence. >> thank you. fire in northern ohio has
7:15 am
killed at least 10 animals. giraffes are seen running in panic at port clinton. threeeles were killed. a zebra and other animals escaped but quickly recaptured. the cause of that fire sunday investigation. >> more than 50,000 people a still not allowed to return home this morning two days after explosions at a chemical plant in southeastern texas. the fire continues to burn. firefighters are letting it to burn out to prevent more explosions. a decision will be made today about lifting mandatory evacuation orders. omar villafranca shows us how some people returned home despite being told to stay away. >> i had to leave without my dog because we were scared. >> reporter: she came the home grab everything she left behind including her beloved dog after
7:16 am
fleeing her house wednesday morning. >> it was literally blazing. it wasn't that. it was blazing like you could feel the heat. >> repr:assilast felt up to 30 miles away tore through the plant just after midnight. the impact blowing doors and shattered windows across the area. don and diana spent thanksgiving cleaning shards of glass from inside their bedroom despite the mandatory evacuation order. >> kind of scary but you got to do what you have to do to protect your property. >> reporter: a second blast forced the mandatory evacuation of 60,000 people. >> won be lifted until we're comfortable or i'm comfortable that the citizens are going to se coming back in. >> reporter: the plant's owner has a history of environmental issues. it was fined more than $200,000 in january for air quality violation. local officials are monitoring the air. >> 24/7 mob toring has been carried out.
7:17 am
all of that has shown that there are no contaminants in the ai c defied the order to make the most of the holiday. >> fires are getting smaller and they are getting under control so we felt pretty comfortable to come back and try to pull it together and have dinner all our family. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," i'm omar villafranca. >> here in new york city the air was full of balloons yesterday but gusty winds made it tough to control them at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. this nut cracker balloon knocked over its handlers. they were under orders to keep the balloons flying low. officials decided the winds were not strong enough to ground them entirely. it's hard not to get a chuckle out but hopefully she's okay. david, you were there. you got the dream assignment. >> my puppy dog and i along with
7:18 am
tony dokoupil and teddy -- the baby's name is teddy but his middle name is bear. we went to the parade. paddington was there. we had a ball. >> i love it. >> they stole it here too. in the studio. i posted paddington. >> you don't get us in trouble with the dog walker. there's a warning for shoppers ahead of cyber monday. coming up why some of those glowing testimonials you see on sites like amazon and walmart are not to b fo good friday morning. it is a code start. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories so buddle up as you head out the door. your weather headlines today the cool, partly sunny. mainly dry, but some showers possible as we head through the afternoon. our next big storm arrives tomorrow for increasing rain and wind. the heaviest rain satuinto sund
7:19 am
our temperatures for today well below average, between the low to mid 50s.
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we have much more ahead. "60 minutes" meets a couple living on the streets of seattle with their 3-year-old son. their plight is part of a bigger problem in wealthy cities. plus, a high school football team inspires a california town in its fight to rebound after a devastating wildfire. you're watching "cbs this morning." i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy,
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this is a kpix f news morning up the date. >> 7:26. i'm kenny choi. there are a number of water main breaks overnight. there was a major flooding in the potrero hill area and officials have no estimate on when the repairs will be complete. and the north bay is going to need to bundle up. a freeze warnings in effect for heels berg. the chill could damage sensitive plants and expose plumbing. sonoma county plans to open warming centers on sunday. >> stores in livermore ready for a surge of black friday oday he spa tight security and one shopping center there will be open for 31 hours straight to keep up with demand. here is a check on the
7:27 am
roads. >> busier condition as round the shopping centers focouple accidents. westbound 80 at highway 12, two left lanes are blocked for a crash. still very quiet so no major delays. emergency road work 680 at concord avenue. they shut down the third lane. >> one lane is blocked there. looks like we have animals across the roadway there and clearing an accident 13 at red wood. mary. >> it is a cold start to the day. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect. i want to show you how cold it is as we kickoff your friday. so temperatures down to 26 in santa rosa, 36 concord. 33 for livermore and 43 for san francisco. your weather headlines, cool, partly sunny this afternoon. scattered showers possible, but our next big storm arrives with increasing rain. how do i use better than bouillon?
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it's 7:30. here's what's happening on "cbs this morning" -- >> we love them. we love them. we say happy thanksgiving. >> president trump surprises u.s. troops in afghanistan and announces new peace talks. >> the taliban wants to make a deal. we'll see if they want to make a deal. it's got to be a real deal. this ain't working. it ain't working. >> customers find sales on black friday starting one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. first i cook all night long, then i shop. tens of thousands spent thanksgiving under evacuation while a chemical fire burns in texas. >> the situation's improving, but we are not completely out of the woods yet. plus, a "48 hours" story. a teenager vanishes the day after thanksgiving, and her killer is found decades later. >> i just never forgot about mandy.
7:31 am
we will guide you through some of the biggest movies hitting theaters for the holidays. >> excuse me, i climbed the north mountain, survived a frozen heart and safety from my ex-boyfriend, and did it all without powers, so i'm coming. >> me, too. >> i'll bring the snacks. >> i'll bring the snacks. i would -- i would. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm michelle miller with david begnaud, jericka duncan, my girl right there. gayle, anthony, and tony are all off. just over a year ago paradise, california, was nearly destroyed by a wildfire. now those who are rebuilding have a new reason to cheer. the town's high school football team is dominating rivals this season. tomorrow they could move one step closer to a state championship. jonathan vigliotti is in los angeles, and a lot of folks are cheering them on. tell me about that game. >> reporter: that's true. good morning to you, happy thanksgiving and black friday. the paradise wildcats are
7:32 am
undefeated for the first time in 15 years. one player telling me it's not just about winning but replanting the roots of this lost town. [ cheers ] on this friday night, lights shine on a 12-0 team not becaus overcome to get here. >> we have so much more to play for than just football. >> reporter: it's been a year since the most destructive wildfire in california history ripped through paradise killing 86 people and destroying about 14,000 homes. >> the front door would be right there. >> reporter: most of the players, including running back lukas hartley, lost everything. like many others, his family had to leave the area. last year's team was forced to forfeit their season and faced an uncertain future. >> no one wants to tell the victims' story. everyone wants to tell the story about moving forward. >> reporter: to do that they've returned to the field.
7:33 am
many driving 40 minutes each way to get to practice. >>epr: there s only - three kids living in paradise. football brings some normalcy for them. they want to win. they want to be successful, and it gives them kind of an escape from all the other issues that are going on from being displaced from the fire. >> after the fire, it's more of a motivation to come out and have our town honor backs and prove that after everything that's happened that we can come back stronger than we were before. >> defense! >> reporter: their dedication to the game is re-energizing their community. >> to see them play with the heart that they're playing with, it's fantastic. >> we have something to prove. >> it's incredible how many people have been coming to the games. we show up to games an hour, two hours, three hours away, and we'll impact the visitors side by bringing more people than the home team sometimes. >> reporter: that support has helped push them to a winning season. win or lose, these teams have already become hometown heroes. >> just gives people hope that
7:34 am
we can rebuild. it gives people hope that they can come back and live their lives here again. veittle ece whathey lost. of how supportive thfae, firrce9 of the community to leave. right now fewer than 2,000 people still live in the town, but reportedly three times that number, 6,000 fans, show up on friday nights to watch the bobcats take the field. jericka? >> thank you. what a great story. just goes to show you how something like football just brings a community together. >> friday night lights are already a big deal, but this -- takes it to a new level. >> i'll never forget covering it. there was one major road going in and out of paradise. there were cars lined up for miles where people had literally abandoned their vehicles and taken off running just to try and survive. >> still get chills. >> never forget that. the tech boom is one of america's wealthiest cities that has a dark side.
7:35 am
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some of america's wealthiest cities face a growing homeless crisis. thousands of people are living in tents and cars for months or even longer.
7:40 am
in seattle there are housing shortages and rising rents due to the tech boom. an estimated 5,000 people are living unsheltered, that means homeless but not sleeping in a shelter. for sunday's "60 minutes," anderson cooper met a family hoping to avoid another winter unsheltered in seattle. >> reporter: in the shadow of interstate 5 in seattle on a vacaant strip of public land, there is tent city three. there are about 50 people living here without heat or running water. that's ethan wood. he's celebrating his 3rd birthday. he's lived in a tents for the past year and a half. his parents, tricia and josiah, told us ethan has an enlarged heart and suffers from bouts of asthma and croup so severe they've had to take him to the emergency room several times. last winter one of seattle's
7:41 am
coldest in recent memory, ethan was sleeping in a tents covered with blankets, sandwiched between his parents for warmth. did you ever think, well, this not the place we should have our child? >> we don't want our son here. we don't want to be here. but as of right now, this is the safest place for us. >> absolutely. >> because we know the people. we know the rules. and -- >> our family gets to stay together. >> our family stays together. >> reporter: drug addiction is what led the woods to become homeless. for josiah, it was meth. for tricia, heroin. they were living in alaska at the time. josiah's parents took care of nt was a good city for a fresh start. they say they haven't used drugs in nearly two years. but it's been hard to find housing. in may, 2018, they tried to get a spot in one of seattle's family shelters, but there was no room. they didn't want to split up into separate shelters, one for
7:42 am
men and another for women with children and decided to stay at tent city three. >> oh, boy. our new home. this is our new home. we're going to live right here. >> this is america. i mean, this is a problem that's affecting a lot of people. i think putting a face on it in that way definitely should get you concerned about, yu know, what do we need do to help that crisis in this country. >> breaks my heart to see that little boy, too. you see the parents, but you think about that little baby. >> he's young enough that it could be possibly an adventure. the fact that he has a health crisis, that they're managing in the midst of it as winter approaches, you would think that there's someone who could offer help to them. >> exactly. oper'seport on "60 minutes." he talks with seattle's mayor about what the city is doing to ease this crisis and why it's happening in the first place. that's sunday night on "60 minutes." vlad duthiers is our man looking at the stories we'll be
7:43 am
talking about for today. what you got, bud? >> david, i got you one of those computers you were after. >> all right. >> online holiday shopping kicks into high gear as you know with, of course, black friday and cyber monday. got you that computer. but shopper beware. ahead, how many of the reviews on websites are too good to be true. we'll show you how to spot them. >> got it.
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♪ muright nowng there is more private information on your phone than in your home. your location. your messages. your heart rate after a run. these are private things... ...and they should belong... you. ♪ [lock clicking] all right. some frivlad der smi service cbsn is here with what to watch. roll it. what's going on, peeps? you guys have a good thanksgiving?
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happy thanksgiving, happy black friday all of you and to all our viewers. here are a few stories we think you will be talking about today. hong kong is bracing for more pro-democracy protests after getting support from president trump. activists are using social media to rally support for demonstrations planned for this weekend. now they come as police this morning ended their blockade of a university campus. officers had arrested hundreds of anti-government protesters holed up inside during a two-week siege. police said they discovered nearly 4,000 gasoline bombs left behind by the demonstrators. last night thousands of activists held a thanksgiving rally to thank the united states after president trump psyched two bills into -- signed two bills into law supporting the protesters. the hong kong human rights and democracy act of 2019 was signed by president trump as a way to deter beijing's influence in hong kong. >> a thank you rally. >> that's right. they are very grateful. >> they weren't happy about it. >> beijing is not very happy about it. wild see -- we'll see what happens. if you're looking to score
7:49 am
online deals this holiday season, and i know you are because i saw you talking about it, be on the lookout for fake reviews. fake spot, which identifies fraudulent reviews, says more than one-third of the reviews on major retail sites are fake. it says -- i didn't know this. it says that they're generated by bots or people who are paid to write them. amazon disputes those findings but says it blocked more than 13 million attempts to leave inauthentic reviews last year. the better business bureau offers advice on spotsing fake reviews. it says examine the language carefully and look for a verified purchase stamp that many vendors are now adding. >> this is when the advice comes in. if you know somebody who got a great deal and everything works, perhaps it's legit. >> you know what i do, when i go on these sites, i go for the brands i know. you pay a little more -- >> i'm a big review reader, and i'll be honest, i was going to arts is christmas shopping, and
7:50 am
i'm going into a store for this very reason. i don't know what to believe. >> that's why they say the election was stolen. the bots were -- >> i because a mandolin vegetable recently. i know ooxo, i know rubbermaid. >> maytag. >> i go for the brands i know. all right. there's a big shocker at a big dog show in philadelphia. take a look at this. >> and the best in show tonight is the bulldog. >> oh, my goodness. wow. whoa! nobody more surprised than edward perez, the handler. >> that is thor. look at thor. that's thor. he's a 2-year-old bulldog. he is top dog. >> wow. he beat out all these -- >> he beat out all thosegs. philly's national show. he beat out more than 2,000 other dogs. yeah. and his surprise handler said thor moves like a dream.
7:51 am
that look like moving like a dream? >> hey. >> yeah. i love there's a shot of him, too, with food at his feet which i thought was hilarious. that is thor, congrats. and pop star sia was at a walmart and left the shoppers there very thankful when she made a surprise appearance and then paid for their groceries. this is how we normally see sia. >> right. right. ♪ ♪ i'm alive i'm alive ♪ >> you guys know she's usually known for performing and appearing in public with that wig covering her face. when she showed up at wednesday's -- wednesday at palm sprix springs, california, walmart, most shoppers did not recognize her. >> that's her? >> that is her. >> i've never seen her -- >> me neither. she went from register to register asking to pay for shoppers' items. when customers asked who shesis. and she made up a story about
7:52 am
how she won the lottery. some shopper saw through the strategies, others did not. when they learned it was her, they saw the news on line. that is sia. >> surprised she did the reveal. that was a mystery. >> guess what, maybe that's not really her. >> that is her. imagine she came in with the wig, a mob scene. >> we thank you. "frozen ii" is the biggest movie in hollywood right now. others are set for release. all that's coming up next. ♪ nothing feels like connecting with the people that matter. holiday inn. holiday inn express. we're there. so you can be too.
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with love, california. fo this is a kpix5 news morning up 7:56. i'm gianna franco. if you're leaded out the door maybe to work or something on this friday for black friday shopping. most good for the freeways. the bay bridges, golden gate, richmond san rafael all problem free with no delays in both directs. we have a couple things to look out for on the freeways. a little bit of yellow and red as you work your way along 101 through the peninsula. there is a crash at san antonio southbound. clearing quickly, not causing any major delays. there is road work along 680 as you work your way in northbound in concord.
7:57 am
a trouble spot at broadway. >> >> it is a cold start to the day. bundle up. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect. santa rosa down to 26 degrees. 37 in concord. livermore you're at 33. 40 in oakland. san jose, 43 for san francisco. through the afternoon, cool temperatures. partly sunny skies. mainly dry. we'll keep the chance to see showers through the afternoon. scattered. our next big storm system arrives tomorrow bringing increasing rain and wind. a powerful storm system that will tap into some tropical moisture so an atmosphere rick river. through the weekend, heaviest rain saturday flight into sunday morning. low- to mid-50s tonight. some showers for today, but watch as that rain moves in for tomorrow. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good.
7:58 am
but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good. after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dream that defines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes and the middle class get their fair share. everyone without health insurance can get it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead. and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. leader. problem solver.
7:59 am
mi m mike bomberg and i approve this message.
8:00 am
. good morning to our viewez in the west. it is friday november 29th, to 19 welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm michelle miller, gayle, tony and david are off. >> i'm david begnaud. it is black friday, what to expect if you are shopping this morning. >> andeem jericka duncan and we have the movies coming out and what is coming up in the new near. >> but first here is today's "eye opener." president trump back to the u.s. after a secret thanksgiving day visit to afghanistan. >> the president says peace
8:01 am
talks with the taliban are back on. >> the taliban wants to make a deal. we'll see if they make a deal. if they do, they do, if they >> about 200 people just rushed through the doors here at best buy but some black friday shoppers say it comes down to good old holiday trad. >> >> i hear you talk about a potential recession so why are people spending? >> the economy slowed down but the key point is that it could be good. >> this is a eye-hopping storm. i mean historic storm. look at that intense and focused moisture. >> crazy finish from the egg bowl. >> it is caught. it is a touchdown! >> ole miss scores with four seconds left. >> but then he lifts his leg like a dog in the end zone and so they call a point and that pushes it back. >> it is no good. >> pretending to be a dog using the restroom cost the team a football game. oh, my god.
8:02 am
>> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> that what heard around the world had michelle miller saying wow. >> it is intense. they mean be nice. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." president trump is back in the u.s. following his first ever visit to afghanistan on thanksgiving. he arrived in palm beach, florida, aboard air force one this morning after his top secret trip there yesterday. he showed up unannounced at bagram air station and sat down with the men and women in uniform. >> he met with the president of afghanistan and revealed the u.s. has restarted peace talks with the taliban three months after he shut them down and will reduce the number of troops serving in afghanistan from 12,000. >> we are bringing it down substantially and down in a number that is very -- it is a
8:03 am
good number. and we're going to stay until such time as we have a deal or we have total -- [ inaudible ]. >> the president did not say how long the renewed peace talks have been going on. usa today washington bureau chief susan page joins us now. good morning, susan. >> good morning. >> i just want to know, just getting your expert opinion on these things. when you hear the president not only wanting to reduce troops, but also making sure that we resume talks with the taliban, will in likely lead to any actual peace deal? >> i think it is hard to know. but this is a -- the president's effort to fulfill a promise he made during the last campaign, the 2016 campaign to end america's prapgs or reduce the presence in what he called endless wars. he's been trying to do that for sometime. we learned three months ago he planned a big event at camp
8:04 am
david with taliban leadership and that fell through in the wake of violence in the region. but he clearly wants to get this restarted. we want that hear more from the taliban about whether they confirm these talks are serious. and also from the afghan government on their view of this. they have previously insisted on a cease-fire before talks. that hasn't happened yet. >> right. i want to switch gears quickly here. former navy secretary richard spencer had a lot to say, slammed the president when he was ousted in reference to the president's involvement in the navy s.e.a.l. convicted of war crimes. were you surprised by spencer's reaction and some of the comments that he's made? >> man, he used words like unprecedented and shocking to describe the commander-in-chief and said president trump doesn't understand what it is like to be in the military. these are words pentagon leaders do not use about the president of the united states during normal times. this is an ouster that reflections the tension behind the scenes between the pentagon
8:05 am
and the white house that is rarely revealed. this was really an insight into something going on that is quite unusual. >> switching gears now, susan, to the eyes that will be watching the house judiciary committee and its hearing on the impeachment inquiry. what do we expect to get out of this? >> well, a lot of things to watch for. by sunday the white house needs to say whether the president or his lawyers will participate in the judiciary committee hearings. the house intelligence committee is finishing up its report on its impeachment veeinvestigatio and we're seeing the first hearing on wednesday. this is moving so fast. we expect a vote by christmas over impeaching the president. another historic term in this really unprecedented presidency we've been watching for three years. >> and just one quick question on this, mick mulvaney and john
8:06 am
bolton, both absent and weren't called or didn't make it to testify. was that a mistake on democrats' part? >> well democrats have been trying to pursue getting testimony from people like the secretary of state and the acting white house chief of staff and the white house had a stonewall strategy. the democrats have gone to court and won some court cases but they take a long time and appeals by the white house and administration to the higher courts i think the house democrats decided this is not going to work and not able to talk to these officials in a timely fashion but they wanted more firsthand testimony about the president's role in this issue over ukraine. >> susan, i'm told we have 30 seconds left. in to 20 does michael bloomberg have a chance? >> he has a strategy not to play in the early primaries and come in on super-tuesday. maybe that will work.
8:07 am
he has a lot of money. but this is a strategy that didn't work for rudy giuliani or jerry brown when he tried it backs 14illion americans are expected to go shopping today. i don't think we are any of them. >> online maybe. >> online maybe. everybody is looking for black friday deals. many people who will shop will face the long lines and crowded aisles. some people went shopping overnight while millions of others headed out yet after thanksgiving dinner. nikki battiste is in a best buy in paramus, new jersey. >> reporter: 200 people just rushed in. many are here for the deal of the day. some tvs are up to 50% and some laptops up to 50% off and we saw one for $200 if you could believe that. u.s. shoppers are expected to spend $7.5 billion but these
8:08 am
deals started yesterday. adobe analytics said it is the first black friday that there will be $4 billion sold in retail. this monday is cyber monday and it could see a 20% spike in sales from last year. if that happens, that means cyber monday beats black friday but none of that is keeping these shoppers from braving the crowds and the weather. michelle. >> nikki, you see something i just gotta have, pick it up for me. >> i'm bringing you a laptop. >> all right. thank you. well millions of holiday shoppers will be braving the elements as a powerful storm threatens nearly the entire country. snow hammered parts of southern california on thanksgiving. the storm is also bringing blizzard-like conditions to the rockies and the plains. that system is on the move and will reach these coasts by sunday. cbs news climate and weather contributor jeff berrer is
8:09 am
here. >> snow, rain, blizzard conditions and gusts 40, 50 miles per hour. when this slammed into the west coast and had hurricane-force wind gusts and fornia in terms of pressure. can you believe that? the storm is making its way through the southwest and it is a strong moisture feed of the tropical moisture moving into the west and crashing into the mountains and the air is being big thunderstorms and flooding rain and heavy snow and powder in the mountains. you could see the jet stream rounding the corner. look at all of the red hours indicating that strong focused wind. that is today. tomorrow blizzard conditions in the upper midwest. severe storms in the southeast. this all moves toward the east and it turns into a snowstorm for the northeast and some places will get one to two feet away from the coast in the northeast, guys. >> a lot of snow, jeff.
8:10 am
thank you. prince william is on a mission to stop the stigma surrounding mental health and why it hits close to home for the roya
8:11 am
8:12 am
we're glad you're still watching. we have more ahead including a 48 hour of a murder mystery that happened years ago. >> a young college student home for thanksgiving break takes a job along this country road in washington state and ends up murdered. case went unsolved for more than two decades. until a chance conversation between two mothers led police to a killer. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." ew keurig k-duo brewer makes any occasion the perfect coffee occasion.
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welcome back. this morning for the first time we're hearing from two washington state mothers who helped police catch a killer in a case that was unsolved for more than two decades. it was exactly 30 years ago on the day after thanksgiving that 18-year-old mandy stabbing disappeared. she had gone for a jog. her body was later found in a river. at that time, police had no good leads or even suspects. and the killer remained unknown for about 24 years. as peter vanzant reports, a conversation between the moms at a water park is what pushed this investigation forward. this is the south fork -- >> reporter: detective ron peterson made a horrific discovery in november of 1989. >> she was floating lightly. when i rolled it over, it was a shock because she looked like my
8:18 am
daughter. >> reporter: the young woman was 17-year-old mandy stavic who disappeared after going out jogging the day after thanksgiving. detective kevin bowie was just a rookie at that time. how do you think she was abducted? >> by weapon, that's what they used to control her. i believe it was a gun. >> reporter: dna evidence at the scene suggested mandy had been sexually assaulted. investigators believe she was then knocked out and placed in the river to drown. there was a killer out there. >> yeah. so much unknown. >> reporter: despite an intensive police investigation, the killer would remain unknown for 24 years. then in 2013, there was a break in the case. >> amazingly enough, it was two women talking in a water park that gave us the break in this case. >> reporter: as marilee anderson and heather backstrom watched
8:19 am
their children play, the case came up. >> i just kind of turned to marilee and said, well, i am sure i know who killed her. >> and turned to her and said, oh, i do, too. and i just said that i -- i knew that it was tim. that it was tim bass. >> tim bass had lived just down the road from mandy. both marilee and heather had creepy encounters with him around the time of mandy's murder. but they had never come forward with their suspicions. >> to accuse someone of something that we don't know for sure is a little scary. >> reporter: after hearing each other's stories, they decided to talk to police who then focused on tim bass. but authorities needed dna evidence to prove their case, and a co-worker, kim wagner, came up with a plan to get it for them. she watched bass at work for months until he threw away a can
8:20 am
of coke and a plastic cup. >> i just never forgot about mandy. that's -- that's why i did it. >> a can of coke. you can see peter's report, the case no one could forget, tomorrow at 10:00, 9:00 central on cbs. prince william is intensifying his effort to stop the stigma on mental health. ahead, what the duke of cambridge told a jgroup of professional soccer players in engla england. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:21 am
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prince william is on a mission to change the conversation about mental health. the duke of cambridge visited e pro soccer team in england as parts of his heads-up mental health campaign. the campaign emphasizes that mental health is just as important as physical health. >> prince william toured the training grounds and discussed how to deal with challenges on and off the field. the prince then had a conversation with players about ways to create a better mental health environment, especially among boys and men. >> just because i can't see the problem, it doesn't mean you shouldn't treat it as you would treat -- >> very good point. you hit it the nail on the head. the invisibility of mental health. if a player comes with a knee or shoulder injury, you can all see it and -- you can't see what happens, can you, that's whyown deal with it. to talk amongst yourselves.
8:24 am
>> prince william went on to say men are less likely to talk about mental health than women, and he is trying to stop that stigma. you know, the prince has been quite vocal about his own struggle with mental health from years where he served as an air ambulance pilot in eastern england. >> this is something both prince william and prince harry share, a real, you know, mission about. they believe it stems from, you know, losing their mother. but it goes beyond that in so many different ways. they want to help as many people as possible deal with it. >> from so young -- >> i was thinking how proud their mom would be. >> yes, indeed. there are so many new movies at this time of year, it can be hard to sort of keep up and make a choice. ahead, we'll bring you a guide to the biggest films coming out this holiday season, including at least one major oscar contender you can already watch at home. that would be "the irishman." that's right. i just got it.
8:25 am
you're local news is next. %fo this is a kpix5 news morning update. good morning. i'm gianna franco. it is wirth a traffic alert as you work your way along 280 northbound, the 280 extension into san francisco. we have lanes blocked. all lanes blocked due to a traffic alert involving two vehicles, major injuries, one vehicle overturned. a line of red behind the icon there so slow traffic through there. along 680 not bad through wall met creek on the southbound side, however if you're coming out of concord, some lane closures, the right lane as crews work on road work in that area. a left hand shoulder problem
8:26 am
south 101 at san antonio road. no major delays. changes for mass transit so careful. it is a cold start to the day. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect and you can sea the reason why. santa rosa, you're still at 26 degrees. subfreezing for you. 33 livermore. 3 p in concord and looking at 40 for oakland. as we head through the afternoon, looking at partly sunny skies. mainly dry. could see a few isolated showers through the day. daytime highs topping out in the low to mid 50s, well below average. we could see a few showers through the afternoon. also catching a bit of sun. there we go with the powerful storm system for the weekend. increasing rain and winds saturday and into sunday. watching an atmospheric river event with the high winds and the heavy rainfall for the weekend.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
happy friday. welcome backo happy friday. welcome back to "cbs this morning." time to bring you some of the stories that are the talk of the table this morning. thisar with you and each other. what's you got, ms. miller? >> well, this one takes me back to a time i cried in my first movie. >> uh-oh. >> this beloved film, e.t., the extraterrestrial is now back. he reunites with his friend elliot who's all grown up. take a look. >> elliot. >> you came back! it is part of a short film for comcast that debuted yesterday. the ad campaign is about connecting with old family and friends. it comes 37 years after the release of the original film.
8:31 am
according to variety stephen spielberg who directed the original movie wasisand, y know xfinity commercial. it also showcases a number ofro surprises me. >> takes you back, though, it does. >> but it's brilliant. it's about five minutes long. but the fact that steven spielberg would sort of like go along with this classic movie to sell some things as an advertisement say little surprising to me. >> that's a good one. >> it was great. >> it was good. >> e.t. phone home. >> phone home. >> all right. here we go. a waitress at a denny's restaurant in gal veston, texas, got a big tip. adriana received a new car from a couple she served earlier this week. they found out that she had been walking 14 miles just to get to her job and back home to save money. so, the couple had only one request from her.
8:32 am
>> it's thanksgiving, but i said merry christmas and hopefully that someday she'll just pay it forward. remember that movie? >> yeah, of course. >> 14 miles. >> round trip. >> round trip? >> apparently she lost 25 pounds just walking to and from walk in the time -- >> two hours before she must start off? >> i just love the idea of when you give like that -- >> oh, yeah. >> like it's infectious, you know. >> and there are a lot of people out there. >> totally. >> who are doing exactly what she's doing. so kudos to the couple. >> we've got another heartwarming story for you guys out there. an extra special thanksgiving for a tennessee man. 37-year-old casper collins made plans to meet his biological father for the very first time. he tracked him down, his name's tom robertson after using the dna testing kit 23 and me. now robertson was a navy sailor who had a brief relationship
8:33 am
tuedo the united states. yesterday the father and son finally met at the denver international airport. ke a listen. [ crying ]. >> collins said when he first contacted his father this year there was no hesitation about planning a meeting. during their reunion he said he was overwhelmed by emotion. take a listen to this. >> the love that i was feeling for him just coming right back was absolutely amazing. >> michelle, are you all right? i know those tears -- >> i know, you brought me full circle. this is the story so many children out of vietnam without such a happy ending. >> right. >> you know what's interesting is he said when zpd you would change anything in history he said he wouldn't and that now i have double the family and double the friends and double the place to call home. so this is just him embracing it, the father embracing it,
8:34 am
beautiful story. >> that's a good one. thank you for that. >> not everyone has a happy ending like that, so it's good to hear. well, the holiday movie season has arrived, everybody. and we're already seeing big box office numbers. disney's frozen 2 is expected to earn more than $100 million over the long holiday weekend. the war movie 19 seven seen it are are i among the holiday releases. it includes little women out on christmas day, kyle buchanan is a pop culture reporter for "the new york times" who writes the carpet bagger column. day. >> thanks for having me. >> a lot to watch out for there. you actually interview lina weig waite for her upcoming film. >> not your traditional thanksgiving movie. >> it is not. >> it's about two african-americans who go on a
8:35 am
date that gets worse when they have to go on the run and end up killing a cop. that changed the game when it comes to black-led movies. and michelle almost fell out of -- >> do you not have kids? >> meganual whosh is behind the camera this morning said she got on the air and she was like what? you don't know what? i was like you know who the moms under the building. let's talk about the richard jewel movie clint eastward is dricking are t directing. how good is that? >> this is a story that people might be familiar with. >> i was there. >> really fascinating and amazing story about the security guard who helped honestly save lives when this bomb went off at the atlanta olympics, but then was blamed and tarred in the media for having planted it. obviously it turns out that he did not that, but i think a lot
8:36 am
of people when they sort of vaguely recollect this story, they think he stim had something do with it. this movie will come out and really i think clear his name. >> any awards for maybe east wood? >> i think potentially, yeah. and who's really great is sam rockwell who won the oscar a few years ago. he plays richard jewel's lawyer and he's fantastic. >> what about the irishman starring robert de niro, al pa chino and you can watch this at home on netflix. >> netflix knows what they're doing. they know what they're doing releasing this on thanksgiving. because i think it's a tradition to go to the movies on thanksgiving. >> this was playing in the movies. >> it came out streaming this thanksgiving week. bh when you have a movie like the irishmen, those big stars on netflix or even a movie like cocoa coming out on disney plus like it did this week, i think it chips away of that tradition
8:37 am
of having go out to the theater because it's giving you something significant at home. >> you also have a movie like jess mercy that is coming out that's a real life account of rienl stev ryan stevenson's judge any of wrongly convicted men get out of jail. why are we seeing more movies like this? what stands out? >> i think people are looking for help. they're looking for especially in a place where you don't see a lot of hope in the headlines, they're looking for that that. movies. they're looking for tell me stories, human stories with people i love, this case michael b. jordan, jamie fox, telling me that something happened that i can cling to, something that feels like justice was served. >> yeah. and those performances are really being heralded. >> yeah. >> how about "star wars" in the rise of "star wars"? >> hello. >> yeah, no, i'm super curious about this movie because it's going to be the last "star wars" movie in a while. it's culminating physically
8:38 am
three different trilogies. they want to keep making them outside of the main franchise but the last one didn't do great. so this movie will have to deliver on all counts. it's going to have to be the final big statement of "star wars." enough so that when they resurrect the stuff in a few years people will still go. >> the exclamation point. >> yes, the exclamation point. >> you have duawayne johnson an kevin hart getting together for the second "jumanji." >> i was surprised that it was such a big movie. for that sequel to come out now, they're getting it out shortly after the first movie. this has special effects, action, but i'm curious if comedy sequels if it's going to perform like the first one did. >> finish this for me. the one movie you must see is? >> so there's two, in my
8:39 am
opinion. 1917 is coming out soon, yeah, it's this crazy war movie that feels like it's all done in one take. but you're talking about exclamation points earlier, katz. i don't know if it's an exclamation point or a question mark. but i watch those trailers and i'm like i must know what this is. there's a little bit -- i feel like -- >> they look scary. >> i have no idea what's going on, i'm just happy that judy ben e dench is sharing the stage as was meant to be. >> i didn't really get the musical. >> i love the soundtrack. >> yeah, sound tracks are always gray. >> kyle buchanan, thank you so much for breaking that down. coming up, looking ahead at an exciting new series. we will celebrate love and marriage by featuring four weddings from around the globe in our series -- our special
8:40 am
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♪ love is i love is in the air here on "cbs this morning." do you feel it? all next week we're excited to bring you a new series we're calling world of weddings. we sent our team of correspondents around the globe to explore what getting married means to different cultures. and as we find out, the
8:44 am
celebrations can be traditional, unconventional, and simply inspiring. >> i'm ramny inocencio in mumbai. 90% of all mayrriages here in india are arranged by moms and dads. americans might ask why, indians would answer why not. coming up next week, the biggest, loudest marriage you've probably ever seen. >> i'm adriana diaz in the is my idea of heaven. i'm in a bridal shop where you can see these beautiful dresses. now, as you know, the big party and the white dress have long been a tradition here in the u.s. but some couplesat sles less is more especially omes t. how some american couples are planning their weddings in less than one minute. >> i'm debra in south africa. we have a celebration of love across racial and cultural
8:45 am
barriers as we have the say the teenth, this couple would have been swraled for getting married. we look at how things have changed in south africa. >> i'm seth doane, at a four-hundred person wedding celebration in tel aviv. they're taking some of the jewish traditions and the guys at the center of this are calling it mayor ridge. technically they had to go to another down the get married for israel to recognize their union. we'll have that story as we explore the world of weddings next week on "cbs this morning." >> wow, what a great series. my brother and sister better be watching because they're both getting married next year. >> are they? >> yes, joshua and jessica duncan, watch the series. >> married in less than a minute? >> we're both oohing and awing. this is a great idea for a series, it really is. >> our special series continues, you can see more of it starting monday and we'll start with ramy
8:46 am
inocensio's report of an indian wedding that almost looks like a movie production. it all begins montd monday right here on. >> "cbs this morning." >> on today's podcasts, usa today business reporters shares hers do and don'ts for the holiday shopping season. plus the best days for deals on your favorite products. before we go, we'll look at all that mattered this week. we'll be right back. this weekend at ross, say yes for less... gifts storewide... 20 to 60% off department store prices. most stores open friday at 7am... ...with extended hours saturday and sunday. get your yes for less. saturday and sunday. is your business still settling for slow internet? well time is money. switch to comcast business now and get a great deal when you get fast, reliable internet. with a 30-day money-back guarantee, installation when it works for you,
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8:50 am
>> i don't think he really understands the full definition of a war fight. >> there's nothing worse that they could do to me than what's already happened. >> the hero dog who helped take down the world's most wanted terrorist, conan recognized yesterday for his bravery. >> very honored to have given conan a certificate and an award. >> maybe a steak would have been better.
8:51 am
>> get those turkeys in the oven. it's time to eat. >> good family, good food. family is not so great, then how about great friends. >> holiday a time to introduce a significant other to the family? >> depends on the family. >> dating scene can be difficult. not everyone is as happily married as i am. >> paddington. teddy. paddington bear. teddy bear. >> his middle name is bear. >> just when the lifetime achievement award congratulations in honor of your achievement, cbs to 50 inches of snow. >> in a snowstorm, thank you very much. >> the world according to jeff goldblum, you walk around, look at stuff, report on things. >> a little bit. you do it so well.
8:52 am
i s very masterful. >> tony is not here at the table. where is he? he's at the top of the empire state building. and better in person than it could ever be in your memory. >> welcome to the empire state building. the view, killer view. >> i've seen better. >> who gets to decide the color? what color is it going to be tonight? are you being serious? >> orange, please. let's go for green. >> wow. same level as the helicopter right there. >> i'm getting a fluttery feeling just being up. >> tony dokoupil, the fact he got up there. need depends doing that, tony dokoupil. old new york ♪ >> i like that. >> couldn't you make it blue and yellow for "cbs this morning"? of course you can.
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%fo this is a kpix5 news morning update. good morning on this friday. is is 8:55. i'm gianna franco. taking a look at the roadways right now. we have stop and go conditions for a traffic later northbound 280. lanes are blocked for an injury accident. you have a lot of activity on scene. you can still take 280 to get on 180 but you cannot get on the extension. use it as an alternate. number 2 lane from the left blocked there. a crash there. heads up as you commute there. the rest of the bay area commute looks great. no metering lights. everything clear into the city. no delays out of marin county. , isquiet. out oushop
8:56 am
e day th chilly, cold temperatures. check out santa rosa down to freezing right now. 32degrees. 39 livermore. through the afternoon ks below average. low to mid 50s. mainly dry, partly sunny. because see a few isolated showers but watching this weekend. for today a few showers with also a mix of sun and clouds for your friday. watch through saturday with increasing rain and wind with a powerful storm system. that continues saturday night into sunday as we are going to see high winds, a high wind watch the entire bay area this weekend and a lot of rain with the storm system. %fo
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by operation smile. every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening wi brown bags er tir head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live, because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life, >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn.


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