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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 29, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> for homebuyers waiting on the sideline. right now is the right moment to find that dream home. >> the top story, the bay area with a new storm heading our way, i am veronica de la cruz, what is coming our way, the atmospheric river flowing into the area this weekend bringing the possibility of flash flooding and i went. you can see rain coming down steadily in advance of the system, for the latest on how much where and when here's aaron peck with a look at what is in store. >> it is hard to tell where one to storm ends of the next begins. the showers out there now, those are leftovers from the last one, we have not billed attorney thing out, things quieted down, you watch the last of the hours, we are taking a break, let's look to next. moderate strength and spirit river heading away.
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heaviest rain saturday night through sunday probably the first half of sunday for the best of the rain. you have to count on a chance of rain well past sunday. just the heaviest rain coming in saturday night through the first part of sunday and it will be windy as this comes on as well. saturday afternoon through sunday morning you can see gusts of 45 miles an hour just to show you how tomorrow looks different, i advance the future cast to 9:00 tonight. that is prime time, look at yellow and orange showing up, saturday nights the most impressive part for rain but it is not the only time. i will be back with the storm and the whole picture coming up in a few minutes. now back to you. team coverage continues with andrea in san francisco, how people are rushing to prepare before the storm hits. >> reporter: there is one way to turn off thanksgiving calories. that is doing last-minute storm prep to your house, tapping across the bay area. in marin county and san francisco people are doing just that today.
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after tuesday's blaster the bay area, homeowners are scrambling for the next storm to prep, the atmospheric river expected saturday. 17th and folsom in san francisco notorious for flooding, scenario she is all too familiar with after 15 years in the neighborhood. >> a real hassle, yes. not only the streets, it comes through the toilets. >> he is trying to storm proof and advance of the weather. >> we are creating a water barrier so the street water does not come up and flood our place. it is kind of cool water to so it is disgusting. >> reporter: downtown it is calm so far but for many the real concern is not flooding but leaking. things are hopping at fairfax lumber and hardware. >> i had a small leak, you know, water from the neighbors coming from my yard i have to fix it, yet, all of a sudden
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they are here. >> they recommend cleaning gutters now. >> this is called the gutter get her, a gutter scoop, it fits nicely in the gutter to clean out any dirt, leaves, debris, so it does not get washed into the downspout. under four dollars but, it is definitely worth its weight in gold. >> reporter: he also says a wet patch can get you through the winter. >> the hard part is getting on the roof. >> reporter: he is prepping the newly installed gutters. >> i just prepared over the summer now it is raining and i see there are leak so i have to to go gets this ready before the storm comes. >> charlie recommends if you want to patch your roof you needed to do it now before the rain arrives before kickoff and potentially throws you off of the roof. live in san francisco. kpix five. >> my roof still leaks with
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patches. highway 1 temporarily closed starting tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and creek at 9:00 sunday morning, way down in the big sur area and the southern end of the big sur, where the massive landslide shot on highway one and 2017. you can find updated weather forecast for marianne darren peck in the bay area. we have special coverage on air as well and at encouraging news from homebuyers. why this may be the best time of the year to submit your offer. >> reporter: housing experts this time of year have more motivated sellers and fewer purchasers. experts say the weather, shorter days and holiday stress create a perfect storm keeping buyers away from the housing units. >> definitely less, titian for buyers. a big circular skylight. >> reporter: he shows me a house that will hit the market
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next year. he says most sellers wait for spring and early summer the hottest months to sell. sellers need to sell now and they are more motivated to work with a buyer. property specific. you will still have to compete with a good property whether it >> rerter: the bay area housing prices have hit their peak. if not close to it. the bay east association of realtors says there's a shift in the balance of power. up until recently, sellers in the driver seat, now buyers have more negotiating, here's what he said in the latest monthly report. >> it is not accurate to describe positions as a buyers market an average of 32 days up from 28 days, the fires are certainly taking the time. realtors say not only of the houses on the market longer in general, they are seeing fewer
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offers and offers that are closer to the asking price is. in san francisco, i am don lange, kpix five. another piece of good news for homebuyers, mortgage interest rates still very low. freddie mac reporting the average 3.6 8% this week. gunfire erupted during the alleged robbery at a target store in fremont. police say the suspect stole videogame consoles and other merchandise just before midnight. the security guard confronted them then a passenger in a getaway car fired at least one shot into the air. >> probably like five police cars and then, a fire truck and an ambulance. >> pretty shocking for me cause i did this at target center but yes, i find it relatively safe. >> the shot was fired and the police chase the car into newark, three are now under arrest and two others are detained. last friday in full swing. we caught up with some of the
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hunters braving the crowds. >> reporter: the economy is doing as well as it is, it is not surprising a lot of people are taking advantage of this years black friday sale. here near the bay street mall, the parking lot is jammed full. while in concorde crowds are filling the mall already shopping for christmas parking. exciting time. >> it seems everywhere you look there is a sale, deep discounts for brave souls who weathered the weather for saving a few bucks even a starbucks was one of the mall management says last year 30,000 people came through, projections are for even more this year. the newest toy store recently opened too. then there is this. buy one, get one free. >> a lot of stocking stuffers because you have a few different things you can buy. >> it was nice . >> reporter: through the crowds
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down the way case you get too tired or sore to buy there's a cbd store. >> they can help with appetites, we have products to help sleep, yes, we have stuff to help with this. >> my girlfriend is in the store. can you wait for her? >> she is a shopping. with my money. >> reporter: black friday is also big online. global online sales may reach as much as $40 billion. in concorde, don ford, kpix five. holiday retail sales expects to increase more than 4% from last year another six fewer shopping days ix5 and to might becing another loss, why families and fire victims are trying to sue. there is a national christmas tree shortage this year which means your real tree is going to be more expensive. we found out the cause of the shortage. we will tell you.
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due to his gently. a live look at fremont with the annual festival of lights parade about to get underway, in full, all the excitement still ahead. do not forget we are streaming on and our news app and also on your favorite platform. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good.
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welcome back, families of the ghost ship warehouse fire victims wants to sue pg&e interacts getting the bankruptcy judge to lift the rule suspending losses, the civil case between pg&e and is on the belief the blaze was caused by electrical malfunction. fire investigators never did establish an official cause. comes after a stunning september verdict where the jury acquitted max harris of all 36 charges of involuntary manslaughter in a deadlock of a decision for the second defendant who now faces a second trial. a christmas tree shortage means real trees will cost you
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more this year. the financial downturn years ago is partially to blame. >> it is that time of year again, a lot of you are probably heading out to a tree lots like this over the weekend to pick up your real christmas tree. whether you purchase a real tree or a fake tree, it will be more expensive this year. the last couple of years christmas trees have been harder to get, we ourselves have seen a number of places to purchase trees has gone down . >> reporter: billy davis is a volunteer with a nonprofit tree lots that benefits at-risk youth in the bay area. they were affected by the tree shortage in recent years saying still they are trying to keep prices steady. >> you might see a five dollar increase in price. >> reporter: the christmas tree business is a $2 billion a year industry in the united states. the american christmas tree association says the high prices this year to be tracked back to the recession in 2008, fewer farmers could afford to stay in business then so fewer
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trees were planted during the time. >> it takes a -10 years to grow the tree. we are still working her way out of the christmas tree shortage that stemmed from the recession about 10 years ago when fewer trees are planted. >> reporter: when this year the average price of a tree in the u.s. is $60 but in san francisco it can be closer to 150 or $200. most of the guards trees retail for $95. people are reminded that it is for a good cause. >> the best advice is if you want a real tree you should get here sooner because they are going fast. industry leaders also closely watching the trade deal with china, the deal has not reached by december tariffs could be imposed not just on artificial trees but the decorations, other holiday staples which means a icd off i
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fremapn livethere a few months. the tree lighting ceremony with it will feature more than 60 unique floats and sent is said to be there. all of it gets underway in about 15 minutes. now unit square with a tree lighting ceremony getting underway, the 30th year the christmas tree has brought holiday cheer to the area. why take a look at this snow falling thickening seer, highway 267 and truckee earlier, you are running out of time to get to or from the sierra. darren peck with the next system coming through. >> it is not only that but we have a live picture in fremont where the streets were wet and that is from rain i was tracking from the 5:00 hour, we still have to check in with high depth doppler because even though there is an oppressive storm coming saturday we are not done with the last one,
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take a look at some of the detail, i come for a closer look, spotty showers, they have an impact on the festivities in fremont, you should be fine, any rain will be light and we are done. now singing get rain coming through the rest of today, we are free to move on. let's take a look at the next one coming our way, you can see developments, two pieces out here in the pacific coming together, the spin is the area of low pressure which reaches down to the subtropics and pulls all the moisture out there and frozen at us, that is the atmospheric river, the map looks weird because we are looking at the concentration of water vapor in the atmosphere brighter the color and stronger concentration, more water to work with, that is when the atmospheric river looks like, a narrow confines ribbon of higher concentration pointed somewhere in the mid latitude, this one will be pointed at us and that is why it is going to seem different than the last storm that came in, here we are, tomorrow night, the leading edge of the rain has
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gotten here, on futurecast watch the pattern, see the ribbon? tracking the location is everything, that is really heaviest rain will be, by the time we get to sunday, the focus is shifting to the south. it does not mean we are out of the rain, it means some of the most impressive rain is likely is to the south by the time we advanced to tuesday. still we have rain but the most impressive action is the south. if you get caught and that you will have steady heavy rain that just can't be parked over you for a while. that is what seems to do. wednesday and thursday, that is when we finally start to clear out from the chance of rain, look at the rainfall totals coming our way just for saturday, sunday into monday. so, find the umbrella, it will be quite rainy around here, the morning lows will start improving a bit, still 29 santa rosa but at least it is not done, the mid-20s with daytime highs that don't budge a lot, low to mid 50s then the 7 day forecast, my goodness a chance
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of rain but saturday night into sunday morning is the most impressive timeframe then we keep the chance of rain going really through wednesday. all right, back over to you. the cbs evening noon is coming up. john dickerson joins us now the preview. wild weather is moving across the country. how the snow, ice, and rain could cause albums or millions on their way home this holiday weekend. that story and more tonight on the cbs evening news. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the
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plus free premium delivery & setup when you add a base. ends cyber monday nhl up top. why not? the san jose sharks, in fact talent on display and wow. the endgame smile from coach never happens. the sharks on black friday all over the la kings. patty marlow scored the sixth goal 1-0 early. in the second 2-0 then we are at it again at the other end. you have to look out, mcgregor, his first career goal, sharks won 4-0 behind 32 saves for
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marching shown in the middle of the division, fourth-place and trending. nfl are you ready? 49ers and raiders on flights as i speak, san francisco 10-1 with a favorite half-point road dog at the ravens, the raiders 10 point dogs at the kansas city. kickoff after 1:00 with a spotlight on the rookie running back josh jacobs. the greatest, you have to be able to run the football, that is there think, jacobs coming off the worst game of the season last sunday, 34 yards on 10 carries, you know what? he says numbers relax, >> too many people watch statistics, you know? we never had these conversations about rushing stats and qb rating in all of this stuff, you know, i want to do everything i can to head off the ball to josh and we are
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counting on him. >> imagine you play defense and you have to chase this guy all day. that is lamar jackson. the latest lightning rod start of the league who makes plays and the ravens usually when back. also the 49ers have to contain this in a driving rainstorm sunday. baltimore averaging 43 points per game in november and his teammate mark ingram is ready to cast his vote for most valuable player. mvp, if you have a problem come see me. people have been trying me but they cannot validate their opinions. >> so the mba warriors at miami, moving pictures on the late show. the number one ranked stanford heading to the college cup with the 504 of college soccer. san jose december 6, on college football riley weekend after 15 straight seasons, it happened
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for the uva alumni. virginia fans at scott stadium, 15 straight losses to virginia tech and it is over. a loose ball touchdown scoring 19 points and the last quarter 39-30 heading to play in the atlantic coast conference title game next week against clemson. >> my phone is blowing up all day and i was told you better have the saber when you do the sports, i'm talking about uva football today >> represents. very nice. >> 17 years old there. >> well. we are down to basketball season. >> we will be right back. the van gogh.
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let's go back to the fremont district with the tree lit a short while ago. it will be followed by the festival of lights parade which starts any minute now.
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call today for a free guide. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: breaking news-- terror in london. police opened fire after a man stabs five people near london bridge. investigators say he was wearing a vest made to look like a bomb. tonight, the everyday heroes who stepped in to stop him, and the investigation into his motive. also tonight, wild weather. snow keeps piling up across the west as a powerful new storm takes a swipe at the rest of the country. why the ride home this holiday weekend could be miserable for millions.t. ready, setop america spends big in stores this black friday and breaks a record online. and today's doorbuster deals keep the economy humming. flames from twin explosions at a texas chemical plant are finally contained, but as 50,000eo


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