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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  December 8, 2019 8:30am-8:59am PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: i am margaret brennan in washington. this week on "face the nation". as president trump's impeachment in the democratic led house appears inevitable, he looks to the republican held senate as his chance to get a quote fair shake. meanwhile, tensions rise between the u.s. and its adversaries and relations turn chilly with some of our allies. >> midweek speaker pelosi officially announced the worst kept secret in washington. >> and that and the constitution give us no choice but to impeach, move forward with impeachment of the president. >> brennan:siha gveounting an impeachment defense in the house but is preparing for a fight in the senate. >> mr. president, i have good
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what ie go n g have people trying to impeach me. >> brennan: but most members of congress including speaker nancy pelosi don't seek the impeachment battle as a laughing matter. >> do you hate -- >> as catholic i resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me. i don't hate anyone i was raised in a way that is a houseful of love and always pray for the president and i still pray for the president. i pray for this president all the time. so don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. >> brennan: we will talk with the chairman of the intelligence committee adam schiff and we will hear from a key defender of mr. trump, congressman mark meadeessit t london for a meeting of nato allies results in some awkward photo opens and embarrassing hot mike moments prompting the pratrth
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korean leader kim jongn leads od niname. t he?hat happe at's why i call him rocket man. >> brennan: white house national security advisor robert o'brien will weigh in on the renewed hostility. >> all of that and more is just ahead on "face the nation". >> brennan: good morning and welcome to "face the nation". tomorrow the house judiciary committee will hold another hearing as they write articles of impeachment against president trump. democrats are hoping to move quickly with full house debate on the articles and a vote by the christmas holiday. with we begin this morning with the chairman of the housinllencm schiff, good morniai >>ood morning.
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>> brebehmenntsk about this developing story out of pensacola, florida where a member of the saudi military gunned down three americans and wounded eight. is there an indication of motive? was this terrorism? we have gotten an initial briefing on it and it really is too early to say. we grieve obviously for families of those who are lost. and we are going to press saudi arabia to do a full investigation on their end even as we do one on ours and i wish the president of the united states rather than trying speak for the saudi government were pressing the saudi government for answers, but we are going to make sure that we not only get to the full truth here but also that we review whatever protocols we have in place for the selection of people that participate in these military training programs both here and abroad so that this kind of insider attack never occurs again. >> brennan: and we will be talking about that more with the
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national security advice sorry ahead on the program but i want to switch to impeachment with you. there are already drafts of impeachment articles, the chairman o suse of power, obstruction among them. what arewhat are you looking fo? what should we expect these articles to beell, we have weigl the chairs with chairman nadler and his staff as to what we think would be appropriate in this set of articles. i can't go into those particular discussions but i can tell you as a former prosecutor it it als has been my strategy in a charging decision and impeachment of the house is essentially a charging decision to charge those that there is the strongest and most overwhelming evidence and not try to charge everything even though you could charge other things. so that's my guiding philosophy. there is overwhelming evidence that president sought to coerce
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ukraine to interfere in our election, cheat in our in next election by getting a foreign government to weigh in that imperials our national security and a gross abuse of our office and the president also sought to obstruct the investigation into that wrongdoing and i think that is the gravamen of the offense here. >> brennan: well, your committee will be presenting evidence tomorrow before the house judiciary committee. will you include evidence from the mueller report? >> well, our committee will present what we investigate in the intelligence committee the, that set of allegation as -- that set of allegations. but also the obstruction of congress. it won't be our committee, the intelligence committee presentation that would go to other issues like to mueller report. that would be a decision that chairman nadler would have to make. >> brennan: but do you think thats broadened out beyond the issue of ukraine? >> well, again, i am not going to get to my internal discussions with my colleagues but i will say that i think we
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should focus on those issues that provide the greatest threat to the country and the president is engaged in a course of conduct that threatens the integrity of the next election, threatens our national security by withholding military assistance to an ally at war to our detriment and conditioning other things like a desperately sought after a white house -- a da -- for election, and that is an ongoing threat to the country, one that simply can't wait. >> brennan: well, i know republicans make the point that the aid was ultimately released but i want to ask you, in your personal opinion, you have seen all of this evidence. are you actually not going to vote to impeach the president? is there any chance that you wouldn't vote to imfeature president? >> well, first of all, margaret, they released it because they got caught because the whistleblower blew the whistle because congress announced an investigation and only thereafter and almost immediately thereafter were they
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forced to release the aid so that's to the much of a defense getting caught, but in terms of my own recommendations, look i am going to see what articles come out of the judiciary committee deliberations, i will make my views money at that time. but i will say this, this is precisely the kind of conduct the founders were most concerned about when they provided the remedy of impeachment, that, is that a president of the united states would abuse his power to seek foreign intervention in our affairs the and in a way that threatens the ordinary mechanisms and that is an election, you have all of those ingredients here and what is more you have a president who is continuing in the malicious conduct p out on the white house lawn still saying he wants ukraine to help him in the next election with these sham investigations, inviting other countries like china to do the same thing, rudy giuliani even this week is in ukraine furthering this plot and so this is an ongoing clear and present danger to the integrity of our elections and our own national
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security. >> brennan: well, the president said yesterday th rudy giuliani is preparing a report, that he is going to give to the attorney general and to congress, what is the plan for this? is rudy giuliani going to come in and testify under oath? >> well, we have subpoenaed rudy giuliani for his records and he has refused to comply and refused to cooperate like so many other witnesses that have refused. >> brennan: but you know the president is talking about here? >> look, i have a little idea what the president is talking about except that the president is only too happy to have his personal attorney continue to seek foreign interference in the next election. this is not something that started or ended with ukraine, it began with the, when the president invited russia to intervene in the last election and when the president tried to force ukraine to do it now and dash we feel we have to move forward and we simply can't wait for an election in which the president is seeking already to prejudice by foreign
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intervention. >> brennan: you know, in the 300 page report that your committee put out it included some call logs, including numbers related to congressman nunn yes, sir and a journalist and there has been a lot of blowback on you having published this. grand.. upon reflection, reflecn should you have made that public? >> absolutely, the blowback has only come from the far right. but, look, every investigator seeks phone records to corroborate, sometimes to contradict witness's testimony and here we had testimony that the president charged rudy giuliani with carrying out this plot that he told ambassador volker and perry and sondland to talk to rudy, and, in fact, ambassador volker testified about talking to rudy so so naturally we wanted phone records to show they had those conversations and indeed they did. it is very important to point out, margaret, we did not subpoena devin nunes call records and not any journalist
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call records, and that is simply false information being pushed by the president's allies, but the fact that mr. nunes or giuliani or others show up in brennan: d i do want to you. explain to our viewers we are having a couple of technical issues you may have noticed there, that is going to happen with a new set but our cbs news coverage of the house impeachment hearings will continue on this network tomorrow as well. we will be back in a moment. tomorrow you should tune in to see norah o'donnell cover the hearings you just heard chairman schiff describe. stay with us and bring in congressman mark meadows. congressman mark meadows. >> (gonzo) yeah yeah. wait, what kind of sweater? (kermit) i said it's a really great sweater. (gonzo) no, what'd you say before that? (kermit) uh, really.
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>> .citi >> brennan: you are steninor us, yanf la o his case, from your perspective, is it inevitable the house is going to impeach president trump? >> well, i don't think it is inevitable if you follow the facts. i heard chairman schiff lay out his talking points and that is very different than the facts and i think what we need to understand is right now and the president just highlighted this in a tweet. within 48 hours of the hearing that is happening in judiciary tomorrow, we have the judiciary team changing the guidelines and the rules for what impeachment is all about. after the nixon impeachment effort the congressional research service put out guidelines and said this is what impeachment should be based on. it has been updated. now all of a sudden there is new 0 found evidence by jerry nadler and his team, it is because the facts are not supporting their argument. >> brennan: but whs inevitable? that's also a political
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calculation? do you think there will be a single republican defection to imspeech. >> i don't want to speak for all of my colleagues but based on my conversations with them i don't see a single republican defecting, they looked at the facts and know where we are on this, if anything there is more pressure on my democrat colleagues where instead of having just two defections we may have more than that coming up as the articles get voted on. but inevitably. >> brennan: do you do you know t or guessing that you are going to see more than twosome. >> well, i said there is more pressure on them. >> brennan: okay. >> and i have talked to a number of my moderate democrat colleagues and i know there are pa few that are out there that are real concerned. again, i don't speak for republicans or democrats broadly but i do have conversations, bipartisan conversations on a regular basis. >> brennan: one of the wildcards here is rudy giuliani. >> yes. >> brennan: the president's attorney, he was in ukraine this week. >> right. >> and you just heard chairman schiff say she not sure exactly what the president meant yesterday when he said that a report is going to be produced
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to congress and the attorney general by rudy giuliani. >> well, i think if adam schiff wants to look at the evidence, whether it comes from rudy giuliani or anybody else, wouldn't he be happy to see any evidence of foreign intervention in terms of the 2016 elections? >> brennan: so i am sorry, are you saying you would trust any information rudy giuliani produces as credible? >> i would trust any information that comes to congress to be able to be evaluated in a neutral manner, so whether it comes from rudy giuliani or some democrat that is there, if they are bringing information. >> brennan: yes. >> congress has an obligation to look at it, we have oversight responsibility so -- let me just finish real quickly. so if he is getting relevant information that comes forth from ukraine, i think it is important for us to look at it. so many times people have said, listen, ukrainians never got involved in the 2016 election, we well, that is just not
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accurate. >> brennan: -- impeacti and joe biden, one of your colleagues matt gates of florida, who is a fellow republican said it is weird for him to see rudy giuliani out there doing this -- >> do you think giuliani needs to come in under oath? >> i think rudy giuliani if he has got evidence that is important to illuminate this should come in, should testify, i agree with that. the other aspect of this that is critically important, there are so many people are starting to look at, they are trying to focus on rudy giuliani. this impeachment is about withholding foreign aid, and rudy didn't have anything to do with that. >> brennan: well he -- >> actually none of the promises, none of the so-called interference in elections actually ever happened. adam schiff was just on here. >> brennan: rudy giuliani has said on this program and elsewhere joe biden needs to be investigated. he has propagated this idea that is at the earn of it all as you know. >>i.on thing
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the eekt out a saying it otgoingo pae. .>>rennan: --ri >>it.>> brenn: ht at the same time and republicans like yourself say he is not getting a fair shake. how do you get it both ways. not participating but not complaining about not being included. >> listen if you can change the rules -- i will play any game with you no talented you are, if i get to control the rulesly win every time. >> brennan: that what happens that happens when you are in the majority. >> no, we have rules and i have been in over 100 hours of depositions and i have seen my democrat colleagues time and time again leak out what is favorable to them and not favorable to the president. they have done it over and over and over again. that's not fair and should the president participate in an unfair process? her. get a --ohe senate. >> brennan: you are saying it is not inevitable that will happen? >> i think it is probable but
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not inevitable. >> brennan: okay. i also want to ask you, i know you care about government funding. being fiscally responsible, we are about two weeks out from a deadline here. >> yes. >> brennan: -- on running out of government funding. do you see the chance -- where do you see the chances to government shutdown? can they be avoided? i. >> i think it is be avoided i know the president wants to avoid it, i think based on what nancy pelosi says she wants to avoid it, this is what they they will have to do. >> brennan: border wall funding? >> well, mans nance made an agreement not to go back -- when we increased the debt ceiling in the previous budget deal she agreed to leave the funding there that is static, so what i would say, a continuing resolution for those viewers who are out there continuing the funding as it is for three or four months while we get this impeachment effort off the agenda is certainly appropriate. i think the president would sign that and i believe my democratic colleagues would as well. >> brennan: congressman, good to have you here. thank you. >> thank you. >> brennan: coming up next whether he switch gears and talk about new threats to america
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go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. >> brennan: and we are back with white house national security advisor robert o'brien. good morning to you, mr. ambassador. >> good morning, margaret. >> brennan: we saw overnight north korea conduct what it called a very important test. in your view, are they preparing to restart nuclear tests? >> i hope not, that would be a mistake on the part of north korea. when we came into office, the president was face wad very difficult situation, north korea, president obama told them it was most dangerous problem he would face in the world. through a combination of tough sanctions and military show of forces, we were able to convince kim jong-un to come to a summit, at that summit, kim jong-un promised to denuclearize north korea and we expect him to live
8:51 am
occupy, up to the promise he made at the sum it in singapore and hope to do so. >> brennan: well his ambao the u.n. said yesterday denuclearization is to teet out of the negotiating morning. with this test and that statement, it seems an explicit recognition here that on their end diplomacy is dead. what is the u.s. going to do if they restart test ms. >> well, i would be pretty nervous if i was that ambassador because kim jong-un has said publicly he will denuclearize the north korean peninsula, for north korean balance past door to take a contrary bogs to his leader i think in that circumstance is a pretty dangerous thing for him to do. >> brennan: north korean diplomats don't usually freelance, you know that. >> well, it doesn't end well for them if they do, so i am a little surprised which by that comment by the u.n. ambassador. we will have to see what happens. we are continuing with our negotiations. steve vegan is going down to the region soon and a we will see what happens, but we have plenty of tools in the toolkit if north
8:52 am
korea at that takes a different path than the one it promised and world.the ustates denuclearize the grand peninsula, if he does not do that, then we will take that into account and we have plenty of tools in the toolkit.: u have running out with this end of your deadline, kim jong-un has said, do you expect to have the u.s. and north korea meet? do you expect president trump to speak to kim jong-un? >> well, we will see. we would like to have continued negotiations, we were in stockholm not too long ago for negotiations with the north korean team and would like to continue those negotiations and look we would like to see this end up in a peaceful resolution and a resolution that is good for the people of north korea. they could be a great country. they could have a tremendous economic powerhouse in north korea instead of starving anding with being poor so they have to make a choice and we hope they make the right choice. >> brennan: i want to ask you about something at home, we saw a saudi military officer shoot dead three americans, wound eight at a benz cola base, with was the shooter acting alone?
8:53 am
is this a terrorist attack? >> so we don't know yet if he was acting alone, the fbi is investigating and they have been interviewing, interrogating other saudi students, look, to me it appears to be a terrorist attack, the fbi will have to get -- go i don't want to prejudge the investigation but it appears this may be some of it was radicalized .. whether here, you know, it is unclear if he has any ties to my other organizations. >> brennan: what do you mean appears to be? based on what, obviously you are seeing intelligence we don't know about. do you have credible intelligence that indicates that this might be part of a broader plot? >> i don't see anything that there is a broader plot. i am watching the same things you are watching and the public reports and that this is a guy who may very well have said some things on twitter that suggest he was radicalized he went out and killed a number of americans. so my point is, it looks like terrorism, we will have to see what the fbi investigation shows, what his motivations were, the saudis have promised
8:54 am
full cooperation with the investigation. we are going to take them at their word and the fbi is very competent in doing these things and get to the bottom of it and have a full report, my point is it looks from what we are seeing in the public reports that this looks like some of this terrorism or is akin to terrorism. >> brennan: yesterday there was a prisoner exchange with iran, it is significant, first time trump administration has got ten an american back from iran. the princeton scholar released and the u.s. it is released an iranian scientist. that is great for his family. they have great joy, but there are at least four other americans and i know you know this well who are still imprisoned in iran. why not make this part of a package deal? >> well, what you find out in the hostage business, margaret and did this for several years and we were able to -- president trump brought back more wrongfully detained americans or paying concessions, without the piles of cash, pallets of cash because we wanted to deter folks
8:55 am
from taking hostages in the future but you take the hostages and you take the detainees as you can get them. we would love to have all of the iranian detainees back, i pressed hard on the iranians for a year and a half a to get into a dialogue and talk about how we can get all of them home and we are continuing to do that and we want to see every one of those americans home. i know each of the family members. these are great people and great americans and they love their family members. we had a great day yesterday for the wong family a. >> brennan: yes. >> he has a young wife and young son he hasn't seen for three years because the iranians wrongfully detained him and accused him of being a spy, he studied their history and language and threw him in jail instead we got a great deal out of. this they wanted an iranian back who, go to the doj for details but he was going to court next week and we felt there was an opportunity here to get someone homeid.and.>>u doea
8:56 am
opening for direct talks with iran? >> i hope so, the president promised -- >> brennan: that was not a condition for this? this is not a precondition to talk? >> no, look we had a maximum pressure campaign on iran, i think that maximum pressure campaign had an impact and was in part responsible for this release. the president has offered to talk to the iranians without preconditions on a whole range of tissues. we would like to sit down and talk to them, but the sanctions and the maximum pressure are not going to be let up until iran abandons its nuclear program and abandons its malign activities in the region, in the meantime we would love to sit down and talk about the other detainees and get every single american home and there is no one more committed to bringing americans home than president trump and i think his record shows that. >> brennan: ambassador o'brien, thank you for joining us, we will be back with much us, we will be back with much more on "face the nation". >>
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