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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  December 10, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now at 7. a big storm for a wacky commute, how long the rain will stick around. the newly that could help reunite pet owners with their stolen dogs. >> southbay high school coach facing sex-based crime charges. and why michael bloomberg could face an uphill battle when it comes to winning over the hearts of california voters. now streaming on cbsn bay area, we are on stormont. i am veronica de la cruz. >> i am ken bastida. we got some time-lapse video tonight from mount to a vaca looking across the north bay, with heavy cloud cover. and, right now the rain is coming down on drivers crossing the golden gate. and richmond san rafael bridges. our meteorologist is tracking it all for us tonight. those pictures of ns
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is not moderate range, not heavy downpours but more moderate than the streets are slick, that'll be just as good information for you as the radar i'm going to show you. this radar is a very impressive show tonight. a lot of yellows and oranges. remember, it is mainly moderate rain, just enough that the roads are slip out there slick out there. they have been fairly manageable. now having shown you those numbers, i want to go back to live high definition doppler and show you were the best rain has been the last two hours. it been focus on the north bay, the 101 corridor. orange shows you moderate rain, but, it's not only raining there now, it has finally worked its way down towards the center of the bay. let's come into the east bay, oakland, berkeley, and richmond you guys have seen the intensity pickup. there san francisco with its fair share of lied light to
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moderate rain, a goes down to the peninsula to redwood city, but down in santa clara county it really has not gotten to you yet, that is going to change over the next few hours. let's switch this back over now and go to the futurecast to see how this plays out over the next two hours. we will take it from now into the evening. those bands of green and yellow stay persistent, really 8-9:00. it turns to scattered showers, it doesn't turn off. we will keep the light rain going so much by the time we get to the next commute, your morning commute, there we are at 6 a.m., we are still looking at light, scattered showers. they won't be as heavy as they are now but persistent enough. the roads are going to stay wet for a while. this is not the only rainmaker. it was so you two more possibilities coming up in just a few minutes. back over to you. just in tonight, a clue that can help police find two puppies missing from a stolen dog rescue transit van.
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the two dozen dogs who were recovered from the stolen van are being cared for here at the shelter in oakland behind me. but there is still a great amount of fear amongst a handful of owners whose dogs have not yet been found. >> i just really want my dog. >> reporter: this is fable, an american bulldog puppy who was supposed to be delivered to tracy smith's home in oregon when the van carrying him and 27 other dogs were stolen in fremont. fable was not one of the two dozen dogs inside the van when oakland police recovered it a few hours later. investigators believe that the thieves may have sold some of the dogs before their arrest. >> i don't have children, that is my baby. i feel like someone has taken m >> reporter: the owner of the transport company, d&j's pet transport says that she left the animals in their crates, with the vans engine and air conditioning running while she checked into a motel to get a few hours sleep. >> i normally sleep in the van with the dogs but, there were no rest areas are truck stops
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for a long time. i was tired. you know, you can drive tired either. >> reporter: oakland's animal services sees the two dogs recovered citing julie for leaving them without "proper care or attention." a misdemeanor. >> i would never put a dog in danger, never. this is crazy. >> reporter: animal services other than two dogs with minor medical issues, most were in good health and the goal is to connect the pups with their potential owners. the good news is of the two dozen dogs recovered it, animal services say there were new major medical services. did you have a message for whoever may have ended up with the missing animals, they say you are not in trouble, they do want you to come forward because they want to get those puppies to their rightful owners. in oakland, devin fehely, kpix 5. new at 7, is in as a soccer coach under arrest accused of inappropriate behavior with preteen girls between november 28th and november 2019. ricardo gutierrez surrendered
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to police he was a walk on varsity sapsucker coach at gunderson high. the investigation began after police were tipped off last month. we did reach out to the high school for comment. if you have any information on these cases please call police. two suspects in a robbery spree targeting contra costa county homes are facing 25 felony counts each. these two men are facing kidnapping, robbery, burglary, grand theft, carjacking, all charges for crimes in phoenicia, lafayette, and orinda. their bail is set and $9 million. police say the individuals were armed with guns and for home invasion robberies over the last couple months. the charges included incidences in lafayette on halloween night that occurs hours before a shooting at a house party in amendola killed five people. he commercial campus retailers could soon set up shop in contra costa county and reviewing 40 applicants and everything from security plans to business models. supervisors today just allowed four to apply for a permit they
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would be spread across the county in el sobrante, pacheco, and bay point. >> you have a population of well over 1 million people and they are only allowing four dispensaries, it is kind of crazy if you think about how many liquor stores we have. >> reporter: the county also gave a handful of cultivation applicants the go-ahead. there will be more public hearings before a final approval. 400 uc santa grad data big red stewed student went on strike today wanting a raise so they can afford housing. they get paid $2000 a month to bp teaching assistants and they claim that is not enough. the uc santa cruz spokesperson says the numbers just don't pan out. >> with approximately 1900 graduate students at uc santa cruz, at $1400 per graduate student, the calculate out to about $24 million which is more than our campus budget can bear. >> reporter: a new lawsuit is demanding the uc and state cal systems stop using s.a.t.
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and a.c.t. scores as a basis for admission. its claims that standardized testing is discriminatory to people with disabilities, low income students, and minorities. the test administrators disagree, both universities were already looking at a drop in the requirement before the lawsuit was filed. san jose's mayor shifting his report support to a new presidential candidate. his new choice is one reason why his previous pic dropped out. >> reporter: san jose mayor sam accardo says he first backed kamala harris because he thought that she was strong enough to take on president trump. now he is back in the form in york city mayor and was a billionaire, michael bloomberg, the same exact reason. >> we have got the biggest bully and history of the planet occupying the white house. i want to support those who can take down bullets. mike bloomberg has shown time and time again that he is willing to take on big oil. he is willing to take on the gun industry. he is willing to take on big
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soda, coke amma and pepsi. >> reporter: he is not just backing bloomberg chairing his california campaign. >> michael bloomberg is not well known in california. so, for the mayor to get out front with a candidate who is pulling really low, but has lots of money is a surprise. >> reporter: surprising because california has a history of voting down very wealthy candidates such as former tech executive meg whitman for governor in 2010. bloomberg is betting big on california, skipping early primaries to focus on super tuesday in march by blanketing the state with $14 million in tv ads. >> there are a lot of other candidates fighting for the working class. >> reporter: went san jose activist and critic of the mayor says he is making the wrong choice. >> the support stock stop-and- frisk, a guy with a whole history of racial insensitivity. >> reporter: but the mayor had an answer for the near policy the disproportionally targeted black and latino men.
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>> the truth is he did reduce gun violence substantially in new york and all crime. nonetheless, i think as he recognizes today, i also believe, stop-and-frisk was the wrong policy. >> reporter: tomorrow bloomberg will make his first campaign appearances in california starting in the morning with an appearance in stockton and later in san francisco. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. coming up, shocking images of human smuggling at the border. the man facing charges after border patrol saw this in the back of a truck. this is the lightest, weakest impeachment. >> the president's tough words about the articles of impeachment at a rally tonight. our offices were under fire for hours. >> six people killed, including a police officer. what happened during a violent shootout in jersey city. the new england patriots accused of spying. why the team says recording from the sidelines was not
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human smuggling bus caught on camera, 11 chinese migrants found hiding in furniture, and appliances inside a truck at the border crossing in southern california. at least one person crammed into a washing machine tub. another curled up inside of a wooden chest. the driver, 42-year-old u.s. citizen arrested this weekend. similar incident happened at this crossing just last month. six migrants were found concealed behind a false wall in a truck. the president planned to build a border wall, but has taken a big hit today, a federal judge blocked the white house from using billions of dollars in pentagon funding to build the barrier. the ruling comes a month after president trump declared a national emergency to get those funds. live look outside at the
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bay area airports. a brief reprieve in the rain for much of the bay area tonight. sfo had dozens of flight delayed. darren peck tracking it for us. the reprieve is very short- lived because we are seeing very good bands of rain going across the area. it's been focused on the north bay but it has now been working its way down. take a look for yourself, find where the yellow and oranges on that map. that is where you will have not just light rain, but this becomes moderate to heavy at times. you are looking at the last three hours. i will stop you right there, that gets us into the 7:00 hour. clearly, it is the north bay where we have been seeing the best and most persistent rain. let me show you everybody else in the second. but that one a one quarter, all the way through sonoma county, down into marin, fairly steady and moderate rain. you can see santa rosa right in this. we have picked up perhaps close to 2/10 of an inch of rain. it looks good on the radar, not like we are piling up huge totals but certainly enough to
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get the roads are wet. speaking of which let's go right into the heart of the city where we are watching some good bands of rain moving across the whole grade. you can see san francisco clearly outlined, that is over in the east bay, oakland, berkeley, richmond, you guys have got it even towards the cockiness braid. carcinas bridge. get down to the peninsula where we are seeing the rain for at least the last 30 minutes, get down into places like redwood city, palo alto, but for the rest of us said st. clair county we have not noticed anything yet. you are not out of this completely, you will get your share, it'll come in the overnight hours. in fact, if we bring this back, that is live. picks up on the band of rain sitting out there pretty nicely. i will play that forward, by 8:00, that is still moving through the north bay. there we are at 830, see the sweeper? another band will organize rain likely to move across the bay area. once we get to about midnight, it doesn't stop raining but, at least we start to get into more scattered, lighter rain. it should all be fairly steadily light rain that should stay with us going into the
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commute tomorrow. that 7 a.m. is not widespread rain, you are not driving to work tomorrow in a downpour for the morning commute. but, we are also not going to be entirely done with this by then. so there will be a few light showers and you should plan on the roads, if nothing else, still being slick in the morning. through much of the morning commute. if you look at the totals of how we have got here, 3/10 of an inch. about a 10th to 2/10 for much of the bay area. this is not a huge downpour of rain but, it is steady. and, it is only the first one, take a look out in the pacific. look at that pretty thing out there. we will see a series of weak weather makers come into the west coast, most will have bad aim. meaning they will stay a little bit too far north for us. but they cannot take the chance of rain out here through friday. watch what happens i will play the first one slowly. that is tomorrow night. get another weak system that comes just to our north and then we keep a chance of showers there must've thursday
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actually. here comes the next one that is friday. that is the aim is a little too high, missing us. but it is so close you will see in a seven day forecast we will keep the chance of rain on there. overnight lows bring us to 50 for most spots. daytime highs low 60s. it is a relatively warm situation right now. you see that for the first part of the seven day period you also see a lot of rain on there but hopefully i just clarified for you how that will play out. wednesday night through much of thursday light rain. then by the weekend, it's like we take the rain out, hopefully. keep your fingers crossed. back over to you. here is what you missed if you're just now getting home. 90 minutes ago president trump are robbed of a rally in pennsylvania where he blasted the new articles of impeachment against him and told the crowd that he can prove the whistleblowers complaint is not true. >> in the whistleblower report they wrote something totally different from what i said. what i said was perfect. what i said release it, i don't like doing it because you're releasing it, it is a conversation with a foreign
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leader. but we released the conversation and that gummed it up, this is the lightest impeachment and history of our country by far. two articles democrats announced today declared the president betrayed the nation in his actions towards ukraine and an obstructed congresses investigation. noticeably absent, bribery, extortion, and obstruction of justice. democrats opted to stick with the articles they feel are easier to prove. a series of gunbattles left six people dead including one block lease officer in jersey. the gunmen targeted a jewish market. violence began any cemetery and officers stopped two people for questioning. the gunman fled where they barricaded themselves inside and engage in an hours long battle with s.w.a.t. teams. three civilians were found dead. >> our officers were under fire for hours, two more police officers were hit by gunfir
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have one en u-haul vehicle that may contain incendiary devices. that has since been taken from the location and has been examined by a bomb squad member. of england patriots facing new spying allegations this time on their opponents game. a patriots camera crew was caught filming descent in the bengals and sideline and their coaches signals during sunday's match against the browns. the patriots insist they were not cheating, is filming for their web series. in a statement the team says they got the browns permission to shoot but not the bengals are the nfl's. coach bill belichick denied any knowledge of it saying "we have nothing to do with anything that they produce or direct or shoot. tonight nike has been a uniform supplier for major league baseball, not everyone is happy about it. the jerseys next season will feature the famous nike swish but fans wanted to like it but they are saying that they have
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mixed reactions and are calling it tacky, terrible, even dumb. so far, there is no word if that swish will be put somewhere else or moved altogether. coming up next, an epic first of its kind journey. the bay area startup showing off its new self driving big rig. what it hauled all the way across country. plus, sounds like something out of a movie, a flying chainsaw. why this thing is bringing some relief to people living in bay area fire zones. coming up at 11, a major blow for san francisco. they lost were the biggest tech events. the oracle conference moving to las vegas. that's how much money san francisco is expected to lose. ♪
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silicon valley startup and just sent a self driving a semi truck, a big rig across country pulling off the first of its kind delivery. >> the company plus a i sent its autonomous big rig hauling 40,000 pounds of butter from california to pennsylvania in just three days. the company sent a safety driver and engineer to sit in as a precaution but the trip went smoothly. the startup predicts is only a matter of years before self driving trucks are making deliveries regularly. >> that sounds like summing out of a horror movie but this
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flying chainsaw is a welcome sight in parts of northern california. and prone to wildfires, it is called the heli-saw. pg&e is using it to trim high risk trees and otherwise could not reach. >> one day we can do the work that a crew would take several weeks to do. >> what you make of that? >> i think is a fantastic idea. it goes through and does a lot of manpower very quickly. and clears a good distance. >> the noise doesn't bother you? >> no. >> reporter: pg&e has identified the 500 miles of line that needs to be trimmed back. up next, steph curry adding some new ink to his collection. with this new tattoo means to the curries. when it comes to health coverage,
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there is no secret that the
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curry family loves sentimental tattoos. the power couple has added some new ink to their collection. they both have these matching three symbols, a wolf, butterfly and unicorn. the three representing each of their kids. and this is just one of many tattoos that steph curry has, he has the letter a on his ring finger because he cannot wear his wedding ring during the games. thank you for watching the news at 7. continue streaming on cbsn bay area. we will be back at 11:00 with more news for you, have a good night.
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