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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  December 18, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the senate. with the republican-controlled senate to climb that hill and see the other side for the democrats. the past these articles of impeachment and convict the president in the u.s. senate is just going to be a tremendous challenge. it is interesting allen as we have watched some of those votes change. they go back and forth. we did see a republican vote yea. five minutes later we see that definitely has changed on the board. right now there are no republicans that are voting in favor of this article. article 1 of this resolution. this is the article that charges the president with the abuse of power. after this we will move on to the second article which is obstructing congressman obstructing justice. you remember we heard adam schiff like you were saying speak earlier about ukraine and why we should care about ukraine. and talking specifically about obstructing congress. advising the president advising members of the white house. you see what is also
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changing. the non-votes those number are changing. there are more than the republicans apparently have not voted they are getting more time as we see here. that number of republicans voting against has jumped to 192. the no votes on that side have dropped to 5. we are at 229-194. it is truly a long party lines with a couple of defectors from the democratic party. voting against these articles of impeachment tonight. knowing members can change their vote until they hear the gavel. the house speaker obviously they are giving members of the house time like you were saying. we could be sitting here for quite some time. you almost have to air on the side of caution and give them time to change if they want to change or they haven't been able to vote. i cannot imagine out of the chamber is while the vote was coming. indeed we have seen the
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nonvoting numbers drop. still 2 democrats and 5 republicans. now it is for republicans as i speak with another republican voting against this first article of impeachment. as we have been saying this first one is the abuse of power tied to his conversation with the president of ukraine. this is a historic boat. it is an important vote which is why you see members of the house changing their mind. voting one way and maybe another. if this goes through. president trump would be the third u.s. president to be impeached. that will be following bill clinton in 1998 and andrew johnson back in 1868. a big decision to make. bill clinton i think those of us were old enough to remember can certainly recall that he was charged with lying to congress. and obstructing justice. when you talk about andrew johnson, his case was much much
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different. he tried to remove what is now called the defense secretary. his secretary of war. he tried to have him removed without congress's approval. which was a whole different thing. he was impeached but he was not removed from the white house. it has never happened in the history of the u.s. were present has been impeached and then convicted by the senate and removed from the white house. if this were to happen trump would be just the third american president to be impeached. again, if approved these two articles that are being voted on today charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. they would then be sent to the senate and there would be a trial sometime in january. one of the democrats just came in and voted. i find it hard to believe they have been out of the chamber and are now widely coming in to make their vote. she is starting to speak.
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the school to it. let's go to it. she was starting to say a few things. her microphone was not fully on. on this day the yeas at 230. the nays r1 97. present is one. article 1 is adopted. the question is on adoption of article 2. the question is on the adoption of article 2. those in favor say aye. those opposed in a. the ice have it. the ice have it for what purpose that the gentleman from new york. madame speaker.
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i asked for a roll call vote. recorded votes is requested. those favoring a recorded votes would so oblige. a sufficient number have arisen recorded votes as earl did. members will record their votes by electronic device. a five-minute vote. nancy pelosi giving the order that all members need to get back to their seats. they have five minutes to get to their electronic device. and cast their votes. this is article to the obstruction of congress. it is a simple yay or nay vote. the get five minutes to cast his vote. article 1 has been adopted. 237 yes.
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137 no. president trump is in the battleground state of michigan holding a rally right now. let's check in. remember when they all said remember what they all said you can't mesquite michigan? i did one in grand rapids. we have 32,000 people that night. it was 1 am in the morning. it was election day when i started speaking. hillary barack obama michelle obama and bill clinton. they did an emergency trip. he did an emergency trip to michigan at 6 am. the got here at prime time. they started the speech. she had 500 people. i got here at 1 am the next day which is now election day. how many people were there?
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32,000. 32,000 people outside inside. with the last speech in michigan. they said it is hard to win michigan. here is the beautiful thing. everything i told you i have done but more so. i said i was want to bring car companies back. i hope you people know that. i just hope you know it. i will never forget that night. in all fairness to bill clinton. used to be a friend of mine until i ran for office. i like him. but he told you know the way they tried to shut him out. he is a pro. he is an instinct guy. he doesn't need polling companies. who wants them? if you want a polling company pick up the newspaper. the newspaper poles are more fake than the news they write. they write take poles. they write fake polls.
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you call them suppression poles. you read them and you get depressed because it looks like you are doing badly. they do that i think it is almost worse than what they write you cannot get much worse than what they write. what happens is bill clinton said to crooked hillary is very dishonest wife. crooked hillary do you think he calls her crooked hillary? maybe he just called her crooked. he said crooked i'm telling you, crooked i don't like what i'm seeing in michigan. i don't like what i'm seeing in wisconsin. he said i took a trip to wisconsin. i will tell you what. they had those trump and penn signs all the way to the convention area. every lawn. i don't like wisconsin. and they said don't worry about it. what does he know? remember they shut him out and they did not want him talking? he was right.
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i don't want to cause any problems in the family but he was right. he talked about was tyson. he talked about michigan. he said crooked i'm telling you crooked. i don't like what i'm seeing in michigan. i was in michigan. those signs. i saw some houses -- is bringing natalie who is live in washington. we have seen the vote on article 1 the abuse of power. it pretty much was a long party lines. only 33 votes separating the yes from know. is expected this was largely along party lines. 230 members voting yay. to 197. as expected 2 democratic members voted with republicans against the articles of impeachment. that was jeff jeff van drew of new jersey and collin peterson of minnesota. interesting to note hawaii
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congresswoman tulsi gabbert who is also presidential candidate voted present. we've been trying to get an answer from her about where she stood on impeachment. her office had been silent. she had said at a recent event that she was still undecided. and had some issues with how the inquiry was carried out. she tonight voted present. as you saw the vast majority of democratic members voted in favor of article 1. abuse of power. and republicans unified against impeachment. which was expected given the very partisan debate that we saw today. and over the past several weeks. as this process has unfolded. we are seeing the votes is not final. we see the numbers here on the screen. already there are three democrats and you mentioned this earlier. the splitting of the votes. is that what is happening here?
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the three democrats are voting against the second article of impeachment? >> reporter: based on our tracking of members a third democrat was expected to vote against obstruction of congress splitting his boat across the two articles. so far what we have seen tonight is largely what we have expected. with the exception of tulsi gabbert who voted present. we did not know what she was going to do. can you break down exactly where we go from here? it has been a long day on the hill. what happens next?>> reporter: some point in the near future house speaker nancy pelosi is expected to reveal who she would like to see as impeachment managers. at one point yesterday we thought that might happen tonight following the vote. it now looks like that could be pushed off and they could vote on that separate resolution sometime soon. we don't exactly know when the. as i was telling you before there are rumors or different
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mentions swirling of bay area members potentially being impeachment managers. including congressman eric swalwell. we will also have to see whether the articles of impeachment are actually withheld before being transmitted to the republican- controlled senate. there is a small group of members and potentially a growing group of members including bay area congresswoman jackie spear who think perhaps the article should be withheld to try to push for a more what democrats would see as a more fair trial in the senate. because right now we are hearing some senate republicans say they would like to see a very short trial. the senate minority leader chuck schumer has called for additional witnesses to testify during a senate trial. including white house officials senate majority leader mcconnell shut that down this
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week. there are some negotiations underway. among party leaders for what a senate trial could look like. in one potential strategy that the house could use is whether or not they actually delay transmitting the articles of impeachment over to the senate. that is something that the house leadership will have to talk about in the very near future. and perhaps speaker pelosi will be asked about this when she holds a news conference following the final vote on the second article of impeachment. you will have to go pretty quickly. clarified once it gets to the senate it is a trial correct? it has to be a two thirds vote? that is correct. there is a high bar as you know the senate is republican control. senator's republican senators are saying they would like to see a very short trial. what is interesting about this entire process is it is up to
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to the senators what the format looks like. during the clinton impeachment trial also matures actually got in a closed-door meeting. and set the ground rules for a senate trial. we will have to see if that happens this time around. we know the two leaders of the senate will have to meet and negotiate where this goes from here. we know there will be opening statements and arguments across both sides. whether or not we see witnesses or depositions. doubt remains to be seen. and ironed out in coming days. live in washington. we will be looking for the child to take place sometime in january. we appreciate your reporting. we are of course keeping track on the vote count. time has technically run out. as we saw on the vote for the first article of impeachment nancy pelosi speaker of the house is allowed time to continue. there are quite a few
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republicans nine democrats. 32 republicans and nine democrats who have not voted as of yet. it looks pretty clear that article 2 is going to be passed away article one was with 221 votes yes. the independent voting yes along with the democrats. we are watching the boat take place on article 2. this is house resolution 755 obstructing congressman this historic impeachment vote taking place in washington. you are watching it live. if you pay attention to your screen you can see exactly how democrats and republicans are voting. that folds expect the cuts come down largely among party lines it's like article one did. the abuse of power came with the president's phone call. with the president of ukraine. the obstruction of congress came after the whistleblower came for.
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the investigation started. the house started investigating exactly what was going on between the president and ukraine. the obstruction of congress had to deal with the white house ignoring subpoenas and not allowing people to testify. to try to get more information coming out of the white house and the white house staff. as we have been saying over and over this day is certainly historic. we are keeping an eye on nancy pelosi. she is back at the chair at the top of the podium. she will gavel everyone into order. she did it very quickly once she decided the vote was in enough time had been given for members to vote. we have 31 the members of the house who have not cast their vote. as of yet. like we did in the first article i haven't seen any of the numbers really changed. there is still time. members of the house can change their votes up until the house speaker gavels. it seems as though 27 votes.
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people are casting their votes. it was interesting pelosi could put off this votes on just who is going to represent this case before the u.s. senate. it was expected she might do that even tonight or tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a wind down day in washington. all the members of the house and the senate take off on friday or thursday night to start their holiday break. which is also why things will not get going again until after the holidays this will not go to the senate until january. it is covering the clock. apparently they are out of time. again house speaker is just waiting for folks to place their vote. ward to go ahead and change their vote. 227 and 181. it was 230 voting yes for the article one. the abuse of power. 197 voting no.
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with 19 republicans still who have not cast a vote i'm sure she as we said in the first vote. she wants to air on the side of caution and give them all a chance to stop there milling around they did have to take a break go back to the office for whatever reason. get back and cast a vote. it is supposed to be five minutes. it looks as though those votes might look identical to the first article. you are saying to 30-197. we have 21 votes yet to come in. i wouldn't be surprised if we were in the same place. the difference in the number of votes for the first article of impeachment was only 33. as we know the house does is controlled by the democratic party. nancy pelosi taking over the speaker's position once again. they do have control. the votes again along party lines. it is still at some i call
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razor thin if they had more defectors it could have gone the other way. clearly democrats are holding steady. only three voting against the second article. of impeachment. there was one two democrats had voted yes for article 1. from new jersey and minnesota. a third democrat has also joined them in voting against the second article. the obstruction of congress. i think it was collin peterson a democrat from minnesota. you mentioned the congress member from new jersey that was jeff drab andrew. who was expected to switch parties and join the republican caucus. she mentioned representative toasty gabbert voted present. that was a surprise something that was completely unexpected. there were a couple of democrats that broke ranks. that voted with republicans. and were still waiting at this point for the house speaker to
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go ahead and gavel does votes when and. at that point we will know. we have 12 votes. natalie brand mentioned jackie spears was one of the ones leaning in favor of holding the articles back. hoping they could get possibly a shorter more fair trial in the senate. one of the complicating factors in the senate is the fact there are u.s. senators who are out there campaigning trying to be a democratic candidate running against president trump in the next election in 2020. all those were out there campaigning bernie sanders, they will have to come back in. they will have to take part in this senate trial. the trial is before the entire u.s. senate. their campaigns have to be turned over to proxies. i'm sure they are the ones who would prefer it be a short trial in the senate especially if they do know since the gop controls the u.s. senate the votes is going to go according
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to party lines in the senate. we have 60 seconds left to go. at this point we have five votes to come in for. this vote should be coming to an end shortly. right now the yeas are 220. 229. 197 for the navy. his special report will be taking live as soon as that happens. in the meantime we are standing by. for that gavel. with 4 members who haven't voted yet. this vote to 29-197 is just one vote different than article 1 which was 230-197. it is 198 that have voted against these articles. it is the three democrats who cross the lines to join their republicans across the aisle. we have three votes left to go. it looks as though article 2 of this resolution will be passing again. this was article to obstructing
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congress article one was abuse of power. i want to get you live back to washington dc. nora o'donnell. the navy is 198. present is one. article 2 is adopted. this is a cbs news special report. for those of you watching survivor you will not miss a minute. we want to bring the latest news. just moments ago the house of representatives passed both articles of impeachment against president trump. for abuse of power and for obstruction of congress. this marks a historic day in our nations history. as donald trump he comes now
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only the third president in american history to be impeached by congress. let's go to nancy on capitol hill. nancy this is a day rarely witnessed in history.>> reporter: over the course of hours and hours of debate today democrats argued they had to take this step to protect the constitution. in fact to protect democracy. they said the president had betrayed his oath of office and they had to take this step now because he was trying to encourage a foreign power to meddle in the next election. coming up in just 11 months. republicans over and over again today argued this is a sham impeachment. the democrats hate this present and they are driven by this hatred. and that they are simply angry that they lost the last election. from here these articles of impeachment will be sent by a
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series of impeachment managers over to the senate. for a senate trial. what the trial will look like is still in doubt. democrats want to hear from some the witnesses who didn't show up. for the house impeachment inquiry. republicans want to move through this as quickly as possible. they say they don't need to hear from anymore witnesses. noting of course the not one single republican voted to impeach the president of the united states. it sets up quite a remarkable split screen if you will as congress voting to impeach the president who was elected by 63 million americans. he chose to head to the battleground state of michigan where he is in the midst of a raucous campaign rally. denouncing democrats they are. is bring in paula reed without the white house.>> reporter: we have heard the president at this rally tell his supporters
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that it certainly doesn't feel like impeachment. he has been touting his economic record and party unity. that is something the president has been calling for since the beginning of the process. he wanted the republican party to rally around him. a top white house official tells me they are quite pleased with the unity they see currently on the hill. especially ahead of the likely senate trial. even though the president refused to answer questions from reporters as he let the white house earlier today. we see him use this rally to attack his democratic rivals. specifically elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg. at the very moment of this historic vote the president was hearing cheers from the crowd as he discussed space for his so far he is not addressed this vote. it is not clear if he knows he has officially become the third u.s. president to be impeached by the house of representatives. the president is not holding back at that rally. let's listen to what he just said. this guy actually said that.
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by the way it doesn't really feel like we are being impeached. the country is doing better than ever before. we did nothing wrong. we did nothing wrong. and we have tremendous support in the republican party. like we have never had before. let's bring in major garrett . the president is correct. the republican party is standing firmly with the president. one he is angered he is being impeachment he counted it when he released the transcript of this call that would help to clear him and he would have to go down this. he also is galvanized republicans are galvanized by this act in the fight to come. the moderator of face the nation. the charge the democrats leveled against the president in these two articles was
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severe. inviting foreign interference from a foreign country. a threat to democracy. a threat to national security. something republican said was wholly incorrect. we know this is poised to go to a senate trial. republicans are likely to let him pass. our coverage continues with our 24 hour streaming network. you can watch it a cbs or our news app. for those of you in the west much more coming up on the evening news. for the rest of you survivor continues right now. history is written this evening in washington dc. president trump impeach on both articles of impeachment. his reaction is you heard a minute ago there is tremendous support amongst the republicans and the republican party. it
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doesn't really feel like we are being impeached. the country is doing better than ever before. we did nothing wrong. we did nothing wrong. and we have tremendous report support in the republican party. like we have never had before. that is the president's response to both articles of impeachment passing the u.s. house of representatives tonight. the news at 6 pm begins right now. we are on storm watch tonight. round after round of rain. another soggy commute. spin outs happening on bay area highways all day long. the rain continuing overnight tonight. our top story streaming on cbs and bay area storm watch.
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another look at main highways around the bay area right now. the roads are slick. take a look you see a car spinning out on highway 24 near broadway. it happened this afternoon. it caused some extensive back damage. the driver was uninjured. let's get you over to the meteorologist with the latest of the forecast. 90% of what the storm is going to give us. since we are not completely done we still have to track with a light rain is falling considering the time of the evening. you will see just enough green showing up in some of the local locations. let's come down to 280. take a look on the peninsula. just south of san mateo. down around sam carlos: that is rain that will extend from 280 to 101. similar story in the city. but the light band that has been persistent of the bay bridge really light stuff. east bay has her share. what happens next we will keep
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the possibility for a scattered shower all the way into 1 am. and then by the time we get to 5 am tomorrow in time for tomorrow morning's commute we are turning it all. we will be done with this. maybe a light shower on the north bay tomorrow. the real headline the comes next is saturday's rain. that is what i want to talk about in the complete forecast just a few minutes. is get you to our other top story. the historic votes in the house to impeach president trump. the votes coming down within the past hour. following the latebreaking details.>> reporter: president trump now the third president in history to be impeached. those votes coming in just within the last hour. after the house to spend the day debating to make impeachment articles the first abuse of power. the second obstructing the congressional inquiry. trump is accused of abusing his power by pressuring ukrain


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