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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  December 19, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight: the senate trial on hold. tre president defiant. >> i don't feel like i'm being impeached. >> o'donnell: tonight, what speaker pelosi is refusing to so. >> frankly, i don't care what the republicans say. >> o'donnell: and why republicans aren't backing down. >> the house democrats may be too afraid. >> o'donnell: philadelphia blast: an explosion rocks a crowded neighborhood, trapping people behind a wall of flames. tonight, new fears nearby buildings could collapse.spy ga? a woman from china here illegally caught casing the s esident's florida home. rhe second arrest this year. is the southern white house secure? shakedown: why did a grandmother hand over $10,000 to this man. h> hello!
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>> i heard him crying. he didn't want to upset his parents. >> o'donnell: tonight, the ransom demand, and a new warning about a dangerous scam. deadly shoot-out: a gunman opens fire outside russia's spy agency hours after vladimir putin defends donald trump. near miss: the shocking moment a truck plows througida airport.orh a late arrivals: as shipping deadlines loom, new details on why your holiday packages may not make it on time.ecial delivn ts tsphat arrived aroundan hat the same time, setting off a five-alarm fire of fatherhood. this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening, and welcome to our viewers on the west coast. tonight, it is a standoff in congress. that senate trial to decide
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whether president trump will be removed from office, well, it's on hold. the day after she led the house in the impeachment of president trump, house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't send the case to the senate until republican leader mitch mcconnell lays out the rules for a trial. mcconnell is firing back, mocking democrats, calling them afraid. another senate republican calls it constitutional extortion. well, that means we are now in uncharted territory. nancy cordes leads us off tonight from capitol hill. and, nancy, where do we go from here? >> reporter: well, norah, a short time ago, leader mcconnell l fighasovaner i hsides are at owmp these articles of impeachment are going to make it 400 feet from the house to the senate. >> article i is adopted. >> reporter: after pushing impeachment through last night,. >> we would hope there would be a fair process. >> reporter: house democrats are
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reluctant to send the newly passed articles of impeachment to the republican-led senate. >> ultimately, they have to act like a real trial and not just like some kind of phony thing. li i would like to see them call witnesses that we didn't hear eaom. i would like to see documents being released from the white house. >> reporter: but senate leader mitch mcconnell is opposed to that. >> of course, every such demand simply confirms that house democrats have rushed forward with a case that is much too weak. >> reporter: when president clinton was impeached by the house, the articles were walked to the senate within two hours. >> i hereby deliver these articles of impeachment. d reporter: south carolina senator lindsey graham was one to the impeachment managers. rs we cannot have a system where the house impeaches the president, tells the senate how to conduct the trial, holds the hrticles of impeachment over the president's head, at a time of nleir choosing to unleash them. tiat's just-- that's constitutional extortion. t reporter: do you run the
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risk, as some republicans said, of looking like you're playing games with impeachment if you hold on to these articles for too long? >> i said what i was going to say, nancy-- i was not prepared to put the managers in that bill yet because we don't know the arena that we are in. frankly, i don't care what the republicans say. >> reporter: they do have some time to work this out. the senate is not going to take up this trial until the new year, anyway. but all this tough talk from both sides, norah, is a sign that this negotiation has begun es earnest over just how long and how comprehensive the president's impeachment trial is going to be. >> o'donnell: i love seeing you, nancy, with those tough questions. thank you. , lepresident took a victory lap imaypeached.val tfice fe suggested he didn't feel the weight of history. but sources tell cbs news his public bravado is far different from his private fears. paula reid reports tonight from re white house. >> well, i don't feel like i'm being impeached. >> reporter: president trump tried to turn the tables on his
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political adversaries today, inviting one of the three democrats to vote against his impeachment to the oval office. si end i.or drewdrew was elected as a democrat but announced he'll run 'lr re-election in his pro-trump district as a republican. >> i believe that this is just a better fit for me. r reporter: despite the president's defiant demeanor, cbs news has learned mr. trump is worried about how impeachment till affect his legacy and about the toll the process is taking on his family. today, in a "face the nation" interview on paid family leave, ter to air later this month, mr. trump's daughter ivanka said republicans can harness any oger over impeachment. >> angry, but it's still energizing, and it focuses you on-- really and draws into relief the stark contrast in priorities. >> reporter: but republicans are also criticizing the president for these comments at his michigan rally last night,
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suggesting late congressman john dingell is in hell. >> maybe he's looking up. i don't know. ( laughter ) but let's assume he's looking down. >> we may differ y,ilosophically, and sometimes es principles, but, no, i considered him a friend. r> reporter: dingell, a amocrat, was the longest warvicing congressman in restory. his wife now holds his seat and voted for impeachment. she responded today in an interview with cbs news. >> i was hurt. i felt punched in the stomach. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham, a trump ally, just left the white house, norah, and he says that he told the president that joke about dingell wasn't funny. graham also says the president is mad as hell about the delay moving those articles to the senate and he wants his day in court. >> o'donnell: thank you, paula. breaking news tonight from philadelphia. crews are frantically searching for survivors after a powerful explosion rocked a neighborhood, destroying homes and shooting flames into the air. don dahler is at the scene.
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>> reporter: the explosion rocked this south philadelphia neighborhood just before noon, engulfing as many as four row houses in thick smoke and flames and trapping as many as three people inside. the blast blew out windows several blocks away, and knocked over residents in their own homes. more than 120 firefighters fought the fire from the ground and neighboring buildings. adam teel is philadelphia's fire commissioner. >> our first companies went into a maelstrom of fires, hanging wires, gas leaking, building collapsing around them-- to try to get into this building and make a rescue. >> reporter: but they couldn't save anyone. it took three hours in subfreezing temperatures before the fire was finally brought under control. three buildings are now totally collapsed, and two others are badly damaged. >> we know there is one person in the building who is most likely deceased. and we have reports of one to two other folks in the buildings
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that are fully collapsed, and in one of the adjacent buildings. >> reporter: the fire commissioner has suspended their search for the night because it is simply too dangerous. officials say an estimated 60 people are not being allowed back into their homes for the evening so some of them are seeking shelter in the nearby high school to get out of this bitter cold. norah. >> o'donnell: thank you, don. tonight, a chinese woman is in custody in florida after being spotted taking pictures on the grounds of mar-a-lago. that's the president's palm beach resort. now, she is the second chinese intruder arrested there this year. jeff pegues on the potential security breach and the real fears it's raising tonight. or reporter: it was another mysterious incident at what the president calls his southern hhite house, and what authorities call a natural target for foreign spy operations. r reporter: mar-a-lago security called police after 56-year-old olng lu, a chinese national with
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nn expired visa, had made it on to the president's compound. lu, who appeared in palm beach county court today, was arrested for loitering and prowling and sisisting arrest. police say lu was rejected trying to enter the main gate but got in using a nearby service road where cameras captured her photographing the property with her cell phone. lu fled and was arrested two miles away in downtown palm seach, where she allegedly refused to let police see her cell phone. it is the second time this year that a chinese national was arrested for entering mar-a- lago. in march, yujing zhang made it through secret service checkpoints while carrying a laptop, cell phones, and other esectronic gear. she is awaiting deportation. aechael morell is a former deputy director of the c.i.a. >> if i were the chinese and i knew that the president had classified conversations in a public area, i would want to put ome sort of collection device down to pick up those
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conversations. ti reporter: a u.s. official told me today that the chinese have been stealing relentlessly and running numerous intelligence operations. that is one reason, norah, why whenever you have an arrest at ar near mar-a-lago, you can bet the feds are going to be paying attention. >> ninan: i mean, setting off real alarm bells, jeff, thank you. a warning tonight about deceptive thieves robbing elderly victims, sometimes on their own door steps. r 'll show you how the scam works and reveal inside secrets from a con man who pulled it off many times. carter evans reports tonight. >> hello! >> reporter: you're watching a scam artist in action. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: he just took $10,000 from barbara mccullough. it all started with a phone call from someone claiming to be her grandson. >> i said, "you know, it really eoesn't sound like you." but he said, "i have a horrible cold." then he started crying. >> reporter: the caller said he needed bail money fast. >> i went down to the bank and drew $10,000 out.
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>> reporter: what is unusual is the scammer was caught on a security camera. how often does one actually come to the victim's home. i this is only the second time in the 15 years that i've been working on these types of g imes. >> reporter: grandparent scams are one of the fastest growing inimes, and they all begin with a cry for help. ep nidio chouea llion year. that's the official estimate. >> i've heard upwards of $10 billion every single year, because a lot of these crimes aren't reported because a lot of times they're very ashamed. >> you can make 10 grand sometimes in a day if you do it properly. >> reporter: a few years ago i arterviewed a con man in federal custody about his scam. >> once you get them emotionally involved, then they'll do anything for you. >> i felt flattered that he even called me. he called me! he didn't want to upset his parents. that's what i thought.
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>> reporter: detectives are now w ying to track down that scam artist, and they say seniors should try and verify who's calling by asking a very personal question that only a family member would know the answer to and, also, call a relative before handing over any veney. norah. >> o'donnell: that's good information, carter. thank you. we are just over six weeks until the iowa caucuses, and tonight is the sixth and final debate of hee year, and it's got a narrowed field. our ed o'keefe is in los angeles tonight. all right, ed, we know health care is the top concern for democratic voters. and with elizabeth warren zaframing her medicare for all plan, how much will that topic be up for debate tonight? >> reporter: it could definitely come up. look, she still ultimately wants a government-run health care plan, but she's been spending more time talking about how we'd get there, saying to voters they would have a choice to remain in their current plan as the anvernment plan is put together. lnd it's the use of the word nghoice" that has her liberal
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and moderate critics pouncing, saying she is wavering on the issue. she disputes that. >> o'donnell: also, tonight's debate won't include mayor bloomberg. he is still trying to land some punches today. who is his target? >> that's right, he went after former vice president joe biden. really the entire field but specifically saying biden doesn't have practical management experience like running the nation's largest school system, as bloomberg did. biden ignored questions about this in los angeles today. but if the moderators ask, he'd likely remind them he was once a heartbeat away from the presidency. lerah. >> o'donnell: okay, ed, thank you so much. it wasn't just americans who were tuned into president trump's impeachment. so were the russians. .oday, vladimir putin mocked the dimocratic party and echoed a number of republican talking points. add to that a dramatic shoot-out right outside of russia's spy utency. elizabeth palmer reports tonight from moscow. ( gunfire ) >> reporter: drivers were trapped in their cars and redestrians ran for cover as a dunman opened up right in the heart of moscow. hetside russia's security headquarters and a stone's throw
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from the kremlin. reports say at least one officer was killed, and so was the gunman. ap happened shortly after president putin's annual marathon press conference where he veered off the domestic agenda and straight into u.s. politics. "the senate," he said "is unlikely to remove donald trump from office" for what he called "absolutely far-fetched reasons. etd then he tossed out a favorite republican talking aoint: "the democrats only decided to impeach president trump," he said, "because they'd lost the election." in the past, president trump has , en just as supportive of president putin. >> getting along with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. >> reporter: but this personal warmth masks a deep political chill. u.s. sanctions are hurting russia, and the kremlin wants them lifted. to try to start a dialogue, president putin today offered to
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extend the start nuclear missile treaty which expires soon. but so far, norah, the u.s. administration is signaling that t's not ready to deal. >> o'donnell: all right, elizabeth, thank you. major shipping companies are reruggling to deliver packages less than a week before the holidays, raising concerns your packages may not make it in time. oh, no. vladimir duthiers reports. >> reporter: fedex, u.p.s., and other delivery services are expected to deliver more than two billion packages this holiday season. that's according to the ship matrix consulting firm. overall, volume is up more than 21% this year. but all that cargo, coupled with recent storms, has delayed on- onme deliveries. since thanksgiving, fedex has an on-time delivery rate of about a%, down from more than 77% a aear ago. for u.p.s., it's 80%, down from 86% this time last year. .> they're certainly getting inundated with the volume. and they're doing everything
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they can by expanding their datworks but the reality is there just will be a little less time to get it all done this s ar. >> reporter: black friday and cyber monday happened later this season. causing a time crunch heading into christmas. those who order at the last whnute, risk paying the ultimate le ofprliate averyde. things, but you're likely going to have to pay for it, and it's going to be by air, which is the most expensive products they offer. >> reporter: analysts tell us if you haven't finished your christmas shopping by this yekend, norah, there will be a oot of frowning faces by the 25th. >> o'donnell: sounds like i'll be busy. vlad, thank you. there is still much more news ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." a truck ends up in the middle of an airport rental counter. and later, a baby boom has people asking what's in the water at this firehouse. asking what's in the water at this firehouse. it's the kind of big where you'll never have to ask, "should i scooch up?" it's big that looks at a sunroof
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or you can pick it up from one of our car vending machines. either way, your car comes with a 7-day return policy. so grab a seat, relax in your comfy pants, and enjoy the new way to buy a car-- at carvana. >> o'donnell: now to that story we promised you, as we take you to a city with a growing n pulation, thanks in part to a group of first responders now owswering the call of duty-- diaper duty. ld reporter: it would be easy to think opelika, alabama, is a eeeepy, southern town. until you meet the sepn -1. reise your hands if this is your first child. so we only have one in the group ft your first child, huh? with seven babies born in the last four months, four boys and three girls, conversations have
6:55 pm
changed from hoses to highchairs. >> some people brag about how wong the baby sleeps. >> reporter: and the running joke is don't drink the water at the station. how did this happen? ( laughter ) so-- wa it was not planned. >> reporter: are you sure, not r:anned? >> no, not planned. >> everybody asks if it was a pact. actually, nobody even talked about it. it someone said, "oh, they're putting out fires but they're making them in the bedroom." >> smile! >> reporter: some of the dads are already back at work and dave this new perspective on the calls they respond to. >> i'm a lot more empathetic about somebody else's child than i used to be prior to having my 'sn. >> reporter: it's a striking difference from the men chief byron prather first hired. >> they have a lot of responsibility already, and i khink with this responsibility here, it would make them better people. >> reporter: the people of opelika are sharing in that excitement as both moms and dads eiarn their new roles. >> everybody's going through the same so, it's cool to have a huge support system.
6:56 pm
st reporter: fighting fires may have brought these men together, aut raising these babies will bond their families for life. mireya villarreal, cbs news, opelika, alabama. bo o'donnell: bonded for life knowing it's the toughest job and also the most rewarding. we'll be right back. . we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. (second man) virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. (second woman) we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. cdc guidance recommends topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain for up to 12 hours, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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too shabby! too much! i can rent this? for that price? absolutely. it's just right! book your just right rental at >> o'donnell: on tomorrow's "cbs evening news," steve hartman's "on the road" and checks back in with a little girl who has become the talk of her town without speaking a word. her story has taken a heartwarming turn. and that's tonight's "cbs evening news." i'm norah o'donnell in washington. we'll see you back here tomorrow for more news. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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right not seven. a student dies on the playground at a bay area school, late details now coming in. >>littlerl in t roud of her? ve i'so h >>m bay did that saved her entire family.>> i was inside of my door, i was just screaming daddy.>> is guys are really slick. and our original report. we expose an approved and potentially dangerous stem cell treatments given to bay area customers. can you tell us why you are selling illegal stem cells. can you tell us why? breaking news right now on the kpix 5 news at seven. straining on cbsn bay area.


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