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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  December 21, 2019 3:00am-3:30am PST

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ca captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news hnight: holiday dash. a record high 115 million americans heading out, on the roads and in the skies. tonight, when you should leave. plus will it be a white christmas or a hot one? missing mom murdered-- breaking news, the stunning break in the case, the texas mother who unnished with her baby, found dead, her child alive. tonight, the shocking arrest. cruise out of control. >> oh, my god! >> o'donnell: thousands run screaming as two giant ships heam into each other. unforgiven: the president httacks a christian magazine after it calls him profoundly immoral. tonight, the reaction from reverend billy graham's son as evangelical leaders close ranks. international anger: british prosecutors charge an american
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official's wife after the wrong- way crash that killed a teen. e> we feel that we've taken a huge step in the start of achieving the promise to harry that we made. >> o'donnell: present panic: half the country is set to shop tomorrow. the last-minute deals on those last-minute gifts. and steve hartman with a sign of hope. how a three-year-old girl got an entire neighborhood talking. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening and thank you so much for joining us. s's a perfect storm for holiday elavel days before christmas and the first night of hanukkah, a re than a third of americans are expected to be on the move. a.a.a. says more than 115 million will travel by road, rail, or air between now and urnuary 1.lliomore than last year, and the most
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knce it began keeping records 20 years ago. so when is the best time to travel and how will the weather affect your trip? mola lenghi leads us off tonight from newark liberty airport. mola. >> reporter: well, norah, t.s.a. expects to check a record number of holiday travelers. and by the looks of it here at newark, that's already taking shape. if this is any indication, it is shaping up to be a busy holiday travel season. whether by plane, train, or automobile, holiday travelers are on the move. more than 90% will take to the roads and drive. that's about 104 million people. for the most park the weather is not an issue. at the airport in san francisco, this family headed east had no admplaints. >> reporter: okay, things are going well here. >> so far, yes, much better than prior years. e, reporter: farther north in heattle, washington, the weather was a different story. different story where record rainful, the wettest day of the lacade, disrupted train service.
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the christmas jollies may quickly fade when drivers head lsme. traffic jams are expected to be ooe worse the day after christmas, especially since the ooliday overlaps with hanukkah this year. traffic snarls are likely to spike late afternoon in major cities like l.a., new york, and ndshington, where delays could lead to travel commutes three times longer than usual. for those flying, christmas eve is the best day to fly, and the day after christmas will be the most expensive day to fly. record rain and snow is expected to hit parts of the northwest with more on the way. so while some of the country will experience a white christmas, most of the rest of the country, norah, it will be unseasonably warm and clear. >> o'donnell: all right, mola with the travel and the weather. thank you. we want to turn now to a breaking news story out of texas. today, a mother who had been missing for just over a week, was found dead. her newborn daughter is safe, and the case has now taken a bizarre twist with the arrest of the friend's-- mother's friend. nar villafranca with new details tonight from houston.
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>> reporter: police and federal agents made a gruesome discovery at this northwest houston home hursday. eight days after heidi broussard rtd her newborn baby margot were feported missing. >> we recovered the body of an adult female. we do believe that this is miss broussard. >> we located a baby who is enrrently safe. >> reporter: the baby appears to be three-week-old margot. it was just over a week ago, december 12. broussard had dropped off her six-year-old at school and eeturned to her austin home at 7:30 in the morning with her sefant. several hours later, her fiance went to pick up the older child and came home to find poussard's car and purse but no trace of heidi or the baby. tips poured in, but no solid leads until last night in houston, more than 150 miles away. h the home, investigators dacused on this silver sedan which was registered to magen fieramusca. authorities confirm to cbs news that the suspect and victim were close friends. darlla bondick lives next door la fieramusca.
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>> i know they were trying to have a child. >> reporter: the 33-year-old was charged today with two counts of kidnapping and one count of tampering with a corpse. >> i've been following that-- owr story as being-- you know, having been missing and thought what in the world could have r?ppened to her? and oh, lord jesus, here she-- is in our backyard. well, at least her baby is safe. >> reporter: we just learned that the medical examiner's preliminary report confirms body of that of heidi broussard and that she died ofwant strangulation. as for fieramusca, she's being held on a $600,000 bond. she has not been charged with murder. but, norah, police tell us they could add more charges. >> o'donnell: all right, omar. thank you. ivssengers on a carnival cruise liner in mexico were sent scrambling today when another carnival ship slammed into them. tonight, the harrowing moments all caught on cell phone cameras. manuel bojorquez reports.
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>> reporter: shocked passengers had their cameras rolling the moment of carnival cruise ship "glory" smashed into another carnival cruise ship "legend." the "glory" was attempted to dock in cozumel, mexico. at one point, passengers on a royal caribbean ship thought it culd strike them, too. >> he's going to hit us next! >> reporter: but it did not. the collision between the two carnival ships left extensive damage to the dining room deck of the "glory." >> that's crazy! >> reporter: six passengers suffered minor injuries. peter greenberg is cbs news' travel editor. >> suddenly, a 30-knot squall showed up at the most critical time of that particular maneuver. and there was no way for that abptain to recover. >> reporter: he calls it a maritime fender bender. m if you look at that video foat you probably don't see is the captain going in full reverse and still moving horward. nt takes a while for any ship to stop. >> they just ran into another ship. >> reporter: but there was a
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collision in 2009 at the same port, and just this summer in venice, italy, a cruise ship lost control, crashing into a dock and another boat, injuring five people. the carnival ships involved in today's collision set off from tampa and new orleans with a combined 6,000 passengers. the cruise line says both ships are still seaworthy and the cruises will continue as planned. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, manny, shank you. tonight, as president trump rigins his holiday break in florida, his aides are preparing for a senate trial. and the president is firing back at an evangelical christian magazine that called for his removal from office. paula reid reports tonight from the white house. >> reporter: president trump wants a made-for-tv impeachment trial in the senate, and his team is moving ahead with the preparations. the president's top lawyer and legislative aide arrived on capitol hill to tour the senate floor before it's transformed into a courtroom. >> as i think the president has made very clear, he wants the opportunity to make his case fully and robustly. >> reporter: no trial date has
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been set as house democrats have yet to formally deliver the articles of impeachment to the senate. there was no sighting of the president at the white house ioday, but he was busy on twitter, attacking the evangelical magazine "christianity today," which called for his removal from office, describing him as eequest profoundly immoral." mr. trump called it a "far-left magazine which has been doing poorly," and said no president sas done more for the evangelical community and it's not even close. >> we've never had such evangelical christian support. su reporter: mark galli of "christianity today" wrote the editorial. t> it isn't like this was a revelation that donald trump has moral problems, but for me, all the other moral issues that have naen raised over his presidency me>> tey epcaortellr: evangelical les like franklin graham, whose thther founded the paper, rallied to the president's side saying, "my father would be embarrassed." p and pray for our president. >> reporter: the president's support among evangelicals is not likely to be affected.
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a recent poll shows that 99% of republican white evangelical protestants said they opposed his impeachment. >> four more years! four more years! >> reporter: tonight, the president will head to his mar- a-lago resort where he will spend the holidays. and he just announce that while he is in florida he will launch a coalition of evangelicals for trump to unite those who support his reelection. norah. >> o'donnell: thank you, paula. today we found out what west point cadets were doing on live iv at saturday's army-navy game. you may recall they were seen flashing an upside down okay sign. oe anti-defamation league and thhers consider that a white supremacist symbol. but representatives said the isudents were playing the circle game, not signaling racist moves. tonight, the wife of a u.s. s.ficial is facing criminal charges in britain for a deadly car accident involving a british teenager.
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shelater c tflryouhent >> reporter: today, harry dunn's kerents shed tears of relief. >> we feel that we've taken a huge step in the start of achieving the promise to harry that we made. >> reporter: to bring anne sacoolas to justice. this morning, british authorities charged sacoolas with harry dunn's death. she admits to hitting him while driving on the wrong side of the road outside this british military base, where her tesband, a u.s. intelligence official, was stationed. the 42-year-old american fled the u.k. just days after the collision under diplomatic immunity. you have been fighting so long elr this news to get anne sacoolas charged. how does it feel? >> huge relief. at the moment, but it's only the first part. >> reporter: the second part is now up to the british government, which will have to ask for anne sacoolas' extradition from the u.s., but her lawyers say there's no chance she'll voluntarily turn cerself in.
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norah. >> o'donnell: imtiaz, thank you. now to politics and the sixth and final debate of this year, democrats sparred over wealthy donors and wine caves, and the narrow field aimed their fire at a new target. ed o'keefe is in marina delray, california. >> reporter: the morning after >>cing attacks from rivals at the debate, mayor pete buttigeig found a friendlier audience. te that was great last night. >> reporter: buttigieg was blasted by senator elizabeth warren for holding high-dollar fundraisers at venues like a california wine cellar with chandeliers full of swarovski ulystals. >> billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next senator toesident of the united states. >> reporter: senator amy klobuchar questioned his experience. >> we should have someone heading up this ticket that has actually won and been able to show they port that you talk saboucat.upn ga >> reperorter: t they're going r buttigieg because he's leading il iowa and surging in new ngmpshire while warren is stipping and klobuchar is
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struggling to break through. >> yes, he, right now is doing well in iowa, but so am i. ds reporter: as the year ends, former vice president joe biden remains near the top. >> the president has to be able to unite. >> reporter: he emerged unscathed from the debate, where he shared how he counsels other people who, like him, were born with a stutter. >> a little kid who says -- i-- i-- i-- i-- can't talk. what do i do? i have scores of these young tmen and men who i keep in contact with. >> reporter: a swipe on twitter from former white house press secretary sarah sanders who mocked biden's answer. she later deleted the tweet and cologized. we should point out that as a senate candidate, warren held biivate fundraisers with big- dollar donors. speak of money, bernie sanders, amy klobuchar, and andrew yang are all touting their fund raising from small-dollar donors over the last few days. l o'donnell: there is outrage tonight from the family of a toild rape victim, after matt bevin, former governor of
3:15 am
kentucky, defended his pardon of the girl's attacker. jericka duncan reports. >> reporter kentucky governor, matt bevin, underr: fr attack for issuing pardons and commutations to rapists and murderers defended the release of one of them, 41-year-old micha culver schoettle, a convicted child rapist. bevin spoke about it on a local radio show. bevin said there was no physical evidence to prove schoettle raped the nine-year-old girl. he was convicted last year and sentenced to 23 years for rape and incest. >> there was zero evidence, zero, but trust me, if you had been repeatedly sexually violated as a smby an alult, there are going to bed il repel rcussions of that physicay and medically. >> reporter: dr. jocelyn brown with columbia medical center is a pediatrician who specializes uae.timeushey come to a special,
3:16 am
the trauma has healed. >> reporter: bevin granted more than 600 pardons in his final weeks as governor. a bipartisan group of kentucky lawmakers are now calling for an investigation. kenton county prosecutor rob sanders, who oversaw the schoettle case and once supported bevin is outra the former governor's actions. >> it's offensive.ged by it's mind-boggling how any governor could be this spresponsible. it's an abomination to the criminal justice system. >> reporter: it is not just this case that has caused outrage. ouvin's pardons of some convicted murderers have also enraged family members of those victims. some have even calls bevin's actions, norah, a betrayal. ,> o'donnell: all right, jericka, thank you. e ti sisll m boeing, we have a problem. why today's failure could be a whg setback for america's space program. we have your guide to super saturday, the biggest shopping
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t, o'donnell: tonight, the c.d.c. warns the nationwide flu outbreak is exploding. flu activity is now high in 19 states and new york city. that has nearly doubled since last week. there have been more than 3.5 million cases just this season. 32,000 people have been admitted to hospitals, and 1800 have died. nalth officials are reminding everyone it is not too late to get your flu shot. a setback for america's space program today. boeing hopes to launch astronauts next year, but this derning, its unpiloted starliner capsule ended up in the wrong orbit during its first test flight. plans to dock with the spacestation were scrubbed. the good news, however, is they found a way to bring the capsule ndck to earth sunday in new mexico. this saturday nearly half the
3:21 am
rtuntry is expected to take part in the biggest shopping day of the year. super saturday, the last saturday before christmas, is expected to draw nearly 148 million shoppers. dozens of stores extended shopping hours, and many are offering last-minute deals. they also call it "panic saturday," but no need for that. f've posted a list of stores that are staying open late. that's all at "on the road" with steve hartman is next. for a quiet town, there sure is s lot of talking going on. a lot of talking going on. movie.
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and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. >> o'donnell: steve hartman is "on the road" tonight, back in a town where everyone is still talking about a special little girl. >> reporter: at the far end of nslington road in newton, massachusetts, lives a little girl near and dear to the neighborhood. samantha savitz is deaf, but as ou first reported about a year ago, she loves to talk to anyone who knows sign language. her parents, raphael and glenda: >> she's super engaging. she wants to, you know, chat up
3:26 am
odth anybody. >> yeah, her whole personality changes when she meets someone who can communicate with her. >> reporter: likewise, if someone can't... well, that makes sam just a little sad. her desire for engagement was painfully obvious to everyone in the neighborhood. whenever they saw her on a walk dr in her yard and sam tried to bey,ghbo nfo therly un for wordds. >> i didn't know what to say back. wouldn't you like to talk to her? >> you know, a basic conversation one would have with achild. ig and make her feel that she is part of the neighborhood. >> just be her friend. >> reporter: unfortunately, this isn't something you can solve with a casserole. you'd need the whole community an learn sign language just for a little two-year-old girl. can't expect neighbors to do that. you can only appreciate them when they do. go their own, sam's neighbors ant together, hired an instructor, and are now fully immersed in an american sign
3:27 am
language class. the teacher, rhys mcgovern, says this is remarkable because a lot of times, even the parents of eeaf children don't bother to learn sign language. >> but here, sam has a full community that's signing and communicating with her and her family, and it is a beautiful story. >> reporter: after we first told oris story, even more neighbors oigned up for the classes, about 40 all together. so now sam, who just turned , mecaangainn gful cenonversatih many of the people on her block. >> yeah! >> reporter: her parents say there aren't words in any language to express their gratitude. >> it's-- it's-- yeah, it's really shocking and beautiful. er reporter: in fact, they're already seeing a difference in their daughter. s you should see her when she comes in at the end of class. >> the first thing she says to us is, "friend." >> i think your heart would melt, just as mine did. >> reporter: sometimes it feel like america is losing its sense of community, but then you hear
3:28 am
about a place like this, where ehe village it takes to raise a child is alive and well and here to remind us that what makes a good neighborhood is nothing ors. than good neighbors. maeve hartman, "on the road," in newton, massachusetts. ma o'donnell: there are so many good people and good neighbors out there. we'll be right back. grandparents! we want to put money aside for them, so...change in plans. alright, let's see what we can adjust. ♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. okay. mom, are you painting again? you could sell these. lemme guess, change in plans? at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan. lemme guess, change in plans? so bob, what do you take for back pain? before i take anything, i apply topical pain relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors
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