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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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now 11, families remember three e. bay teens killed in a christmas car crash. they will be honored this weekend. plus. dramatic video shows the moment that >> other s -- employees are
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being paid. we learn more about 13 killed in a christmas night car crash.
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tween officer and a suspect. they are trying to -- fired a single shot, they were placed on admission of leave following that shooting. they are both reviewing the ca >> there is more rain in the forecast. >> while we could see showers begin, the real focus will be afternoon into evening.
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we could pick up a quarter to a half inch of rain. i think what might be more interesting is the bottom here. thunderstorms will be, so you get -- for the bay area. those will be spotty. we have already started to -- here is why i say it is afternoon and evening. that is 6:00 in the evening. here comes the second wave. we slow it down. coming up, the forecast. we have more on today's
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tragic discovery. >> reporter: that disappeared over the island. several people were on board and included the pilot and six passengers. >> there are no indications of survivors. >> reporter: -- in hawaii. the pilot radioed 45 minutes before it was due to land. 45 minutes after, it was reported missing. they are popular for theyhad operated for more than 30 days.
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they say they are not safe. the faa national transportation board are investigating. at a restaurant a shutdown for any type of health code violation, you will see a big red packard on the front window telling you so. but soon, these red packard could also be informing you that a restaurant is closed due
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to a case of wage theft. >> wage that is when a worker is not paid for all the time they have worked. that will also appear on the app. there are as many as 3000 open wage cases in santa clara county alone, with an estimated $5 million. they had a recent event to announce the program, and translator ready statement for one victim. >> i went to see him to say i needed the money i earned. p ratherthan five ys>> is ve day
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based on the data we have judgments, we are sending out letters to judgments. >> they will send three notices to each violator. the first closures are expected in about a month. reporting in san jose. new year's day will bring a four dollar pabon for minimum- wage workers, but the wage hike does make things harder for small business owners. right now, minimum-wage is $11 an hour. in 2020 it will be 15 an hour. and will owners say they do understand the soaring cost of living, they will have to adjust to the cost of doing business. among concerns, employee equity, and not having the means for a large staff. >> i have some really dedicated full-time employees, and we want to be sure that we are supporting them in every way that we can. but then we also have the entry- level workers. and when those kind of collide, that is a problem. >> me and to be one in the
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kitchen and two people in the dining room. >> a few other cities ahead of base at the moment. they plan to reach $15 minimum- wage statewide. a masseuse is in custody for sexual assault. police were dispatched to body needs on san antonio rd. in palo alto. the victim alleges he sexually assaulted her during a massage twice. they linked evidence to the suspect and the 46-year-old was arrested and charged with two sexual assault counties. police believe there is a possibility additional victims are out there. congress is not a break for the holidays but one of the first orders of wi be p shmdelito kennedy claims t on to hear the case at all.
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>> we probably ought to center a r not sending us something we don't want to do with. >> it takes a two thirds majority to convict the president. he says one or two democrats will join the publicans in voting to acquit the president. >> elizabeth warren campaigning in the bay area, drawing attention to her disdain for big-money fundraisers. she spent the day meeting with low-wage workers, mostly daycare employees and operators. pitching, campaign themes, like universal healthcare, and federally funded child care and preschool paid for by a tax of the country's wealthiest americans. >> i think it is time for a wealth tax in america. this is a 2% tax on the top in this country. >> i felt a connection with her. she hears my concerns. >> first up was organized by a
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group that is planned offense for bernie sanders, kamala harris, and beto o'rourke. a big moment on the road for those traveling electric cars this holiday season. when many of those drivers were stopped for hours during the road trip. some of the finishing floor touches, they added ahead of the rose parade. plus. >> reporter: they were so encouraging, and it was really great. >> a bay area dispatcher and great-grandmother getting high praise tonight, for working together to deliver a baby inside a families home. don't forget we are streaming right now on cbs, you can find us
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the holidays have brought
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issues for those who drive electric cars, reporting -- reporter natalie harrah talk to people waiting to charge the vehicles, in some cases, for hours. >> reporter: it is the most time -- most wonderful time of the year except for electric car drivers. >> the lines are long. >> i love tesla. but it is the worst after the holiday. >> we have them lined up around the hotel. >> reporter: even though it has been back open, and for test the drivers, the weight has been even longer. >> we have a lot of teslas here. >> when you go to all the stations now, they are waiting. >> my first experience, it wasn't the greatest. >> some even staying at last- minute hotels last night.
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>> we were on the road for about 10 hours and decided that we are going to stay the night. >> every supercharger that is not on the five is 40 cars deep. we finally got to this one, we started running out of charge. they are simply hoping more charging options will be available next year, or they may keep driving during the lorfulsouthern california. thousands of volunteers will come from far and wide to -- that we see each and every year. >> my sister and i went to volunteer and travel. so this was on our bucket list, and here we are. >> they spent hours on the finishing touches, to make everything look perfect, just in time for new year's day.
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away christmas surprise for a family in vallejo. major praise for him and will dispatcher who helps deliver a baby over the phone. she reported her great- granddaughter was going into labor at home, and tonight we are hearing from the two women who helped bring that little boy into this world. >> reporter: it was here at this house in vallejo where she suddenly went into labor the day after christmas. her great-grandmother called 911, and dispatcher susan hart took over. >> i ask, are we seeing any part of the baby? and she says yes. so we stard just making sure that everybody remained somewhat calm. >> they started giving us instructions. and we followed the instructions, and i placed my hand where she told me, so the baby, when it came out, the head would be supported, my hand would support the baby's head. >> reporter: six minutes into
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the call, and a brand-new baby boy was wrapped in his mother's arms. >> you could hear the sirens coming, so before the paramedics to get down to it, the baby does pops out. >> they were so encouraging to mom and the background. and then the next thing you know, the baby was born. >> reporter: he is doing fine but is in the neonatal nursery because he was born premature. mom is resting in the hospital. great-grandmother says she is doing fine. they say dispatcher heart walked them to the delivery, and stayed on the phone with them until paramedics arrived. >> never in my wildest dreams m grandbaby. thank you. thank you. you helpedfor us. >> the family was so involved, and they were so encouraging. and it was just really great to be able to experience that with them. >> now the baby boy has not been named just yet but using
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heart says this is actually the third time as he dispatcher she has helped to deliver a baby over the phone. >> i like the name heart for a boy. >> that would be a creative one. that will tie in well. let's get into the story for tomorrow morning because we are only seeing the temperatures drop. look at the current numbers out there, we are seeing 30s showing up for the inland spots. typically, livermore 38, santa rosa, 37, it is 49 in san francisco. one degree shy of 50, in the city. already approaching the 30s and those valleys up in the north bend. if we look at the morning close, 31 for santa rosa, 31 for napa, concord going to 34, livermore going to 31 and we get down into the mid-30s for san jose as well. these numbers will be very similar to what we saw this morning. and if you are up early, frost is an issue.
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as far as daytime highs tomorrow, a lot like today, to. mostly tomorrow will be sunny, and we will keep the numbers in the mid to upper 50s. that is pretty much right where we should be this time of year. sunday is on the rain is getting back. the rain still out on the coast, by the time we get to late morning, that is 9:30. let me get out-of-the-way. that is 12:30. now we are starting to see more impressive rain. this is where d rain on sunday rning, it is rely thr evg. that isat 6:00. and we are still seeing really well organized bands of rain right there. that is the scenario, right there, where you can get some thunderstorms. so while the overall rainfall totals are not super great, a
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quarter of an inch, maybe, half inch at most, if you get one of those isolated thunderstorms over you, you will get much higher totals. may be some small hail. we even hear some thunder. it won't be a lot of that but there will be some of it, and it is going to be totally sporadic for where it could be. totals, range, like wildly, for perhaps an inch in napa, to come you know, ab 1300s. this tells you the nature of rain coming. they will be snow in the sierra, not a lot but it is relatively cold and that is good, he had to have the light snow level getting down to the 4500 foot level. so many winters, so many storms have not been able to do that. good news, after this. w is the forecast because we are done with the rain after sunday, daytime highs are just fine for the rest of the 70 forecast, planning on beyond outside? very few and way of clouds, not a whole lot of wind, and tempatures in the mid to upper
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30s. a great night out to be watching fireworks. we have more that later. emily will be in with this forecast tomorrow morning. back over to you. we tell you where these bright colors can my side be firm?
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a rare chance for the media to check out the next martian traveler. they offered a sneak peek at the new wilbur, reporters will lead into the clean room at the jet propulsion laboratory. the mars 2020 wilbur will blast off next july, scheduled to arrive in february 2021, and by the way, there is a concept name the rover. the public will be able toto vote, starting next month. nasa also releasing some sending images from space, these are the anti-atlas mountains of morocco. they were formed 80 million years ago after the african eurasian tectonic dates collided. it destroyed in ocean, and let these dramatic colors. it was captured by satellite flyby back in 2007. coming up in sports, the holiday break has not seemed to help the sharks back on track and the warriors coming off a big christmas
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♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ half. and onto the fourth quarter, the warriors trailed by as much as 13, d'angelo russell mrs. ♪ all around the wind blows the three but glenn robinson slides and for the dog, up by ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ su♪e ♪ we need someone to lean seven. this time, they drive the lane, and he gets the land. he has 31 points. ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebod ♪ ♪ they extend the win streak to four games. to the ice, they were ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ looking, losing 10 of the last 11. they show them on the face of and he knocked it right to carlson just from inside the blue line. they would score his first goal of the season. order to to go in the game, they lead by a game. he gets his second goal, the
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two-goal lead, going into overtime. they get caught behind the net, the warriors are looking to and jeff carter scores the game- extend the winning streak winning goal. the sharks lose three-to. the 49ers is almost complete he against -- they have beat the wiped out on the defense. sons 18 times in the last 20 matchups hosting phoenix tonight. ricky made his nba debut after being called up from the energy and will be placed on injured leak. they missed the shot, and they reserve, and eyreth a t noback are there for the put back, and unde now, a lot is on the line this weekend, in seattle, from the nfc west title to home-field advantage that the playoffs. over the former teammates, richard sherman. >> nobody wants to hear them. >> i don't know if i can you
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some of the words he says on tv. but i got him laughing, so. >> this may be one of the most heartwarming stories of the day, a surprise one of their players, who hasn't seen his mom in three years, he left his
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the late show with stephen colbert is a next. thank you for watching, the news does continue captioning sponsored by cbs >> in a rambling one-hour phone call to "fox & friends," president trump defended himself in the impeachment hearing, and continued to spread ukraine conspiracy theories. >> that wasn't the only morning show trump called into... ♪ ♪ >> hello, i'm bill flatearth.
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welcome to "conspiracy today." today on "today," the call line is open. we'll discuss whatever's on your mind. is bigfoot just a werewolf in clown shoes? and, who got my hand stuck in this starbucks tip jar? ( ringing ) go ahead, caller, you're on "conspiracy today." >> good morning. >> oh, friend of the show, president trump! atiracy are we discussing today
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