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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 31, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now at 7 . >> an adult male who lives in our county. >> a bay area man diagnosed with a deadly coronavirus. where he went after he returned from china. >> we are currently reaching out to anyone he may have come into contact with. >> to check the temperature. restrictions on travel. airlines posed to lose a big profits. this is the third time it has happened in the last six months. latebreaking details on a deadly crash in alameda county that left a pedestrian dead. >> the speed limit is 35 and a 60 or 70. spend the kid's inheritance and let's go. to kickoff. >> honey, the bills on the credit card might be expensive but don't worry about it.
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why one former niner says the jersey color may make all the difference. >> we are wearing white this time right? we wore white when we played the broncos in new orleans. right now on the kpix5 news at 7, and streaming on cbsn bay area, tonight to the bay area's first case of the deadly new coronavirus. that evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. here is what we know right now, china is reporting 45 new deaths today. bringing the total to 259. just under 12,000 patients have been infected and now, we are seeing the first confirmed case in northern california. one man in santa clara county tested positive for the virus. we have team coverage beginning with len ramirez in san jose. >> reporter: health officials say this one confirmed patient is in stable condition and is self isolating at home. for that reason they don't believe that this rus is
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spreg rsonsanta clara county. public health officials say they were not cut off guard that a case of the novel coronavirus has surfaced in santa clara county. >> since we are a large county and many of our residents travel weekly for business and travel reasons, we are not surprised to be announcing the first case in the bay area and northern california. actually, we have been preparing for this possibility for weeks. >> reporter: dr. sarah cody says the cdc confirmed the case this morning. saying the man with the novel coronavirus was recently traveling in wuhan, china and then shanghai. landing at minetta san jose international on january 24th. they also said he did the right thing. >> since his return home, he has been self isolating at home. he did not leave home at all, except to seek medical care. >> reporter: health officials say the man did visit a local clinic when he began to show symptoms but was not sick enough to be hospitalized. he reportedly is cooperating with health officials and is
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self isolating at home. >> we are currently reaching out to anyone he may have come into contact with to assess whether they may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus. our preliminary investigation indicates that he came into contact with a very few individuals after returning home. >> reporter: health officials are not saying what clinic he visited the persons he may have come in contact with air, and his own family members are being monitored for symptoms and instructed to stay at home, away from others. and, people on his plane are also being contacted. >> we refer all details around flights to the cdc. they follow up in the event that he may have been infectious while on an airplane. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5 . today the trump administration declare the outbreak a public health emergency. >> presidential decree spells on the restrictions for travelers coming in from china. u.s. citizens flying in from
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china could be quarantined for up to 14 days. foreign nationals can be barred entirely if they have been in china up to two weeks before their flight. >> andria borba is live at sfo which will soon be one of the only u.s. airports to accept flights from china. >> reporter: that is correct, it'll be just one of seven airports in the country that will accept flights from china. but, on the flipside it will also seek fewer outgoing flights to china as domestic carriers delta, united and american all/there flights for at least the next eight weeks. the arrival terminal of san francisco international airport is just one of seven in the u.s. were flights from china will be allowed. the state department even raised the threat level for travel to china to 4 because of the pneumonia like illness. just as doctors and scientists discovered it can be transmitted without symptom onset. >> you can transmit the virus
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if you are affected, to someone else without having symptoms. >> reporter: these warnings as he was carriers, including united, are suspending flights into beijing and shanghai through at least the end of march. at sfo, that means a reduction from 90 flights to china a week to 55. >> not quite as significant as the reduction we saw in terms of flying activity. compared to what we saw back in 2003. >> reporter: at least half 1 million travelers make their way from china into the u.s. every year via sfo. this afternoon there were plenty of passengers and employees wearing masks. passengers arriving from beijing were screened for the illness before they left. >> the check temperature. and, appearance as far as i can tell. >> reporter: now, right now researchers are working on developing a rapid test for the
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coronavirus. at this point, if you are suspected of having the virus, send your sample to the cdc in atlanta, there is a six hour test. it could be up to multiple days before a diagnosis officially is made. researchers hope to shorten that to just a few hours. live in san francisco international airport, andria borba. kpix 5. >> thank you. stay with kpix 5 for updated information on this coronavirus outbreak. you can also find the latest on cbsn bay area and . a woman was struck and killed by a car in alameda. it happened at a crosswalk at the memorial parkway about a block from the college in alameda. the victim's belongings were scattered across the road. some neighbors told us people speed in this area all the time. >> this is the third time this happened in the last six months. something is happened aro th block. i do see people going down the street. the speed limit is 35 and a 60
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or 70. a third person is facing charges in connection with a deadly laptop theft in oakland. shou zeng was killed on new year's eve chasing down the thieves who stole his laptop at montclair starbucks. those two suspects are already in custody. no information has been released about this latest arrest. to the super bowl as you can imagine a wild friday night in miami. >> were not the 49er faithful are gearing up for a weekend the parties leading up to the big game. >> this was on my husband's bucket list to be here and i said do it. spend the kid's inheritance and let's go! >> hey honey, the bill on the credit card might be expensive but don't worry about it. we will pay it off. >> you are in trouble. >> it is okay, she let me go. the rest of it will work out. i will bring her a super rare super near souvenir. who is rubbing shoulders with
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some 49er legends in miami, dennis? >> reporter: you have been to the super bowl, you know it is not really a super bowl until the 49ers hall of famers roll into town. they did that today for sunday's game. there was a big crowd today at the nfl experience. jerry rice and joe montana, they both spoke for a wild to the 49er faithful and, they were whisked away after that. >> so, i think we are wearing white this tigh and we wore white when we played the broncos in new orleans. >> 55-10. >> that is it. hey. >> you are still running. >> i remember that. so the niners are going to come
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out in the white jersey and, i'm excited for this team. >> reporter: coming up, right after this newscast, elizabeth, right now vern glenn is at a red carpet party. i'm told he has a big name guests. star-studded entertainer. i don't know who but that is a great tease coming up 7:30. >> live show tonight, thank you for that. tune into kpix 5 after the game we are airing a post game special at 7 p.m. right after the super bowl on sunday. 60 minutes will move to our sister station kbcw. up next to the just- released video showing a bay area officer opening fire. >> with the suspect had in his hands at the time that was mistaken for a gun. let's take a lie look at
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the staples center, the lakers taking the court with the very heavy heart. the big tribute underway for kobe bryant. >> this is about the whole lakers family. and extended family. meeting our fan base. i was a fireman for 30 years what is happening is criminal. >> reporter: outrage growing tonight and one bay area county over a firefighter response time. how some neighbors are taking action. it is time for the big chill in the bay area. over the weekend we start out nice and end up a very cold as we look towards the tower and aquatic park beyond all lit up for the 49ers. it is all coming up after the break. don't forget we are streaming now on cbsn bay area you can find us on, the cbs news app, or your favorite platform. is this for real? not exactly... thats bargain bliss setting in
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have some tense new video, body camera video of a police shooting in santa rosa. it shows the officer firing at and then tackling a man who was believed to be carrying a gun. three rounds were fired last month. the suspect was not hit by the gunfire. the encounter came moments after at least 2911 calls. people who claim they saw the suspect pointing a gun at passing drivers. turns out it was an umbrella. he is out on bail facing charges of criminal threats, brandishing an assault, the officer is back on duty. turning now to the weather. we have got a stream of these the last couple of nights, really pretty sunsets from our salesforce camera. very colorful. >> 49er scholars. >> there you go. had not even consider that.
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i didn't notice it either but she is right. those are 49er scholars. maybe it is all coming together? >> we don't want to talk too much about it, superstition. >> let's not jinx anything, the rain is on the way for the next seven days. things will be changing, there is the skyline of san francisco from treasure island. the highest today extraordinary. oakland 73 degrees, san jose 669, the record for today is 71 so we came close but, not close in santa rosa, the record is 80 and we were only at 69. it'll be nice again tomorrow, high pressure is still in command of the eastern pacific. so while saturday stays mild, watch what happens as we go from saturday to sunday. low-pressure, inside slider. it heads into the pacific northwest so it'll be windy and colder for us. the wind will pick up and no rain will come down. high wind watch posted for sunday. it does introduce the threat of downed trees and power lines, which have gusts possible near
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the shoreline of up to 50 miles an hour. tonight will be partly cloudy and tomorrow nice. a little chilly as to the shoreline but get away from the shore and it'll be a nice, mild weekend. sunday the numbers come down, windy and colder for everybody. on tampa for that by the time we get to sunday, before saturday tomorrow looks pretty good, san francisco 61, elsewhere the numbers mostly in the mid 60s. 64 at oakland and that is all well above average. as we start in the south bay. partly starting starry. venus is out there until 9:00 tonight. campbell up to 70 degrees, 67 at milpitas and 62 and hayward. warmer in east bay with numbers in the mid 60s, 67 at fairfield, 65 pittsburgh and 65 at antioch. 67 fort dublin. north bay, mill valley 64 degrees up towards santa rosa, 69. petaluma 69. novato tomorrow 67.
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good day to get stuff done because it is not going to be comfortable outside on sunday. it'll be windy, including up in ukiah. lakeport, cloverdale at 67 and went to 65. in the extended forecast, looking for saturday to be nice, unseasonably mild, on the warm side. at least for february. which is now where we are getting to. sunday the numbers collapse. cold front moves through, brings up the wind, stays chilly through tuesday than watch what happens. wednesday, thursday and friday the numbers are in the mid 60s and it is going to be springlike as we head into the first week of february. what we are missing is any hint of rain. you look at the extended computer models, there is just not on the way. sorry about that. >> will pray for in a couple of weeks. here is what you missed if you're just pehment trial will continue next week. hearing from witnesses will not be on the agenda. after 52 hours of arguments,
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democrats were only able to convince two republicans to support issuing subpoenas. senate minority leader calling the vote an "grand tragedy." >> america will remember this day, unfortunately, when the senate did not leave up to its responsibilities. when the senator turned away from truth and went along with a sham trial. >> closing arguments will begin next week and a final vote is likely wednesday. happening right now just minutes until the lakers will play in their first game since the helicopter crash that killed former teammate kobe bryant. inside staples center, the team has put his numbers 8 and 24 on the court, as well as his initials. fans gathered around the stadium hours before the game to pay tribute to the nba legend after his tragic death. >> the whole nba has done wonderful, beautiful tributes
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to our hero, our king of l.a., coby. i know the lakers will go above and beyond. >> this is about article lakers family. and extended family, our fan base and laker nation. celebrations of a different kind going on right now in the uk. just an hour ago, brexit became official. the country now enters a transition. to hash out new trade and security agreements, which could mean the fighting is far from over. hundreds of bay area homeless people kicked out of their camp. >> where is everybody going? >> no clue, everywhere. >> reporter: >> we are not able to provide adequate fire protection. why one bay area county is facing a drastic shortage in firefighters. and what it could mean for public safety. plus, pretty incredible, this kid who is taking martial arts to a whole new level.
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don't forget we are streaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on, the cbs news app or your favorite platform. a major operation today to clear out the largest homeless camp in sonoma county. the joe rodota trail in cell santa rosa officially closed so crews can start the process of cleaning and
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restoration. there were reportedly about pel some of them are being moved to a shelter with capacity for about 60 residents. where were the other 200 or so campers and up? end up? >> the county is 20 state as a solution for everybody here but the math just doesn't simply work. we are really moving the math around and pushing people around, so, you will see them in your community soon. now at 7, fed up neighbors in east contra costa county are taking action to fix their fire department's slow response times. a group of volunteers work to collect signatures to get a measure on the november ballot. it would force the city of brentwood to fund the fire department. the district has closed five of fire stations in recent years and has just three stations covering 250 square miles. >> we are in a grave situation. we are not able to provide adequate fire protection and are getting overrun operationally.
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we are not sustainable, response times continue to get worse. >> to be on frustrating, i was a fireman for 30 years. what is happening is criminal. fire chief told us some response times are 20 minutes long. he wants to make sure the petition will provide sustainable funding beforehe endorses it. coming up next, have you ever seen a karate kick like this one? we tried to get the politicians
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is a pretty good bet you have not seen a martial arts move like this one. >> take a look at this, 21-year- old from seoul, south korea has become an internet sensation after posting this video of his impressive tae kwon do skills.
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he kicked a board 13 feet high. after running, jumping, and then somersaulting through the air . to put in perspective, the board is three feet higher than a basketball rim. >> not to mention he stuck the landing. >> lookout, jackie chan has competition. >> that is amazing. thank you for watching and 7, the news continue streaming on cbsn bay area. don't forget about our live special for miami coming up and just one minute. sit there and enjoy, good night. the number of uninsured americans, rising. the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise.
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and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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south beef beach is known for its international cachet of models and celebrities, culture and art deco. with pastel colored buildings. they bring ocean drive to live. miami is also known for something else. >> take the monkey off my back, please! >> two super bowl victories in south florida. and this sunday, the 49ers battle for the trifecta against the coach still looking for his first. >> super bowl liv, 49ers and chiefs pregame starts now.


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